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Power Rangers Wild Force: Reinforcements from the Future

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Kim Possible was driving her Sloth with her boyfriend Ron Stoppable in the front seat, wearing an angry expression on her face, not talking to him. The world saving duo had just gotten done busting Camille Leon and got back Club Banana's Fall Fashion Line. But, Ron had made a huge mistake for mistaking Kim for Camille Leon, resulting in her almost getting arrested because of that. Kim was more angry with Ron than she had ever been, not talking to him the entire flight back home. Ron just sat in his seat, wondering how to talk to the seriously miffed Kim.

"KP, are you OK?" Ron asked. Kim didn't respond, keeping her eyes on the road. "Why are you still angry at me?" Kim still didn't respond. "Kim, please answer me!" Kim responded with a glare and loud growl, making Ron slip back into his seat.

Kim then sighed and faced her boyfriend. "Look, I understand you made a mistake. I would too if it happened to me. I still love you, but I need time to think about it." Kim said. Ron nodded at that.

The Sloth then pulled up to the Stoppable residence. "Well, this is my stop then. I'll talk to you tomorrow." Kim didn't respond. Ron then frowned as he shut the door and Kim drove off. With his head down, Ron made his way inside the house to find both of his parents on the couch.

"Hello Ronald. How was the mission?" Mr. Stoppable asked his son as he entered. Ron didn't respond, just keeping his head down as he went upstairs to his room, concerning his parents. "Something must have happened. I better talk to him." Mr. Stoppable then headed upstairs to comfort Ron.

Ron just flopped down onto his bed, clearly in deep thought. Ron's mole rat, Rufus popped out of his pocket, and gave his master a touch on the head. "Kim seemed pretty miffed at me, Rufus. She didn't talk to me the entire way home. Must be a girl thing." Ron said. Rufus nodded. "Yeah. I'm sure she'll be over it by tomorrow. By then, KP won't be angry at me anymore for mistaking her for Camille and almost having her arrested." Mr. Stoppable then entered his son's bedroom.

"Ronald, is everything OK son?" Mr. Stoppable asked. "You seemed upset earlier when you came inside. How did the mission go?"

"All fine dad." Ron said, getting under the covers of his bed. "Kim got pretty miffed over a blunder I made, but I'm just gonna wait and talk to her about it tomorrow. She should be over it by then."

"Well alright Ronald. You sure gave us a scare for a bit. Glad everything is OK with you and Kimberly. Anyway, good night." Mr. Stoppable said, turning out the lights and leaving his son to rest. I know Kim. Ron thought to himself. Once she's had a goodnight sleep, she'll forget about the Camille Leon sitch and go back to full on kissing me in the hallways tomorrow.

"I can't believe that Ron Stoppable did not recognize his own girlfriend and almost had me arrested!" Kim yelled to herself while driving to her house. "And he thinks he can just brush it off on him and Barkin getting trapped together in a Smarty Mart crate! Well, he's screwed up more than he can imagine this time! He needs to know that he can not make a mistake that huge! I'm so not talking to him for three days! And when that time is up, he better be ready to apologize." Kim then pulled into her driveway and entered the house, angrily. She then noticed neither her parents nor her twin brothers were in the house. Kim found a note on the fridge.

Kimmie, your father, brothers, and I have gone to the movies. Dinner is in the microwave. We love you, mom.

Kim then went upstairs to her room and flopped down on her bed, clutching her Pandaroo tightly. She closed her eyes and screamed into her pillow, angry at her own boyfriend for almost having her arrested. But, part of her knew that Ron didn't do it intentionally. Kim then picked up her phone to call him, but suddenly stopped. "No. He needs to understand the seriousness of his so called mistake. Give him three days, and he'll come around for sure. Then I can make up with him." Kim said to herself.

Meanwhile, in the street of Turtle Cove, right in the heart of California, another one of Kim's arch foes, Monkey Fist, made his way into a dark alley. He then stood there, waiting for someone. "Where is he? He said around midnight." Monkey Fist said, impatiently. Then, a figured appeared in the shadows. Monkey Fist smiled to himself.

"My sincere apologies for being late, Monty." The figure said. "But now that you're here, let's get down to business." He then handed Monkey Fist a scroll of paper. "Somewhere in this city is an rare ancient artifact with a powerful too incredible to believe." Monkey Fist read the scroll, taking special interest as to what it is and what it does. "You and your minions will be the ones to help steal it and bring it to me so I can complete my newest evil plan."

Monkey Fist then arched an eye brow. "And payment?" Monkey Fist asked. The figure then slid a wad of money on the ground. Monkey Fist picked it up and smiled.

"Just a little something to start you off. Your real payment will be five times that. Plus, a bonus once you retrieve the artifact fully intact." The figure said. The humanoid monkey was almost about to faint when his employer said that. "One more thing: this city had a league of protectors known as the Power Rangers. They are sworn to protect their city and the Earth. If they catch wind of you and our plan, they'll do anything to stop us. You and your minions must stop them first. And the best way how?"

Monkey Fist grinned wickedly at that, clearly knowing the answer. "By eliminating them." Monkey Fist said before chattering happily like a monkey. He then went off into the city, ready to do the job he was sent to do.