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“It was nice seeing you again Sheriff,” Derek held his right hand out to John as he wrapped his left arm around Stiles' waist, holding his boyfriend against his side.

“You as well Derek, thank you for bringing Stiles over for dinner I know he is a bit of a handful.” John chuckled as Stiles stuck his tongue out at his father playfully as his father and lover shook hands firmly.

“I think I have him well in hand by now.” Derek joked and John chuckled again as he bid the couple farewell after their afternoon together that including a painfully healthy dinner made by Stiles.

“Bye dad, see you next week.” Stiles hugged his father before lacing his fingers together with Derek’s and the two headed to Derek’s black Camaro. John waved them off as the car revved and turned down the street; he was glad that after everything those two had found each other.

“You did real good tonight baby, if I hadn’t known beforehand I would have never guessed.” Derek praised as he laid his hand on Stiles' thigh as he kept his eyes on the road.

“Thanks, Derek,” Stiles murmured and inhaled sharply when Derek tightened his grip. “Sorry, I mean thank you, Sir.”

“I’ll let that slip, for now, I know it’s hard to get back into that headspace after spending time with your dad,” Derek said patiently as he turned down the road that would lead to the preserve where the rebuild Hale house was waiting for them. Stiles and Derek were the only ones to live there, the others came by for Pack training, meetings and what not but it was Stiles and Derek’s home.

“Thank you, Sir,” Stiles settled down in the seat, after shifting his weight around a bit like he was trying to get comfortable.

“It’s a nice night, should we go for a walk down to the lake tonight?” Derek asked, eyeing Stiles and had to fight back a smile when Stiles' eyes went wide and almost panicked.

“Not tonight Sir, please. I’ve been so good, please.” Stiles gripped Derek’s hand as he spread his legs wider as he spoke. Stiles let out a shuddering breath when Derek slid his hand up and cupped his lover’s growing erection from above his jeans.

“You have been good baby, how about you go and wait for me upstairs and we’ll have some fun hm?” Derek crooned as he parked the car next to a few other cars in the overhang that acted as a garage.

“Yes Sir, thank you.” Stiles’ face lit up and he leaned over for a chaste kiss before he shot out of the car and up the steps of the porch and into their home. Derek smiled fondly at the sight, he would never get used to that. Derek cut the engine and slowly pulled himself out of the driver's seat and headed up into the house. His eyes flashed red as his inner wolf growled as the aroused scent of Stiles wafted throughout the house. Derek fought the urge to just run up to their bedroom and bury himself in Stiles and his scent; he was going to take his time.

Derek finally made it to their master bedroom and had to adjust his jeans as his cock began to stiffen at the sight that awaited him. Stiles’ was in the middle of their large bed, completely naked. His head was down, resting on a pillow and his knees parted wide with his slender fingers gripped his bare ass cheeks, holding them apart, presenting himself to Derek.

“Such a pretty sight,” Derek tossed his shirt off over his head and onto the ground as he joined Stiles on the mattress.

“Thank you, Sir,” Stiles’ breathing hitched at the praise and Derek took hold of Stiles ass cheeks and smiled when Stiles let his arms cross in the small of his back in perfect obedience. Obedience that would never fail to surprise and please Derek since the moment they had stumbled upon their shared kinks and then entered their Dom/sub relationship.

“Good boy,” Derek murmured as he took in the sight of Stiles pucker, it had closed up since before their afternoon with Stiles dad, but Derek could still see the bright red of the strand of anal beads he had worked into Stiles beforehand.

“You had all of these beads inside of you during the entire afternoon and not once did you let on. You are amazing baby, so perfect.” Derek crooned as he leaned down and dragged his tongue around Stiles’ hole, smiling at the little moan Stiles gave at the action. Derek kneaded Stiles’ ass cheeks as he sucked and licked at Stiles’ hole until it was loosening and relaxing. Derek leaned back and hook his finger through the small rubber ring that was hanging down from Stiles hole, it had left an indent in Stiles upper back thigh but neither seemed to mind it.

“Do you remember our rule when it comes to this toy?” Derek asked as he lightly pulled at the ring, applying pressure to the beads inside of Stiles body.

“Y-Yes Sir, I am only allowed to come if I come to you pulling these out if I don’t then I am not allowed to come at all tonight,” Stiles repeated, the idea had been his and Derek had been in agreement, either way, he got to see one of Stiles’ amazing faces and noises. Either if he came or when he was denied all night, both Derek adored and treasured.

“Very good baby, now relax for me.” Derek soothed as he adjusted his grip on the end of the strand of beads and sitting back on his knees he began to pull. Stiles gasped into the pillow and curled his fingers into fists and his toes into the sheets below him. His cock was aching between his thighs and he could feel a bead of pre-cum beginning to drip out of the slit.

Derek watched as the first bead slowly inched its way out of Stiles, he was going slow as he knew that if he pulled them out too fast Stiles would come just from the first bead being pulled out. Derek wanted to at least make it a bit more challenging tonight.

Stiles let out a keening noise as the first and largest bead popped out of him with a lewd squelching noise. Stiles’ skin broke out into goosebumps as he felt the next bead began to be pulled out. Stiles bit into the pillow as he closed his eyes and made a muffled noise as the next bead slipped free of him, he could feel his hole clenching and he could also feel the heat of Derek’s eyes on it making his cheeks flame.

“Last one baby, if you want to come you better do it soon.” Derek’s voice floated into Stiles’ head and Stiles’ mouth released its hold on the pillow and instead, he swallowed the salvia that was threatening to fall from his parted lips. He was so hard it hurt and he knew he had one final chance to come tonight or he would be submitted to Derek’s teasing all night while he was unable to come. Stiles let out a surprised cry as the last bead was yanked out of him and he silently praised God as he felt his orgasm wash over him intensely. His eyes rolling up into his head as he slumped down onto the mattress, panting for breath as his vision blacked out.

“That’s my good boy.” Derek murmured as he set the strand of anal beads down and cuddled Stiles limp form against his own body, holding him close. Derek took his lover’s pulse and brushing his damp hair off of his forehead and peppering his face with little kisses.

“S-Sir?” Stiles asked hazily when his eyes finally fluttered open.

“You did so well for me Stiles, now just rest okay? You had a long day after all.” Derek said lovingly as he leaned down and kissed Stiles lightly before resting their foreheads together.

“Mm, yes Sir,” Stiles smiled happily and curled closer to Derek. His scent full of love, happiness and trust that cocooned around the two of them as they lay together in their bed.

This was what Derek had been missing for all those years, in all those other relationships and he knew that Stiles was the one for him for now and ever more.