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The Mist

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Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 17 Minutes


''Ugh... this place smells...''

Enterprise smiled faintly at Hornet's muttered grumbles, the Aircraft Carriers forced to crawl as they made their way through a secret maintenance shaft that led to the surface. The two were joined by Taihou, Z46, Dace, U-47 and Albacore – the seven of them being selected for the excursion to the surface, on Jintsuu's orders.

The shaft was connected to the South-West tunnels where Helena and St. Louis where, though they must've gone deeper into the tunnels by this point since they were nowhere to be found. Given no alarm was going, Enterprise assumed they had found the maintenance workers and were trying to fix the defences.

''Hn... I wish they could make these vents a little bigger...'' Taihou mumbled quietly as they crawled, the soft metal thumps echoing through the maintenance shaft from their movements.

''Maybe if ya weren't so big...'' Albacore teasingly jabbed, making Taihou twitch but not retaliate, only grumbling to herself.

The vent moved up at a slight angle, widening a little bit as they reached a ladder – the maintenance tunnel going straight upwards. ''Keep it quiet. We're here.''

The other Ship-Girls obeyed, falling silent as Enterprise slowly climbed up the thin metal ladder. After a moment Hornet followed, then Taihou after her. It only took a little over fifteen seconds to reach the top, a metal hatch greeting her – something she remedied, inserting a small silver key into a side-panel and twisting it.

With the low hiss of hydraulics the hatch slid open, revealing the dull grey sky above. Enterprise wasted no time in climbing out of the maintenance shaft, immediately summoning her rigging and looking around. They had exited behind the main docks, a couple of half-destroyed buildings around them and providing enough cover to remain out of sight, at least for a short while.

''Hurry.'' Enterprise murmured into the ventilation shaft – reaching down and grabbing Hornet's arm, helping pull her out. ''We'll draw attention to ourselves so you girls can reach the refuelling bay and ocean.''

''Understood...'' Taihou acknowledged, grunting as she climbed out the vent. ''Come along, little Z. I'd rather not be up here longer than needed.''

''Affirmative.'' Z46 replied tonelessly.

The assembled group waited until the three submarines climbed out of the tunnel before commencing their plan.

With naught but a nod Taihou broke off first, slipping between two buildings with Z46 dutifully following. Enterprise closed her eyes, raising her flight deck and drawing her large metal bow, summoning an arrow before pulling the string back. A second later she opened her eyes and fired, unleashing the arrow into the sky and watching as it transformed mid-flight into a small cluster of miniature fighter planes.

The planes circled back around, one of them branching off and stalling near her – allowing her to reach out, handing the little yellow chick piloting it a distress beacon. Despite its fingerless arms the chick took the beacon from her hands with minimal effort, saluting her before speeding off again and rejoining the squadron above her.

''Ready, sis?'' Hornet spoke up, her own rigging already manifested and ready.

''Mm.'' Enterprise nodded, glancing at the three submarines. ''You three go ahead; we'll cover you.''

''Got it~!''

As the three submarines made a dash for the water Enterprise drew back another arrow, summoning a wave of bombers in preparation for the oncoming creatures, who would surely notice them shortly.

Her prediction came true, as less than fifteen seconds later the echoing howl of a Hellhound filled the air, swiftly joined by several more.


A little over ten minutes passed, and none of the others had returned – something that deeply troubled Enterprise.

''Left side, fifty metres!'' Hornet called out a warning, her own bombers preoccupied with covering their front.

Without a word Enterprise guided her fighter planes with a mental whim, their machine guns opening up on a group of leering Goblins and reducing them to shreds. Even as she notched another arrow she was mentally calculating how long it would take for her fighters to circle back around – twenty seconds if they had the room. And if the annoying wasp-like creatures didn't interrupt their turn.

Scraps of metal and wood fluttered down past her as three of her fighters were destroyed, the discomforting buzz of the bug's wings reaching her ears as the overgrown wasp chewed her planes to shreds. The wasp in turn was ripped to shreds by the remaining fighters, its fragile exoskeleton unable to protect it from the fighters' machine guns.

Movement from the corner of her eye drew her attention, her head darting to the left and spotting several ghostly figures racing towards her. They looked like stereotypical ghosts; transparent white figures that floated above the ruined ground, their forms like an upside-down U with black circle eyes and a downturned mouth. They looked more sad than malicious – but given the harm the other monsters had done, she wasn't in the mood to feel sympathy.

''Begone.'' Enterprise muttered, letting the arrow loose – watching as it transformed mid-flight into a swarm of fighter planes.

However to her disbelief when the planes opened fire... their bullets went right through the ghostly figures. Her planes themselves also flew straight through the Ghosts, like they weren't even there. She remained stunned for a long few seconds as her mind raced, giving the Ghosts precious time to close the distance between them. By the time she came up with a potential counter to their apparent-intangibility, they were on her.

''Nn!'' Enterprise grunted as one Ghost hit her dead-on, nearly tackling her.

She stumbled back but didn't fall, and when her screwed eyes opened she found no Ghost in front of her. For a brief moment she was confused, wondering if the Ghost had actually gone through her, that it couldn't hit her since it was intangible. But then her rigging disappeared. Through shocked eyes she watched as her own hands hung limply at her sides, not heeding her commands to move. She could turn her head slightly but when she tried to speak her mouth felt sluggish, an incoherent grunt escaping her opposed to speech.

Suddenly she noticed how quiet it was. Her eyes, the only thing she still had full control of, shot upwards – noticing all her planes had also been robbed of control, and didn't acknowledge her mental commands. Instead they all fell gracelessly to the ground, a lucky few crashing into passing monsters and damaging them slightly.

From the corner of her eye she could see Hornet suffering a similar fate, her eyes wide with panic as she furiously struggled to no avail, her head jerking about sluggishly as she tried to resist.

Enterprise swallowed, warily looking around at the numerous monsters that lurked around them. Not outright attacking them, but watching. Waiting. As if something else was commanding them, that they weren't just mindless beasts. Or perhaps they instinctively knew they couldn't resist anymore, and were just savouring their growing fear.

Her hands suddenly moved, but not of her own volition. Her heart sunk as her own hands reached up to the shoulders of her black jacket, shrugging it off and letting it fall to the ground. Her tie was next, her nimble fingers undoing the knot and throwing it aside awkwardly, her limbs like a marionette's.

''Stop...'' Enterprise managed to get out, cheeks heating up as her fingers deftly undid the golden buttons of her white shirt.

One by one they came undone, showing the fair skin of her collarbone, then the tops of her breasts. As the third button came undone her ample breasts spilled out, clad in a black bra. The rest of her buttons came undone within seconds, leaving Enterprise blushing darkly as she unwillingly pulled her shirt off, revealing her bare torso to the leering creatures.

The Aircraft Carrier grunted weakly, feverishly struggling even as her hands reached behind herself, unlatching her black bra and letting it fall – letting her round breasts breathe freely. Her cap fell to the ground as she bent over, unwillingly hooking her thumbs into her black mini-skirt and pushing it down her thighs, revealing her black panties before she pulled them down too, kicking both off her feet.

Enterprise squirmed as much she could, face crimson from embarrassment and humiliation as she stood out in the open, nude aside from her stockings and shoes. Her skin crawled as she felt the countless eyes of various monsters roam over her frame, taking in the sight of her nudity.

Heavy footsteps behind her drew her attention and she was turned around, facing a lumbering behemoth of a monster easily eight feet tall with sickly green skin. It was humanoid, with bulky muscled arms and legs that ended in worn but still-sharp nails. A wild mane of orange-brown hair fell messily down its back, its narrow eyes contrasted by its large mouth – a pair of thick teeth jutting out from its lower jaw, pointing skyward. Only a half-torn loincloth was wrapped around its waist, with a stone club in its free hand. A Troll.

Enterprise's heart sank as the Troll dropped its club... along with its loincloth, revealing its long green cock. Despite her growing disgust she was forced down to her knees, coming to eye-level with the Troll's ample length, making her cringe as the creature stomped closer to her and laid its meaty hand on her head.

''No...'' Enterprise managed to get out, sluggishly trying to turn her head away from the Troll's dick – only to gasp as the muscled creature gripped her head harder, nails digging into her scalp and forcing her to turn towards it.

Her eyes widened as its large cock brushed against her face, the tip bumping against her pink lips. She stubbornly kept her lips closed, but when the Troll gripped her head again she gasped – letting the creature suddenly buck its hips, plunging its cock into her open mouth.

''Mmph!'' The Aircraft Carrier struggled, her mouth forced open by the Troll's ample length.

The creature kept pushing deeper, shoving its cock in until the tip dipped down the back of her throat – and her eyes bulged as it went even further. Her air supply was unceremoniously cut off as its cock blocked her throat, making her gag and struggle with renewed vigour – but no amount of struggling helped, her body still not responding to her commands.

Mercifully the Troll pulled its cock back, letting her breathe for a single second before it plunged back in, filling her mouth with its ample length. Over and over it stuffed her mouth with its dick, face-fucking her with increasing roughness until she could taste the Troll's cock on her tongue. At some point her hands moved to the Troll's thighs, holding on for support as it used her mouth like a sex toy.

Even with her limited control in her mouth she couldn't do anything to stop it; even if she had full control she doubted she could bite hard enough to do any damage. Hell, even if she did, all that would happen is that it would crush her skull between its hands.

'Dammit...' Enterprise cursed in her head. 'Release... me...'

As if to mock her she suddenly felt her lower half grow hot. It took her a moment to realise what kind of heat it was, and her cheeks burned as she felt it spread from her stomach down to her pussy. Her skin tingled and her muscles twisted, like invisible tendrils were slowly teasing her lower lips, and she had zero doubt that the Ghost was responsible for it.

''Mn...'' She grunted, shuddering as the Troll's cock filled her mouth again.

Her stomach twisted with shame as she felt herself become aroused, her breathing quickening and chest tightening, and not from the lack of oxygen. Even though she knew it was because the Ghost was possessing her, controlling her body and making her feel like this, it didn't mean that her body wasn't hers.

The Troll's movements grew faster and rougher, its cock throbbing in her mouth as she unwillingly sucked it off. Her jaw started to hurt from the abuse and her lungs burned with the need for air, and in a small part of her mind she wanted it to cum already, before she ended up passing out from a lack of oxygen. A desire granted.

The Troll face-fucked her rapidly, her nose bumping against its pelvis over and over again, its cock pulsating in her mouth and throat – before it reached its limit. The Troll groaned and unloaded thick ropes of cum straight down her throat, pulling its dick out mid-orgasm and painting her mouth white with its cum, before yanking its dick out her mouth and coating her face with its seed. So much came out that much of it splattered over her ample breasts, the warm fluid making Enterprise shudder.

''Haah...! Hah...!'' Enterprise gasped in air, hastily swallowing the Troll's salty cum so she could breathe freely again.

She could feel its seed dribbling down into her stomach, tingling as it went down. It felt strangely pleasant, the salty taste almost tasting nice. She quickly shook her head to dispel such bizarre thoughts, yet her eyes lingering on the Troll's cock longer than necessary, her heaving breasts tingling as the creature's hot cum dribbled down them.

Enterprise was stirred from her breathless daze as she suddenly leaned back, laying back on the cold ground. The realisation hit her a second later and she flushed darkly, face screwing up with shame as her hand unwillingly reached between her legs, spreading her pussy for the Troll.

The lumbering creature stomped closer and lowered down to its knees before her, its saliva-coated cock still erect. She was too busy catching her breath to try and resist, not that she could with the Ghost possessing her body anyway – the thought only crushing her hope further. She wanted to fight, to escape this maddening hell where her comrades were defiled by monstrous beasts... but the longer she laid there, panting as the Troll's hot cum burned on her skin, such a goal seemed foolishly impossible.

She was snapped from her murky thoughts as a pair of meaty hands gripped her waist, the Troll lifting her hips and lining its large cock up with her spread pussy. For a long second Enterprise waited in uneasy anticipation, holding her breath – before the Troll moved.

''Nn...!'' Enterprise winced as the girthy tip slid inside her pussy, the Troll's cock pushing inside her and spreading her inner walls apart with its length.

Even with the Ghost possessing her she still reflexively spasmed as the monster shoved its cock into her pussy, unused to having something so large inside her. Finally the tip of its cock bumped against her deepest parts, filling her completely and leaving her shuddering with how full she felt, her body barely able to accommodate the Troll's throbbing dick.

The Troll reared its hips back, pulling its cock out until only the tip was left inside – before plunging back in. Enterprise bit her lip to stifle a sharp cry as it filled her, a jolt of pain and pleasure shooting through her. Yet despite the burst of pain her pelvis tingled pleasantly, the invisible tendrils of the Ghost teasing her body relentlessly and easing the discomfort. She didn't know whether to be thankful or disgusted about that.

''Haah... Nn... Mn...'' Enterprise grunted quietly, her ample breasts rising and falling with each heavy gasp of air. The all-consuming sensation of the Troll plunging into her pussy was maddening, not the least because she couldn't even try and resist.

Suddenly her hands moved up of their own accord, landing on her round breasts and giving them a rough squeeze, knocking the breath from her lungs. Enterprise groaned as she fondled herself unwillingly, her grip clumsy and aggressive – fingers digging into her fair skin, her index finger rubbing over her pink nipples as she touched herself.

The grip on her waist tightened as the Troll picked up speed, its heavy pants brushing against her face. The creature's thick cock pounded into her over and over again, the tip hitting her cervix repeatedly and driving her insane with the strange, almost alien pleasure that threatened to consume her. She didn't want to like it, but her mind was becoming foggy and her thoughts drifting away from her – leaving her with nothing but the Troll's cock on her mind.

''Mn...'' Enterprise mewled quietly, shivering at the sound of her own voice – so weak, so vulnerable.

In contrast the Troll clearly liked her weakness, groaning huskily and thrusting faster – pounding into her pussy with lustful eagerness. Her arousal coated the creature's thick cock and let it slide in with minimal resistance, her inner walls adjusting to its inhuman length and transforming pain into reluctant pleasure. Soon any thoughts of resisting the beast became fleeting, her fingers ravenously fondling her own boobs and getting herself off.

''A-Ah...'' The Aircraft Carrier moaned quietly, her hips buckling as a sharp burst of pleasure shot through her veins. ''N-No... Mm...''

The wet smacking of skin filled her ears like a maddening cacophony, blocking out any others sounds, be it gunfire or Hornet's cries for help. Her body jolted each time it slammed its dick into her, its powerful hips smacking against hers roughly. Enterprise groaned as she felt its cock throb within her, realising in the back of her mind that it was going to cum. Inside her. Impregnating her like its kin did to her fellow Ship-Girls.

Her breathing grew faster as pleasure arced along her pelvis, the burning pleasure overwhelming her. She listened to the Troll as it defiled her, hearing its panting grow deeper and heavier, its grip on her hips growing painfully tight and its cock plunging wildly into her abused pussy – before the creature reached its limit, releasing a stifled groan and bottoming out with a single thrust.

''Ah...'' Enterprise moaned shakily as ropes of thick cum filled her pussy, a powerful shudder running through her as she unknowingly climaxed from the feeling.

The Troll kept bucking its hips, pumping her full of its seed until her stomach started to ache. For a long moment it remained still before the Troll pulled back, its ample cock slipping out of her abused pussy. Enterprise looked down, dazed as she watched cum flow freely out of her lower lips, almost taunting her with the knowledge she had succumbed to the same fate as many of her allies. Only now her body was no longer her own, reduced to nothing more than a slave to the monsters.

As if mocking her, the Ghost possessing her moved her right hand down to her pussy, clumsily pushing two fingers into her overflowing pussy and stirring them around. Her hips buckled from the sudden sharp burst of pleasure, her pussy sensitive from the rough treatment it endured.

She pulled her fingers out, her body sitting up onto her knees – and she found herself at eye-level with the Troll's cock.

Without prompting she crawled closer, the Troll's dick brushing against her cheek before she took her shaft into her mouth, sucking it off once more.


''G... Get... out... of me...!''

Hornet struggled furiously, but despite her best efforts her limbs refused to obey her commands. Her rigging disappeared in a flash of light, leaving her unarmed. The planes she still had in the air lost control and crashed into the ground, useless and unresponsive to her mental commands. She still had control over her eyes and limited ability to speak, but her tongue felt heavy and sluggish, making her slur her words like she was drunk.

Suddenly her hands moved of their own accord, and Hornet's eyes widened as they reached up to the binding-strap of her black jacket, undoing it and causing it to slip off her. As her jacket fluttered to the ground her hands went to her black bikini top, clawing at the knot until her hands got a grip and undid it, letting her bikini top spill open and reveal her ample breasts.

Heavy footsteps behind her drew her attention. With great effort she managed to turn her head to the side enough to spot a Troll behind her, sending a spike of fear through her as she noticed the club in its hand. She tried to raise her arms but they wouldn't move. However instead of hitting her with its club the Troll instead dropped it... and roughly pushed its loincloth down its legs, revealing its large cock.

''...don't...'' Hornet whispered through sluggish lips.

The Troll didn't acknowledge her words, its eyes focused on her rear – her black shorts hugging her ass, accentuating her curves at the worst possible time. It hit her back with its meaty hand, shoving her forwards and sending her to the ground with a surprised grunt. For a moment she was confused as to why it did that, before she realised how compromising her position was – her head down and cheek pressed against the dirt, grass tickling her knees and her ass in the air.

Hornet stiffened as the Troll gripped the hem of her black shorts, before promptly yanking them down her thighs and leaving them around her knees. Her black panties had been pulled down as well, presenting her rear to the lustful monster and exposing her pussy to its gaze – a cool breeze brushing against her lower lips, making her shudder.

''Don't you dare...'' Hornet slurred, panic rising within her as she caught a glimpse of it getting down on its knees behind her. ''I'll kill you...''

Her threats fell on deaf ears, the creature grasping its ample cock and guiding it towards her pussy, rubbing the tip against her lower lips. The Aircraft Carrier froze, her heart pounding in her ears – before the Troll pushed in.

''Nn!'' Hornet grunted harshly, screwing her eyes shut as her virgin lips parted around its cock – a pained groan slipping past her lips as it continued pushing, spreading her insides with its large dick.

The Troll gripped her hips as it continued pushing, only stopping when there was no more room for it to push inside, her pussy stuffed to the brim with its cock. For a brief moment it remained still, savouring the hot tightness of her pussy, before pulling out – only to buck its hips and slam back into her a second later.

Hornet gasped as it plunged into her, jerking her body forwards slightly from the sudden motion. Her cheeks burned crimson with anger and shame, her body unresponsive despite her raging emotions. Instead she was forced to watch as her hands moved of their own accord, latching onto her round breasts and giving them a harsh squeeze, knocking the breath from her lungs.

Her body burned with embarrassment as her hips moved of their own volition, shaking her ass towards the Troll and only causing the lustful creature to thrust faster – making her wince as it pounded into her, forcing her to grit her teeth lest she cry out. Her fingers danced along her breasts, teasingly grazing her nipples or abruptly squeezing her tits, the slight pleasure she gained from it only making her feel more humiliated.

''Sis...!'' The Aircraft Carrier managed to choke out, sluggishly turning onto her other cheek and looking to her left – only to spot Enterprise on her back, nearly completely nude and groaning weakly as a Troll slammed into her.

'Dammit...!' Hornet cursed mentally, shuddering as her pelvis burned with foreign pleasure. Not from the Troll's cock, but from something else. Like something was teasing her from within. The Ghost, she realised a moment later.

Suddenly heavy footsteps reached her ears, a pair of feet entering her line-of-sight a moment later. Her heart sank as she caught sight of its body; another Troll. The new Troll walked in front of her, waiting for a long moment... before reaching down and gripping her hair by her twin-tails – yanking her head up.

'' Ah! '' Hornet cried, wincing harshly as she was suspended by her ponytails. ''Let... go of-!''

Her pained curse was silenced as the Troll suddenly bucked its hips, plunging its erect cock into her open mouth. Hornet spasmed as its length entered her, forcing her jaw open wider to accommodate its large size and leaving her paralysed with shock. She was snapped out of it by the rough sensation of the Troll behind her slamming into her pussy, sending a jolt of pain and bubbling pleasure through her.

''Nn!'' She grunted as the Troll in front of her started moving her hips, face-fucking her and shoving its cock down her throat, leaving her with no option but to simply let it.

The sensation of being fucked from two ends was a maddening one, her body jerking back and forth as the two Trolls fuck her mouth and pussy at the same time. Her hands continued to fondle her boobs, roughly squeezing them when she least expected it and leaving her gasping for air. The pain coursing through her slowly transformed to twisted pleasure, the Ghost possessing her mercifully messing with her body and teasing her nerves, turning her on.

Hornet shuddered as the Trolls both sped up, her jaw starting to hurt from how rough the Troll was being as it stuffed her mouth full with its cock. Her lower lips burned from the abuse, the tip of the Troll's cock bumping against her cervix over and over again, as if threatening to penetrate even deeper and hit her womb. She didn't doubt that the creature could if it wanted to.

'Stop... pull out already...' Hornet thought dimly, her thoughts becoming hazy. Maybe it was the growing pleasure tickling her nerves, or maybe it was the strangely-arousing scent of the Troll's cock...

Unbeknownst to her the Troll's pheromones were quickly taking their toll on her, what little resistance left crumbling. The Ghost's invisible teasing only helped the process along.

''Mmph...'' Hornet groaned, the sound muffled by the Troll's pulsating cock as it plunged down her throat.

She felt their cocks begin to twitch and throb inside her, leaving her confused for a brief moment before she connected the dots. Yet instead of panic or fear, a strange spark of eagerness fluttered in her stomach, making Hornet moan in confused arousal. Her thoughts became distant and foggy, incoherent and leaving her with nothing but twisted pleasure tickling her nerves.

The Trolls pounded into her faster, panting heavily as they rammed their cocks into Hornet's holes with ravenous abandon. Burning pressure rapidly began building in her pelvis, her chest tightening with desperation as her orgasm loomed – and as the Troll stuffed her pussy full once more, she hit her limit.

'' Mm! '' Hornet's muffled cry filled the air as she climaxed powerfully, spasming from the dark pleasure – her hands gripping her breasts tightly and only enhancing her pleasure, the pain transforming into mind-melting pleasure.

With a bestial groan the Trolls also reached their limit, and Hornet buckled as the Troll behind her bottomed out in her pussy, the tip bumping against her cervix before thick ropes of cum filled her pussy. She was dimly aware of the painful grip on her hair before the Troll in front of her shoved its cock down her throat, depositing its seed down her throat and nearly choking her with the thick cum.

After a long minute the Troll pulled back, releasing Hornet and letting the blonde Aircraft Carrier fall to the floor, eyes hazy and unseeing as powerful aftershocks rocked her body. Only when one of the Trolls gripped her hair and yanked her head up did she respond, groaning weakly and looking up.

Her dazed whimper was silenced as the Troll plunged into her open mouth, lustfully fucking her once more.