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Izuku's childhood was normal,
That was the case until after his 4th birthday, it began with him waking up excited he went to his closet where his new clothes were waiting he put them on they were a yellow all might shirt and and blue pants like all might's outfit he wore them excitedly and went to the living room where his mother was cooking his favorite food 'katsudon'
His mother noticed him smiling "look who woke up early today, wait a bit okay izuku?" "ok mom i'll watch some tv" "okay baby"

he climbed up the couch But didn't see the remote on the couch it was on the table he lifted his hand to grab it but to his surprise it came to his hand and he grabbed it he gasped and jumped from the couch he ran to his mom and grabbed her dress and shook her dress she looked down at him And knelt down " what is it baby?" "Look look mom!!!" he concentrates holding his hand out aiming at the pillow but the couch begins to float and come at them at a running pace but before it can hit them izuku lets go and the couch stops and falls to the ground not too hard thankfully, his mother's face is one of surprise and happiness she kneels down to izuku and hugs him "that's incredible izuku, i'm so happy for you" she hugs him with a smile that beams like the sun, he returns the hug with his own, a weaker one but one that packs just as much emotion behind it,
His mom lets go of him "well... first things first lets put the couch back,okay izuku?"
"Yeah okay i'll put it back" izuku focuses again and he can feel the power course through him and he lifts the couch again and moves though the landing of the couch could be better but he didn't drop, so progress "okay now lets eat" "yeah"


"Okay izuku you ready?" "Yeah!" "Let's go then" The ride to the doctor was quite but filled with excitement he was happy his quirk finally came and it was already amazing

"Midoriya izuku please come to doctor's office" "come on izuku" "okay mom"
"So what is your quirk young one" "i can make things float and control them without touching them, that's all i know" "okay would you mind coming with us to test it?" "No" "great lets go"

Izuku is in a white room with with plushies
Cooking utensils and furniture of different size, the doctor and his mother are staring at him from beyond the glass "okay young izuku can show us what you can lift and what you can't if you can't lift some thing sit down and point at it okay?" He nods his smile still growing wider " and remember the moment you start feeling tired tell us okay?" He nods again " okay then please begin" he nods once more

He stretches his hand towards the plushies and they begin glowing and flying and moving upwards while green energy begins surrounding izuku and the 20 plushies and izuku then lets them down "that was easy" "im glad you're feeling fine" he nods smiling happily he then begins lifting the cooking untensils which are 40 in total, he doesn't feel like he's doing anything from how easy it is, he smiles and begins lifting the furniture, a three person couch, 2 two person couch, 3 one person couch, he lifts a refrigerator a full bookshelf 2 long tables and 4 adult sized chairs, needless to say everything starts flying around and fire starts coming out of nowhere, the ground starts shaking, "young izuku you can stop now" no response... "izuku let down the items please" still no response... he pushes another button and water starts falling down at izuku some simply stopping some turning to ice and some evaporating "miss midoriya please stop him" at this point the shaking is unbearable, she enters the room fuming "MIDORIYA IZUKU YOU WILL STOP THIS AT ONCE!!!" and in a moment his smile drops, everything stops, and fear takes over"m-mom w-what did i do!?!?!" he says looking anywhere but his mother's face, she sighes "i know you're excited but calm down, and let everything down, you'll get to try everything in time sweety..." "...okay..." he says his face looking nothing but the face of a kicked a puppy as he lets everything down,

they return to doctor's office "it seems izuku has telekenisis, can control elements, and has some sort of energy control... what do you wanna call your quirk, or quirks" "force" "all of them?" "Yeah" "please reconsider..." "okay... then the first one is force, the second one is natural(forces),the third one us energy, combined they're the forces of life" "Okay... an improvement i guess..." the last part was sayed slightly above a whisper he sighes, inko gives him a look, "Did you say something doctor" the doctor starts sweating "no..." he feels as if he shrunk, eager to change the subject "okay that's all we needed to test your quirk izuku so you can go home... unless there's something else?" Inko answered "no...thank you for you time doctor" "the pleasure was all mine... have a safe trip"


"Want to go home or to the bakugo's" she asks as if she doesn't know the answer"to kacchan!!!" She chuckles "of course"




"Coming coming" "oh hello inko izuku today's your birthday right?" "Yeah" "wait a bit, KATSUKI!" "What?, Oh hi izuchan" "hi kacchan guess what" kacchan was already smiling expecting him to say it was his birthday "i got my quirk" izuku sayed beaming kacchan was shocked for a second before he beamed as well "no way... that means you're the first in class!!!, what is it!!!" "stand still for a second" katsuki did as he was told and then he started feeling tall as he had to look down to see the ground, but he wasn't touching it he was flying "no way... that's so cool!!!" "thanks kacchan" he let him down katsuki seemed bummed for a second before beaming again"it's telekenisis right?" "Yeah but thats not all" katsuki was now super excited "look at this" then he saw water come out from in front of izuku and it was flying around "no can create and! control water too!!!" "not just water, i can make wind,fire,earth and energy too" izuku sayed beaming as was katsuki "that's awesome now you have to wait for me to get mine and we'll be a hero duo like we always dreamed!" "Yeah!!" Mitsuki and inko who were watching the whole exchange smiling at thier adorable kids, decided now was the best time to cut in, mitsuki patting her son's head "come on lets go inside so you can give izuku his present" "yeah okay!"

*in the living room*
Katsuki:pretty cool right
"yeah this is awesome, thanks kacchan" "no problem izuchan"
the parents couldn't help but giggle at the exchange, thier children were just too cute
Mitsuki:okay you two can play outside while
We Make the secret
Katsuki*pretending to pout*:you didn't tell me about this secret...
Mitsuki:if i did it wouldn't stay a secret
She says knowingly
"okay..." "come on kacchan lets go play!!!"
Beaming brighter katsuki says "Okay!!!"
And they go out to play

*In the kitchen while making the 'secret' *
Inko:you should have seen it everything in the room flew
Mitsuki:i just hope he learns to control it
Too much power with little control are the ingredients for chaos
"Me too, but he got alot better in such a short amount of time i doubt he's not gonna be able to"
"I just hope mine doesn't get jealous" she says giggling
"Katsuki is a great friend, i'm sure he'll be fine..."
"Speaking of, masaru go get the kids we're done" "Okay... kids come in its time to eat, come's gonna be just awhile before you can go back and play" the sound of small footsteps increases in volume
Izuku:we're back
Katsuki:I AM HERE!!!
"AH, i didn't think of that..."
"Hehe.. an all might expert like me will take any chance he gets to speak all might"
"I'll get it next time too!"
"Sure thing izuchan!"
Continuing to bring light where ever they go the duo wash thier hands before sitting on the dining table

The cake is annhilated with nothing left to prove it's existence but the slight frosting on the kids's noses, the rest of the day went by like a blur, and before he know it izuku was waving goodbye to katsuki who was doing the same


he gets home brushs his teeth and changes into his pajames


He lays on the bed and voalla it's morning and he needs to get up for kindergarten,

it was exciting because he's the first one to get his quirk no doubt everyone will crowd him, he won't let it get to his head though a hero must never become overconfident or they'll be offgaurd and become an easier target for villains when gets there he sees kacchan who he immediately runs to,
"Hey kacchan!" "hey izuchan!" The walk to the kindergarten was silent with the air of comfort

*in kindergarten*
"Izuku we heard you got your quirk what is it" "yeah tell us" "okay kids calm down he'll show you when he wants to"
Izuku smiling "okay look" he lifts his bag in the air "whoa" "that's so cool" "how things can you lift at once" "what's the heaviest you can lift"
Izuku starting to get overwhelmed, lifts everybody up in the air,even the teacher, "whoa" "wow" "this is awesome" and many more of the same meaning "now now kids calm down, you don't want to get hurt, izuku please let us down" "okay" all of the class go "owwwwww" at the same time, sad that thier flight was cut short "are you okay izuku, that was quite reckless of you please don't do it again" "okay" "aren't you tired?" "No, you were all pretty light so i didn't have put alot of effort to lift you"
"Wow" again same song and dance.

The rest of the day was the same old kindergarten with nothing really interesting happining


after kindergarten and saying goodbye to kacchan, he goes up the stairs leading to thier apartment and sees the door slightly open, and sees from the opening of the door his father standing over his mother her crying, covering her face with her hands and on the floor, his father is smiling, he notices izuku and goes over to the door,

his mother hearing his footsteps removes her hands from her face and looking confused as hisashi walks to the door, he pushes the door and she sees izuku,

but it's too late his father already grabbed him and he was closing the door

hurrying to the door she sees hisashi already next to his car and izuku inside

She runs downstairs not closing the door all she could think of was izuku,

she reaches downstairs and sees izuku at the backseat looking at her the car already moving, green tearful eyes meets turquoise blue eyes and in the next second all she could see was the outline of a far off car

Her knees hit the ground, her heart shattering, never has she felt more heartbroken, and tears come down like niagara falls,