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It’s just gone 6am. The sky outside is washed out, everything turned grey-blue in the dawn. Shouto puts the kettle on and leans against the counter to wait.

There’s a crash in one of the spare rooms.

Izuku runs into the living room in his boxers. His fringe is kinky and uneven, falling over his wide eyes. His backpack is slung over his shoulder.

Shouto presses a mug into his hands. Izuku sips at it on auto-pilot.

Shouto takes his backpack from him. He sifts through it. Everything is in place. He adds Izuku’s wallet, keys, and packed lunch, before placing the backpack by the door.

When Shouto comes back, Izuku is hunched over the breakfast bar, still half-naked and dazed with the adrenaline-rush that comes with suddenly waking.

“Tenya will never forgive me,” Izuku says. “I was looking for my case file in the boxes in the office, but I wasn’t paying attention and ...”

“Your case files are in your backpack.”

“I know! I forgot! I woke up and realised today was the day Tenya was officially opening the Ingenium Agency, and I panicked.”

Shouto pushes Izuku’s chair out from behind the bar and climbs into his lap. “We only moved in yesterday. A bit of mess is expected. Tenya knows that.”

Izuku sighs, arms tightening around Shouto’s waist. “I guess. I’m just … I want this to go well for him. What if something goes wrong?”

“It won’t,” Shouto says, “and if it does, we can handle it. As a team.”

Izuku tucks his face into Shouto’s shoulder and breathes in his familiar scent. Shouto rests his chin on Izuku’s head. His fingers thread through Izuku’s flattened curls, working through the knots, scratching gently at his scalp. Steam from their tea curls in the air.

The dawn quiet is broken by a thump in the other room and Tenya shouting, “My filing system!”




“Tenya, we’ve been over this,” Shouto says around his toothbrush. “There wasn’t that much damage. Your filing system is fine.”

They don’t all fit behind the sink. Tenya is wedged sideways between Shouto and Izuku. He tries not to elbow them as he scrubs at the toothpaste staining his undershirt.

“I’ll have to start again,” Tenya grumbles.

“You’re going to invent a whole new filing system and have an unreasonable amount of fun doing it,” Shouto says. He’s been awake for hours, and so is the only fully coherent one in the apartment.

“Sometimes I think you find new stationary sexier than us,” Izuku says.

Tenya chokes on his toothpaste. He sticks his head under the faucet to get the paste out of his throat. Shouto pats him on the back.

Izuku looks down at his half-drowned boyfriend, drenched and streaked with toothpaste, collapsed over the sink. If he had been awake for more than ten minutes, if he was running on something more than anxiety and tea, he would be apologising and running soothing hands down Tenya’s back.

But now, foggy with exhaustion and stress, Izuku says earnestly, “Tenya, I’ll get you as many paper clips and filing tags as you want. I’ll buy you all the binders in the world.”

Shouto plucks Tenya’s glasses off his face and dries them. Tenya, hair plastered to his face, unshaved and specked with toothpaste, sighs, and says, “Thank you, Izuku.”




Ingenium @officialingenium ✔
I’m proud to announce the official opening of Ingenium Agency in Tokyo!

Ingenium @officialingenium ✔
I’d like to thank our staff, my fellow heroes, and my partners for their ongoing support. And I would like to dedicate this achievement to my big brother, without whom I wouldn’t be the hero I am today. Thank you, Tensei.


Fuyumi @iida.fuyumi
@officialingenium Congratulations, Tenya! And you should know that Tensei is crying at the breakfast table because of this tweet.

Ingenium @officialingenium ✔
@iida.fuyumi I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to upset him!

Fuyumi @iida.fuyumi
@officialingenium Oh sweetheart, it’s happy crying. We’re both so proud of you. You’ve grown into such an amazing hero.

Deku @officialdeku ✔
@iida.fuyumi @officialingenium aaaannnd now tenya is the one crying over his breakfast #youcantelltheyrerelated




Tenya doesn’t arrive home until late that night. Izuku and Shouto had been patrolling all day, and Tenya sent them home after sunset to get some rest.

He finds them in the bathroom. The tub is full of cooling, soapy water, and Izuku and Shouto are piled on top of one another, fast asleep.

Shouto’s head is tipped back. His damp hair is piled into a bun. Izuku lies on Shouto’s chest, face buried in the crook of his necks. His curls are dusted with soap suds.

Tenya crouches on the bath mat. He runs his fingers down Shouto’s face. His slack skin is soft and free of frown lines.

“Shouto,” Tenya murmurs, brushing wet locks of hair off his forehead, “come on. You can’t sleep here.”

It takes several minutes of gentle coaxing, of Tenya running his thumb over Shouto’s cool cheek, until his eyes crack open.

“Tenya?” Shouto mumbles.

“You’re going to catch a cold if you sleep in the tub. Maybe you and Izuku should’ve had a shower instead.”

Shouto blinks and looks down, as though he had just remembered that there was a grown man snoring on his chest. “Showers aren’t the same, though. I needed to be close to him.”

Tenya wakes Izuku, and helps both of them out of the tub and into bed. He pauses in the doorway and takes in the image they make, tangled together, their multi-coloured hair sprawl over the pillow, peaceful faces turned towards each other. Then Tenya gently closes the door and heads down the hall to the office. He has paperwork to finish.




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ingenium is 19yo and already has his own hero agency and i can barely find the energy to do my homework



[Gif 1: Third-year Iida Tenya talks to a group of anxious middle-schoolers who are on their way to take the UA Entrance Exam. He towers over them in his pressed UA uniform, but somehow, with his tall posture and his straight smile, he manages to calm as well as intimidate.

“Don’t compare yourself to everyone else coming through those gates,” he says. “No matter how impressive their quirks may seem, they don’t have your talent, that thing that makes you uniquely you.”

Gif 2: Iida continues, “Plus Ultra doesn’t mean living up to someone else’s standards; it means becoming the best version of yourself that you can, a version of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.”]

i know he’s talking about heroics here but i think it still fits


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The train is more crowded now, just after midnight, than it had been at noon.

Shouto stands with his back to the door. Izuku is slumped against his chest, arms wound around Shouto’s waist. Shouto feels enveloped by Izuku’s warmth, trapped between the closed door and Izuku’s broad chest, his thick arms.

Shouto hides his face into Izuku’s hair. They have to pick up groceries before they can head to their apartment, and even after that, when they’re finally hidden from the world’s eyes, nightmares may keep him awake most of the night.

But Shouto still longs for the moment he can lay down beside Tenya and Izuku, when his thoughts will only be occupied by the bare inches between their skin. He always does.




When Izuku and Shouto step through the automatic doors at the local corner store, the cashier blinks at them once, taking in their barely-covered hero costumes, and then goes back to her phone.

Shouto collects a basket. Izuku fishes the crumpled list out of his jacket pocket.

“Okay,” Izuku says with the same determination that he approaches fights, “Tenya said to get produce last so it doesn’t end up crushed, so … toiletries first!”

Izuku marches down the store in search of curl-friendly shampoo. Shouto follows, basket in hand.

Izuku sweeps three different shampoos into the basket and then crosses it off the list with a proud flourish. He finds baby powder and aspirin and dumps them in the cart. “Next aisle!”

They go around the store once, and then double-back for soy milk for their lactose intolerant boyfriend. When they get to the produce section, Izuku pauses, squinting at the tomatoes.

“Were we supposed to get cherry tomatoes or regular tomatoes?”

Shouto leans into his personal space to check the list. His long hair falls over one shoulder. His eyelids lower, and he wets his lips, a bare flick of tongue over a pink mouth.

His cardigan doesn’t fit right over his hero costume—the sleeves are bunched over his wristbands, and the cream colour clashes against the deep blue—but with his loose hair and slow-blinking gaze, he looks perfectly comfortable, like he could be in their kitchen, rather than a public store at 1am.

“Izuku,” Shouto murmurs, nudging him with the basket, “you’re staring.”

“Hm? O-oh!” Izuku jerks away. His back hits the display of cherry tomatoes. “Sorry.”

“Eager to get back home?” Shouto asks, and laughs when Izuku scrubs his hands down his face, feeling hot all over.

He drops the basket. Steps into Izuku’s space. Gently guides his hands away from his face. “Me, too.”


“You look good in Tenya’s jacket.”

“I didn’t mean to take it,” Izuku says. Shouto hums, disbelieving. “Really, I didn’t! Shouto!”

Shouto is smiling again. “Izuku, let's go home.”

Izuku, dry-mouthed, nods and lets Shouto lead him to the check-out.




sleepy bitch disease @jbsforever
i’m doing the graveyard shift at work and i’m pretty sure deku and polarise just walked in???


SONeater @someeater
@jbsforever photos or it didn’t happen!!!

pancake @pakchoys
@jbsforever PLEASE get their autographs on my behalf

 sleepy bitch disease @jbsforever
they’re not even trying to hide their identities. like i know they’re baby ua graduates but they’re still?? members of The Class 3-A??

sleepy bitch disease @jbsforever
hhhhh they look so good
[Image: And I feel god in this Chilli’s tonight.]

sleepy bitch disease @jbsforever
a cardigan + a denim jacket over a hero costume is not something i have ever thought about before but its a Look


bumbly 🐝 @uwillbeefoundtonight
@jbsforever please,,, which is which,,, i need to know

sleepy bitch disease @jbsforever
@uwillbeefoundtonight polarise is in an off-white knit cardigan, deku is in a denim jacket 👀

sleep bitch disease @jbsforever
they’re busy flirting instead of shopping fdjafkgllg

sleep bitch disease @jbsforever
oh my god i think they’re actually going to make out in the veggie section

sleep bitch disease @jbsforever
i’m too far away to hear what they’re saying but they’re looking really intensely at each other and polarise is all up in deku’s personal space

sleep bitch disease @jbsforever
i dont want to interrupt but like. i WORK here. if i let anyone fuck against the vegetables i’ll get fired and i need this job for student loans???

sleep bitch disease @jbsforever
the coast is clear. their pants remain on, their faces remain unkissed, and it looks like they’re heading towards the check out

sleep bitch disease @jbsforever

[Photo: Behind a conveyor belt full of groceries stands Shouto and Izuku. Shouto is tall and impassive, hair falling gracefully over one shoulder, while Izuku is flushed pink, his smile wobbly around the edges.]




Tenya rummages through the fridge, frowning. “Izuku?”

Izuku pauses, a stack of dirty plates in hand, dishwater open by his feet. “Yeah?”

“Did you remember to buy tomatoes when you went shopping?”

Ice melts over a glass and into the sauce crusted on the plates, swirling orange-brown over the ceramic. Izuku sets them down in the sink to be rinsed. “That bastard. Shouto!”

From deeper in the apartment, Shouto calls, “Yeah?”

“You distracted me before I could buy tomatoes last night!”

There’s a moment of silence. Izuku imagines Shouto hunched over his paperwork, sniggering. Then: “You make it too easy!”

“You know he hates tomatoes,” Tenya scolds.

“He uses his beauty for evil, Tenya. Evil.”




Search: thirst tweets heroes


[Thumbnail: Tenya’s professional smile looks pained, his temples beaded with sweat. A tweet photoshopped next to them reads: “ingenium has bde - big daddy energy”]

Pro Hero Ingenium Reads Your Thirstiest Tweets
BuzzFeed Celeb
1 week ago
Turbo Hero Ingenium reads your thirstiest tweets, and wants you all to know he has two boyfriends. Also, please take a cold shower. GET MORE …


[Thumbnail: Mirio beams at the camera. Next to him, Amajiki is slumped in his seat, hands over his face. A tweet photoshopped next to them reads: “I want Suneater to [REDACTED] my [REDACTED]”]

Bro Heroes Suneater and Lemillion Read Thirst Tweets
BuzzFeed Celeb
1 year ago
“I think the internet killed Tamaki…” GET MORE BUZZFEED: …


[Thumbnail: Uraraka’s head is thrown back with laughter. The tweet photoshopped next to her reads: “I want to eat a full course meal of foods Uravity has crushed between her thighs”]

Pro Hero Uravity Reads Hilarious Thirst Tweets
BuzzFeed Celeb
3 weeks ago
“Mum and Dad, please don’t watch this video!” GET MORE BUZZFEED: ...






Shouto jerks awake. The sheets are singed under his fingers. His mouth tastes of bile and crystallised ice.

The water stain on the ceiling glares down at him. The unfamiliarity of the room chills him right through. Only Izuku’s breathing, muffled but constant on the far side of the mattress, is recognisable.

Shouto pushes out of bed. He drinks water straight from the bathroom tap, and pulls on the t-shirt left on the edge of the tub. It smells like Izuku.

Tenya is in the office. Paperwork is spilt over his desk. His fingers are smudged with ink.

Shouto jumps onto a clean corner of the desk, and only then does Tenya look up from his laptop. The screen turns his lenses white-blue.

“You and Izuku should be asleep,” Tenya says.

“Izuku still is.” He doesn’t say, You should be, too. Tenya knows.

“Good, he needs it,” Tenya says. “Nightmares again?”

Shouto takes Tenya’s hand and lays it in his lap. It’s nice, just holding it. Feeling the delicate fingers twitch at his touch. “It’s not the nightmares that bother me. It’s the waking up.”

“Would it be better if I was there?”

Shouto thinks about lying. If Tenya thought it would help, he would force himself to lie in bed, staring up at that alien ceiling and letting anxiety eat away at him.

“No,” Shouto says, “but I don’t like this. You know Izuku hates this, too.”

“Running an agency by yourself is hard. Harder than I thought it would be. The paperwork by itself …”

Shouto picks up Tenya’s other hand. His palms are broader than Shouto’s, and he doesn’t have the same decade-old burn scars. “You’re not alone, Tenya.”

All the energy leaves Tenya at once. He slumps against Shouto, forehead resting on his knee. “Does Izuku know?”

“He’s starting to,” Shouto says, “and you know what he’s like when he thinks someone has a problem.”

Tenya nods, just once. Shouto runs his hands through Tenya’s hair. He doesn’t know how to put into words the love he has for this man or the empathy unfurling in his chest.

Tenya says it for him.

“After everything we’ve done,” Tenya says, moving his hands from Shouto’s laps to the back of his knees, holding Shouto still against him, “I hadn’t thought that this was going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. They told us how difficult being a pro hero was going to be—why didn’t they warn us that growing up was this hard?”

Shouto runs his hands over the back of Tenya’s head. “Come to bed, Tenya.”

Shouto leads him through the apartment and back into bed. When the mattress dips under their weight, Izuku stirs, mumbling their names against the pillow. Tenya whispers apologises until Izuku goes back to sleep.

Even tucked against each other, Shouto’s face pressed in the hollow of Tenya’s throat, it takes them both a while to fall asleep.




Group chat: Thanks, it’s the trauma

Shouto: ok natsuo was right. this living out of home business is harder than it sounds.

Natsuo: I TOLD YOU

Natsuo: like i love being away from That One Motherfucker but being an adult can be overwhelming sometimes

Fuyumi: Don’t swear, asshole

Fuyumi: @Shouto Do you want some easy recipes? Or I could bring you guys some leftovers? We always make way too much

Shouto: yes pls

Natsuo: why don’t you love me like that fuyumi

Shouto: you can come to

Natsuo: !!! omw





“It’s late,” Izuku says.

“I’m almost done,” Tenya says around his pen.

Izuku plucks the pen out of his mouth. “You said that half an hour ago. I know you do this a lot, Tenya--more nights than not. You need to get some rest.”

Tenya nods, focused on his screen, fingers flying over the keyboard. “Right.”



“Alright, then,” Izuku says, and bends down and lifts Tenya into his arms.

Tenya flails and instinctively grabs Izuku’s shoulders. “Izuku!”

“It’s bedtime, Tenya!” Izuku says cheerily.

“Put me down! I didn’t get to save my work.”

“I’ll save it for you. I can put your paperwork away, too. I know your filing system now.”

Izuku carries him bridal-style through the apartment. They pass Shouto, curled up on the couch reading.

Izuku throws Tenya on the bed. He bounces. His glasses slip down his nose.

Izuku sifts through their drawers. He finds a well-loved t-shirt, gone soft with age, and throws it on the mattress. Then he unbuttons Tenya’s dress shirt.

Tenya’s hands fly to Izuku’s wrists, though he doesn’t apply any pressure or push him away, doesn’t stop the laugh that bubbles up his throat.

“I can do that. You don’t need to—Izuku, I can take off my own pants!”

“But you’ve got me to do that.” Izuku folds the collared shirt and jeans and places them on the chair in the corner. “Put your arms up for me?”

When Tenya is dressed in an old t-shirt and boxers, Izuku heaves him back into his arms. He maneuvers him around, so that all of Tenya’s weight is balanced comfortably on one arm, and pulls the comforter back. He settles Tenya in bed and pulls the covers back up.

Izuku takes Tenya’s glasses and drops a kiss on each eyelid. “Get some rest, Tenya.”

“My paperwork,” Tenya complains, though he makes no move to get out of bed.

“Can wait until tomorrow. Get some rest.”

When Izuku leaves, switching off the bedroom light and closing the door a crack, he finds Shouto on the couch, book abandoned, staring at him intently.

Shouto makes grabby-hands for him. “Me, next.”





Group chat: Momo Protection Squad

Momo Fanclub Founder: @ the three stooges: can you spare some time to help with the relocation of the dark water gang on wednesday?

Tenya Fanclub Founder: yeha pronvonly let me ask t=enya about the shcuedel tomrorw

Momo Fanclub Founder: midoriya are you texting with a concussion again?

Tenya Fanclub Founder: no but its diffnncult to type w bfs on top ov me

Tenya Fanclub Founder: [Image: Izuku lays in the middle of the bed, curls mussed, smiling smugly. Shouto is half on top of him, and Tenya is curled on his other side, arms and legs thrown over Izuku and Shouto both. ]

Bi Defender: god i wish that were me

Bi Defender: but wait jirou aren’t we supposed to go through proper channels with these kinds of requests?? i got in trouble last time i didn’t submit the right paperwork when asking for back-up

Momo Fanclub Founder: ashido you just took a blurry selfie in the middle of an active villain attack and then tweeted it out asking for help

Bi Defender: [Gif: And what about it?]





Izuku goes looking for a stapler. He finds one sitting on Tenya’s desk beside his laptop. He also finds his boyfriends, sprawled out on the low couch.

Tenya extends a hand towards Izuku, careful not to jostle Shouto. “Izuku, please. Switch with me.”

Seeing Shouto use Tenya as a mattress, his slack mouth pressed against Tenya’s collarbone, sleeping deeply despite the bustling office on the other side of the shuttered window, Izuku would never have been able to guess that Shouto was a light sleeper. But Izuku has been privy to the nightmares that rock him every other night. He’s seen him flinch awake when touched too roughly. He’s seen how shaken Shouto sometimes seems even now, a month after moving in together, when he wakes and sees their bedroom, rather than their dorms.

“And risk waking Shouto up?” Izuku whispers.

“I can’t afford to take a nap in the middle of the workday. It’s unprofessional and unproductive and—”

Izuku grabs the stapler and Tenya’s laptop and rounds the desk. He presses a kiss to Tenya’s mouth to quiet him.

“Sleep well, Tenya,” Izuku says.

He takes a photo of them before he goes. Tenya is frowning up at him, but he has one hand braced on the small of Shouto’s back, another cupping his head, just below his bun. Their feet hang off the end of the couch.

Izuku switches off the light and quietly closes the door behind him. He writes up a sign and tapes it to Tenya’s office door so that they’re not disturbed, and then gets to work answering the avalanche of emails piled up in Tenya’s inbox.




[Image: Izuku in a pink tank top, curls slicked back with sweat, smiling beside another man at the gym. The dumbbell at Izuku’s feet is stacked with an unbelievable amount of weight.]


My new gym buddy 😤😎💪 #dudeisabeast #herodeku #gymselfies

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ladydisofdurin: is that polarise and ingenium in the background?

beevocado: he’s not your new gym buddy, he just happens to go to our gym and he’s nice to people who want work out tips

Oogablast: @beevocado how would you know that

beevocado: @Oogablast dude, i was there. deku and i were wearing the same uravity tank top. he complimented me on it. how did you forget that?

Oogablast: @beevocado oh. i guess i was blinded by deku’s muscles #howishethatSHREDDED #amigay




A week later, Izuku finds Tenya in his office at the agency, hammering away at his laptop, Tokyo a blur of lights behind him. They’re no strangers to late mornings and early starts, but Tenya had started patrol just after sunrise. It’s past 9pm, now. He’s still working.

“You and Shouto should go home,” Tenya says, not looking up from his laptop.

Izuku retrieves their jackets and bags, and then rounds the desk. He pulls out Tenya’s desk chair. Tenya looks up, sees Izuku’s steely expression, and pushes himself back.

“Izuku, no. I have to finish this proposal for Momo and then—”

Izuku grabs Tenya around the waist and hoists him over his shoulder. Tenya swears and bucks in his grip. Izuku walks them through the office and into the elevator. The few staff still in the office laugh and tell their bosses goodnight.

Izuku puts Tenya down when the elevator doors have closed. Tenya whirls on him, a lecture on his lips, but it dies when he gets a good look at Izuku’s face. He’s angry. Angrier than Tenya is after being paraded through the office on his boyfriend’s shoulder.

Izuku doesn’t take them to the train station. Instead, he leads them to a cheap ramen store. They sit. Izuku says he’ll have his usual, and Tenya realises that he and Shouto must come here sometimes, when Tenya is still working late into the night.

“Do you remember halfway through third year,” Izuku begins, “when I almost died during patrol?”

“How could I forget?”

Izuku had come across a robbery. It should have been easy for someone of his power, his experience, but Izuku had been too tired to examine his surroundings. Too wrung-out to realise the bulge in the criminal’s jacket was a gun.

“I made you and Shouto a promise that day,” Izuku says.

Tenya remembers that, too. Remembers the way he had broken down by Izuku’s hospital bed; how Shouto’s expression had been flat but his eyes had burned; how washed out Izuku had looked against the white cotton sheets, bruised and ashamed and covered in wires.

Tenya knows why Izuku has brought him here.

“It’s different,” he begins.

“It’s not.” Izuku spins on his seat. His eyes are burn, like Shouto’s had. “It’s not, Tenya. You’re hurting yourself. You’re putting yourself in danger every time you step out for patrol when you’re this tired. And this isn’t sustainable. I know. I’ve been there.

“I know what it’s like to struggle to live up to your family’s past, Tenya. I know how much that hurts. But you can’t let it tear you apart.”

“If you won’t do it for us,” Shouto had said, angrier than Tenya had ever seen him, “then do it for All Might. Do it because his legacy deserves to be learnt from.”

“If you won’t look after yourself for our sake,” Izuku says, softer than Shouto had, because Izuku has been here, because sometimes, Izuku feels like he’s going to be crushed under the weight of another person’s legacy, just like Tenya does, “then do it for Tensei. You’ll see him soon. What will you say to him when he asks how you’ve been? How will you face him knowing his legacy is what’s making you miserable?”

It won’t be easy. It’s hard to go to sleep knowing there’s a stack of unfinished work waiting on his desk. It’s hard to look at the Hero Rankings and see he’s so far away from where he wants to be.

Izuku lays a hand on Tenya’s arm, and says, gently, “Please, Tenya.”

Tenya takes his hand. Their fingers lock together. He squeezes, feeling the scarred muscle, the sweaty palm belying Izuku’s calm tone.

“Okay,” Tenya says, and he feels lighter, just for saying it. “I promise.”




Facebook Event: House-Warming Party
Private · Hosted by Midoriya Izuku

★ Interested · ✔ Going

43 Invited · 0 Interested


Hey, everyone!! I know we’ve been living in our new apartment for a few months now, but life got busy. So Shouto, Tenya and I are hosting a belated house-warming party!

Drinks/food supplied!

No need for house-warming presents! Just bring yourself!!





Inko and Toshinori arrive first. Izuku opens the door and laughs at the sight of them both, weighed down with an outrageous number of presents. “We said no gifts!”

Inko pushes it all into Toshinori’s hands and drags Izuku down into a hug. His laugh turns into a sob. They stand in the doorway, swaying slightly, gripping each other, until they hear Tensei, Fuyumi and Rei making their way down the hallway. Izuku picks Inko up and steps back into the apartment, so they’re not blocking the door.

When they finally break apart, Rei is cupping Shouto’s cheek. Fuyumi is in the kitchen. Tenya stands in front of his brother, shoulders hunched, trying not to cry, while Tensei smiles up at him, gentle and exasperated all at once.

“Is it safe to say hello now?” Toshinori asks, still holding new tupperware, several cutlery sets, a few bottles of champagne, and wrapped photo frames of their family.

Izuku helps carry the gifts over to the table. “Sorry! I totally ignored you …”

Toshinori laughs and pulls him into a hug. “Don’t apologise, my boy. I’m used to Midoriyas by now.”

Izuku says hello to Fuyumi, who pats down his curls, the way she pats down Shouto’s hair when it’s windswept, and then greets Rei and Tensei. He can see the pride beaming out of both of their faces; Rei sits on the couch and looks around their small, domestic space with something like wonder, and Tensei keeps trying to school his expression when he looks at Tenya, his smile squashed and silly.

Shouto sits with his family on the couch. Tensei runs back and forth from the kitchen, offering drinks and food to everyone, and Izuku welcomes everyone into their apartment with fumbling grace. The table is getting bogged down with house-warming gifts. Izuku can’t believe that, even though he explicitly said not to, most people have brought presents. Shouto will be happy, though; they have enough plants to start a sizeable garden on their balcony.

After everyone has arrived, Uraraka slides up to him with a dangerous smirk. “Hey, Deku. Nice apartment you have here.”

“Thanks,” Izuku says warily.

“Where did you put all your All Might merch? Todoroki and Iida didn’t let you put it up in the bedroom, did they?”

“Not in the bedroom, no,” Izuku says. Uraraka cackles like she knows that Shouto had refused to do more than kiss when All Might’s beaming face was staring down at them.

“Wait.” Uraraka spins away from Izuku, and addresses the party as a whole, “We haven’t done Room King this year!”

“But we don’t live in the dorms anymore,” Shouto says.

“Like that’s going to stop us!”

“You can’t demand to see someone’s home,” Momo frets. “It’s inappropriate, especially now that we’re adults. We shouldn’t make them uncomfortable or invade their privacy—”

Shouto puts down his drink. He glances at Tenya, who shrugs, and Izuku, who sighs and nods, and then says, “We’ll start with the kitchen.”

And that’s how Shouto ends up leading three dozen of their friends and family around their apartment. Their former classmates make small assessments about the colour scheme, the furniture, and it almost feels like they’re back at high school again, circling the dorms and laughing at everyone’s decorating styles.

Except, this time, their family is here too. This time, they’re showing off their life: their kitchen full of leftovers; their bedroom with Tenya’s pyjamas discarded on the bedspread and Shouto’s book earmarked on the bedside table; their spare rooms with boxes still piled up in the corner and Izuku’s hero collection spilling out of the cupboard.

Izuku feels prouder showing them around this apartment then he ever did during Room King at UA.

Tenya is explaining his rudimentary filing system in their joint-office to Momo, who has taken her phone out to take notes, when Jirou cocks her head to the side, and says, “You know, it isn’t Room King if we’re just looking at someone’s home. This is an apartment tour.”

“Don’t spoil the fun,” Uraraka scolds.

By the end of the night, they have more Room Kings planned—Uraraka and Asui’s apartment next week, and the Bakugou-Sero-Kaminari-Ashido share house three weeks after that, and then half a dozen more, spread out over the following year.

After everyone has gone home or been set up in the spare room or on the couch, Shouto, Tenya, and Izuku take a moment to breathe. Shouto is at the window, imagining the balcony spilling over with their new plants. Tenya is sat against the headboard, dizzy from everyone’s love, their appreciation, their sheer joy at seeing every inch of their quiet little apartment.

Izuku sits next to him. “Okay?”

Tenya leans into him, his head lolling on Izuku’s shoulder. Izuku scratches at his scalp.

Shouto climbs in on the other side of the bed, and crawls across the two of them, settling down in their laps like a cat. Izuku laughs under their weight, feeling drunk off the warmth of the two of them.

“Yeah,” Tenya mumbles, glasses slipping down his nose. “Okay.”