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Emotional Malfunctions

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Before we get into the real story, we're gonna need some background knowledge.


So, in this story Mr. and Mrs. Curtis are inventors (i guess) and Mrs. Curtis couldn't have babies due to a hysterectomy she had when she was younger. So, they decided to make a child since they made robots anyways. And that's how they made Darry, they first made him as a baby, then a child, yadda yadda ya. They kept him the same by moving his motherboard and memory chip into each new body, so he remembers everything that has ever happened to him. Both a curse and a blessing.

Then Mrs. Curtis' sister died, leaving a sick and dying baby for Mr. and Mrs. Curtis to take care of, Sodapop. They gave Soda a bionic heart because of the heart problems he had, and fixed his left leg. They made adjustments as he grew. Then came Ponyboy, a sick orphan whom they found on the side of the road one day. They fixed one of his arms which was broken, and gave him new legs since he didn't have any when they found him. Ponyboy can remove his arm and both of his legs when he wants to.

Steve, Two-Bit, Dally, and Johnny are all normal humans.

The Curtis parents died in a fire in their workshop, destroying most of the property. Darry managed to fix it and now he fixes bionic body parts for other cyborgs and robots out of there.

Darry doesn't need to eat or drink. Liquids damage his motherboard and memory chip, but food's just annoying. He can cry though, when they were developing him Mr. and Mrs. Curtis made a tear duct system that releases oil whenever he feels "sad'. Along with that, Darry was programmed to feel emotions, but constantly worries over whether or not they're real.

Hope this story sounds interesting to y'all uwu