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Meteor Shower

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“It would seem inappropriate for me to use star showers or shooting stars to refer to this beautiful show. They are called meteors, not stars.”

You nodded without saying anything else. Your ignorance about astronomical phenomena had led to this. Why did it occur to you to say something about star showers?

Astrophysics was Sasuke's specialty and you just wanted to know more and more, but how to start? You didn’t want to ask stupid questions, even though you knew he would answer them all with patience. Just this time, you wanted to look like an intelligent and sophisticated woman to surprise him.

Sitting on the roof of Kasugayama castle, you looked out at the infinite: in front of your eyes, there was a starry night like you had never seen before. The spring night still had winter tints, but it didn’t matter because you felt warm inside. Despite the worry, you were happy that Sasuke brought you to see the show, as he called it.

A sigh, a lament to the silent night.

“I'm sorry, I think it's bad that I talk so technically at times.”

You quickly looked at your beloved, who had lowered his eyes, embarrassed by what had just happened. Who had hurt him so much before now that it was as if he refused to talk about the things he liked?

On the blanket on which you were sitting, his hand trembled, and you put yours on his, so that he could feel comfortable. You squeezed it gently, letting the temperature of your bodies melt together.

"No, it’s fine… It’s fine.” His eyes lifted as they met yours. “I want to learn everything I can about you… and about the stars. I like you to tell me the correct terms, so I will not be wrong again.”

You smiled with tenderness and noticed a slight blush on his cheeks. A gulp of air filled his lungs, taking courage to continue with his explanation.

“This shower is April Lyrids. It’s called that because it’s located in the constellation Lyra. Its counts typically range from 5 to 20 meteors per hour, averaging around 10. If they were more than 1000 per hour, it would be called a meteor storm. Some meteors can be brighter; those are known as Lyrid fireballs. It casts shadows for a split second and leaves behind smoky debris trails that last minutes.”

A sigh of admiration came from your lips, your mouth was ajar. You hadn’t imagined that the ninja could hold so much information in his head, especially when you could barely remember what you had for breakfast.

You went back to look at the sky full of stars. You murmured that “you were lucky to be here, without the light pollution of the big city.” Sasuke nodded, he started stroking the back of your hand with his calloused thumb.

The star veil covered you both and your heart squeezed on your chest, making you feel small. There were things in the universe that you couldn’t imagine, even if he explained all the mysteries he already knew. You rested your head on his shoulder, waiting for the April’s shower.

“When will the show begin?” You didn’t want to sound anxious, but your emotion was overwhelming. Not even in the future you had seen a meteor shower.

The brown haired scientist fell silent and formed a figure with his fingers, linking stars between them. He looked around, which made you lift your head from his shoulder. After a while, he replied “According to my calculations, we will see the first one in 7 to 10 minutes.”

You fell silent again, no longer with your hands intertwined nor your head on his shoulder. In spite of that, you didn’t feel uncomfortable, but you only had the desire to be with him. You wanted to learn more, to pierce the barrier of his heart and let you in. You had waited so long for a love like this… You had been waiting for him.

“Thank you for bringing me here, it means a lot that you wanted to share it with me.”

Sasuke looked at you and you saw yourself reflected in his glasses. You couldn’t know what he was thinking since his expression was undecipherable. But you smiled. You loved him despite everything.

It would have seemed that the world was illuminated by your smile, because you saw a light passing behind his back.

“Look! A shooting st—A meteor!”

Sasuke noticed how hard it had been for you not to finish the sentence, and laughed softly at your attempt to no longer saying shooting star. He caressed your cheek with one hand, gently, delicately, afraid of breaking you.

“Yeah, I saw it. It was reflected in your eyes.”

Your face was covered in blush at his words. You should have imagined that he had seen it if he was watching you, you noticed before that you were reflected on his glasses.

“I know you probably don’t believe in those things, and science doesn’t endorse it, but did you make a wish?”

“No, I don’t need it.”

The rapidity of his words left you speechless. You looked away, not knowing what to say. For a moment, you felt stupid and naïve. It was as if he himself had put on a shell and you couldn’t penetrate it. Suddenly, a knot formed in your throat, although you couldn’t explain why. You didn’t want to cry, so you convinced yourself that you wouldn’t. Sooner or later, you would find a way to reach him.

Without warning but softly, he took your chin between his fingers and forced you to look at him. You didn’t feel attacked, but desired. You didn’t dare to look at his eyes, so you fixed your gaze on his lips. His fingers came back to caress you.

“I don’t need to make a wish. Everything that I need is here, by my side.”

You couldn’t stop looking at his mouth while he was whispering all this. Your heart couldn’t bear it anymore, it was pounding in your chest. Each word coming out of his lips was a caress. Your hands slid to his neck. Your name came out of his lips like honey, and you could notice how he formed each syllable carefully. You couldn’t hear anything else anymore, just the beating of your heart in your ears. Both of you approached slowly.

You could feel his lips on yours, tender and hesitant at the same time. Your breaths mixed, his name came out of your mouth between small bites, and his hands slid down your waist to draw you to him. Both of you could feel a renewed confidence, and you submerged in each other. It was as if an unseen force attracted you. The other's need was greater than anything. His tongue slid down yours, forming figures. You moaned between his lips.

Soon, both of you gasped for air, your lips pulled away. You laughed softly and leaned your forehead against his. You didn’t need any plan, you just needed time. Time would make him open to you and that reassured you. The love you felt for Sasuke filled your chest. You knew that you missed the chance, but you had asked the star for a wish.

“I wish we would never be apart ever again.”

And while you both enjoyed that moment of intimacy, the stars began to fall behind you.