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The Mist

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Time Since Simulation Start: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes


''All clear in this sector.''

''Mm. Let's move on then.''

Helena nodded quietly, turning off her radar and following after her sister-ship, St. Louis. The two blue-haired Ship-Girls wandered down the deserted south-western tunnels, periodically stopping so Helena could use her radar to scan for any possible monsters. Due to the thickness of the walls she had to expend more energy into it, thus reducing the range of the scan.

''...I wonder what happened to the Commander.'' Helena noted softly, frowning sadly and drawing St. Louis' attention. ''He never showed up...''

''He'll be fine.'' St. Louis replied, smiling reassuringly. ''I saw Atago and Takao moving towards him minutes after the attack began. They'll have secured him and taken him off-base for his own safety.''

Helena hummed softly, unconvinced but trying to make herself believe it.

Silence fell upon the duo, carefully walking further down the concrete hallway. The maintenance room was further down the tunnel, as was the sleeping quarters for the human engineers on the base. According to Jintsuu very few if any engineers managed to reach the bunker, and those that did went into the maintenance room to try and bring the base defences online – and, given the lack of any such defences, it seems that they were unsuccessful.

However, they had yet to report back.

As they walked Helena noticed one of the small side-doors that led to the other tunnels... a door that was strangely open. She stopped walking immediately, closing her eyes and activating her radar – a mental 'ping' filling her mind's eye, spreading out in a circle around her. Any living thing popped up as a little dot... and the only thing to appear was a dot right beside her, that being her sister.

''Found something?'' St. Louis queried curiously, feeling Helena's radar ghost over her.

''No.'' Helena shook her head. ''Nothing.''

''Hm...'' St. Louis frowned at the door, before turning away. ''Unicorn and Kisaragi must've left it open when they were looking for oil. Let's keep moving.''

''Shouldn't we investigate?''

''No; we should check on the engineers first and foremost. We need to know if something has happened – or worse, if something got in and killed them without tripping the alarm.''

Helena frowned, but hesitantly nodded. ''...fine.''

The two blue-haired girls walked away... unaware of the humanoid figure just out of sight within the side-tunnel, slowly shambling to its feet and silently stalking after the two sisters.

Both Ship-Girls grew tense as they neared a turn in the corridor – a slow curve that led to the second half of the tunnel. Since it wasn't a sharp right-angle turn they couldn't peek around it, only making them more tense. They had seen what some of the creatures had done to their comrades first-hand, and it left a lasting impression.

St. Louis took the lead, keeping her back to the left wall and putting as much distance between her and any potential attackers – but there was none. Instead as she walked around the curved corner she was greeted by a long hallway... and several bodies laying on the floor. The engineers.

''Crap...'' St. Louis cursed lowly, lowering her guns. ''Helena. Check the bodies for vitals.''

''R-Right...'' The blue-haired cruiser hesitantly nodded.

Her radar scan was still recharging so she slowly approached the unmoving bodies, going for the nearest one – a middle-aged man wearing a cap and a dark-green jumpsuit. As she drew closer she took notice of his exposed arms, more specifically the black splotches dotted over his skin like ink stains. Black splotches that looked suspiciously like that stuff afflicting Choukai.

''Hello?'' Helena asked softly, reaching down and gently shaking his shoulder, earning no response.

Hesitantly she gripped his shoulder and rolled him over onto his back – revealing that half his face sported the same black splotches, eerie tendrils creeping beneath the skin. If she looked closely she swore she could see them spreading even further, like a bacterial plague. Upon leaning in closer she grimly confirmed that it was indeed spreading, albeit so slowly it was hard to see.

Abruptly the body twitched, making Helena tense up – before the man's eyes snapped open, his blue eyes a stark contrast against his black sclera.

''Hyaa!'' Helena nearly shrieked in surprise as the man lurched up, hands grabbing her arms and pushing her back.

St. Louis spun around, eyes widening in shock as the thought-dead man pinned Helena to the ground. Her shock wore off a second later and she raised her cannons, prepared to shoot the man – only for something to strike the side of her head. For a brief second her vision went black, before it quickly returned and left her stumbling down onto one knee as her sense of balance wavered.

The source of the attack became apparent as she saw another one of the infected engineers behind her. Through hazy eyes she watched as the unmoving bodies of the engineers slowly rose to their feet, their skin marred by ominous black splotches and patches. They shambled about like zombies towards her, and before she could regain her bearings they attacked, grasping at her rigging and unceremoniously ripping it apart with inhuman strength.

''Get... off...!'' St. Louis grunted, throwing a punch at the nearest Possessed human, only to her strike to miss – and prompting the Possessed to grab her arm, holding it out to the side.

Another Possessed followed suit, grabbing her other arm and yanking it out to the side, preventing her from fighting with it. St. Louis grunted as they suddenly pulled her to her feet, and a third Possessed – the one that had initially attacked her, she noted – shambled in front of her. She didn't get the chance to curse at it before it suddenly closed the gap between them, pushing her up against the nearest wall and crashing its lips against hers.

''Mmph!'' St. Louis yelped in surprise, her purple eyes wide with shock. She defiantly struggled against the two Possessed holding her arms, but their strength seemingly eclipsed her own despite the fact humans were far weaker than a Ship-Girl.

The busty Light Cruiser gasped as the Possessed pulled back from the sudden kiss, letting her breathe for a single second before it crashed its lips against hers again hungrily. She stiffened as its pale hands grasped her ample breasts, roughly squeezing them through her clothing and knocking the breath from her lungs, leaving them burning with the need for oxygen.

''Haah...!'' St. Louis inhaled as the Possessed retreated from the kiss, leaving her gasping in gulps of air. Her face twisted into a grimace as the infected man grabbed the front of her outfit, ripping it open with minimal effort – and leaving her large breasts to bounce free from their constraints.

She grunted as its hands greedily groped her ample breasts, roughly squishing them between its cold fingers. Even though the man's face was nearly-expressionless in an almost zombie-esque way, the lust in its actions were clear as day – and she really did consider the man an 'it', for it was no longer human in her eyes.

She shuddered as the man pinched her nipples, lewdly toying with her breasts and making it hard to think, panic slowly starting to set in. Her increasingly-desperate struggles only seemed to excite the Possessed man, who eagerly released her right boob – and reached under the bottom of her dress.

St. Louis stiffened. ''D-Don't...''

The zombie-like Possessed didn't care, tugging up the front of her blue-white dress and exposing her lacy white panties. St. Louis struggled with renewed effort, gasping as it pushed its fingers against the front of her underwear and roughly rubbing her clothed pussy. The very notion that a twisted version of a human was touching her there made her cheeks burn with angry embarrassment, but any scathing insults fell on deaf ears.

''Nn... stop it...'' St. Louis muttered, cringing as its fingers rubbed between her lower lips, the only thing stopping its finger being her underwear. ''You disgusting monst-''

Her tongue froze as she felt it grab her panties, and pull – the fabric briefly digging into her ass before the material tore, fluttering to the ground. Her heart pounded in her ears as she felt the cool air of the tunnel brush against her exposed pussy, and her fear swelled as she saw the Possessed pushed its half-torn pants off its legs. St. Louis' eyes dilated as she saw the man's cock – a long, pitch-black cock far too large and thick for a normal human.

''No...'' St. Louis murmured uneasily, weakly crossing her legs to hide her slit from the former-human.

The Possessed merely blinked emotionlessly at her, reaching out and grasping her thighs before spreading them apart with its superior strength. It stood close to her, its chest pressing against her breasts and rubbing its cock against her pussy – before without any fanfare it jerked its hips, pushing the tip of its black cock into her slit.

''Mn!'' St. Louis winced, groaning as it pushed its hips against hers and shoved more of its large cock into her. It was far larger than anything she had felt before, the lack of lubricant only making the penetration rougher.

She barely had a few seconds to swallow her pained gasps before the Possessed started moving – rearing its hips back before plunging back in. St. Louis groaned, screwing her eyes shut as the infected man began thrusting into her pussy, drilling into her with its ample length. She could feel the veins and bumps on its cock as it moved, her inner walls instinctively clamping down on its erect dick – whether to push it out or to pleasure it, she didn't know.

Her purple eyes snapped open as the man suddenly leaned in, crashing its lips against hers in a lustful kiss. ''M-Mmph!''

The Possessed's chest pressed against her breasts, squishing them as it drove its cock deep into her pussy, making her whole body jolt each time. She struggled to breathe between ravenous kisses, the rough violation making it hard to focus and the pressure against her chest leaving her lungs unable to fill fully before the man devoured her cries.

St. Louis squirmed as its hands slid from her hips to her ass, squeezing her curvy rear and pushing her down his cock even quicker. She could feel its cock leaking something, coating her insides and acting as a pseudo-lubricant, only allowing it to pound her pussy even faster. To her disgust she felt her inner walls burn with slight pleasure... as if its fluids also acted as an aphrodisiac.

''Mm-aah!'' St. Louis gasped as it broke off the kiss, and she defiantly turned her head away to stop it kissing her – only to shiver as it didn't care, lustfully kissing and licking her cheek.

Her eyes were drawn to the Possessed holding her left arm, the infected man becoming distracted. Summoning every ounce of strength she had St. Louis yanked her arm back, tearing it free from the Possessed's grip – and she promptly punched the other infected man on her right, jerking its head back and loosening its grip on her arm.

Before she could fight back against the man defiling her, the Possessed suddenly pulled her towards it – before pushing her to the ground. St. Louis gasped as her back hit the cold concrete, her eyes widening as it gripped her thighs and pushed them up until they pressed against her breasts, her feet hanging beside her head.

''A-Ah!'' St. Louis cried, her head bumping against the ground as the Possessed resumed fucking her – pinning her wrists against the ground and pressing its bulk against her legs, keeping them pushed against her tits.

It drove its cock deep into her with each thrust, spreading her pussy and leaving her lower lips tingling from the rough penetration. She could feel its cock twitching inside her and she knew from experience what it meant, but despite her best efforts she couldn't wriggle away from it – able to do nothing but lay there and endure it.

''N-Nn... pull out...'' St. Louis weakly pleaded, but earned no response from the zombie-like Possessed.

The busty Light Cruiser winced as its thrusts briefly slowed, its large cock pulsating powerfully within her, before hot ropes of cum shot into her pussy – making her gasp from the strange feeling. It felt so much different than prior experiences, each spurt of cum making her pussy burn with strange pleasure, slowly spreading further through her pelvis by the second.

So much cum was pumped into her it overflowed... and St. Louis froze as she saw the black cum leak out of her stuffed pussy, the Possessed sluggishly pulling its large dick out of her and leaving nothing to hide the unnatural fluid.

''Wh... what did you...?'' St. Louis shivered as she felt her pussy burn even more, and a moment later she realised it was arousal – arousal that was swiftly growing stronger, making her mind fog up.

It occurred to her a moment later that she could probably escape – the Possessed had leaned back, releasing her wrists. She took the opportunity, groaning and dazedly rolling onto her front, crawling away from the infected man as fast as she could. She barely got a few metres away before a pair of hands gripped her hips, stopping her dead and yanking her backwards.

St. Louis looked over her shoulder, grimacing as a different Possessed loomed behind her. Its pants were already on the floor, leaving its long black cock hanging free – and she screwed her eyes shut as it grasped its shaft, guiding it to sensitive pussy and pushing inside.

''Nn...!'' St. Louis bit her lip, stifling a low groan as it immediately started thrusting, ramming its thick cock deep into her pussy.

Her hands clawed fruitlessly at the concrete floor, her mind becoming heavy as the near-maddening burning in her pussy grew so strong it was intoxicating. Wet smacking filled her ears as the Possessed pounded into her, driving its cock deep into her over and over again, making her body jerk forwards and breasts bounce with each powerful thrust.

''Ah... haah...'' St. Louis panted, her tongue hanging out as she gasped in air, groaning as unwanted pleasure bubbled and tingled through her pelvis. ''N-No... ah...''

Her arms gave out under her and her cheek pressed against the cold concrete, rubbing against the floor as the Possessed slammed its large dick into her wet lower lips. St. Louis shuddered as her nipples grazed the rough floor, sparks of pleasure tickling her boobs. All of the pleasure was only amplified by the foreign aphrodisiac-like cum inside her, draining her strength and leaving her mind hazy.

''...Mn... ah... ah...'' St. Louis moaned shakily, her will wavering. ''Haah~''

If the Possessed cared about her decaying state of mind, it didn't show it – too consumed with stuffing her pussy with its throbbing cock. St. Louis moaned in response, her eyes becoming half-lidded and focusing solely on the sensation of the Possessed's cock, and nothing else. Not Helena, not the others, not her own safety – only the maddening sensation of being fucked.

She could dimly hear Helena moaning somewhere behind her, only fuelling her bubbling arousal as she surrendered to the pleasure. Her ass stung as the Possessed slapped its hips against her rear, pounding her pussy and leaving her writhing on the floor. Her honey dribbled down the twisted man's cock, something that only seemed to encourage the infected man – hips slamming against her ass with increasing roughness.

''Mm~!'' St. Louis mewled, breaths coming out in heavy gasps between moans. Her pelvis burned and twisted, her climax rapidly building as any pain turned to mind-melting pleasure, every minor friction knocking the breath from her lungs and leaving her limbs weak.

The Possessed gripped her hips tightly, her only forewarning before she felt its cock throb – and unload thick ropes of cum into her deepest parts.

''Mya~!'' St. Louis cried, her whole body stiffening as her orgasm burned through her veins. Each spurt of cum only extended her mind-breaking orgasm, her inner walls desperately milking every last drop of black cum from the man as if her life depended on it.

As the last drops of cum filled her pussy her body went slack, a dazed groan slipping past St. Louis' lips. When the Possessed sluggishly pulled its dick out of her her knees gave out, leaving her laying against the cold concrete, her mind in chaotic disarray...

...before she felt another of the infected men climb behind her, and she moaned as it began fucking her ass.


''L-Let me go!''

Helena struggled frantically as the infected man loomed over her, pinning her wrists against the concrete on either side of her head – her small rigging already torn off. Flashbacks of what happened to her allies raced through her mind, her eyes wide with petrified fear – a fear that only grew as the man released her right wrist, only to grab the front of her dress.

She cried out as it pulled, ripping the fabric of her outfit with minimal resistance – her boobs bouncing free from the confines of her dress. Using her now-free hand Helena tried to stop him, but she struggled to overpower the Possessed's seemingly-superior strength.

''Nn!'' Helena grunted, cringing as the infected man roughly groped her breast – its expression was lifeless, but whatever was controlling it wasn't subtle with its intent.

Helena gasped as it squeezed, knocking the breath from her lungs with its lustful grip. It toyed with her breast for a few moments, leaving it stinging from its roughness, before releasing her boob – only for the Possessed to slide its hand down her hip, clumsily grasping the waistband of her black panties.

The blue-haired cruiser stiffened. ''N-No...''

The infected man didn't reply, gripping her panties and tugging them down her legs – before simply tearing them off completely, eliciting a surprised cry from Helena. She struggled desperately against the Possessed man, kicking and hitting him as best she could, but her resistance went unheeded. A cold spike of fear shot through her heart as the Possessed forcibly moved between her legs, spreading them apart and pushing aside the front of her dress – exposing her lower lips to the twisted man.

''Please...'' Helena pleaded quietly, weakly trying to pull her arm free from its grip. Her eyes were drawn to the man's crotch, watching as it tore a hole in its green jumpsuit – and her eyes widened as it revealed its long black cock, so big she was afraid it would break her.

Frantically she made to cover her crotch, only for the Possessed to be one step ahead – grasping her wrist and pinning it next to her head. She tried wriggling away but could barely move an inch, fear paralysing her as the man loomed over her, its cock drawing near to her pussy.

Her heart stopped for a brief moment, terror gripping her as the tip pressed against her slit. ''S-Stop-!''


Helena froze, unmoving even as her wrists were freed – the Possessed sent tumbling away several feet, landing in a clumsy heap.

Slowly her gaze shifted to the side, staring at her potential-saviour... and confusion filled her as she saw it was another Possessed. One that looked oddly familiar, almost like-

''C... Commander...?'' Helena whispered in shock.

The Commander didn't reply, his dead eyes staring at her blankly. His skin was marred by the same black splotches as the other Possessed men, his clothes torn and ripped, dried blood on some parts of his previously-white uniform. Any hope of him saving her dwindled as he grasped his belt, roughly ripping it off and pushing his white slacks down his legs, and revealing his swollen black cock.

Her eyes drifted past the Commander, noticing more Possessed pouring out from the maintenance room and several side-tunnels. Only now did she take notice of the blaring alarm of a breach, and the open bunker doors at the end of the tunnel, a mixture of Possessed and other monsters pouring in. Only Ship-Girls and the Commander had the fingerprint to open the bunker doors, and idly she realised that the Commander must've opened them...

The man who always sought to protect them, now becoming instrumental in their fall. Poetic.

Helena was snapped from her morose thoughts as the Commander loomed over her, and she blushed darkly as his large cock pressed against her exposed pussy. Briefly she considered resistance, to escape... but given the swarm of monsters slowly entering the tunnel, her fate seemed sealed.

''Commander...'' Helena murmured, hesitantly using her free hands to cup his cheeks, and kissed him.

The twisted Commander replied in kind with rumbling lust, hungrily kissing her in reply. Helena squirmed as she felt the tip of his black cock press against her lower lips before pushing, and a quiet whimper slipped past her lips as his cock entered her. He was big, his cock spreading her apart with his girth – not helped that he didn't go slow, instead lustfully bucking his hips and burying his cock into her.

''A-Ah... s-slower, Commander...'' Helena whimpered, earning no response from her corrupted Commander.

She winced as he started thrusting, driving his cock deep into her pussy with each thrust. She wrapped her arms around his neck loosely, gripping his partially-torn shirt for support as he fucked her. Part of her wanted to beg him to stop, but another part of her realised he was the lesser of two evils – it was either him, or one of the many monsters flooding the tunnel. And she would rather it be the Commander that took her first time, and not some alien bug or Lizardman.

''Mn...'' Helena grunted as the corrupted Commander clumsily kissed her, and she submitted – weakly returning the kiss.

As the Commander pounded her she felt a strange warm fluid smear across her inner walls, leaking from her corrupted Commander's dick – and Helena mewled as her pussy tingled, sudden sparks of pleasure replacing the pain. As more of his strange fluid leaked the more the pleasure heightened, her pain draining away and leaving her pelvis bubbling with burning warmth.

''Mm... haah...'' Helena moaned as he lustfully dominated her mouth, hungrily devouring her moans.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, hugging him and pulling him flush against her body – his chest pressing against her ample breasts almost-pleasantly. She pointedly ignored the black splotches on his skin, pretending to herself that it was just her and the Commander. No monsters, no conflicted feelings, no fear of being defiled by countless creatures – just her, and the Commander.

Helena retreated from the heated kiss, pulling his head into the crook of her neck – moaning as his lips ravenously kissed at her neck, lust guiding his actions. She instinctively rolled her hips to meet his rough thrusts, groaning as he slammed his cock into her pussy over and over again. Even with the chaotic symphony of sounds filling the tunnel she could clearly hear the sound of skin smacking together, the perversity of the situation only making Helena more aroused, completely unaware how fast her fear and reluctance was disappearing.

''Haah... haah...'' She panted, screwing her eyes shut and groaning. She could feel him twitching and throbbing inside her, and she knew what it meant. ''C-Commander- Ah! P-Please... g-give... Nn... give me... your love...''

Her pelvis burned wonderfully as the Commander slammed his cock into her even harder, seemingly egged on by her submissive plea. Helena gasped as his cock hit her deepest parts, fucking her like he was a wild animal, his cock pulsating powerfully within her pussy – before he reached his limit.

''Ah~!'' Helena cried as he slammed into her pussy, bottoming out in a single thrust – before unloading ropes of thick black cum into her womb.

The sensation of his warmth splattering across her insides made her mind go blank, her body thrashing as she climaxed from the mind-melting feeling. Her orgasm was only dragged out as smaller spurts of cum filled her... and had she been in the right state of mind she would've felt the mysterious fluid slowly sink into her body.

''Mn...'' Helena moaned weakly as the Commander pulled back, slipping out of her weak grip.

Coherency returned to her as she felt the Commander pull out of her, leaving her feel achingly empty – and causing a spike of fear to shoot through her heart. She frantically looked around, taking note of the various creatures looming nearby. Creatures that wouldn't hesitate to defile her with ravenous desire, impregnating her with their demonic children.

''D-Don't... Commander...!'' Helena pleaded, jerking forth and grabbing his hand, stopping him. ''D-Don't leave me...''

The Commander stared at her, and for the briefest of instances she swore she saw a flicker of life in his dead eyes, before it was gone.

Helena yelped as he gripped her hand, suddenly yanking her to her feet. She stumbled on weak knees and shuddered as she felt his hot cum dribble out from her pussy, leaking between her thighs and dripping onto the floor. The blue-haired girl grunted as she was spun around, the Commander bending her over – before pushing back into her overflowing pussy.

''Mm~!'' Helena moaned loudly, twisted happiness blossoming in her heart as her corrupted Commander 'saved' her, and resumed fucking her.

Another deep moan slipped past her lips as his hands reached around, groping her round breasts roughly while not slowing his thrusts even slightly – the hypnotising sound of skin slapping against skin filling her ears as his hips bumped against her ass. Maybe it was because she was so sensitive from cumming, but each time he rammed his cock into her it felt like she was going to melt, her tongue nearly hanging out her mouth from the pleasure.

''Myah~!'' Helena cried blissfully as the Commander pulled her towards him, forcing her to arch her back as he groped her round breasts. ''Comm- ah~!''

She couldn't think, her mind going foggy as he pounded and groped her all at the same time. Her skin burned with foreign pleasure, and she almost whined when he released her boobs – letting her lean forwards, putting her hands on her knees for support.

However she was torn from her blissful high as movement in front of her drew her attention, and a moment later she realised it was another Possessed – the same one from before. A small spike of fear started to bubble in her heart as she saw its hard cock hovering near her face, but before she could pull back the Commander laid his hand on her upper back, stopping her.

''C-Commander...?'' Helena hesitantly looked back at him, panting heavily between his thrusts.

The Commander met her gaze, blinking emptily, before pushing lightly on her back again.

''...I see.'' Helena blushed, quietly looking back at the Possessed's cock. ''If the Commander wants me to do it... I suppose it's alright...''

The man moved closer to her, and Helena obediently opened her mouth – moaning as she took his cock into her mouth. The Possessed man gripped her head, fingers threading through her blue hair before it began thrusting – its pelvis bumping against her nose as the man essentially face-fucked her. For a brief moment she struggled to deal with his ample length plunging down her throat, nearly gagging from the feeling, but as the Commander's cock continued to thrust into her she slowly relaxed and adjusted.

''Mm...'' Helena hummed lewdly, nearly groaning as the Commander's hands gripped her waist and he pounded her pussy with increasing vigour. ''Cohmandah... more...''

Her tongue lapped at the underside of the Possessed's cock, inexperienced but trying her best – though it was hard to focus on the cock in her mouth when her mind was rapidly turning to putty, mewls and moans escaping her each time the Commander plunged into her. Her legs buckled and quivered, strength waning and nearly making her fall – but if the tight grip on her waist was any indication, the Commander wouldn't let her fall.

Helena lewdly pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts, her moans muffled by the twitching black cock pumping into her mouth. Her pelvis twisted and burned, her pussy still sensitive from her prior orgasm and only made worse by the aphrodisiac-like cum inside her. It was nearly maddening, and at the back of her mind she envisioned herself riding the Commander wildly, moving as fast as physically possible.

''Mmph~!'' She moaned at the thought, barely registering a strange tingling on her tail-bone and shoulder-blades. ''Cohmandah... Cohmandah... Cohmandah~!''

Helena cried out as the burning pleasure grew to a roaring inferno, and a second later her orgasm crashed down on her, making her mind go blank from the sheer mind-melting bliss. Her pussy strangled the Commander's cock, tipping the corrupted man over the edge and causing him to unload ropes of thick cum into her pussy – the burning warmth only dragging out her orgasm.

Even as she climaxed the Possessed fucking her mouth continued, thrusting its twitching black cock down her throat over and over, her tongue reflexively licking and spasming beneath its ample length. By the time Helena came down from her high the Possessed reached its limit, its grip on her hair tightening for a brief second before thick ropes of black cum filled her mouth and shot down her throat – and Helena dimly swallowed every last drop, any resistance gone.

''Bhaah... haah...'' Helena breathed as the Possessed pulled its cock out of her mouth, a thin string of saliva connected between her lips and its cock.

She felt movement behind her, moaning weakly as the Commander pulled out of her – and promptly picked her up. Helena squirmed as her corrupted Commander spun her around to face him, his hands gripping her ass and prompting her to wrap her legs around his waist, twisted excitement building in her stomach as she felt his cock brush against her pussy.

''Comm- Mm~!'' Helena groaned, shuddering as he pulled her down his cock without delay. She immediately wrapped her arms around his head and pulled his face into her ample breasts, mewling as he immediately started kissing and biting her skin.

As pleasure continuously coursed through her, at the very back of her mind she wondered the implications of him cumming so much inside her.

But as he plunged into her again, any such worries dissolved to dust and ash.