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Kakeru has always loved winter, especially the very start of it. The sharp bite of cold winter air nipping at the tip of his nose is immediately chased away by the steam from a warm cup of chocolate from the stalls that starts popping out in preparation for the most festive day of the year. This is also the same time when people and stores break out their winter wardrobe and he may not be as fashion conscious as Koi, but he can appreciate the bright contrast of coats and scarves and hats against the greying sky.

Kakeru really loves winter but he understands that not everyone feels the same.

"Hajime-san... Are you cold?"

"..." Hajime-san glanced at him then looked away, his gloved hand coming up to rub at his ears. "No."

"You definitely are Hajime-san!" Kakeru couldn't help but retort. "Your head is so bear!" Unlike Kakeru who probably looked like he raided the winter section of a department store, decked from head to toe in earmuffs, a muffler, sweaters, and gloves, his leader is only wearing a coat and gloves. "Your ears must be freezing!"

"They're not." Hajime-san won't be Hajime-san if he's not stubborn as hell. Kakeru suspects that he might even be worse than Shun-san, he's just really really good at looking responsible. Of course Kakeru keeps those thoughts to himself, he has a clean record of never getting an Iron Claw and he plans on keeping it that way.

"You are!" Kakeru insisted and hurriedly pulled off a glove, reaching up and grabbed at Hajime-san's ear, knowing full well that Hajime-san won't actually kick up a fuss while they're still in public no matter how disapproving he looks.

"Kakeru..." Hajime-san sighed but leaned against his hand, the warmth of it probably comforting considering how his ear feel like ice. Kakeru wisely decided not to mention that it's a lot like what cats do.

Kakeru pulled away and hid his widening smile behind his muffler when Hajime-san looked disappointed. He put on his glove again and quickly pulled off his earmuffs, holding it out for his leader. "Hajime-san, please wear this!"

"No, I'm fi- Kakeru." Hajime groaned when Kakeru stood on his tiptoes and jammed it over his head anyway. "You'll get cold."

Kakeru shook his head, eternally thankful for his muffler for hiding his mouth because Hajime-san looks so cute wearing the dumb earmuffs he got for 50% off at some corner store in the middle of summer and Hajime-san will kill him if he sees how wide Kakeru's smile is.

Hajime-san looks like he'll argue more but shook his head instead, a familiar smile appearing on his face. Everyone knows that Mutsuki Hajime will look good no matter what his expression is but Kakeru loves this one the most, a mix of exasperation and happiness and that hint of pride he has whenever Gravi does something really well. Knowing how insane some Initium fans are, Kakeru is sure that smile will kill someone if it's directed at them.

Hajime-san fixed the earmuffs with one hand and the other one reached out and patted Kakeru's head, gently ruffling his hair. "Thank you."

"Anytime, Hajime-san!" Kakeru's chest feels warm despite the cold weather and it's the best. He really loves winter.





Koi rolled out of bed at 11 AM and he feels absolutely validated. He absolutely deserved this day off. He just finished a week long shooting for a variety show at Harajuku and almost lived in the studio during the entire time. Tsukishiro-san is a god and Koi will get him some chocolates to thank him for giving him a full day off.

Koi is the representative of normal people in Gravi, which is why from the moment he opened his eyes, his phone is practically glued to his hands.

"It's super hot today..." He winced when he saw the news predicting the highest of temperature for the summer.


Koi nearly dropped his phone before recognising the voice. "Hajime-san! Good morning!"

"Good morning. Why were you talking to yourself?" Hajime-san's gestured at their breakfast for the day and Koi gladly sat down next to him.

"Today's the hottest day of the summer." Koi showed him the screen of his phone, feeling a little guilty when Hajime-san's expression fell. "...are you working outdoors today?"

Hajime-san's expression is answer enough, his hand coming up to his hair to run through it with tired annoyance.

Koi paused, squinting a little to make sure he's not just seeing things. "Did they make you grow your hair out again, Hajime-san?"

"Summer is the season of hair care," he sighs, his shoulders drooping. "That's what they said. I can't cut it until October."

Koi made a sound of understanding, he gets where the companies are coming from and Hajime-san's hair is beautiful but having long hair in the middle of summer must be painful.

Hajime-san picked at his food, they're in an air-conditioned building and yet his heat fatigue is already in full swing and he's not eating properly again, his other hand kept tugging at his hair, pulling it up once in a while to expose his neck.

"Hajime-san... Can't you ask to have it moved?" Koi doesn't doubt for even a second that they'll agree, the temperature today is really bad.

"I can't." Hajime-san shook his head but smiled a little. "I'll be okay."

"But when we-"

"I'll be okay." Hajime-san repeated, reaching out ruffling Koi's hair but is careful not to jostle the pins there. "It's okay. Don't worry."

If it's us, you'll have it moved no matter what. Instead it comes out as "Hajime-san..." because no amount of argument and logic is going to convince him when he already made up his mind.

"I have to go." Hajime-san stood up, picking up his trays and cleaning his side of the table, shooting Koi a stern look. "Enjoy your day off but don't forget to do your university work."

"Wait!" Koi hurriedly shoved the last pieces of breakfast into his mouth and stood up as well. "Just wait a second!" He ran to his room and picked up everything he needs and rushed out back to the common room,  Hajime waiting for him with his arms crossed.

"What did you-"

"Sit down! Sit down!" Koi dragged his leader to the couch- not really since there's nothing that can move Hajime-san if he doesn't want to- and made him sit down. "I'll fix your hair so it isn't as hot!"

"You don't have to-"

"Don't move!" Koi tugged at his hair when he tried to turn around. He focused on his task of arranging the dark strands just right so he can pin it in place with some of his more simple pins. You might think a ponytail is supreme but arranging pins into patterns is an art and no cute scrunchie can ever beat that.

"Koi..." The warning in the tone is obvious but Hajime-san didn't make any move to stop him or pulled away so Koi is counting it as a win.

"Done!" Koi feels a little proud that he finished in under five minutes and still managed to make it look good.

Hajime-san tilted his head side to side a few times before speaking. "It feels heavy."

Koi felt his heart fall from his chest down his stomach. He forgot about that.

"But it feels so much cooler now." Koi winced when Hajime tugged at his cheeks, stretching them out. "Thanks, Koi."

Koi threw himself at his leader in a hug. "No problem, Hajime-san!"




No one in Tsukino Talent Production actually knows how to disguise themselves, Aoi is 100% certain of that. In Gravi and Procella's defense, their resident Demon Lord blessed all of them so they can move around in public without attracting attention as long as they have the bare minimum of a "disguise".

The problem today is this: Procella had a fight, not really a fight but their normal chaos so it'll be over by the end of the day, and Shun-san is refusing to use his magic, even for Hajime-san, in the name of equality he said.

Normally, Aoi wouldn't be bothered at all. Gravi is popular, yes, but he can get away with walking around in public as long as he wears a hat over his blond hair, a face mask, and make sure no one gets close enough to realize his eye colour. That's what everyone does and it works well enough, except for... Well... Except for Hajime-san who can pile on layers upon layers and yet still attracts attention wherever he goes.

"I am going to hit him later." Hajime-san's tone promises extreme pain and torture which makes Aoi nervously laugh.

"Hajime-san... Let's go?"

"Yeah. Thanks for doing this, Aoi."

"It's nothing, Hajime-san!" It really isn't much, he just has to accompany his leader to his job and then they'll go home together. "I might not be as good as Haru-san and Tsukishiro-san but I'll do my best!" Those two had to go to the elite university where the Gravi seniors studies to discuss their schedules for the semester which is why Aoi is here in the first place, the job shoved on him by Haru-san with a smile and a cheery "good luck~!"

Aoi caught his leader's smile before he covered it with a plain black face mask, his words coming out a little muffled when he speaks. "I'm counting on you."

"Yes! Please leave it to me!"

That being said, he doesn't have to actually do anything. He just has to walk beside his leader and keep alert in case anyone recognizes him but as long as Hajime-san covers the bottom half of his face and kept his eyes on the ground, Aoi thinks they can avoid most attention. Most because Initium fans are kind of, to put it nicely, very enthusiastic but they respect Hajime-san's privacy so no one will make a scene, the most they'll do is sneak a photo and post it online.

"Hajime-san... Are you okay?" Aoi couldn't help but ask, noticing how his leader had tensed up and they still have twenty more minutes of walking to do before arriving to the studio. "Are you thirsty? There's a vending machine, we can-"

"I'm fine." Hajime-san shook his head, his eyes flickering to the side for a moment. "I just feel like someone's staring at us."

Aoi paused and used every ounce of acting ability he has to look side to side without looking too suspicious and Hajime-san is right as always, some people walking by them will stare for a moment before quickly looking away and whispering to each other. His chest suddenly felt cold despite the thick hoodie, which he's sure actually belongs to Arata but they're childhood friends so it's fine, that he's wearing. "I'm sorry Hajime-san..."

"It's okay..." Hajime-san shook his head. "Let's just keep going."

Now that he's aware of it, Aoi couldn't stop being bothered by everyone who keeps looking at them. Hajime-san might be used to it but he's not.

"Hajime-san?" Aoi made sure to keep his voice low and pressed himself closer to his leader's side who turned to him with a raised eyebrow, his eyes not visible from behind his sunglasses. "Please wear this." In one quick motion, he shoved the cap over Hajime-san's head and flipped up his hood to hide his own hair.

Hajime-san paused for a moment before Aoi hears him softly chuckle. "I look even more suspicious..." he adjusts the cap on his head.

"B-but at least they won't-"

"I understand." Aoi hopes that he's smiling under his mask. "Thank you, Aoi."

Aoi feels his cheeks warm under the mask, his lips pulled into a wide smile even if the other can't see. "It's nothing, Hajime-san!"





His shirt is missing and his sister is going to kill him. Arata is used to missing clothes, from socks that lose their partners to his jackets and sweaters migrating permanently into his sister's and Aoi's closets. This time though, that one specific shirt was stolen from his sister who originally stole it from him (long story) and he promised to give it back when he goes home.

"Hajime-san." He called out, walking out of his room that looks more like a disaster area now than an idol's bedroom. "Hajime-san!"

Arata figures that since Hajime-san likes to mother them so much, he can definitely find missing things like his mother can. It's like a mother superpower.

"My room."

Arata followed the voice to Hajime-san's slightly ajar door, it's what he does to show that he's willing to accept visitors. "Hajime-san can you help me find- that shirt that you're wearing."

Hajime looked up and met Arata's eyes, his brows furrowing in confusion before looking down at the shirt then back to Arata again. "Sorry. I thought it was mine."

"You can keep it." Arata decided. It'll be kind of creepy now to give it to his sister considering how she's such a big Hajime fan, besides, it looks better on Hajime-san.

"I..." Hajime-san seems to debate with himself for a moment before sighing, a fond expression on his face. "Thanks. I'll treat you to something next time."

"Yay~" Arata cheered, fist pumping and he knows Hajime-san rolled his eyes because as usual, his expression didn't change. "Hajime-san. Hajime-san. Let's take a picture." He pulled out his phone and settled next to his leader.

"You're ridiculous." Hajime-san sighs but Arata can hear the amusement in it.

Arata knelt down and angled the camera to capture both of them but most especially, the shirt Hajime-san is wearing. "Cheese~!"

Hajime-san gave a soft smile for the camera before pulling away and turning back to the papers he was working on. "Clean your room."

"Bye, Hajime-san." Arata gave a wave before leaving the room, reviewing the picture he just took.

He'd like it if a girl wore his shirt but seeing Hajime-san in it is not bad at all. Shun-san is going to be so envious.



In his entire life, Haru has never regretted anything more than this. Introducing Hajime to his family was a mistake, one that he can't undo so now he's forced to participate in what feels like a plane crashing into a bullet train.

It's bad enough that his parents thought Hajime was his boyfriend with how often he tells the family stories about his best friend, no they are not dating no matter what everyone seems to think, but now his sister's are crushing hard on Hajime. Like really really hard. Haru's actually surprised that they didn't try to get Hajime's attention, both of them seeming satisfied to watch him from the kitchen. Initium fans are amazing as always.

" little sisters are going to become creeps, Hajime why."

"Why are you asking me that?" Hajime handed over another stack of papers. "They're not going to be creeps just because they're related to you, your sisters are both nice."

"Nice." Haru chuckled, ignoring the muffled threats he can hear his sisters are making from the kitchen. "They call you Hajime-san. They call me Haru-kun."

"It's because you're Haru." Hajime finally looked up from the paper that he's been skimming. "Or because you look like that."

Haru gasped. "What do I look like?!"

"Suspicious." Hajime decrees, reaching out and pulling off Haru's glasses in one smooth motion. "Maybe it's because of your essence."

"Leave my glasses out of this." Haru complained, trying to get back his glasses that Hajime held out of reach before pausing. "Actually... Can you wear them? I want to see what you look like."

"Creepy." Hajime sighed but pulled it on, keeping his eyes closed so that he wouldn't damage his eyes. "You shouldn't offer around your essence so readily."

"You really like that joke, huh." Haru quickly pulled out his phone and snapped a quick photo, praying to whoever is listening, he means Shun, that the photo comes out clear. "You look good in them, as expected."

Hajime pulled off the glasses and handed it back, rolling his eyes as he did. "What does that even mean..."

"It means Hajime will always look pretty no matter what-ouch! I was complimenting you!"

"Suspicious." Hajime said firmly, pushing a thick stack of papers in Haru's direction. "Just for that you'll do this pile."

Haru groaned but picked up his pen anyway. "That's not fair."

"Get to work, Haru-kun."



Hajime doesn't understand how his parents manage to function at four in the morning when he's pretty sure they both stayed up late drinking with their relatives in the party that lasted until midnight. His parents both managed to summon the energy to drag him out of bed so they can see the first sunrise of the year as a family and Hajime doesn't understand how. He's been asleep since 9 PM and he's only eight years old and yet he's still so sleepy and want nothing more than to crawl back into his warm bed.

"Are we there yet?"

"Not yet." His father is chuckling and Hajime doesn't know what's so funny. "We're almost there."

"You said that last time." Hajime mumbled and crossed his arms, trying to trap even just a bit more heat. A white new year's eve was nice but he didn't realised how cold it will make the actual morning of the New Year.

The Princess peered down at him from father's other side, her dark hair arranged into an elegant bun on top of her head and her neck is wrapped in a scarf. Hajime's pretty sure that that scarf is the most Western clothing his mother wears during family parties considering how she's required to wear fancy kimono all the time. "Are you cold?"

Hajime hugged himself tighter and raised his chin. "No."

She sighs, giving father a look that had Hajime pouting even if he doesn't understand what it means, just that it's about him. She tugged at her scarf, unravelling it with long and elegant fingers. Then walked around father who's watching her with warm fondness.

"Wait! I don't-"

"Wear it for me, Hajime." She cuts him off, looping the scarf around his neck and tucking in the end of the scarf so it's more secured. "I don't like having things around my neck."

Hajime pouted, ducking behind the cover of the scarf. He doesn't like having things around his neck either but the scarf is very warm and smells a little like her... He thinks he can make this an exception.