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The Mist

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The sun was slowly rising over the Mirror Sea, the light shrouded behind an endless layer of grey clouds, leaving the darkened waters feeling distinctly ominous. An unnatural fog lingered over the ocean, one that had eerie shadows lurking within, like demons hidden beneath the surface – a comparison, not entirely unalike.

In an unknown location within the Mirror Sea, the Creator sat before an array of monitors, face hidden beneath their hood.

''Key Point G.'' The Creator intoned, voice heavy and tired.

At their command, the short-haired girl rose out of the water behind them, face stoic as ever. ''Is it time?''

''Indeed.'' The Creator confirmed, tapping a few keys. ''Commence the simulation.''

''As you wish.'' She closed her eyes, placing her hand on a terminal next to him – on a handprint that fit hers perfectly. It hummed as it scanned her handprint before beeping its assent, before sinking down into the Mirror Sea, the water consuming it like a hungry abyss.

''Are you certain there is any purpose to this?''

The Creator tilted their head, not deigning to look at her, but acknowledging her words. ''Perhaps. I feel like something changed last time. We are getting closer.''

''To what?''

''That, I do not know.''


It happened without warning. It was just a normal afternoon on the Naval Base when the sun rapidly lost its light, as if the clouds above devoured the light and making it seem far more dim and gloomy than before. From the clouds descended a thick mist, ashen grey in colour and expanding rapidly. Within minutes it engulfed the entire base, shrouding it and obscuring it from sight, and help.

Then they appeared. From seemingly thin air, monsters of all sorts emerged, their screeches and roars and bellows piercing the tense atmosphere like a cacophony of death; a herald of doom. The Ship-Girls out in the open quickly found themselves under siege, forced to summon their riggings and blast incoming creatures apart – ranging from giant spiders to monstrous giants.

''Inazuma, Ikazuchi! Cover me!'' Akatsuki shouted, cleanly slicing through the neck of a short green creature – a Goblin, if she remembered her mythology right – before blasting another with her cannon.

''Right!'' Her two sisters agreed, raising their guns and blasting away several flying bugs vaguely resembling hornets.

Akatsuki moved with great speed, zipping past several more Goblins that were quickly dispatched by her sisters, her target clear in front of her. A larger Goblin with teeth jutting out its mouth not unlike an Orc, standing at seven feet tall and wearing naught but a brown loincloth. It raised its wooden club to strike her down, only for her to dash past it before it could even swing it. She was simply too fast for a dumb-witted creature like it – and before it could try a second time, she pressed the barrel of her cannon right against the back of its head, and fired.

With a loud boom the shell fired, blowing its head to smithereens, the body toppling over. Upon seeing their 'leader' die many of the Goblins quickly fled in fear, realising on some instinctive level that they were outclassed, and despite their low intelligence none of them were suicidal.

''Good work Onee-sama.'' Inazuma congratulated with a slight smile.

Akatsuki nodded, returning the slight smile only to stiffen when she heard loud, rapidly-approaching footsteps. Her sisters heard them as well, turning to face the oncoming creature – a big one by the sounds of it. Yet despite its size, the mist limited their line-of-sight to less than ten to fifteen metres, getting progressively harder to see the further the target was – anything after thirty was invisible.

The source emerged from the fog seconds later, a hulking red-skinned beast charging towards them. It was heavily muscled and wore only a brown loincloth around its waist, its hands tipped with small but sharp-looking nails. Atop its head were two large pointy horns, its eyes a blazing gold while is mouth was filled with ragged, razor-sharp teeth. Even if they had never seen one before, the resemblance to mythology was unmistakable – an Oni.

The three girls readied themselves, only to tense in surprise when several more Oni arrived from behind the first. However there was no time to stop and strategize; the Oni let out a collective war-cry before charging towards them with bloodthirsty abandon, feet causing a miniature earthquake.

''Fire!'' Akatsuki simply called, and opened fire.

The three girls fought. However the Oni were on a different level than the simple-minded Goblins. They didn't need to dodge, because their skin was so hard that they could take a Destroyer shot straight to the face and shrug it off without a problem. They had reflexes that threatened to outpace the three Destroyers. And while they lacked in speed, they made up for it in raw power – something that the three girls found out in the worst way possible.

''AH!'' Inazuma cried out, the Oni back-handing her with such force it broke her arm and sent her tumbling, half her rigging crushed into useless scrap and the other half heavily damaged.

Ikazuchi turned, worried over her blue-haired sister, only to get slapped into the ground, her rigging crushed from the force and leaving her dazed, spots appearing in her vision while her head spun. Akatsuki looked between her two sisters, fear gripping her heart when she saw both Oni looming over both of them, and leapt into the air.

She aimed at both Oni, about to throw a torpedo at one and fire at the other... when a hand snatched her out of the air, nearly crushing her in its grip. A sharp cry escaped her as her rigging creaked sharply, snapping or grinding into metallic mess and rendering it useless.

For a brief moment Akatsuki was afraid it was going to crush her into mush, when it stopped. The large beast stared at her with its glowing infernal eyes, taking in a deep sniff of her... before a sinister grin stretched across its face, something that suddenly made her feel very, very nervous.

Her growing fears were confirmed when the Oni reached down with it's free hand, grabbing it's loincloth and tearing it off, the shreds fluttering to the ground and revealing it's large cock – one that was rapidly growing stiff. Akatsuki looked at it with evident fear, and with good reason; it was easily as long as her entire body. And if she was even vaguely correct about it's intentions... then getting eaten would be the least of her problems.

''...let me go?'' Akatsuki tried weakly, unsure if it could even understand her.

Regardless of it could or not, the Oni only grinned sinisterly at her. It reached out, grabbing the front of her black leotard and pulling. She gasped as it pulled tightly at her skin before audibly tearing, fluttering uselessly to the ground and exposing her black panties. Her face quickly became red and she struggled, but the lack of rigging and drain on her stamina left her weak; even if she was to get out she would never abandon her sisters, and she was in no condition to fight one, let alone multiple Oni.

The Oni wasn't content with simply viewing her in her underwear however, using one large finger to snap the waistband of her panties and tearing off the blue fabric around her legs, pulling off her right shoe and stocking in the process – and leaving her lower half completely naked.

''No...'' Akatsuki whimpered, struggling against the Oni's somewhat-loosened grip, prompting the Oni to suddenly drop her – only to grab her arms between its fingers, leaving her suspended in the air by the digits... and it's throbbing cock beneath her.

Fear gripped her heart and she kicked her legs, but the Oni was done toying with her. It lowered her down until its large cock pressed against her virgin pussy, and she froze. It was big; its girth was large enough she was terrified it would simply break her, let alone fit inside her.

The Oni didn't seem to care about that, using its free hand to grab her hips and pull her down. Akatsuki's eye bulged as the tip pushed against her lower lips – before squeezing inside her tight pussy.

''AH!'' She cried out in pain, her inner walls struggling to accommodate the sheer girth of the Oni's cock.

Her breath caught in her throat as it gripped her stomach, pulling her down even further. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as more and more of its massive cock was stuffed inside her, spreading her pussy far beyond its limit, her legs forcibly spreading to the side simply to let it fit inside. It felt like her insides were being torn apart, and she wouldn't be surprised if it actually was.

Finally the Oni stopped, content with how much of its dick was inside her – even if it was only quarter of its cock, it knew better than to 'break' something completely and have to find a new one. Even then it could see its cock through Akatsuki's pelvis, the bulge clearly prominent.

A strained gasp escaped Akatsuki as the Oni gripped her stomach, lifting her up and off it's cock, leaving only the tip inside – before pulling her back down harshly. She cried out, her wide eye not seeing anything as her mind was overwhelmed by pain, yet her ears caught the sound of the Oni groaning in primal delight as it used her like a miniature sex toy.

It lifted her up and down, uncaring of her cries or pleads as it impaled her on it's massive cock. Each time it twitched it was enough to send tremors running through her numbing body, blood trickling down it's cock mixed with her honey as her body desperately tried to make the process less painful. Unfortunately, it only encouraged the Oni to shove more of it's cock into her pussy.

''A... Ah...'' Akatsuki moaned brokenly, her sole eye staring at nothing.

Time lost its meaning as her torture continued, the Oni's throbbing cock ramming inside her pussy with increasing speed, each thrust jolting her body and bruising her hips. The Oni's breathing became heavier, it's glowing eyes losing focus as it pushed into her. She was drawn out of her daze when she noticed it's cock throbbing distinctly powerfully, the Oni losing what scarce restraint it had as it pulled her down as hard as it could, her well-being be damned.

''S... Stop...'' She gasped weakly, feeling it throb forebodingly inside her... and with horror she realised what it meant. ''D-Don't...!''

The creature didn't listen. With a deep, rumbling groan it pulled her down a third the way down it's massive cock, eliciting a strained scream from her before it came – spurts of hot cum shooting inside her already-stuffed pussy and into her womb. It came so much that it's dick slid out of her, still spurting cum over her pussy lips and legs, her stomach bulging with it's seed and pouring out of her like a river, cum mixed with blood.

Akatsuki didn't care anymore. Her sole eye, dead and glazed over, while her golden demonic eye was gone, leaving only empty blackness. Her mind had checked out completely, leaving her little more than an empty husk.

Like before, the Oni didn't care. A few minutes later it was hard, and the torture resumed.


''Ohh...'' Ikazuchi groaned, the pink-haired Ship-Girl blinking away the spots in her vision.

She had hit the ground with such force she had made a slight indent in the ground, her rigging useless and her body bruised and sore. A shadow loomed over her, her eyes adjusting slightly before she realised it was the Oni from before, her heart leaping into her throat. She remained paralysed with fear... a fear that grew as she watched the Oni grip it's loincloth before tearing it away, exposing it's massive cock.

Her pink-red eyes dilated and she hastily tried to get up – only for it to suddenly slam it's hand down on her. She gasped in surprise, frozen in place. The hand hadn't hit her, but it had stopped scarily close, so close its palm just barely touched her breasts as she breathed. The warning was clear; if she resisted, it would kill her and be done with it.

Ikazuchi swallowed, staring up in fear at the monster as it got down on it's knees. With it's large hand it scooped her up out of the human-shaped imprint, keeping a thumb on her stomach to stop her running away and bringing her down to eye-level with its cock. She looked at it with terror, closing her legs on instinct and resisting the urge to try and escape.

The Oni growled, pressing the tip of its dick against her panties, pushing against them. Ikazuchi shuddered, whimpering as he rubbed the tip along her white underwear before it started pushing. Her eyes widened in fear, hearing the fabric rapidly begin to tear – before with a loud snap her panties tore, and its large cock slammed into her virgin pussy.

''OW!'' Ikazuchi cried out in pain, tears coming to her eyes as its cock speared into her. Its sheer size spread her inner walls far beyond what she could handle, pain lancing through her body as it took her first time without a care for her feelings, defiling her.

It kept pushing, stuffing her small pussy full of its large cock until it reached a third of the way. Ikazuchi struggled for breath, pain overriding her motor functions and leaving her a thrashing mess, desperately trying to crawl away from its shaft before it tore her in half. The Oni enjoyed the feeling of her tight pussy for only a few seconds before it started moving its hips, shoving Ikazuchi down it's massive cock.

''A-Ah!'' The pink-haired Ship-Girl cried, clawing futility at the Oni's hand as pain lanced through her body.

The thumb on her stomach stopped her crawling away and held her in place, meaning when it pushed inside her she didn't move with it – she was forced to accept its large cock even if it brought her to her breaking point, her body barely able to accommodate its size.

She looked over at Akatsuki, renewed fear gripping her heart as she saw her sister get raped as well, her weak cries barely audible as the Oni shoved her down on its cock. Ikazuchi screwed her eyes shut, whimpering weakly as the Oni rammed its cock into her with increasing speed, each thrust hitting her womb and sending mind-breaking waves of pain through her... and a little pleasure, though that only made her feel worse, knowing she was getting even a tiny bit of pleasure out of her defilement.

The Oni started panting, slamming into her stuffed pussy with greater strength, bruising her delicate skin. It grew more lustful and violent, pressing down on her stomach harder and eliciting a cry of pain that went unheeded, her pussy barely able to accommodate it's swelling cock as it slammed against her womb with each thrust, pre-cum coating her inner walls.

''Haah... n-no...'' Ikazuchi whimpered weakly, feeling its cock twitch inside her.

Her plead went unanswered, and with a rumbling groan the Oni climaxed, pumping her small pussy full of its seed. Ikazuchi gasped, cringing as the warm cum shot inside her womb and filled her pussy to the brim, the Oni's cock slipping out as it ran out of room and instead shot cum all over her body.

Ikazuchi whimpered, panting heavily as blood and cum leaked out of her gaping pussy... and tensed when she saw it line its cock up with her pussy once more.

''P-Please... no more...''

The Oni grinned, and slammed back inside her.


Laying on her front, Inazuma whimpered in pain as she cradled her broken arm. Most of her rigging was broken and dug into her arm so she simply dismissed it, letting it fade away. It would only slow her down now.

She was about to push herself to her feet when she heard thunderous footsteps behind her, a shadow looming over her. Inazuma tensed, daring to turn her head and look up, her eyes dilating in fear as the Oni from before stood over her. Its loincloth was gone, revealing a large red cock that was slowly swelling, something that made her confused while she stubbornly denied the morbid reality.

Inazuma pushed, about to rise to her feet to face her foe, when a large finger suddenly pressed on her back, shoving her face into the dirt. She let out a surprised gasp, trying to push against it but it was fruitless; the Oni was leagues stronger than her. With only a single finger it kept her pinned, bent over with her ass in the air, something she became acutely aware of as the Oni kneeled behind her, looming over her and pushing against her ass with its massive cock.

''H-Huh...?'' The blue-haired Ship-Girl blinked, confusion giving way to terror. ''S-Stop! D-Don't-!''

Her pleas went unheeded. It lowered its body until its cock lined up with her thighs and pushed forwards, pressing against her panty-clad pussy before with a jerk of the hips, tore through her white underwear and pierced her virgin pussy.

''AHH!'' Inazuma cried out, her fingers clawing at the dirt as pain shot through her petite body, unable to handle the size of its cock.

The Oni groaned, rocking its hips forwards and stuffing more of its large cock into her tight pussy, uncaring of her cries of pain as it stole her virginity. Due to the angle, the size of its cock and Inazuma's sheer tightness it was barely able to get a quarter of its cock inside her. Blood trickled out of her stuffed pussy as it defiled her, thrusting into her with such strength it rocked her body and shoved her face in the dirt with each jerk of its hips.

Inazuma gasped weakly, the Oni's cock bumping against her womb and sending fresh waves of pain through her. Her inner walls couldn't even clench around its shaft since it was so big, her pussy stretched to its limit. The Oni gradually got faster, pounding into her tiny pussy and jostling her broken arm, making her cry out in renewed pain.

''T-Take it o-o-out!'' The blue-haired Destroyer wailed, desperately trying to crawl away but the finger on her back kept her pinned, just enough force behind it to threaten her; that it would crush her if she dared to escape.

She turned her head to the side, looking for any help or salvation. Her blue eyes widened when she caught sight of her sisters; Akatsuki being held up and impaled upon the Oni's massive cock, her eyes empty and expression full of pain while Ikazuchi was flailing in the Oni's hand, her stomach bulging with each powerful thrust of the beast.

Idly, at the back of her mind, Inazuma wondered if she looked the same.

The blue-haired girl screwed her eyes shut, whimpering as another wave of pain rushed through her body as it slammed into her, lifting her lower half off the ground slightly with the force. She noticed it going faster, the beast breathing heavier as it fucked her into the earth, spearing into her pussy and nearly breaking her hips in the process.

Warm liquid dripped into her stuffed pussy, her eyes widening as she realised what that meant. ''P-Pull out!''

The Oni didn't listen. With a throaty groan it rammed into her, stuffing as much of its massive cock into her as physically possible, eliciting a shriek of pain from the blue-haired Destroyer before the beast climaxed. Hot spurts of cum filled her pussy and womb, her stomach bulging from the sheer amount of seed filling her up – until the Oni's cock was pushed out by its own cum, spurting the remainder over her back and leaving her in a small puddle.

Inazuma groaned weakly, her legs nearly giving out under her. Cum dribbled out of her pussy like a river, her stomach slowly deflating until it returned to normal. Amidst her pain she felt a small amount of relief... a relief that was swiftly crushed, as she felt the Oni's cock brush against her sore ass, and lining up with her abused pussy.

Her eyes widened. ''N-No! Not a-again-!''

The Oni rammed back inside her, eliciting a scream of pain as the torture resumed.


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Time Since Simulation Start: 5 Minutes

Elsewhere in the mist, another group was fighting for survival as well.

''Left!'' Shigure barked, aiming above and shooting down several wasp-esque creatures, the creatures exploding when her shells made contact.

Yuudachi obeyed, turning left and firing blindly into the mist, trusting Shigure's judgement. Her faith was rewarded as her shells struck a small pack of dog-like creatures, killing several of them with her sudden barrage. They were dogs only in name; their fur was black as night and eyes a glowing crimson, flames emanating from the back of their throats like a demonic creature. A Hellhound.

The hell-born dogs howled in fury at the two dog-girls, charging towards them with ravenous abandon. Yuudachi unloaded a barrage into the group, killing several of them only for several more to replace those that fell. She leapt over one of the Hellhounds, aiming down and blowing it to smithereens with a single well-aimed cannon shot, landing in a roll and firing upon several others.

''Heh, face the wrath of the Mad Dog of Solomon!'' Yuudachi taunted, swivelling around to several incoming Hellhounds and taking aim. ''Eat this!''


''Eh?'' Yuudachi froze, pulling the trigger again. Nothing. She was out of ammo.

She was roughly torn out of her daze as a Hellhound tackled her, claws tearing her shirt to shreds and eliciting a cry of surprised pain as she was sent tumbling away, landing on her back with a groan.

''Yuudachi!'' Shigure shouted worriedly, growling as she took aim at the black beasts – only to be taken off-guard as a Hellhound rammed into her back, sending her falling onto the ground.

Shigure made to get up, only for two Hellhounds to attack her rigging, their teeth sinking into the metal and tearing it to shreds with frightening ease, tossing it aside or swallowing the metal whole. She struggled against the black beasts, one of the Hellhounds leaning down to eye-level with her and growling threateningly at her before running away into the mist, joining several others as they presumably went after another group of Ship-Girls.

The black-haired Ship-Girl growled in frustration, trying to push herself to her feet when the Hellhound behind her put its paws on her back, shoving her face back into the dirt as its greater weight held her down. She kept struggling, about to try and hit it with her fist – when she felt its jaws hover around the back of her neck.

Shigure froze, primal fear paralysing her as she realised the threat – that she was at its mercy, and that it would bite her head off if she dared to keep resisting. Her inner canine instincts came to the forefront, a scared whimper escaping the normally-haughty Destroyer as she lowered her head submissively. In response the Hellhound growled approvingly, lifting its jaws from the back of her neck and shifting backwards, its snout sniffing her butt and dog tail... before its tongue suddenly licked her ass.

''Hn?!'' Shigure yelped in surprise, earning a warning growl from the Hellhound and she quickly stuck her head back down, blushing darkly as it probed her rear... and she had to muffle a gasp of surprise when it sunk its teeth into her panties, tearing them off with ease and scratching her butt slightly with its teeth.

The Hellhound mounted her, placing its frontal paws on her upper back once more and rubbing against her rear. Shigure felt the blood drain from her face as she realised what it was planning, a prospect that was grimly confirmed when she felt a hard, throbbing shaft rub against her bare pussy.

''D-Don't you dare... you s-stupid mutt...'' Shigure muttered, too afraid to yell at it lest it bite her head off.

The Hellhound didn't deign her with a response, rocking its hips as it tried to penetrate her with its throbbing red cock – before it succeeded. Shigure gasped as its cock pushed into her pussy, spreading her inner walls apart and sending a wave of pleasurable pain flowing through her body, a strangled moan slipping past her lips.

The black beast pushed its entire length inside the black-haired Ship-Girl, stuffing her cock with its decently-sized cock, before it began thrusting. Shigure's eyes widened as it pounded into her with primal lust, its infernal dick burning hot as it plunged into her depths and drove her mad. She wanted to scream and curse at it, and also wanted to moan and cry out like a dog in heat. The chaotic dissonance fogged up her mind, strangled moans of shame escaping her.

''I'm being raped... by a damn dog...'' Shigure muttered into the dirt, growling angrily as it fucked her.

If it heard her the Hellhound didn't care, thrusting into her tight pussy with lustful abandon. Shigure's dog tail waggled despite her own disgust, her dog and human natures conflicting. She grit her teeth as its cock rammed into her again and sent a burst of pleasure rushing through her, her pussy tightening around the Hellhound's cock instinctively.

The Hellhound howled, its claws digging into her back and breaking the skin as it sped up. Her red eyes widened as she felt a bulge press against her outer lips, before its cock rapidly began to swell up. She grasped at the dirt and gasped, painful pleasure shooting through her as the Hellhound's cock swelled up, knotting inside her and stretching her pussy to accommodate its size.

''A-Ah!'' Shigure cried out, her body tensing in on itself as the Hellhound plunged into her roughly.

With her pussy so filled the dog could barely move inside her, yet it certainly tried – thrusting roughly and bumping against her womb, pre-cum dripping out of its red cock as it drew closer to orgasm, something Shigure became acutely aware of it. She bit her lip until it bled, her breathing growing heavier as she too felt her pelvis tighten.

''N-No!'' Shigure whimpered, subconsciously wiggling her hips. ''I-I'm cumming!''

The Hellhound howled as her pussy tightened around its shaft, her inner walls spasming as she climaxed. The dog pounded into her several more times before it came undone, unloading its cum inside her womb. Her pussy milked its dick, so much cum filling her pussy her stomach bulged slightly.

After nearly a full minute it stopped cumming, its cock deflating enough for it to pull out. Cum flowed out of her freely, her stomach returning to its normal size and leaving her gasping for air, lust and pain clouding her mind.

''You... dumb dog...'' Shigure muttered, moaning weakly as her hips twitched in the aftershock.

In response the Hellhound's cock rose to full hardness, and slammed back into her abused pussy.


''Ow...'' Yuudachi whined, her back laying against the cool concrete.

The busty dog-girl was about to rise to her feet when the Hellhound caught up to her, startling her as its paws pushed down on her forearms, pinning them on either side of her head. The black beast reached down and clamped its jaws around her main gun, tearing it off and throwing it aside before immediately attacking her torpedoes, snapping the support frames with its jaws and tossing them away – another smaller Hellhound catching it in its jaws, only for its teeth to puncture the torpedoes and blowing itself up.

The Hellhound above her seemed unconcerned about the death of its ally, staring down at the trapped Yuudachi with its glowing red eyes. A moment later she realised where it was staring at her breasts, an angry blush coming to her cheeks.

''Bad dog!'' Yuudachi growled.

Her anger was quickly snuffed out as the Hellhound barked at her aggressively. Her ears flattened and a quiet whimper slipped past her lips, canine instincts taking over. The Hellhound growled in warning before sniffing her breasts, its rough tongue slipping out and licking her round tits, eliciting a stifled gasp at the warm wetness.

''N-No...'' She whimpered, the rough tongue lapping at her nipple and sending tingles of pleasure through her.

The Hellhound lapped at her breasts for a little longer, unintentionally making her aroused, before it pulled back from her tits and leaned down between her legs, biting the front of her underwear and yanking back.

''Ah!'' Yuudachi yelped as her panties dug into her skin before with a loud rip they tore, revealing her pussy to the demonic creature.

The Hellhound leaned over her again, lining up its red cock with her slit. Yuudachi's eyes caught sight of it, her eyes dilating in fear as it rubbed against her pussy, the tip just barely passing between her lower lips – before without warning, the Hellhound shoved its hip forward, penetrating her pussy with its throbbing cock.

''AH!'' Yuudachi cried out, her hands balling into fists as pain and pleasure lanced through her body.

The paws on her forearms stopped her from fighting back and the sheer weight of the beast between her legs prevented her from kicking to any reasonable degree – and she wasn't keen on getting her head bitten off either. Yuudachi bit her lip, wincing as the Hellhound started thrusting into her formerly-virgin pussy with wild abandon, its cock stuffing her to the brim and stretching her inner walls to their limits.

She cringed as the dog's tongue slipped out, licking her face and neck as it fucked her roughly. The Hellhound shifted targets, licking her sensitive breasts instead, long tongue slipping between her tits and grazing her hardening nipples, the rough texture of its tongue turning her on more than she would like. Her breathing became heavier, her dog ears twitching erratically and her face becoming flushed red. She hated it, hated that this demonic creature was defiling her like she was some toy to mate with... and yet a small, primal part of her relished the idea, something that only sickened her further.

The Hellhound's cock bumped against her womb, eliciting a gasp as another round of painful pleasure rushed through her nerves. Yuudachi turned her head to the side, looking to Shigure for help – only to see her black-haired sister bent over ass-up and fucked from behind, her expression a mix of indignant anger and shameful pleasure.

''Nn... haah...'' Yuudachi panted, moaning shamefully – only for the Hellhound's tongue to slip into her mouth, wrestling with hers. She whined weakly, her resistance crumbling away the more she was defiled, her pride giving way to submission.

The Hellhound seemed to notice this, pulling its tongue back and licking her face, its powerful hips slamming into her weeping pussy. Yuudachi's eyes widened as she felt it grow and let out a strangled cry escaping her as the Hellhound's cock swelled up inside her, stretching her pussy to its limit – all the while the Hellhound continued to pound into her, bumping against her womb with each thrust.

''Ah~!'' Yuudachi cried out, her pussy squeezing its large cock as best it could. ''A-Ah~! I'm gonna-!''

Her scream was muffled by the tongue that slid into her mouth, her pussy spasming around the Hellhound's swollen cock as she climaxed, her honey leaking out around it and milking its cock. The Hellhound pulled back its head and howled right as it climaxed, hot spurts of cum filling Yuudachi's abused pussy to the brim, eliciting a throaty groan from the dog-girl as she was impregnated.

The Hellhound kept cumming for nearly a minute before it finished, its cock deflating back to normal size and slipping out of her leaking pussy. It licked at her breasts as she recovered from her mind-numbing climax, her eyes slightly glassy.

''Good dog...'' Yuudachi murmured affectionately, petting it on the head and earning a demonic, but oddly cute growl from the beast.

Of course, the Hellhound wasn't a demonic creature for no reason, and its desire to breed quickly rose back to the forefront of its mind.

Its red cock grew hard again, and Yuudachi willingly spread her legs, a small part of her dying inside as she accepted the hellish cock into her a second time.


Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 8 Minutes

''Push forward, I'll cover!''

''Affirmative!'' Takao replied firmly, dashing forward and swinging her katana – cleaving through several Hellhounds with ease.

A handful of wasp-like creatures came from above, only to be blown to smithereens by Atago. The duo had their sights firmly set on the building north of their position – the Commander's building. They needed to evacuate him no matter what, otherwise the fleet would slowly fall apart under the continuous assault. There was a more deep-seeded reason behind it as well; Atago's affection for the Commander, and Takao's desire to see her sister happy.

However that desire was being tested as Takao found herself meeting more and more resistance. Soon her blade took two swings to kill, then three, then four. Her blade started to blunt from the sheer amount of skin, bone and muscle she cut through. Her stamina wasn't doing great either; her arms were beginning to tire, her rigging was broken in a few places due to her close-quarter clashes, and a Hellhound had nipped at her ankle, leaving her with a limp.

Takao perked up as the Commander's building slowly entered her sight, a looming shadow amongst the fog. However as if to crush that hope she found even more creatures rushing to meet her, and she winced as a bat-like creature got a lucky swipe at her cheek before she cut it in half vertically.

Her sharp eyes caught movement and she turned, swinging her blade on reflex – and her eyes widened as her katana struck true, but failed to puncture the skin. Her attacker was a humanoid lizard with yellow-brown scales, claw-tipped feet and hands along with a short lizard-shaped snout. Her analysis was cut short as the Lizardman attacked, punching her in the gut and knocking the wind from her.

Behind her Atago made to shoot the humanoid lizard, only for two other Lizardmen to burst out of the fog behind her, grabbing her rigging and crushing parts of it between their claws.

''Grk!'' Atago grunted in pain as their claws tore through the back of her white jacket, thin cuts forming on her back.

She stumbled slightly as the monsters tore off the other half of her rigging, tossing it aside and sending it bouncing across the concrete. One of the Lizardmen tried to grab her by the arm but she slid out its grip, glaring fiercely at the humanoid creatures and drawing her own katana, ready to fight.

She barely lasted a minute. It wasn't a matter of 'if' she would lose, it was 'when'. There were simply too many of them, and all it took was one lucky shot to the stomach to knock the wind from her lungs, dazing her for a few precious seconds – and giving a Lizardman the chance to tear her sword out of her grip, throwing it away from her and leaving her defenceless.

''Ah!'' Atago cried out as one of the identical Lizardmen tackled her, pinning her to the ground beneath its muscled bulk.

Atago glared up at the creature who glared right back, its slit-shaped pupils wandering over her form. She let her own eyes wander, looking for any weaknesses or escape points... and subsequently took notice of its large hardening cock. Her eyes widened at the sight of it, cheeks becoming tinted red and confusion filling her... until her mind connected the dots, and righteous anger filled her.

''Don't you dare!'' Atago snarled at the inhuman creature.

In response the Lizardman hissed at her, tightening its grip on her arms. She kicked her legs defiantly but to no avail, and a spike of fear shot through her when it repositioned its legs between her own, forcibly spreading them despite her struggles. For a brief moment it released her left wrist, giving her the opportunity to punch it in the jaw – only for her attack to do next to nothing, the creature hissing but little else.

A gasp escaped her as the Lizardman's claws brushed against the front of her lingerie panties, her body tensing as she felt the sharp claw touch her sacred place, one she was saving for the Commander. Before she could utter a threat the claw suddenly hooked around her underwear and yanked it forth, straining the material before with an audible snap, it broke.

Atago froze, feeling more than seeing the creature's intense gaze as it looked at her lower lips... before she noticed it angling its cock, ready to deflower her.

''Stop...'' She whispered, defiance crumbling.

The Lizardman seemingly grinned at her, before it rammed its hips forwards and penetrated her.

''Ah!'' Atago cried out, screwing her eyes shut as the monster's thick cock slammed into her pussy. Pain lanced through her body and her inner walls tightened around its shaft on instinct, a ragged gasp escaping her as it kept pushing deeper inside her.

It stopped a moment later, nearly its entire length bottoming out inside her and spreading her virgin pussy to its limit. The creature barely gave her a few moments to adjust before it started thrusting, jerking its strong hips and plunging into her pussy, defiling her.

Atago gasped, her hips lifting off the ground from the sheer strength behind the monster's thrusts. Her back arched and eyes bulged. She could feel the hard scaly cock pierce into her, painful pleasure shooting through her and making her dizzy, unable to crawl away due to the hands on her wrists. As if to add insult to injury the Lizardman released her left hand, only to grab the front of her outfit and yank its clawed hand back.

She yelped, the white fabric tearing with ease and revealing her large breasts to the creature. A pained gasp slipped past her lips as it gripped her breast, its claws digging in slightly and drawing a thin stream of blood. Atago winced, grabbing its wrist and desperately trying to pry its hand off her breast, but its strength was simply too great. Even with both hands she would be hard-pressed to hold it back.

Her thoughts were sent into disarray once more as it reared its hips back, slamming into her. ''AH!''

It struck a sensitive part inside her, sending a faint wave of pleasure through her and making her nauseous at the knowledge the very literal monster before her was responsible for it. She screwed her eyes shut once more, trying to block out the creature's imposing frame and replace it with her Commander's, trying in vain to find some solace in it all.

Her pussy wept around the large cock, weakly trying to made the rough defilement even slightly easier – something that only encouraged the Lizardman more, ramming its cock into her depths and filling her pussy with its throbbing rod, stretching her inner walls and bumping against her womb. The Lizardman's thrusts became faster, and she became acutely aware of how its cock twitched and throbbed inside her.

Atago's eyes snapped open, fearful. ''P-Pull out!''

The Lizardman didn't deign her with a response or even acknowledgement, gripping her breast tightly and hissing, pounding into her aggressively. Atago cried out, her thighs bruising from the sheer strength it used. She tried in vain to get out its grip, only to freeze when it released her breast and grabbed her hips with both hands – and yanked her down onto its dick.

''AHH!'' Atago cried, its entire length stuffed inside her formerly-virgin pussy – before she felt its dick tremble and unload inside her, hot spurts of cum filling her pussy.

'No...' She thought, a mixture of fear and defeat filling her being.

She was broken physically and mentally. In her eyes, the Commander would no longer have her. She was defeated, defiled and impregnated by an inhuman creature. She wasn't worth his time anymore.


Her torture wasn't over, however. It took her mind a moment to catch up with reality, and her eyes widened as the Lizardman pulled out of her stuffed pussy. The reptilian creature grasped her hips and stood up, bringing her with it as it held her in the air before it. She looked into its eyes and saw nothing but bestial lust. It was a creature without intelligence; its sole instinct was to defeat and defile.

It spun her around, and her heart dropped as she found herself facing another identical Lizardman, its large scaly cock already erect and pointing at her. ''N-No...''

The creatures didn't care for her feelings however. The Lizardman in front of her stepped forth, pressing its cock against her overflowing pussy before pushing inside. Atago gasped, arching her back as the new cock filled her already-stuffed pussy, pushing aside any cum in order to get most of its hard length inside her.

Behind her the other Lizardman tightened its hold on her hips, pressing its own hard cock against her asshole before thrusting forwards.

''AHH!'' Atago cried out, thrashing as the thick cock pushed into her ass, making her feel so uncomfortably full.

In near-unison both Lizardmen started thrusting, eliciting a stifled cry from the cruiser. Painful pleasure rushed through her body, her abused pussy stretching around the Lizardman's cock as it pushed out the other Lizardman's cum and made room for its own. Her asshole was tighter than her pussy but that didn't dissuade the Lizardman either, rocking its strong hips and plunging into her ass, each thrust making her spasm.

Her eyes dilated as the Lizardman in front of her reached out, grabbing her large breasts roughly. She cried out in pain only for its long tongue to slip into her mouth, taking her by surprise and rapidly dominating her mouth. She didn't even consider biting on it; it simply didn't cross her mind. Not that it would've done her any good.

Atago closed her eyes, tears running down her cheeks as she was penetrate in both holes, her mind becoming engulfed in the painful pleasure. She couldn't think straight. Her thoughts were shattered by the overwhelming feeling of the Lizardmen's large cocks pounding into her, breaking her mind bit by bit as her resistance crumbled away.

She didn't even realise she was moaning, her mind slowly fading away, distancing itself from reality and leaving her body on autopilot, unaware that it was being defiled. The large cocks slammed into her with increasing speed, her abused pussy leaking around the cock in a futile effort to make the rough pounding even slighter gentler.

The Lizardman behind her was first, ramming its throbbing cock into her asshole before suddenly slamming in all the way. Moments later it climaxed, cumming inside her ass and making her body tremble and spasm.

A few long seconds later the other Lizardman hissed, slapping its hips against her bruised pelvis until it orgasmed, slamming its length into her depths and unloading ropes of cum into her womb.

''A-Ah...'' Atago moaned weakly, spasming as she climaxed on their cocks, her mind having fully checked out.

And from the mist around her, more Lizardmen arrived, drawn in by the prospect of impregnating a new target...


Takao grunted, stumbling back from the blow. The Lizardman advanced on her swiftly and she hastily lashed out, her blunt blade striking its scaled chest and once again failing to cut through. Before she could pull back to swing again it grabbed the blade, yanking it towards itself with surprising strength and tearing the sword from her grasp, throwing it aside.

She scowled, raising her fists to fight her – only to hear heavy footsteps behind her. Faster than she could react a pair of taloned hands grasped her forearms, yanking them back while the other Lizardman approached her, grabbing her by the hair.

''Nn!'' Takao cried out, gritting her teeth and glaring murderously at the two Lizardmen.

The one in front of her yanked her head down, forcing her to bend at the waist – and her eyes widened in shock as she found herself face-to-face with the Lizardman's swelling cock. She opened her mouth to protest, only for the creature to jerk its hips forth and thrust into her open mouth, startling her. She gagged as it slid half of its thick scaly cock into her mouth, and she immediately tried to bite down on it – only to find that the scales weren't just for show. She couldn't even make a dent with her teeth.

Behind her the other Lizardman wasn't idle, reaching under her skirt and grabbing the back of her pantyhose before pulling, tearing the black fabric with ease along with her white panties. Takao tensed up as she felt the cool air brush against her virgin lips, and before she could even utter a muffled protest the Lizardman slammed its cock into her.

''MMPH!'' Takao cried out, muffled by the cock in her mouth.

With little care for her first time the Lizardman started thrusting, ramming its thick length into her pussy repeatedly, fitting in barely over half its ample length. She vigorously struggled and resisted, trying to kick the creature behind her, but her blows did little to nothing. Even when she lifted both her legs she remained in place, the grip on her arms and head strong – if anything, lifting her legs only made it more painful.

With wild abandon the two creatures pounded into her, thrusting their thick cocks down her throat and into her pussy. Tears leaked out the corners of her eyes and she screwed them shut, her grunts and gasps muffled by the dick she was currently forced to suck on, her tongue flailing blindly beneath it.

The Lizardmen in front of her suddenly let go of her hair only to grab the sides of her face, and rammed its cock down her throat. She spasmed, thrashing in its grip as her air supply was abruptly cut off, yet neither seemed to care. The sensation of the Lizardman pumping its cock into her burning pussy filled her mind, her pelvis twisting strangely as she was defiled so roughly.

''Mm! Mmn!'' Takao cried, but it came out as little more than a muffled noise that went ignored.

The grip on her head was uncomfortable, the creature's claws brushing against her head as it used her mouth like a sex toy, the creature behind her harshly pulling back her arms as it pounded into her pussy, stirring her up and sending waves of painful pleasure through her system.

Suddenly the Lizardman in front of her gripped her head even tighter to the point it started to hurt, slamming into her mouth without care for her well-being. She demanded them to stop but her muffled words went unheeded, and her eyes widened as a salty substance dribbled down her throat – before the Lizardman slammed its entire length down her throat, rope after rope of cum shooting down her throat and cutting off her air supply once again.

Her eyes widened as she felt the Lizardman behind her grip her arms tightly, slapping its hips against her bruised ass as it rammed into her, its cock throbbing inside her pussy dangerously, and she realised what it meant.

''Nn! Sthp!'' Takao's muffled scream was barely audible as she desperately tried to swallow all the cum before she choked on it.

The Lizardman behind her hissed, slamming its hips against hers several more times before bottoming out, eliciting another scream from Takao as it bottomed out inside her, stretching her inner walls to their limits – before a second later it fired ropes of cum inside her pussy, the warm seed tipping her over the edge and before she could consciously realise it, she climaxed on its dick, milking its seed for every last drop.

''N-Nn...!'' Takao groaned, her vision blurring.

Mercy came in the form of the Lizardman pulling its cock out her mouth, letting her gasp in desperate gulps of air. Her sudden orgasm left her feeling dazed and was taken by surprise when the Lizardmen released her, resulting in her collapsing onto the concrete in a stunned heap.

By the time she gained her wits enough to think rationally, another Lizardman came up behind her and laid atop her, pressing her into the ground. She gasped, trying to push herself up to no avail, the Lizardman's bulk keeping her pinned. She felt something prod at her thigh and paled, looking over her shoulder at the reptilian beast.

''P-Please... no more...'' Takao pleaded weakly.

In response the Lizardman hissed at her before rolling its hips forward, pressing its cock against her abused pussy lips before pushing inside, tearing a gasp from her throat as her pussy was stuffed once again. Despite the odd angle its cock was so big it still managed to fill her, stretching her inner walls to accommodate it.

Takao moaned weakly, trying to crawl away to no avail. Each time it rammed its cock into her it pressed her into the concrete, her large breasts squishing uncomfortably against the ground and harshly rubbing her nipples against her bra. She clawed weakly at the ground, shuddering in a mix of pleasure and disgust as she was defiled, made infinitely worse by the fact her body was deriving some twisted joy from it.

''Ah... ah...'' Takao whimpered, the creature's pelvis slapping against her ass and making it jiggle.

She looked to her sister for support, only to see Atago in a similar situation – held up by a pair of Lizardmen and penetrated in both holes, cum leaking out of her pussy and a broken look on her face. There wasn't even a sparkle of life in her glassy eyes.

Takao let her head hang, supporting herself on her elbows as the Lizardman pounded into her pussy. Her tongue hung out her mouth as she gasped in air, her inner walls weakly clenching around the creature's thick cock. The friction from having her breasts rub against the concrete only served to turn her on even more, willingly or not.

''Ohh...'' Takao moaned brokenly, shuddering as the Lizardman continued to thrust into her. ''I... ah...''

A glint of light caught her eye, and she noticed her katana laying a mere foot away from her face... just within arms reach. Faint hope filled her bones and she tried to reach out as subtly as possible, feeling the creature's pounding become rougher and more lustful as it drew near its climax.

Just as her fingers brushed against the edge of the blade, another Lizardman stamped on the black, shattering the already-weakened blade and crushing her hope along with it. The worst part was the Lizardman didn't even do it intentionally; it was walking past her, its primal gaze set on Atago.

Behind her the Lizardman's thrusting hastened, pistoning into her abused pussy rapidly before it reached its climax, hissing sharply before unloading thick ropes of cum into her womb, earning a dazed moan from Takao as it impregnated her. Any resistance dissolved, surrendering to her new hell. She shuddered when it pulled out of her, letting its cum leak out of her stuffed pussy...

...before another Lizardman grabbed her by the back of the neck, lifting her up and bending her over – and promptly slamming into her pussy, eliciting a cry as her defilement resumed.


Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 8 Minutes

''Damn it, how many are there?!''

Ryuujou's irritated yell was left unanswered. She stood alone in the middle of the seemingly-endless mist, sending out wave after wave of fighter and bomber squadrons into the mist. Despite their sight being hindered by the mist they shot at anything that wasn't a Ship-Girl, tearing various wasp-like creatures to shreds with their guns and exploding Hellhound's on the grounds below, all the while keeping an eye out for any Ship-Girl's.

Disturbingly, she found very few of the latter.

The Light Aircraft Carrier shook off the thought. They had likely retreated to the bunker underneath the base, one constructed in the event the Sirens assaulted the base directly. She wasn't sure who or what these monsters were, but that mattered little. Their intent was clear; to destroy all in their path – and she would not let them.

Surprise coloured her expression when she vaguely caught sight of a large shadow in the fog, directing her fighter planes towards it. Their guns opened fire, the shells sparking as they struck something but failed to penetrate – and the shadow vanished into the fog. A shiver ran up Ryuujou's spine, glancing around herself warily as the shadow repeatedly appeared and disappeared within the mist around her.

The shadow briefly reappeared, its body far larger than the wasp-like creatures, and in an instant an entire squadron of her fighters was destroyed by the unseen creature. Then another squadron when down, then another. Her nervousness increased as her planes were destroyed faster than she could create them.

Abruptly she became aware of a shadow looming over her. Startled, Ryuujou looked up to see a large shadow in the mist above her – before it descended, entering her vision.

It was a Dragon.

That was the only comparison she could make. It looked like a Western Dragon – four legs, a pair of wings, scaled body and a long tail behind it. The creature wasn't overly large, being around fifteen feet long from head to tail, with a wingspan of just under ten feet. Its piercing emerald eyes glared down at her, the faint light reflecting off its amber scales.

''Defensive formations!'' Ryuujou barked, her planes responding and forming around her.

All her fighters rushed up to meet the descending Dragon, but to her shock it tore right through them – a single beat of its large wings created enough wind to send her planes spiralling out of control, many crashing into the ground or getting lost in the mist, disoriented.

Her jade eyes dilated in fear as the Dragon descended upon her, and before she could take evasive manoeuvrers it crashed down onto the concrete. The ground shattered from the impact, upsetting her balance and sending her tumbling away nearly a dozen feet, dazed. The Dragon approached the downed Ship-Girl, its large frame looming over her before it leaned down, taking several long sniffs of her scent.

Ryuujou shuddered, dazedly rolling onto her front and attempting to crawl away from the titanic beast – only to freeze when she felt its snout brush against her ass, sniffing under her skirt. Its hot breath brushed against her thighs and pink panties, sending petrified shivers rushing through her as she didn't dare move a muscle. Finally it retracted its head... only for a clawed hand to land on her back.

''Ah!'' Ryuujou yelped as her upper body was pushed into the ground, her ass sticking up. One of the claws dragged down her back painfully slowly and ripped her clothes to shreds with ease. A thin trail of blood followed as it broke the skin, the claw trailing all the way down to her butt as the Dragon cut the side of her panties, letting the article of clothing flutter to the ground.

Ryuujou whimpered as she was laid bare before the creature, humiliation drowned out by instinctual fear. It didn't occur to her that the Dragon might've gone for her due to her draconic features... and that it might be mating season.

The Dragon stepped forward slightly until Ryuujou was beneath it, and the petite Ship-Girl froze as she felt something rub against her butt. She dared a glance behind her and paled, her jade eyes staring at the large red cock with fear. It was massive, easily longer than her arm and nearly twice as thick. Her fear heightened as it shifted its hips forwards, rubbing its massive cock against her pussy.

''N-No...'' Ryuujou whimpered fearfully. ''I-It won't fit...''

The large creature didn't care, nor deign her with a response. Ryuujou's eyes widened as it pushed its hips forth, the round tip spreading her pussy lips slightly. She attempted to crawl away from it but couldn't find the strength, her body frozen with fear. Taking advantage of her fear it rolled its hips, and pushed inside.

Her eyes bulged and her mouth hung open, a choked gasp escaping her as her inner walls were suddenly spread by its large cock. Her eyes dilated, pain filling her as the head – just the head – sunk inside her pussy, creating a bulge in her stomach and spreading her inner walls to their limits.

''A... Ah...'' Ryuujou muttered, eyes wide open but staring at nothing. ''I'm... gonna break...''

The Dragon wasn't done, however. Her breathing hitched as it kept pushing, slowly shoving more of its massive cock inside her pussy. She could feel herself breaking the more it filled her, its massive cock simply too big for her fragile, petite body. Her stomach visibly bulged, a trickle of blood dribbling down its cock as it took her first time in the most brutal way possible.

It bottomed out inside her, waiting for a long few seconds as her inner walls desperately clamped around its massive cock, her juices leaking out as her body tried in vain to make the penetration even slightly easier. After the few long seconds passed, the Dragon started to thrust.

''Ah...'' Ryuujou wheezed breathlessly, twitching as the Dragon pulled most of the way out of her tiny pussy before pushing back in, forcibly spreading her around its thick girth.

Each thrust sent fresh waves of pain through her as she was defiled, her mind briefly going blank as its cock bumped against her womb. She could barely wrap her mind around the fact this was happening, let alone comprehend the overwhelming feeling of being stuffed by the Dragon's cock. Her mind slowly cracked, twisting in on itself to shield her consciousness from further harm.

''N... Nn... haah...'' Ryuujou gasped weakly, cheek pressed firmly into the concrete as it plunged into her small pussy. ''O-Oh...''

Mind-shattering pain became twisted pleasure, turning Ryuujou into a weakly moaning mess, her eyes glazing over as she was broken by the Dragon. She was oblivious to the fact her body – already super-human due to being a Ship-Girl – was pushed to its limit, yet even if she was aware she probably wouldn't have the mind to care.

Soon the Dragon picked up the pace, confident its new 'mate' wouldn't break immediately. Ryuujou moaned as it pounded into her, just under half its cock stuffing inside her. The sheer size difference between them meant her hips were lifted off the ground slightly each time it pulled out of her, her ass up in the air while her face was pressed against the concrete.

''Mn...'' The Aircraft Carrier moaned brokenly, twitching as it pushed back into her only to pull out a second later.

Above her the Dragon let out a hissing-rasp, its cock throbbing inside her and eliciting another broken moan. The creature rolled its hips repeatedly, roughly shoving as much of its cock into her as physically possible, daring to try and fit even more of its massive cock inside the petite Ryuujou. It let out another hissing-rasp, the instinctual need to breed bubbling inside it and imploring it to finish inside her quickly.

The creature grew faster, slamming its cock in and out of her pussy with reckless abandon, eliciting gasps and broken cries from the Aircraft Carrier as it broke her. Her pussy seized around its cock, weakly squeezing and her honey coating its massive cock as she orgasmed, unintentionally letting the Dragon pound into her more aggressively without breaking her apart.

''Haah... Ah...!'' Ryuujou wheezed, weakly clawing at the concrete.

The Dragon slammed into her pussy rapidly, panting audibly and its cock throbbing powerfully inside her stretched pussy – before it suddenly snarled, slamming its cock as far into her pussy as it physically could, eliciting a shriek from the downed Ship-Girl as it climaxed inside her, impregnating her.

The creature groaned, unloading thick ropes of cum inside her already-stuffed pussy. The sheer amount of cum was so much she was pushed off its cock after several shots, her pussy overflowing with cum while the Dragon shot the rest of it over her body, the white substance hot to the touch.

''Uu....'' Ryuujou whined, cum and blood leaking out of her as she caught her breath.

The Dragon recovered from its breeding quickly, growling at the sky before picking up the mind-broken Ryuujou in its clawed hand, careful not to crush or impale her.

With a mighty beat of its wings, the beast took to the skies, looking for a place to nest and care for its new mate... and its future offspring.


Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 12 Minutes

''Indy-chan, above~!''

''Hai.'' Indianapolis intoned, aiming skyward and unloading her anti-air guns.

Blasts of flak filled the sky above, obliterating a small swarm of insects and injuring several other bat-like creatures, only for them to be finished off with the second wave of anti-air fire. In a matter of seconds the sky was clear, allowing the tanned Cruiser to turn her attention onto the ground threats, unloading her cannons at a swarm of Goblin-like creatures and scaring them away from her – and towards Portland, who promptly eliminated them.

As the sister-duo gunned down a passing pack of Hellhound's they moved in closer to one of the four bunker entrances, this one located behind the Eagle Union dorms. It consisted of a pair of heavy metal doors at a slight angle, not unlike a hatch leading to a basement – which, in essence, is what it was. The dorms themselves were slightly torn up from both the creatures and stray cannon fire, but the doors were still in-tact, and protected by several brave Ship-Girl's. Kawakaze, Jintsuu and Enterprise.

''Portland, Indianapolis.'' Jintsuu called out, a grim look on her face. ''Are you alright?''

''Yep~!'' Portland smiled, though it lacked some of her usual cheer. ''Where's the Commander? Inside?''

''No... we've been unable to locate him.'' Kawakaze murmured, sharp blue eyes keeping track of their surroundings. With how thick the mist was, their enemies could be upon them in with only a second of warning.

''As the Commander's Secretary, I'm taking control of the Fleet until he is found.'' Jintsuu informed, showing neither arrogance or displeasure at her remark. It was simply the most efficient way of doing things, given how tactically-oriented Jintsuu was. ''That said, I need to ask a favour of you two.''

''Ask away.'' Indianapolis intoned, following Kawakaze's example and keeping an eye on her surroundings.

''We're going to close the bunker doors in seven minutes.'' Jintsuu explained grimly. ''Any Ship-Girl who is not in the bunker by that time will be left outside. We can't afford to hold back the creatures for any longer without risking being overrun. That said, I want for you to do a lap around the dorms and gather any Ship-Girl's you can find. Local communications are down, so I'm unsure if anyone else has gotten the bunker doors open besides us.''

''We'll do it.'' Indianapolis nodded firmly and spared a look at her sister, who responded with a resolute nod as well.

''I'm glad. Please hurry back; you've got seven minutes.''


The two sisters worked as fast as they could, passing by two of the three other entrances and warning the Ship-Girl's guarding them. Only the entrance by the Ironblood dorms was unlocked, whilst the one by the Sakura Empire was locked tight. Everyone who knew the codes was missing, or at another entrance.

Lastly was the Royal Navy dorms, which Portland was pretty confident was unlocked. Much like the Ironblood, the Royal Navy focused more on defensive drills – a sharp contrast to the Eagle Union and Sakura Empire, which focused more on offensive drills. The two diametric lines of thinking allowed for the Fleet as a whole to operate smoothly.

Of course, no amount of drills could prepare for a mist of monsters to spontaneously appear, but that was hardly their fault.

''It's up ahead, Portland.'' Indianapolis remarked quietly, narrowing her eyes as she saw something shift. ''Movement ahead.''

''Right~!'' Portland sang lightly, shifting onto her right foot and doing wider sweep around the corner of the building. ''Hi-!''

Her voice died in her throat at the scene before her. Half a dozen Ship-Girl's, scattered and splayed across the area with their clothes torn to shreds. Illustrious, spread-eagle on the ground with a Lizardman pounding into her pussy while another violated her mouth, her eyes empty. Belfast, pushed up against the wall and being raped in the ass, weakly struggling against the reptilian creature. Hood, bent over and twitching slightly, cum flowing out of her stuffed pussy.

Portland froze, staring at the morbid scene with stunned disbelief. Indianapolis was quick to react, pulling her back before either of them were noticed – it was pure luck that the creatures were so busy defiling their comrades that they didn't hear them coming, nor Portland's choked greeting.

''We can't fire at them.'' Indianapolis murmured to her dazed sister. ''The others will get caught in the blast.''

Portland swallowed, shakily lifting her finger off the invisible trigger. She had acted almost on instinct – and would've killed her allies in the process. She took a moment to catch her breath, trying weakly to banish the horrible scene from her mind. She had no idea the creatures were doing... doing that.

Unbeknownst to the duo, several Lizardman had noticed them. With stealth befitting of a lizard they crept up, footsteps muffled by the distant gunfire and broken moans of the nearby Ship-Girl's just around the corner. By the time either Heavy Cruiser realised the threat, it was too late.

''Hn?!'' Indianapolis grunted in surprise as a pair of clawed hands grabbed her rigging from behind, tearing chunks of metal out of her rigging. She made to turn and face it, but another Lizardman came in from the side, pushing her into the wall and stunning her for only a second – but that was long enough, the reptilian creatures ripping the remnants of her rigging from her body, leaving her defenceless.

Portland reacted a moment too slow, swivelling her guns towards the attackers. She didn't get to pull the trigger before one of the Lizardmen grabbed the barrel of her cannon, crushing it in its grip and rendering it useless. She remembered what happened to Illustrious and the others and a jolt of panic shot through her, and she swivelled her other two guns towards the Lizardman. Just as she pulled the 'trigger', a Lizardman grabbed her from behind, unintentionally pulling her back enough that her guns aimed too high.

With a deafening boom Portland's cannons fired, the shells flying into the sky harmlessly. The force of the cannons unbalanced her, her back hitting a hard surface... and she paled as she felt hot breath against the back of her neck. Before she could even consider what to do the creature acted, grabbing her main guns and tearing them free from her rigging, throwing them aside and sending them bouncing across the ground, the Lizardman wasting no time in disarming her completely.

Indianapolis grunted, her back hitting the wall as the Lizardman pinned her arms above her head. It had torn all her armour and rigging away, leaving her uncomfortably exposed. Her gaze was drawn to the creature in front of her as she saw movement, and her eyes widened as she saw its swelling cock, mere inches from her face.

The creature suddenly tightened its hold on her wrists to a painful degree, drawing a pained gasp from Indianapolis – something the Lizardman quickly exploited, slamming its cock into her mouth. Her first instinct was to bite down on it, but to her horror she found her teeth couldn't break the skin.

''Nn-!'' Indianapolis gasped, the creature pushing more of its large cock into her small mouth. Her jaw started to hurt from how wide her mouth was spread, kicking her legs blinding to no avail.

''Let her go- ah!'' Portland cried out, gasping as the Lizardman pushed her into the ground, ass up and head down. It didn't do anything else, silently forcing her to watch with a look of feral glee.

Indianapolis grunted weakly, trying to wrestle her hands out of the Lizardman's grip as it face-fucked her, plunging its large cock into her mouth. She struggled to accommodate its sheer size, her air supply running thin as each breath was harder to catch, not helped by the fact she was panicking. The longer it fucked her the rougher it got, slapping its hips against her face so hard her head jerked back and hit the stone wall behind her, making spots appear in her vision.

The Lizardman's cock bumped against the back of her throat, making her gag as it continued thrusting into her. She tried to block out the feeling of its twitching cock sliding down the back of her throat or its hisses of delight, screwing her eyes shut as it face-fucked her – all in full view of Portland, making a wave of shame wash over her.

Soon she felt its cock begin to throb in her mouth, to her silent confusion... before it was replaced by dawning horror. However she was helpless to stop it, unable to even close her mouth due to its sheer size. She truly wouldn't be surprised if it broke her jaw with its sheer size, her small mouth unused to opening so wide.

The thrusting became faster and even rougher, shoving its entire cock down her throat and cutting off her air supply for a brief half-second before it pulled out again, only to plunge back down her throat a second later. Its cock throbbed powerfully in her small mouth before the monster suddenly hissed sharply, ramming its cock all the way inside her mouth – before it climaxed, thick ropes of cum shooting down her throat, forcing her to swallow all of it lest she choke on it.

Just as her vision was beginning to turn black, the Lizardman pulled its dick out her mouth. Immediately Indianapolis spluttered, coughing and spitting out the hot cum as she gasped in desperate gulps of air.

''Indy-chan!'' Portland cried out in worry, before glaring near-murderously at the inhuman creatures. ''You...! For hurting Indy-chan, I'll-!''

Her angry threats died a swift death as the Lizardman behind her had enough of taunting her, pushing her into the concrete path – hard. Portland gasped, the breath knocked from her lungs as her breasts squished against the cold ground, and she paled as the creature wasted no time in tearing off her clothes. Memories of what happened to the others flashed through her mind and she struggled, trying desperately to escape its claws – only for the Lizardman to brush a talon against her spine, sending shivers through her as she read the threat. If she didn't stop struggling, it would make her.

Whimpering quietly, Portland shuddered as she was left in nothing but her black bikini top, white panties and white knee-length socks. A claw quickly tore her panties in half, the shreds of fabric fluttering to the ground and leaving her lower half bare to the creature's lustful gaze. She could feel its hot breath against her butt as it lowered to its knees behind her, its hardening cock brushing against her ass.

''No... stay back...'' Portland begged weakly, daring to look over her shoulder at her attacker.

In response the Lizardman hissed at her menacingly, gripping its large cock and rubbing it against her pussy – before without further warning it jerked its hip forth, plunging into her virgin pussy.

''AH!'' Portland cried out, nails digging into her palms. The Lizardman hissed and kept pushing, spreading her inner walls as it filled her pussy with its large cock, earning a pained gasp from the Heavy Cruiser as she was defiled.

Finally it bottomed out inside her, most of its throbbing cock burrowed inside her. Portland gasped, cringing and writhing from the feeling of being filled so much. She only ever had eyes for her sister and had never even used a dildo on herself, so the sensation of having her pussy stuffed full sent waves of painful pleasure rushing through her, a weak whimper slipping past her lips as the Lizardman slowly pulled its hips back – before thrusting in again.

Portland shuddered, groaning into her elbow as the Lizardman started to pound into her, its large cock forcibly piercing into her repeatedly. Even with her bikini top on her breasts rubbed against the ground, nipples becoming hard from the unwanted stimulation. Her eyes wandered up and met Indianapolis' heterochromatic eyes, blushing ashamedly as she realised she was being taken in full view of her beloved sister.

''N-Noooo~!'' Portland wailed. ''D-Don't l-l-look, Indy-chan~!''

Her sister quietly obliged, giving her some small mercy and looking away.

Portland's attention was returned her the Lizardman as it scratched at her back, eliciting a gasp of pain from her – before she noticed her bikini top slip off, letting her breasts jiggle about freely. She blushed darkly, whimpering as her bare nipples rubbed against the hard ground. To her shame sparks of pleasure started to bubble in her pelvis, the sensation of the creature pounding into her pussy turning her on despite how little she wanted it.

''A-Ah... no... stop...'' Portland whimpered, screwing her eyes shut.

Whether it heard her plea or not, the Lizardman suddenly stopped thrusting and rose to its feet – bringing her with it. The silver-haired Cruiser gasped lightly as it gripped her hips, holding her lower half up while leaving her top-half dangling, supporting herself with her hands.

Before she could muster any words the Lizardman plunged back into her quivering pussy, eliciting a startled moan from Portland as the reptilian creature resumed thrusting. Its large cock filled her pussy completely, bottoming out with each thrust and slowly erasing the pain, replacing it with reluctant pleasure that clouded her mind, making it hard to think. Her eyes were drawn to her dear Indy-chan as she too was being defiled, and imaged it was her sister fucking her, not some strange inhuman creature.

''A-Ah...'' Portland moaned shakily, boobs bouncing about. Her pelvis burned and twisted the more it fucked her, the stimulation driving her closer to the edge as she neared orgasm, before it suddenly hit a sensitive spot inside her, tipping her over the edge. ''N-Noooo~!''

With a sharp cry she climaxed, pussy clenching desperately around the Lizardman's thick cock and her honey seeping around its shaft, dripping onto the ground below. Behind her the creature gave a low hiss, thrusting powerfully into her spasming pussy before it came, unloading ropes of cum into her pussy. The sensation only made her groan, shuddering as she felt the warmth splattering across her insides.

Portland's arms gave out as her orgasm subsided, leaving her hanging before the Lizardman unceremoniously dropped her, a dazed grunt escaping her as she hit the ground.

She laid there, simply breathing for a solid half-minute before she heard movement. Without further warning the Lizardman grabbed her left leg and held it up, exposing her leaking pussy to the creature before it promptly slammed into her.

''Hn!'' Portland groaned breathlessly, moaning dazedly as the creature rammed its thick cock into her overflowing pussy, cum seeping out around its dick.

However before it could start thrusting in earnest another pair of footsteps came behind her, another Lizardman approaching and hissing at the first one. The two creatures held a conversation she couldn't begin to understand, hissing at one another before the Lizardman currently fucking her suddenly pulled out of her – only to grab her hips, pulling her on top of it as it laid down on the ground.

Portland stared, in a confused dazed as she sat on the creature's lap, its cock rubbing against her leaking pussy before it gripped her hips, pushing her down on said cock. The sudden position change became apparent a moment later as the other Lizardman got behind her, and her breath caught in her throat as she felt its large cock rub against her butt.

''No... I'll break...'' Portland whimpered, shaking her head.

The creatures didn't care for her feelings however, only the need to mate. Unheeding of her pleas the second Lizardman got into position, rubbing its erect cock against her asshole before pushing inside. Portland gasped, arching her back as a fresh wave of painful pleasure shot through her, making her mind go blank for several long seconds as its hard cock penetrated her asshole.

It got barely over half its cock into her ass before it couldn't go in any further, but that was enough for the creature – and without delay both Lizardmen started thrusting into her.

''A-AH~!'' Portland cried out, spasming on their dicks as they plunged into her holes. ''N-No~''

A gasp escape her as the Lizardman behind her reached around, roughly grabbing her large breasts and squeezing hard, knocking the breath from her lungs. She mewled weakly, panting as they pounded into her roughly, hips slapping against her skin so vigorously it would later bruise.

Through all the haze and painful pleasure she heard a third set of footsteps, before a Lizardman suddenly entered her line-of-sight beside her – and she had no time to react before it shoved its cock into her mouth, gripping her head and pushing her down on it. She moaned throatily, mind cracking under the combined assault as it sought to preserve her mind in any way possible.

''Mm~!'' Portland moaned around the cock, arms hanging limp as she was fucked and fondled roughly. Her hips buckled with the sheer force of the two Lizardmen as they slammed their cocks into her pussy and ass, her lower lips oversensitive from her previous orgasm.

Her whole body started to tingle and burn, her moans muffled by the cock that slammed into her mouth with wild abandon, temporarily blocking her airways as it dipped down the back of her throat repeatedly. Portland only moaned dazedly at the feeling, her heart-shaped pupils staring at nothing as the Lizardman face-fucked her, its cock throbbing in her mouth.

Minutes bled by, time losing meaning as she was pounded in every hole. Soon she began to feel their dicks twitch and throb, pre-cum dripping onto her tongue as the three Lizardmen drew closer to orgasm. Unconsciously she had started to lick the creature's dick, her tongue lapping the underside of its thick cock and bringing it closer to climax.

The one beneath her was the first, hissing and pulling her all the way down its large cock before unloading inside her, eliciting a muffled moan from Portland as spurts of hot cum filled her pussy, tipping her over the edge and making her cum as well. The Lizardman behind her hissed as her asshole tightened around its shaft and it too climaxed, ramming its cock into her ass and cumming inside her.

Portland mewled, sucking weakly on the cock in her mouth before the Lizardman gripped her head harshly, shoving its cock down her throat and firing spurts of cum down her throat, muffling her broken moan even as her air supply was cut short.

Rope after rope of cum shot down her throat, forcing her to swallow it over and over, the need for air becoming more desperate – until she blacked out, going completely limp as unconsciousness claimed her.

The Lizardmen weren't bothered. Within a minute, they were back at it again, ramming their erect cocks back into every hole they could use.


Indianapolis had just spat out the last of the cum caught in her throat when the Lizardman acted.

A gasp escaped her as it gripped her white bandeau and yanked her forwards, tearing the thin piece of cloth and exposing her modest breasts before she fell onto the ground with a grunt. The reptilian creature wasted no time in grabbed her black shorts, yanking them down to her knees along with her black panties, exposing her mocha skin and leaving her clad in only a pair of knee-high white socks.

Before she could think of running or fighting back the Lizardman grabbed both her arms from behind, yanking her back. Indianapolis grunted, a blush dusting her cheeks as her bare ass pressed against its still-erect cock.

''Don't...'' Indianapolis murmured pleadingly.

The Lizardman hissed at her, rocking its hips and rubbing its cock against her ass – before it found its target, its cock brushing against her bare pussy before pushing inside. Indianapolis gasped, shuddering as her lower lips spread around its large cock, a pained groan escaping her as it forcibly spread her inner walls and stuffed her full of its cock. It kept pushing until its hips touched her smooth butt, its entire length buried inside of her pussy – before it reared back and started thrusting.

''Nn...!'' Indianapolis grunted, screwing her eyes shut as its cock plunged inside her. Its cock stretched her to her limit as it rammed inside her, sending waves of painful pleasure rushing through her with each powerful thrust.

She leaned forwards, held back by the hands gripping her arms and standing on her knees while the Lizardman pounded into her, hissing in her ear as it defiled her. She could feel its cock as it penetrated her repeatedly like a punch to the gut, making it hard to breathe. Her inner walls desperately squeezed its throbbing cock, struggling to handle its sheer girth and making her aroused in a feeble attempt to make the rough violation even slightly gentler.

''Haah!'' Indianapolis gasped as the Lizardman suddenly released her right arm only to grasp her breast, squeezing her tit roughly.

The mocha-skinned Heavy Cruiser cringed as its cock slammed into her again, jerking her forwards slightly from the sheer strength of the creature. Her gaze wandered over her to sister, eyes widening as she saw Portland bent over and getting pounded by the Lizardman behind her. Their eyes met and Portland wailed at her to look away, which she reluctantly did, knowing how much Portland adored her. It was better they didn't ruin their images of each other.

''Nn...'' Indianapolis grunted quietly, closing her eyes and trying to block out the feeling of the Lizardman fucking her.

As if in response the Lizardman suddenly stopped thrusting, startling her. Without warning it pulled out of her and let go of her, only to grab one arm and twist her around, making her fall onto her back, exposed before it. The reptilian creature loomed over menacingly, spreading her legs impatiently and guiding its throbbing cock towards her pussy and slamming back inside her.

''Ah!'' Indianapolis exhaled shakily, its cock hitting a sensitive spot inside her and making her pelvis twist.

The Lizardman hissed, ramming its cock into her tightening pussy and eliciting a sharp gasp from the tanned Ship-Girl, a weak moan slipping past her lips. As if sensing her looming orgasm the creature pounded into her even faster, slamming its hips against hers and bottoming out inside her each time, making her pussy tingle with unwanted pleasure.

''N-No...!'' Indianapolis whimpered, shoulders curling in on herself even as a low moan slipped past her lips, her orgasm washing over her.

Twisted pleasure rushed through her, making her mind go blank for a few precious seconds as her pussy seized around its cock – making the creature climax and fire spurts of hot cum, filling her pussy as she milked it for all its seed. It kept thrusting, dumping its entire load inside her before stopping for a brief minute.

Just short of a minute later however it started up again, stirring the Heavy Cruiser from her daze as it resumed mating with her. Despite having just came it didn't slow down in the slightest, uncaring that she was still sensitive from her previous orgasm. Indianapolis moaned shamefully, shuddering as unwanted pleasure filled her whole body, making her skin tingle and pussy burn with unconscious desire.

Within three minutes she found herself panting, eyes unfocused and moaning ashamedly as the Lizardman pounded into her, before once again she climaxed on its dick.

And then five minutes after that.

Then four minutes after that.

Then three minutes later.

Then barely a minute later.

Over and over again she climaxed, the horny creature cumming inside her unceasingly and impregnating over and over, her stomach bulging with how much cum it was stuffing inside her. The sheer overstimulation slowly made her mind go blank, any conscious thought drifting away and leaving her glassy-eyed and mentally broken, dazed moans escaping her.

When unconsciousness hit her she gladly embraced it, darkness consuming her vision.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 12 Minutes

''God damn it, goddammit all!''

Vampire's harsh curse echoed around her as she ran, blindly moving through the mist as she searched for any recognisable landmarks so she could use to head towards the dorms, and therefore the bunkers. She had been at the Royal Navy dorms, about to enter the bunker when the damn reptilian creatures appeared seemingly out of nowhere. They fought of course, they fought hard. But no matter their strength they were simply overwhelmed, and the group of Royal Navy Ship-Girls found themselves under siege in close range.

It was no contest. The Lizardmen overwhelmed them with their greater strength, tearing their rigging off them and leaving them near-defenceless. When Vampire saw what the creatures were doing – the first of which went for Illustrious, tearing her white dress apart and pinning her to the ground, its previously-unnoticed cock swelling up... she ran. It made her ashamed to admit it, but she just ran.

''They would want me to...'' Vampire muttered, weakly trying to justify her cowardice to herself.

She had seen how durable they were – her shells did little to nothing against the reptiles. Her torpedoes were more damaging, but she only had a small handful of them. She'd run dry long before she killed them all. If she stayed, she would've only joined her fellow Ship-Girl's. At least by running she might be able to get help and save them.

Her murky thoughts were interrupted as she heard a cacophony of footsteps, light but fast. Vampire came to a stop, scowling and readying her guns, looking around her for the source of the sound. She didn't have to wait long – a swarm of Goblins rushed out of the mist, clearly running towards some unseen target, only to stop when they caught sight of her. It was eerie to see one stare at her, only for them to nudge each other until all of them were staring at her, small gold irises against black sclera.

''Creepy little rats.'' Vampire muttered darkly, raising her guns.

Just as the Goblins were about to act, she opened fire. Sharp bangs filled the air as her guns fired, shells racing through the air and striking true, blowing the small green creatures to clouds of red mist. They scattered quickly, squawking and barking at one another unintelligibly as they did so.

With her opening barrage she thinned their numbers by nearly half, reducing the swarm from over thirty down to a little over fifteen. A small group of three attempted to attack her from the side, yelling unintelligibly as they charged her. Had it been another time she would've just rolled her eyes, but she was filled with too much spite to be so light-hearted. Without much thought she aimed, and fired.


The colour drained from Vampire's face. Had she ran out of ammo already?

She didn't have time to consider how little ammo she conserved before the three Goblins were upon her. With surprising speed they lurched up at her, leaping and attached themselves to her, eliciting a startled yelp as she was sent falling to the ground. The green creatures wasted no time in targeting her rigging, tearing off her guns even as she thrashed and tried to push them off her. She landed a lucky hit and punched one in the jaw, knocking it back – but the other Goblins had caught up with her, surrounding her as the remaining two Goblins removed the last of her rigging, cackling to themselves as they grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head, another two Goblins grabbing her legs.

Vampire grit her teeth, glaring hatefully at the Goblins. Her glare sharpened as their previously-small dicks quickly began to harden, swelling up in size until they were nearly six inches long – which, considering the Goblins only came up to her stomach in height, that was fairly big in comparison to the rest of their bodies.

''Get away from me, foul scum!'' Vampire snarled at them.

The Goblins only cackled at her, one Goblin grabbing her frilly black panties and hungrily pulling them down her legs, before simply deciding to tear them off her – drawing a yelp from the Destroyer as the fabric dug into her skin before ripping. Her bare pussy were laid in full view of the inhuman creatures, their beady eyes staring lustfully at her lower lips.

A Goblin quickly got between her legs, licking its lips sinisterly as it rubbed the tip of its dick against her pussy – before abruptly shoving its cock inside.

''Nn!'' Vampire gasped, cringing in pain as the Goblin pushed over half its length inside her. Without any delay it started to thrust, rocking its hips and pounding into her pussy with wild abandon, sending waves of painful pleasure rushing through her as it spread her inner walls.

She screwed her eyes shut, turning her head away from the creature between her legs – only for something to brush against her lips, making her eyes snap wide open. A cock dangled bare centimetres from her face, a Goblin rubbing its cock against her tightly-shut lips. In response she shot a hateful glare at the demented creature, visibly irritating the horny Goblin and prompting it to slap her face with its dick.

''Trash...!'' Vampire hissed through her teeth.

In response the Goblin grabbed her twin-tails, pulling harshly and tearing a gasp from her – allowing the Goblin in front of her to slam its eager cock into her mouth, muffling her growl of humiliated anger. The creature wasted no time in thrusting, bucking its hips and shoving its cock into her mouth repeatedly, its ample girth forcing her mouth to open wide to accommodate it. As the Goblin face-fucked her she took notice of the Goblins around her, cringing in disgust as she saw many of them jerking off to the sight of her being defiled by their comrades.

Vampire shuddered, her pussy burning from the rough treatment as the Goblin fucked her. While she wasn't a virgin by any means, getting taken dry wasn't pleasant in the slightest. Her inner walls clamped around the Goblin's cock in a weak attempt to push its cock out, but that only seemed to excite the creature further, pounding into her wildly and making her wince from the force.

The one by her head slammed into her small mouth repeatedly, its cock hitting the back of her throat with each strong thrust. She could feel it twitch and throb in her mouth, pre-cum dripping onto her tongue and making her cringe from the salty taste, defiantly trying to bite down on its dick to no avail – she didn't have the strength needed to break the skin, even if it wasn't as armoured as a Lizardman.

A stifled grunt escaped Vampire as the Goblin between her legs pounded into her faster, slamming into her pussy with growing desperation and panting like a dog in heat. In response she tried to kick her legs, only to realise the Goblins holding her legs kept a tight grip on her limbs – and using her feet to get themselves off, much to her silent disgust.

Unwilling arousal leaked out her lower lips, making the rough defilement slightly gentler on her petite body. However that also turned the Goblin on more, letting it slam its throbbing cock into her depths rapidly, drawing closer to climax until the creature reached its limit, howling and slamming its whole length inside her, bottoming out and cumming inside her.

''Nnaah~!'' Vampire reluctantly moaned, shuddering as ropes of cum filled her pussy. The vibrations of her moan tipped the other Goblin over the edge, the creature gripping her twin-tails before ramming its cock down her throat, unloading down her throat and forcing her to swallow all its seed.

Mercifully the two Goblins pulled their dicks out of Vampire, giving her a moment to catch her breath, shuddering at the feeling of cum leaking out her pussy. She would have to ponder the consequences of it later, as the Goblins were far from done with her.

''Hn?!'' Vampire grunted in surprise, two Goblins holding her arms on either side of her and pulling her upright, forcing her onto her knees.

A new Goblin got in front of her, its erect cock clearly visible as it moved between her legs and lined up with her pussy. Vampire grimaced as it pushed its cock against her lower lips, rubbing it several times before suddenly jerking its hips forwards, plunging into her abused pussy and eliciting a stifled grunt from the petite Destroyer. At the same time she became acutely aware of a Goblin behind her, stiffening as she felt its cock brush against her asshole.

She didn't get a chance to even threaten the creature before it pushed inside, drawing a gasp from the petite Destroyer as its cock filled her ass. The Goblin immediately started to thrust in surprising unison with the one taking her from the front, and Vampire unwillingly moaned as both their dicks filled her at the same time, setting her nerves on fire as pain turned to unwanted pleasure, making her mind foggy as she slowly began to break.

''Nooo...'' Vampire whined, panting for air.

As she was fucked in both holes the two Goblins holding her arms grew impatiently, and instead guided her hands onto their twitching dicks and got her to jerk them off, her nimble hands squeezing their dicks as she was forced to get them off. After a moment they grew bolder, the one on her right grabbing her head and shoving its cock into her mouth, muffling her breathless whine and promptly face-fucking her lustfully, panting from the sensation of her warm, wet mouth.

After a minute the other Goblin took its turn, pulling her head off the other Goblin's cock and instead ramming its own cock into her open mouth. Vampire didn't even try to resist, reluctant moans escaping her as pleasure overrode her higher thinking, leaving her with only her carnal desires. It didn't matter how she got it, as long as she got it then her body would be happy.

''Ah... noo...'' Vampire moaned onto the dick, eyes becoming half-lidded.

The feeling of the two cocks pounding wildly into her pussy and ass was driving her crazy, her pelvis burning and tightening pleasurably as they brought her closer to an unwilling climax. It was made worse when the Goblin pounding into her pussy suddenly pushed up her black bikini top, exposing her flat chest and allowing the perverse creature to suck on her breast, sending shocks of pleasure through her boobs.

The burning in her pelvis became unbearable before it tipped hero over the edge, and with a muffled cry Vampire came. She thrashed in place as her whole body tingled and mind went blank, her honey squirting around the cock in her pussy as her inner walls tightened around the dick. The sensation of her climaxing also brought the Goblins to orgasm, howling as they came inside her ass and pussy, pumping her full of cum and adding the icing to her orgasm.

The Goblin on her right came next, pumping its load down her throat while the one on her left shot its cum over the side of her face and hair. The other Goblins surrounding her howled as they climaxed as well, shooting ropes of cum all over Vampire and coating her body in their seed, earning a delirious moan from the Destroyer.

''Haah... ah...''

There was a brief moment of peace before Vampire heard heavy footsteps approaching, the swarm of Goblins parting for the new creature. Even the Goblins inside her quickly pulled out and skittered aside, leaving her laying on the ground alone.

Vampire blinked, the creature entering her line-of-sight. It was a Goblin, but a larger one – just slightly taller than she was. But her eyes weren't focused on the details of the creature, which she assumed was some kind of Goblin leader – an Orc? - but instead, her eyes were drawn to its crotch. Its dick was slowly swelling, and it was a lot bigger than the other Goblins, easily double their length.

The Orc approached her, picking her up by the waist and lifting her up above its large cock, making her nervous.

''N-No... I'll break...'' Vampire whimpered, weakly trying to escape its grip.

Uncaring of her unease the Orc lowered her hips, the tip of its cock rubbing against her abused pussy several times before pulling her hips down. Vampire sucked in a breath as the tip pushed her pussy lips apart, slowly sinking in – and her mouth hung open as it began to enter her, stretching her inner walls as its cock burrowed inside her.

''A-A... ah...'' Vampire mumbled, jaw hanging low. She couldn't think, couldn't even breathe. Pain briefly overwhelmed all thought processes as the Orc buried its cock inside her small pussy, finally bottoming out and leaving just over half its cock in her.

After a moment, the Orc started moving. Vampire groaned brokenly, crimson eyes glazed over and tongue hanging out of her mouth, the creature's large cock slowly pistoning in and out of her abused pussy, so large her stomach was bulging slightly. Pain slowly shifted to pleasure, mind cracking under the strain of the violation and leaving her smiling deliriously, groaning as the Orc pumped its cock inside her.

She felt like she was breaking, the Orc's cock thrusting into her and stretching her to her limit, weak groans and broken moans escaping Vampire. The large creature quickly decided to stop holding back, yanking her down its cock repeatedly and making her spasm each time as maddening pleasure shot through her abused body.

''Ohh...'' Vampire groaned brokenly, the world around her fading away from her awareness, leaving nothing but her and the Orc defiling her.

Time lost its meaning, minutes bleeding by as she climaxed again and again on its cock – before she was drawn back to reality by the feeling of the Orc's cock throbbing inside her stuffed pussy. Vampire moaned weakly, glassy red eyes sluggishly looking down as its cock bulged and twitching erratically. Another orgasm rippled through her and she whimpered, inner walls weakly tightening around its large cock, and making the Orc hiss.

A second later it pulled her down its cock, hard. Vampire gasped, arching her back as its cock throbbed inside her before it climaxed, pumping ropes of thick cum into her deepest parts. Rope after rope of cum spurted inside her, making her stomach bulge and her vision waver as it forcibly pumped her full of its seed.

''Ah...'' She quivered, groaning weakly as it pulled its cock out of her abused pussy – letting cum flow out of her, dripping down and forming a puddle beneath her as her stomach deflated.

The Orc made a sound that was a cross of a huff and a snort, before it carelessly tossed her onto the ground, eliciting a quiet grunt from Vampire. As the large creature turned away and began to leave, countless Goblins surrounded her, their eager cocks twitching at the sight of the defiled Destroyer.

Less than a few seconds later, all her holes were filled, her moans muffled by the dick in her mouth as the Goblins continued having their fun.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 17 Minutes

''Geez, those Sirens... always sending cannon fodder at us...''

Juno smiled briefly at Javelin's attempt at lightening the situation. The two were sailing across the sea back towards the Naval Base, having been on an overnight Commission out to the some islands in the Sakura Empire – fighting off a swarm of weak but numerous Siren ships. Neither had sustained any wounds, but Javelin had expended all her ammo and torpedoes eliminating the ships.

Their mood was tense however, and that was because of the sight before them – a thick cloud of fog that surrounded the Naval Base. It wasn't like a normal fog that covered an area, instead it seemed like it was specifically covering the base and nothing else. Just looking at it put both girls on edge, as if some long-honed instinct within them warned of danger, yet they continued to approach it regardless. If something was wrong, it was their duty to help protect their home.

''Anything on the radio?'' Juno asked worriedly.

Javelin pressed a hand to her earpiece. ''Commander, this is Javelin. Is everything alright back at base?''

Static met her query, prompting her to sigh and drop her hand. ''Nothing. Must be interference.''

Juno frowned, turning her eyes ahead and wordlessly continuing her approach. As they entered the fog they were startled by the sudden chill in the air, but pushed onwards regardless. The fog progressively got thicker the deeper they sailed, the sunlight thinning from bright and sunny to a pale silver-gold colour that struggled to pierce the thick mist. Even the water beneath them darkened, turning almost-black with how limited the light was – you couldn't see more than a foot beneath the water, something that was distinctly unsettling to the two Destroyers.

Soon they reached the base, the seawall coming into view. Javelin bent her knees and kicked off the surface of the water, doing a flip and landing on the seawall with a flourish of her javelin, her only available weapon since she was out of ammo. Juno quietly jumped up onto the wall behind her, hesitantly taking several steps forwards until her feet hit grass, looking around for anyone.

There wasn't anyone. The entire area was silent – not quiet, silent. There was no distant voices, no footsteps, no gunfire, nothing. Even the wind was absent, leaving the air feeling ominously dead. It had only been a little under an hour since they lost communication with the base, yet it felt like it had been abandoned for weeks. To Juno's worry she could see several empty shell casings not far away. A fight had happened.

''Hello~!?'' Javelin called out, her voice echoing. ''Anybody out there?!''

Too distracted with her own shouting Javelin remained oblivious to the sound of sloshing water, but Juno wasn't. She turned and look behind them, freezing up as she saw several slick black tentacles rise out of the sea, primed to strike Juno and her oblivious sister.

''J-Javel- AH!'' Juno's warning was cut off by a yelp as the tentacles darted forwards, wrapping around her legs and yanking them out from under her, sending her to the floor.

''Juno?!'' Javelin whirled around, eyes widening as she caught sight of the black tentacles. ''Hey! Let go of her!''

With reflexes befitting of a Destroyer she lunged, striking true and piercing one of the tentacles through with her javelin. The slick thing writhed and quickly released Juno, disappearing back into the water – only for several more to replace it. Javelin cursed, aiming for the other tentacle holding her sister's legs. She never got the chance to thrust; a tentacle darted up and slithered around her javelin, tearing it from her grasp and throwing it far away into the mist – so far she couldn't see it anymore.

''Gah, shoo!'' Javelin grimaced, slapping the tentacle away only for it to slither around her wrist, holding it tight.

She made to grab it with her other hand when another tentacle darted out, wrapping around her free wrist as well. Both yanked her wrists together, the tentacles intertwining with each other and binding her wrists together above her head – before a sharp gasp escaped Javelin as the tentacles lifted her up, suspending her several feet in the air. Her first instinct was to summon her rigging and blast the tentacles to hell, only to grimly remember she had expended all her ammo hours beforehand.

On the ground Juno frantically tried to escape the tentacle's clutches, crying out as the slick black thing wrapped around her thighs, keeping her legs pinned together. She shivered at the gross feeling, briefly forgetting that she was still armed, that she still had weapons to fight – but by the time she remembered, it was too late. Several tentacles descended on her, snaking under her rigging and tearing it apart with frightening ease, the metal giving way to the tentacle's surprising strength.

Juno whimpered as two tentacles wrapped around her arms, roughly pulling them back and binding them behind her lower back. She wasn't able to rise to her feet due to the tentacle around her legs, forcing her to stand on her knees and lean forwards slightly, unaware of the tentacles inching closer behind her.

''Eep!'' Juno yelped quietly, face burning crimson as she felt a tentacle brush against her butt. She squirmed as it intentionally pushed against her rear, the slimy tentacle hugging her rear and slithering between her legs, cupping her panties through her thin white pantyhose.

The tentacle retracted, only to push against her lower lips through the layers of fabric separating them. A startled mewl slipped past her lips as it rubbed against her panty-clad pussy, almost like it was teasing her. The worst part was that a small part of her found it pleasant, discounting the whole 'tentacle' part that is.

''J-Javelin! I-It's doing weird things to me!'' Juno cried for help, causing her sister-ship to struggle harder to no avail. ''Uu...''

Juno squirmed as a tentacle drew close to her face, slithering through the air like a snake until it was mere inches from her face, letting her see it clearly. It was long and smooth with little bumps along its length, the tip being smooth like a ball with a thin slit down the middle. It leaned in closer, the tip gently pushing against her mouth. When she pressed her lips together, more out of fear than defiance, it pushed harder – pressing her lips against her teeth as she refused to open her mouth, afraid of what it was planning on doing to her.

Growing impatient, the tentacle around her legs suddenly tightened – painfully. Juno gasped, letting the tentacle slam into her mouth. She gagged, struggling and trying to spit it out. It tasted like sea water, writhing and squirming in her mouth before it started thrusting – earning a muffled yelp from the demure Destroyer as it filled her mouth. She even went as far as trying to bite it, but she couldn't push hard enough – it was large enough to stretch her mouth wide open with its rubber-like length.

''Nn!'' Juno moaned in surprise, the tentacle behind her pushing forcefully against her pussy. A spike of fear shot through her as she realised what it was planning and struggled with renewed effort, but the tentacle's grip was too tight for her to get away.

The black tentacle in her mouth continued thrusting, pushing itself deeper into her mouth with each thrust – but her main concern was the one behind her, her stomach twisting in fear as she felt it push with increasing force. She could feel its sticky dampness against her pussy lips even with the clothes in the way, and her heart dropped as she heard a quiet ripping sound as the fabric strained.

''N... No... don't... please...'' Juno whimpered, her plead muffled by the tentacle thrusting into her mouth.

Her plead went unheeded, and in an instant her white pantyhose and matching white panties tore under the strain – letting the slick tentacle slam into her pussy with great force.

''HYAA!'' Juno screamed, the tentacle slamming into pussy and violently stealing her first time. It buried its slimy length inside her formerly-virgin pussy, stuffing her full and stretching her inner walls apart as the tentacle squirmed and wriggled inside her.

After less than a second the tentacle started thrusting, ramming its thick length into her lower lips aggressively, sending waves of pain-filled pleasure coursing through her. Both the tentacle in her mouth and pussy moved in sync, one of them slamming into her mouth when the other pulled out her pussy, then the one in her mouth pulled back just as the one in her pussy slammed back in. Her petite body rocked back and forth with each rough thrust, blood leaking from her pussy and dripping onto the floor – evidence of her stolen virginity.

Still suspended in the air, Javelin struggled with all her strength against the tentacles, trying to slip her hands out – but despite the tentacles being slick and slimy, they had a tight grip. Her sister's pain-filled cries tore at her heart and she desperately tried to reach her, but with her hands held above her she was helplessly to stop the defilement.

''A-Ah...!'' Juno cried, the tentacle in her mouth pushing in deeper – making her gag as it bumped against the back of her throat, slithering in even deeper until the tip was slipping down her throat, cutting off her air supply.

The Destroyer weakly shook her head, trying in vain to spit out the tentacle as her air supply was rapidly dwindling in her panic-stricken state. Mercifully the tentacle pulled back, giving her a brief second to suck in air before it slammed back down her throat. Over and over it pistoned into her mouth, muffling her pained whimpers or ragged gasps as the tentacle behind her plunged into her pussy roughly, violating her.

Time flew by rapidly, a minute seemingly passing in a matter of seconds to Juno. She could feel more tentacles slithering over her, curling around her legs or stomach and leaving a lingering stickiness where they went. She squirmed as several slipped under her dress, roaming over her bare stomach – one slithering in her belly button, as if trying to fuck that hole too. Small mercies that it didn't try to.

''Nn...'' Juno whimpered, stomach twisting with confused fear as she felt the tentacles inside her throb and pulsate oddly.

They moved even faster, her jaw starting to hurt as the black tentacle jerked down her throat. Her pink eyes spotted several bulges travelling down the tentacles towards her, renewing her panic and prompting her to struggle helplessly, unable to do anything. The tentacle in her mouth spasmed, wriggling in her mouth before the bulge reached her, forcing her mouth open even wider before a spurt of thick cum suddenly shot down her throat. Her eyes widened, desperately swallowing the cum so she could breathe, only for another load of cum to fill her mouth, followed by another, then another.

Over and over ropes of cum filled her throat, running down her throat like salty lava. Finally after the sixth load it stopped, and Juno quietly whimpered as she swallowed the last of it, feeling the uncomfortable warmth in her stomach. The only mercy granted was that the slick tentacle pulled out of her mouth, lingering a foot away from her.

The tentacle in her pussy had stopped thrusting, trembling and shivering inside her – before she felt the bulge press against her delicate pussy lips, making her heart sink. Not a second later the bulge entered her, spreading her inner walls apart before the tentacle unloaded the first spurt of cum inside her. Juno gasped, arching her back as the warm cum filled her pussy, followed by another load. Seven times she felt the tentacle cum inside her, making her stomach ache as it bulged with how much cum was filling her.

Juno shuddered as the tentacle pulled out of her, leaving nothing to stop the cum leaking out and down her legs. Her stomach slowly deflated back to its normal size but the muscles still ached, leaving her short of breath as she recovered from the defilement. She got less than fifteen seconds.

''Huh...?'' Juno murmured, feeling something slimy brush against her butt. Realisation hit her a second later. ''W-Wait, n-not aga- AH!''

A tentacle slammed into her tender pussy once more, filling her to the brim and making her back arch from the burst of painful pleasure. Without delay the tentacle began thrusting, rearing back only to slam into her depths, unheeding of her cries to stop. Almost as if to silence her the tentacle hovering before her slithered close, pushing into her mouth before she could close it and eagerly wriggling inside her mouth.

''Ah... sthp...'' Juno whimpered tearfully, squirming as the tentacle thrust its length down the back of her throat – in unison with the one slamming into her pussy.

This time it wasn't just the two tentacles. Juno stiffened as the black tentacles around her stomach spread out, pushing against her dress – before with an audible rip her white-and-blue dress was torn to shreds, revealing her near-flat chest hidden behind a white bra. The tentacles ravenously attacked the thin fabric, ripping it off her and shifting to her small breasts. Despite her fear a surprised moan escaped Juno, shivering as the wet tentacles slithered and curled around her breasts.

A spark of relief flickered through her as they retreated, seemingly losing interest... only for that relief to perish as two different looking tentacles slithered close to her. Unlike the others the tips of these black tentacles were divided into four sections – and she found out why a second later, as they opened up like a flower petal and revealing a mouth of thousands of miniature tentacles.

With a tentacle in her mouth Juno couldn't speak, only whimper fearfully as the two mouth-tentacles approached. They neared her small breasts, hovering close for a second before suddenly darting forwards, the mouth-tentacles latching onto her breasts.

''Ah!'' Juno gasped, eyes bulging as the mouth-tentacles sucked on her breasts almost pleasantly, the thousand of micro-tentacles tickling and tortuously teasing her boobs. Compared to the tentacles that slammed into her, these almost felt good – but that made it all the worse, her head spinning with confused pleasure as her body and mind got mixed signals.

A reluctant moan slipped past her lips as the tentacles sucked on her tits. She wasn't sure what the tentacles had done to her, but the tentacles in her mouth and pussy were kinda starting to feel good. Subconsciously she relaxed, succumbing to the strange pleasure and moaning weakly as the tentacle plunged down her throat, her hips buckling as the other tentacle hit her deepest parts.

She felt a third tentacle brush against her legs, slithering up her ass before coming to a stop – and Juno whined as it pushed against her asshole, before pushing inside. Juno groaned breathlessly, shuddering as it wriggled and slithered in her ass, immediately thrusting into her butt with the same kind of rough vigour as the one in her pussy. They slammed into her in intervals, one slamming inside her while the other pulled back, making her hips jerk and buckle as it plunged into her.

Pain melted to pleasure as the tentacles railed into Juno. One ramming down her throat and letting her unconsciously suck on it, two sucking and teasing her breasts, one slamming into her sensitive pussy wildly while another pounded her ass. The overwhelming violation was maddening, reducing the soft-spoken Destroyer into a moaning mess.

''Ah... hyaah...'' Juno shuddered, half-lidded pink eyes spotting bulges travelling down the tentacles again, something that made her pelvis twist almost excitedly.

The one in her pussy was first, spasming in her tight flower before unloading ropes of cum inside her. The sensation of its cum splattering inside her made her mind go blank, a muffled cry escaping her as she orgasmed from the feeling, her pussy milking the tentacle for every last drop of cum – something it was glad to give. As she orgasmed the slippery tentacle in her mouth reached its end, a bulge travelling down its length before pushing in her mouth, firing spurts of cum down her throat and forcing her to swallow it lest she choke.

Still caught in the throes of her orgasm Juno moaned dazedly as the third tentacle came in her ass, pumping her butt full of its cum. As she came down from her high she was left shuddering, moaning softly as the mouth-tentacles continued sucking on her small boobs. Multiple tentacles squirmed and writhed over her bulging stomach, cum inflating her abdomen and unable to escape with the tentacles still inside her.

Unlike last time the tentacles didn't pull out, remaining mostly still for a few moments...

...before they resumed fucking Juno in earnest, eager to breed.


''Juno!'' Javelin cried, struggling desperately as she watched her gentle sister be penetrated by the black tentacle. ''Grr, let go of me already!''

The tentacles didn't. She tore her eyes away from her sister-ship, glaring up at the black tentacles that kept her wrists tightly bound above her – only to tense as she felt something slimy slide up her bare leg. Nervously Javelin glanced down, a spike of fear lancing up her spine as she saw a tentacle wrapping around her right leg.

''G... Get off!'' Javelin weakly shouted, kicking her leg.

In response the tentacle tightened its hold, pulling her leg out to the side and keeping it still. A second tentacle shot up from below, snaking around her left leg and binding it tightly, preventing her from moving it even slightly. Her fear was heightened as she saw a third tentacle approach from below, pressing and rubbing against the front of her white panties. Due to her short dress it didn't have any clothing to stop it, leaving the only thing holding it back being her underwear.

Javelin whimpered as the tentacle remedied that problem, slipping around the front of her panties and pushing them aside, exposing her pussy to the black thing. Javelin grimaced as it rubbed against her lower lips with its slimy length before pushing inside, a gasp tearing from her throat as it slithered inside her pussy.

''A-Ah...'' She shuddered, cringing at the gross feeling. Small mercy that it wasn't as painfully rough as Juno's had been – due to how slick it was, it slithered inside her with only minor discomfort.

The tentacle filled her pussy, going still for only a brief moment before it started thrusting. Being a virgin the sensation of having something inside her pussy was a foreign one, eliciting shuddery gasps from the Destroyer as is pumped its slick length inside her. She struggled against her bindings defiantly but it only made the unwanted pleasure feel better, hitting her deepest parts with each thrust.

Movement in the corner of her vision drew her attention and she stiffened as she felt a second tentacle slither behind her, brushing against her ass. Without warning it suddenly jerked forwards, slamming into her asshole with much less gentleness than the other tentacle.

''Ah!'' Javelin shrieked, upper body jerking forwards from the burst of pain.

The thick tentacle slithered into her ass, pumping in unison with the one in her pussy. The sudden contrast of pain and pleasure sent her body into spasms, gasping as the slick tentacles wriggled inside her. Even without looking she could feel that the tentacle fucking her ass was big, only serving to make her pain worse – in turn making the almost-pleasant pleasure feel more alluring, daring her to succumb to it.

Javelin leaned forwards as far as she could, panting heavily as the two tentacles defiled her. It was like snakes were inside her, slithering about as they plunged into her and spreading her insides apart. Looking over at Juno she felt almost guilty, seeing how in-pain her sister was. In comparison Javelin was much better off – the violent tentacle in her ass not included.

She felt the tentacles around her wrist loosen their grip, slithering down her arms without giving her enough room to move her limbs. Javelin cringed, groaning as the slimy black tentacles snaked around her arms and moved down to her exposed armpits, slithering over the sensitive skin until they reached her neck. For a brief moment she didn't understand what they were planning – and then her flushed skin went deathly pale as the tentacles slithered around her neck.

''H-Hey! D-Don't- haah!''

Her plea was cut short as one of the tentacles wrapped around her neck, tightly. Immediately her air flow was unceremoniously cut off, leaving her gasping fruitlessly and struggling in vain. Her lower half flailed and buckled as the two tentacles continued to pound into her pussy and ass, painful pleasure contrasting with petrifying terror as she was choked.

Javelin's vision began to dim, her consciousness fluttering away from her as the lack of air got to her – before the tentacle suddenly loosened, letting her instinctively gasp in a desperate gulp of air. She didn't even consider why it let go, too busy with gasping in much-needed air. Just as she nearly recovered from the near-death experience she felt the tentacles inside her buckle and twitch oddly, setting off alarm bells in her head – and she panicked as she saw bulges travel down the length of the black tentacles towards her.

''N-No! Pull out!'' Javelin wheezed, panic rising when the tentacles didn't obey. ''S-Stop-!''

Unheeding of her pleas the bulges reached her. A gasp escaped Javelin as the bulge forced her lower lips apart to accommodate the sudden size increase, before thick ropes of cum spurted inside her – followed by several more bulges that dumped load after load of cum inside her, impregnating her. Less than a few seconds later she felt something press against her already-stuffed asshole and gasped, her rear hole stretched even further before the tentacle pumped more cum in her ass.

Javelin groaned weakly, shivering as her pussy burned with unwanted pleasure... and it hit her a second later why, as her own juices leaked out around the tentacle and dribbled onto the ground, mixing with the creature's cum. She felt a stab at her heart, realising she had climaxed from the feeling, making her feel almost guilty for having came from it.

The tentacles in her holes pulled out, and she gasped as cum freely spilled out, her stomach deflating back to its previous size and leaving it sore. ''Uu...''

To her despair the tentacles weren't finished, promptly pushing back inside both her holes and eliciting a whining groan from Javelin as she was filled once more. Her hips hurt as they resumed thrusting, pounding their slick black lengths into her sensitive pussy and tender asshole. The tentacles stirred up her cum-soaked insides, filling her to the brim and sending waves of hazy pleasure rushing through her.

''H... Huh...?'' Javelin murmured, blinking through the mind-fogging pleasure and looking down – grimacing as yet another tentacle slithered towards her.

To her confusion it slithered up to her the tentacle in her pussy... and her heart sank as it tried to push into her slit despite there being no room left. Not discouraged it kept trying, pushing against the other tentacle and managing to wriggle the tip inside – and Javelin gasped as it slammed into her, its slick length spreading her inner walls apart to accommodate the two tentacles.

''A-Ah!'' Javelin cried, arching her back as she was stuffed full. Even though the tentacles were so slick it still felt like she was breaking apart, in no small part due to how girthy they were.

Like a jack-hammer the two tentacles slammed into her stuffed pussy in alternating thrusts. Her pelvis hurt with how fast and hard they rammed into her, wriggling inside her aching pussy and stretching her inner walls to their limits. The tentacle pounding her ass didn't slow down either, causing a mind-breaking confusion as pain overlapped with unwanted pleasure. Her sensitive insides tingled, overstimulated and burning from the strain of having so much in her.

Javelin was torn from the painful-pleasure as the tentacle around her neck tightened, sending a spike of instinctive fear through her as her air supply was unceremoniously cut off. She thrashed about as much as she could, shaking her head and desperately trying to gasp in air. Somehow being choked made the burning in her pelvis nauseatingly good, making her almost moan from the jolt of blissful pleasure – before piercing pain replaced the pleasure as her lungs burned frantically.

The tentacle loosened, letting Javelin gasp in air again. She didn't even care about the tentacle slithering over her shoulder and down her collarbone, too absorbed with sucking in air. Only when the slick tentacle slithered between her breasts did she take notice, shuddering as it coated her modest boobs in a sticky substance before suddenly yanking forwards. She gasped as her dress dug into her back before it tore a second later, fluttering down to the floor and leaving her near-completely naked.

''Haah... no...'' Javelin whimpered, cringing as the three tentacles kept thrusting into her pussy and ass.

Once more the tentacle tightened around her neck, choking her and sending Javelin into thrashing spasms. The tentacles squirmed inside her so vigorously that her stomach bulged, the tentacles visible through her skin as they fucked her. Through fluttering eyelids she caught sight of bulges travelling down the tentacles towards her, seemingly encouraging the three tentacles to pound into her with wild abandon, quivering as they neared their end.

''A-AH!'' Javelin gasped, arching her back as the first few ropes of cum spurted inside her pussy – both tentacles cumming at the same time. The lack of oxygen only seemed to make it feel better, her consciousness flickering.

The tentacles didn't stop for a full minute, cumming non-stop and pumping Javelin full of seed to the point her stomach bulged like she was pregnant. The tentacles didn't pull out this time, wriggling inside her pussy and ass aimlessly. As they finished impregnating her the tentacle around her neck loosened, letting her breath again – though it took her nearly half a minute to return to her senses, black splotches in her vision from the lack of oxygen.

''A... Ah...'' Javelin wheezed, coughing. Her stomach ached and her holes burned from the rough abuse.

Her attention however was garnered as she started moving. The tentacles lowered her towards the ground without releasing her, and she dimly realised they were dragging her towards the mist-covered ocean. Out the corner of her eye she could see Juno being dragged as well, the pink-haired girl unconscious and leaking cum from all holes.

'''' Javelin whimpered weakly, having no strength left to struggle.

Unheeding of her plea the black tentacles dragged Juno under the water, and the last thing Javelin saw was a writhing mass of unholy tentacles beneath the waves.



Chapter Text

Time From Simulation Start: 19 Minutes

It had been just under twenty minutes since the attack started.

The initial barrages of gunfire and cries of Ship-Girls had dimmed to nothing, leaving the fog-covered base feeling ominously lifeless. No breeze blew through the half-destroyed buildings, the very air turning stale. Almost every building had taken some damage in the assault, ranging from mild to severe – the Eagle Union dorms was in relatively good condition, whilst the Ironblood dorms was nothing more than a smouldering wreck, fires still burning amongst the wreckage.

Z23 carefully kept her breathing quiet, pressing her back against the cool metal wall of the serving counter. She had been in the cafeteria when the attack began, and upon realising they were under attack had gone outside to join the defence. Several other Ship-Girls who were in the cafeteria at the time assisted her, and together they held back the inhuman creatures for several minutes.

However the creatures didn't stop; they just kept coming. One by one the defenders fell until only Z23 was left, forcing her to retreat. The monsters chased her behind the cafeteria into the storage buildings, and she succeeded in losing them. However she didn't dare run blindly into the thick mist, instead returning to the cafeteria and taking solace in the kitchen area, hiding.

Distant footsteps reached her ears and Z23 tensed, daring to peek her head over the edge of the serving counter, faintly hopeful it was help.

The source entered her line of sight a moment later – Shiratsuyu, the Sakura Destroyer. The petite girl was bleeding from the arm, her shirt stained bright crimson and scared tears gathering at the corners of her eyes. She ran as fast as she could, but her movements were clearly hampered by a limp on her left leg.

Several more pairs of heavy footsteps chased after her, a group of three Lizardmen chasing after the Destroyer. There was no contest; by the time Shiratsuyu covered half the room, the creatures were upon her – one tackling her to the ground and eliciting a cry of pain from the petite girl, followed by a terror-filled cry for help as the reptilian creature lustfully tore off her white panties.

''Ah! N-No, let go of me- AH!''

Shiratsuyu cried out, thrashing as the Lizardman slammed its erect cock into her small pussy with enough force to jerk her body forwards. The petite Destroyer wailed as it pounded into her with wild abandon, only for her cries to be muffled as another Lizardman shoved its cock in her mouth. Her eyes screwed shut as she was fucked from two ends, choked sobs escaping her stuffed mouth as both creatures pounded into her wildly.

Z23 cringed, tearing her gaze away from the violent defilement and instead looking around the small kitchen area for a way out. The kitchen was built in a long rectangular shape, with the walls lined with counter-tops, sinks, ovens and other small machinery such as microwaves and blenders. The kitchen itself was in relatively good condition, with only a few holes in the ceiling and a couple small ones in the far wall.

The only exit to the kitchen was a door leading to the cafeteria... the same cafeteria where Shiratsuyu was currently being defiled.

Swallowing her nerves, the busty Destroyer quietly shifted onto her hands and knees, crawling across the tiled floor towards the end of the kitchen – perhaps there was a secret hatch or a usable vent shaft or just something she could use to get out of here and regroup with the others.

So consumed with tense panic she nearly didn't spot a flicker of blue in her peripheral. Her gaze immediately darted to the side, fear gripping her heart as she pre-emptively imagined the horrors ready to attack her – only to spot a face hiding in an ajar cupboard.


Within the tight confines of a cupboard, was Fubuki. The blue-haired Destroyer was curled into a ball to fit in the small space, beads of sweat running down her forehead and a tense smile on her face. Her hand was tightly grasping the edge of the cupboard, clearly having desperately tried to close the door in on herself, thus hiding her completely instead of leaving the door slightly ajar.

''H-Hey.'' Fubuki whispered tensely, smiling uneasily.

The echoing cries of Shiratsuyu drew their attention for a long moment, their gazes flickering to the side before they slowly turned back to one another.

''It's not safe here.'' Z23 murmured meaningfully.

''I know. I found a vent near the far end of the kitchen, next to an oven.'' Fubuki replied quickly, reluctantly shifting out of her hiding spot. ''It's bolted shut though; I managed to get one of the screws out before I heard something and hid.''

Z23 nodded, a flicker of hope kindling in her chest as she crawled on all fours down the kitchen, hearing Fubuki quietly follow. Neither dared to stand up – doing so would put them in clear line-of-sight of the Lizardmen in the cafeteria, and while they could handle three Lizardmen the resulting attention their fight would garner would spell their end.

It took barely thirty seconds to reach the other end of the kitchen, but to the two Destroyers it felt like an eternity. The attack had clearly interrupted the chefs, as many of the appliances were still on or in various states of ruin – a blender had its top blown off, hot liquid staining the walls and ceiling with the red-brown substance, while an oven thrummed as it continued cooking whatever was inside it. More than once they nearly jumped out their skin as a device sparked or a machine groaned, nervously glancing over their shoulders to see if it had drawn the unwanted attention of a curious creature.

Wordlessly Fubuki tapped Z23 on the leg, getting her attention and pointing over to a still-active oven. Just past it, partially hidden behind the ventilation shaft above the oven, was a metal vent grate. Square in shape and with thin metal bars crossing horizontally; pinned in place by four screws in the corners.

The problem was the vent was near the ceiling. In other words, they'd have to stand atop the counter... in plain view of the cafeteria.

Z23 swallowed, looking back at Fubuki. ''How are you on ammunition?''

''Mostly full.'' She replied quietly, her rigging not manifested, but ready to at a moments notice. The tight confines of the kitchen didn't give either any hope, however.

''Keep watch.'' The Ironblood Destroyer ordered.

Fubuki nodded, hesitantly rising to feet. The three Lizardmen were still there, their backs turned as they defiled Shiratsuyu, muffled screams still audible from such a distance. Fubuki took a ready stance, prepared to summon her rigging at the slightest sign of awareness.

Not wasting any time Z23 quickly but carefully swung one leg up onto the black marble counter-top, climbing onto the smooth surface. Next to her an oven was active, a pot of water boiled dry and slowly growing red from the intense heat. She ignored it, instead focusing on the vent hatch before her – taking note of the missing screw in the bottom-left. She reached for the bottom-right one, grabbing it between her index finger and thumb, and pulled.

Her enhanced strength served her well, the low hissing sound of metal-on-metal reaching her ears as she slowly tore the screw out of its holding. Her hand nearly jerked back as it came loose, her hand wrapping around the screw to prevent it flying away and making noise. Spending a precious second to carefully lay it down on the counter-top, she quickly went for the next one, yanking it out of its holding and leaving the hatch suspended by a single screw.

The last screw hissed as she pulled it out, her hand shaking slightly as nervousness coursed through her. She was so close...

''Hey, Z23...?''

''What is it?'' The Ironblood Destroyer murmured, straining as she pulled the screw out.

''Is it getting hot in here...?''

''Just the ovens.'' Z23 deflected the query.

Unbeknownst to the two girls, it wasn't the ovens. From one of the holes in the ceiling two creatures watched, sinister grins marring their human-like faces. Their bright red skin stood at odds to the grey mist behind them, their eyes glowing a fiery orange and messy black hair covering their scalps. The most obvious giveaway was the pair of curved horns jutting out their heads, bat-like wings and the furry goat-like legs. Demons.

Slowly, with all the grace of a twisted Angel, one of the Demons descended through the hole. Fubuki was oblivious, her gaze torn between the three Lizardmen in the cafeteria and Z23, her fear fuelling her impatience.

''I've got it.'' Z23 whispered, handing Fubuki the detached vent grate. ''Shall I...?''

''Go.'' Fubuki ushered with quiet haste.

Z23 obliged, bending over and sticking her arms into the vent shaft with a quiet grunt. She stuck her head in next, wriggling to fit her shoulders inside. The vent was a tight-fit, but it was usable – she was unfamiliar with the vent systems in the cafeteria, but she knew for certain that there was a vent opening in the maintenance room underground. All they would have to do is try and navigate the vents until they reached underground, and they had a better chance.

Fubuki stared at Z23 as she crawled into the vent, when suddenly the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Like breath was brushing against her neck. In an instant she summoned her rigging, spinning around to face the threat – and froze up as she found a demonic face mere inches from her, grinning darkly.

A red-skinned hand darted out, wrapping around the barrels of her gun and crushing it without warning. Fubuki jerked back in surprise, preparing to launch her torpedoes even at such close range, only for the Demon to punch her in the stomach. The sudden strike winded her, stunning her for a precious second, and giving the demonic creature long enough to tear off her torpedo tubes, throwing them aside-

-and for the second Demon to catch them, grinning wickedly as it threw them through the hole in the roof, unbothered as it heard them explode outside.

''F-Fubuki!'' Z23 shouted worriedly, quickly trying to wriggle her torso back out of the vent.

''G-Go!'' Fubuki replied quickly, throwing a fist at the demonic creature.

It caught her fist harmlessly, and a gasp tore from her throat as it suddenly twisted her arm harshly. On reflexive instinct her body turned with it, grunting as the Demon pushed her forwards and pinned her against one of the counters. It released her arm only to grab the back of her neck, forcing her to bend over while its other hand dipped under her skirt, sparking renewed panic in the blue-haired Destroyer.

Z23 hesitated for a long second, torn between climbing out and helping Fubuki, and running. Logically even if she was to get out – which would take several precious seconds – she would have barely a metre between her and her target, meaning she'd be caught in the blast zone of her own torpedoes or shells. Fubuki would be too.

She didn't get a chance to choose. The second Demon hopped onto the counter-top, gripping Z23 by the hips and startling her as she felt the uncomfortably warm hands dig into her skin.

''H-Hey! L-Let go!'' The Destroyer yelled, her voice echoing in the vent shaft as she desperately tried to wriggle her hips free.

The Demon grinned, tracing a single finger down her ass and over her hidden slit. Z23 tensed before struggling with greater panic than before, kicking her legs out harmlessly at the inhuman creature. In response the Demon only let out an ominous, raspy chuckle before releasing her right hip – and instead gripped the back of her bodysuit, and pulled.

Z23 gasped as the material dug into her skin, stretching and straining for a long second, before it ripped. The fabric around her stomach gave way, revealing her nude lower half to the creature. Her panties were torn away as well, leaving nothing to hide her pussy from the Demon's demented gaze.

''N-No...'' Z23 whimpered, feebly trying to crawl into the vent but unable to. Even with only one hand on her hip it kept her in place, stopping her from going backwards even if she tried.

The Demon let out another raspy chuckle, its cock swelling up to full hardness at the sight of her bare pussy. It shifted closer on its knees, pressing its cock against her curvy ass before lining up with her lower lips. For a brief moment it seemed like it would be gentle, slowly pushing the tip between her lower lips – before it abruptly jerked its hips forth, slamming its cock into her.

'' Ah! '' Z23 cried, thrashing in pain as the Demon's ample cock filled her pussy. It was uncomfortably large, spreading her inner walls apart to their limits, and the Demon only had two-thirds of its cock burrowed inside her.

Without giving her a chance to adjust the Demon began. The creature bucked its hips forth, plunging its cock into her roughly and eliciting a pained whine from the Destroyer. Blood trickled down its shaft and dripped onto the counter-top, evidence of her stolen virginity. The Demon didn't seem to care or even notice, gripping her hips with both hands and thrusting into her, savouring the sensation of her pussy desperately squeezing its cock.

Z23 whimpered, squirming weakly as the Demon continued to pound into her. It felt like a punch to her stomach each time it filled her, knocking the breath from her lungs and making her toes curl in her boots. It was so big it hurt, leaving her lip bleeding from how harshly she bit it, trying in vain to hold back her pained whimpers and gasps. The Demon's hips kept smacking against her ass repeatedly, jerking her body forwards each time and almost daring her to cry out.

''Nn...'' Z23 grunted quietly, briefly attempting to summon her rigging – only for her focus to be interrupted by the Demon's cock hitting her deepest parts. ''A-Ah... stop...!''

The Demon grinned, raising its right hand from her hip and lifting its index finger – before the tip ignited like a match, flame flickering akin to a candle. Without slowing its thrusting it lowered its finger down, ghosting it over her skin and eliciting a startled gasp from Z23.

''W-What are you- HYAA! ''

Z23's sudden scream of pain ricocheted through the vent shaft as the Demon pressed its burning finger against her ass cheek, dragging the flaming digit along her skin and sending waves of intense pain flooding through her mind, briefly overwhelming the sensation of the Demon's cock throbbing inside her. The creature groaned, grinning in malicious delight as her pussy tightened sharply around its cock, her muscles spasming from the pain.

The Ironblood Destroyer gasped, arching her back as the Demon dragged its finger along her ass, burning a line on her skin. Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes, her jaw clenching and muffling another harsh scream as the Demon dragged its finger over her skin again and again – burning a pentagram onto her previous-unmarked skin.

Upon finishing the demonic symbol the Demon retracted its hand, blowing out its burning finger and returning it to normal, settling it on her hip and resuming fucking her in earnest.

''Nn!'' Z23 grunted weakly, swallowing her pained sob as the Demon's hips smacked against her sensitive ass cheek, sending fresh waves of pain coursing through her.

With the flame gone the pain had dimmed, if only slightly. Z23 cringed as the Demon's cock plunged into pussy again, harshly reminding her of its presence. She could feel it throb and pulsate inside her pussy, unwanted arousal coating its red-skinned shaft and letting it slide in even easier. The worst part was she could feel a small part of her taking pleasure in the rough violation, even if it was subconscious.

Z23 tensed as felt the Demon's hands grow warm, still gripping her hips tightly. She weakly struggled, afraid of what sadistic plans it had in mind – only for a gasp to tear itself from her throat as it dug its nails into her hips hard enough to draw blood, fingertips noticeably heating up.

''S-Stop- Nn!'' Z23 pleaded, groaning as its cock hit a sensitive spot inside her. ''Please...!''

The Demon only cackled in reply, slamming its hips against her tender ass and filling her pussy with its cock.

Panic made her breathing come in quick gasps, oxygen becoming limited with her torso still stuck in the vent shaft. The overwhelming combination of pain, pleasure and panic made her head spin and stomach churn. Her panic increased as she felt its cock pulsate inside her again, the Demon audibly panting as it pounded into her.

Z23 trembled, shuddering as she felt the Demon's dick grow hotter the longer it filled her. Soon it became uncomfortably hot, leaving her desperately squirming as the heat made her pussy tingle. She didn't have to guess as to what it meant, and the notion made her shake with nervous fear.

''P... Pull out...'' Z23 weakly pleaded, shuddering when the Demon only sped up, hammering into her abused pussy. ''P-''

Whatever plead she intended to say was cut short as the Demon hissed, slamming into her deepest parts and earning a surprised yelp from the Destroyer – before she gasped as painfully hot ropes of cum shot into her pussy. Z23 spasmed, a mini-orgasm ripping through her from the sensation of the creature cumming inside her, nearly burning her with the sheer heat of its cum.

''A-Ah...'' Z23 whimpered, hips buckling as painful aftershocks flowed through her.

Of course, it wasn't over. She barely had time to recover before the Demon pulled out, pushing its cock into her asshole and resumed fucking her with ravenous lust.


''L-Let go of me!'' Fubuki yelled, struggling with all her might against the red-skinned Demon.

The demonic creature only grinned in reply, one hand wrapped around her torso to keep her still while its free hand snaked under her short blue skirt and rubbed against her blue-and-white striped panties. Fubuki squirmed as the Demon stroked the front of her panties, deviously slipping its hands under the waistband of her panties and rubbing her pussy. Its warm fingers probed around her sex, eliciting a gasp from the Destroyer as it touched her virgin lips.

''A-Ah~!'' Fubuki groaned in surprise as the Demon's warm fingers plunged into her pussy. Without delay it rapidly pumped the digits into her slit, wiggling them around inside her and setting her nerves on fire with unwanted pleasure.

She kept struggling against the Demon's one-handed grip, her legs buckling from the sensation of the creature eagerly fingering her. She shuddered as its hand released her torso, only to slip up under her shirt and grope her modest breast, pinching her nipple.

Fubuki grimaced, elbowing the Demon fruitlessly as she tried to escape. From the corner of her eye she saw another Demon climb onto a counter-top, getting behind Z23 and tearing off her bodysuit. Fubuki cringed and turned her gaze away, instead focusing back on the one currently fondling her. Her cheeks darkened as she felt something hard rub against her ass, and she didn't need to look back to see what it was.

''Nn... stop...'' Fubuki grunted, breathing heavily as her honey coated the Demon's fingers. The creature lustfully rolled its hips, rubbing its erect cock against her ass cheeks and hissing with delight.

It gave her a brief moment of relief, suddenly pulling its fingers out of her tingling pussy – and instead yanking her panties down to her knees and grasping its cock, pushing it against her wet lower lips. Fubuki groaned as the Demon's ample cock sunk into her pussy, her unwanted arousal letting the creature's cock fill her with ease, her inner walls squeezing its shaft.

''Hyaah!'' Fubuki gasped as the Demon tilted her upper body back, thrusting into her formerly-virgin pussy without delay.

She gave up trying to hit the Demon, given it wasn't doing anything more than make it laugh at her, and instead gripped the counter-top for support. Her legs felt like they would give out any second, the repetitive sensation of the Demon's cock pounding into her making her head spin. It slammed its hips against her ass, keeping a hand on her pelvis to keep her from jerking her lower half too far away.

''Mn...'' Fubuki whimpered as the Demon rubbed her lower lips while still thrusting, letting her feel its cock pumping into her.

The blue-haired Destroyer quivered as the creature pinched her nipple and clit at the same time, sending waves of reluctant pleasure coursing through her nerves. The pleasurable feeling almost made her moan but she held it back, not willing to give the inhuman creature the satisfaction of seeing her surrender to its lust. In response the Demon furiously rubbed her pussy, eliciting a weak mewl from Fubuki at the mind-melting pleasure.

She was roughly torn from her pleasure as the Demon stopped its thrusting for a single second, releasing her breast and instead placing its hand on her back. Fubuki grunted as her upper body was pushed, forced to bend over the counter-top – a weak moan slipping past her lips as the Demon resumed fucking her with greater speed. Her hips jerked and trembled from the sheer force it used, breasts squishing against the cool counter-top uncomfortably.

''Ah... Noooo...'' Fubuki whined, shoulders curling in on herself as her pelvis twisted and tingled.

In reply the Demon hissed lowly, slamming its hips against her ass rapidly, the wet smacking filling the kitchen as it defiled her. She could feel it throb inside her, pulsating dangerously – before it suddenly hit a sensitive spot inside her, sending white-hot pleasure coursing through her.

''M-Myaah~!'' Fubuki wailed, spasming as her orgasm washed through her.

The Demon groaned deeply as her pussy tightened around its warm cock, the creature continuing to thrust for nearly half a minute before reaching its climax, unloading ropes of searing-hot cum into Fubuki's pussy. She nearly passed out from the sudden mind-melting mix of pain and pleasure, her vision briefly going black from the overload.

Fubuki was left shaking in the aftermath, groaning weakly as the Demon pulled its ample cock out of her pussy... only to yelp as it grabbed her by the shoulders, throwing her aside.

''Hn!'' She grunted, her shoulder hitting the cold tile floor first. For a long moment she laid there, dazed from her recent orgasm and her legs weak from pleasure.

The moment passed, and the Demon was upon her. It gripped her limp legs and spread them wide open, revealing her abused pussy to its lustful gaze. The demonic creature grabbed something from one of the counter-tops, but before she could ruminate on what it was the Demon pushed its hard cock back into her pussy, earning a weak moan from Fubuki.

However her attention was swiftly grabbed as she caught sight of the Demon lifting something over her... and her stomach dropped as she saw it was a knife. A knife that was so hot the metal was glowing orange.

''H-Hey...'' Fubuki murmured, eyes wide. ''W-What are you...?''

In response the Demon let out a sinister chuckle, bringing the knife down to her stomach. Fubuki gasped as the hot metal touched her bare skin, followed by a shriek of pain as it broke the skin. Even being a Ship-Girl, the very incarnation of a warship, she still had the body of a human being – a reinforced, far more durable one... but one still susceptible to extremely hot objects.

'' A-AH! '' Fubuki screeched, thrashing in fresh agony as the Demon dragged the blade through her skin – not deep enough to severely wound her, but deep enough to carve into her skin.

The process lasted only a little over thirty seconds, but to Fubuki it felt like an eternity – the Demon cackling as it carved a pentagram onto her stomach. The sheer heat of the superheated knife cauterised the wound near-instantly, and for several long seconds she blacked out from the pain alone before coming back to consciousness.

Finally, after what felt like hours, it pulled the superheated blade off her skin and grinned gleefully at her, seemingly overjoyed at the sight of pain-filled tears running down her cheeks. A choked sob slipped past her lips – and the Demon took full advantage of that, its hand snapping out and grabbing her tongue.

''Nhn?!'' Fubuki yelped, eyes dilating in fear as it raised the heated knife while yanking her tongue out as far as it would go. '' N-Nn! STHP! ''

The Demon cackled, and brought the knife close to her quivering tongue. She screwed her eyes shut, petrified.

The sound of flesh being pierced filled the kitchen.

And the hand holding her tongue went slack.

Fubuki dared to open her eyes. The Demon laid on its side, a large hole through its head and the heated knife laying on the floor, sizzling quietly. The second Demon that had attacked Z23 was collapsed against the wall with several holes in its chest.

''H... Huh...?'' Fubuki whispered, voice quivering.

A hand landed on her shoulder and she nearly jumped out her skin. Scratch that, she did jump out her skin. And found herself staring at Vestal's worried visage.

''Fubuki-chan...'' Vestal murmured, the Repair Ship looking upon her with pity. ''I... can you walk?''

The Destroyer blinked, her mind simply unable to comprehend what was said. She heard the words, she understood them... but it just didn't click. She was in shock; not helped by the demonic carving on her stomach.

Vestal seemed to notice that, grimacing. ''I'll take that as a no... I'm afraid we don't have the time to stay here and heal you. The bunker doors will be closing within minutes; we'll have to move quickly, and quietly.''

Fubuki could only nod, her gaze wandering over to Z23 as Helena helped pull the defiled girl out the ventilation shaft, a look of pity on her face. Z23 only shuddered weakly, cum leaking out both holes and burn marks scattered over her lower half.

Just as Vestal started to help her up, a distant reminder hit her, giving her the strength to speak.

''What... about Shiratsuyu...?'' Fubuki croaked.

Vestal patted her shoulder soothingly. ''We got her; Nagara and Isuzu are ready to escort her to the bunker.''

''...we won't... make it...'' Fubuki murmured, a spike of fear shooting through her. The Demon had been sadistic beyond all reason, but out there in the mist... there was no telling what hell awaited.

''Jintsuu has a distraction planned. Took some convincing on my part, but she agreed in the end.'' Vestal reassured her, looping an arm around her and supporting her, the two walking towards the cafeteria. ''We'll have less than a minute to cross the distance to the Eagle Union dorms before it ends, so I ask that you run as fast as you can. Even if it hurts, just keeping running. I'll patch you up when we get to the bunker.''

Fubuki could only nod, and pray this nightmare would end.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour


It had been a little over an hour since the attack started.

Those that had managed to get to the bunker before the doors shut were gathered underground, all of them staying far away from the doors. Some out of logical caution, and others out of genuine fear. Anyone who was not present was presumed KIA. Many knew they weren't. But death seemed like a better option than the hell presented to them.

The bunker itself formed an X-shape deep underground, with each 'arm' of the X leading to a different dormitory – North-East being the Royal Navy's, North-West led to the ruins of the Ironblood's, South-West was the Eagle Union's, and to the South-East laid the Sakura Empire's dorms. Additional rooms were built into the underground halls, such as storage rooms and temporary sleeping quarters. Chief amongst these additional rooms was the Medical Bay, and the Command Centre itself – the latter of which resided at the very centre of the 'X'.

Jintsuu stood within the centre of the Command Centre, staring down at the holographic map before her – projected by the table beneath it. To her frustration static regularly shook the digital construct; it seems that the mist did not only inhibit their sight, but also their technology. Many of their machines were non-functioning – cameras, scanners, even base-wide alarms had fallen silent as they simply refused to work anymore.

Spread out across the modest room around her were all the combat-capable Ship-Girls. Just over two dozen. Considering the original count for the base was over a hundred, it was a heart-wrenching thought. Nearly a dozen more were in the Medical Bay under Vestal's care, being treated for their injuries.

Unfortunately they didn't have the time to help the mental trauma.

Jintsuu breathed, sucking in a slow breath, before exhaling. ''Alright. Helena, status report.''

The blue-haired Ship-Girl stepped forth, crestfallen. ''The radars are down. Long-range communications are non-functioning, as are emergency frequencies, telecommunications and internet access. Satellites are also unreachable. Diagnostic reports say there's an error somewhere, but I can't figure out where – jammed from an external source, if I were to guess.''

A grimace marred Jintsuu's visage. ''I see... taking into account that we have yet to hear from the other Naval Bases, it is likely they cannot reach us – whether due to the mist preventing them, or the monsters that lurk within pushing them back. Either way, we have to assume we're on our own.''

A murmur of discontent spread through the room. Jintsuu waited until it settled.

''Taking into consideration the strength of our enemies, we'll have to assume they'll breach the doors within the hour. Due to the design of the bunker, this gives us both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that the narrow halls will force our enemies into small spaces, allowing us to set up 'Kill Zones' to mow them down.''

''But the disadvantage is that if they reach us, we have no room to move.'' Prinz Eugen remarked, crossing her arms under her bust. ''How troublesome...''

Jintsuu acknowledged the Ironblood cruiser's analysis. ''Indeed. Vestal, what's the situation on the wounded?''

The nun-dressed Repair Ship stepped forth. ''Good and bad.''

''Give me the good news first.''

Vestal inclined her head. ''Saratoga has made a full recovery; I've managed to fix up her arm to perfect condition. Assuming she reloads on ammo, she is back to near-perfect condition.''

''Impressive.'' St. Louis praised lightly.

The Repair Ship smiled briefly, before it faded. ''The bad news is in abundance, I'm afraid. Many of my patients are still not combat-worthy – many cannot even manifest their rigging without risking further injury to themselves. Some are completely incapable; the very act of manifesting it could potentially kill them.''

''Additionally, Choukai is in a coma due to an unknown cause.'' Vestal frowned. ''Ark Royal was the one to bring her; both were in a bad state. She claimed a 'black creature' attacked them, but passed out before she could divulge anything else.''

Jintsuu sighed deeply. ''Not good. We'll need Choukai up and running as soon as possible; her supportive abilities will be crucial to our survival.''

Vestal grimaced. ''I'm afraid there's a complication with that.''


''I'm running low on oil.'' Vestal said simply, closing her eyes. ''I don't have enough oil to fully repair all my patients, even if I had the time. At best, I could maybe heal one or two – but doing so would leave many of my patients in grievous pain, such as Fubuki and Z23. Their wounds, while not lethal, leave them incapable of combat through sheer pain – internal and external burns, deep lacerations, amongst other injuries.''

Jintsuu crossed her arms. ''What about the storage rooms? Is there any oil there?''

''I already had Cygnet, Unicorn and Kisaragi bring me any oil drums they could find.'' The Repair Ship replied. ''Cygnet is currently assisting me in the Medical Bay, while Unicorn and Kisaragi are out in the farthest storage rooms searching for any more.''

St. Louis frowned, speaking up. ''Is it wise to send them off on their own, given our... situation?''

''It's fine.'' Jintsuu dismissed the concern. ''While our technology isn't the most... precise, at the moment, the bunker has a built-in alarm that will go off if any of the doors are opened. The moment something gets in, we'll know.''

''That said, Vestal makes a good point.'' She continued, ''Even if there is more oil in the storage rooms, we'll need more than a few drums if we intend to have all of us up and running. I've drawn up a plan to get us out of this place – simply put, by focusing all our remaining forces into one area and launching a spearhead attack in one singular direction. We break through anything in our way and don't stop until we're in the clear.''

Jintsuu swept her gaze around the room. ''Of course, we can't put all our eggs in one basket. Prior to entering the bunker I had Nagara leave some shells by the cafeteria; I connected a fuse to it that can be detonated at will. This will be our distraction.''

''Three missions will be carried out in unison.'' Jintsuu continued, her voice reverberating throughout the room. ''Firstly, a duo comprising of Enterprise and Hornet will send SOS beacons via their planes out of the fog. Secondly Albacore, Dace and U-47 will dive into the ocean and attempt to contact the outside world. Thirdly, Taihou and Z46 will head for the refuelling bay on the surface, and acquire whatever oil they can. Enterprise and Hornet will assist with transporting the oil once the SOS messages have been sent.''

A moment of silence reigned, stunned by the plan laid before them. It was equal parts risky and fail-proof; if the subs failed, then Enterprise and Hornet's planes would double the chance of an SOS getting out.

When no objections came, Jintsuu continued. ''Then it's settled. Vestal, return to your station. We'll get that oil; you just get everyone healed and ready for transport as best you can.''

Vestal only nodded, politely excusing herself from the group and leaving the Command Centre – closing the thick steel door behind her.

Jintsuu looked to the side. ''Prinz Eugen, Admiral Hipper. You two will guard the North-Western tunnels and be on the look-out for intruders. If you're attacked, we'll hear.''

Upon seeing Hipper nod, Jintsuu continued. ''St. Louis, Helena – you two will protect the South-West. Same orders apply.''

''Affirmative.'' Helena agreed softly.

''Hammann, Brooklyn. You'll guard the North-East.'' Jintsuu stated, earning a reluctant nod from both girls. ''Nagara, Isuzu – you two will cover the South-East tunnels.''

Nagara smiled faintly. ''We'll do our best.''

Jintsuu let out a sigh, nodding slowly. ''That's all I can ask, Nagara... that's all I can ask. I'll give you girls ten minutes; spend the time to resupply and draw up a plan. Dismissed.''


''I do hope you're right, Jintsuu...''

Vestal sighed, her footsteps echoing through the empty tunnel as she walked back to the Medical Bay. She almost dreaded returning there, of seeing her comrades in varying levels of pain – and it hurt her heart all the more that she couldn't heal the mental trauma they were enduring.

She came to a stop before the double metal doors, taking a moment to steel herself, before entering.

Immediately she was treated to the sounds of pained groans and muffled whimpers. The room was a long rectangular shape with beds on the left and right walls, with just under half of the beds being occupied by injured Ship-Girls. A scarce few had only minor injuries such as broken or damaged limbs, while others were more serious... mostly those who had been captured by the creatures before they could be rescued.

As she walked into the room her eyes immediately moved to the side, focusing in on one girl in particular – Saratoga. ''How are you feeling?''

''...fine.'' Saratoga replied quietly, not meeting her eyes.

Vestal tried to smile, but it came out more like a grimace. She had found Saratoga half-buried in a building after being thrown by an Oni, her arm broken and bleeding from a head-wound. Her sister Lexington had been the current target of the Oni, and as much as she hated it Vestal had no choice but to run away with Saratoga – she, as a Repair Ship, didn't own any weapons aside from her Anti-Air guns. She alone couldn't stand against such a creature.

And Saratoga clearly knew what happened to those that were caught by these creatures – the evidence was all around her. Lexington's fate was undeniable.

Still, ever the optimistic one, Vestal laid a hand on the Aircraft Carrier's shoulder. ''We'll get her back, Sara. I promise.''

Saratoga shrugged off her hand, unconvinced. ''Hn.''

Vestal's face fell but she didn't linger, leaving Saratoga to her misery and seeking out Cygnet – her temporary assistant. The Destroyer was currently attending to Z23, applying anti-septic to the pentagram-shaped carving on her ass. The Ironblood girl didn't even look embarrassed, too busy biting her pillow to muffle her harsh grunts and pained cries – anti-septic felt uncomfortable at the best of times, but such a deep and jagged cut was bound to make it feel ten times worse.

''How is she?'' Vestal asked, drawing Cygnet's attention.

''O-Okay, I guess...'' She bit her lip, cringing as Z23 whimpered in pain. ''I've given her morphine, but it isn't working all that well...''

''Morphine is meant for the human workers on the base.'' Vestal replied, quickly striding over to one of the cabinets and withdrawing a bag of amber fluid. ''Use this. A solution I made up a few weeks ago; rig her up to a drip and plug this in. Should help with the pain.''

Z23 groaned a muffled thanks, earning a faint smile from the Repair Ship, before she handed the bag to Cygnet and moved onto her next patient; Ark Royal.

Or rather... Ark Royal's empty bed.

''Where's Ark Royal?'' Vestal asked, glancing around to see if she had been moved – nope, all other beds were either occupied or empty. No sign of the perverted Aircraft Carrier.

Cygnet was quick to reply. ''S-She left a few minutes ago; went to go help Unicorn-chan and Kisaragi-chan.''

''She shouldn't be up and about.'' Vestal frowned disapprovingly, shooting Cygnet a scolding look. ''Why didn't you stop her?''

''S-Sorry... she looked well enough, and we're short on hands as it is...''

The Repair Ship sighed deeply, but decided against chastising the Destroyer further. Cygnet didn't have a spine at the best of times; with how stressful their current situation was, she could forgive her. Still, she wasn't happy about Ark Royal being mobile without having a full diagnostic done on her; she had noticed some strange black markings on her body, and was worried about possible infections.

''Very well... what about Choukai?'' Vestal queried, striding over to the comatose woman's bed. ''Any response?''

''None.'' Cygnet squirmed. ''S-She hasn't moved an inch.''

Vestal hummed in acknowledgement, glancing over Choukai's slumbering form. If Jintsuu's plan was to succeed, they would need her in the final assault. They simply couldn't afford not to, not when lives were on the line.

Her eyes were drawn to the floor as she noticed something odd, her brow furrowing at the sight of a pair of slippers carelessly tossed on the floor. ''Cygnet. Who's are these?''

''Hm?'' The Destroyer glanced back at her. ''Ah, I-I think they're Ark Royal's... she went to check on Choukai before she left...''

Vestal frowned deeper, something not sitting right with her. She couldn't pin it down, but there was something... odd, about Choukai's complexion. Far too pale for someone just knocked into a coma. Black bags forming under her eyes, splotches forming under the skin... it was almost like she had internal bruising of some kind, but Vestal had already checked and found no signs of such a thing.

Something wasn't adding up.

Before she could investigate further Cygnet called her attention to Fubuki, forcing her to push her concerns aside for now...

...unaware that the black splotches on Choukai's body were rapidly growing, or the black fluid leaking out from her lower lips.


''Uu... is some oil... here...?''

Kisaragi whimpered quietly as she walked through the many rows of shelves, all of which held countless boxes and containers. Unicorn was in another storage room, having decided to split up for the sake of finding oil faster. The overhead lights were on, she could hear the distant voices of people further down the hall... yet she couldn't help but jump at every slight shadow she saw, afraid something was lurking just out of her peripherals.

Despite that she held back her fear, mustering up whatever courage she had. Mutsuki was still in the Medical Bay, partially healed, but still in pain. If she was to find some oil, Vestal would be able to heal Mutsuki completely. And for her sister, Kisaragi was willing to endure her own fear.

She jumped as the sound of rattling metal reached her ears, her head whipping around to find the source – only to find the rectangular shutter door, the only door in and out the room, close.

''E-Eh?'' Kisaragi shivered, hesitantly stepping closer. ''U... Unicorn-chan? Was that you?''

No reply came. However she heard footsteps in the next aisle. They didn't sound overly heavy like a monster's so she stepped closer, walking around a half-empty wooden crate and peering into the hallway – tensing as she saw motion at the end of the aisle, near the far wall. Person-shaped.

''H... Hello?'' Kisaragi called out skittishly, audibly gulping as she stepped into the aisle. ''W-Who is it?''

''Kisaragi...'' A familiar voice murmured, coming from the end of the aisle. ''Ah, there you are...''

''Ark Royal-san...?'' She tilted her head. ''W-What are you... doing here...?''

As Kisaragi stepped closer she could make out Ark's form, partially obscured in the shadows of some boxes. The woman turned to face her, a curved smile marring her face, yet something about it was... off. It made her pink-furred cat tail stand on end, her instincts begging her to run away – and she very nearly did, if Ark didn't speak.

''I need help, Kisaragi...'' Ark purred, stepping closer. ''I'm hurt.''

''Eh? S-Should I get, um... Vestal-san...?'' Kisaragi asked, hesitantly approaching.

''No, no... you can help me.'' The older Ship-Girl said, walking into the light.

In an instant, Kisaragi could see what was wrong. The right half of Ark Royal's face was covered in thick blackness, some of it dripping off her very skin as if she had fell in a puddle of oil. However it clearly wasn't oil; even from a few feet away she could see tiny tendrils beneath Ark's skin, spreading out slowly and spreading the blackness further. Half of her right eye had been corrupted, the formerly-white sclera turning black and accentuating her blue iris.


Before Kisaragi could speak, Ark Royal moved – closing the distance between them in less than a second and crashing her lips against Kisaragi's. The young Destroyer squeaked, eyes widening and trying to skitter away, only for Ark to cup her cheeks and forcibly deepening the kiss while not letting her escape.

Kisaragi panicked as she felt Ark's tongue slip into her mouth, licking her own tongue and teeth like a snake tasting its food. On reflex she quickly shut her teeth closed, narrowly avoiding biting off Ark's tongue – the woman quickly retracting the slimy appendage just in time.

''Haah... you taste... so good~!'' Ark Royal murmured heatedly, staring down at the scared Kisaragi with twisted affection.

The Destroyer squirmed, grabbing Ark's wrists and desperately trying to pull them off with her inferior strength. ''S-Stop...! You're-!''

Ark Royal silenced her, kissing her again. The older Ship-Girl put her weight forwards, sending both of them to the ground – and pinning Kisaragi beneath her. The petite Destroyer clearly noticed this, frantically trying to wriggle free, but Ark's grip on her cheeks was unrelenting. After a long moment she pulled back, a thin trail of saliva connecting between their lips.

''I'm just being true to my desires.'' Ark Royal said lowly, smiling pervertedly.

Kisaragi opened her mouth to cry for help, only for Ark to crash their lips together in an aggressive kiss. The Destroyer whimpered, shivering from fear and weakly trying to push the older woman away from her, but didn't have the strength to. Her inhuman physical strength was just too little compared to an Aircraft Carrier.

Ark Royal pulled back from the kiss. ''Hehe... be quiet, alright? Otherwise I'll have to go 'play' with Mutsuki instead~''

Kisaragi whimpered. Mutsuki was always protecting her, and now it was her turn to protect her sister – even if it wasn't the way she expected. ''O... Okay...''

The Aircraft Carrier grinned, releasing her cheeks and instead gripping her skirt – flipping it up and exposing her white panties with a bear print on the front. Kisaragi blushed brightly but didn't cry out, shoving her own fist into her mouth to muffle her scared whimpers.

''Eheh... so cute...'' Ark breathed, a wild perverted grin marring her expression – before she yanked the Destroyer's panties down her legs.

Kisaragi yelped, squirming as her small butt was pressed against the cold concrete floor. Another stifled whimper escaped her as Ark spread her legs open, eagerly pushing her head between Kisaragi's thighs and planting her lips on the Destroyer's untouched pussy.

''A-Ah!'' Kisaragi gasped lightly, squirming as Ark eagerly licking and lapped at her virgin folds with lustful abandon. ''M-Mn... t-that feels... weird... Wuu...''

Ark Royal shuddered, her body becoming hot at the sound of Kisaragi's whimpers. With lust coursing through her she eagerly shoved her tongue into the Destroyer's pussy, tasting her flower while gripping Kisaragi's hips to stop her squirming away. To her twisted delight she felt Kisaragi's honey dribble onto her tongue, the girl becoming aroused despite her scared confusion.

The Destroyer's breathing became heavier, her face flushed pink from the unwanted pleasure. Her head felt like it was fogging up, her lower half tingling as Ark Royal licked her ravenously. Her squirming and struggling grew weaker as her strength dwindled in the wake of her arousal – she had never even touched herself, let alone done anything lewd, so the feeling was new to her.

''Haah...'' Ark Royal breathed, pulling her face back – her chin coated in Kisaragi's juices. ''God... I can't hold back anymore...!''

She sat back, frantically fumbling with her tight skirt and pushing it down her legs. She was wearing no panties, revealing that in place of her vagina was a patch of inky-black skin and a long black cock – small bumps and prominent veins along its ample length. The skin around her pelvis was littered with ominous black tendrils, like a virus lurking beneath the skin.

''H-Huh...?'' Kisaragi uncertainly squirmed, her eyes focused on Ark's unnatural throbbing black cock. ''W-What is that...?''

''The thing that'll make you feel... good.'' Ark Royal assured ominously, licking her lips.

Kisaragi attempted to crawl back, but Ark's hands landed on her small hips in an instant, keeping her in place. Remembering what she said about Mutsuki she held back the urge to cry for help, instead covering her mouth with both hands and whimpering weakly. Ark Royal shifted closer, nearly drooling as she hastily lined up her black cock with Kisaragi's small pussy – eagerly pushing her hips forth, spearing into her.

''A-Ah!'' Kisaragi cried, shoulders curling in on herself as pain and pleasure shot through her. ''I-It's too b-big! T-Take it out!''

Ark didn't reply, a throaty groan slipping past her parted lips as Kisaragi's pussy struggle to accommodate even the tip of her ample cock. Undeterred she gripped the Destroyer's waist tighter, pushing in further – eliciting a pained gasp from Kisaragi as Ark forced more and more of her cock into her pussy, so much so that a slight bulge was visible in her pelvis.

The Destroyer arched her back, mouth opening in a choked cry and eyes wide open. It felt like she was breaking, her virgin walls forcibly spread apart to accommodate Ark's cock and filling her mind with mind-breaking pain. Mercifully it stopped a moment later as Ark stopped, leaving just over half her inky-black cock burrowed inside her delicate pussy.

''Ohh...'' Ark Royal groaned, rocking her hips and shuddering at how ungodly tight Kisaragi was – her cock throbbing at the sound of Kisaragi's pained whimper.

She tried to hold back, to give the Destroyer a few moments to adjust – but the maddening desires in her head couldn't be contained for more than a few seconds. She reared her hips back, pulling her cock out until only the bulbous tip remained inside – before immediately slamming back inside.

''Ah!'' Kisaragi gasped, her whole body jerking from the force. ''A-Ar- AH!''

Ark Royal moaned, thrusting into Kisaragi's tightness with rapidly increasing speed, unheeding of the Destroyer's pain. Her pussy felt incredible, almost strangling her cock with how tight it was and almost making her cum on the spot. She gripped Kisaragi's hips and lifted her lower half off the ground slightly, moaning as she sped up – eagerly ramming her inky-black cock into her deepest parts, driven by inhuman lust.

''Mm~!'' Ark groaned, hips buckling as her cock pulsated, sending waves of mind-altering pleasure coursing through her. ''O-Oh~! I-I'm going to cum, K-Kisaragi~!''

The young Destroyer didn't get the chance to ask what that meant before Ark groaned, slamming her cock as deep as it would go. Kisaragi gasped, arching her back as thick warm spurts shot into her pussy, pumping into her and setting her nerves alight like it was an aphrodisiac – and with a choked cry she climaxed for the first time, her young pussy desperately milking Ark's cock for every last drop of cum.

Ark kept rocking her hips, moaning deliriously as she kept pumping cum into her, each shot of black cum quickly being absorbed into the fragile Destroyer's body. Even then so much of it was pumped into her that her body simply couldn't absorb it all, leaving her stomach bulging with how much cum was inside her.

''Mn... don't worry, Kisaragi...'' Ark Royal breathed, looking down at the dazed Destroyer with twisted love.

''We'll have plenty of time... to bond...''


''Kisaragi-chan...? Are you still in here?''

Unicorn was concerned. She had found a couple drums of oil, utilising her inhuman strength to drag them out of the storage room. However she didn't return to the Medical Bay, instead wanting to return with Kisaragi – she knew how skittish the girl was normally, and didn't want to leave her in the quietest parts of the bunker all alone.

Her concern was directed at the door in front of her; the one leading to Storage Room B-2, the room where Kisaragi was supposed to be. Yet to her knowledge Kisaragi didn't say anything about closing any doors.

Frowning worriedly, Unicorn reached up and pressed the button on the door console – and with a low groan it began rolling back up, the metal clattering together as it opened. The room within looked just as it was when she and Kisaragi split up... minus the presence of said Destroyer.

''Kisaragi-chan?'' Unicorn called out, looking around – but finding nobody.

Pushing down the spike of unease in her stomach, the purple-haired Ship-Girl wandered over to the right side of the room, looking down the aisles of neatly-organised rows of boxes, crates and barrels. Some showed signs of being interacted with recently, confirming her thoughts that Kisaragi had been here and not wandered into another room.

As she walked past one of the many aisles she took notice of something – blinking in confusion at the sight. ''Ark Royal-san...?''

Even from behind and without her rigging she could tell it was the Aircraft Carrier; her hair and style of clothing gave it away. However she was confused to see the woman's skirt discarded to the side, her ass on full display as she stood on her knees. She could just barely see something beyond her, a hint of light pink and yellow – prompting her to walk closer, hugging U-chan to her chest.

Ark Royal turned slightly, looking back at her. ''Ah, Unicorn... I was just playing with Kisaragi... eheh...''

The hairs on her neck stood on end, but Unicorn stepped closer, just enough to see over Ark's shoulder – and her eyes widened at the sight of Kisaragi. The skittish Destroyer's legs were spread apart, black cum oozing out of her pussy unceasingly and her stomach bulging so much it looked like she was pregnant. Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head and her tongue hung out of her mouth limply, every article of clothing torn off her body.

Perhaps the most alarming thing was the black splotches growing beneath Kisaragi's skin, mostly gathered around her pelvis and with thin tendrils extending further up her stomach; the skin around the blackness turning sickly pale.

''W... What...?'' Unicorn was lost for words, looking at Ark Royal with confused fear. ''Why...?''

Ark only grinned. ''It felt too good to stop... much better than Choukai.''

Unicorn tensed, unconsciously stepped back as Ark licked her lips. ''I wonder... how would you feel?''

In an instant, Unicorn turned and ran. She didn't get very far.

''Ah!'' She yelped as a hand grabbed her shin and sent her stumbling to her knees, landing on all fours so she didn't face-plant.

She panicked, looking over her shoulder and seeing Ark Royal crawling after her – a long black cock hanging between her legs. Unicorn attempted to get away but Ark caught up, lunging at her and grabbing fistfuls of her white dress – tearing it off with her inhuman strength.

''Hyaa!'' Unicorn cried, her back hitting the ground.

She quickly rolled over and tried crawling away, feeling her dress dig into her skin before another chunk of it was torn off, only the top-most part covering her shoulders and breasts, leaving only a pair of white panties to hug her hips and some white stockings to cover her legs. Ark wasn't done however, stumbling to her feet and grabbing the back of Unicorn's dress, tugging the shy girl back towards her.

Unicorn grunted as her knees hit the floor, her eyes screwed shut from the minor pain – and when her eyes opened, she found herself face-to-face with Ark's black cock.

''Wha-'' She made to say, only for Ark to jerk her hips forth and slam her throbbing black cock into Unicorn's open mouth.

The shy Light Aircraft Carrier gasped, the sound muffled due to said cock. She tried to pull back but Ark threaded her hands through Unicorn's purple hair, gripping it hard enough to make her cry out – and letting the older woman push her cock in even deeper.

''G-Gha!'' Unicorn choked, eyes bulging as Ark Royal started thrusting into her mouth while moaning lewdly. The long black dick felt uncomfortably large in her mouth, forcing her jaw to open fully to accommodate its size.

Her vision started to darken as oxygen became limited, when an idea hit her and she quickly bit down on the cock. Ark Royal yelped – more out of surprise than pain – and briefly loosened her hold on the younger girl's hair. Unicorn desperately took the opportunity, yanking her head back and off of Ark's inhuman cock, gasping in desperate gulps of air. She barely gave herself a second to breathe before scrambling back, frantically crawling away from her former comrade.

''Ah... surprised me...'' Ark Royal murmured, gently nursing her black cock – which didn't even have a bite mark on it. ''Now then-''

''V-Vestal-san!'' Unicorn cried, her shrill voice echoing as she stumbled to her feet – her gaze darting to the open door.

She got to her feet, when Ark lunged for her, grabbing her by the arm and throwing her to the ground. To her surprise she wasn't immediately attacked, instead she watched as Ark rushed past her... and hit the door control panel, causing the metal shutters to fall.

Unicorn's heart dropped, fear spiking as Ark turned back towards her – normally-bright eyes darkened with twisted lust. She quickly pushed herself to her feet, looking around desperately for any way of escape – and finding a vent at the far end of the room. Seeing no other option she ran for it... and made it halfway before Ark caught up to her.

''Gotcha~!'' Ark Royal cheered, giggling pervertedly as she wrapped her arms around Unicorn.

The younger Ship-Girl blushed as she felt Ark's erect cock press against her ass, making her white panties damp from the lingering saliva coating it. She tried to struggle her way out, only to gasp as Ark shoved a hand into her panties, fumbling for a single second before pushing two fingers into Unicorn's delicate pussy and immediately pumping them in and out.

''A-Ah!'' Unicorn moaned in surprise, knees buckling from the foreign sensation. She weakly elbowed Ark in the stomach to no effect, shuddering as the woman used her other hand – the one wrapped around her torso – to grope her breast, squeezing it roughly.

Ark Royal groaned into her ear, bucking her hips and rubbing her inhuman cock against Unicorn's butt. She furiously fingered the younger girl, lovingly the sounds of Unicorn's reluctant moans as she groped her at the same time. She could feel how soft and untouched Unicorn's pussy was, not a shred of hair to be found – only exciting the corrupted Aircraft Carrier more.

She couldn't hold back anymore, pulling her fingers out of Unicorn's pussy and grabbing her white panties, yanking them forwards – eliciting a surprised gasp from Unicorn as the fabric dug into her butt, before the fabric tore and left her lower half nude. Ark took full advantage of that; grasping her quivering cock with her free hand – and promptly pushing it into Unicorn's exposed pussy.

''Ah~!'' Unicorn gasped, jerking forwards from the sudden penetration.

Ark Royal groaned, placing her free hand on Unicorn's pelvis and pushing the girl back towards her, letting her cock sink in deeper. Unicorn whimpered at the feeling, elbowing and hitting her as best she could, but Ark Royal barely felt her struggles – her mind consumed with the heavenly feeling of Unicorn's pussy.

''Uu... it hurts...'' Unicorn whimpered, shuddering as Ark rammed her cock into her again, stretching her pussy to accommodate her cock.

''It'll feel really good soon...'' Ark Royal breathed, gripping Unicorn's breast hard enough to knock the breath from her lungs. ''A-Ah... you feel so good...''

Unicorn cringed as Ark filled her again, the many bumps and veins adding to the unwanted pleasure as the cock was slammed into her formerly-virgin pussy once more. It hurt but at the same time felt good, like an internal massage. She felt so incredibly full, Ark's cock hitting her deepest parts each time like it was punching her womb, making her head spin from the overwhelming pleasure.

''Haah...'' Ark panted, thrusting into Unicorn with such force the younger girl's legs nearly gave out – forcing Unicorn to grab onto the nearest row of shelves for support. ''I was busy... with Kisaragi... when you interrupted...''

Unicorn squirmed, reluctantly moaning as another burst of pleasure filled her pussy. Her pleasure was heightened as Ark moved her hand south, rubbing her pussy roughly, the pleasurably friction taking her breath away and leaving her gasping for air. Her pelvis tightened, a strange pressure building there and burning like an overworked muscle. Even though she had never felt it before it instinctively made her nervously excited, knowing something was coming – and the notion only made her more afraid.

''Ohh... here it comes...'' Ark Royal groaned into her ear, licking said ear – making Unicorn shudder from the slimy feeling.

''P-Please... stop this...'' Unicorn pleaded weakly, grunting breathlessly as her legs quivered.

''It feels good though... doesn't it...?''

Unicorn didn't reply to that. She didn't know. It did feel good, but she didn't want it – but it felt good, but she-

Her chaotic thoughts were cut short as Ark Royal buckled, grasping her ample breast tightly and bucking her hips roughly. Unicorn gasped as sudden spurts of hot liquid shot into her pussy, painting her inner walls black as the older woman came inside her. The foreign sensation was too much for her and with a confused groan Unicorn climaxed, shuddering and clamping around Ark's cock, causing the woman to pump even more black cum into her.

''A-Ahh...'' Unicorn whimpered, her legs giving out from under her. She slipped out of Ark's grip and fell to the ground in a heap, moaning dazedly at the strange emptiness in her pelvis – Ark's cock throbbing above her, spurting globules of black cum onto her black and shoulders.

Unicorn shuddered, curling in on herself as she gasped for breath, her skin tingling in the wake of her first ever orgasm. It felt so good... yet at the same time she could feel Ark's cum inside her. It was like sludge, sticking to her and making her feel almost sick. She compared it to standing in the rain; how you could feel your clothing slowly get drenched. Even if she couldn't see it, she could feel the strange substance seeping into her very being.

She didn't have the chance to ruminate on it for long. Barely thirty seconds later a hand grabbed her leg, turning Unicorn onto her back – and she whimpered as Ark kneeled before her, black cock erect and ready to go again.

''Nn...'' Unicorn grunted weakly, her pussy lips spreading as Ark pushed her cock back into her.

She resumed thrusting, only serving to push the black cum deeper into Unicorn's pussy, some of it oozing out around Ark's cock. She squirmed weakly as Ark grabbed her bouncing breast, fondling and squeezing it as she pounding into her.

''The Commander...'' Ark suddenly spoke, breathing heavily and smiling deliriously. ''...won't love you anymore...''

''E-Eh...?'' Unicorn stiffened, startled by the sudden statement.

Ark groaned as her pussy tightened around her cock, continuing. ''He won't want you... now that I've... ruined you... haah... and taken... you're first time... Mm...''

''Y-You're lying... ah...'' She whimpered, feeling her pelvis grow oddly cold, in contrast with the hot cum in her pussy.

''It won't matter if I am... soon... you'll be like me...'' Ark breathed lustfully, her free hand coming to rest on Unicorn's neck. ''Maybe... I'll make you... make love... to Kisaragi next... or maybe the others... in the bunker...''

''N-No!'' Unicorn struggled – only to gasp as Ark gripped her neck, unceremoniously cutting off her air supply. She desperately grabbed Ark's wrists, trying to pry them off to no avail.

Ark kept thrusting, shoving her throbbing cock into Unicorn's tightening pussy. ''Go to sleep... Unicorn... soon... you'll feel... even better... once it bonds with you... and we'll be together... forever.''

Soon Unicorn's struggles grew weaker, her arms going limp at her sides. Her vision darkened as she ran low on oxygen, eyelids fluttering and becoming impossibly heavy.

The last thing Unicorn saw was Ark's face leaning down, ready to kiss her and devour the last of her breath.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes

''Fucking load of shit... stuck in a shitty bunker with the damn Commander missing...!''

Prinz Eugen sighed as she listened to her sister-ship rant and nearly froth at the mouth in rage, inordinately pissed at... pretty much everything. Her sister didn't have the gentlest of tempers at the best of times, and with all the stress and tension she sorely needed an outlet – and the empty tunnel would have to suffice.

''Do be quiet. Your voice might draw unwanted attention.'' Prinz replied airily, eyes scanning the tunnel as they walked further away from the Command Centre. There was no mention of a breach, but given their situation it didn't hurt to be careful.

''Let them come.'' Hipper scowled, but took her advice and quietened down.

They continued walking down the tunnel in silence, eyes peering at every shadow and passageway for any potential monsters. Given the vast array of creatures that lurked on the surface, it wasn't silly to believe that some could still manage to sneak in – something that caused many of the more skittish Ship-Girls to jump at every little shadow, even their own.

Soon the Ironblood sisters reached the end of the tunnel, and Prinz Eugen frowned as she saw the entrance doors – the metal dented and cracking, as if something had furiously punched and stomped on it over and over again. These weren't just a pair of thin metal doors however; these were thick steel, capable of withstanding a Battleship's barrage at point-blank range. Not even Washington could blow through those doors with her cannons; it would take at least three full barrages, no small feat.

''Seems like the trash wasn't idle eith-''

Suddenly a loud thud echoed from the doors, the metal denting in further and making both Heavy Cruisers tense up, bringing their guns to bear. A few seconds later another strike hit the metal, denting it further.

''Back up.'' Hipper murmured, slowly taking a step back.

Prinz agreed readily, moving backwards without taking her eyes off the weakening bunker doors, her guns trained on them. As part of the metal bent inwards, revealing part of the grey sky behind it, both girls hurried their steps backwards – putting as much distance between them and their targets as possible.

Six strikes later the metal doors gave way with a low groan, the metal breaking down the middle and swinging open – allowing a hoard of creatures to stumble into the tunnel, dazed for a brief second. They looked like the yellow-scaled Lizardmen on the surface, with one key difference – their scales were a murky green colour, and their yellow eyes were glowing slightly.

'A different breed?' Prinz wondered idly, but as the monsters adjusted to their new environment she dismissed such thoughts, and instead focused on another. 'Fire!'

Her guns boomed, shells racing across the narrow tunnel until they struck their targets, engulfing them in a miniature explosion of shrapnel and gunpowder. Admiral Hipper was quick to follow up, her own barrage of shells flying and striking too – easily killing several of the reptilian creatures.

Time bled away and lost meaning, both sisters working in near-perfect unison – one firing while the other reloaded, all the while slowly retreating back towards the Command Centre. Their shells easily tore apart the green Lizardmen, but for each one they killed it seemed like two more entered the tunnel. And soon it didn't take long until the Lizardmen closed the gap – twenty metres, then fifteen, the ten, then five.

''Nn!'' Prinz Eugen grunted, one of the Lizardmen grabbing her gun-barrel and pushing it aside – before grabbing her, pushing the busty cruiser aside.

''Eugen!'' Hipper barked, growling and turning her guns onto the Lizardman attacking her sister – only to incidentally leave herself unguarded against the horde, several Lizardmen tackling her.

The blonde Heavy Cruiser snarled as she landed on her front, pushing herself up onto her knees and elbowing the creature behind her – wincing as the creatures greedily tore her rigging to shreds. Several Lizardmen surrounded her, hissing in animalistic delight while a couple others loomed around Prinz Eugen – the rest of the creatures rushing past them deeper into the bunker.

Hipper's eyes widened as she felt the Lizardman grip her hips, stopping her from crawling away. She turned around and swung a fist at the creatures, upper-cutting it in the jaw, but it only let out an annoyed grunt and hissed at her, slit-shaped pupils dilating in annoyance.

''Disgusting trash...!'' Hipper hissed at it defiantly.

A pair of taloned hands suddenly grabbed her head, forcing her to face ahead where another Lizardman stood in front of her – its erect cock hanging between its legs. She opened her mouth to curse at the creature only for it to suddenly jerk its hips forth, plunging its scaly cock into her mouth.

''Nn?!'' Hipper grunted in surprise, eyes bulging as the Lizardman started thrusting – ramming its cock into her mouth. She tried biting down on it but was unable to break the skin, her tongue flattening against the bottom of her mouth as the creature eagerly shoved its cock in until the tip hit the back of her throat, making Hipper gag.

The Lizardman behind her wasn't idle either. It lifted one hand off the blonde's hip and reached under her short skirt, grasping her white panties and roughly pulling on them until they audibly ripped. Admiral Hipper's struggles doubled, her angry protests muffled by the cock in her mouth, unable to do anything as the reptilian creature guided its cock towards her slit – until it roughly pushed inside.

''Hnaah!'' Hipper gasped in shock, reflexively arching her back as the creature's thick cock slammed into her virgin pussy.

The Lizardman barely gave her a second to adjust to the foreign feeling of its cock before it began thrusting, rearing its hips back only to slam back inside, forcing its cock in even deeper than before.

She was briefly distracted from the painful violation by the other Lizardman, the creature gripping her head tighter and ramming its cock into her mouth again, resuming its thrusting. She could feel its cock repeatedly bump against the back of her throat, the tip managing to slip down further and cutting off her air supply.

Hipper quickly lifted her hands, hitting the Lizardman's legs and trying to push the creature off her – but the odd angle meant she couldn't use her full strength. Her cheeks burned darkly as the Lizardman let out a raspy laugh, as if mocking her attempt. Each times it pulled its cock back she got a quick gasp of air before it filled her throat with its length, her lungs burning from the thin amount of oxygen.

The blonde Heavy Cruiser shot a harsh glare up at the creature, shuddering as the two Lizardmen kept pounding into her from both ends. Her pussy burned from the rough violation, stinging slightly each time it slammed its ample length into her tightness with enough force to jerk her body forwards slightly – incidentally pushing her head further down the other Lizardman's cock.

''Haah!'' Hipper gasped as the Lizardman behind her suddenly clawed at her back, its talons tearing through her outfit digging into her skin.

The reason became apparent a moment later as it used its free hand to rip her outfit to shreds, exposing more and more of her bare skin – until her clothes fluttered to the ground, her entire torso laid bare to the perverse creatures.

Hipper cringed as the Lizardman in front of her hissed, its ample cock throbbing in her mouth. She shook her head as best she could, knowing what was coming, but the grip on her head was unrelenting – talons digging into her scalp and nearly drawing blood. The creature behind her kept pounding into her with ravenous abandon, cock pulsating in her pussy as it slammed into her repeatedly.

''Nnn-Nn! Mn!'' Hipper's muffled yell went ignored, the two creatures thrusting their cocks into her mouth and pussy unrelentingly, before they reached their limits and didn't hold back.

The blonde's eyes widened as spurts of hot cum shot into her mouth and down her throat, giving her no chance to spit it out and forcing her to hastily swallow it lest she choke on it. Her hips burned as the other Lizardman continued pounding into her – until it too reached its limit, and Hipper twitched as ropes of cum shot into her tender pussy, painting her inner walls white with its seed.

The Lizardman in front of her pulled its cock out of her mouth, letting Hipper gasp in gulps of much-needed air. A shudder ran through her as the other Lizardman pulled out of her, leaving its cum to dribble out of her, the sensation making her stomach churn.

''Damn it... how disgusting...'' Hipper muttered shakily, glaring at the floor.

She didn't get more than a handful of seconds to recover before other Lizardmen intervened. Hipper tensed as a pair of taloned hands gripping her thighs and suddenly yanked her to the side, eliciting a startled yelp from the blonde as she was turned onto her back – before the greens-scaled creature gripped her hip and lifted her up into the air.

''F-Fucking put me down!'' Hipper barked angrily, a hint of nervous fear slipping into her voice.

The Lizardman didn't reply, holding at her waist-height and lining her abused pussy up with its cock – before pushing into her weeping slit, earning a pained grunt from Admiral Hipper. Her upper body hung lower than her waist since she had no support, something that was unintentionally remedied a moment later.

''Hn?'' Hipper grunted, blinking as an upside-down cock entered her vision – before another Lizardman gripped her jaw and pushed its dick into her mouth.

The Heavy Cruiser gagged, the upside-down angle making it feel twice as uncomfortable as the last time. The Lizardman easily slid its cock into her wet mouth and immediately started thrusting, earning a muffled grunt from Hipper as its balls slapped against her forehead, grimacing as the other Lizardman eagerly pounded into her pussy.

Her body was left suspended between the two creatures, nude and on full display for the nearby Lizardman who lustfully awaited their own turn. The Lizardman fucking her mouth took full advantage of her nudity, holding her head with one taloned hand and reaching out with the other, groping her small breast roughly – hard enough to draw blood.

''N-Nn!'' Hipper half-grunted, half-gasped from the sudden action. Her hands shot up and tried to pry its hands away from her sensitive tits to no avail, a stifled grunt slipping past her lips as it lustfully fondled her.

The blonde screwed her eyes shut, groaning lowly from the painful stimulation. The repetitive thrusting against her pelvis and the plunging cock in her mouth, it was near-maddening and unwillingly made her body grow hotter by the second – her skin tingling and pussy burning with foreign heat. The mixture of cum and her own arousal made the rough violation slightly easier and less painful, but no amount of arousal could make the Lizardman's large cock fit inside her comfortably.

Hipper shuddered, her breathing growing short and faster – quickly gasping in air whenever the Lizardman's cock pulled back. The burning sensation in her pelvis was only growing stronger, the maddening feeling of the creature thrusting its large cock into her pussy driving her crazy. She wanted to scream, to yell, to thrash and fight – but it was like her strength was leaving her, the futility of it all sapping her strength.

''Nn... Ah...'' Hipper groaned breathlessly, her small breasts rising and falling with her rapid gasps – unintentionally giving the Lizardman more to grope.

The creature holding her hips hissed, thrusting its reptilian hips even faster and stuffed her pussy full with its ample cock, its cock pulsating as it drew closer to its end – the knowledge that the creature was about to cum inside her making her feel sick. She cracked her eyes opened and looked around, idly taking notice of Prinz getting fucked as well, and the many Lizardmen that had surrounded them – all eager to fuck them too.

Morbidly, she wondered if this is how she died. By being raped over and over again by inhuman creatures.

Any such coherent thoughts fizzled out as the Lizardman hit a sensitive spot in her pussy, eliciting a surprised groan from the blonde cruiser. The vibrations of her voice travelled up the other Lizardman's cock, causing the creature to grip her head harder and face-fuck her with ravenous abandon, plunging its throbbing cock down her throat. The combined stimulation became too much for the inexperienced cruiser, and as the Lizardman rammed its cock into her again it hit a sensitive spot, tipping her over the edge.

''Hn!'' Hipper cried out, her orgasm sweeping over her and setting her nerves alight.

She didn't get to savour the brief, almost-pleasant distraction before she was snapped out of it – ropes of cum shooting down her throat. Hipper blinked dazedly, clumsily swallowing and nearly choking on it – moaning throatily as the other Lizardman slammed into her pussy and unloaded thick spurts of cum into her, the sensation distracting her.

'Can't... breathe...' Hipper distantly thought, twitching and desperately trying to swallow the Lizardman's cum, but her mind was foggy and her body weak – not helped that the creature kept cumming non-stop for nearly ten seconds straight. The thick white cum overflowed so much it was seeping out her stuffed mouth and running down her face, dripping onto the floor.

Her vision quickly began spotty, her muted panic only stealing more oxygen from her – before none was left, and Admiral Hipper passed out...

...just as the next bunch of Lizardmen stepped up for their turn.


''Hn! Let... go of me!''

Prinz Eugen glared spitefully at the Lizardman as it pushed her chest-first against the wall. She struggled defiantly against its grip, grimacing as another one of the green-scaled creatures clawed at her metal rigging, ripping it to shreds. A grunt escaped her as the Lizardman pulled her back slightly, just enough for it to release her sides and instead snake its hand up her front and roughly grope her breasts.

''Nn...!'' Prinz gasped, the Lizardman's grip knocking the breath from her lungs.

The cruiser cringed as the inhuman creature continued fondling her through her clothes, claws unintentionally tearing holes in her outfit and exposing the fair skin beneath. Prinz angrily shoved an elbow back at it, hitting the Lizardman's chest to no effect – not even drawing its attention to her attack, the creature too engrossed with groping her large breasts.

Soon its interest dwindled, and Prinz shuddered as the Lizardman rolled its hips against her rear, rubbing its erect cock against her ass. Despite her increasingly-desperate struggles its grip on her chest was unrelenting, its bulk pinning her close to the wall and stopping her from escaping – though if the large number of other Lizardmen was any indication, escape would only mean throwing herself to the metaphorical wolves.

She was snapped out of her grim thoughts as the Lizardman released her breasts – only to grab her arms, spinning her around to face it and pushing her back against the wall. ''Nn!''

Prinz Eugen glared at the reptilian creature, cringing in disgust as its long tongue slipped out of its snout-like mouth and licked her cheek. It released her right arm and she wasted no time in punching it, only for the creature to tilt its head out the way – and suddenly strike her with its clawed hand.

Stars appeared in her vision, her head jerking to the side from the force of the blow. For a brief few seconds she couldn't think, disbelief mixing with disorientation and leaving her stunned. The Lizardman didn't wait for her to recover, eagerly clawing at her tight-fitting clothes and easily ripping them with its claws, uncaring that its claws lightly cut her skin.

Prinz stirred from her daze, blinking away the spots in her vision and idly noting the blood running down her cheek. She looked down at herself and grimaced at her own nudity, barely a few scraps of cloth lingering on her shoulders and nothing else – leaving her completely exposed, from her large breasts to her wide hips. The Lizardman hadn't even spared her black panties, leaving her pussy unconcealed – something the creature clearly relished in, its cock visibly twitching at the sight of her slit.

''...trash...'' Prinz Eugen muttered hatefully. She may not be able to escape, but she wouldn't give up.

The Lizardman seemingly liked that, grinning at her and licking her face again – shifting its hips closer until its cock pressed against her bare pussy, eliciting a shudder from the cruiser. Without a second more of delay it suddenly jerked its hips forth, shoving its ample cock into her pussy and knocking the breath from her lungs, all in one fell swoop.

''Nn!'' Prinz gasped, nails digging into her palms and her teeth gritting together. It was larger than she expected, or at least felt bigger – forcibly spreading her inner walls apart with its girth.

She was given less than a few seconds to adjust before it started moving, roughly bucking its hips and plunging into her pussy with lustful eagerness. Prinz Eugen stifled a pained gasp as it filled her, her body jerking from the sheer strength it used and her breasts bouncing slightly – something the Lizardman clearly noticed, using its free hand to grope her ample breast roughly.

Prinz hissed at its tight grip, hard enough it would surely leave a mark. The creature relished her angry expression, its hips moving even faster and pounding its ample cock into her pussy with ravenous abandon, the need to breed fuelling the creature's insatiable lust. And Prinz Eugen just happened to be the ideal target for said lust.

''Nn...! Hah...!'' Prinz Eugen grunted harshly, her glare barely faltering even as the Lizardman continued to slam its cock into her, violating her.

It released her breast a moment later, giving her some minor reprieve before its hands shifted to her hips. She didn't get the chance to wonder what it was doing before it suddenly lifted her up, its talons digging into her thighs to stop her falling – allowing the Lizardman to pound into her pussy unrelentingly, pressing its armoured chest against her breasts and squishing them uncomfortably.

Even if she resisted her body unwillingly became hot, arousal coating the creature's cock in a weak attempt to make the penetration even slightly gentler. Even if she knew it was just a physical reaction she still felt sick knowing her body was reacting, defiantly grabbing the Lizardman's arms and digging her nails in – not that she could, given its scale-like skin. Didn't stop her from distracting herself from the situation though.

''Haah-!'' Prinz gasped as the Lizardman suddenly tightened its hold on her thighs, blood dribbling down its talons as it broke the skin.

The abrupt jolt of pain made her muscles tense up, earning a raspy hiss from the creature as her pussy tightened around its throbbing shaft – and making said shaft pulsate with growing arousal. It slammed into her over and over, the chilly metal wall against her back a stark contrast with the burning heat in her pussy as the creature fucked her.

Prinz Eugen's eyes widened as she felt its cock throb powerfully within her, the meaning not lost on her. ''D-Don't you dar-''

Her angry threat fell on deaf ears, and with a sudden hiss of pleasure the Lizardman rammed its cock as deep as it could into her abused pussy. Prinz gasped, her back arching as a burst of pained pleasure shot through her – before she felt ropes of hot cum shoot into her womb, each thick spurt making her shudder.

Ten seconds later the Lizardman had its fill, abruptly releasing her thighs and pulling its cock out of her – leaving Prinz to fall to the floor in a dazed, pained heap.

''Nn...'' Prinz grunted, stirring from her daze and looking past the throngs of Lizardmen – to where her sister-ship, Admiral Hipper, was.

Her eyes widened a fraction as she saw the blonde suspended between two Lizardmen, grunting weakly as both creatures pounded into her mouth and pussy with ravenous abandon. Prinz quickly glanced around, swallowing when she counted the sheer number of creatures around her – just short of twenty, if she was counting right. Twenty Lizardmen that all eagerly awaited their turn with her body.

As that thought struck her she saw several Lizardmen creep closer to her, predatory glints in their reptilian eyes. A spike of primal fear shot through her aching body and she acted on it, desperately turning and running.

She didn't make it more than ten metres before a Lizardman tackled her, eliciting a startled gasp from the Heavy Cruiser before it devolved into a harsh grunt as she hit the ground. Her ample breasts squished against the cold concrete floor, the creature atop her and pinning her arms to the ground.

Prinz Eugen struggled desperately, her efforts becoming near-frantic as she felt its cock rub against her ass – before her eyes bulged as it pushed into her asshole. She gasped, arching her back on reflex as its large cock stuffed her full, pain lancing along her nerves as it violated her other hole. She couldn't stand up with its bulk above her, leaving her unable to do anything other than endure as the Lizardman started fucking her ass, prone-boning her into the dirty concrete floor.

''Nn...! Nnaah...!'' Prinz gasped, cringing and shuddering as it pounded into her.

As the creature fucked her she dimly heard heavy footsteps a mere foot away, before another identical Lizardman hissed at the one currently violating her. The two creatures held an unintelligible conversation before suddenly the Lizardman stopped pounding into her – for only a moment.

''Ah!'' Prinz Eugen cried, expression contorting in pain as the Lizardman gripping her side-ponytail. The creature pulled out of her asshole and quickly yanked her arm back, forcing her to stand as well – forcefully pulling her ponytail back at the same time.

Prinz stumbled to her feet, her knees weak and neck arched back due to the grip on her hair. The Lizardman released her arm and instead grasped her bruised hip, pulling her back – and eliciting a weak groan from the Heavy Cruiser as the creature pushed its large cock back into her asshole.

Her attention was garnered as a second Lizardman stepped in front of her, looping its arms under her thighs and lifting her legs up – gripping her curvy ass and holding her up. It easily spread her leg open enough for it to stand between them, and Prinz grimaced as it rubbed its erect cock between her pussy lips, before sliding into her abused slit.

''N-Nn...'' Prinz grunted weakly, shuddering as both Lizardman started thrusting into both of her holes.

Both creatures pressed against her, forcing her legs to bend to the point her knees pressed against her breasts – giving the Lizardman unhindered access to her pussy, letting it pound into her with lustful eagerness. The Lizardman behind her reached under her armpits and groped her breasts roughly, each squeeze knocking the breath from her lungs and leaving her mind feeling foggy with pain and lack of oxygen.

Neither of the Lizardmen seemed to care if she would pass out or not; lustfully thrusting their large cocks into her ass and pussy with such force her hips burned from the strain. Prinz Eugen cringed as the Lizardman in front of her licked her face with its long tongue, turning her face away from it – only for the other Lizardman to lick her, its slimy tongue lapping at her cheeks and trying to slip into her mouth.

''Hah... s-stop that, you... eyesores...'' Prinz muttered disdainfully, attempting to bite the Lizardman's tongue – only to gasp as the creature gripped her breasts harder, drawing blood.

It tried slipping its tongue into her mouth again and she reluctantly submitted, squirming as it pushed into her mouth. It swirled around, ghosting over her teeth and rubbing against her tongue. The Lizardman mercifully retracted its tongue a moment later, only for the Lizardman in front of her to shove its tongue into her mouth, dominating her mouth with its foul-tasting tongue.

''Nn...'' Prinz grunted breathlessly, cringing as their cocks throbbed inside her.

The sound of skin slapping echoed in her ears, feeling every inch of their cocks as they plunged into her. The constant friction set her nerves on fire, her skin burning and tingling – the fire in her pelvis only growing worse by the second.

Prinz shuddered as the creatures seemingly sped up, slamming their hips against her and driving their cocks as deep as they would go – their shafts pulsating dangerously. She struggled weakly against the grip to no avail, screwing her eyes shut as the Lizardman took turns dominating her mouth with their slimy tongues. Her breathing quickened as the burning became even stronger to the point it was maddening, like an overworked muscle straining to its limit.

The Lizardman slammed its cock into her ass, hissing sharply before it suddenly pumped ropes of thick cum into her asshole. Prinz Eugen gasped, tensing up as the burning reached its peak – and she climaxed, a choked cry escaping the busty cruiser as she orgasmed. The Lizardman in front of her hissed when her pussy coiled around its cock, gripping her ass tighter and burrowing its cock into her, eagerly unloading spurts of cum into her pussy, impregnating her.

''A... Ah...'' Prinz murmured dazedly, twitching as the creatures pulled their cocks out of her – leaving her to drop to the floor with a muted grunt.

Through half-lidded eyes she saw more of the Lizardmen close in on her, and barely had a second to mutter a curse before one grabbed her head, and shoved its cock down her throat.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes


''Tch... would it kill the engineers to clean this place...?''

Brooklyn hummed lightly in response to Hammann's bitter mutterings, her eyes wandering over the North-Eastern tunnel as she walked. It was admittedly pretty messy – empty oil drums littering the place and some spilled oil forming puddles on the cold concrete floor. Last she checked the Commander had intended to move all the oil drums here, before the attack that is.

While the four major tunnels led to the Command Centre, several small mini-hallways led between the main tunnels, mostly for transporting things from storage room to storage room. Each being locked with a key, but given the strength of the monsters they faced.... Brooklyn wasn't betting on them holding up, should the creatures inevitably breach the bunker.

As they walked past a small pile of barrels Hammann spotted something and jumped back, turning her guns towards it – only to twitch as she realised it was only a shadow, and not a monster.

''Calm down, Hammann.'' Brooklyn soothed, laying a hand on the cat-girl's shoulder. ''The bunker hasn't been breached yet. No need to fear.''

''I-I'm not scared....'' Hammann muttered, but her voice betrayed her.

''It'll be alright, Hammann. I promise.'' The tanned cruiser assured softly.

As if to mock her words, an alarm suddenly went off.

Dzzz! Dzzz! Dzzz! Dzzz!

''What's that for?!'' Hammann shouted over the heavy buzzing of the alarm.

Brooklyn grimaced, looking up at the flashing red light. ''A breach. Likely from one of the other tunnels.''

Turning her gaze forwards, Brooklyn continued walking down the tunnel – much to Hammann's confusion.

''...shouldn't we go back to help?''

''No.'' Brooklyn shook her head. ''This tunnel still needs to be guarded; if we leave, all that will happen is we'll have one more front to cover when they breach here too.''

Hammann frowned but didn't argue, visibly steeling herself and marching onwards a step behind Brooklyn. The tunnel was relatively well lit, with a string of white lights hanging overhead, but the Destroyer couldn't help but jump at every little shadow, expecting it to be a monster. It didn't help that the tunnel was laden with empty oil drums and storage crates yet to be moved, she even saw an forgotten cup of coffee sitting atop one box.

The tunnel was straight aside from a sudden ninety-degree a short way away from the bunker doors. So when the harsh sound of metal grinding filled the tunnel, the two Ship-Girls had no problem hearing it.

Brooklyn tensed, picking up speed to a run with Hammann not even a full step behind her – both of them turning the corner... just in time to see the bunker doors bend inwards, allowing a swarm of Goblins to spill into the bunker like a green sea.

''Fire!'' Brooklyn ordered, opening fire with her own guns.

Blasts of shellfire filled the tunnel, holding back the swarms of Goblins... for a time. Even with the sheer volley of fire, there were brief pauses between each barrage as they had to reload – never more than two seconds, but that was more than enough for the Goblins to exploit, inching ever closer. With the ninety-degree corner behind them they couldn't retreat without letting up on their target, which would only allow them to close the distance even faster.

In the end, it was only a matter of time.


''Hammann!'' Brooklyn called, eyes darting to the side – Hammann struggling against several Goblins that were climbing her, scratching at her clothing and lustfully tearing it to shreds.

Brooklyn's distraction cost her. A Goblin grabbed the barrel of her cannons and yanked them down, clambering up her. Two more Goblins lunged at her, grabbing her rigging and off-setting her balance – a deafening boom filling the tunnel as her shell went wide, hitting the concrete wall and blowing chunks of rock through the hall.

''Get... off...!'' Brooklyn growled, slugging one of the Goblins in the face and sending it flying into the horde – but it meant nothing, as easily a dozen more Goblins were encroaching on her.

Before she could reload another shell the Goblins attacked, ravenously destroying her metal rigging – each Goblin she knocked off was only replaced by two more. Once her armaments were dismantled the green creatures set upon her clothing. Brooklyn's eyes widened and her struggling doubled as her dress ripped, elbowing a Goblin in the face even as another two pulled her dress back, ripping it from behind as well.

''S-Stop!'' Brooklyn yelled, her face growing red as a Goblin managed to grab the waistband of her frilly black panties – clumsily yanking them down her long legs.

A Goblin tackled her leg, knocking Brooklyn to the floor with a low grunt. Almost immediately the near-nude Cruiser was besieged by a swarm of Goblins, their hands ripping the remnants of her clothing off her and exposing her tanned skin to the perverse creatures – including her modest breasts and virgin slit.

''Nn!'' Brooklyn grunted as several Goblins greedily groped her breasts, their fingers digging into her soft skin eagerly.

The tanned beauty winced as a Goblin touched her folds, clumsily rubbing before managing to push a finger into her pussy – eliciting a stifled gasp from Brooklyn. Her surprise was ruthlessly capitalised on, a Goblin grabbing her hair and forcefully tilting her head to the side, only to shove its cock into her mouth.

Her eyes bulged and she tried to pull back, but despite its small size its grip was unrelenting. Several Goblins grabbed her long legs, spreading them open and letting one Goblin shift between them. Brooklyn's muffled protests went unheeded as the Goblin eagerly rubbed its erect cock against her pussy lips, before excitedly pushing its dick into her.

''Mnn...!'' Brooklyn grunted harshly, grimacing as her inner walls were spread apart by its length. The creature didn't even give her time to adjust before lustfully beginning to fuck her, bucking its hips and pounding her pussy.

Her attention shifted to the other Goblin currently face-fucking her, its sizeable cock thrusting in and out of her mouth – not long enough to forcibly deep-throat her, but still girthy enough to hurt her jaw. Despite her resistance the perverse creatures continued thrusting into her mouth, letting out low yelps and hisses of bestial delight.

A shudder ran through her as other Goblins continued toying with her body – two in particular fondling her ample breasts, while several others stood around her jerking off and rubbing their cocks against her tanned skin. Her hands were restrained by two Goblins who used her hands to get themselves off – the awkward angle stopping her from using her full strength to simply crush their dicks, instead forced to jerk them off.

''Haah...'' Brooklyn breathed, her eyes drifting down her front – cringing as the Goblin continued violating her pussy, the repetitive thumping of its cock a sickening drum in her head.

She could feel their wandering hands all over her – touching her stomach, her legs, her arms, everywhere. Using her to get themselves off, and she knew without a doubt that the moment one Goblin was finished fucking her, there would be dozens more waiting to get a turn.

''Nn...'' Brooklyn shivered, feeling one Goblin in particular rub its cock against her breast – before ropes of cum splattered across her skin, the sticky warmth dribbling down her side.

Several other Goblins came, shooting their seed all over her tanned body – only to be eagerly replaced by even more Goblins, who wasted no time in exploring her body. A gasp slipped past Brooklyn's lips as one Goblin in particular touched her pussy, furiously rubbed her sensitive folds even as the other Goblin didn't stop pounding her pussy – unwanted pleasure tingling across her skin.

The Goblin howled suddenly – before its twitching cock pulsated, and it unloaded ropes of cum into her pussy. Brooklyn stiffened at the sensation, groaning lowly at the strange sensation. The sound of her voice was all it took for the Goblin fucking her mouth to cum, hissing before it shot spurts of cum into her mouth.

The green creature pulled out a moment later, and Brooklyn didn't hesitate and spat out the thick cum, grimacing as she watched it drip from her tongue like salty magma. ''Gross...''

Several Goblins left her be, moving to the back of the throngs of green creatures only to be replaced by more of their brethren. She was lifted off the ground slightly to let one eager Goblin sit beneath her, its erect cock twitching impatiently – before the tanned beauty was lowered back down, and the creature pushed its cock into her asshole.

''Ah... Nn...'' Brooklyn grunted softly, shuddering as the green creature lustfully started bucking its hips and humping her.

Her legs were still spread, letting one of the Goblins approach her and push its erect cock into her abused pussy, wrapping its arms around her and burying its head in her chest. An unwilling moan slipped past Brooklyn's lips as both creatures eagerly fucked her, bucking their hips and plunging their throbbing cocks into her deepest parts, stirring up her insides with their shafts.

The other Goblins surrounding her however weren't content to just wait – closing in on her with their cocks at the ready. Some couldn't hold in anymore, howling as they unloaded ropes of cum over her tanned body. Grabbing hands squeezed and fondled every inch of skin available, from her thighs to her armpits, the creatures using her solely for their own lust.

A pair of hands grabbed her head, tilting her head to the side – before a Goblin pushed its ample cock into her mouth. Brooklyn shuddered as it hit the back of her throat, the short creature eagerly ramming its hips against her face and shoving its cock down her throat. Unlike the last one this Goblin was bigger, hindering her breathing and leaving her feeling light-headed each time it cut off her air supply.

''Nn... stop...'' Brooklyn weakly murmured, but her words went completely ignored.

A shiver ran through her as she felt a Goblin behind her, rubbing its cock against her bare back and neck, before it shot ropes of thick cum over her neck and hair. Several more Goblins climaxed, cumming all over her.

The Goblin beneath her bucked its hips faster, fucking her ass with wild abandon – before it howled, and unloaded its seed in her ass, earning a stifled groan from Brooklyn. The other Goblin pounding her pussy lasted a little longer, its rough tongue licking her tanned skin ravenously until it reached its limit, cumming inside her and painting her insides white with its seed.

Brooklyn grunted as ropes of thick cum filled her mouth, the Goblin howling as it pumped its seed down her throat. She reluctantly swallowed it so she could breathe, gasping in air as the Goblin pulled its cock out her mouth, giving her a few brief moments to recover. She shuddered as the two Goblins pulled their cocks out of her ass and pussy, crawling away with gleeful looks on their creepy faces...

...before several more Goblins approached, one slamming its cock into her abused pussy with a gleeful howl.


''G-Get off~!''

Hammann's panicked cry went unheeded by the green Goblins, who clawed and ripped her clothing to shreds. Her fear only increased as more of her clothing disappeared; her small, near-flat breasts becoming exposed to the perverse creatures. A yelp escaped the tsundere as one Goblin shoved its head under her skirt, yanking her white panties down her legs and licking her hairless pussy eagerly.

''A-Ah! S-Stop t-that!'' Hammann yelled, stumbling back – only for her back to hit a wall, startling her with the realisation her rigging was already gone. They had worked so fast she hadn't even consciously noticed it.

Her surprise lasted for only a second, but that was long enough for the Goblins. Her dress fluttered to the ground, exposing everything from her breasts to her thighs. She was snapped from her daze as the Goblin licked her pussy again, her eyes widening with a mixture of anger and fear.

''B-Begone!'' Hammann snapped, slapping the creature and sending it stumbling away.

Several Goblins grabbed her right arm, the sudden weight off-setting her balance and sending the Destroyer to the ground. She quickly rolled over onto her knees, about to rise back to her feet – only for a Goblin to climb onto her back, its not-insignificant weight keeping her pinned. Her chance at escape was further denied as a Goblin grabbed her bare hips from behind, while another grasped handfuls of her white hair, tugging hard.

''Nn!'' Hammann grunted, glaring at the green creatures. ''L-Let go of me!''

Her eyes widened as the Goblin's erect cock entered her line-of-sight, and fearfully closed her mouth tight. However her fear spiked as she felt the other Goblin rub its cock against her virgin pussy, parting her lower lips slightly – before slamming its length inside her.

''Ah!'' Hammann cried, only for her sharp cry to be silenced as the Goblin shoved its eager cock into her mouth, muting her.

The Destroyer shuddered as both creatures wasted no time in thrusting, pained whimpers slipping past her lips as the Goblin behind her humped her lustfully, plunging its cock into her pussy with no care for her first time. The one in front of her wasn't any better, ravenously face-fucking her and pushing its cock as far down her throat as it could get it, nearly making her gag from its sizeable length.

Surprise filled her as she felt the Goblin on her back move – shifting closer to her head, and she cringed as she heard it jerking off. Her disgust was heightened as she felt it use her hair to get itself off or even rub its cock against her neck. More Goblins gathered around her, jerking off to her nude body. Some even reached around, groping her small breasts roughly or squeezing her thighs, rubbing their cocks against her fair skin.

''Nn... Uu...'' Hammann whimpered, shuddering as the Goblin continued fucking her – and despite its small size, she found its cock filling her completely, knocking the breath from her lungs each time it bottomed out in her.

Out the corner of her eye she glanced over at Brooklyn, her heart sinking as she watched the tanned cruiser get violated, her legs spread and held apart by several lustful Goblins. Hammann's gaze shifted further down the tunnel, and all she could see was a small army of Goblins ravenously running towards the centre of the bunker.

Her attention was drawn back to the Goblins currently banging her, namely the one behind her – a muffled groan escaping her as the creature reached around and furiously rubbed her sensitive pussy lips, while not slowing its lustful pounding. The brief burst of pleasure only made the maddening feeling of its ample cock feel worse, the pleasure mixing with the pain in a nauseating mix that made her vision blur slightly.

''Ah... n-no...'' Hammann groaned weakly, twitching as she felt its cock hit her deepest parts. ''Stop...''

The Goblins didn't stop. If anything, her pleading only made them fuck her harder – slamming their cocks into her holes with lustful abandon. The one on her back even went as far as humping her bare neck, making her grimace as she felt its pre-cum smear over her skin. One Goblin stepped forth from the swarm, grabbing her white-furred cat-tail and wrapping it around its cock, howling as it made her give it a tail-job.

She felt the Goblin's cock throb in her mouth, the green-skinned creature speeding up – face-fucking her wildly, before it released a sudden howl of delight... and her eyes widened as spurts of thick cum shot down her throat. Hammann quickly swallowed its seed, afraid of choking on it, and she nearly felt relief when the creature pulled its cock out of her mouth and let her breathe again.

Her relief quickly turned to dawning fear as she felt the other Goblin's cock pulsate in her pussy, the implication not lost on her.

Hammann looked behind her, fear lacing her voice. ''N-No, p-pull out! D-Don't you dar-''

She was cut short as the Goblin groaned, its thrusts slowing for a brief second before it slammed its cock as deep as it could into her quivering pussy – before ropes of hot cum filled her insides, making her heart drop.

''Y-You didn't...'' Hammann whispered fearfully, twitching as another rope of cum filled her. Impregnated her. ''I-I don't... no...''

The Goblin pulled its cock out a moment later, allowing its cum to flow freely out of her abused pussy, confirming her fears. She barely even noticed the Goblin cum on her neck, its warm sticky seed getting in her hair and running down her collar. Her mind was focused entirely on the implication of what it meant – that she would bear that creature's children, willingly or not.

Oddly the Goblins didn't close in on her, ready to mate with her. Instead they backed off – even the one on her back quickly leapt off. She snapped out of her daze and realised why... as a lumbering Orc approached her, its large cock hanging between its legs. It looked like a Goblin but larger in every respect, and that worried her.

Hammann swallowed, eyes widening in fear. She turned onto her back and frantically crawled back – only for a couple of brave Goblins to stop her, instead pushing her back towards the looming Orc.

''N-No...'' The cat-girl whimpered, her pussy still stinging from her recent defilement.

The Orc grabbed her by the arm, lifting her up before settling its hands on her sides – and Hammann shivered in fear as it angled her over its large cock. She weakly struggled against its grip but couldn't even make it budge, and she stiffened as it lowered her down until the tip of its ample cock pressed against her pussy.

Her eyes widened as it pushed her down further, spreading her lower lips apart and sinking into her pussy, stretching her inner walls apart with its girth. ''A-Ah...''

It moved her down further, her mouth opening in a silent scream as she was forced to accommodate its large cock – a visible bulge appearing in her pelvis due to the sheer size. It kept pulling her down until there was simply no more room inside her, unable to push any more of its cock inside her without tearing her apart.

''A... Ahh...'' Hammann stuttered, eyes bulging and staring at nothing. ''S... Stop... too... big...''

The Orc didn't care. It lifted her up its cock, the Goblin's cum acting as meagre lubricant, before it yanked her back down – eliciting a sharp scream from the Destroyer as it rammed its cock into her abused pussy. Even with its length burrowed inside her just over a third of its cock was outside her, unable to squeeze inside her.

Hammann spasmed as it shoved her back down its cock again, sending fresh jolts of pain through her hips. It was too big, far bigger than the Goblins were. It almost felt like she was breaking apart, that something inside her had broken. Idly at the back of her mind she wondered if she would bear that Goblin's child – because if the Orc's movements were any indication, she wouldn't have a womb left to bear it.

Her mind was beginning to fog up, distancing herself from reality to preserve her sanity. The repetitive thumping of its cock hitting her womb was like a haunting melody in her mind, matching the beat of her own heart as her awareness faded. Pain turned to twisted pleasure, her nerves shot to hell and her mind trying to salvage whatever it could before she broke beyond repair.

''Ohh...'' Hammann moaned brokenly, eyes glazed over as the Orc continued to roughly defile her.

The Orc went faster, using her like a living sex toy – bouncing her up and down its throbbing cock. Each time it bottomed out inside her her whole body spasmed slightly, twitching even as her mind had thoroughly checked out. In the end, it wasn't long until the twisted pleasure became too much for her body to handle.

''Ahh...'' Hammann groaned, twitching as she climaxed on the Orc's cock – making the bulky creature groan as her pussy tightened around its ample cock, tipping it over the edge.

Another broken moan slipped past Hammann's lips as the Orc came inside her, pumping her pussy full with cum – rope after rope of seed filling her, making her stomach bulge from the sheer amount of cum. After ten seconds of non-stop cumming the Orc stopped, pulling her up and off its cock – letting cum flow freely out of Hammann's abused pussy, pooling into a puddle beneath her.

The Orc stared at her for a long moment before discarding her, tossing her aside carelessly and marching deeper into the bunker – and leaving Hammann to be surrounded by a swarm of Goblins, before they greedily resumed fucking her with wild abandon.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes


''All clear in this sector.''

''Mm. Let's move on then.''

Helena nodded quietly, turning off her radar and following after her sister-ship, St. Louis. The two blue-haired Ship-Girls wandered down the deserted south-western tunnels, periodically stopping so Helena could use her radar to scan for any possible monsters. Due to the thickness of the walls she had to expend more energy into it, thus reducing the range of the scan.

''...I wonder what happened to the Commander.'' Helena noted softly, frowning sadly and drawing St. Louis' attention. ''He never showed up...''

''He'll be fine.'' St. Louis replied, smiling reassuringly. ''I saw Atago and Takao moving towards him minutes after the attack began. They'll have secured him and taken him off-base for his own safety.''

Helena hummed softly, unconvinced but trying to make herself believe it.

Silence fell upon the duo, carefully walking further down the concrete hallway. The maintenance room was further down the tunnel, as was the sleeping quarters for the human engineers on the base. According to Jintsuu very few if any engineers managed to reach the bunker, and those that did went into the maintenance room to try and bring the base defences online – and, given the lack of any such defences, it seems that they were unsuccessful.

However, they had yet to report back.

As they walked Helena noticed one of the small side-doors that led to the other tunnels... a door that was strangely open. She stopped walking immediately, closing her eyes and activating her radar – a mental 'ping' filling her mind's eye, spreading out in a circle around her. Any living thing popped up as a little dot... and the only thing to appear was a dot right beside her, that being her sister.

''Found something?'' St. Louis queried curiously, feeling Helena's radar ghost over her.

''No.'' Helena shook her head. ''Nothing.''

''Hm...'' St. Louis frowned at the door, before turning away. ''Unicorn and Kisaragi must've left it open when they were looking for oil. Let's keep moving.''

''Shouldn't we investigate?''

''No; we should check on the engineers first and foremost. We need to know if something has happened – or worse, if something got in and killed them without tripping the alarm.''

Helena frowned, but hesitantly nodded. ''...fine.''

The two blue-haired girls walked away... unaware of the humanoid figure just out of sight within the side-tunnel, slowly shambling to its feet and silently stalking after the two sisters.

Both Ship-Girls grew tense as they neared a turn in the corridor – a slow curve that led to the second half of the tunnel. Since it wasn't a sharp right-angle turn they couldn't peek around it, only making them more tense. They had seen what some of the creatures had done to their comrades first-hand, and it left a lasting impression.

St. Louis took the lead, keeping her back to the left wall and putting as much distance between her and any potential attackers – but there was none. Instead as she walked around the curved corner she was greeted by a long hallway... and several bodies laying on the floor. The engineers.

''Crap...'' St. Louis cursed lowly, lowering her guns. ''Helena. Check the bodies for vitals.''

''R-Right...'' The blue-haired cruiser hesitantly nodded.

Her radar scan was still recharging so she slowly approached the unmoving bodies, going for the nearest one – a middle-aged man wearing a cap and a dark-green jumpsuit. As she drew closer she took notice of his exposed arms, more specifically the black splotches dotted over his skin like ink stains. Black splotches that looked suspiciously like that stuff afflicting Choukai.

''Hello?'' Helena asked softly, reaching down and gently shaking his shoulder, earning no response.

Hesitantly she gripped his shoulder and rolled him over onto his back – revealing that half his face sported the same black splotches, eerie tendrils creeping beneath the skin. If she looked closely she swore she could see them spreading even further, like a bacterial plague. Upon leaning in closer she grimly confirmed that it was indeed spreading, albeit so slowly it was hard to see.

Abruptly the body twitched, making Helena tense up – before the man's eyes snapped open, his blue eyes a stark contrast against his black sclera.

''Hyaa!'' Helena nearly shrieked in surprise as the man lurched up, hands grabbing her arms and pushing her back.

St. Louis spun around, eyes widening in shock as the thought-dead man pinned Helena to the ground. Her shock wore off a second later and she raised her cannons, prepared to shoot the man – only for something to strike the side of her head. For a brief second her vision went black, before it quickly returned and left her stumbling down onto one knee as her sense of balance wavered.

The source of the attack became apparent as she saw another one of the infected engineers behind her. Through hazy eyes she watched as the unmoving bodies of the engineers slowly rose to their feet, their skin marred by ominous black splotches and patches. They shambled about like zombies towards her, and before she could regain her bearings they attacked, grasping at her rigging and unceremoniously ripping it apart with inhuman strength.

''Get... off...!'' St. Louis grunted, throwing a punch at the nearest Possessed human, only to her strike to miss – and prompting the Possessed to grab her arm, holding it out to the side.

Another Possessed followed suit, grabbing her other arm and yanking it out to the side, preventing her from fighting with it. St. Louis grunted as they suddenly pulled her to her feet, and a third Possessed – the one that had initially attacked her, she noted – shambled in front of her. She didn't get the chance to curse at it before it suddenly closed the gap between them, pushing her up against the nearest wall and crashing its lips against hers.

''Mmph!'' St. Louis yelped in surprise, her purple eyes wide with shock. She defiantly struggled against the two Possessed holding her arms, but their strength seemingly eclipsed her own despite the fact humans were far weaker than a Ship-Girl.

The busty Light Cruiser gasped as the Possessed pulled back from the sudden kiss, letting her breathe for a single second before it crashed its lips against hers again hungrily. She stiffened as its pale hands grasped her ample breasts, roughly squeezing them through her clothing and knocking the breath from her lungs, leaving them burning with the need for oxygen.

''Haah...!'' St. Louis inhaled as the Possessed retreated from the kiss, leaving her gasping in gulps of air. Her face twisted into a grimace as the infected man grabbed the front of her outfit, ripping it open with minimal effort – and leaving her large breasts to bounce free from their constraints.

She grunted as its hands greedily groped her ample breasts, roughly squishing them between its cold fingers. Even though the man's face was nearly-expressionless in an almost zombie-esque way, the lust in its actions were clear as day – and she really did consider the man an 'it', for it was no longer human in her eyes.

She shuddered as the man pinched her nipples, lewdly toying with her breasts and making it hard to think, panic slowly starting to set in. Her increasingly-desperate struggles only seemed to excite the Possessed man, who eagerly released her right boob – and reached under the bottom of her dress.

St. Louis stiffened. ''D-Don't...''

The zombie-like Possessed didn't care, tugging up the front of her blue-white dress and exposing her lacy white panties. St. Louis struggled with renewed effort, gasping as it pushed its fingers against the front of her underwear and roughly rubbing her clothed pussy. The very notion that a twisted version of a human was touching her there made her cheeks burn with angry embarrassment, but any scathing insults fell on deaf ears.

''Nn... stop it...'' St. Louis muttered, cringing as its fingers rubbed between her lower lips, the only thing stopping its finger being her underwear. ''You disgusting monst-''

Her tongue froze as she felt it grab her panties, and pull – the fabric briefly digging into her ass before the material tore, fluttering to the ground. Her heart pounded in her ears as she felt the cool air of the tunnel brush against her exposed pussy, and her fear swelled as she saw the Possessed pushed its half-torn pants off its legs. St. Louis' eyes dilated as she saw the man's cock – a long, pitch-black cock far too large and thick for a normal human.

''No...'' St. Louis murmured uneasily, weakly crossing her legs to hide her slit from the former-human.

The Possessed merely blinked emotionlessly at her, reaching out and grasping her thighs before spreading them apart with its superior strength. It stood close to her, its chest pressing against her breasts and rubbing its cock against her pussy – before without any fanfare it jerked its hips, pushing the tip of its black cock into her slit.

''Mn!'' St. Louis winced, groaning as it pushed its hips against hers and shoved more of its large cock into her. It was far larger than anything she had felt before, the lack of lubricant only making the penetration rougher.

She barely had a few seconds to swallow her pained gasps before the Possessed started moving – rearing its hips back before plunging back in. St. Louis groaned, screwing her eyes shut as the infected man began thrusting into her pussy, drilling into her with its ample length. She could feel the veins and bumps on its cock as it moved, her inner walls instinctively clamping down on its erect dick – whether to push it out or to pleasure it, she didn't know.

Her purple eyes snapped open as the man suddenly leaned in, crashing its lips against hers in a lustful kiss. ''M-Mmph!''

The Possessed's chest pressed against her breasts, squishing them as it drove its cock deep into her pussy, making her whole body jolt each time. She struggled to breathe between ravenous kisses, the rough violation making it hard to focus and the pressure against her chest leaving her lungs unable to fill fully before the man devoured her cries.

St. Louis squirmed as its hands slid from her hips to her ass, squeezing her curvy rear and pushing her down his cock even quicker. She could feel its cock leaking something, coating her insides and acting as a pseudo-lubricant, only allowing it to pound her pussy even faster. To her disgust she felt her inner walls burn with slight pleasure... as if its fluids also acted as an aphrodisiac.

''Mm-aah!'' St. Louis gasped as it broke off the kiss, and she defiantly turned her head away to stop it kissing her – only to shiver as it didn't care, lustfully kissing and licking her cheek.

Her eyes were drawn to the Possessed holding her left arm, the infected man becoming distracted. Summoning every ounce of strength she had St. Louis yanked her arm back, tearing it free from the Possessed's grip – and she promptly punched the other infected man on her right, jerking its head back and loosening its grip on her arm.

Before she could fight back against the man defiling her, the Possessed suddenly pulled her towards it – before pushing her to the ground. St. Louis gasped as her back hit the cold concrete, her eyes widening as it gripped her thighs and pushed them up until they pressed against her breasts, her feet hanging beside her head.

''A-Ah!'' St. Louis cried, her head bumping against the ground as the Possessed resumed fucking her – pinning her wrists against the ground and pressing its bulk against her legs, keeping them pushed against her tits.

It drove its cock deep into her with each thrust, spreading her pussy and leaving her lower lips tingling from the rough penetration. She could feel its cock twitching inside her and she knew from experience what it meant, but despite her best efforts she couldn't wriggle away from it – able to do nothing but lay there and endure it.

''N-Nn... pull out...'' St. Louis weakly pleaded, but earned no response from the zombie-like Possessed.

The busty Light Cruiser winced as its thrusts briefly slowed, its large cock pulsating powerfully within her, before hot ropes of cum shot into her pussy – making her gasp from the strange feeling. It felt so much different than prior experiences, each spurt of cum making her pussy burn with strange pleasure, slowly spreading further through her pelvis by the second.

So much cum was pumped into her it overflowed... and St. Louis froze as she saw the black cum leak out of her stuffed pussy, the Possessed sluggishly pulling its large dick out of her and leaving nothing to hide the unnatural fluid.

''Wh... what did you...?'' St. Louis shivered as she felt her pussy burn even more, and a moment later she realised it was arousal – arousal that was swiftly growing stronger, making her mind fog up.

It occurred to her a moment later that she could probably escape – the Possessed had leaned back, releasing her wrists. She took the opportunity, groaning and dazedly rolling onto her front, crawling away from the infected man as fast as she could. She barely got a few metres away before a pair of hands gripped her hips, stopping her dead and yanking her backwards.

St. Louis looked over her shoulder, grimacing as a different Possessed loomed behind her. Its pants were already on the floor, leaving its long black cock hanging free – and she screwed her eyes shut as it grasped its shaft, guiding it to sensitive pussy and pushing inside.

''Nn...!'' St. Louis bit her lip, stifling a low groan as it immediately started thrusting, ramming its thick cock deep into her pussy.

Her hands clawed fruitlessly at the concrete floor, her mind becoming heavy as the near-maddening burning in her pussy grew so strong it was intoxicating. Wet smacking filled her ears as the Possessed pounded into her, driving its cock deep into her over and over again, making her body jerk forwards and breasts bounce with each powerful thrust.

''Ah... haah...'' St. Louis panted, her tongue hanging out as she gasped in air, groaning as unwanted pleasure bubbled and tingled through her pelvis. ''N-No... ah...''

Her arms gave out under her and her cheek pressed against the cold concrete, rubbing against the floor as the Possessed slammed its large dick into her wet lower lips. St. Louis shuddered as her nipples grazed the rough floor, sparks of pleasure tickling her boobs. All of the pleasure was only amplified by the foreign aphrodisiac-like cum inside her, draining her strength and leaving her mind hazy.

''...Mn... ah... ah...'' St. Louis moaned shakily, her will wavering. ''Haah~''

If the Possessed cared about her decaying state of mind, it didn't show it – too consumed with stuffing her pussy with its throbbing cock. St. Louis moaned in response, her eyes becoming half-lidded and focusing solely on the sensation of the Possessed's cock, and nothing else. Not Helena, not the others, not her own safety – only the maddening sensation of being fucked.

She could dimly hear Helena moaning somewhere behind her, only fuelling her bubbling arousal as she surrendered to the pleasure. Her ass stung as the Possessed slapped its hips against her rear, pounding her pussy and leaving her writhing on the floor. Her honey dribbled down the twisted man's cock, something that only seemed to encourage the infected man – hips slamming against her ass with increasing roughness.

''Mm~!'' St. Louis mewled, breaths coming out in heavy gasps between moans. Her pelvis burned and twisted, her climax rapidly building as any pain turned to mind-melting pleasure, every minor friction knocking the breath from her lungs and leaving her limbs weak.

The Possessed gripped her hips tightly, her only forewarning before she felt its cock throb – and unload thick ropes of cum into her deepest parts.

''Mya~!'' St. Louis cried, her whole body stiffening as her orgasm burned through her veins. Each spurt of cum only extended her mind-breaking orgasm, her inner walls desperately milking every last drop of black cum from the man as if her life depended on it.

As the last drops of cum filled her pussy her body went slack, a dazed groan slipping past St. Louis' lips. When the Possessed sluggishly pulled its dick out of her her knees gave out, leaving her laying against the cold concrete, her mind in chaotic disarray...

...before she felt another of the infected men climb behind her, and she moaned as it began fucking her ass.


''L-Let me go!''

Helena struggled frantically as the infected man loomed over her, pinning her wrists against the concrete on either side of her head – her small rigging already torn off. Flashbacks of what happened to her allies raced through her mind, her eyes wide with petrified fear – a fear that only grew as the man released her right wrist, only to grab the front of her dress.

She cried out as it pulled, ripping the fabric of her outfit with minimal resistance – her boobs bouncing free from the confines of her dress. Using her now-free hand Helena tried to stop him, but she struggled to overpower the Possessed's seemingly-superior strength.

''Nn!'' Helena grunted, cringing as the infected man roughly groped her breast – its expression was lifeless, but whatever was controlling it wasn't subtle with its intent.

Helena gasped as it squeezed, knocking the breath from her lungs with its lustful grip. It toyed with her breast for a few moments, leaving it stinging from its roughness, before releasing her boob – only for the Possessed to slide its hand down her hip, clumsily grasping the waistband of her black panties.

The blue-haired cruiser stiffened. ''N-No...''

The infected man didn't reply, gripping her panties and tugging them down her legs – before simply tearing them off completely, eliciting a surprised cry from Helena. She struggled desperately against the Possessed man, kicking and hitting him as best she could, but her resistance went unheeded. A cold spike of fear shot through her heart as the Possessed forcibly moved between her legs, spreading them apart and pushing aside the front of her dress – exposing her lower lips to the twisted man.

''Please...'' Helena pleaded quietly, weakly trying to pull her arm free from its grip. Her eyes were drawn to the man's crotch, watching as it tore a hole in its green jumpsuit – and her eyes widened as it revealed its long black cock, so big she was afraid it would break her.

Frantically she made to cover her crotch, only for the Possessed to be one step ahead – grasping her wrist and pinning it next to her head. She tried wriggling away but could barely move an inch, fear paralysing her as the man loomed over her, its cock drawing near to her pussy.

Her heart stopped for a brief moment, terror gripping her as the tip pressed against her slit. ''S-Stop-!''


Helena froze, unmoving even as her wrists were freed – the Possessed sent tumbling away several feet, landing in a clumsy heap.

Slowly her gaze shifted to the side, staring at her potential-saviour... and confusion filled her as she saw it was another Possessed. One that looked oddly familiar, almost like-

''C... Commander...?'' Helena whispered in shock.

The Commander didn't reply, his dead eyes staring at her blankly. His skin was marred by the same black splotches as the other Possessed men, his clothes torn and ripped, dried blood on some parts of his previously-white uniform. Any hope of him saving her dwindled as he grasped his belt, roughly ripping it off and pushing his white slacks down his legs, and revealing his swollen black cock.

Her eyes drifted past the Commander, noticing more Possessed pouring out from the maintenance room and several side-tunnels. Only now did she take notice of the blaring alarm of a breach, and the open bunker doors at the end of the tunnel, a mixture of Possessed and other monsters pouring in. Only Ship-Girls and the Commander had the fingerprint to open the bunker doors, and idly she realised that the Commander must've opened them...

The man who always sought to protect them, now becoming instrumental in their fall. Poetic.

Helena was snapped from her morose thoughts as the Commander loomed over her, and she blushed darkly as his large cock pressed against her exposed pussy. Briefly she considered resistance, to escape... but given the swarm of monsters slowly entering the tunnel, her fate seemed sealed.

''Commander...'' Helena murmured, hesitantly using her free hands to cup his cheeks, and kissed him.

The twisted Commander replied in kind with rumbling lust, hungrily kissing her in reply. Helena squirmed as she felt the tip of his black cock press against her lower lips before pushing, and a quiet whimper slipped past her lips as his cock entered her. He was big, his cock spreading her apart with his girth – not helped that he didn't go slow, instead lustfully bucking his hips and burying his cock into her.

''A-Ah... s-slower, Commander...'' Helena whimpered, earning no response from her corrupted Commander.

She winced as he started thrusting, driving his cock deep into her pussy with each thrust. She wrapped her arms around his neck loosely, gripping his partially-torn shirt for support as he fucked her. Part of her wanted to beg him to stop, but another part of her realised he was the lesser of two evils – it was either him, or one of the many monsters flooding the tunnel. And she would rather it be the Commander that took her first time, and not some alien bug or Lizardman.

''Mn...'' Helena grunted as the corrupted Commander clumsily kissed her, and she submitted – weakly returning the kiss.

As the Commander pounded her she felt a strange warm fluid smear across her inner walls, leaking from her corrupted Commander's dick – and Helena mewled as her pussy tingled, sudden sparks of pleasure replacing the pain. As more of his strange fluid leaked the more the pleasure heightened, her pain draining away and leaving her pelvis bubbling with burning warmth.

''Mm... haah...'' Helena moaned as he lustfully dominated her mouth, hungrily devouring her moans.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, hugging him and pulling him flush against her body – his chest pressing against her ample breasts almost-pleasantly. She pointedly ignored the black splotches on his skin, pretending to herself that it was just her and the Commander. No monsters, no conflicted feelings, no fear of being defiled by countless creatures – just her, and the Commander.

Helena retreated from the heated kiss, pulling his head into the crook of her neck – moaning as his lips ravenously kissed at her neck, lust guiding his actions. She instinctively rolled her hips to meet his rough thrusts, groaning as he slammed his cock into her pussy over and over again. Even with the chaotic symphony of sounds filling the tunnel she could clearly hear the sound of skin smacking together, the perversity of the situation only making Helena more aroused, completely unaware how fast her fear and reluctance was disappearing.

''Haah... haah...'' She panted, screwing her eyes shut and groaning. She could feel him twitching and throbbing inside her, and she knew what it meant. ''C-Commander- Ah! P-Please... g-give... Nn... give me... your love...''

Her pelvis burned wonderfully as the Commander slammed his cock into her even harder, seemingly egged on by her submissive plea. Helena gasped as his cock hit her deepest parts, fucking her like he was a wild animal, his cock pulsating powerfully within her pussy – before he reached his limit.

''Ah~!'' Helena cried as he slammed into her pussy, bottoming out in a single thrust – before unloading ropes of thick black cum into her womb.

The sensation of his warmth splattering across her insides made her mind go blank, her body thrashing as she climaxed from the mind-melting feeling. Her orgasm was only dragged out as smaller spurts of cum filled her... and had she been in the right state of mind she would've felt the mysterious fluid slowly sink into her body.

''Mn...'' Helena moaned weakly as the Commander pulled back, slipping out of her weak grip.

Coherency returned to her as she felt the Commander pull out of her, leaving her feel achingly empty – and causing a spike of fear to shoot through her heart. She frantically looked around, taking note of the various creatures looming nearby. Creatures that wouldn't hesitate to defile her with ravenous desire, impregnating her with their demonic children.

''D-Don't... Commander...!'' Helena pleaded, jerking forth and grabbing his hand, stopping him. ''D-Don't leave me...''

The Commander stared at her, and for the briefest of instances she swore she saw a flicker of life in his dead eyes, before it was gone.

Helena yelped as he gripped her hand, suddenly yanking her to her feet. She stumbled on weak knees and shuddered as she felt his hot cum dribble out from her pussy, leaking between her thighs and dripping onto the floor. The blue-haired girl grunted as she was spun around, the Commander bending her over – before pushing back into her overflowing pussy.

''Mm~!'' Helena moaned loudly, twisted happiness blossoming in her heart as her corrupted Commander 'saved' her, and resumed fucking her.

Another deep moan slipped past her lips as his hands reached around, groping her round breasts roughly while not slowing his thrusts even slightly – the hypnotising sound of skin slapping against skin filling her ears as his hips bumped against her ass. Maybe it was because she was so sensitive from cumming, but each time he rammed his cock into her it felt like she was going to melt, her tongue nearly hanging out her mouth from the pleasure.

''Myah~!'' Helena cried blissfully as the Commander pulled her towards him, forcing her to arch her back as he groped her round breasts. ''Comm- ah~!''

She couldn't think, her mind going foggy as he pounded and groped her all at the same time. Her skin burned with foreign pleasure, and she almost whined when he released her boobs – letting her lean forwards, putting her hands on her knees for support.

However she was torn from her blissful high as movement in front of her drew her attention, and a moment later she realised it was another Possessed – the same one from before. A small spike of fear started to bubble in her heart as she saw its hard cock hovering near her face, but before she could pull back the Commander laid his hand on her upper back, stopping her.

''C-Commander...?'' Helena hesitantly looked back at him, panting heavily between his thrusts.

The Commander met her gaze, blinking emptily, before pushing lightly on her back again.

''...I see.'' Helena blushed, quietly looking back at the Possessed's cock. ''If the Commander wants me to do it... I suppose it's alright...''

The man moved closer to her, and Helena obediently opened her mouth – moaning as she took his cock into her mouth. The Possessed man gripped her head, fingers threading through her blue hair before it began thrusting – its pelvis bumping against her nose as the man essentially face-fucked her. For a brief moment she struggled to deal with his ample length plunging down her throat, nearly gagging from the feeling, but as the Commander's cock continued to thrust into her she slowly relaxed and adjusted.

''Mm...'' Helena hummed lewdly, nearly groaning as the Commander's hands gripped her waist and he pounded her pussy with increasing vigour. ''Cohmandah... more...''

Her tongue lapped at the underside of the Possessed's cock, inexperienced but trying her best – though it was hard to focus on the cock in her mouth when her mind was rapidly turning to putty, mewls and moans escaping her each time the Commander plunged into her. Her legs buckled and quivered, strength waning and nearly making her fall – but if the tight grip on her waist was any indication, the Commander wouldn't let her fall.

Helena lewdly pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts, her moans muffled by the twitching black cock pumping into her mouth. Her pelvis twisted and burned, her pussy still sensitive from her prior orgasm and only made worse by the aphrodisiac-like cum inside her. It was nearly maddening, and at the back of her mind she envisioned herself riding the Commander wildly, moving as fast as physically possible.

''Mmph~!'' She moaned at the thought, barely registering a strange tingling on her tail-bone and shoulder-blades. ''Cohmandah... Cohmandah... Cohmandah~!''

Helena cried out as the burning pleasure grew to a roaring inferno, and a second later her orgasm crashed down on her, making her mind go blank from the sheer mind-melting bliss. Her pussy strangled the Commander's cock, tipping the corrupted man over the edge and causing him to unload ropes of thick cum into her pussy – the burning warmth only dragging out her orgasm.

Even as she climaxed the Possessed fucking her mouth continued, thrusting its twitching black cock down her throat over and over, her tongue reflexively licking and spasming beneath its ample length. By the time Helena came down from her high the Possessed reached its limit, its grip on her hair tightening for a brief second before thick ropes of black cum filled her mouth and shot down her throat – and Helena dimly swallowed every last drop, any resistance gone.

''Bhaah... haah...'' Helena breathed as the Possessed pulled its cock out of her mouth, a thin string of saliva connected between her lips and its cock.

She felt movement behind her, moaning weakly as the Commander pulled out of her – and promptly picked her up. Helena squirmed as her corrupted Commander spun her around to face him, his hands gripping her ass and prompting her to wrap her legs around his waist, twisted excitement building in her stomach as she felt his cock brush against her pussy.

''Comm- Mm~!'' Helena groaned, shuddering as he pulled her down his cock without delay. She immediately wrapped her arms around his head and pulled his face into her ample breasts, mewling as he immediately started kissing and biting her skin.

As pleasure continuously coursed through her, at the very back of her mind she wondered the implications of him cumming so much inside her.

But as he plunged into her again, any such worries dissolved to dust and ash.



Chapter Text

 Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes



''Isuzu, move these crates over there.''

''H-Hai, Nagara-nee...'' Isuzu stuttered nervously, quickly moving over to the aforementioned wooden crates and pushing them over to the other side of the tunnel.

With only Nagara and Isuzu in the south-eastern tunnel it felt hauntingly quiet, the sound of their voices echoing down the long concrete tunnel. Currently the sisters were forming a barricade, arranging empty barrels and storage crates into several walls – short enough for them to shoot over, but high enough that it should slow any intruders down.

Since the tunnel itself was a long straight line to the bunker doors they had a perfect sight-line, something they made good use of – forming traps by tying their torpedoes together, or carefully placing near-empty oil drums next to flammable objects.

''Calm down, Isuzu.'' Nagara smiled softly, placing a worn wooden crate down next to their most-recent wall. ''Nothing will hurt you while your Onee-san is here.''

Isuzu opened her mouth – only for her words to be muted as the shrill blare of the emergency alarm filled the tunnel. Within a matter of seconds a second alarm went off, followed shortly by a third one. The meaning was not lost on the two Sakura cruisers, their skin paling as dread pooled in their stomachs. Three tunnels breached.

They were too far away to hear any gunshots, but Nagara didn't doubt they were happening. She hoped they were – because if they weren't...

''W-What should we do?'' Isuzu whimpered skittishly, nervously tugging on her yellow sweater.

Nagara snapped out from her grim musings, shaking her head. ''We'll stay here... we can't afford to leave this tunnel unguarded.''

Isuzu nodded shakily, only to flinch as a deafening bang filled the tunnel. The sound of something hitting metal. Their eyes snapped towards the end of the tunnel, towards the thick metal bunker doors – revealing a small fist-shaped dent on it. A second later another hollow bang echoed as another fist-shaped dent appeared, then another, and another – each strike only bending the metal further inwards.

''Isuzu. Behind cover.'' Nagara instructed sternly, quickly summoning her own rigging and slowly walking backwards.

The younger girl readily obeyed, hopping over the wall of wood and metal crates before manifesting her rigging, taking aim at the doors. Tense silence filled the tunnel as both girls waited, watching anxiously as each strike from the unknown monster further damaged the metal doors. The fact those doors were meant to hold back Battleships was not lost on them, and ominously highlighted the strength of the being behind it.

Nearly a full minute passed before the doors finally gave in, a deafening boom filling the tunnel as they shattered inwards – large chunks of twisted grey metal going flying, bouncing across the concrete floor before screeching to a halt.

Within the now-open doorway the culprit was revealed; a large humanoid creature that stood at over nine feet tall, with a broad torso and thick arms. Its eyes were near-slits, barely revealing the black eyes lying beneath and a short brown beard hung from its chin – matching the long brown hair that fell down its back. Its legs up to its pelvis were covered in thick brown fur, as were its forearms and back. The rest of its skin was a tan colour, looking almost-human if it wasn't for the... everything else. The blood-red antlers jutting out its forehead didn't exactly inspire relief, either.

A Satyr; a creature of myth that was supposedly a forest god of sorts. Though in this case, a forest demon was more appropriate.

''Fire!'' Nagara declared, mentally pulling the trigger – and watching as her shells whistled across the long hallway.

Her aim was true, a loud boom and plume of smoke erupting over the Satyr's broad form... before the grey smoke dissipated, revealing only minor scratches on its toned chest. In response the creature opened its mouth – before releasing a hollow hum not unlike a war horn, one that seemed to echo for miles... before a thunderous flurry of heavy footsteps rapidly began approaching.

'It's calling for help...' Nagara realised, the level of intelligence taking her by surprise.

Her eyes met the Satyr's and she shivered, looking at its chest instead and taking aim again – but before she could fire another round, a slightly shorter Satyr suddenly got in the way. The creature released a slightly more aggressive howl before bursting through the broken bunker doors and charging straight towards them.

From there, everything bled away into a single mess of gunfire and howling monsters. Nagara and Isuzu stood strong, unloading shell after shell down the tunnel into the approaching Satyr until it finally fell – only for two more to have entered the tunnel, rapidly approaching. They broke through the barricades with minimal effort, stepping over their dead comrade without a thought and absorbing shell after shell without falling. By the time they died, several more had already entered the tunnel.

From there, it was only a matter of time until they brute-forced their way through, and reached the girls.

''Hya!'' Nagara cried as a Satyr bulldozed into the barricade, a crate smacking into her and knocking her onto her side.

Nagara groaned, unsteadily rising to her feet – only to freeze as a shadow loomed over her, fear gripping her heart. She nervously looked up, meeting the gaze of the six-foot-tall Satyr that towered a head over her, before it suddenly closed the distance between them. She saw it moving but couldn't react fast enough, wincing as it grabbed her arm and yanked her towards it.

''Nn!'' The horned cruiser grunted as she hit its broad chest, shuddering as it grabbed the back of her rigging and yanked it off with barely any effort.

The second her rigging was gone it pushed her back, causing Nagara to stumble and fall onto her back with a soft grunt. She wasted no time in attempted to crawl away from it, but she didn't get more than a few feet before her head bumped against an astray crate, stopping her dead.

Any thoughts of getting up were washed aside as the Satyr got down on its knees before her, its tanned hands landing on her legs and pulling her towards it. Nagara struggled weakly, kicking at its hands futilely as she attempted to squirm away from the beast. A gasp escaped her as it purposefully gripped her shins tight enough to hurt, the threat clear – a quiet whimper slipping past her lips as she ceased her struggles.

''Nn... please, let my sister and I go...'' Nagara pleaded with the creature, hoping its intelligence would make it more agreeable – but if the apathetic expression on its face was any indication, it didn't care for her pleas.

Nagara whimpered as its hands moved up her legs, pushing her blue skirt up and revealing her plain black panties to the creature's gaze. To her surprise its hands didn't stop, instead moving up her sides – before settling on her yellow sweater, both hands gripping the front before pulling to each side, until with an audible snap the buttons came flying off and her sweater hung open, exposing the white button-up shirt beneath.

Her shirt came undone with equal swiftness, the Satyr forcefully unbuttoning them until her large breasts were exposed, clad in a black bra. She squirmed nervously beneath the creature's looming frame, stiffening as it dragged a single finger up her stomach and to the latch on the front of her bra – before pushing it up and letting her ample boobs bounce free, the cool air of the tunnel brushing against her pink nipples.

''Ah-!'' Nagara gasped as the Satyr prompted groped her breasts, its fingers digging into her boobs and knocking the breath from her lungs.

The Satyr let out a low, approving groan as it fondled her tits, making Nagara blush darkly. She bit her lip to muffle her gasps or reluctant mewls, shivering as he played with her body. For better or worse it didn't last more than a minute before it released her boobs – but any feelings of relief died a swift death as the creature moved its hands back down to her waist.

It dragged a single finger down the front of her black panties before grasping the front of her underwear, roughly yanking them down her thighs, shins and then off her feet. Even with her skirt on she still felt frighteningly exposed, and Nagara whined as the cool air of the tunnel brushed against her bare pussy.

Movement caught her attention and she looked down – her eyes focusing on the Satyr's crotch, her heart briefly stopping as she saw its cock swell up. It was big, nearly enough to be the length of her forearm, and definitely too large to fit inside her completely.

''N-No... please, don't...'' Nagara pleaded fearfully, cupping her pussy as if to shield her maidenhood.

The Satyr merely blinked at her, lifting one hand from her waist and instead grabbing her wrists – yanking them above her and pinning them against the crate, leaving her pussy unprotected. Something the creature swiftly took advantage of, grasping its large cock with its free hand and guiding it towards her slit.

''Nn-!'' Nagara grunted harshly, tensing up as its cock prodded at her lower lips before slowly pushing inside – her eyes bulging as its thick girth spread her inner walls apart. ''S-Stop!''

Her sharp cry went unheeded as the Satyr grasped her right hip tightly, continuing to push its ample cock into her formerly-virgin pussy, deflowering her slowly. Nagara's back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream as more and more of it filled her, stretching her pussy to accommodate its large length – and even then a bulge could be seen in her pelvis, the outline of its cock visible through her skin.

Soon it bottomed out in her, no room left to fit its large cock – though that didn't stop it trying, lightly pushing its hips as it attempted to force more of its dick into her, the tip bumping against her cervix. Nagara laid paralysed, her eyes open but unseeing and her jaw set in a silent cry. Only when the Satyr slowly reared its hips back, pulling its cock out of her, did she snap out of her shock.

Just in time to feel the creature slam its large cock back into her aching pussy.

''AH!'' Nagara cried out, spasming as it filled her in one single thrust.

The Light Cruiser shuddered as the Satyr laid its other hand on her breast, roughly squeezing her boob and stealing the breath from her lungs. By the time she gasped in air the creature rammed its cock back into her pussy, the foreign sensation of having something inside her making her wince. She had barely touched herself in the past, let alone put something inside herself – and the Satyr's cock was far larger than any sex toy she could fathom.

Nagara whimpered as it started to speed up, its painfully slow thrusts picking up tempo – a dim, repetitive 'thump' filling her mind each time it bottomed out inside her. It felt like she was breaking due to how big it was, her hips aching from how far her legs were spread just to make the penetration a little gentler.

''A-Ah...!'' Nagara gasped, wincing as her pussy ached from the abuse. She screwed her eyes shut to try and block the strange sensation out, groaning weakly as her head spun.

Arousal dribbled down the Satyr's ample cock in a weak attempt to ease the pain, but its sheer size was too much for her to handle – not helped that it stubbornly kept trying to push more of it into her, as if trying to thrust into her very womb. It was like a battering ram inside her, hitting her deepest parts over and over and driving her mad, her ample breasts heaving as she sucked in desperate gasps of air between pained whimpers.

The longer she kept her eyes shut, the easier it seemed to be to ignore – the painful thumps against her womb dimming to a distant tapping. Her mind unconsciously distanced itself from reality, refusing to accept what was happening to her – that it was all just some bad dream, that she was actually still in bed, and not being violated by a monster.

Soon her mind was too far gone, lost in an endless spiral down into oblivion; shielding her consciousness from further trauma. But even with her higher mind absent the baser, more instinctual part of her mind remained.

''...ah... Nn...''

Nagara's broken groans and grunts filled the tunnel as the Satyr violated her with its large cock, pain transforming into twisted pleasure in her fractured state of mind. The sensation of its shaft plunging into her pussy sent sparks shooting through her nerves, her arousal coating the creature's cock and letting it push in even faster, battering against her deepest parts repeatedly.

Her legs jerked and buckled as it slammed into her abused pussy, the Satyr going full force – both its hands gripping her waist as it plunged into her weeping slit. Its large cock throbbed and twitched within her, pre-cum smearing against her inner walls as the beast drew closer to climax. Nagara only moaned weakly at the sensation, twitching as twisted pleasure tickled her pelvis.

In the end it was only a matter of time until the Satyr hit its limit – groaning lowly and gripping her waist tight enough to bruise, before slamming as much of its length into her pussy as possible. Even in her mind-broken state Nagara screamed, her whole body coiling up as even more of its cock managed to fit inside her – before a throaty cry escaped her as thick ropes of cum filled her womb, her body spasming as the Satyr impregnated her.

Nearly a full minute passed before the Satyr was finished, rearing its hips back and pulling out of her pussy – letting cum freely spill out of Nagara's abused pussy, her bulging stomach deflating back to normal size.

The broken girl only groaned as the creature turned her over onto her side, before pushing back into her.



Isuzu's cry was cut short as she hit the cold concrete wall, grunting from the impact and falling to the floor in a heap. Her already-damaged rigging was further damaged from the impact, prompting her to deactivate it and let it disappear. Adrenaline pumped through her and she stumbled to her feet, only for her right knee to give up on her – causing her to fall back onto the ground with a yelp of pain.

Isuzu winced, worriedly looking up – a fresh spike of fear shooting through her as she saw a seven-foot-tall Satyr loom over her, barely harmed from her most recent barrage.

''G-Get away!'' Isuzu cried, turning and frantically crawling away on all fours.

She barely got more than a few metres before the Satyr caught her, grabbing the back of her yellow sweater. The cruiser yelped as it tugged her sweater up, and her blood went cold as she felt its other hand roughly grab the back of her pantyhose – before yanking its hand back, tearing the back of her pantyhose off along with her panties, exposing her pussy to the creature.

''W-What are y-you-?!'' Isuzu stammered, eyes wide with fear as it gripped her waist and pulled her towards it.

The skittish Ship-Girl looked over her shoulder, eyes dilating in terror as she saw its large cock slowly swell up behind her. The Satyr sat down behind her and pulled her towards it, positioning her over its lap. Isuzu frantically struggled, kicking her legs out and thrashing in its grip – but no amount of resistance would avert her fate.

''Let me go~! Nagara-nee, h-help me!'' Isuzu wailed, her breath hitched as she felt the tip of its cock brush against her pussy lips.

Slowly she turned her gaze below her, whimpering fearfully as she saw its large cock right beneath her. The Satyr grew tired of waiting, and Isuzu gasped as the creature started lowering her down. The tip of its dick pressed against her virgin pussy, slipping between her lower lips before pushing inside.

Isuzu stiffened, a choked gasp slipping past her lips as the tip entered her. Her already-wide eyes bulged as more of its cock filled her, spreading her virgin walls apart with its sheer girth. She watched petrified as its dick pushed into her pussy, and because of that she saw how much more of its cock had yet to enter her.

''N-Nooo~!'' Isuzu cried, shaking her hips futilely. ''I-I'll break! T-There's no way i-it'll fit!''

The Satyr was unheeding of her pleas. Isuzu wailed as its ample cock pushed deeper into her, stretching her apart to accommodate its huge length – her head tilting back as she cried out. Despite how tight she was the creature was undeterred, constantly sinking her down its cock as fast as it dared. She had little doubt if it wanted to it could, and would, just ram her down its cock – even if it meant breaking her apart.

Soon it bottomed out, barely over half its cock buried inside her tight pussy – but the Satyr wasn't done. Isuzu gasped as it tugged her down further, the tip of its cock bumping against her cervix and sending a jolt of frantic fear shooting through her. She was already stuffed to the brim, her pelvis aching from how big it was, and yet it wanted to go even deeper?

'' S-Stop! '' Isuzu shrieked desperately, her voice cracking. ''I-I'll die! I'll seriously d-die!''

The Satyr didn't acknowledge her, stubbornly yanking her down further – and to her horror she felt its cock inch in deeper, bit by bit. ''N- No! I'll- AAHHH! ''

Isuzu's screamed as its cock suddenly pierced deeper into her pussy, her eyes bulging and her mind briefly going blank as its large dick bumped against her very womb. For a long moment she was paralysed, her mouth agape and eyes unseeing, her mind overwhelmed from the impossibly-deep penetration.

''A... Ah...'' She stuttered, oblivious to the drool leaking out the corner of her mouth.

The Ship-Girl twitched as the Satyr lifted her up its cock, before pushing her back down again – eliciting a broken groan from Isuzu. Her mind was in disarray, barely coherent as she felt the Satyr slowly defile her, its large cock slowly hitting her womb over and over again.

Her legs spasmed reflexively as it bottomed out inside her again, using her like a living sex toy as it lifted her up and down its twitching shaft. Isuzu could barely form a response other than weak groans and whimpers, her modest chest heaving as she gasped in air whenever possible. She had to actively focus on breathing lest her body forget to, but her focus was shattered each time it drove its cock into her deepest parts.

Isuzu groaned weakly as the Satyr moved faster, bucking its hips up at the same time it pulled her down. Her arms and legs hung limply and she pitifully scratched at the Satyr's hands, doing nothing to the durable creature. Soon what little strength she had left dissipated to nothing and she gave up, whimpering weakly as it continued plunging into her pussy.

''N... Nagara... nee...'' Isuzu mumbled faintly, her head lolling against her shoulder as she looked down the tunnel – finding her loving older sister, pinned against the floor and moaning as she was fucked by another of the creatures.

'Does she... like... it...?' Isuzu dimly thought, her muddled thoughts unable to comprehend that her sister had also been broken by the Satyr. 'Maybe... it does feel... good...?'

A quiet, breathless groan slipped past her lips as the creature's thick cock filled her again, and she surrendered to its dark lust. Time lost all meaning as the Satyr fucked her, smearing her inner walls with its pre-cum and mixing with her own juices, making the penetration the tiniest bit easier on her fragile body.

Isuzu was stirred from her daze as she felt its cock throb within her. Unaware of what awaited she could only moan weakly as it bounced her on its cock, plunging into her pussy so quickly she would surely bruise. Dimly she could feel its dick twitch more and more, her inner walls weakly clamping around its ample length instinctively.

Abruptly the Satyr groaned, yanking her down her cock – eliciting a weak whine from Isuzu as its cock hit her womb, before ropes of cum filled her pussy and painted her insides white. She twitched weakly at the sensation, panting with her tongue hanging out her mouth. She was dimly aware of her stomach achingly, bulging with how much cum the Satyr pumped into her, before lifted her up and off its cock – causing all of it to spill out.

''Uu...'' Isuzu groaned dully, eyes unseeing...

...even as the Satyr shoved her against the floor, and pushed back into her again.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 17 Minutes


''Ugh... this place smells...''

Enterprise smiled faintly at Hornet's muttered grumbles, the Aircraft Carriers forced to crawl as they made their way through a secret maintenance shaft that led to the surface. The two were joined by Taihou, Z46, Dace, U-47 and Albacore – the seven of them being selected for the excursion to the surface, on Jintsuu's orders.

The shaft was connected to the South-West tunnels where Helena and St. Louis where, though they must've gone deeper into the tunnels by this point since they were nowhere to be found. Given no alarm was going, Enterprise assumed they had found the maintenance workers and were trying to fix the defences.

''Hn... I wish they could make these vents a little bigger...'' Taihou mumbled quietly as they crawled, the soft metal thumps echoing through the maintenance shaft from their movements.

''Maybe if ya weren't so big...'' Albacore teasingly jabbed, making Taihou twitch but not retaliate, only grumbling to herself.

The vent moved up at a slight angle, widening a little bit as they reached a ladder – the maintenance tunnel going straight upwards. ''Keep it quiet. We're here.''

The other Ship-Girls obeyed, falling silent as Enterprise slowly climbed up the thin metal ladder. After a moment Hornet followed, then Taihou after her. It only took a little over fifteen seconds to reach the top, a metal hatch greeting her – something she remedied, inserting a small silver key into a side-panel and twisting it.

With the low hiss of hydraulics the hatch slid open, revealing the dull grey sky above. Enterprise wasted no time in climbing out of the maintenance shaft, immediately summoning her rigging and looking around. They had exited behind the main docks, a couple of half-destroyed buildings around them and providing enough cover to remain out of sight, at least for a short while.

''Hurry.'' Enterprise murmured into the ventilation shaft – reaching down and grabbing Hornet's arm, helping pull her out. ''We'll draw attention to ourselves so you girls can reach the refuelling bay and ocean.''

''Understood...'' Taihou acknowledged, grunting as she climbed out the vent. ''Come along, little Z. I'd rather not be up here longer than needed.''

''Affirmative.'' Z46 replied tonelessly.

The assembled group waited until the three submarines climbed out of the tunnel before commencing their plan.

With naught but a nod Taihou broke off first, slipping between two buildings with Z46 dutifully following. Enterprise closed her eyes, raising her flight deck and drawing her large metal bow, summoning an arrow before pulling the string back. A second later she opened her eyes and fired, unleashing the arrow into the sky and watching as it transformed mid-flight into a small cluster of miniature fighter planes.

The planes circled back around, one of them branching off and stalling near her – allowing her to reach out, handing the little yellow chick piloting it a distress beacon. Despite its fingerless arms the chick took the beacon from her hands with minimal effort, saluting her before speeding off again and rejoining the squadron above her.

''Ready, sis?'' Hornet spoke up, her own rigging already manifested and ready.

''Mm.'' Enterprise nodded, glancing at the three submarines. ''You three go ahead; we'll cover you.''

''Got it~!''

As the three submarines made a dash for the water Enterprise drew back another arrow, summoning a wave of bombers in preparation for the oncoming creatures, who would surely notice them shortly.

Her prediction came true, as less than fifteen seconds later the echoing howl of a Hellhound filled the air, swiftly joined by several more.


A little over ten minutes passed, and none of the others had returned – something that deeply troubled Enterprise.

''Left side, fifty metres!'' Hornet called out a warning, her own bombers preoccupied with covering their front.

Without a word Enterprise guided her fighter planes with a mental whim, their machine guns opening up on a group of leering Goblins and reducing them to shreds. Even as she notched another arrow she was mentally calculating how long it would take for her fighters to circle back around – twenty seconds if they had the room. And if the annoying wasp-like creatures didn't interrupt their turn.

Scraps of metal and wood fluttered down past her as three of her fighters were destroyed, the discomforting buzz of the bug's wings reaching her ears as the overgrown wasp chewed her planes to shreds. The wasp in turn was ripped to shreds by the remaining fighters, its fragile exoskeleton unable to protect it from the fighters' machine guns.

Movement from the corner of her eye drew her attention, her head darting to the left and spotting several ghostly figures racing towards her. They looked like stereotypical ghosts; transparent white figures that floated above the ruined ground, their forms like an upside-down U with black circle eyes and a downturned mouth. They looked more sad than malicious – but given the harm the other monsters had done, she wasn't in the mood to feel sympathy.

''Begone.'' Enterprise muttered, letting the arrow loose – watching as it transformed mid-flight into a swarm of fighter planes.

However to her disbelief when the planes opened fire... their bullets went right through the ghostly figures. Her planes themselves also flew straight through the Ghosts, like they weren't even there. She remained stunned for a long few seconds as her mind raced, giving the Ghosts precious time to close the distance between them. By the time she came up with a potential counter to their apparent-intangibility, they were on her.

''Nn!'' Enterprise grunted as one Ghost hit her dead-on, nearly tackling her.

She stumbled back but didn't fall, and when her screwed eyes opened she found no Ghost in front of her. For a brief moment she was confused, wondering if the Ghost had actually gone through her, that it couldn't hit her since it was intangible. But then her rigging disappeared. Through shocked eyes she watched as her own hands hung limply at her sides, not heeding her commands to move. She could turn her head slightly but when she tried to speak her mouth felt sluggish, an incoherent grunt escaping her opposed to speech.

Suddenly she noticed how quiet it was. Her eyes, the only thing she still had full control of, shot upwards – noticing all her planes had also been robbed of control, and didn't acknowledge her mental commands. Instead they all fell gracelessly to the ground, a lucky few crashing into passing monsters and damaging them slightly.

From the corner of her eye she could see Hornet suffering a similar fate, her eyes wide with panic as she furiously struggled to no avail, her head jerking about sluggishly as she tried to resist.

Enterprise swallowed, warily looking around at the numerous monsters that lurked around them. Not outright attacking them, but watching. Waiting. As if something else was commanding them, that they weren't just mindless beasts. Or perhaps they instinctively knew they couldn't resist anymore, and were just savouring their growing fear.

Her hands suddenly moved, but not of her own volition. Her heart sunk as her own hands reached up to the shoulders of her black jacket, shrugging it off and letting it fall to the ground. Her tie was next, her nimble fingers undoing the knot and throwing it aside awkwardly, her limbs like a marionette's.

''Stop...'' Enterprise managed to get out, cheeks heating up as her fingers deftly undid the golden buttons of her white shirt.

One by one they came undone, showing the fair skin of her collarbone, then the tops of her breasts. As the third button came undone her ample breasts spilled out, clad in a black bra. The rest of her buttons came undone within seconds, leaving Enterprise blushing darkly as she unwillingly pulled her shirt off, revealing her bare torso to the leering creatures.

The Aircraft Carrier grunted weakly, feverishly struggling even as her hands reached behind herself, unlatching her black bra and letting it fall – letting her round breasts breathe freely. Her cap fell to the ground as she bent over, unwillingly hooking her thumbs into her black mini-skirt and pushing it down her thighs, revealing her black panties before she pulled them down too, kicking both off her feet.

Enterprise squirmed as much she could, face crimson from embarrassment and humiliation as she stood out in the open, nude aside from her stockings and shoes. Her skin crawled as she felt the countless eyes of various monsters roam over her frame, taking in the sight of her nudity.

Heavy footsteps behind her drew her attention and she was turned around, facing a lumbering behemoth of a monster easily eight feet tall with sickly green skin. It was humanoid, with bulky muscled arms and legs that ended in worn but still-sharp nails. A wild mane of orange-brown hair fell messily down its back, its narrow eyes contrasted by its large mouth – a pair of thick teeth jutting out from its lower jaw, pointing skyward. Only a half-torn loincloth was wrapped around its waist, with a stone club in its free hand. A Troll.

Enterprise's heart sank as the Troll dropped its club... along with its loincloth, revealing its long green cock. Despite her growing disgust she was forced down to her knees, coming to eye-level with the Troll's ample length, making her cringe as the creature stomped closer to her and laid its meaty hand on her head.

''No...'' Enterprise managed to get out, sluggishly trying to turn her head away from the Troll's dick – only to gasp as the muscled creature gripped her head harder, nails digging into her scalp and forcing her to turn towards it.

Her eyes widened as its large cock brushed against her face, the tip bumping against her pink lips. She stubbornly kept her lips closed, but when the Troll gripped her head again she gasped – letting the creature suddenly buck its hips, plunging its cock into her open mouth.

''Mmph!'' The Aircraft Carrier struggled, her mouth forced open by the Troll's ample length.

The creature kept pushing deeper, shoving its cock in until the tip dipped down the back of her throat – and her eyes bulged as it went even further. Her air supply was unceremoniously cut off as its cock blocked her throat, making her gag and struggle with renewed vigour – but no amount of struggling helped, her body still not responding to her commands.

Mercifully the Troll pulled its cock back, letting her breathe for a single second before it plunged back in, filling her mouth with its ample length. Over and over it stuffed her mouth with its dick, face-fucking her with increasing roughness until she could taste the Troll's cock on her tongue. At some point her hands moved to the Troll's thighs, holding on for support as it used her mouth like a sex toy.

Even with her limited control in her mouth she couldn't do anything to stop it; even if she had full control she doubted she could bite hard enough to do any damage. Hell, even if she did, all that would happen is that it would crush her skull between its hands.

'Dammit...' Enterprise cursed in her head. 'Release... me...'

As if to mock her she suddenly felt her lower half grow hot. It took her a moment to realise what kind of heat it was, and her cheeks burned as she felt it spread from her stomach down to her pussy. Her skin tingled and her muscles twisted, like invisible tendrils were slowly teasing her lower lips, and she had zero doubt that the Ghost was responsible for it.

''Mn...'' She grunted, shuddering as the Troll's cock filled her mouth again.

Her stomach twisted with shame as she felt herself become aroused, her breathing quickening and chest tightening, and not from the lack of oxygen. Even though she knew it was because the Ghost was possessing her, controlling her body and making her feel like this, it didn't mean that her body wasn't hers.

The Troll's movements grew faster and rougher, its cock throbbing in her mouth as she unwillingly sucked it off. Her jaw started to hurt from the abuse and her lungs burned with the need for air, and in a small part of her mind she wanted it to cum already, before she ended up passing out from a lack of oxygen. A desire granted.

The Troll face-fucked her rapidly, her nose bumping against its pelvis over and over again, its cock pulsating in her mouth and throat – before it reached its limit. The Troll groaned and unloaded thick ropes of cum straight down her throat, pulling its dick out mid-orgasm and painting her mouth white with its cum, before yanking its dick out her mouth and coating her face with its seed. So much came out that much of it splattered over her ample breasts, the warm fluid making Enterprise shudder.

''Haah...! Hah...!'' Enterprise gasped in air, hastily swallowing the Troll's salty cum so she could breathe freely again.

She could feel its seed dribbling down into her stomach, tingling as it went down. It felt strangely pleasant, the salty taste almost tasting nice. She quickly shook her head to dispel such bizarre thoughts, yet her eyes lingering on the Troll's cock longer than necessary, her heaving breasts tingling as the creature's hot cum dribbled down them.

Enterprise was stirred from her breathless daze as she suddenly leaned back, laying back on the cold ground. The realisation hit her a second later and she flushed darkly, face screwing up with shame as her hand unwillingly reached between her legs, spreading her pussy for the Troll.

The lumbering creature stomped closer and lowered down to its knees before her, its saliva-coated cock still erect. She was too busy catching her breath to try and resist, not that she could with the Ghost possessing her body anyway – the thought only crushing her hope further. She wanted to fight, to escape this maddening hell where her comrades were defiled by monstrous beasts... but the longer she laid there, panting as the Troll's hot cum burned on her skin, such a goal seemed foolishly impossible.

She was snapped from her murky thoughts as a pair of meaty hands gripped her waist, the Troll lifting her hips and lining its large cock up with her spread pussy. For a long second Enterprise waited in uneasy anticipation, holding her breath – before the Troll moved.

''Nn...!'' Enterprise winced as the girthy tip slid inside her pussy, the Troll's cock pushing inside her and spreading her inner walls apart with its length.

Even with the Ghost possessing her she still reflexively spasmed as the monster shoved its cock into her pussy, unused to having something so large inside her. Finally the tip of its cock bumped against her deepest parts, filling her completely and leaving her shuddering with how full she felt, her body barely able to accommodate the Troll's throbbing dick.

The Troll reared its hips back, pulling its cock out until only the tip was left inside – before plunging back in. Enterprise bit her lip to stifle a sharp cry as it filled her, a jolt of pain and pleasure shooting through her. Yet despite the burst of pain her pelvis tingled pleasantly, the invisible tendrils of the Ghost teasing her body relentlessly and easing the discomfort. She didn't know whether to be thankful or disgusted about that.

''Haah... Nn... Mn...'' Enterprise grunted quietly, her ample breasts rising and falling with each heavy gasp of air. The all-consuming sensation of the Troll plunging into her pussy was maddening, not the least because she couldn't even try and resist.

Suddenly her hands moved up of their own accord, landing on her round breasts and giving them a rough squeeze, knocking the breath from her lungs. Enterprise groaned as she fondled herself unwillingly, her grip clumsy and aggressive – fingers digging into her fair skin, her index finger rubbing over her pink nipples as she touched herself.

The grip on her waist tightened as the Troll picked up speed, its heavy pants brushing against her face. The creature's thick cock pounded into her over and over again, the tip hitting her cervix repeatedly and driving her insane with the strange, almost alien pleasure that threatened to consume her. She didn't want to like it, but her mind was becoming foggy and her thoughts drifting away from her – leaving her with nothing but the Troll's cock on her mind.

''Mn...'' Enterprise mewled quietly, shivering at the sound of her own voice – so weak, so vulnerable.

In contrast the Troll clearly liked her weakness, groaning huskily and thrusting faster – pounding into her pussy with lustful eagerness. Her arousal coated the creature's thick cock and let it slide in with minimal resistance, her inner walls adjusting to its inhuman length and transforming pain into reluctant pleasure. Soon any thoughts of resisting the beast became fleeting, her fingers ravenously fondling her own boobs and getting herself off.

''A-Ah...'' The Aircraft Carrier moaned quietly, her hips buckling as a sharp burst of pleasure shot through her veins. ''N-No... Mm...''

The wet smacking of skin filled her ears like a maddening cacophony, blocking out any others sounds, be it gunfire or Hornet's cries for help. Her body jolted each time it slammed its dick into her, its powerful hips smacking against hers roughly. Enterprise groaned as she felt its cock throb within her, realising in the back of her mind that it was going to cum. Inside her. Impregnating her like its kin did to her fellow Ship-Girls.

Her breathing grew faster as pleasure arced along her pelvis, the burning pleasure overwhelming her. She listened to the Troll as it defiled her, hearing its panting grow deeper and heavier, its grip on her hips growing painfully tight and its cock plunging wildly into her abused pussy – before the creature reached its limit, releasing a stifled groan and bottoming out with a single thrust.

''Ah...'' Enterprise moaned shakily as ropes of thick cum filled her pussy, a powerful shudder running through her as she unknowingly climaxed from the feeling.

The Troll kept bucking its hips, pumping her full of its seed until her stomach started to ache. For a long moment it remained still before the Troll pulled back, its ample cock slipping out of her abused pussy. Enterprise looked down, dazed as she watched cum flow freely out of her lower lips, almost taunting her with the knowledge she had succumbed to the same fate as many of her allies. Only now her body was no longer her own, reduced to nothing more than a slave to the monsters.

As if mocking her, the Ghost possessing her moved her right hand down to her pussy, clumsily pushing two fingers into her overflowing pussy and stirring them around. Her hips buckled from the sudden sharp burst of pleasure, her pussy sensitive from the rough treatment it endured.

She pulled her fingers out, her body sitting up onto her knees – and she found herself at eye-level with the Troll's cock.

Without prompting she crawled closer, the Troll's dick brushing against her cheek before she took her shaft into her mouth, sucking it off once more.


''G... Get... out... of me...!''

Hornet struggled furiously, but despite her best efforts her limbs refused to obey her commands. Her rigging disappeared in a flash of light, leaving her unarmed. The planes she still had in the air lost control and crashed into the ground, useless and unresponsive to her mental commands. She still had control over her eyes and limited ability to speak, but her tongue felt heavy and sluggish, making her slur her words like she was drunk.

Suddenly her hands moved of their own accord, and Hornet's eyes widened as they reached up to the binding-strap of her black jacket, undoing it and causing it to slip off her. As her jacket fluttered to the ground her hands went to her black bikini top, clawing at the knot until her hands got a grip and undid it, letting her bikini top spill open and reveal her ample breasts.

Heavy footsteps behind her drew her attention. With great effort she managed to turn her head to the side enough to spot a Troll behind her, sending a spike of fear through her as she noticed the club in its hand. She tried to raise her arms but they wouldn't move. However instead of hitting her with its club the Troll instead dropped it... and roughly pushed its loincloth down its legs, revealing its large cock.

''...don't...'' Hornet whispered through sluggish lips.

The Troll didn't acknowledge her words, its eyes focused on her rear – her black shorts hugging her ass, accentuating her curves at the worst possible time. It hit her back with its meaty hand, shoving her forwards and sending her to the ground with a surprised grunt. For a moment she was confused as to why it did that, before she realised how compromising her position was – her head down and cheek pressed against the dirt, grass tickling her knees and her ass in the air.

Hornet stiffened as the Troll gripped the hem of her black shorts, before promptly yanking them down her thighs and leaving them around her knees. Her black panties had been pulled down as well, presenting her rear to the lustful monster and exposing her pussy to its gaze – a cool breeze brushing against her lower lips, making her shudder.

''Don't you dare...'' Hornet slurred, panic rising within her as she caught a glimpse of it getting down on its knees behind her. ''I'll kill you...''

Her threats fell on deaf ears, the creature grasping its ample cock and guiding it towards her pussy, rubbing the tip against her lower lips. The Aircraft Carrier froze, her heart pounding in her ears – before the Troll pushed in.

''Nn!'' Hornet grunted harshly, screwing her eyes shut as her virgin lips parted around its cock – a pained groan slipping past her lips as it continued pushing, spreading her insides with its large dick.

The Troll gripped her hips as it continued pushing, only stopping when there was no more room for it to push inside, her pussy stuffed to the brim with its cock. For a brief moment it remained still, savouring the hot tightness of her pussy, before pulling out – only to buck its hips and slam back into her a second later.

Hornet gasped as it plunged into her, jerking her body forwards slightly from the sudden motion. Her cheeks burned crimson with anger and shame, her body unresponsive despite her raging emotions. Instead she was forced to watch as her hands moved of their own accord, latching onto her round breasts and giving them a harsh squeeze, knocking the breath from her lungs.

Her body burned with embarrassment as her hips moved of their own volition, shaking her ass towards the Troll and only causing the lustful creature to thrust faster – making her wince as it pounded into her, forcing her to grit her teeth lest she cry out. Her fingers danced along her breasts, teasingly grazing her nipples or abruptly squeezing her tits, the slight pleasure she gained from it only making her feel more humiliated.

''Sis...!'' The Aircraft Carrier managed to choke out, sluggishly turning onto her other cheek and looking to her left – only to spot Enterprise on her back, nearly completely nude and groaning weakly as a Troll slammed into her.

'Dammit...!' Hornet cursed mentally, shuddering as her pelvis burned with foreign pleasure. Not from the Troll's cock, but from something else. Like something was teasing her from within. The Ghost, she realised a moment later.

Suddenly heavy footsteps reached her ears, a pair of feet entering her line-of-sight a moment later. Her heart sank as she caught sight of its body; another Troll. The new Troll walked in front of her, waiting for a long moment... before reaching down and gripping her hair by her twin-tails – yanking her head up.

'' Ah! '' Hornet cried, wincing harshly as she was suspended by her ponytails. ''Let... go of-!''

Her pained curse was silenced as the Troll suddenly bucked its hips, plunging its erect cock into her open mouth. Hornet spasmed as its length entered her, forcing her jaw open wider to accommodate its large size and leaving her paralysed with shock. She was snapped out of it by the rough sensation of the Troll behind her slamming into her pussy, sending a jolt of pain and bubbling pleasure through her.

''Nn!'' She grunted as the Troll in front of her started moving her hips, face-fucking her and shoving its cock down her throat, leaving her with no option but to simply let it.

The sensation of being fucked from two ends was a maddening one, her body jerking back and forth as the two Trolls fuck her mouth and pussy at the same time. Her hands continued to fondle her boobs, roughly squeezing them when she least expected it and leaving her gasping for air. The pain coursing through her slowly transformed to twisted pleasure, the Ghost possessing her mercifully messing with her body and teasing her nerves, turning her on.

Hornet shuddered as the Trolls both sped up, her jaw starting to hurt from how rough the Troll was being as it stuffed her mouth full with its cock. Her lower lips burned from the abuse, the tip of the Troll's cock bumping against her cervix over and over again, as if threatening to penetrate even deeper and hit her womb. She didn't doubt that the creature could if it wanted to.

'Stop... pull out already...' Hornet thought dimly, her thoughts becoming hazy. Maybe it was the growing pleasure tickling her nerves, or maybe it was the strangely-arousing scent of the Troll's cock...

Unbeknownst to her the Troll's pheromones were quickly taking their toll on her, what little resistance left crumbling. The Ghost's invisible teasing only helped the process along.

''Mmph...'' Hornet groaned, the sound muffled by the Troll's pulsating cock as it plunged down her throat.

She felt their cocks begin to twitch and throb inside her, leaving her confused for a brief moment before she connected the dots. Yet instead of panic or fear, a strange spark of eagerness fluttered in her stomach, making Hornet moan in confused arousal. Her thoughts became distant and foggy, incoherent and leaving her with nothing but twisted pleasure tickling her nerves.

The Trolls pounded into her faster, panting heavily as they rammed their cocks into Hornet's holes with ravenous abandon. Burning pressure rapidly began building in her pelvis, her chest tightening with desperation as her orgasm loomed – and as the Troll stuffed her pussy full once more, she hit her limit.

'' Mm! '' Hornet's muffled cry filled the air as she climaxed powerfully, spasming from the dark pleasure – her hands gripping her breasts tightly and only enhancing her pleasure, the pain transforming into mind-melting pleasure.

With a bestial groan the Trolls also reached their limit, and Hornet buckled as the Troll behind her bottomed out in her pussy, the tip bumping against her cervix before thick ropes of cum filled her pussy. She was dimly aware of the painful grip on her hair before the Troll in front of her shoved its cock down her throat, depositing its seed down her throat and nearly choking her with the thick cum.

After a long minute the Troll pulled back, releasing Hornet and letting the blonde Aircraft Carrier fall to the floor, eyes hazy and unseeing as powerful aftershocks rocked her body. Only when one of the Trolls gripped her hair and yanked her head up did she respond, groaning weakly and looking up.

Her dazed whimper was silenced as the Troll plunged into her open mouth, lustfully fucking her once more.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 22 Minutes



The refuelling station was in relatively good condition, considering the prior firefights that took present on the surface less than an hour ago.

Taihou remained silent as she entered the wide building, eyes carefully scanning her surroundings. Unlike the tunnels, the refuelling station wasn't overly protected beyond a few basic locks – more than a few monsters could be capable of simply breaking through the concrete walls if they felt like it. As such she had to be more cautious, lest she find herself assaulted by a pack of Hellhounds or a swarm of Goblins.

The building itself was a converted aircraft hanger, given this part of the base used to hold a small airfield. It was primarily used to refuel passing military ships or cargo freighters, and in some cases as an emergency reserve for Ship-Girls. Lots of oil drums – filled and empty – were scattered around the right-side of the building, forming a miniature maze with how many there was of them. The far southern side of the building was mostly exposed, giving an unhindered view of the murky ocean – usually where the aforementioned ships docked for refuelling.

''Looks like there's plenty of oil...'' Taihou remarked quietly, glancing down at Z46, who remained dutifully by her side. ''I'll carry some and place them by the door. You go do a perimeter check of the building or something, since you've got that sword and all.''

''Understood.'' Z46 agreed in a monotone, turning and walking away from her – drawing her sabre in preparation.

''Hn... would kill for some enthusiasm...'' Taihou muttered dryly to herself, sighing deeply. She almost missed Albacore's annoying cheeriness. Almost.

Silence fell upon the Aircraft Carrier as she moved throughout the spacious building, carefully picking up drums of oil and carrying them over to the door, before repeating the process. It was painfully monotonous work, not least because she had to be quiet, but it was work that was necessary.

Minutes bled by as Taihou moved drum after drum, finally amounting to nearly two dozen – more than they could carry at once. Physically at least – herself, Enterprise and Hornet had pre-emptively armed their planes with some nets that Kawakaze had found in storage. With that, a small group of planes would be able to carry a single drum. Assuming they weren't attacked, they could probably carry around a dozen or so barrels back to the bunker.

Though how they'd get them inside was a bit more challenging, since it'd involve going through one of the bunker doors...

Drip... Drip...

''Hm?'' Taihou blinked, glancing at her exposed shoulder – taking note of a strange blue goop resting on her skin, tickling her slightly.

Another droplet suddenly added to the growing puddle of goop... coming from above. Taihou's eyes widened as she connected the dots and immediately snapped her gaze upwards. Hanging above her from the metal rafters was a mass of blue gel, lacking any eyes, mouth, or anything even vaguely humanoid. A Slime.

Just as she spotted it, she realised it was falling – and she reacted a second too late, unable to move out the way before it landed on her.

''Nn!'' Taihou grunted as she fell, the unexpected weight of the Slime knocking her onto her back and stealing the breath from her lungs.

The Slime was relatively cool, her hands passing through its body with only minimal resistance like it was made from gelatine. For a long moment it seemed like it was barely sentient, simply sitting on her midsection without reacting to her. She didn't wait to see if it could react, instead frantically clawing at it and attempting to push it off her to no avail.

Abruptly, it expanded. That was the only way she could describe it. The Slime suddenly flooded over her body like watery gel, and Taihou gasped as it passed over her breasts and reached up to her neck, tickling her skin and slipping under her clothes. It washed over her thighs and between her legs, its sticky-but-not-wet surface ghosting over her crimson underwear harmlessly.

Until she saw it. Through disbelieving eyes Taihou watched as her dress slowly disintegrated into nothing, the Slime dissolving it like tissue paper in water. Her underwear, which was thin and lacy, held up for a short few seconds before it was completely gone, leaving nothing between her and the Slime. And as she felt the sticky surface of the Slime rub against her pussy, she stiffened.

''S-Stop that!'' Taihou barked, face flushing scarlet as she snapped out of her daze. ''Z46! Get bac- Mmph?!''

Her cry for help was muffled as the Slime lurched up her neck, covering her mouth with its blue body. Taihou's eyes widened as it flooded into her mouth and thrashed about, struggling frantically as the Slime flooded down her throat – turning to liquid in her mouth, mercifully letting her not choke on it. However the Slime kept coming in an endless stream, forcing Taihou to frantically gulp down the blue liquid lest she suffocate.

The cold fluid felt warm in her stomach, and she was too busy focused on not suffocating to notice how the strange heat spread through her. Not unlike an aphrodisiac.

The flow of Slime slowed down, but it remained covering her mouth. She breathed in through her nose quickly, barely restraining her panic – only to freeze as she felt the Slime's sticky semi-solid form rub against her pussy, before slithering inside her slit.

''M-Mm!'' Taihou cried, gasping as the Slime darted inside – painlessly spreading her inner walls apart and setting her nerves on fire. ''T-Take it ou- Nn!''

It was like a tentacle, but more gel-like and slippery. The slime-tentacle pumped in and out her pussy tentatively, almost like it was exploring her pussy opposed to defiling her outright – something she tried to use to her advantage, but despite her struggles and flailing arms she couldn't push the Slime off her. It was less due to its weight, and more due to how slippery and gel-like it was.

Taihou screwed her eyes shut, groaning as the Slime fucked her while trying to ignore how good it felt. She should hate it, but it was like every little movement set her nerves on fire and threatened to steal her breath away. A reluctant moan escaped her as the Slime teased her breasts, its sticky surface putting pressure on her breasts and squeezing her nipples pleasurably.

''S-Stop...'' The busty Aircraft Carrier breathed shakily, moaning uncertainly as the slime-tentacle wriggled around her insides, starting to thrust in earnest and sending pleasant shocks rippling through her.

Dimly she wondered what the Commander would think of her if he saw her like this – getting molested by a sentient pile of blue goo. Worse still that she was enjoying it. She didn't try and deny it, couldn't deny it – not when she found herself actively restraining lewd moans, writhing in pleasure from its arousing touch. Her skin felt like it was tingling merely from touching the Slime, her stomach burning with lustful warmth. Not even her lewdest fantasies with the Commander made her feel so hot.

The Slime pumped its tentacle into her faster, making her legs buckle and her toes curl as it pounded into her. Slick squishing filled the air as it moved in and out of her lower lips, its sticky length being squeezed by her pussy. It didn't matter how fast it moved or how rough it was, its slimy length couldn't hurt her – only make her pussy burn with heavenly pleasure.

''Mn... ah~'' Taihou moaned unsteadily, hands gripping the Slime desperately – trying to ground herself and not get lost in the haze of pleasure.

Her pelvis tingled and burned, and from experience she knew it was only a matter of time until she hit her limit. She normally had good stamina, but this creature... it was like it was hitting all her weak points, teasing every inch of her pussy all at once and coating her inner walls with aphrodisiac. It was becoming hard to breathe, and not because it was covering her mouth. Though that certainly didn't help.

And then suddenly, it was over.

''H-Huh...?'' Taihou mumbled as the Slime retreated, sliding off her trembling form and moving out of her sight. She blinked at the ceiling, uncomprehending for a long moment as she simply laid there panting, before it occurred to her. It had left her.

She hadn't cum yet, and neither did the creature. But it had left her, for whatever reason.

Taihou swallowed, uncertainly pushing herself up into a sitting position and looking around. She hadn't seen where it'd gone, but she was certain it was near. However this was her chance, her chance to get the hell out of here and back to the bunker. With or without Z46.

However that thought was stifled as a burning shudder ran through her, unconsciously mewling at the warmth in her pussy. It was maddening. She had been so close, so very nearly there – and the Slime just up and left her, not letting her finish. Even when molesting her it didn't give allow her to cum.

She wanted to stand, to walk away and maybe search for Z46 – but the burning heat was too strong to ignore. With burning cheeks she ghosted her hand down her stomach and to her pussy, embarrassedly prodding her pussy and moaning softly as sparks of pleasure shot through her, butterflies dancing in her stomach. Throwing away her reservation she plunged two fingers into her pussy, moaning throatily as the pleasure intensified threefold.

''Ah~!'' Taihou tipped her head back, uncaring that she was masturbating out in the open.

Her climax was looming just out of reach, only causing her to add a third finger and furiously finger herself. She groaned throatily, hunching over and pressing her forehead against the blissfully cool concrete floor. Her knees buckled as she stuck her ass in the air, plunging her fingers into herself and feeling the remnant slime sticking to her insides, only accentuating her pleasure even further to a near-delirious degree.

''Yes... yes...!'' Taihou panted, roughly grasping her ample breast and roughly squeezing her tit. ''Mm~! Yesss~!''

Taihou cried out as her orgasm crashed down on her, enveloping her in a wave of mind-melting pleasure that consumed her completely. She couldn't think, couldn't feel anything but the burning tingling that scorched her skin with its intensity.

Her orgasm subsided and she went slack, a shaky groan passing her lips as she laid against the cold concrete. Her breathing came out in heavy gasps, desperately sucking in air as powerful aftershocks shook her body. It felt good. Incredibly good. She wasn't even thinking about anything when she did it, and yet that was probably the best climax she ever had.

However as she came down from her high the burning warmth didn't fade. Despite herself she rocked her hips, groaning softly as she rode her slick fingers. Even though she was still shaking from her climax, she felt like she was on the edge of another – akin to how one felt hungry even after eating.

A flicker of blue in the corner of her vision drew her attention, and a jolt ran through her as she spotted the Slime. It lurked just behind a metal shelf turned onto its side, simply... waiting. Like it was watching her.

Taihou licked her lips, unsteadily pushing herself up on shaky legs. ''You...''

As if startled, the Slime suddenly became sliding away from her – making Taihou twitch, advancing quickly on the gelatinous creature. She side-stepped an upturned oil barrel and unsteadily stumbled after the Slime, catching sight of it about to slide behind a machine.

''Got you~!'' Taihou sang ominously, gripping the Slime – her hands sinking into it, but succeeding in stopping it from running away any further.

The Aircraft Carrier pressed herself against the blue Slime, rocking her hips and mewling at the blissfully coolness of its gel-like body. ''C'mon... what're you waiting for?''

Irritation bubbled within her when it didn't molest her, didn't pleasure her. The all-consuming warmth within her made her chest tight, almost instinctively making her roll her hips and grind against the Slime, desperate frustration building within her as she tried to get the Slime to respond. To use its coolness to get rid of the warmth.

Suddenly she felt something slip between her lower lips, a spike of excitement rushing through her – before it turned to confusion. It wasn't a tentacle, but something smaller. More round than cylindrical. She squirmed slightly as she felt it shift inside her, the cool gel-like texture nearly making her sigh in blissful relief.

And then suddenly, it started thrusting. From inside.

''A-Ah!'' Taihou cried, her back arching as white-hot pleasure shot through her. Her eyes shot wide open as the mini-Slime started fucking her from the inside, a tentacle-like appendage shooting outwards – the tip poking out from her pussy as it squirmed within her.

Taihou spasmed from the foreign feeling, gripping onto the Slime for dear life as the mini-Slime drove her crazy. There were no words to describe the mind-melting sensation of the mini-Slime thrusting outwards, another part of it prodding against her cervix as if trying to crawl even deeper into her.

The Slime abruptly shifted, taking her by surprise and knocking her onto her side – and her throaty moans were muffled as the Slime shoved a blue tentacle into her mouth. The Slime pooled over her, its cool gel-like body a stark contrast to her burning-hot skin. Taihou nearly mewled as the blue Slime roamed over her ample breasts, squeezing them with its handless grip and toying with her nipples relentlessly.

Her legs buckled from the overwhelming pleasure, and within the minute she found herself climaxing a second time. ''Mm~!''

Even as her orgasm rushed over her the mini-Slime kept thrusting, her scream of pleasure cut short as the Slime turned to liquid in her mouth, forcing her to drink its arousing fluid. It was all too much for her. She hadn't even finished climaxed and yet she felt another one threatening to build up, her mind torn between heavenly pleasure and the sickeningly addictive fluid.

In the end her mind gave out, blissful unconsciousness consuming her.


Z46 wondered what was going on in here, when the attack started over an hour ago.

Specifically she wondered that, because there was evidence of someone being here recently. Several oil drums had been knocked over mid-refilling, a hose laid on the ground in a puddle of overflowing oil – a quiet drizzle slowly seeping out of it. A small crane used for lifting cargo to and from ships was still lit up, but the door was ripped off its hinges. She even saw an odd shoe laying nearby, clearly having fallen off suddenly.

And yet, there was no bodies. No corpses, no blood, nothing.

'These creatures seek to mate with us... yet, not with the human workers?' Z46 thought musingly, poking the shoe with her sabre. 'While the number of male workers is greater, there still remains a sizeable amount of female workers... so why have only we succumbed to such unfortunate fates?'

The Destroyer's deep thoughts were disrupted by the quiet, almost-inaudible sound of metal rattling. Immediately she spun around, pointing her sword at a collection of half-empty oil drums. The one closest to her vibrated faintly... as if something had bumped into it.

Z46's eyes narrowed and she approached closer, carefully keeping her sword in a ready position – should something lunge out at her, she could easily cut it with her enhanced reflexes. With all the speed of a stalking viper she nudged the oil drum aside, peering between the gap and finding nothing but a small wall behind it. Too small for even a Goblin to hide behind.

Rattling, to her right. She quickly turned to face it, this time finding a recently-opened can of beans rolling across the concrete floor. She made to approach it, when she heard it.

A quiet slither, next to her ear.

She was turning, but was too slow to react before a slick black tentacle wrapped around her sword and suddenly yanked it from her grip. It took her by surprise, stumbling from the sheer strength of the tentacle and leaving her unable to maintain her grip – helpless to watch as it retracted back towards the ocean, her sabre in its grip.

In an instant Z46 took aim with her rigging, only to hesitate when the tentacle moved between several barrels. She couldn't shoot without blowing the entire building to hell and back.

Movement behind her startled her and Z46 turned around, just in time to see two separate black tentacles shoot towards her. Her lingering hesitation stayed her hand for a second too long – the tentacles wrapping around and grabbing hold of her rigging. She grabbed the tentacles with her gloved hands and attempted to pry them off with sheer force, but their grip was unexpectedly tight given how slippery they felt.

''Nn...?!'' Z46 grunted in surprise as the tentacles lifted her up.

Their truly long length was displayed as they raised her nearly a dozen feet up in the air, allowing her to see that they came from the ocean. That idea was reinforced as the tentacles began carrying her towards the murky water, a spike of unease running through Z46 as she realised that something greater must lurk beneath the waves.

In an instant she deactivated her rigging, letting it disappear in a flash of light. With nothing for the tentacles to grab onto Z46 fell the short distance to the ground, landing in a clumsy roll and ending on all fours.

She spent a brief second to reorient herself before pushing off the ground, intent on racing back towards Taihou to warn her-

-when a slick object wrapped around her ankle, sending her falling onto her stomach.

''Nn!'' Z46 winced slightly, pushing her upper body up with her hands – grimacing as she found herself partially laying in a puddle of oil.

Movement against her shins drew her attention, looking over her shoulder and down her back – spotting several black tentacles climbing up her legs with ominous slowness. The Destroyer attempted to kick her legs out, but the tentacles had a strong hold on her shins as they slowly snaked up her legs. A small, miniscule spark of panic fluttered in her heart and she tried crawling away, but the concrete floor was so slick with oil she couldn't get a good grip.

Z46 shivered as three tentacles slipped under her dress, brushing against her slim thighs before prodding at her simplistic white panties. For a long moment they simply poked about curiously, tracing the waistband or gently pushing against her pussy through her panties. That was until one tentacle managed to slip into her underwear, prodding her hairless pussy and making the Destroyer stiffen.

''Do not-'' Her words were cut short by a surprised gasp as the slick tentacle pushed inside her pussy, wriggling in deeper like a perverse snake.

The Destroyer clawed at the ground, reflexively tensing up as the tentacle pushed into her formerly-virgin pussy. The sensation was beyond what she had ever felt, in no small part due to her own inexperience – shuddering as the moderately-thick tentacle slid deeper into her painlessly. It didn't take more than a few seconds before it filled her completely, bumping against her cervix and making her twitch from the weird feeling.

However, to Z46's surprise, another tentacle tried pushing inside her slit – even though she was already full. She opened her mouth to protest, to try and tell the creature it couldn't fit, only for her protests to die on her tongue as it did.

''A-Ah...?'' Z46 squirmed, letting out a surprised groan as a second tentacle squeezed inside her tight pussy, both tentacles wriggling around inside her as they burrowed deep into her.

Another groan slipped past the Destroyer's lips as both tentacles started thrusting, pumping their slick black lengths in and out her tight slit – sending sparks of strange, uncertain pleasure tingling through her pelvis. Z46 exhaled shakily as she felt more tentacles prod and explore her thighs, one of them poking her butt and trying to sneak under her panties, something that made her squirm nervously at.

''Nn... cease... and desist...'' Z46 breathed as she felt several tentacles slither up past her waist, roaming over her stomach and back curiously.

Her knees dug into the oily ground as she stood on all fours, unknowingly giving the tentacles better access – a laboured gasp escaping the Ironblood Destroyer as the two tentacles inside her began thrusting faster, enough to make her pussy burn with foreign pleasure. The third tentacle under her dress successfully nudged her panties aside, giving it access to her rear – something it immediately took advantage of, plunging into her asshole.

''Mn?!'' Z46 grunted sharply, arms buckling from the strange sensation. ''Why there...? What... is it... that you want... with me...?''

The tentacles, obviously, didn't response – but their intent was clear, even to someone as naïve as her. An uncertain moan escaped Z46 as the three tentacles plunged into her, violating her far gentler than she had seen her allies been. She wasn't sure whether to be thankful for the strange mercy, or worried.

Z46's attention shifted to the tentacles climbing her torso, a shudder running through her as one bold tentacle started pushing against her belly button – lightly thrusting against her stomach. It felt not unlike someone poking her stomach strongly, making the Destroyer grimace from the uncomfortable sensation. More than that though she took notice of the two tentacles curling around to her small breasts.

For a moment they remained still, hovering over her slightly-bouncing breasts – before she felt more than saw them dart forwards, latching onto her breasts.

''Mm!'' Z46 moaned lewdly, shivering as she felt hundreds of tiny tentacles lick, rub and tease her breasts all at once, setting her skin on fire with its perverse touch.

The Destroyer squirmed and panted from the relentless stimulation, her breathing becoming laboured and heavy as the tentacles explored her body for their own uses. Her pelvis ached slightly from how stuffed she felt, the three tentacles fucking her pussy and ass with increasing eagerness, their thrusting becoming slightly rougher and more lustful. The tentacle fucking her stomach wasn't excluded either, smearing a clear fluid over her abdomen as it attempted to penetrate her belly button.

''O-Ohhh...'' Z46 let out a low moan, eyes becoming half-lidded as the pleasure neared its zenith, her world becoming consumed with pleasure.

A single tentacle snaked into her line-of-sight, hovering before her face and prodding her lips – prompting Z46 to willingly open her mouth, moaning as it plunged into her and allowing her to wrap her lips around its slick length. It eagerly shoved itself into her mouth over and over, her tongue stinging from its roughness yet strangely turning her on, her pussy burning with lewd warmth.

''Ah... ah....'' The Destroyer's moans were muffled by the tentacle in her mouth, the heat becoming too much for her inexperienced body. ''M-Mn... s-something is-!''

One tentacle hit a sensitive spot in her pussy, a sudden burst of white-hot pleasure coursing through her petite body and making Z46 gasp – her first ever orgasm crashing down on her and sending her body into powerful spasms. Her holes tightened around the tentacles fucking her, making them all seize up and tense. Thick bulges travelled down the lengths of the slick black tentacles, rapidly moving towards Z46.

''M-Mm...'' The Destroyer groaned throatily, eyes hazy and unseeing as the tentacle pulled out her mouth. Through the haze of pleasure she realised the tentacles had stopped thrusting, but before she could wonder why – the bulges hit her. ''N-Nn!''

Z46 grunted in surprise as two thick bulges pressed against her pussy lips, before they squeezed inside and the tentacles unloaded thick ropes of cum into her pussy. The other tentacles weren't exempt, and she moaned lowly as spurts of cum shot inside her asshole. Hot cum spewed over her stomach as the tentacle fucking her navel came as well, thick ropes sticking to her skin. The tentacle in front of her face came last, shooting ropes of cum over her dazed face, some of it landing in her open mouth and letting her taste the bitter fluid.

''Haah... haah...'' Z46 panted heavily, shuddering as she felt the tentacles pull out of her – leaving nothing to stop the cum flowing out her pussy and ass.

For a long minute she laid there, panting and feeling her bloated stomach slowly deflate, cum dribbling out her holes unendingly.

The silence was ended as two tentacles closed in on her, wrapping around her stomach and lifting her up – unintentionally pushing more cum out of her, like squeezing a lathered sponge. The Destroyer grunted weakly as she was carried through the air, dimly spotting Taihou on the other side of the building humping what looked like a pile of goo.

Soon the dirty concrete turned to murky water as she was suspended over the ocean. Dozens more tentacles slowly rose from the surface of the water, slithering up towards her and wrapping around her, dragging her down towards the water.

And as she dipped beneath the water, a roiling mass of tentacles greeted her, and sealed her fate.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 22 Minutes


''Nearly there!''

Albacore's shout seemed to echo throughout the desolate base as the three submarines rushed towards the ocean, U-47 and Dace behind her. Even with the mist inhibiting their sight they could feel the ocean's call, just barely fifty metres ahead. Their quick footfalls felt like the only sounds in the entire world, becoming painfully loud in the haunting silence.

Their footsteps slowed as they neared the water, a faint spike of unease settling in Albacore's stomach as she saw the ominously black water. However she stubbornly pushed her unease down, mentally waving it off as due to the murky grey sky. Summoning her rigging – taking the form of a miniature submarine she could ride – Albacore leapt in head-first, the tip of her rigging breaching the surface of the water.

Chillingly cold water greeted her, briefly startling her and nearly making her gasp. However she resisted the instinctual urge, keeping her mouth firmly shut and holding her breath. The water around her was frighteningly dark, haunting blackness on all sides. It was like she had fallen into the void itself.

Bubbles erupted on either side of her as Dace and U-47 dove underwater with her, but even though they were barely six feet apart it was hard to see each other. Neither Eagle Union submarines had any light source, but U-47 did – the jaws of her mechanical rigging opening, revealing a miniature spotlight within.

It buzzed to life, but the light struggled to pierce more than fifteen feet ahead of them – like the ocean itself was devouring all light. Considering all the things they had seen today, it wasn't entirely improbable.

Albacore wordlessly waved ahead of them, gesturing for U-47 to take the lead – something the Ironblood submarine reluctantly did, slowly swimming forth into the darkness. Albacore stuck close to her right side, stubbornly ignoring the cold dread that gnawed at her heart, and ignoring the way her instincts silently pleaded her to get out of the water .

'It'll be fine.' Albacore reassured herself, eyes flickering to her left and right. 'Nothing's there, see? Aha... ha...'

She was tempted to use sonar, to scan the area ahead, but doing so would have the downside of essentially highlighting her as a target, since they could track the source of the sound. That, and it could potentially disturb or awaken any slumbering monsters. Part of her just didn't want to see what, or how many creatures secretly lurked around her.

Suddenly something grabbed Dace, a purple-coloured hand gripping her thigh and making the submarine struggle, mutely panicked – eyes wide in fear before she was forcibly yanked away from them, disappearing into the darkness.

'Dace! ' Albacore panicked, swinging her rigging around towards her comrade's last location – before hesitating on the trigger, uncertain if she should shoot. For all she knew the thing holding Dace was just a small creature, increasing the chance of Dace herself getting hurt.

U-47 also swung around, shining her spotlight but finding nothing but empty darkness. For a long moment both submarines hesitated, the deafening silence of the ocean weighing on them.

Then abruptly something shot out of the darkness, slamming into Albacore's side.

'Nn!' Albacore winced, gripping her rigging tightly and reorienting herself.

She heard movement behind her again before something slammed into her back, nearly knocking her off her rigging and sending her spiralling through the water from the sheer force of the attack. In a panic she blindly let loose a wave of torpedoes, watching as they detonated against the seabed and briefly lit up the ocean.

And in that brief, microscopic instant, she was laid witness to a host of unimaginable horrors – tentacle creatures; clams with serrated teeth; sharks with a long tentacle-like tongue; mutated crabs with large claws; seahorses with elongated tails and swollen cocks. The list went on and on, progressively getting more twisted and frightening by the creature.

And in that same instance she saw Dace, struggling frantically against a humanoid being with tentacles coming from its jaw, like a squid mixed with a man.

From the flash of light she also saw the incoming Dolphin, right before the corrupted creature headbutted her in the face – making spots clog up her vision, her mind going blank for several disorienting seconds.

''Mn...'' Albacore grunted quietly, bubbling slipping past her lips before she remembered where she was – firmly closing her mouth, conserving her oxygen.

Her brief distraction however was ruthlessly capitalised on. Another Dolphin swam up to her with frightening speed, opening its teeth-lined mouth and biting down on her rigging, ripping it away from her and swimming off with it – leaving Albacore swimming alone, left armed with nothing but her small pistol.

'D-Dammit...' The blonde cursed skittishly, swallowing her fear and drawing her pistol. Technically it was a Destroyer-class gun, but underwater it wouldn't do much if anything.

The muted rushing of water came from her lower right, before a Dolphin rammed into her right hip, forcing her to bite her tongue to stifle the pained gasp that threatened to slip past her lips. Another Dolphin came less than a second later, ramming into her shoulder and spinning her around. Again and again the mutated creatures attacked her, headbutting her so hard her peachy skin bruised in seconds and her gun slipped from her grip, falling into the darkness.

Even with her superhuman durability, the Dolphin's were relentless with their attacks. One of them got lucky and rammed her right arm, eliciting a sharp, muted cry from Albacore as a silent crack filled the water – her right arm burning with pain as her wrist fractured. It became a struggle to keep swimming, her hip bruising and her right arm pulsating with pain.

'N-Nn...' Albacore winced, looking around for U-47 – her heart sinking as she couldn't find her fellow submarine.

She didn't have time to consider her next step before another Dolphin swam up to her. However this time it didn't ram into her, instead it rubbed itself against her – the reason becoming apparent, as she felt something distinctly hard rub against her black-and-white striped bikini bottoms.

Albacore's eyes widened. 'O-Oh hell n-!'

Another Dolphin suddenly came behind her, sandwiching her between both creatures and stopping her from swimming away. The submarine panicked, feeling their cocks rub against her, their intent to mate with her all too clear. The only thing stopping them was her bikini bottoms, but even then they were so thin she was afraid their cocks would simply tear through the thin fabric and penetrate her.

She grabbed onto the Dolphin in front of her, trying to push it off with her superhuman strength, but her arms were weak from the previous abuse – wincing as pain lanced along her fractured wrist. She glanced down at the Dolphin's long red cock, slightly curved and with a pointed tip, and struggled with renewed panic.

The constant grinding against her wore away at her loose-fitting bikini bottoms, and all it took was a careless nudge to made the strings come undone, her striped bikini fluttering off her hips – something Albacore became acutely aware of her, her heart sinking as the Dolphin's cock rubbed between her ass cheeks, before plunging into her asshole.

'Hng!' Albacore spasmed, eyes bulging at the foreign penetration. The other Dolphin wasn't one to be left behind, rubbing against her and shoving its long cock into her small pussy, penetrating her and nearly making her cry out.

Albacore thrashed against the two corrupted creatures, struggling to keep her mouth shut as both Dolphins humped her, pushing their pointed cocks deeper into her holes. Their slick lengths easily moved into her, and what they lacked in girth they made up for with length, the one in front of her bumping against her cervix by the third thrust. It didn't hurt that their movements were surprisingly coordinated, moving their bestial hips and filling her holes with each strong thrust.

Her loose bikini top, barely big enough to cover her small breasts, came loose as the Dolphin rubbed its underside against her chest – faint sparks of pleasure tickling her as her nipples rubbed against the Dolphin's smooth body. She screwed her eyes shut, denying that she felt even a modicum of pleasure, but it was hard to ignore the call. She was no stranger to sex and had been pent-up over the past few days, and even if this wasn't how she wanted to relieve herself, her body didn't care for her feelings.

'Mn...!' Albacore groaned internally, shivering as both Dolphins pounded her pussy and ass at the same time.

It didn't help that the unnatural shape of their dicks was unlike anything she had felt before. The pointed tip seemed to bump against her cervix over and over again, like it was trying to burrow even deeper into her. Her ass stung as the Dolphin rammed its cock into her asshole, her legs barely able to keep herself swimming in place – hell, even if she tried to sink she was sure the Dolphins would keep her suspended in place.

Glancing down into the darkness below, she remembered the creatures she saw and shivered. Perhaps the Dolphins were a mercy.

Albacore shuddered, weakly gripping onto the Dolphin for support, her defiance crumbling away and wanting it to just be over. Maybe once they were finished they'd let her go. In an attempt to speed them along she sluggishly rolled her hips towards them, her movements slowed by the water but not stopped completely.

'C'mon...' Albacore mentally mumbled, her breathing quickening as she was fucked from both ends. Despite herself she was starting to get hot, the Dolphin's long cock battering against her cervix with increasing speed, sending waves of of pain and pleasure washing over her.

Her lungs started to burn and for a moment she didn't consciously realise why – before she connected the dots, her heart sinking. Oxygen. She needed air. The realisation made Albacore start struggling again, weakly trying to slip away from the Dolphins, but their fast thrusting kept her pinned between her near-constantly, driving their twitching dicks deep into her. If anything her struggles seemed to excite them, their movements becoming even quicker.

'No...!' Albacore panicked, her lungs tightening as her oxygen supply thinned, not helped by her fast exhales.

Suddenly the Dolphin in front of her reared its hips back, before thrusting sharply into her – and her lips parted in a shocked gasp as its cock speared into her, breach her cervix and making her mind go blank with a powerful burst of sharp pain and tingling pleasure, tipping her over the edge.

'' Ahh! '' Albacore cried, bubbles surrounding her open mouth as she wailed – cumming on the Dolphin's long cock, her inner walls tightening around the creature's shaft.

Its red cock twitched inside her, swelling slightly before the Dolphin shot ropes of cum directly into her womb, only adding to Albacore's powerful orgasm. The other Dolphin behind her wasn't far behind, humping her ass several times before cumming inside her asshole, shooting its seed deep into her.

The blonde tipped her head back, blinking wearily as both Dolphins pulled out of her and slowly swam away – leaving her to slowly sink down. Her vision darkened as the lack of oxygen sucked the life from her, not helped by her parted lips that let what little oxygen she had left escape.

As her eyes fluttered closed, she felt something nudge against her, carrying her away as unconsciousness claimed her.


'A-Ah! G-Get off me you creep!'

Dace thrashed in a panic, frantically kicking and hitting the Squidman as it dragged her further down into the abyss. Its skin was a sickly purple and face a hideous mix of a man and a squid with pitch-black eyes, like Cthulhu's younger cousin.

The Squidman's strength surpassed her own, and she could do nothing as it tore her rigging away from her, throwing it somewhere into the surrounding darkness and leaving her without her torpedoes to defend herself.

Her heart skipped a beat as the Squidman lunged for her directly and she swam backwards, only for the humanoid creature to easily match her pace, fins in place of its feet. One hand roughly grabbed her left thigh while the other landed on her right hip, pulling her towards it – and due to the angle she became acutely aware of the thick cock between its legs, slowly hardening.

''Nn!'' Dace cried through her closed lips, panicking as the Squidman gripped the front of her swimsuit in its right hand and yanked it back, easily ripping a chunk of it off – leaving her lower lips exposed to the creature's predatory gaze.

The notion only made her kick her legs harder, frantically trying to get away from the Squidman. She managed to rip her leg away from its grip and swim for a solid second before it grabbed her left shin and yanked her back towards it, gripping her right hip and solidifying its rough hold on her – and Dace blushed darkly as her nude ass pressed against its thick cock, the sheer size scaring her.

'It won't fit...' Dace thought frantically, vigorously struggling – only serving to unintentionally rub her ass against the creature's cock.

The Squidman angled its lower half, its cock slipping down between her ass cheeks, before the girthy tip pressed against her virgin pussy lips – and Dace gasped as it pushed inside, roughly stealing her first time.

''A- AH! '' Dace cried, bubbles rising from her open mouth before she quickly closed it, gritting her teeth to restrain herself from screaming out.

It felt big when it was rubbing against her ass, but inside her it felt huge . With the tip alone it forcibly stretched her inner walls apart, stuffing her to the brim with its cock. The Squidman wasn't done however, gripping her waist with both its rough hands and pulling her further down its cock, burying its thick cock even deeper into her pussy.

'I... I'll break...!' Dace mentally wailed, spasming and thrashing against the Squidman to no avail.

Her futile struggles did nothing to stop the Squidman from defiling her, slowly shoving more of its cock inside her regardless of her pain. The water around them did little to make the penetration even slightly easier, barely even slowing the creature's hips as it simultaneously rolled its hips and pulled her towards it.

Finally it stopped, almost its entire cock buried inside her pussy – anymore and she'd break, the tip bumping against her cervix. For a brief moment it didn't do anything, simply letting her wallow in pain, before it reared its hips back and began thrusting into her.

''M-Mn!'' Dace winced, screwing her blue eyes shut.

The pink-haired submarine struggled weakly, stifled gasps and muted whimpers slipping past her closed lips as the Squidman pounded into her from behind. Slowly the pain dwindled bit by bit, her body becoming adjusted to the creature's inhumanly large cock, if only slightly. Her modest chest heaved with each deep breath she took, exhaling precious oxygen each time – and Dace gasped as the Squidman suddenly groped her breast with its right hand, roughly squeezing her boob.

It unhanded her breast for a brief second, only to grasp the front of her swimsuit and rip it off, letting her round breasts breathe freely. The Squidman immediately latched onto her breast, roughly fondling her breast between its thick fingers, the faint sparks of pleasure making her head spin. Bubbles fluttered from her parted lips as she gasped again, unable to deny the instinctual reaction – nor could she stop the spasm that ran through her, reacting to the Squidman's twitching cock.

'No~' Dace whimpered in her mind, arching her back as its cock bumped against her deepest parts, a brief spark of almost-pleasure fluttering through her, and she desperately grasped onto that feeling – to feel anything but the violent defilement.

If she tried hard enough, she could almost pretend that it wasn't a monstrous Squidman fucking her – but maybe someone more her tastes, and someone who wasn't being so forceful. The mental image helped ease the pain, imagining a handsome guy pounding into her from behind, fondling her boob at the same time. And instead of being in the depths of the ocean, she pictured being in a hotel bedroom, the softness of the bed tickling her face as she rocked back and forth with his thrusts.

The illusion was broken however as her lungs started to burn. Dace's eyes fluttered open, dimly noticing the bubbles floating past her, before her eyes widened and she realised her mouth was open. She was distracted from the rising danger by the Squidman, its thick cock throbbing inside her pussy, a strange liquid smearing against her insides.

'' Dace connected the dots, eyes widening in horrified panic. She thrashed against the creature in desperation, hoping deep down that she could escape before it finished.

However she overestimated its stamina. Contrary to her thoughts it wasn't raping her simply for the pleasure; it was doing so to mate, to impregnate. Something she found out less than a few seconds later, as the Squidman pounded into her pussy from behind before bottoming out – eliciting a sharp scream from Dace, before thick ropes of cum shot into her pussy, painting her insides white with its seed.

''A... Ah...'' Dace choked, bubbles rising from her open mouth.

The Squidman remained inside her quivering pussy for several long seconds, before slowly pulling out and turning around, swimming away from her. Dace didn't notice immediately, her body locked up and mind consumed by the sickening realisation she would bear its offspring, willingly or not.

However as she realised it had left her – alone in the middle of the ocean – she stirred from her weak daze. Her lungs burned and she sluggishly kicked her legs, wincing at the pain between her thighs as she swam towards the surface. Her throat tightened as the need to breathe became desperate, her vision slowly dimming-

-before she breached the surface.

''Haah!'' Dace gasped, desperately sucking in deep gasps of air.

Shh didn't linger for long, fearful of what else lurked beneath the waves. With frantic motions she swam. She couldn't see the docks, yet she continued swimming like her life depended on it. She just wanted out of the water, no matter what it took.

Soon something came into sight, the mist thinning enough for her to catch sight of the seawall. She picked up the bed, nearly flailing with how fast she was moving, and nearly burst into tears when she reached the seawall unviolated. Any further than she already was, that is.

''Snf...'' Dace sniffed, pulling herself up the wall and rolling onto the cold concrete, fully on dry land. ''U-Uu... I-I never... should'a listened to Jintsuu...''

It was ironic, in a strange way. Submarines were known as the sharks of the sea. And yet as she laid on the cold concrete, she didn't want to go in the water ever again. The very idea of going in water was enough to bring fearful tears to her eyes, shivering and shuffling away from the sea.

Suddenly an echoing howl reached Dace's ears. One that came from close by.

''H-Huh...?'' Dace turned her head, heart stopping as she caught sight of an approaching pack of Hellhounds. ''N-No... please, I just... not again...''

Her pleas were for naught. The lead Hellhound rushed her, tackling her when she tried to stand and pinning her beneath its impressive bulk – before it slammed its thick red cock into her abused pussy, eliciting a cry from the submarine as her defilement continued.


'Albacore! Scheiße!'

U-47's mental curse seemed to echo in her mind, the chilling silence of the ocean weighing on her. She slowly spun around, scanning the area with her spotlight, but found nothing. Just darkness on all sides.

Suddenly she felt something move nearby, the water distorting from the fast movement. On instinct she sailed her rigging ahead, feeling something shoot through her previous location. She quickly swung her rigging around and shone her spotlight – revealing several dark blue tentacles, hovering where she had previously floated.

The submarine flinched as the tip of the tentacles – round and smooth, with a thin slit down the middle – turned to face her, before shooting towards her. Without hesitation she gripped the handles of her rigging and went full speed, swimming away from her pursuers. However they were relentless, slowly gaining on her bit by bit.

Taking a risk U-47 dove lower, chunks of rock and pieces of coral passing by her. Due to how fast she was going she only had a second to react, tilting left and right to avoid the incoming objects, but her tactic was working – a glance over her shoulder revealed the tentacles were slowly falling behind, struggling to slip around all the different obstacles.

U-47 looked ahead – just in time to see a rock formation entering her path.

She panicked and veered a hard right, narrowly avoiding it, only to put herself in the path of another chunk of rock.

''Nn!'' U-47 grunted, her vision spinning as she crashed – her rigging slipping out of her grip and leaving her spinning.

She reoriented herself after a few seconds, shaking her head to dismiss the lingering dizziness – and when she looked around, she found her rigging nowhere near. She could still sense it, her innate connection to it telling her it was below her. When she looked down however all she saw was darkness... and if her connection with her rigging was anything to go by, it went down deep. Very deep.

Almost unnaturally deep.

Movement back the way she came reminded her of her stubborn pursuers. She hesitated, torn between continuing her mission and swimming away, or retrieving her rigging. She couldn't 'dismiss' it without holding onto it, and she worried what would happen to it if she left it alone at that depth for more than a few minutes. Plus all her torpedoes were stored with her rigging, and she wouldn't have the speed to outrun those tentacles...

Throwing caution to the wind, U-47 turned and dove straight down – swimming with all her might. Every second seemed to drag on for an eternity, the depth changing from thirty metres to fifty, then to seventy, then to a hundred. Her fear began to build as she wondered if she could even make it deep enough before the pressure became too much for her.

Mercifully she neared her damaged rigging, just past one-fifty metres deep. It had a big dent in the side and several of her torpedoes were laying against the bottom of the trench, rolling about slightly from the gentle currents, but it was still relatively intact.

As she reached for her rigging however movement bubbled above her. U-47's eyes widened and she kicked off the wall of the trench, narrowly avoiding being grabbed by the dark-blue tentacle. It coiled around and turned towards her, slowly slithering like a snake – and joined by two of its brethren, emerging from the all-consuming darkness.

In an instant the Ironblood submarine turned and kicked her legs, swimming away from the looming tentacles. Faint red light drew her attention, emanating from a hole in the opposite wall. With no other option she swam frantically to the other side of the wide trench, blackness everywhere aside from the small red glow.

As she neared she found it was a cave opening, curving upwards. Too deep now to turn around she sped up, laying her hand on the cool rock wall and pushing herself into the cave – swimming upwards... and breaching the surface of the water.

''Haah!'' U-47 gasped, shaking her head and hastily grabbing onto the rim of the underwater pool – lifting herself out of the water and rolling onto her back, panting heavily.

After a few moments she calmed down enough to think rationally, rolling herself onto her side and pushing herself up into a sitting position.

The cave around her was a dome shape, with several dozen small holes in the walls too small for a person. If she were to estimate, she could barely fit both her arms in a hole and no more. The pool of water she had emerged from was the only way in-and-out, at least from what she could tell.

The thing that caught her attention, however, was the source of the red glow.

''What... in Neptune's name...?'' U-47 murmured in disbelief, rising to her feet slowly.

At the far end of the room was a pulsating mass of flesh, a mix of black and red with prominent veins bulging across it. It was attached to the ground and ceiling by a thick pillar shaped like a forearm bone, with sinew-line threads connecting it to the mass of flesh.

'It looks like... a heart?' U-47 wondered, disturbed. That was the only connection she could make – while it was easily the size of a full-sized closet, it unmistakably looked like a pulsating heart.

The notion made a shiver run through her. Either that meant she was in the metaphorical belly of the beast, or this heart had something to do with this entire mess – the mist, the monsters, the everything. And if she were to destroy it...

Her hand immediately moved down to her hip, opening the small satchel she carried on her left thigh. She didn't have any torpedoes on her, but she did still have some satchel charges. They were primarily used for taking down merchant ships back in the day, so she was confident a single one would be enough to destroy this thing.

Suddenly the gooey sound of sinew splitting filled her ears... coming from above her. Her head jerked back and she looked up, eyes widening at the sight of the ceiling splitting open . No, after a second she realised her mistake. It wasn't a ceiling.

It was an eye. A very, very big eye.

The 'eyelids' peeled to the left and right, revealing a glowing orange eye with a pitch-black iris. A shiver ran through her as it focused solely on her, glaring at her. Even though it was little more than an eye it was impossible to ignore the seething anger directed at her, almost becoming a physical force with how prominent it was.

The slithering of wet skin against rock reached her ears and she glanced around, renewed fear sparking in her heart as she saw dark red tentacles of all sizes and shapes snaking out of the holes in the wall. Her eyes darted towards the heart and she hastily grabbed the satchel charge, yanking off the safety tape and flicking the primer-

'' Ah! ''

Before she could hit the detonation button a dark red tentacle suddenly jerked towards her, upper-cutting her in the chin and jerking her head back. She lost her grip on the satchel charge and it fell to the ground, unintentionally knocked away by the smooth tentacle as it attacked her, wrapping around her neck and squeezing .

U-47's eyes bulged, her air supply harshly cut off. ''N-Nn!''

The submarine reached up to her neck, gripping the dark red tentacle and digging her nails in, frantically trying to pry it off her neck. However its smooth surface made it hard to get a good grip, her superhuman strength unable to overcome the tentacle's grip on her neck. Other tentacles loomed around her but she didn't pay them any heed, too busy trying not to pass out from strangulation.

Just as U-47's vision began to dim the tentacle loosened, letting her gasp in much-needed gulps of air. Her arms were suddenly ensnared by two smooth dark red tentacles and yanked above her, the two tentacles wrapping around her wrists and binding them in place. As her awareness returned she became aware of two other tentacles wrapping around her legs, dragged her down to her knees.

''Nn...'' She grunted weakly, her chest heaving with each deep breath she took.

Her attention was drawn to a thick dark red tentacle that loomed before her. It looked like the smooth tentacles currently binding her, but with a rougher, more gritty-looking surface. For a moment it simply hovered there – before it shot towards her.

'' Ah! '' U-47 cried as the tentacle rammed her stomach, jerking her body back before the tentacles tightened their grip on her legs and arms, keeping her in place.

The rough tentacle reared back before slamming into her stomach again, U-47's face screwing up in pain as it struck her. Through half-lidded eyes she caught sight of the massive eye above her, seeing the sadistic glee burning in its intimidating gaze – making a chilling realisation hit her. It wasn't trying to mate with her.

It simply wanted to hurt her.

That thought was reinforced as the rough tentacle punched her stomach again, eliciting another pained cry from the busty submarine. Despite its relatively thin size it packed a punch, each strike leaving her gasping for air and wincing from the pain. She felt sick, her stomach aching and beginning to bruise, but the tentacle continued – hitting her over and over, as if venting its anger.

''Mn...'' U-47 groaned weakly, watching through half-lidded eyes as it raised up – before darting towards her.

Stars appeared in her vision as the tentacle struck her right cheek, jerking her head to the side. For a second she was lost in a daze, her mind stalling, before it came at her again – striking just to the side of her left eye, snapping her head to the right. The tangy metallic taste of blood coated her tongue as the abuse continued, this time slapping her across the face with the side of the tentacle, instead of the tip.

Finally the tentacle pulled back, content for the moment with its work. It slithered back and was instead replaced by several smooth dark red tentacles, one of which promptly curled around the front of her swimsuit and yanked back, ripping it off and causing the front part to fall slack – leaving only her thin black thong to hide her pussy from the horde of tentacles.

However they didn't go for her slit, not yet. Instead two more tentacles went for the top-half of her swimsuit, ripping it off her body – the zipper snapping in the process – and leaving her ample breasts exposed. Something that the tentacles eagerly took advantage of, wrapping around her boobs and harshly squeezing them.

''Mm- Ah!'' U-47 gasped, shuddering as the two tentacles roughly attacked her boobs. It couldn't even be considered groping – squeezing was the only appropriate word for it.

Suddenly a tentacle from the side loomed closer to her, much thinner than the other tentacles, about as thick as her finger. It suddenly lashed out – and U-47 cried out as it whipped her left thigh, leaving a harsh red line where it struck. The thin tentacle shifted behind her slightly before coiling up, and promptly struck her curvy ass with all the strength of a leather whip.

'' Ah! '' The submarine gasped, face screwing up in pain as two more tentacles joined in and started whipping her ass.

Fresh pain burned to life as one thin tentacle coiled up and whipped her pussy, her thin underwear doing little to lighten the blow. The sensation of the thin tentacle hitting her pussy lips was enough to steal her breath away, and at the back of her mind she almost wanted the rough-looking tentacle to come back instead. Not because it hurt more, but because a small, infinitesimally small part of her liked it.

As the thin tentacles whipped her pussy and ass another, even thinner tentacle slithered close to her. It was as thick as a string, and she watched nervously as it approached her, wary of what abuse it planned to inflict on her. However she was taken by surprise when it brushed against her pelvis, before slipping underneath the waistband of her thong – and circled around her clit.

''Hn-!'' U-47 sucked in a sharp breath, white-hot pleasure shooting through her as it teased the sensitive nub.

The sudden pleasure mixed with the stinging pain of the whips, her ass burning from the harsh attacks and her pussy stinging almost-pleasantly. She had never seen herself as a masochist, but it was hard to deny given the arousal slowly staining her panties, the thin tentacle's whipping making wet smacking sounds as it impacted her underwear.

Two more tentacles slithered towards her, moving towards her breasts. U-47 barely acknowledged them, too busy trying to not succumb to the building pleasure. However they gained her full attention as the tips opened like miniature flower buds, revealing mouths full of thousand of mini-tentacles – before they latched onto her nipples, eliciting a startled gasp from the Ironblood submarine as pleasure lanced through her.

The overwhelming combination of stimuli was too much for the submarine. The thin tentacles whipping her ass started to leave her skin tingling pleasantly, while the one slapping her weeping pussy sent sparks of hot pleasure racing through her like lightning. At the same time the two tentacles roughly squeezing her ample breasts left her feeling wonderfully short of breath, the other two tentacles sucking on her nipples pleasurably. The pleasure was only heightened by the thin tentacle toying with her clit, curling and flicking it teasingly.

In the end, all it took was one last whip against her pussy before she reached her limit – eyes snapping open as she climaxed from the tentacles.

''M- Mm- AHH~! '' U-47 cried, spasming in the tentacle's grip as she orgasmed, her honey staining her panties.

As her climax ripped through her the tentacles stopped whipping her, retreating away from her twitching form. The one circling her clit also pulled back but stayed nearby, waiting for its opportunity to strike again.

''Haah... haah...'' The Ironblood submarine panted, writhing as the aftershocks ran through her abused body.

She was stirred from her daze as a tentacle looped around the side of her thong, tugging on it for a second before the fabric ripped – her underwear fluttering to the ground, her lower half exposed to the many tentacles surrounding her. The submarine shuddered as the cool air in the cave brushed against her sensitive pussy, her mind slowly clearing up.

The sound of a tentacle slithering behind her made a shiver travel up her spine, but she couldn't turn her head enough to see it fully. In the end, she didn't need to.

U-47 stiffened as she felt a tentacle prod at her asshole, the smooth tentacle nuzzling her rear before it pushed inside – making her suck in a sharp breath. The submarine squirmed and gasped as the tentacle pushed deeper into her ass, wriggling ever deeper and sending waves of pleasure rushing through her.

However, it didn't stop.

Her pleasure was slowly replaced by unease as it kept pushing deeper into her ass, and her eyes widened as she felt it enter her stomach.

''A-Ah...'' U-47 breathed, twitching as the tentacle slithered up through her stomach – and she spasmed as it moved up through her throat, pressing against the back of her teeth before forcing the submarine's mouth open.

Through horrified eyes the Ironblood girl watched as the tip rose from her open mouth... before the tentacle began thrusting. A spasm ran through her as it moved, feeling the tentacle move in her throat, her stomach and her ass all at the same time. The disorienting mix of pleasure and discomfort made her nauseous, groaning uncertainly at the confusing sensation.

U-47 squirmed, barely able to tilt her head forwards slightly to look down – watching as over a dozen thin tentacles approached her unguarded pussy. They were as thin as a wire and curled around her lower lips, a choked gasp escaping her as they spread her pussy open. The reason became apparent as a single thick tentacle with a pointed tip slithered towards her, and she could do nothing but watch as it prodded her virgin pussy – before plunging into her.

''Mm~!'' U-47 moaned, the sound partially muffled by the pointed tentacle currently thrusting through her throat.

Hot pleasure flooded her already-sensitive pussy as the thick tentacle began thrusting, plunging into her wet tightness. It moved at odds with the one fucking her ass, causing her body to rock back and forth from the tentacle's movements, like she was sitting on a perverse rocking horse. Despite her uncertainly she instinctively rolled her hips, moaning shakily as the tentacles seeming started moving faster, as if excited by her submission.

''Ah... ah...'' U-47 groaned weakly, eyelids fluttering shut as the pointed tentacle in her pussy pumped its smooth length in and out of her, becoming coated in her own arousal.

While it wasn't as girthy as the tentacle that had struck her stomach it wasn't small by any means, filling her up each time it slammed into her. It battered against her cervix over and over, as if trying to emulate its brethren and push deeper into her. And as it continued pounding into her sensitive pussy she felt it wriggle deeper, a brief spark of pain fluttering through her pelvis before it was replaced by breath-stealing pleasure, aided by the grip on her breasts.

''Mn...'' The Ironblood submarine grunted, moaning uncertainly as the four tentacles attacking her breasts seemed to become more aggressive, squeezing and sucking her tits ravenously.

U-47 felt something leak out of the tentacle, the cool fluid a stark contrast to the scorching heat she felt searing through her. The point became obvious as the wriggling tentacle pushed itself against her deepest parts, and the submarine gasped as it succeeded – breaching her cervix and slithering deeper into her.

She jerked as it resumed thrusting, inching ever deeper into her pussy. Any pain was numbed by the overwhelming pleasure burning through her abused body, a weak groan slipping past U-47's parted lips as the tentacle continued fucking her all the way through, from ass to mouth.

Dimly she felt the tentacle squirm inside her pussy, burrowing even deeper – before reaching her womb, thrusting into her almost-eagerly.

''A... Ah... ohhh...'' U-47 groaned lowly, hips buckling as all the tentacles sped up, fucking her from all ends.

Even the tentacle around her neck wasn't one to be left out, tightening around her neck and stifling her air supply – not outright choking her, but enough to make breathing a challenge. Her previously-unknown masochistic tendencies only made it feel better, her mind going blank as her second orgasm drew closer and closer by the second.

So consumed by pleasure she didn't notice one tentacle slithering closer to her, the tip opening like a flower bud – before it darted forwards, latching onto her clit and attacking the sensitive nub with thousands of tiny tentacles, tipping her over the edge.

''A- AHHH~! '' U-47 screamed , voice cracking as her climax crashed down on her and made her whole body tense up.

The tentacles spasmed inside her, going rigid as her insides clamped and spasmed around them. A few seconds passed before small bulges emerged from the wall holes, travelling down the lengths of the dark red tentacles before entering her.

U-47's scream broke into a throaty groan as thick ropes of cum shot directly into her womb, the sensation only making her climax harder. Rope after rope of cum pumped directly into her deepest parts until there simply wasn't any room left, causing it to squirt and leak out her stuffed pussy – the tentacle forcibly pushed out by its own seed. The tentacles around her breasts uncoiled and aimed at her, shooting ropes of cum over her face and breasts, the hot fluid pleasant against her burning skin.

Last but not least a bulge entered her asshole, travelling up through her stomach before emerging from her mouth – the tentacle aiming down towards her forced-open mouth, before unloading its cum directly back down her throat, forcing her to swallow it.

A long moment passed as seemingly nothing moved, before the tentacle in her pussy slowly retracted, pulling out and letting cum freely leak out of her. The tentacles around her breasts pulled away and unlatched from her sensitive nipples, and the mouth-tentacle sucking her clit retreated as well. Lastly the thick tentacle slid back down her cum-coated throat, down through her stomach and out her ass, leaving her feeling achingly empty.

''Ah...'' U-47 mumbled, going slack as she was left alone – held up only by the tentacles around her wrists and legs.

Silence reigned for what felt like an eternity, but in reality was little more than a few minutes. The broken submarine sluggishly looked up, panting heavily – and finding a tentacle hovering right in front of her.

The tentacle promptly forced its way into her mouth, muffling her moan as the onslaught continued.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 25 Minutes


''Cygnet, I need another bag of solution. Check the cupboards on the other side of the room.''

''Y-Yes ma'am!''

The Medical Bay was hectic, with Vestal ordering her helpers – Cygnet and Saratoga – around. Oil was now drying up and it was only a matter of time before they ran out entirely, thus leaving Vestal unable to heal her patients further. Unicorn and Kisaragi hadn't come back, and neither had Ark Royal. Despite her worry Vestal couldn't spare anyone, and didn't dare waste time going to Jintsuu to ask – she was well aware their manpower was limited enough.

And if the muted sounds of distant gunfire were any indication, time was running short. Most of her patients were good enough to move, but not very fast. Wounds were closed but she couldn't ail the pain that made them limp, Shiratsuyu in particular nearly immobile due to the aching between her legs. Should time come for them to run, they would have to carry the wounded and made a mad dash for the surface, and pray they got there unviolated.

Cygnet hastily approached the cupboard, swinging the tall door open and raking around for the orange solution. Just as she spotted it, hidden amongst some tools, the gentle sound of skittering reached her ears – making her freeze.

'W-What was that...?' Cygnet thought quietly, glancing around worriedly – but nobody else showed any sign of hearing it.

Again, the gentle skittering of something against metal, her heart beating faster at the sound. The Destroyer nervously looked up at the small, square vent that hung above the cupboard, with only a thin metal hatch to block it off. A hatch that was only screwed into the wall at the top... allowing it to be lifted open from either side.

''U-Um... V-Vestal!'' Cygnet raised her voice, a disturbing buzzing coming from the vent. ''I-I think we have a problem!''

Vestal turned towards her, frowning. ''What?''

''T-There's something in the ve-''

Her warning was cut short as the buzzing grew rapidly louder, enough that everyone in the room could hear it – before something broke through the hatch. A Wasp. A very large one easily the size of their torsos, the loud buzzing of its wings filling the room. Less than a second later another one breached through the vent, more audibly on the way.

Panic descended on the Medical Bay, everyone becoming lost in the blind panic and chaos. The room was far too small to use their riggings without the high risk of blowing their own allies apart, forcing those able to defend themselves to use whatever they could get their hands on – mainly heavy pieces of medical equipment.

Cygnet wailed as she stumbled away from the oversized bugs, briefly watching them hover in the air before they darted hungrily for the vulnerable Ship-Girls. Whereas outside they had been little more than cannon fodder, in here with the Ship-Girls so weakened and their weapons limited, the bugs held the advantage.

One in particular – a large, oversized Fly – dove down for Cygnet, petrifying the shy Destroyer and prompting her to bring her arms up in an X shape, anticipating a blow. However instead of ramming into her it opened its small mouth, revealing small but almost snake-like fangs, something it quickly put to use as it bit her.

''A-Ah- ahhh?!'' Cygnet's cry dissolved into a startled wail as a harsh burst of cold pain shot through her, not unlike a lightning bolt.

She stumbled away from the giant bug, her body rapidly becoming cold – before her legs gave out. Cygnet cried as she collapsed in a heap on the floor, her body suddenly not responding to her own will. Her eyelids felt sluggish and her tongue felt heavy in her mouth, but she could still move them at least – but her limbs, her torso, everything below her neck was nearly limp.

Her eyes widened as the oversized Fly mounted her, letting her see the two large pink cocks that jutted out of its lower body. The creature rubbed itself against her, its cocks slipping under her skirt and rubbing against her white panties, one of the tips pressing against her clothed pussy and only making her struggle with renewed panic.

''N-Nn! Dhn't!'' Cygnet pleaded desperately, her tongue sluggish and slurring her words – but if the bug understood her, it didn't heed her plea.

A single thin leg moved under her skirt, and Cygnet's heart dropped as it rubbed against her underwear, before pushing it aside – revealing her virgin folds to the insect. The Fly wasted no time in shuffling forwards, the tip of its pink cock pressing against her pussy, before slipping between her folds.

''Uu...'' Cygnet whimpered, gasping as the insect's cock penetrated her.

At the same time she felt its other, slightly larger cock nudge against her ass. She didn't even get the chance to recover from the initial penetration before the second cock pushed into her asshole, and while she couldn't actively control her body Cygnet still reflexively thrashed as both cocks sunk into her in unison. She was a virgin and the sensation of having something inside her was sickeningly foreign, not helped by the fact her defiler was a literal bug.

Cygnet spasmed reflexively as the Fly started thrusting, humping her and driving its two thick cocks into her pussy and ass. Despite never having sex before there was oddly no pain as the Fly fucked her, as if it robbed her of both her control and numbed her nerves – something she wasn't sure how to feel about. At the very least she could close her eyes and try and pretend this wasn't happening.

''Mn...'' She squirmed weakly, her pelvis tingling as the insect mated with her. For a moment she didn't understand the feeling, before it hit her like a bucket of cold ice a second later. Pleasure. She was feeling pleasure.

'N-No...' Cygnet denied frantically, mortified by the possibility.

But the absence of any pain only made the ticklish pleasure all the more apparent, the Fly's strange venom erasing her pain and amplifying her pleasure. Each haphazard hump drove the bug's twin cocks into her and made her hips buckle, increasingly-powerful bursts of pleasure shooting through her body.

Her attention focused on the bug as two of its thin legs clawed at her shirt, the talon-tipped ends letting it easily rip the fabric apart, much to her terror. Her ample breasts were revealed, clad in a white bra and luring the Fly in – the creature ripping her bra apart before opening its small mouth, latching onto her breasts and sinking its teeth in.

''Ah!'' Cygnet gasped, moaning in surprise as a burst of cold pleasure shot through her boob, only enhancing the sensation of its twitching cocks inside her holes.

Unbeknownst to her the insect quickly picked up the pace, humping her with increasing lust and its pink cocks throbbing meaningfully. Unlike some of the other beasts on the base the bug barely comprehended pleasure, only guided by its instinctual desire to impregnate and lay its eggs inside fertile targets. Its venom helped render its targets unable to resist the process, reducing them into little more than broodmares for it to impregnate over and over again.

''Mm...'' Cygnet writhed, groaning weakly as the Fly fucked her pussy and ass, sucking on her breast at the same time. ''Sthp... ah...''

The Fly didn't respond, too busy pounding its throbbing cocks into her tight holes – before the creature suddenly stopped, tensing up. Cygnet was left confused for a long second... until she felt the two cocks inside her pulsate. Less than a second later thick spurts of cum shot into her, and Cygnet's heart sank as she felt dozens of oddly-round objects flow into her as well. Eggs.

''N-No...'' Cygnet whispered fearfully, twitching as cum dribble out her pussy and asshole.

Her fears took a back-seat, as less than a full minute later the Fly recovered... and promptly resumed fucking her, eager to fill her with its eggs.


Never before in her life had Saratoga wished she was a Light Aircraft Carrier instead of a regular carrier. Now, she wanted nothing more than that, if only so she could have some anti-aircraft turrets.

Since she didn't, she was forced to use her fighter planes as impromptu suicide-bombers, flying them directly into the overgrown bugs. She had no other choice; the room was so small her planes couldn't circle around to get a good gun run, and she didn't dare use any bombs lest she blow up her injured allies. Even with her desperate attempt at fending off the creatures she could see Cygnet falling to a large Fly, wailing as the creature bit her.

Before Saratoga could even consider saving her, the harsh buzzing of wings filled her ears, distinct from the rest of the chaos due to how close it was. The pink-haired girl felt something behind her, thin bony legs gripping her sides before a pair of fangs bit the back of her neck.

''Nn-!?'' Saratoga grunted harshly, eyes widening as all feeling below her neck faded – her legs giving out beneath her.

The Aircraft Carrier collapsed, grunting as she face-planted against the cold hospital floor. Her knees rubbed against the floor, and due to the way she landed her ass was stuck in the air – her skirt barely hiding her ass. The oversized Wasp crawled up her back, its bony legs slowly wrapping around her torso to support itself, essentially attaching itself to her until it was finished mating.

''G'het off...'' Saratoga slurred, grimacing and trying to shake the creature off, but she could barely wriggle in place let alone knock it off.

The Wasp buzzed at her in reply, and Saratoga panicked as she felt two of its bony legs prod at her pantyhose. With their sharp tips they easily poked holes in the thin fabric, revealing the peachy skin beneath as it eviscerated the only thing keeping her purity safe. Her pink panties weren't safe from its prying legs either, the Wasp tearing a hole in her underwear and exposing her virgin folds. It prodded her soft folds with one of its legs, the sharpness of the limb making her cringe, before its legs retreated.

Saratoga looked over her shoulder as the Wasp angled its back, letting her see that in place of a stinger was instead a cock. A very long one that ended in a pointed tip. The Aircraft Carrier's eyes dilated in fear, vividly recalling the sight of Lexington being attacked, and undoubtedly raped afterwards by the massive Oni. And now she would be too – but instead of by an Oni, it was by an oversized Wasp. She wasn't sure which fate was worse.

''Nn...!'' Saratoga sucked in a sharp breath, tensing up as the Wasp prodded her pussy with its dick. ''D-Dhn't, please... g-go for... someone else...''

The Wasp didn't even deign her with a response, suddenly bucking its hips and plunging its cock into her pussy. Saratoga spasmed, a choked cry escaping her as the creature roughly stole her first time, its pointed cock easily penetrating deep into her pussy with a single thrust. Her inner walls clamped around its cock as if to push it out, but the insect was persistent, and within seconds began thrusting its hips.

''A-Ah...!'' Saratoga cried, cheek rubbing against the cold floor as the Wasp plunged into her pussy.

Within several thrusts the Wasp's cock was bumping against her cervix, forcibly spreading her insides apart with its cock. The fact she could barely move her body only humiliated Saratoga more, unable to do anything but lay there and let the creature do as it wanted. As that thought struck her her heart seized with fear, dimly realising that it would make her give birth to more insects... insects who might in turn rape her too, forming a never-ending cycle.

Saratoga twitched as the Wasp continued fucking her, snapping her from her dark thoughts. She struggled with renewed desperation but she still couldn't move, not that the pain burning in her pussy helped at all – the Wasp was far from gentle, the blood dripping out her stuffed pussy evidence of her stolen virginity.

''N-Nn!'' Saratoga winced, groaning in pain. It almost felt like it was trying to go even deeper, even though it was literally as deep as it could go.

That idea quickly was proved wrong.

''H-Huh?'' The Aircraft Carrier tensed, feeling its prodding cock nudge against her cervix and excrete a cold fluid, smearing it against her deepest parts.

Her mouth opened in a silent scream as the Wasp plunged its pointy dick into her, and this time pierced her cervix. Saratoga remained frozen as the Wasp continued thrusting, nudging ever deeper past her cervix and making her mind go blank from the impossible feeling. She barely even registered the insect's cock pulsating inside her, too consumed by the sensation of its cock bumping against her womb to notice.

By the time she snapped out of her daze, whimpering as its cock stuffed her full over and over again, her fate was sealed – the large Wasp burrowing its cock deep into her pussy, before unloading thick ropes of cum straight into her womb.

''A-Ah~!'' Saratoga gasped, spasming as the surprisingly hot fluid shot into her. And with it she felt the round ball-like objects that slipped into her, the implication not lost on her.

''Ah... big sis... guess... I can't be... an idol now... huh...?''


Shiratsuyu knew something was wrong a second before the bugs broke through the vent shaft.

Relying on her instincts, the same instincts that saved her from being caught several times by the monsters (before the Lizardmen caught her anyway), she grabbed the thin blanket of the hospital bed and threw it over herself. The loud buzzing of insects and the panicked cries of her fellow Ship-Girls filled her ears, frightening the petite Destroyer and prompting her to roll over onto her stomach, burying her head in the bed.

Running wasn't even an option – her earlier defilement by the Lizardmen had left her feeling achingly sore, barely able to stand let alone run. And if the sound echoing around the room were any indication, running would only draw attention to herself. Her only chance was to hide and wait for back-up to come save them.

Unbeknownst to the skittish Destroyer her foot stuck out from the bottom of the blanket, just enough that a careful eye could spot it. And spot it an eye did.

Shiratsuyu's breath hitched as something brushed against her foot, dozens of tiny legs crawling over the limb. She remained deathly still, not even breathing as she felt the unknown insect crawl over her leg... before it crawled under the blanket. Still clinging to the fragile hope that it didn't notice her the Destroyer remained unmoving, waiting for the creature to ignore her in favour of her more... vocal comrades.

'Uu...' Shiratsuyu mentally whimpered, struggling to remain still as she felt the creature – which she was certain was a Centipede – nuzzle against her skirt.

Its head slipped under her short grey skirt and pressed against her white panties, its many legs touching the insides of her thighs as it crawled upwards. She couldn't resist the shiver than ran through her as the creature climbed up her back, finally slowing to a stop and digging its many legs into her back. The lower half of the creature curled forwards and pressed against her underwear, several pair of legs deftly working in unison to push her panties aside.

Shiratsuyu hesitated. On one hand there was no doubt now that it knew she was a person, that she was a suitable breeding target. But on the other hand if she resisted, if she made noise, the other bugs might know where she was. Here, under the covers and with a Centipede humping her, it was just the two of them – but outside, with a literal swarm of bugs? She didn't want to imagine, couldn't imagine being impregnated over and over by dozens of different insects.

'Shigure-nee... Kawakaze-nee...' Shiratsuyu buried her head in the bed, muffling her scared whimpers.

Her time to decide was up, the mutant Centipede succeeding in prying her panties aside, revealing her abused pussy. The Centipede shifted slightly, the underside of the overgrown bug splitting open to reveal a long pink cock. With slow movements the arthropod angled its body, the tip of its cock nuzzling against her soft folds – before pushing inside.

''N-Nn...'' Shiratsuyu grunted softly, shuddering as the Centipede's cock penetrated her – and compared to how rough the Lizardmen were, the Centipede seemed almost gentle in comparison.

And unlike the Lizardmen, who fucked her hard and fast, the Centipede was nearly the direct opposite – slowly humping her while driving its long cock into her, bumping against her cervix within several thrusts. Her pussy still stung from the rough abuse earlier and left her sensitive, something that only served to make the Centipede's cock feel even better – and to her surprise she found herself restraining a moan.

''Mm...'' Shiratsuyu breathed, swallowing as pleasure tickled her lower lips. The probing legs of the Centipede felt pleasant against her thighs, almost like it was stroking her soothingly.

In actuality it was probably unintentional idle motions, but she desperately clung to the idea that it was intelligent – that it was being gentle for her sake. And not just because it was a slow creature.

Her breathing grew heavier as the Centipede continued thrusting, what little discomfort she felt dissolving away and replaced solely by ticklish pleasure. On instinct she rolled her hips, gently rocking back and forth as she tried to make the creature move faster. Shiratsuyu shuddered and moaned softly into the bed, feeling the cock inside her slowly expand and swell up.

Little bumps grew on the bug's shaft, rubbing pleasurably against her inner walls and eliciting another soft moan from the Destroyer. It felt so wrong, knowing that she could resist – sure, the end result wouldn't be pretty, but she still could resist. And yet she chose not to, favouring the Centipede over the multitude of bugs outside the blanket. Given the scared and pained cries echoing around the room, she felt like she took the lesser of the two evils.

''Haah... haah...'' Shiratsuyu panted, gripping fistfuls of the bed, her dog tail brushing against the Centipede as it slowly fucked her.

Suddenly the bug's cock throbbed inside her, the whole creature going stiff and digging its legs into her – before spurts of cum shot into her. Shiratsuyu wasn't able to completely stifle the gasp that escaped her, the sensation of its hot seed making her pussy burn with foreign pleasure, and she groaned as distinctly egg-shaped balls entered her, impregnating her.

''Ah...'' Shiratsuyu squirmed at the feeling, her chest rising and falling with each shallow breath she took.

To her surprise less than twenty seconds later the Centipede had recovered, a low groan escaping the dog-girl as it resumed thrusting into her abused pussy.


Z23 had been out of it when the first of the insects broke into the room, Vestal's drug ailing the pain in her rear and letting her doze lightly.

However after several seconds of panicked screams and infernal buzzing she began to stir out of it, realising something was wrong. Her body was numb from the drug and it took her a few long seconds to get even a little feeling back, wiggling her toes and curling her fingers as she opened her eyes – and she froze as she bore witness to the chaos rapidly spreading throughout the room. Namely of oversized bugs of various kinds mounting paralysed Ship-Girls and raping them with ruthless abandon.

The Ironblood Destroyer froze as something distinctly inhuman landed on her lower back, its thin legs digging into her skin as it positioned itself on her rear. Fearfully Z23 looked over her shoulder, freezing at the sight of a large Grasshopper mounting her ass, an erect pick cock sticking out from its lower body.

And due to her injury she wasn't wearing anything below the waist.

''G-Get off!'' Z23 half-yelled, half-screamed, sluggishly swatting a hand back but barely able to even touch it with the back of her hand.

Her action proved to be a mistake. Without warning the overgrown Grasshopper darted forth, biting her outstretched hand and eliciting a surprised yelp from the frightened Destroyer. Within seconds a cold sensation flowed up her arm and she rapidly lost all feeling in the limb, before her arm went completely limp. The paralysing sensation spread up to her shoulders and partially up her neck before it slowed – but it still spread over to her other arm and down to her stomach before it stopped.

''Nn...!'' Z23 cringed, her cheek pressing against her pillow – unable to lift her head up, her body refusing to respond to her. The Destroyer could barely even move her legs, both from a combination of her previous assault and Vestal's drug.

Z23 stiffened as the felt the Grasshopper's cock press against her pussy, the tip daringly slipping between her abused folds. ''D-Don- Agh!''

Her sharp cry echoed as the insect penetrated her, unceremoniously slamming its cock into her. While it wasn't as large as the Demon that previously defiled her, it was only slightly smaller – but unlike the Demon it began thrusting instantly, bucking its hips with surprising speed and plunging its cock deep into her pussy.

The Destroyer spasmed, gasping as the bug fucked her ravenously. Her body rocked slightly from the sheer force the insect used, its lower body slapping against her tender ass and making her wince, the numbing effect of Vestal's medicine waning and making the pain return. Each thrust felt like a jab into her deepest parts and a slap on the ass at the same time, not helped by the fact it was thrusting its cock into her nearly three times a second.

''Hn!'' Z23 grit her teeth, stifling her harsh scream as its cock battered against her cervix. ''S-Someone...!''

Nobody answered her cry for help, and a brief glance out the corner of her eye revealed why. They all had their own problems. Almost every girl in the room was either being defiled or about to be, struggling and crying for help. From Cygnet being fucked by a massive Fly, to Saratoga laying on the ground with her ass in the air and a Wasp humping her from behind – nobody was safe.

And if the near-constant buzzing from the vent was any indication, even more bugs were on the way. The notion inspired a cold spike of fear in Z23, petrified as she imagined what would happen. One bug was mortifying enough, but being defiled by two, three, four at a time? Using every hole available, taking turns with impregnating them like a sickening conveyor belt of breeding? Bug after bug, endlessly mating with them until they had no more strength to fight back?

''N-No...'' Z23 whimpered into the pillow, shuddering as the Grasshopper aggressively violated her.

All around her she could hear others begin to moan, while others only cried louder as several insects came inside them. A girl who's face she couldn't see somehow managed to push a Wasp off her just as it climaxed, causing the insect to shoot its seed all over her exposed stomach – and unintentionally pissing the creature off, making it buzz at several of its friends. Within seconds over three large Wasps surrounded the poor girl, two of them pushing their shafts into her pussy while another went for her mouth.

Z23's attention refocused on the Grasshopper as a fresh jolt of pain shot through her, a startled cry escaping her as its cock battered her cervix – and to her shock, its cock eagerly nudged deeper into her, the pointed tip of its cock letting it breach her cervix.

''A-Ah!'' Z23 cried, writhing as the lustful insect pounded her ravenously, the sound of the creature smacking her ass over and over again echoing in her ears.

She was barely aware of the Grasshopper fucking her faster and faster, its pink cock pulsating within her aching pussy – before the insect suddenly stopped, tensing up. She opened her eyes, confused as she felt its dick throb inside her... before the realisation hit her. Not even a second later the insect climaxed, shooting ropes of cum and eggs directly into her womb, eliciting a sharp gasp from the Destroyer at the weird sensation as she felt the eggs move within her.

''O-Oh...'' Z23 twitched, feeling the Grasshopper slowly pumped the last of its seed into her.

Perhaps this would be her fate. She evaded the Demons thanks to Vestal and her allies, but now succumbed to a horde of bugs.

And this time she had a feeling nobody would be coming to save her.


Fubuki had been napping on her back, when she was suddenly awoken by the sound of screams and buzzing.

''Hn...?'' Fubuki stirred, groaning as she woke – her body sluggish and heavy, courtesy of Vestal's healing solution. The pain was still there, but was blissfully muted, letting her ignore it.

However that wasn't her concern at the moment. Instead, as her eyes opened, she laid witness to a horde of insects and bugs of all kinds flooding into the room. It had only been a handful of seconds since it started yet there was already a small army of bugs in the room, many of them attacking the injured Ship-Girls and setting about mating with them.

Fubuki was no exception. Before she could even push herself up loud buzzing filled her ears, and a large Bee landed on her stomach. The Destroyer stiffened in surprise and instinctively leaned back away from its large head, and her attention sharply shifted as several of its bony legs nudged her panties aside, their intent clear.

''G-Go away...!'' Fubuki raised her voice, raising her hand but hesitating on striking it, afraid of how it or its kin would retaliate.

Before she could decide the Bee leaned forth, opens its mouth and sinking its mutated fangs into her wrist. Fubuki yelped and yanked her arm back, staring at the oversized Bee fearfully, expecting it to outright eat her. But it merely watched her, tilting its head occasionally while its thin legs tugged and pulled at her panties, gradually pushing them aside.

The reason for the bite became apparent to her as her arm went limp and felt distinctly cold, almost like frostbite. The coldness spread throughout her torso and to her other arm, creeping up her neck and down to her waist before it slowed to a stop, leaving her nearly completely paralysed. It occurred to her a second later that she could still move her feet, but didn't dare – lest the Bee bite them too, sealing her fate completely.

''H-Hey, c'mon...'' Fubuki tried pleading, forcing herself to look the creepy insect in the eyes. ''L-Let me go... I-I already got a-attacked by a Demon, s-so I'm no good for you, y'know, aha...?''

If the Bee understood her it didn't show any signs of it. Instead it tilted its head down, focusing on her underwear as it successfully pushed the fabric aside, revealing her pussy to the creature. It wasted no time in angling its body, displaying that in place of a stinger was now a long pink cock with a puffy ring near the base.

Fubuki grimaced, bracing herself – mentally praying it would be less painful than when the Demon did it. Then again at least it wouldn't carve out a pentagram into her skin.

''Nn...!'' Fubuki grunted as the Bee rubbed its cock against her abused pussy lips, before suddenly plunging into her, knocking the breath from her lungs.

The Destroyer spasmed reflexively as the Bee near-instantly began moving, humping her and shoving its cock into her folds. With her previous violation having happened barely an hour ago she was still sensitive, accentuating the uncomfortable sensation of its long dick spearing into her. All it took was several quick thrusts before it filled her, the Bee easily bumping against her cervix and fucking her in earnest.

Fubuki cringed and tilted her head aside, writhing as the Bee plunged into her eagerly. Her eyes scanned the room around her and her heart sank as she saw her comrades falling to the insects too – Z23 in particular crying for help as a large Grasshopper roughly fucked her from behind. Dimly Fubuki remembered the Demons that violated them, recalling how they were intelligent enough to be sadistic. The bugs around them were nearly the opposite, too dumb to know the meaning of sadism; focused solely on impregnating suitable hosts.

''H-Haah... Nn...'' She breathed shakily, shuddering as a faint tinge of pleasure tickled her pussy. Not enough to outweigh the pain, but enough for her to feel it.

As the Bee continued mating with her she felt something prodding at her pussy lips, but couldn't see due to the Bee's body. A small spike of fear filled Fubuki as the unknown thing prodded her pussy several times, and as the Bee kept thrusting the object managed to sink between her folds. Within seconds of entering her it began to swell up not unlike a wolf's knot, making Fubuki gasp as it stretched her insides apart to accommodate it.

''A-Ah!'' Fubuki gasped, moaning as the knot moved about her pussy, stretching her to the brim as the Bee fucked her.

She was distracted from the swelling knot inside her as the Bee's legs prodded at her torso. Through half-lidded eyes she watched as two legs came from either side, pushing her shirt together... and let her modest breasts slip free from her shirt. When the insect released her shirt it simply sagged between her boobs, leaving them exposed to the creature.

Fubuki groaned as a warm liquid dripped onto her boobs, leaking from the Bee's mouth. The golden fluid was sticky like honey and looked remarkably like the sweet syrup, but unlike honey it felt good against her skin. It made her boobs tingle and burn with foreign heat, only accentuating the fleeting pleasure she felt. Her pink nipples hardened under the syrup, the intoxicatingly sweet smell wafting up to her nose and nearly making her dizzy with the sweetness.

''Hu- Mm~!'' Fubuki moaned as the Bee suddenly leaned down, sinking its strange fangs into her breast. Instead of pain a sharp burst of pleasure shot through her, eliciting a throaty moan from the Destroyer.

Even as it sucked on her breast the insect didn't slow its thrusting even slightly. Its cock twitched inside her and its knot swelled up to full size, preventing it from pulling out of her even if she dared to resist. The notion only made Fubuki moan, knowing what was coming.

''Ohh...'' Fubuki shivered and screwed her eyes shut, feeling the Bee tense up against her and its fangs digging into her breast – before ropes of cum and eggs shot into her pussy.

Her back arched sharply as hot pleasure shot through her, and she climaxed. ''M-Mm~!''

The Bee kept cumming for what felt like a full minute, her stomach starting to bulge from how much cum and eggs were shot into her – and it had nowhere to leak out, since the knot stopped it from pulling out. Fubuki writhed as the Bee resumed sucking on her boob, rocking slight and pushing its eggs deeper into her body, eliciting a breathless whine from the weakened Destroyer.

''Nn...'' Fubuki grunted softly, shuddering as the aftershocks of her orgasm ran through her. ''You... pervy little... bee...''

As if in response the Bee lifted its mouth off her breast, and bit her other one, eliciting another moan from Fubuki as it resumed its pleasurable torture.


Anarchy. That was the only way Vestal could describe it.

The growing swarm of insects flew around the room, some simply circling while others dived for wounded Ship-Girls, many of whom were unable to defend themselves from their soon-to-be defilers. In a matter of seconds several girls were knocked to the floor, their clothes ripped or pried open to let the giant bugs mate with them.

In the heat of the moment, Vestal chose to flee. It was a cowardly move, she knew, but there was nothing she could do to help. The best thing she could do is run for Jintsuu and try and divert all available defenders to the Medical Bay, at least long enough to save the wounded. With that thought in mind she turned and rushed for the double doors, noting Mutsuki had a similar idea, the small Destroyer frantically grabbing the handles and yanking the doors open.

To Vestal's surprise, Choukai also got up off her bed and ran for the doors, despite being near-comatose mere minutes ago. Her surprise turned to horrified disbelief however as Choukai stepped out into the tunnel... and pulled the doors shut behind her, leaving Vestal trapped within the room.

''C-Choukai?!'' Vestal cried in alarm, desperately grasping the handles and pulling – but someone, undoubtedly Choukai, pulled back and kept the doors shut. ''Answer me!''

None came, but she could hear Mutsuki's muted pleas as the Destroyer tried to reason with the Heavy Cruiser – before the sound of skin slapping echoed through the doors and Mutsuki cried out, audibly falling to the floor. The sound only renewed Vestal desperation, protective instincts flaring up as she rammed her shoulder against the double doors with all her strength – but she was a mere Repair Ship, her physical strength inferior to the likes of a Heavy Cruiser.

Harsh buzzing rapidly approached her, making her heart drop. Not even a full second later a large Wasp rammed into her side, sending her stumbling to the floor with a startled cry. The second she got her bearings she tried to crawl away, her palms gripping the cold floor as she moved – but her attempts were for naught.

''Ah!'' Vestal yelped in surprise, shivering as something distinctly insect-like landed on her lower back. The harsh buzzing only reinforced the idea that it was the Wasp from before.

The buzzing briefly got louder before she felt hot breath against the back of her neck, before the Wasp bit her. Vestal gasped at the brief jolt of pain, only to be shocked as a cold sensation rapidly spread through her neck. It continued moving up to her lower face and down to her arms, over her breasts and down her stomach before it stopped. Paralysis.

''Nn!'' Vestal grunted as her arms gave out, managing to tilt her head so her cheek hit the ground and not her nose.

Her legs however didn't give out, leaving her ass up in the air – something she became distinctly aware of as the Wasp's thin but nimble legs pierced and ripped out chunks of her dress. Soon there was nothing obscuring her white panties from the Wasp, and she shuddered as two of its legs nimbly pushed her underwear aside, exposing her virgin lips to the insect.

To her surprise however a second insect buzzed near her – and from the corner of the eye, she saw it was a Bee. The two insects buzzed back at each other for a second like they were conversing, before the Wasp reluctantly made a low, almost-submissive buzz.

The slightly smaller but still overgrown Bee landed on the floor and crawled under Vestal, and the Repair Ship shuddered as it deftly climbed up her. The Bee then wrapped its legs around her sides, pressing its body against her stomach and leaving its face near her clothed breasts... and its cock by her slit.

'W-Wait...' Vestal thought in dawning horror, feeling both their shafts pressing against her folds. 'Surely they aren't-'

Her train of thought was harshly derailed as the Wasp took the plunge, literally. Vestal let out a sharp gasp as the creature's long cock stabbed into her pussy, roughly taking her first time and making her spasm on reflex, unused to such a large object inside her. Before she could adjust to its dick the Bee also chose then to push its cock into, spreading her pussy with their combined girth.

''N-Nn!'' Vestal grunted harshly, gritting her teeth as best she could – but her lower jaw was numb, making the act difficult.

Another powerful spasm ran through her as both bugs started thrusting, their rhythm uneven and nearly making her mind go blank, a pained groan escaping her. It was too much. If it was just the Wasp, she could endure it – but two cocks at once? It just wasn't possible. She wasn't remotely prepared for it, let alone with literal insects.

She was distracted from her double penetration by the Bee beneath her, its head nuzzling her breasts and deftly tearing a hole in her dress. Vestal writhed as it succeeded, her ample breasts hanging out clad only in a white bra – something the Bee quickly remedied, biting the front and making her bra spill open. Less than a couple seconds later the Bee suddenly shot a warm fluid at her boobs, the sticky substance clinging to her like a syrup.

''Ah!'' Vestal cried as the Bee suddenly sunk its fangs into her breast.

It didn't hurt as much as she expected; just a brief sting before it was replaced by pleasant warmth. Vestal cringed as she felt the insect suck on her breast, its thrusts not even slowing slightly – the Bee's cock still stirring her pussy up in tandem with the Wasp's. The pain was slowly dying out, the Wasps' cock leaking a strange cold substance that smeared along her inner walls, erasing her pain and leaving her with unwanted pleasure.

''Mn...'' The Repair Ship shuddered, refusing to acknowledge the growing pleasure. She didn't want it. She'd rather take the pain than surrender and let herself enjoy it.

However whatever the Wasp was smearing her insides with not only eliminated the pain, but also enhanced the pleasure. Despite her defiance her body responded, her honey leaking out and coating the two bug's cocks as they plunged into her increasingly-wet folds. Their lower halves slapped against her pelvis and ass repeatedly, the audible sound of skin slapping together making her stomach twist.

From her position Vestal glanced around the room, her heart skipping a beat as she saw everyone else falling victim to the bugs. From Cygnet crying as a giant Fly humped her, to Saratoga being fucked from behind by a Wasp, to Z23 being pounded by a Grasshopper and Fubuki moaning as a Bee drilled her. Fubuki in particular drew her attention, seeing the genuine bliss on the girl's face as the Bee sucked her breasts and fucked her at the same time.

''A-Ah...'' Vestal reluctantly moaned as a sudden spike of pleasure shot through her, her pussy tingling as the two bugs continued violating her.

The pleasure was only enhanced as the Bee bit her other breast, sucking on her tit and tickling her with the foreign feeling. Her legs buckled and she had to hold back a gasp as the Bee's cock swelled up slightly – not enough for its knot to activate, but enough to increase the size of its dick. As if competing the Wasp moved faster, pounding into her pussy with ravenous abandon and eliciting a choked moan from the busty Repair Ship.

She could feel their dicks begin to twitch and throb, and she knew enough about anatomy to guess what it meant. Vestal grimaced and screwed her eyes shut, unable to muster the strength to resist anyone – able only to moan as they violated her for their own twisted ends.

In the end, the Bee came first – tensing up against her stomach before it unloaded spurts of thick cum into her pussy, the strange warmth making Vestal squirm. The Wasp finished barely a second later, shooting its load into her deepest parts and impregnating her with its seed.

''Mn...!'' Vestal groaned weakly, feeling their eggs move about her insides and slip past her cervix, heading straight for her womb.

And as the other Ship-Girls around her began moaning brokenly, Vestal surrendered, and let them use her as they pleased.


''H-Hey! W-What are you doing?!''

Mutsuki's cry went unheeded as she hit Choukai's legs, the taller Heavy Cruiser staring at the double doors with an empty gaze. She held onto the doors with an iron grip, and even though the doors in question were reinforced the handles began to dent inwards from the sheer strength Choukai used.

''Hey-!'' Mutsuki was halfway through shouting, when Choukai's left hand suddenly darted out and back-handed her across the face.

The Destroyer cried out, stumbling and falling onto her back from the sudden slap. Her cheek stung and she tenderly cupped it, wincing at the pain. When she looked up at Choukai she found the Heavy Cruiser bending the metal with sheer strength, interlocking the handles and effectively barricading it.

Choukai then turned to face her, making Mutsuki freeze up in fear. Pitch-black veins travelled up the woman's neck and the right side of her face, spreading to her right eye and colouring her sclera a midnight black. The corrupting tendrils had also spread down Choukai's exposed thighs, and had even reached her hands, painting her fair skin black.

''C... Choukai-san...?'' Mutsuki murmured uncertainly, clutching her stinging cheek.

The unsettlingly-quiet Heavy Cruiser didn't reply, instead she smiled – the gesture looming frighteningly unnatural and hollow. Silently Choukai dropped down to her knees before Mutsuki, planting her hands on either side of the Destroyer's head and pinning her to the floor with her greater size.

Finally, Choukai breathed deeply, and spoke. ''Mm... did you always... smell so good, Mutsuki-chan?''

''E-Eh?'' Mutsuki stiffened, trying to squirm away from the older woman.

In response Choukai moved her hands, pinning Mutsuki's wrists against the cold concrete ground. ''You... look so cute, that I could just... eat you up~''

Mutsuki gasped as Choukai did just that, leaning down and biting her cat ear. She didn't do it hard enough to do any real harm, but definitely enough to make Mutsuki whimper in pain... something that only seemed to excite Choukai. The busty woman deftly moved both of Mutsuki's wrists above her head, keeping them in place with one hand while she let her other hand drift down to the Destroyer's slim legs.

''Nn...!'' Mutsuki bit her lip, whimpering as Choukai's hands gently squeezed and rubbed her thighs, slowly moving upwards.

She writhed as the older woman slipped a hand up her skirt, pressing three fingers against the front of her white panties. With gentle slowness she started rubbing, teasing Mutsuki and making her body heat up from the unfamiliar sensation. She barely even knew about sex, let alone masturbation, so the feeling of someone touching her was enough to take her breath away.

Choukai stopped biting her ear and instead started softly kissing it, the sensation mildly pleasant and tickling. ''Ssh... just let this Onee-san take care of you... it'll be easier that way...''

''P-Please... s-stop...'' Mutsuki whimpered, shivering as Choukai rubbed her clothed pussy with increasing roughness. ''I-It feels weird...''

''I can't.'' Choukai smiled emptily, shifting down and kissing Mutsuki's forehead. ''I can't resist, eheh... this Onee-san is too naughty... plus, I can make you feel really~ good too...''

The Heavy Cruiser's honeyed words made Mutsuki squirm, uncertain on what to do. The empty gaze Choukai had was slowly filled with a desire – a yearning, for her. Never had someone looked at her so adoringly, so obsessively. Not even Ark Royal looked upon her with such sickeningly-sweet affection. And as she stared into Choukai's empty eyes, she found herself instinctively submitting.

''U-Um...'' Mutsuki hesitated, the cat-girl looking up at the busty cruiser. ''I-I guess... but, won't the monsters get us...?''

''No. I'll protect you.'' Choukai assured, and Mutsuki believed her – there was a certain dark light in her eyes, one that spoke of unyielding devotion.

After a second Choukai released Mutsuki's wrists, but the Destroyer didn't resist anymore – watching nervously as the busty woman reached down to her peach-coloured skirt and pulled it off her slim legs, revealing Mutsuki's underwear. Choukai happily pulled them off as well, revealing the Destroyer's untouched pussy.

''Kawaii~'' Choukai sang softly, making Mutsuki blush. She moaned softly as the older woman gently rubbed two fingers against her soft folds, teasing her slowly and eliciting quiet gasps and soft mewls from the Destroyer. Sparks of pleasure tickled her pussy as the Heavy Cruiser continued her gentle ministrations, a pleasant shiver running through her.

Choukai shifted lower, taking Mutsuki by surprise when the older woman gently kissed her on the lips, muffling her soft moans. The cat-girl writhed as Choukai gently pushed a finger into her virgin folds, gently curling and spearing the digit into her pussy and eliciting soft gasps from the young Destroyer.

''Haah...'' Choukai breathed as she broke off from the kiss, staring lovingly down at her. ''Does it feel good, Mutsuki-chan?''

''Y-Yes, a-ah...''

Choukai giggled, adding a second finger and speeding up her fingering. The sensation only made Mutsuki gasp and writhe more, nearly spasming as the older woman toyed with her pussy. Choukai smiled widely as she felt Mutsuki's arousal coat her fingers, prompting her to daringly add a third finger and pump them into her wet folds eagerly.

At the same time she leaned down, ravenously kissing Mutsuki and muffling her adorable whimpers, turning Choukai on further. The mere taste of Mutsuki's lips was enough to drive the Heavy Cruiser mad, almost enough to shove her whole fist into the small girl – but she resisted the urge, wanting to be nice and gentle. She wanted to hear Mutsuki scream with pleasure, not with fear and pain.

''M-Mm~'' Mutsuki moaned into Choukai's mouth, completely submissive to the older woman – her hips buckling as Choukai quickly finger-fucked her.

A combination of inexperience and limited stamina left Mutsuki quivering as her first ever orgasm drew near, twitching and squirming beneath Choukai's larger frame. Hot pleasure raced through her as the Heavy Cruiser pressed a thumb against her sensitive clit, vigorously rubbing and tipping Mutsuki over the edge, pleasure shooting through her.

''A-Ah~!'' Mutsuki cried out, arching her back and spasming as she climaxed for the first time.

Choukai lovingly kissed her, silencing her sharp cry and letting her ride out her orgasm, slowly pumping her three fingers into Mutsuki's tight pussy and drawing out her orgasm. As the Destroyer's climax slowly drew to an end Choukai pulled her fingers out, gently giving Mutsuki's clit on last flick before letting her hand drop.

''Mm...'' The Heavy Cruiser hummed softly, licking her lips and taking in the sight of Mutsuki's erotically blissful face. She couldn't hold on much longer. She needed Mutsuki.

With that thought in mind Choukai reached down to her skirt, pushing the article of clothing down her thighs and off her legs, revealing her black underwear... with a prominent bulge in it. The Sakura cruiser breathed heavier, taking off her panties as well and letting her inhuman inky-black cock hang free – her pelvis painted black with corruption, twisted tendrils seeping into her deepest parts and changing her.

''Mutsuki-chan...'' Choukai purred softly, cupping the Destroyer's cheek lovingly and drawing her attention. ''Are you ready... to feel even better~?''

''Mn...'' The hazy-eyed Destroyer bobbed her head, too busy recovering from her near-maddening climax to really understand.

Choukai smiled broadly, spreading Mutsuki's legs with thinly-veiled eagerness and eyeing the Destroyer's weeping pussy. She grasped her inky-black cock and guided it towards Mutsuki's pussy, tenderly rubbing the tip against her folds, before pushing her inhuman cock in.

''Nn-?!'' Mutsuki arched her back, gasping in surprise at the foreign intrusion, so much bigger than Choukai's fingers. ''A-Ah!''

''Does it hurt~?'' Choukai asked, groaning sensually as the cat-girl's tight pussy strangled her cock – only encouraging her to push in deeper, rolling her hips and plunging deeper with each small thrust.

Mutsuki writhed, mewling uncertainly. ''Ah... it feels kinda... good... but big... ahh...''

The busty Heavy Cruiser giggled, rocking her hips and continuing to push deeper – until the tip bumped against Mutsuki's cervix, most of her cock buried inside the tight Destroyer. Choukai gave her a few seconds to adjust, knowing that her dick was quite big for someone of Mutsuki's size. While she waited she reached up to her shirt, gripping the cloth around her breasts and unceremoniously ripping it off with sheer strength, letting her large boobs bounce free.

''Here~'' Choukai purred lovingly, leaning over Mutsuki and burying the cat-girl's face between her breasts.

She moaned as Mutsuki almost instantly latched onto her breast, wrapping her lips around her right nipple and sucking. On instinct she started thrusting, rolling her hips and plunging into Mutsuki's heavenly-tight pussy. The cat-girl's prior orgasm had left her wet, acting as lubricant and allowing Choukai to move with increasing speed, barely clinging onto her restraint.

''Mm~!'' The busty woman groaned, planting one hand against the cold ground as she bucked her hips, maddeningly-hot pleasure shooting through her black cock. ''M-Mutsuki-chan... you feel so good~!''

She understood why Ark Royal had chosen to rape her, after the Aircraft Carrier emerged from a pool of black liquid. It felt incredible. Every second she was inside Mutsuki was heavenly, the Destroyer's tight insides squeezing her cock. Her reasoning was slowly crumbling and she moved her hips faster, practically ramming her shaft into the petite girl – loving the way the Destroyer moaned, the sound muffled by her breasts.

''Ohh~!'' Choukai shuddered, pressing her chest against Mutsuki harder – nearly smothering her. ''I-I can't stop my hips~! You feel too good~!''

Mutsuki mumbled something in reply, but Choukai wasn't listening. Even if Mutsuki wanted her to slow down she couldn't – the pleasure was too much for her. Her cock throbbed with lustful desire and she could feel her orgasm approaching, something that made her move fuck Mutsuki even harder, becoming obsessed with the idea of cumming inside her.

Suddenly Mutsuki's pussy tightened around her inhuman black cock, nearly strangling her shaft before the petite girl climaxed, writhing beneath Choukai. The busty woman let out a throaty moan, blissful heat shooting through her pelvis as she reached her limit.

''Mm~!'' Choukai moaned sharply, tilting her head back and letting her tongue hang out as she unloaded ropes of black cum into Mutsuki's quivering pussy, painting her insides black with the thick sticky substance.

Her orgasm slowly drew to an end, leaving her shuddering and nearly collapsing as the strength left her limbs. She remained in place for a long minute, simply panting and recovering from her mind-melting orgasm.

''Haah...'' Choukai breathed, slowly sitting up and looking down at Mutsuki – smiling when she saw the Destroyer was unconscious. Breathing, but unconscious. ''Aha... I must've suffocated you, huh?''

Choukai looked down, giggling breathlessly at the sight of Mutsuki's bulging stomach, filled to the brim with Choukai's own cum.

''I wonder... how much more can you hold, before you burst~?''



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 28 Minutes

''All forces, concentrate down the South-Western tunnel! Follow the plan – form a spearhead formation and don't slow down! This is our last shot!''

Jintsuu's orders echoed over the bunker's built-in speakers, the only device that worked semi-reliably. Outdated it may be, but reliable without a doubt. As she gave the evacuation order Jintsuu stood before the holographic projection table, grimacing as she heard no gunshots coming from the other hallways. Every tunnel had fallen to the monsters, including the South-Western tunnel. The reinforcements sent to the tunnels hadn't reported back either, meaning they must've fallen as well.

Despite how much it pained her, Jintsuu couldn't save them. She had to be selfish and save those that remained, and leave those defeated to their suffering. She couldn't afford not to. And that meant staying behind to buy them time to escape, even if it meant sealing her own fate.

For better or worse, she wouldn't face it alone at least.

''Enemies approaching from the North-East and North-West.'' Kawakaze reported grimly, hearing them with her enhanced senses.

''You don't have to stay, you know.'' Jintsuu noted lightly, pushing furniture, desks and computers aside to make room – she would need every inch needed to move around.

''I don't have to.'' Kawakaze agreed tonelessly. ''But I will. I see no reason in trying to run, not when our other comrades have all succumbed to such grisly fates – whether by defilement, or death. At least should I remain here by your side, in the central room of the bunker, there may be hope someone will one day return here and find what remains of me.''

Jintsuu smiled exasperatedly. ''You certainly have a way of making dark things seem even darker, Kawakaze.''

The Destroyer flashed her a thin smile in response, manifesting her rigging. Jintsuu summoned her own rigging as well, both girls taking up a defensive position near the South-Western door – which both had barricaded as best they could. For a long minute they stood there, simply listening to the approaching sounds of various monsters, their howls and growls echoing off the concrete walls of the bunker.

The North-East door was first, clanging as something rammed into the metal door. The same happened a second later at the North-West and South-East, monsters bashing against the metal doors and denting them with the sheer force. Minute by minute ticked by, the tension making both girls sweat with tense anticipation – before the North-East door broke first, knocked off its hinges.

''Fire!'' Jintsuu ordered reflexively, unloading an opening salvo on the horde of creatures beyond – destroying several Trolls into thin red mist.

Kawakaze helped along, shooting a torpedo to thin the rumbling horde – before her attention was diverted as the South-East door ruptured, a Hellhound diving into the room. She gunned it down before it could even think of attacking them, launching a wave of torpedoes through the air and utterly obliterating the monsters beyond the door.

Minutes bled by in a chaotic frenzy as the two tacticians systematically held the creatures back, but their fate was sealed the moment they barricaded the South-West door. Soon the hordes of monsters began to creep into the room before they were destroyed, Goblins suicide-charging them and absorbing the worst of the damage, letting their more durable allies close the distance.

''Nn-!'' Kawakaze grunted harshly, snarling as a Lizardman grabbed her forearm.

The creature pulled her towards it but she struck the creature under the jaw with a torpedo, prematurely detonating the explosive and killing the Lizardman with the airburst. She didn't come off unscathed however, her hand burned from the explosion and leaving her dangerously disoriented for a few seconds, her ears ringing. Something that the monsters were quick to exploit.

Kawakaze gasped as a creature rammed into her side with enough force to send her stumbling into a table, hearing still muted. Clawed hands tore at her rigging and ripped it to pieces, ripping her katana away from her grip and leaving her unarmed. Before she could even consider retaliating she felt something move between her legs, her heart sinking as she saw a Goblin poke its head under her skirt.

''G-Get away-!'' Kawakaze snarled fiercely, only to stiffen as she felt it pull on her panties – ripping them off. ''F-Filth!''

She made to strike the Goblin with her hands, but her arms were restrained on either side by grinning Lizardmen, the creatures nearly hissing in delight at her rage. Despite her struggles Kawakaze was helpless to resist, acutely aware of how exposed her pussy was – and a sharp gasp slipped past her lips as the Goblin licked her.

''S-Stop that!'' The Destroyer gasped, writhing as its rough tongue lapped at her pussy eagerly. ''D... Disgusting little...!''

She was silenced as one of the Lizardmen grabbed her jaw, tilting her head to the side before shoving its long tongue into her mouth, startling her. Kawakaze growled in frustration but couldn't bite down, the Lizardman's thumb stuck in her mouth and between her teeth. Beneath her the Goblin gripped her thighs, stopping her from squirming away as the perverse creature shoved its tongue into her pussy, eating her out hungrily.

The Goblin mercifully pulled its tongue out her pussy, though to her disgust it began humping her leg like a horny dog. The Lizardmen restraining her arms were quick to act, kicking the Goblin away from Kawakaze before throwing her to the ground, a grunt escaping her as she landed on her stomach.

''Nn...'' The Destroyer grimaced, pushing herself up on all fours, about to try and run – only for one of the Lizardmen to sit on its knees in front of her, its erect cock hanging mere inches from her face.

Kawakaze hissed as the Lizardman dug its clawed hands into her hair, gripping her head and pulling her face against its thick cock. She stubbornly refused to open her mouth even as it gripped her skull harder, threatening to crush her head if she continued to resist.

Prodding at her ass made Kawakaze stiffen, a glance out the corner of her eye revealing a Hellhound pushing its head under her short black skirt. The black-furred dog nudged her skirt out the way, revealing her saliva-coated folds to the creature – and prompting it to mount her, rubbing its swelling red cock against her pussy.

''Dhn't-!'' Kawakaze was halfway through growling when the Hellhound suddenly bucked its hips, roughly plunging into her virgin pussy and eliciting a sharp gasp from her.

The Lizardman eagerly took advantage of her gasp, shoving its cock into her mouth and muffling her snarl of protest. Kawakaze cringed as the two creatures started thrusting, the Hellhound's cock achingly large in her tight pussy and forcing her inner walls to stretch so she could accommodate its girth. Her mouth wasn't used to open so wide either, her jaw aching as the Lizardman face-fucked her vigorously, uncaring of her resistance.

Her body rocked back and forth as the two creatures pounded her from both ends, Kawakaze's struggles only seeming to encourage the monsters. As they defiled her she could see various other monsters lurking around her, eager for their own turn to use her body, to mate with her over and over until she broke, physically or mentally. She stubbornly refused to give them the satisfaction of seeing her crumble, no matter what they did to her.

''Hn...'' Kawakaze grimaced, ignoring the aching pain in her pussy as the Hellhound humped her aggressively – its cock bumping against her cervix with each thrust.

Around her she could see several Goblins approaching, jerking themselves off at the sight of her. One bold Goblin grabbed her clothes and ripped them off, making her cheeks burn scarlet as more of her lithe frame was revealed. The Goblin early crawled under her body and she was helpless to stop it, groaning as its lewd hands groped her modest breasts with clear lust.

The salty taste of cum dribbled onto her tongue as the Lizardman face-fucked her, making Kawakaze growl angrily at the creature – but it wasn't paying attention to her anymore, too busy pleasuring itself with her mouth. It's cock was so big it bumped against the back of her throat with each thrust or even dipped down her throat, its thick girth nearly suffocating her and leaving her light-headed.

''Mn?!'' Kawakaze moaned in surprise, feeling something thick press against her formerly-virgin pussy lips, before she registered what it was. The beast's knot.

Her surprised moan shifted into a pained grunt as the knot entered her, quickly swelling inside her already-tight pussy and threatening to break her as it kept growing. Mercifully it stopped before that point, but it was large and thick enough to steal her breath away, her pained groans muffled by the cock in her mouth.

She knew what was coming. It was impossible not to – the pre-cum tainting her tongue was more than enough warning, as was the hot fluid that coated her inner walls. To her humiliation she felt a small, bestial part of herself become aroused as well – and for the first time she despised that animalistic part of herself, knowing it was responsible.

The smacking of skin resounded through the room as the Hellhound fucked her from behind, its cock throbbing inside her pussy dangerously. Her nose ached as the Lizardman face-fucked her roughly, its hard pelvis hitting her nose over and over again. Just a little longer and they would cum inside her, and she would get some reprieve, if only for a few seconds...

Kawakaze didn't have to wait long. Without warning the Hellhound tensed up, howling loudly as its red cock pulsated – before it shot ropes of hot cum into her pussy, startling the Destroyer. She moaned in surprise, writhing as it continued pumping her full of its seed, the cum unable to leak out of her due to its knot and making her stomach bulge from the sheer amount. She noticed the Lizardman tensing up and grimaced, shuddering as the creature deposited its own cum down her throat, forcing her to swallow it lest she suffocate.

''Mn- haah...'' Kawakaze sucked in a gulp of air as the Lizardman pulled out, a shaky groan escaping her as another spurt of cum filled her. The Hellhound still hadn't finished cumming. ''Disgusting... dog...''

By the time the Hellhound finished cumming and pulled out, another Hellhound had taken its place – and as a Troll gripped her hair and pushed its cock into her face, Kawakaze prayed someone would find them soon.


''R-Release me!''

Jintsuu's demand went unheeded, a gasp escaping the blue-haired cruiser as she was shoved against the wall, pinned against it by a hand. Her rigging was unceremoniously torn off by a red-skinned Demon, the humanoid creature grinning sadistically as it tore her weapons away from her. She tried to push back but the Demon's superior strength kept her pinned against the wall, her ample breasts uncomfortably squishing against the cold concrete.

Jintsuu stiffened as the Demon let its hand wander under her skirt, cupping her plump ass and giving it a harsh squeeze. The Demon then grabbed the back of her blue panties, pulling and ripping them off – eliciting a sharp gasp from the cruiser. She struggled with renewed desperation but was unable to wriggle free, a shaky gasp escaping her as the Demon suddenly shoved two fingers into her virgin folds. The sensation of its fingers alone was startled, but its ravenous lust took her by surprise the most, moaning in surprise as it pumped its fingers into her pussy.

''C-Cease!'' Jintsuu half-cried, half-yelled.

The Demon laughed lowly at her, making her blush angrily. Despite her fury however she was helpless to resist, cringing as the Demon fingered her. That was until it suddenly pulled its fingers out, suddenly changing course and gripping her hip – pulling her ass towards it, letting its cock rub against her ass.

Jintsuu shivered, trying to wrestle herself out of its grip to no avail. Her struggles became more frantic as she felt it guide its throbbing cock towards her exposed pussy, her short skirt doing little to hide her lower lips. The tip alone felt so thick and girthy she was afraid it wouldn't be able to fit inside her, but she was proven wrong as the Demon bucked its hips, and pushed its cock into her folds.

''A-Ah!'' Jintsuu cried out, spasming as the Demon speared into her pussy.

The Demon chuckled darkly, removing its hand from her back and instead gripping her hips with both hands – and began thrusting. Jintsuu grit her teeth to stifle her gasps, the foreign sensation of a cock inside her making her writhe. Each thrust felt like a stab as the Demon shoved its cock into her, burying up to the hilt inside her and stretching her with its size.

''S-Stop...'' Jintsuu mumbled, groaning quietly as the creature pumped its shaft into her.

As if to mock her it pulled her away from the wall, one hand leaving her hip only to dart around to her chest, pulling the front of her dress down and letting her ample breasts bounce free. Jintsuu hissed as its hand immediately latched onto her large breast, roughly squeezing her tit and stealing the breath from her lungs, her eyes screwing shut.

Footsteps in front of her made her open them again, grimacing as she saw another Demon standing before her – a malicious grin on its face. Without warning the Demon currently fucking her stopped, suddenly pulling out of her. In a blur of motion she was thrown onto a nearby empty table, grunting as her back hit the cold grey metal. Before she could consider escaping the Demon was on her again, pulling her waist over the edge of the table and spreading her legs, promptly slamming back into her pussy.

''Nn...!'' Jintsuu grimaced, hissing through her teeth at the rough sensation.

Without a care for her comfort the Demon pounded her pussy relentlessly, but her focus wasn't on that – rather, it was on the second Demon lurking nearby, a predatory smirk on its face. It grasped her head between its hand and pulled her head off to the right, rubbing its thick cock against her face. Jintsuu glared and kept her lips shut, but when the creature began to grip her animal ears tightly – as if threatening to rip them off – she reluctantly opened her mouth, grimacing as it pushed in.

Time seemed to lose meaning for a short while, her world consumed by the two Demons fucking her. Her pussy burnt from the rough abuse, only becoming worse when the Demon boldly began rubbing her clit – pinching and twisting it when she refused to acknowledge its teasing, forcing a pained moan from her. The Demon fucking her face wasn't idle either, its free hand ravenously fondling her large breast and digging its fingers into her soft skin.

However she was stirred from her foggy state of mind by the Demon pounding her pussy, feeling its hand leave her clit and move to her pelvis. For a moment she didn't understand... before she felt its hand heat up, an uncomfortable warmth building against her pelvis – rapidly growing hotter.

''W-What are you...?'' Jintsuu groaned out, wincing as the other Demon squeezed her breast harshly.

The Demon only smiled sinisterly at her, turning up the heat further – eliciting a spark of panic in Jintsuu, instinctual self-preservation screaming at her that this wasn't just some feint, a tactic to make her scared. It was like it was threatening to burn a hole in her pelvis, for reasons far beyond her understanding.


Surprisingly, it obliged – but instead raised a single finger, a flame burning at the tip. Before her defeated eyes she watched as it brought the finger down onto her warm pelvis, before digging in – carving a line through her skin.

''Mn- a-agh!'' Jintsuu couldn't withhold the pained scream that ripped from her throat, easily audible despite the cock in her mouth.

As the Demon carved another line into her pelvis the other Demon fucking her mouth suddenly acted, releasing her breast and gripping her throat – choking her. On instinct Jintsuu spasmed, wheezing as she desperately tried to gulp in air, but the tight hold on her throat prevented her from breathing, not helped by the pain coursing through her. The area around her and the Demons faded from her mind, nothing else truly mattering anymore in wake of her fleeting oxygen.

Line after line the Demon carved a burning pentagram on her pelvis, all the while it continued shoving its throbbing cock into her weeping pussy. If anything the harsh pain from the pentagram seemed to make the cock in her pussy feel worse, like it was enhancing the sharp heat shooting through her nerves.

''A-AH-!'' Jintsuu tried to cry, but it came out more like a choked whimper – her eyes beginning to water from the sheer agony.

The two Demons pounded her faster, violating her with sadistic abandon – and by the second the pentagram amplified her pain further, nearly driving her insane. Her eyes were open but she couldn't see, relying solely on her sense of touch – letting her feel the way their dicks pulsating inside her holes, near their limit.

Just as that thought hit her the Demon gripped her throat so tightly it nearly crushed her windpipe, before thick ropes of salty cum shot straight down her throat. Its hand quickly left her neck and she frantically gulped in air, barely managing to swallow the cum at the same time without choking on it. So distracted with not passing out she barely noticed the Demon between her legs stop – before she felt spurts of hot cum fill her pussy... and suddenly turn off the pain.

''M-Mm~?!'' Jintsuu moaned sharply in surprise, a wave of unwanted pleasure hitting her like a tidal wave, and making her climax from the sheer pleasure.

The Demon hissed in delight as her pussy milked its dick for every last drop, pumping in so much seed her stomach bulged faintly. Jintsuu writhed as the other Demon tugged its cock free from her mouth, leaving her gasping and whimpering, the phantom pain haunting her abused body – shivering from the memory.

''A-Ah...'' Jintsuu whimpered as the Demon pulled its dick out her pussy, a small river of cum leaking from her abused slit.

She looked down over her breasts, grimacing at the sight of a crudely-cauterised pentagram carved into her pelvis, yet she felt no pain from it... for a few seconds. Slowly the pain began to return, growing stronger by the second – and she remembered how the pain left, when the Demon came inside her.

Jintsuu looked to the Demon desperately, earning a knowing grin from the creature – its erect cock ready and waiting, as if expecting her to ask for it.

As the pain began to make her breathing quicken, Jintsuu swallowed her dignity. ''P-Please...''

The Demon cocked its head, grin not waning.

Jintsuu screwed her eyes shut, twitching as hot agony began spreading up her stomach. ''H-Hurry! F-Fuck me a-alread- Ah~!''

With a sharp cry Jintsuu threw her head back, the Demon shoving its cock into her aching pussy and resuming its sadistic torture.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 33 Minutes


''Hah...! Hah...! I-I think I see something ahead, Laffey!''

Laffey grunted breathlessly in response, throwing her remaining torpedo behind them and blowing up a pursuing Hellhound, obliterating the creature and creating a pseudo-smokescreen behind them.

The plan had gone to shit, to put things bluntly. The remaining Ship-Girls charged their way down the South-Western tunnel and broke through the horde of monsters, reaching the surface. They followed the plan and kept moving in a straight line without letting anything stop them... until several Oni got in their path. Despite their numbers they simply didn't have the weaponry to take down the ferocious giants quickly, and they couldn't afford to slow down and take them out.

Things got worse when a swarm of giant Wasps and several Hellhound packs joined the fray, and in the chaos the group had gotten split-up, forced away from each other by the monsters. Whether it was intentional or pure coincidence nobody knew, but Laffey didn't doubt it was possible. Laffey herself had managed to regroup with San Diego, but with the mist on all sides it was hard to locate anyone else – much less while being hunted down by a pack of Hellhounds.

A building ahead slowly came into view, too destroyed to fully make out what building it was. Neither girl cared however, hastily barging through the half-broken door and slamming it behind them – Laffey quickly grabbing a nearby book case and throwing it down, blocking the doorway.

Before she could throw more in the way, San Diego grabbed her arm. ''In here!''

Laffey grunted, letting the busty Light Cruiser drag her into a nearby closet – quietly closing the door behind them. Darkness engulfed the duo as they waited with baited breath, their bodies pressed uncomfortably close against each other's. So close that they wouldn't be able to use their rigging should they be discovered.

The bookcase shattered into two as a Hellhound charged through it, snarling irritably and sniffing around. For a long moment the two Ship-Girls didn't dare breathe lest they be found, hoping to whatever god out there that it didn't smell them – before the dog-monster growled, storming out the building and running off in search of easier prey.

''Thank goodness...'' San Diego sagged in relief, slowly pushing the wooden door open.

Laffey slipped out into the hall, cautiously glancing around before allowing herself to relax, if only slightly. She slowly looked around for anything that might help them, taking note of the oddly familiar flowery wallpaper – before it hit her.

''This is... the Sakura dorms...'' Laffey murmured.

''Ah, is it?'' San Diego said lightly – not quite upbeat, but certainly trying to be. Maybe just to distract herself, or as a coping method. Laffey didn't know nor really care.

''The sea should be... near the balconies.'' Laffey intoned, recalling the times she visited Fubuki's for an afternoon nap. ''I think it's... on the other side, of the building.''

''Haah... let's get going then...''

Laffey bobbed her head, leading the way and hearing San Diego quickly follow. After a moments thought she summoned her rigging since it was small, though San Diego declined to do so – if she did, it would make it troublesome to move through doorways due to its size. Considering they needed to retreat rather than hold their ground, every second counted.

They wandered through the deserted hallways of the Sakura Empire dorms, observing the half-ruined walls and torn-up floor. Many beasts had clearly moved through here, their claws destroying the carpet as they went. Several rooms also had broken walls or windows, forcing the two to duck down to avoid being seen by any silent monsters outside – and, to their disappointment, the dorm rooms were all empty.

Unbeknownst to the girls, the rooms weren't empty. From behind the open doors and from within the closets emerged Goblins, having heard their sudden entry and eager to lure unsuspecting prey into their newfound home. While Goblins didn't make nests like bugs did, they still made their own territory – and needed fertile targets to birth more Goblins, their high fertility rate making up for their low threat level.

''Hey... you feel something... off?'' San Diego laughed nervously, glancing over her shoulder as they moved down the hallway.

''...Mm.'' Laffey quietly agreed, mentally checking her ammo – enough left to bring down the building on them if needed, but not enough for an extended engagement.

San Diego smiled weakly, glancing up as they passed under a hole in the ceiling. ''G-Good... I thought it was jus- Ah?!''

Laffey stiffened and quickly spun around, red eyes widening at the sight of San Diego – with a Goblin on her face, desperately trying to pull the cackling creature off her. The petite Destroyer made to go help her companion, only to freeze as she saw dozens more Goblins emerge from the thought-empty rooms, grinning perverted as they eyed up the two girls.

Before she could decide where to aim a sudden weight latched onto her back. A Goblin. With ruthless abandon the diminutive creature tore at her rigging, the mental rending under the pressure and breaking apart, and despite her frantic struggles Laffey was unable to shake it off – made worse when a second Goblin latched on, pulling her empty torpedo pods off.

The added weight was too much for the to handle, and with a grunt Laffey fell – landing on her back. Her brief second of disorientation was more than enough time for the horny Goblins to swarm her, surrounding her in a loose circle and leering down at her.

''Mn-?!'' Laffey grunted in surprise as a Goblin sat on her collar – its erect cock hanging right in front of her face.

The Goblin gripped her twin-tails and pulled, eliciting a pained gasp from the petite Destroyer – allowing the lustful creature to push its cock into her mouth. Laffey's eyes widened and she struggled, trying to pull her head away, but the Goblin merely yanked on her twin-tails until she stopped resisting. The Goblin near-instantly started thrusting, sharply bucking its hips and slamming its ample cock into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat with each strong thrust.

''Mm-!'' The Destroyer angrily grunted, reaching up with her free hands to grab the creature – only for two other Goblins to grab her wrists, directing her hands to their cocks instead and forcing her to jerk them off.

Laffey blushed darkly, glaring up at the Goblin fucking her mouth – but it didn't seem to care, only grinning in return and tugging on her twin-tails, as if ordering her to suck it off. When it pulled hard enough to make her eyes water she reluctantly obeyed, slowly licking the underside of its cock with her tongue, grimacing at the pleased howl the creature made.

Her attention shifted however as another Goblin grabbed her vest, a muffled gasp escaping her as it ripped the article of clothing off – leaving her topless, her small boobs on full display. Her gasp dissolved into a surprised groan as the Goblin groped and fondled her breasts, its grip hungry and lustful as it roughly pinched her nipples. Even if her boobs weren't big enough to actually grope, it didn't stop the Goblin from trying.

''Ah...'' Laffey groaned softly, shuddering as her the Goblin's cock hit the back of her throat again, nearly making her gag.

Another shudder ran through her as several Goblins neared her, rubbing their erect cocks against her skin – her stomach, her waist, her underarms. It didn't matter where, only if there was some skin on display. She managed to ignore the uncomfortable sensation, her attention mainly focused on the Goblin fondling her boobs and the Goblin fucking her mouth. Her hands near-automatically jerked off the two Goblins, unaware that the Goblins had released her wrists and that she was doing it on her own now.

Hands on her thighs instantly drew her attention, tensing up as she felt one Goblin push her skirt up. She kicked her legs furiously and felt a spark of satisfaction as she hit something, only to yelp as one bold Goblin smacked her ass in response. Two Goblins immediately grabbed her legs and spread them apart, letting a Goblin she couldn't see move between her legs – ripping her striped pink panties off, revealing her virgin pussy to the monster.

''Nn!'' Laffey grunted defiantly, struggling desperately against her captors to no avail.

Laffey twitched as she felt something wet against her pussy, only to realise it was the Goblin's tongue. She groaned at the strange sensation, feeling its wet tongue lick her slit eagerly before daringly push inside, wriggling around her insides. The sensation when combined with the Goblin fondling her was enough to make her body heat up, shivering at the unwanted pleasure.

As the Goblin ate her out she was distracted by the Goblin sitting on her collarbone – its cock throbbing noticeably in her mouth. She had been so distracted by the other Goblins her tongue had been teasing it the whole time, curling around its shaft and licking the underside, gradually bringing the creature closer to climax. That thought was confirmed as it sped up its thrusting, roughly face-fucking her and slamming its cock down her throat, threatening to choke her with its dick.

Abruptly the Goblin tensed up and howled, throwing its head back before cumming inside Laffey's mouth – the Destroyer cringing as thick ropes of salty cum shot directly down her throat, forcing her to swallow them lest she suffocate on it. Spurt after spurt she gulped down, struggling to keep up with the sheer amount, before the flow of seed mercifully slowed down to a stop – and the Goblin pulled out, letting her breathe really.

''Haah... Nn...'' Laffey breathed, groaning as the Goblin licked her pussy one last time, before sitting up.

The Destroyer froze however as she felt something hard press against her folds, before it promptly speared into her pussy – a choked gasp escaping Laffey as the Goblin slammed its cock into her without warning. It happened so quickly so didn't consciously realise it penetrated her with its dick, the thickness taking her by surprise and making her spasm reflexively.

The Goblin had gotten her wet enough that its ample cock slid in with minimal resistance, yet that didn't stop the fact she was a virgin – totally unused to having something so large inside her pussy. The creature barely gave her a few seconds to adjust to its size before it began thrusting, driving its dick into her and rapidly pounding her pussy, eliciting a sharp gasp from the Destroyer.

''M-Mn!'' Laffey gasped, writhing from the strange sensation. ''S-Stop...!''

She was briefly distracted as several Goblins howled, hot spurts of cum splattering across her stomach and breasts as the creatures came. The warm seed felt uncomfortably hot against her skin, but she was in no position to wipe it away, too busy jerking the two Goblins off. She should consider it a small mercy that no other Goblin had yet to fuck her mouth again.

Within several thrusts the Goblin bottomed out in her pussy, the base of its cock slapping against her pussy lips as it buried its length in her over and over again. Despite herself Laffey found herself groaning in reluctant pleasure, unable to deny the hot warmth that tickled her pelvis. She had never felt so full in her life, her pussy aching from the foreign sensation and drawing out more reluctant moans from the Destroyer.

''A-Ah...'' Laffey moaned, shuddering at the sound of her own voice.

Looking around her she saw the hordes of Goblins eagerly awaiting their turn, many of them unable to wait and simply jerking off to the sight of her. She counted easily two dozen Goblins, a fearful shiver running through her at the knowledge. In her mind's eye she could see herself, being used endless by the Goblins over and over again – never getting a chance to rest, one Goblin fucking her while another rested.

''M-Mm... stop...'' Laffey pleaded quietly, mewling weakly as a brief burst of unwanted pleasure shot through her before it faded. ''Let me go...''

The Goblin didn't, and Laffey shuddered as the creature's thrusts became faster and harder, slamming its cock into her pussy and hitting her deepest parts each time. Its cock throbbed powerfully within her folds, dangerously close to climaxing – her heart leaping into her throat, alarmed at the prospect. She didn't want to carry these creature's babies – but she didn't have a choice.

Laffey stiffened as the Goblin howled, its nails digging into her hips before hot spurts of cum filled her sensitive pussy – a weak gasp escaping her as it impregnated her, her heart sinking as she felt it cum inside her. She barely even reacted as the Goblins around her came on her, shooting cum all over her boobs and face.

''Nn...'' Laffey grunted weakly, shivering as the Goblin pulled its cock out of her – letting the next Goblin take its place.

And as it slammed back into her pussy, Laffey screwed her eyes shut and hoped someone would save her before she was reduced to a broken shadow of herself, begging for their cocks.


''A-Ahh! G-Get off my face~!''

San Diego's panicked cry was met with malicious laughter, the small Goblin gripping her hair and standing on her shoulders, pushing its dick into her face. She jerked back in surprise, her eyes widening at the sight and opened her mouth to scream – only for the Goblin to jerk its hips, slamming its cock into her open mouth.

She reached up and tried prying the Goblin off in a panic, only to cry out when the creature yanked on her twin-tails, incidentally shoving its cock deeper into her mouth until the tip hit the back of her throat. San Diego gagged at the sensation, stumbling around as she felt a couple Goblins hump her legs and desperately trying to find a way out of the situation – when she tripped, falling backwards.

''Nn-!'' The Light Cruiser grunted harshly, the wind knocked out of her and leaving her stunned for several seconds. The Goblin fucking her face promptly got off her, surprisingly, but to her dismay it didn't leave her alone.

Instead the perverted creature sat on her stomach, its lustful hands grabbing the front of her top and yanking it down – letting her round boobs bounce free. San Diego gasped as the Goblin immediately latched onto her breasts, roughly groping and fondling them with lustful abandon. Before she could push the perverted creature off her another Goblin grabbed her wrists, yanking them above her head and stopping her – though that didn't stop her from struggling frantically.

''S-Stop that- Ow~!'' San Diego winced as the Goblin tweaked her nipple harshly, pulling on it to an almost-painful degree. ''Quit it~!''

The Goblin grinned at her, shuffling forwards and letting its cock brush against her ample breasts, causing the cruiser to blush darkly. Despite her vocal protests the Goblin slid its dick between her boobs, gripping both her tits and pushing them against its shaft, howling in delight at the softness. San Diego cringed as he manhandled her breasts, not getting off despite her struggles.

As the Goblin fucked her breasts she felt probing hands on her thighs, shuddering as her legs were restrained by two more Goblins and forced to spread open. She couldn't see it due to the Goblin fucking her tits, but she could certainly feel a Goblin move between her legs – moaning in surprise as it shoved its hand into her black panties, plunging two fingers into her pussy.

''M-Mm~!?'' San Diego spasmed at the feeling, mewling lewdly as the inhuman fingers wriggled around her insides.

Cackling around San Diego drew her attention, her cheeks flushing scarlet as she realised over a dozen Goblins had surrounded her – jerking off to the sight of her being molested. She wasn't sure where to look, her gaze torn between the Goblins around her or the one fucking her tits, watching its dick jerk up towards her face before disappearing between her breasts again.

She watched the perverted Goblin fuck her breasts, cheeks glowing crimson not only from embarrassment, but also the oddly pleasant sensation – only fuelling her embarrassment further. At the same time the Goblin between her legs pulled its finger out of her, eliciting a surprised mewl from the Light Cruiser before she yelped as it ripped her panties off, exposing her wet folds.

''Mn~! Don't~!'' San Diego cried, struggling and barely managing to close her legs, only for the Goblins to spread them apart again.

A gasp escaped her as the Goblin pressed its erect cock against her pussy, and without waiting rolled its hips and entered her. Just the tip alone was enough to send a sharp shock through her, a surprised moan slipping past her lips as the Goblin shoved its cock into her womanhood. Its ample girth spread her inner walls apart as it sunk into her, lewd pleasure shooting through her nerves from the foreign penetration.

''T-Take it out~!'' San Diego moaned, spasming as the Goblin fucked her wildly – uncaring of her first time and eagerly plunging into her pussy. ''Nn!''

Her pussy strangled the Goblin's cock in a weak attempt to push its dick out, but it only served to encourage the creature even more. The perverted beast howled as it pounded her pussy with lustful abandon, the sound of skin slapping together filling the crowded hallway and joined by an uncomfortable fullness in her pussy. The worst part was that she couldn't resist the urge to moan, her body becoming so achingly hot from her own defilement.

''Uu...'' San Diego screwed her eyes shut, whimpering as both her breasts and pussy were fucked unrelentingly – burning pleasure tickling her skin, crumbling her resolve.

Spurts of cum suddenly landed on her, several Goblins howling as they shot their load all over her. San Diego mewled weakly in response, feeling their hot seed coat her stomach and legs. She felt so dirty – laying in the middle of a crowded hallway with a bunch of Goblins cumming all over her, even while two of their brethren fucked her tits and pussy.

San Diego groaned lowly, hips buckling as the Goblin drove its ample cock into her again. Each thrust felt so pleasantly filling, far more than her own fingers could ever done. She recalled the many nights she spent touching herself, allowing herself to be naughty and read some ero-magazines, and this was how her first time went. Not how she expected it, to say the least.

''Mn...'' The Eagle cruiser shivered, glancing up nervously as she noticed the Goblin's heavy panting. She could feel its cock throb between her boobs, pre-cum smearing against her skin and between her breasts.

''Y-You're gonna cum, aren't you...?'' San Diego nervously asked, biting her lip as ticklish pleasure briefly shot through her.

In response the Goblin moved even faster, her breasts stinging from the friction as it plunged its dick between her tits. San Diego couldn't do anything but moan, bracing herself for the Goblin's coming climax – screwing her eyes shut as the creature howled. Not a second later hot spurts of cum shot up her collar and neck, the hot seed pleasant against her tingling skin. Several more ropes of cum splattered her neck and between her breasts, the sticky fluid clinging to her boobs.

The Goblin climbed off her but it wasn't over. San Diego moaned as another Goblin mounted her, groping her round breasts lustfully and harshly squeezing her tits, knocking the breath from her lungs. Her attention however was on the Goblin between her legs, her breathing growing shallow as she felt her orgasm building despite her reluctance – and she could feel its dick throb inside her pussy, swelling up as it prepared to unload its seed in her.

''Ah... ah... ah...'' San Diego moaned, rolling her head side-to-side. ''Nn... don't cum in me... I-I don't wanna... h-have b-babies... Mn- n-no... ahhh...''

Her desperate pleads only seemed to turn the Goblin on even more, the creature pounding her pussy so hard she wouldn't be able to walk when it was done with her. Closer and closer she drew to climax, intimately aware of the bubbling pleasure in her pelvis and the heat spreading up her stomach – before the Goblin let out a bestial howl, shooting ropes of cum into her pussy and painting her insides white with its seed.

''A-Ah~!'' San Diego cried, spasming as her orgasm crashed down on her. She tightened around the Goblin's cock as she climaxed, coaxing out even more of its seed. Even as she climaxed the Goblin kept thrusting, pumping her full until it had no more to give.

San Diego groaned weakly as the Goblin climbed off her stomach, allowing her to breathe freely once more as her orgasm subsided. She quickly sucked in gulps of air, panting heavily from her overpowering climax – moaning as the other Goblin pulled out of her pussy, causing its seed to leak out her slit. For a brief few seconds they left her alone, panting and twitching as the aftershocks passed through her, before the horny Goblins acted.

''Mn...'' The Light Cruiser moaned weakly, shivering as one Goblin grabbed her arms and pulled her upright.

Another Goblin got in front of her, laying its hands on her ass before picking her up. San Diego squirmed as another Goblin got behind her, grabbing the back of her knees and holding her up – her legs forming a 'W' position. She didn't have the strength to resist anymore, only moaning weakly as she felt one Goblin press its dick against her abused pussy before sinking inside her.

San Diego moaned as she was filled again, her voice hitching as another dick pressed against her asshole – before penetrating her. The sensation of something in her butt was similar yet startlingly different to having it in her pussy, a weak gasp escaping the Light Cruiser as she was penetrated from both ends. Without a chance to argue both Goblins began thrusting, plunging their dicks into her body and making her spasm from the feeling.

''A-Ah~!'' San Diego moaned sharply, tipping her head back as both creatures fucked her.

She had heard St. Louis say double penetration made you felt so wonderfully full, and San Diego couldn't disagree – moans freely spilling from her mouth as the two Goblins defiled her. She didn't even care anymore; the feel of their cocks, the sensation of their cum against her skin, their lustful fondling, it was enough to drive her crazy.

''M-More~'' San Diego shyly moaned, biting her lip as the Goblin in front of her slapped her ass. ''Mm~!''

Drunk with pleasure San Diego lolled her head to the side, moaning freely as she was filled over and over again. From the corner of her eye she could see Laffey being moved onto all fours and fucked from behind, her tongue hanging out her mouth as she panted and her eyes void of life, her mind having checked out. What caught the Light Cruiser's attention was Laffey's small boobs however, watching them sway and bounce about as she was fucked.

It occurred to her that her hands were free, something she gladly put to use – groping her own breasts and moaning loudly, only enticing the Goblins further. San Diego cried out as they pounded her with renewed desire, her pussy and ass stinging from the rough treatment. She was so achingly sensitive from her climax, something that made their dicks feel even better.

''Hyaa~! Mm~!'' San Diego mewled, squeezing her breasts and feeling the Goblin's cum dribble between her round tits.

She rocked her hips back and forth, desperate for any extra pleasure she could get. Their dicks twitched and throbbed inside her holes, the sensation making San Diego whimper like a bitch in heat. Over and over again they drove their throbbing cocks into her pussy and ass, rapidly bringing her closer to her second climax and exciting her.

''A-Ah~!'' San Diego shuddered, harshly squeezing her breasts and moaning loudly. ''Y-Yes~!''

Suddenly she was snapped from her delirium as the Goblin behind her howled, before it unloaded ropes of cum into her ass. San Diego cried sharply at the foreign sensation, her second orgasm washing over her and making her climax again, in turn making the Goblin howl and cum in her pussy. The overwhelming heat burning through her was nearly enough to make her pass out, her mind going blank as she spasmed in the Goblin's grip.

As the Goblins finished unloading their seed inside her they released her, leaving San Diego to collapse in a panting, shivering heap. ''Ah...''

She was stirred from her daze as a Goblin sat on her collar, its dick pressing against her lips before the cruiser opened her mouth, moaning as she succumbed to their thrall.



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 37 Minutes


''A-Ah, i-in here!''

Long Island flustered cry gave Juneau the strength to keep running, watching the slim Aircraft Carrier leap through the shattered window of an unknown building. The skittish cruiser hastily followed, shooting a fearful glance over her shoulder before throwing herself into the building, not caring if she landed on her already-bruised shoulder or not.

''N-Nn...!'' Juneau grunted, wincing as she did land on her shoulder but ignoring it – stiffening as Long Island grabbed her and pulled her close, both girls shuffling under a table and pressing their backs against the wall.

A haunting silence reigned for several long moments before the approaching footsteps of the Lizardmen chasing them arrived. Juneau bit her lip to stifle the scared whimper that threatened to expose their position, watching as the reptilian creature leaned into the room and looked around... before snorting irritably, and stomping away.

Only when their footsteps disappeared completely did Long Island allow herself to breathe, nearly going slack. ''T-Thank god... I thought we were done for, aha...''

''Mm...'' Juneau nodded quietly, clutching her hands over her heart, swallowing her fear as best she could.

They had been separated from the others, and had been about to re-group with Yamashiro and Fusou when a group of Lizardmen arrived. After some fighting they had been forced to split away from each other lest they get surrounded completely. Whether or not the two cat-girls had survived was unknown, making Juneau sick with worry.

''We should get going...'' Long Island murmured, nudging Juneau and stirring her from her worried thoughts.


Long Island tried to smile reassuringly at her, but the fear in her eyes dispelled any such calmness. Juneau let the Aircraft Carrier take the lead, crawling out from under the table and heading over to the nearby door – idly taking note of the design choice of the room, namely the star-dotted flag in the corner.

''I think we're in the Eagle Union dorms...'' Long Island murmured, taking a fortifying breath. ''If that's true, then we can go to the other side of the building and... well, run from there.''

Juneau only whimpered in reply, the very idea of going back out into the mist making her uneasy. Despite that she knew they had no choice – they couldn't hide here forever. Their only option was to run and try and escape the base, with or without their friends. At least if they got out, then they could find help.

The two Ship-Girls made their way into the abandoned hallway of the Eagle Union dorms, finding it to be completely desolate. As they wandered further into the building however they began to notice how... damp, everything looked and smelled. Like moss had grown despite the attack beginning not even two hours ago. Their unease only grew as they found white string marring the walls, the doorway into the main common area blocked off by the strangely web-like substance.

''Dammit...'' Long Island cursed quietly, looking around. ''C'mon, usually there's an alternate route... maybe an invisible barrier if we have high enough luck stats...''

''L-Long Island... this isn't a game...''

The Aircraft Carrier smiled sadly. ''Yeah... I know. Sorry.''

Juneau spared a worried look for her distracted comrade, concerned. The last thing either of them needed was her going crazy, and Juneau definitely didn't want to be left in this hell all alone. As she pondered her comrade's decaying mental state she noticed a door partially broken inwards, recalling where it led. Upstairs.

''There...'' Juneau pointed at the door, tugging on Long Island's sleeve. ''This goes to the second floor... we might be able to go through there...?''

''Good idea!'' Long Island perked up, seemingly snapping out of her strange state.

Juneau let the more confident girl lead her up the stairs, cringing at each little creak their footsteps made. The upstairs looked much the same as the downstairs minus the webbing, with the occasional claw mark reminding them that monsters had torn through here at some point, undoubtedly taking several Ship-Girls with them. The poor lighting only made everything seem spookier, like the shadows were waiting to jump out at them.

Mercifully the upstairs lacked any webbing, instead presenting a long hallway that led to the other side of the building – doors on either side that led to individual dorm rooms. Long Island cautiously took the lead, glancing inside any open door before continuing onwards, leaving the nervous Juneau to follow behind.

As they reached the halfway point of the hall, however, Juneau froze – a sharp, splintering crack echoing through the hallway. From right beneath her.

''L-Long Island...'' Juneau whimpered, petrified – the floorboards beneath her groaning under her weight at the slightest movement.

The Aircraft Carrier heard her, turning around to face her before noticing her predicament. ''Crap... can you move back?''


As if to punctuate her point the floorboards moaned, and Juneau let out a terrified squeak as they splintered further – the whole area around her sinking downwards an inch. Far too wide an area for her to jump before she fell.

Long Island's mind worked rapidly, looking around frantically for anything for Juneau to grab onto – but everything that wasn't nailed down was too wide to manoeuvrer quickly, or worse cause the floor to give out entirely. The situation wasn't unlike a solider standing on a live mine, unable to move without triggering it yet increasing the risk the longer they stayed.

The Aircraft Carrier swallowed, hesitantly inching towards her. ''I-I'll give you my hand, and you grab on, alright? Just... just throw yourself at me, got it?''


''O-Okay... on three. One, two-''

As if fate itself was mocking them the floorboards gave one last crack before the structure gave out, splintering and collapsing. Juneau cried out in surprise, flailing blindly towards Long Island – but she was too far away, she wouldn't make it. Not willing to let her comrade fall Long Island reached out, grabbing onto Juneau and pulling her with all her superhuman strength... before the floor gave way under their combined weight, sending them falling towards the first floor.

However instead of landing on cold wooden floors they landed on something distinctly springy, and Juneau found herself bouncing up and down for a few seconds before she slowed to a stop. When the skittish blonde dared to open her eyes her breath hitched, finding the entire common area to be covered in webs and odd, disturbingly humanoid shapes wrapped in webs.

More frighteningly was the fact she was laying on her back, stuck to a single large spider web .

Slight, almost unnoticeable movement from the corner of her eye drew her attention – her eyes landing on a Spider. A very, very large Spider two to three times bigger than she was.

'' A-AHHHH! '' Juneau screamed in fear, desperately struggling as the massive arthropod crawled onto the web, making it shake. ''N-No-! S-S-Stay away!''

Despite her struggles the web was sticky, keeping her stuck on her back and barely able to wriggle about. Long Island unfortunately landed on her front, keeping her stuck to the web – barely able to see the giant Spider from the corner of her eye. Even still she struggled, chillingly realising what two fates awaited them, both equally as grim as the other.

Juneau's breath hitched as the Spider crawled closer to her, causing her scream to die out into a pitiful whimper, eyes wide with fear.

''P-Please...'' The cruiser whimpered, shying away from the looming creature. ''D-Don't eat me... I don't taste good...''

The Spider didn't reply, obviously, but it brought its fanged face dangerously close to her – before crawling over her. Juneau's brief flutter of relief was soundly crushed as the giant Spider stopped over her, leaving her staring at its black underbelly. Movement drew her attention and she looked down, her heart sinking into her stomach as she laid eyes on the end of the Spider... and the long, curved pink cock that rapidly swelled to full hardness.

''N-No...'' She whispered in terror, breathing quickening – her fear increasing as one of the Spider's narrow legs brushed against her inner thigh, nudging her plain white panties. ''I... I don't wanna mate... please, just let me go... eat me... just not that, please...!''

Her pleads were for naught, Juneau's terrified whimpers going unanswered as the giant Spider managed to slip its narrow leg into her panties – before unceremoniously pulling, easily ripping her underwear off. Her short red skirt did little to hide her now-exposed pussy, not least because her skirt had gotten bunched up and tangled in the web, giving the creature an unhindered view of her virgin folds.

Juneau went still as the Spider lowered down, its curved cock coming closer until it pressed against her soft pussy. ''D... Don- AH! ''

Without warning the Spider jerked forth, slamming its cock into Juneau's virgin pussy – eliciting a sharp cry from the Light Cruiser as her first time was harshly stolen. Even as it buried its cock into her the Spider wasn't content, almost immediately pulling out only to slam back into her folds less than a few seconds later.

Below the creature Juneau spasmed, crying out as the Spider roughly defiled her, forcing its cock into her tight pussy over and over again. Its cock was thick and long, far larger than she could've taken even if it went in slowly – so the Spider merely forced her to accommodate it, uncaring if she broke in the process. After all the arthropod didn't care what state it left her in; as long as she could be used to breed, it was fine with breaking her physically and mentally.

''A... Ah!'' Juneau wailed, writhing and crying out as the Spider slammed its cock into her again. ''S-Stop! L-Long Island...! H-Help meee!''

Long Island tried, she really did – but the web kept her pinned on her stomach, unable to get up and help. Her rigging had been destroyed in the previous skirmish with the Lizardmen so she couldn't use her planes, and due to how Juneau landed she likely couldn't manifest her rigging either – the Spider's web in the way. Hell even if she could, she doubted Juneau had a clear enough mind to summon it.

''Agh...!'' Juneau grimaced, sobbing as the Spider's cock bumped against her cervix – her pussy stretched to the brim by its girth.

Her strength was slowly leaving her, the hopelessness of the situation dawning on her and leaving her feeling so chillingly cold. Her pussy ached as it was filled over and over again, pain arcing through her petite body. In a desperate attempt to make the penetration even slightly easier her arousal leaked out around the Spider's girthy cock, but the sensation of her honey only made the Spider pound into her faster, eagerly violated Juneau's body.

Juneau shuddered weakly as she felt its dick throb inside her, not understanding what it meant; before the realisation struck her like a bucket of cold water. It was going to cum. To impregnate her. Yet she couldn't muster the strength to struggle anymore, only weeping quietly as she was violated – until she felt its cock slammed into her, nudging in even deeper into her pussy.

''N-Nn...!'' The Light Cruiser cried out as the giant Spider's cock speared into and penetrated her cervix, the tip of its cock bumping against her womb. ''A- Ah! ''

The Spider only seemed to move faster, pushing against her womb with its throbbing cock and drawing out more sharp cries and tearful wails from Juneau, her voice cracking and going hoarse as she kept crying out. The repetitive thumping of its cock against her womb echoed in her mind, her vision blurring with tears as she gave up – her consciousness distancing itself from reality, leaving her barely aware of her surroundings.

If the oversized Spider noticed it didn't react, too busy slamming its pulsating cock into Juneau's pussy, the creature making a low panting-like hiss sound. Suddenly the creature let out a sharp hiss and bucked its hips, slamming its throbbing cock deep into Juneau's pussy – before unloading thick ropes of cum directly into her womb, laying its eggs into her.

''A... Ah...'' The blonde twitched, eyes empty and her mind checked out as the Spider impregnated her.

After a minute the Spider was finished. A broken groan escaped Juneau as the Spider pulled its still-erect cock out of her, leaving her twitching and near-comatose. Instead the giant arthropod turned its attention towards the other suitable breeding target that fell into its lair; Long Island.

''E-Eh?'' Long Island stiffened, going still as the Spider crawled towards her – going behind her, out of her line-of-sight.

The Aircraft Carrier frantically struggled, grabbing at the web as best she could and pulling, but she couldn't move enough to make full use of her superhuman strength. She could hear the Spider crawling up behind her, feeling the web buckle beneath her – before she froze as a shadow loomed over her.

Long Island didn't dare breath, pretending to be dead or unconscious – maybe it would just bite her head off and be done with it. Instead however she felt its narrow leg brush against her stomach... before wrapping around her midsection, and pulling her up.

''N-Nn!'' Long Island grunted, wincing in pain as her clothes refused to part with the web for a long second – until they ultimately tore, freeing her stomach, pelvis and upper thighs from the web.

The reason became chillingly obvious as the Spider made her stick her ass in the air, giving it a better angle. Long Island shuddered as she felt its inhuman cock bump against her ass before moving towards her panties, whimpering as the Spider quickly ripped her white underwear off her. The creature's cock was still wet with Juneau's juices, only making Long Island squirm nervously as she felt the creature's cock touch her pussy lips.

Without even giving her a chance to plead the Spider suddenly thrust its hips, plunging into Long Island's pussy – drawing out a sharp gasp from the Aircraft Carrier. Her gasp transformed into a pained moan as the Spider instantly began pounding her, roughly jerking its hips and fucking her pussy aggressively, forcing her inner walls to accommodate its large size lest she break.

''A-Ah!'' Long Island cried out, spasming as its cock bottomed out inside her within several thrusts – Juneau's juices unintentionally letting it penetrate her easier. ''Guh...! P-Pull out...!''

In response the Spider hissed at her, continuing to defile her with bestial lust. Long Island shuddered with how fast it was pounding into her, making her body jerking forwards with each movement – and making her aware of the fact her breasts had gotten stuck to the sticky web, tugging on her nipples each time her body was knocked forwards.

The slight pleasure mixed harshly with the pain of having something so big inside her pussy, loud groans and shaky whimpers spilling freely from Long Island's mouth. The Spider's leg was still wrapped around her stomach to keep her from falling back down, knocking the breath from her lungs as it pressed against her abdomen uncomfortably.

''O-Ohh...'' The Aircraft Carrier groaned, writhing as a spark of pain-filled pleasure fluttered through her – the Spider's cock battering against her cervix. ''N-No... i-it won't fit~!''

As if to prove her wrong the Spider sped up its lustful thrusts, slamming its dick against her cervix over and over again before it managed to spear into her – a throaty cry escaping Long Island as its twitching cock slammed against her womb. The creature didn't even slow down, continuing to pound her pussy and bumping against her womb repeatedly, pre-cum dripping from its cock and smearing against her delicate insides.

''G... Gah...!'' Long Island let out a choked groan, buckling from the sensation of it hitting her womb so aggressively – its large cock impossibly managing to fit past her cervix.

The Spider kept thrusting, kept violating her – slowly crushing her willpower as she felt its cock pulsating inside her pussy. A weak glance out the corner of her eye revealed the state Juneau was reduced to, twitching and dead-eyed, only further crushing Long Island's hope. She screwed her eyes shut and moaned weakly, shivering as the Spider hissed above her, bracing herself for what was about to come.

She didn't have to wait long. Less than a full minute later the Spider picked up speed, all but drilling its cock into her womb before suddenly releasing a sharp hiss – and unloaded ropes of cum into her womb, followed shortly by its eggs. The sensation of its round eggs drew a dazed groan from Long Island, the petite girl twitching as more and more of its seed entered her, sealing her fate as nothing more than a host for its children.

She had heard that Spiders gave birth to hundred of babies. She wondered if it held true here too.

''A-Ah...'' Long Island moaned weakly as the Spider pulled out, hearing the creature crawling away from them, leaving them be – leaving them to their fate as unwilling mothers, host to its children.

'Guess... I got the 'bad end'... huh...? Aha... haha... ha...'



Chapter Text

Time Since SImulation Start: 1 Hour, 40 Minutes


''Hurry, Yamashiro!''

Yamashiro whined breathlessly in response, heaving in gulps of air as she ran full-speed after her busty sister, the Lizardmen hot on their heels. They were Battleships, not Destroyers – they weren't meant to go fast. They had to de-summon their rigging to move this fast, leaving them dangerously unarmed should they be ambushed, but they had no choice. They couldn't hope to outrun their foes if they had the full weight of their rigging on them.

The mist ahead of them thinned slightly, allowing the two cat-girls to spot a half-destroyed building. Fusou recognised it as the Royal Navy dorms, wincing at the sight of the poor state of the structure. However she recalled something Illustrious once told her during a tour of the building – about how the Ship-Girls had free access to the roof, and could close it with an electronic door at night.

''Inside!'' Fusou called out, grunting as she slammed open the main doors with her shoulder. ''To the third floor! We can use the roof!''

''H-Hai!'' Yamashiro nodded, panting heavily from the exertion.

The flurry of footsteps behind them revealed their pursuers were still hot on their heels, knocking the doors off their hinges as they barged into the main lobby. Fusou didn't spare the Lizardmen more than a glance before continuing to sprint, rushing up the wide stairs that led to the second floor before racing up to the third floor, Yamashiro only a few steps behind her.

However their footwear made climbing the stairs without slipping a challenge, costing them precious seconds and allowing the Lizardmen to close the distance. From the corner of her eye Fusou saw one of the creature lunging for Yamashiro, its clawed hand reaching for the back of her little sister's kimono.

Protective instincts took control and Fusou twisted mid-step, throwing herself into the Lizardman and taking it by surprise, giving her the opportunity to strike it in the face with her Battleship-class strength.


''Go, Yamashiro!'' Fusou cried, wrestling with the muscled reptile – wincing as it recovered from its surprise, pushing back against her. ''Keep running!''

Yamashiro hesitated for a long second, before turning around and running, hands balled into fists.

'Be safe, please...' Fusou wished silently, looking back at her sister.

Her distraction cost her, the Lizardman bringing its knee up and striking her stomach, surprising Fusou and knocking the breath from her lungs. The creature quickly wrestled her to the ground, grabbing her wrists and forcing her onto her back, its narrow eyes lighting up with bestial lust as it caught its prize. Even as Fusou struggled, elbowing the Lizardman and rolling onto her side, its lust didn't diminish.

Fusou yelped as it released her wrists, the sudden lack of resistance causing her to fall on her face. She was quick to push herself up again, but went stiff as the creature grabbed her waist, pulling her back towards it and letting her feel its rock-hard cock press against her ass. Being a shrine maiden, she was a virgin – and she knew first times were uncomfortable at the best of times, even under the best conditions.

''...I don't suppose, I could plea for my freedom...?'' Fusou swallowed, daring to look back at the creature – struggling not to look away from its perverse gaze.

The Lizardman grinned sharply at her, digging its claws into her thighs and eliciting a gasp from Fusou. It released her right hip and grabbed the back of her dress, using its sharp claws to rip her kimono to shreds in a matter of seconds, the material fluttering to the floor around her. The Battleship blushed darkly as her nude body was exposed to the Lizardman, becoming acutely aware of the multitude of other Lizardmen gathering around them.

Her large breasts hung forth, swaying slightly from her heavy breathing and drawing the attention of more than a few Lizardmen, making Fusou cringe. The Battleship's attention quickly shifted to the Lizardman behind her however as she felt its claw loop around her thin white panties, before with a quick tug it cut them, causing them to flutter to the ground and expose her virgin pussy to its lustful gaze.

Fusou screwed her eyes shut, hands digging into the floor as she felt the creature guide its cock towards her pussy. 'Gods of Sakura, I plea for- Mn!'

Her desperate prayer was interrupted as the Lizardman shoved its cock into her folds, her face scrunching up in pain as its ample girth speared into her. The Lizardman barely gave her more than a few seconds to adjust before it reared its hips back, and slammed back in for a second time. Over and over the Lizardman plunged its thick cock into Fusou's pussy, stealing the breath from her lungs and drawing a quiet whimper from the busty maiden, struggling to maintain her composure.

''Mn?'' Fusou winced, looking up as another Lizardman walked in front of her – her face flushing scarlet as its cock hung in front of her face.

The creature grabbed her head and promptly pushed its dick against her face, prompting Fusou to cringe and turn her head away – only to gasp as it tightened its grip on her skull, as if threatening to crush her skull. The message was clear, and with a moment of hesitation Fusou opened her mouth; groaning as the Lizardman eagerly pushed its dick into her mouth.

From both ends she was fucked, the Lizardmen eagerly plunging their dicks into her pussy and mouth with lustful abandon. Fusou simply screwed her blue eyes shut and endured it, the occasional whimper or groan escaping her as aching pain and sparks of unwanted pleasure fluttered through her – the latter causing her stomach to twist, startled by the faint warmth that tickled her stuffed pussy.

''Hn-?!'' Fusou grunted in surprise as the Lizardman fucking her from behind suddenly grabbed her arms, pulling them back.

The act caused her upper body to tilt back, muscles straining slightly from the awkward position. The Lizardman in front of her wasn't bothered by the fact its dick slipped out her mouth, and as she blinked Fusou found herself staring at two Lizardman, both of them sneering down at her with dark lust in their bestial eyes. Her heart sunk as the one of the left pushed its cock into her face, forcing her to suck on its dick – before the one on the right also shoved its dick against her cheek.

Fusou shuddered, opening her mouth and taking its dick into her mouth too. She blew both Lizardman at the same time, the lewd sound of skin smacking together filling her ears as the other Lizardman continued pounding her pussy. It was becoming harder and harder to ignore as her body grew aroused, her honey leaking out her folds in a weak attempt to make the rough penetration even slightly easier. She could feel every little movement of its cock inside her pussy, aching pain slowly melting into reluctant pleasure.

''M-Mm... Nn...'' Fusou grunted breathlessly, wincing as one of the Lizardman grabbed her cat ear and gripped it, causing her to focus on that Lizardman's dick more – sticking her tongue out and hastily licking it, prompting the creature to loosen its grip on her ear.

As she kept sucking and licking their dicks she unconsciously focused on the dick inside of her, feeling it throb and pulsate as it plunged into her deepest parts. She knew what it meant and her stomach churned, nervous fear flooding her at the knowledge the creature would cum inside her. The gods frowned upon such things outside of marriage, even if the shrine maiden wasn't a willing participant... and as it stood, the gods were her only chance of salvation.

''P-Please... not inside...!'' Fusou moaned weakly, shivering as the Lizardman responded by pounding her even faster – all but slamming its cock into her formerly-virgin pussy. ''N-Nn!''

The two Lizardman fucking her mouth weren't one to be left out either, slowly rocking their hips and pushing their dicks into her face, forcing her to manage which one to suck without incurring the wrath of the other. Their cocks throbbed and twitched the more she blew them, prompting her to hastily double her efforts, wanting this to be over with as quick as possible.

Fusou's efforts were rewarded, one of the Lizardman releasing a sharp hiss – before shooting ropes of cum on her face, eliciting a startled gasp from the busty woman. The other Lizardman was only a few seconds before, gripping her head tightly before cumming down her throat, forcing her to swallow its seed even as the other Lizardman continue painting her face and hair white.

Her surprise made her tighten up, her pussy coiling around the Lizardman's throbbing shaft and tipping it over the edge – the creature hissing lowly before slamming as deep as it could go, bumping against her cervix, and unloading ropes of thick cum into her pussy. The sensation of warm spurts filling her sacred place was enough to make Fusou involuntarily moan, writhing from the pleasurable feeling.

'No... g-gods above, save us...'

Fusou's plea earned no response.



Yamashiro barely contained her distress as she bolted her way down the long hallway of the Royal Navy dorms, dodging upturned tables and doors hanging from their hinges. Instead she raced for the set of stairs at the far end of the hallway, leading up to the open sky. Behind her she could hear the Lizardman pursuing, but a quick glance revealed they had been distracted by Fusou – pinning her to the floor.

Yamashiro forced herself to look away, knowing that Fusou sacrificed herself for her. She couldn't let her sacrifice go to waste; she had to escape. With that in mind she rushed up the stairs, a cold breeze blowing through her hair as she reached the roof – much of the area around the dormitory obscured by mist.

''H-How do I...?'' Yamashiro looked back at the open stairway, fear gripping her as she desperately looked around for some way to close it.

After a second her eyes landed on a small control panel mounted on the wall. Hope sparked in her chest and she rushed over to it, eyes skimming the options before she found the 'close' option, a button she hurriedly pressed.

The low hiss of hydraulics filled her ears as a thin metal plate slid out of the wall, slowly moving to cover the staircase. Yamashiro watched anxiously, barely resisting the urge to try and pull it close faster – her heart leaping into her throat as she spotted a Lizardman reach the bottom of the stairs. She met the creature's eyes and it grinned, racing up towards her, its form becoming obscured by the metal plate-!


-before the Lizardman shoved its hands in-between the plate and the wall, stopping it from closing.

'N-No...' Yamashiro mentally whimpered, backing away from the stairs and paling as the Lizardman forcefully pushed the metal plate back.

Her back hit the edge of the railing, stopping her from going any further back. She glanced behind herself, tempted to jump – she could easily survive the fall, but she wasn't sure of her chances all alone out there. Even if by some miraculous chance she escaped, how could she live while knowing her sister had sacrificed herself to such a dark fate?

Heavy footsteps snapped her from her inner struggle, head snapping ahead – only to find herself face-to-face with a Lizardman. Yamashiro yelped as the creature grabbed her arm and pulled her towards it, spinning them around and pinning her to the floor beneath its bulk. The Lizardman grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head with one hand before she could react, freezing under the predatory gaze of the inhuman reptile.

Yamashiro stiffened as its free hand ghosted down under her kimono, brushing against her thin white underwear. ''D-Don't...''

The cat-girl whimpered as the Lizardman ignored her, grabbing her panties and pulling – the fabric digging into her ass before it tore, coming loose and fluttering away in the slight breeze. The cold air brushed against her virgin pussy, her heart pounding in her ears as the Lizardman leered lustfully at her and brought its erect cock close.

''No!'' Yamashiro cried, struggling desperately and kicking her legs blindly.

A gasp tore itself from her throat as the Lizardman grabbed the front of her kimono and pulled, ripping it off and leaving the scraps left to fall around her. Her ample breasts spilled free from their constraints and Yamashiro blushed, eyes wide with fear as a second Lizardman loomed nearby, eyeing her up hungrily.

Her attention quickly refocused on the Lizardman between her legs, her breath hitching as the creature grasped its cock and guided it towards her pussy – a whimper escaping her as the tip rubbed against her folds. She had wanted to save her first time for her beloved Commander, not some scary monster.

Her hope of that happening died a swift death as the Lizardman jerked its hips forth, and plunged into her.

''Nn- Ah!'' Yamashiro cried sharply, arching her back as hot pain flooded her body – the creature's thick cock burying itself deep into her virgin pussy, forcing her inner walls to stretch to accommodate its girth.

The Lizardman gave her less than a few seconds before it began moving, eliciting a sharp gasp from Yamashiro as it plunged into her pussy. It felt so big inside her, forcing its way into her deepest parts and stealing the breath from her lungs, her pussy aching from the rough deflowering. Its thrusts were slow at first but quickly began picking up speed, pushing its dick into her with lustful abandon.

Yamashiro whimpered, writhing on the ground as it pumped its shaft into her. Another sharp gasp escaped her as the Lizardman reached up with its free hand and groped her breasts, its rough grip knocking the breath from her lungs. Its claws grazed her soft boobs as it fondled her tits, always squeezing her breast when she least expected it and leaving her squirming, whimpers freely spilling out of her.

''U-Uu...'' Yamashiro whimpered, wincing as the Lizardman harshly squeezed her breast again – slamming its cock into her not a half-second later.

Her breasts bounced about from the sheer force the Lizardman used with each thrust, ramming into her pussy with increasing aggressiveness and drawing out more pained whimpers from Yamashiro, her hips aching from the rough treatment. The Battleship screwed her eyes shut and whined, cat ears flattening against the top of her head and tilting her head to the side.

She was taken by surprise however as another Lizardman knelt down by her side, gripping her head and pushing its large cock into her face. Yamashiro blushed darkly, spluttering in surprise at the sight of its dick – giving it the opportunity to shove its cock into her mouth. Her eyes bulged and she immediately tried pulling her head back, only for the creature to grab her head and force its cock down her throat.

''Mmph!'' Yamashiro's muffled cry went unheeded, the busty cat-girl struggling to no avail against her defilers.

A powerful spasm ran through her as both Lizardmen plunged into her. The rough thrusting made her jaw hurt, forced to open wider than normal to fit its length in her mouth, and to her despair its skin was too tough to pierce with her teeth. Between the twitching cock plunging into her pussy and the long cock hitting the back of her throat, she couldn't focus – her mind overwhelmed by the foreign stimulation.

Yamashiro groaned quietly, shivering as they kept violating her – slick arousal coating the Lizardman's cock, unintentionally allowing it to plunge into her pussy even harder. The Battleship's muffled cries went ignored as they continued fucking her, slamming their hard shafts into her. She could feel their cocks throb and pulsate the longer they were inside her, a salty liquid dripping onto her tongue as the second Lizardman shoved its dick down her throat.

''M-Mm...!'' Yamashiro whimpered as their dicks twitched inside her. ''S-Stop...''

Her muffled plead was the final straw, the two Lizardmen releasing a low bestial hiss before climaxing. Yamashiro's eyes widened as a thick salty fluid filled her mouth and shot down her throat, forcing her to swallow it in a panic. At the same time a reflexive moan rose out of her throat as hot cum filled her pussy, the strange warmth becoming almost-pleasurable to the abused Ship-Girl.

''Mn...'' Yamashiro breathed as the Lizardman pulled its cock out her mouth, leaving her panting heavily. She moaned quietly as the other Lizardman tugged its dick out her ruined pussy, cum freely leaking from her abused folds.

Before the Battleship could recover from her rough deflowering one of the Lizardmen suddenly grabbed her by the hair, yanking her up. Yamashiro cried out in pain, reaching up with her now-free hands and grabbing its wrist, trying to pry its fingers loose to no avail. With no option the nude Battleship stumbled after the Lizardman, whimpering and crying out as it repeatedly yanked on her hair while dragging her away.

Yamashiro stumbled down the stairs, watching through tearful eyes as she passed over a dozen leering Lizardman – yelping when one boldly slapped her ass as she walked past. They reached their destination quickly, her eyes widening as she saw Fusou shuddering, a Lizardman cumming inside of her while two others came on her face.

''B-Big sis...?'' Yamashiro whimpered, drawing Fusou's attention – her eyes widening, before they closed.

''So... they got you too, Yamashiro...''

The younger Battleship winced as the Lizardman released her hair, pushing her down onto her knees in front of her sister – their faces mere inches apart. A shiver ran up her spine as she heard a Lizardman kneel down behind her, grabbed her arms and pulling them back while guiding its cock towards her pussy; before pushing inside once more.

''A-Ah...'' Yamashiro bit her lip, wincing as her pussy lips parted for its cock.

Across from her Fusou grimaced as a new Lizardman got behind her, eagerly shoving its cock into her sensitive pussy and drawing a quiet groan from the bustier woman. Mimicking its comrade the Lizardman grabbed Fusou's arms and harshly pulled them back, forcing her to arch her back slightly.

Fusou's cheeks flushed pink as the Lizardman nudged her forwards a few steps, her large breasts pressing against Yamashiro's own boobs – both sisters blushing as their tits rubbed against each other. Yamashiro moaned quietly at the feeling, her eyes half-lidded and staring into Fusou's blue eyes, taking solace in her sister and trying to ignore the creature violating her formerly-virgin pussy.

''Sis...'' Yamashiro whimpered quietly, mewling lowly as the Lizardman continued fucking her.

''Shh...'' Fusou whispered, and in the heat of the moment she leaned in and kissed her – their lips meshing together gently. ''Everything... will be alright...''

Yamashiro gladly surrendered to the kiss, wanting to think about anything but the creature pushing its cock into her, stirring her insides up and undoubtedly intending to impregnate her. Her mind grew foggy as pain turned into reluctant pleasure, her body responding even as her mind slowly crumbled, hot pleasure tickling her pussy and bubbling into something foreign.

''Mm... big sis... I feel funny...'' Yamashiro whined into the kiss, shuddering as she felt the Lizardman's cock throb inside her.

Fusou knew what Yamashiro meant, aware that her sister was too inexperienced to sense her bubbling orgasm. With great hesitation Fusou looked over her shoulder, staring back at the Lizardman even as the creature continued violating her.

Swallowing her fear, Fusou quietly spoke up.

''C-Can you please... r-release my right arm...?''

To her utmost surprise, the Lizardman complied – gripping her hip instead and stuffing her tingling folds full with its shaft. Using her now-free arm Fusou reached under Yamashiro and touched her sensitive pussy, eliciting a sharp gasp of surprise from her little sister. With delicate fingers Fusou rubbed Yamashiro off, using her fingers to tease her hypersensitive clit.

''B-Big sis...!'' Yamashiro cried, writhing in pleasure and wailing as the pleasure rapidly began to build. ''S-Something's...!''

''Let it all out, Yamashiro...'' Fusou gently whispered, kissing her sister and pinching her clit.

In an instant Yamashiro climaxed, her sharp cry of pleasure muffled by their kiss. She spasmed and squirted around the Lizardman's cock, the creature releasing a low hiss before it stiffened, spurts of hot cum entering her sensitive pussy and only making the former virgin climax harder, her eyes nearly rolling into the back of her head.

Fusou shuddered, her ass stinging as the Lizardman pounded her aggressively, its grip tightening on her as it too drew closer to climax. She didn't fight it anymore, devoting herself entirely to her little sister and devouring her moans, screwing her eyes shut as unwanted pleasure flooded her body. No matter what happened, she would make sure Yamashiro survived – no matter the cost.

Fusou moaned into Yamashiro's mouth, shivering as her own orgasm rushed through her and made her mind go blank, eyes briefly losing focus. She was snapped out of it as hot spurts of cum shot into her pussy, mixing with the previous creature's cum and reminding Fusou of her new fate. Panting heavily the Battleship pulled back from the kiss and released Yamashiro's hypersensitive clit, instead grabbing the back of her sister's head and pulling it into the crook of her neck.

''Everything will be alright, Yamashiro... everything... will be okay...''

With her expression out of sight, Fusou grimaced.

'I hate lying...'



Chapter Text

Time Since Simulation Start: 2 Hours.


''Faster – make sure we're not being followed!''


Ning Hai's expression tightened, holding her little sister's hand tightly as the duo ran through the forest along the edge of the base. It was nothing short of miraculous that they had managed to get this far, nimbly avoiding any monsters instead of fighting them. More than once they had seen some of their comrades under attack, but despite the urge to help Ning Hai pushed down the desire, stubbornly continuing to flee. She needed to think of herself and her sister; now wasn't the time for charity.

Light but rapid footsteps slowly neared her, making Ning Hai's heart leap into her throat. Without a word she threw herself onto the forest floor, dragging Ping Hai with her and crawling over to a small shrub, concealing herself as best she could. Her purple dress was dirty enough already so it blended in somewhat, though Ping Hai's was cleaner – the red standing out amongst the brown and greens of the forest.

The footsteps neared them, and from behind the shrub Ning Hai caught sight of a swarm of Goblins running past, yapping and howling amongst themselves. They slowed down for a moment, one of them sniffing the air curiously, before it howled and the pack continuing running – and within the minute, the two sisters were alone again.

That was something Ning Hai had discovered; the creatures not only hunted with their five senses, but also a unique sixth sense. They could seemingly detect their riggings. Several times she had been pursued by various monsters that easily chased her through hallways and forestry, only to lose her the moment she de-summoned her rigging. Even without firing a shot they seemed to locate her based upon if her rigging was summoned or not. Though that didn't stop the creatures from using their eyes, ears and noses either.

Because of that revelation – a revelation she discovered after the bunker was breached – it only solidified her desire to flee from this place. She needed to get the information out there, if only to give their future rescuers a chance.

''Let's go...'' Ning Hai murmured to her younger sister, pulling her to her feet.

Her petite sister wordlessly nodded, expression torn between unease and determination. Without a word the two continued wading through the forest, making sure not to make too much noise lest they be overheard.

They were halfway through the forest when suddenly the air itself stilled. Ning Hai felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, and a glance at Ping Hai revealed she felt the same – her eyes dilating into pinpricks. Not even five seconds later, they heard it.


A low, droning horn that seemed to echo over the entire base, unheeding of the distance. It was far too loud to be any of the base's machines and sounded like it came straight out of the old movies she watched, 'War of the Worlds' if she remembered the title. The sound quietened down only to come back full force a few seconds later, the echoing horn sending shivers up her spine.

Then it came. From the ocean, partially hidden amidst the mist, a titanic glowing orange eye arose from the murky seas like a demon from the depths. To her utter disbelief she watched as it continued rising, long bright red tentacles dangling beneath its eye-body, with a thin translucent gel coating the underside of the eye. It took her a moment to fully register the creature, watching as the gargantuan jellyfish rose high into the sky, its long tentacles dangling beneath it.

Even with the mist all around, the creature was too big to miss. Its very presence seemed to penetrate through the veil... and because of that, Ning Hai became acutely aware of an intangible, invisible sense of attention.


And as the floating jellyfish slowly began moving in their direction, her heart sunk.

''Go... go!'' Ning Hai didn't mean to shout, but if she didn't she doubted Ping Hai could hear her over the horn – even though they were stood right next to each other.

Ping Hai didn't question her. Both sisters spun on their heel and ran, throwing away any semblance of stealth in favour of raw speed. Despite the creature's massive size it seemed to be gaining on them, though the mist made it hard to tell. Every time she looked over her shoulder a spike of dread shot through her, fearfully watching as the dark red tentacles slithered through the air towards them, as if attempting to snatch them up.

Ning Hai looked ahead, hope blossoming in her chest as she saw the mist begin to thin – the faint outlines of distant warships and human beings becoming clearer and clearer. It couldn't be much farther now, maybe thirty seconds of running away.


Any such hope was crushed as she heard Ping Hai cry out, and her hand slip from her grip. With panic crossing her face Ning Hai spun on her heels, frantically looking behind her until her eyes settled on her little sister. A bright red tentacle as thick as her arm was wrapped around Ping Hai's stomach, the tips of her feet kicking frantically at the dirt beneath her as she was lifted up slightly, leaving her feet dangling a foot above the ground.

''Let her go!'' Ning Hai yelled, manifesting her rigging and taking aim.

Before she could take a shot she felt the air behind her shift – and a bright red tentacle wrapped around her stomach. Ning Hai gasped as the tentacle mercilessly crushed her metal rigging, causing a flash of sharp pain to flood her as shrapnel dug into her back. With a second of hesitation she dismissed her rigging, allowing it to disappear. She didn't even get the chance to try and slip away before the tentacle tightened its hold on her, a wince crossing her face as the monster lifted her off the ground slightly.

Ning Hai wrestled furiously against the tentacles to no avail, only to freeze as Ping Hai whimpered. Her head snapped up and stared at her sister worried, eyes widening as she saw a regular-sized tentacle slither up Ping Hai's leg, curling around and up her inner thigh.

''S-Sister...'' Ping Hai whimpered, shivering as the tentacle moved under her dress.

''N-No... take me instead! Let her go!'' Ning Hai yelled, struggling frantically at the tentacle binding her, but despite her strength she was unable to escape.

Instead all she could do was watch as the tentacle moved upwards, hidden behind the front of Ping Hai's red dress. The girl in question whimpered nervously as the tentacle pressed against the front of her white panties, writhing as the tentacle applied pressure to her clothed pussy. After a moment it reared back, curling around and under her panties before pulling it back – and with a sudden 'rip', her underwear tore.

Ping Hai squirmed, breathing becoming quicker as the tentacle curiously prodded her virgin folds. At the same time she felt something brush against her shin – and her eyes widened as a second tentacle arrived, nearing her pussy and curiously prodding her lower lips. Both of them were average sized, but she had never touched herself let alone had something inside of her – and while she was naïve, she wasn't stupid. She knew what the tentacles wanted.

''S-Sister... help me...!'' Ping Hai cried fearfully, shuddering as the two bright red tentacles nuzzled her pussy – one of them nearly slipping inside. ''A-Ah... no, t-that feels weird...''

A gasp tore itself from her throat as one of the tentacles had enough with teasing her, pushing itself into her virgin folds. Ping Hai stiffened, twitching as she felt the slick tentacle wriggle inside her, pushing itself deeper into her pussy. Not even two seconds later the other tentacle joined in, pressing against the underside of the first tentacle and pushing into her pussy.

''N-Nn...!'' Ping Hai's eyes bulged, teeth gritting together. ''S-Stop! Y-You both... won't fit!''

Despite her words, the tentacles did. A surprised groan escaped Ping Hai as the second tentacle forced itself deeper into her, both of their slick lengths burrowing into her – until she felt them hit her deepest parts, unable to physically push any deeper into her. If anything the knowledge only made the tentacles more excited, wriggling and starting to thrust into her hot tightness, eliciting a sharp gasp from Ping Hai as they began fucking her.

''Ah- Mn!'' The petite cruiser's face scrunched up, uncertainty clouding her expression. ''U-Uu... t-that feels... ah... strange...''

Unfamiliar pleasure tickled her formerly-virgin pussy, sharp gasps and uncertain groans slipping past her lips as she was violated. She could feel every little movement inside of her, any pain quickly dissolving and leaving only mild discomfort... and seductive pleasure. Ping Hai's inexperience only fuelled her building arousal, the sensation of having something touch her 'down there' causing her head to spin.

At the same time several smaller tentacles surrounded her, slipping under her clothes and squirming against her skin, earning another uncertain moan from the petite Ship-Girl. Ping Hai yelped as they suddenly pulled back, ripping off large chunks of her dress and leaving her nearly naked – only her shoes, her one stocking, and a small bit of her dress that was held in place by the tentacle around her stomach.

''D-Don't... ah...'' Ping Hai shuddered as two tentacles loomed before her, noticeably different in that the fronts were tapered to a point, almost like a flower bud.

A spark of fear fluttered through her as the tips opened into four sections, revealing a mouth full of tiny tentacles. With all the speed of a tiger they lunged forth – and latched onto her small boobs. Ping Hai's eyes bulged and she cried out, hot pleasure flooding her chest as the hundreds of tiny tentacles licked and teased her sensitive breasts, each little movement causing sparks of warmth to flutter through her.

Ping Hai groaned, hips buckling as the two tentacles sped up in response to her moan – becoming coated in her leaking honey, allowing them to pound into her with lustful abandon. Wet sloshing became audible as the two tentacles plunged into her wet pussy over and over again, battering against her cervix as if trying to penetrate even deeper, to fuck her very womb until she succumbed to them.

A third tentacle loomed before her, also bearing the tapered bud-like tip. It didn't do anything but observe, and as Ping Hai tilted her head back and moaned – it shot forth, latching onto the front of her throat.

''A-Ah- Ohhh~!'' Ping Hai's sharp moan dissolved into a throaty groan, spasming as hundreds of tiny tentacles tickled her throat. ''M-Mn~! S-S-Stop that!''

The tentacle didn't, easily eliciting more throaty groans from the defiled cruiser as they toyed with her body. Hot pleasure bubbled inside of her, the foreign heat spreading throughout her body and sapping her strength. Anytime a cry rose from her throat it dissolved into a lewd moan or groan, the tentacle sucking on her throat draining her voice of its strength, even as her pussy rapidly began tingling – an invisible pressure building.

''A-Ah... ohhh... S-Sister... s-something is...!'' Ping Hai mewled, writhing as her pelvis twisted. ''I-I feel... s-s-stran- I-Iyaa~!''

Ping Hai cried out as the hot pleasure reached its peak, her muscles relaxing and tensing at the same time and causing her to climax powerfully. Her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head, the combined sensation of the tentacles sucking her breasts and throat driving her crazy – and so locked in the throes of pleasure she was, she didn't notice how the two tentacles stiffened inside her pussy.

She did, however, notice when two thick bulges pressed against her pussy lips – a throaty moan escaping her as thick spurts of cum were pumped into her tight pussy, the strange warmth causing her to climax harder.

Across from her Ning Hai watched as her sister was pumped full of the creature's seed, bulge after bulge of cum shot into her pussy to the point her stomach was starting to bloat. After the fifth bulge the tentacles were forced out, instead shooting their cum over Ping Hai's thighs and pussy lips. The thick tentacle around her waist squeezed, instantly making Ping Hai moan as a waterfall of cum was pushed out of her overflowing pussy, so much it made Ning Hai sick to watch.

'Sister... I'm sorry...' Ning Hai thought sadly, guilt heavy in her heart as she watched the mouth-tentacles release Ping Hai's throat and boobs.

The bustier sister was stirred from her thoughts as the tentacle binding her slowly pulled her towards her sister – stopping only when they were literally pressed against each other, the tentacles binding them the only thing between them. Their faces were inches apart, Ning Hai's guilty gaze meeting Ping Hai's half-lidded one.

''Sister...'' Ping Hai groaned heavily, licking her lips dimly. ''Mn... I feel so warm... down there...''

Her words only made Ning Hai feel worse. ''I-I'm sorry... I should've bought time for you to escape...''

Ping Hai didn't even seem to register her words, however. If she did she instantly forgot as she felt one of the previous tentacle press against her ass – a lustful moan escaping her as it penetrated her asshole. ''M-Mm~!''

Ning Hai winced as her little sister gained a lewd expression, moaning lustfully as the tentacle began fucking her ass eagerly. She wanted to tell her to snap out of it, to not let herself succumb to the monster violating her... but she didn't have the heart to. The lewd bliss on her face spoke of how good she was feeling, and Ning Hai didn't want to bring her out of it... and into the terrifying situation they found themselves in.

As that thought went through her head she became acutely aware of something slick pressing against her inner thighs, causing the busty cruiser to tense. A smaller tentacle slithered up her dress and sneaked into her white panties before pulling back, straining the material before it inevitably tore – a cold breeze blowing against her lower lips, making her shiver.

'No...' Ning Hai grimaced, screwing her eyes shut.

The Light Cruiser shuddered as something distinctly thick pressed against her pussy lips, and to her shame she realised how wet she was down there – the large tentacle rubbing against her slick folds, smearing the tip with her honey. Unlike the two that violated Ping Hai this tentacle didn't wait to tease her... and her eyes snapped open as the thick tentacle forced its way into her.

''Hng!'' Ning Hai stifled a pained gasp, eyes bulging wide as the thick tentacle breached her pussy – inching deeper into her by the second, wriggling into her.


Ning Hai desperately focused on her little sister, struggling not to let her pain show. ''W-What...?''

''Are you... okay...?'' Ping Hai asked slowly, moaning as the tentacle continuing fucking her ass.

The bustier cruiser tried to smile but it came out more as a grimace. The thick tentacle suddenly managed to slam deeper into her, forcing her to bite back a scream of pain as it hit her cervix, burying its thick length into her completely. Ping Hai, even in her addled state of mind, was still coherent enough to look concerned.

Ning Hai caught her expression, smiling tearfully. ''I-Its alright... e-everything... will be alright... Mn...''

A pained groan escaped her as the tentacle started moving, pulling out only to push back into her pussy. Its girth was so big she was afraid it'd break her hips, her pussy aching from being so filled. She felt a second tentacle prodding at her ass before it pressed against her asshole, a choked groan escaping Ning Hai as it penetrated her ass – the slick wetness revealing that it was one of the tentacles that had violated Ping Hai.

Pain slowly turned into unwanted pleasure, her body desperately adjusting to the tentacle's thick girth. It was so big she barely felt the one violating her ass, too busy trying not to cry out and scare her sister. She had to stay strong, if not for herself then for her sister. She was the older sister; it was her responsibility to protect her little sister, in any way possible.

''Mm?!'' Ning Hai let out a startled moan as the tentacle around her stomach pulled, lifting her higher into the air.

Her heart sunk as it didn't stop, looking down as Ping Hai was also lifted up a mere foot below her. Branches hit her face and legs as she was lifted up through the canopy, spasming as the two tentacles continued violating her pussy and ass even as she was carried into the sky. The ground slowly became obscured by the mist beneath her, causing her fear of heights to come to the forefront – her breathing rapidly speeding up and a cold chill running down her spine.

''N-No... put me down... s-stop this...!'' Ning Hai pleaded desperately and screwed her eyes shut, but she couldn't ignore the foreign sense of weightlessness that cruelly reminded her of how high up she was.

In response the thick tentacle violating her pussy sped up, drilling into her abused pussy and eliciting a surprised moan from the Ship-Girl. Despite herself Ning Hai clung onto the foreign pleasure, using it to distract herself from the fear coursing through her. Pleasure bubbled in her pelvis and she moaned, completely ignorant to how good she was feeling, and how fast her resistance was crumbling.

''A-Ah...'' Ning Hai whimpered, opening her eyes – heart sinking as nothing but clouds and mist was laid bare before her, literally zero land in sight.

Panic gripped her as she couldn't see Ping Hai either, yet her sisters absence gave her a strange sense of relief, knowing she wouldn't see her. Knowing she wouldn't see how her dear older sister was panting and moaning while she was being violated, her pelvis bulging slightly as the thick tentacle plunged into her pussy.

Knowing that she wouldn't see her cum.

''N-No!'' Ning Hai cried out, tipping her head back and moaning – the hot pleasure burning in her pussy. ''I-I can't- Myaah~!''

Her orgasm ripped through her like a hurricane, flooding her spasming body with lewd pleasure and making her mind go blank. The smaller tentacle stiffened before unloading ropes of cum into her ass, the bulges pressing against her tight hole before they squeezed inside. However the thicker tentacle violating her pussy wasn't done, continuing to pump its thick girth into her quivering pussy, only extending her climax.

Just as she came down from her high, moans spilling drunkenly from her mouth, she felt the thick tentacle go stiff. She let her half-lidded eyes trail along the tentacle's length, grimacing as she saw thick bulges emerge from the clouds and travel down its bright red length – before pressing against her already-stuffed pussy.

''M-Mn...!'' Ning Hai grunted, wincing as it forced its way into her folds – before shooting into her pussy, painting her insides white and eliciting a sharp moan from the busty girl.

She screwed her eyes shut, enduring the pleasurable feeling as rope after rope of cum entered her. The tentacle kept cumming, pumping bulge after bulge of seed into her until her stomach bloated and ached, looking like she was pregnant due to how much was inside of her.

Orange light pierced her eyelids, curiosity forcing them to open – and her pupils dilated as she found herself staring up at the massive jellyfish... the tentacle lifting her up towards it, as if to assimilate her into its very being. From the corner of her eye she could she Ping Hai being lifted up as well, her eyes empty and broken moans streaming from her mouth, with two tentacles pounding both holes.

'Why... did this happen...?' Ning Hai thought dimly, watching as her sister was brought closer to her – so close she could reach out and touch her sister, if her arms weren't bound. 'Why us...? Why... why did it have to end this way...?'

She could feel the cum inside her, how unnatural it felt, like it was seeping into her very bones.

'Sister...' Ning Hai's eyes softened, and with great effort she leaned her head forth – planting a weak kiss on Ping Hai's cheek. 'May we meet again... on the other side...'

Staring up at the translucent underbelly of the flying jellyfish, Ning Hai watched an army of tentacles descending upon them, and allowed her eyes to close.

'I will wait for you, Sister... please... wait for me too...'


A world away, in the Mirror Sea, the Creator hummed.

''Interesting... Key Point G. Reset the simulation.''

Standing beside the hooded figure, the dark-eyed woman nodded, approaching one of the nearby machine that floated atop the murky water – only to pause as the Creator spoke.

''Wait... no, belay that order. Keep the scenario running.''

Key Point G frowned, looking back at the figure. ''You wish for them to continue suffering?''

The Creator was silently for a long, long moment.

''This time...'' They said slowly. ''I felt something different. Something unique.''

''And that was?''

''...I will tell you when I find out.''