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The Mist

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Time Since Simulation Start: 17 Minutes

''Geez, those Sirens... always sending cannon fodder at us...''

Juno smiled briefly at Javelin's attempt at lightening the situation. The two were sailing across the sea back towards the Naval Base, having been on an overnight Commission out to the some islands in the Sakura Empire – fighting off a swarm of weak but numerous Siren ships. Neither had sustained any wounds, but Javelin had expended all her ammo and torpedoes eliminating the ships.

Their mood was tense however, and that was because of the sight before them – a thick cloud of fog that surrounded the Naval Base. It wasn't like a normal fog that covered an area, instead it seemed like it was specifically covering the base and nothing else. Just looking at it put both girls on edge, as if some long-honed instinct within them warned of danger, yet they continued to approach it regardless. If something was wrong, it was their duty to help protect their home.

''Anything on the radio?'' Juno asked worriedly.

Javelin pressed a hand to her earpiece. ''Commander, this is Javelin. Is everything alright back at base?''

Static met her query, prompting her to sigh and drop her hand. ''Nothing. Must be interference.''

Juno frowned, turning her eyes ahead and wordlessly continuing her approach. As they entered the fog they were startled by the sudden chill in the air, but pushed onwards regardless. The fog progressively got thicker the deeper they sailed, the sunlight thinning from bright and sunny to a pale silver-gold colour that struggled to pierce the thick mist. Even the water beneath them darkened, turning almost-black with how limited the light was – you couldn't see more than a foot beneath the water, something that was distinctly unsettling to the two Destroyers.

Soon they reached the base, the seawall coming into view. Javelin bent her knees and kicked off the surface of the water, doing a flip and landing on the seawall with a flourish of her javelin, her only available weapon since she was out of ammo. Juno quietly jumped up onto the wall behind her, hesitantly taking several steps forwards until her feet hit grass, looking around for anyone.

There wasn't anyone. The entire area was silent – not quiet, silent. There was no distant voices, no footsteps, no gunfire, nothing. Even the wind was absent, leaving the air feeling ominously dead. It had only been a little under an hour since they lost communication with the base, yet it felt like it had been abandoned for weeks. To Juno's worry she could see several empty shell casings not far away. A fight had happened.

''Hello~!?'' Javelin called out, her voice echoing. ''Anybody out there?!''

Too distracted with her own shouting Javelin remained oblivious to the sound of sloshing water, but Juno wasn't. She turned and look behind them, freezing up as she saw several slick black tentacles rise out of the sea, primed to strike Juno and her oblivious sister.

''J-Javel- AH!'' Juno's warning was cut off by a yelp as the tentacles darted forwards, wrapping around her legs and yanking them out from under her, sending her to the floor.

''Juno?!'' Javelin whirled around, eyes widening as she caught sight of the black tentacles. ''Hey! Let go of her!''

With reflexes befitting of a Destroyer she lunged, striking true and piercing one of the tentacles through with her javelin. The slick thing writhed and quickly released Juno, disappearing back into the water – only for several more to replace it. Javelin cursed, aiming for the other tentacle holding her sister's legs. She never got the chance to thrust; a tentacle darted up and slithered around her javelin, tearing it from her grasp and throwing it far away into the mist – so far she couldn't see it anymore.

''Gah, shoo!'' Javelin grimaced, slapping the tentacle away only for it to slither around her wrist, holding it tight.

She made to grab it with her other hand when another tentacle darted out, wrapping around her free wrist as well. Both yanked her wrists together, the tentacles intertwining with each other and binding her wrists together above her head – before a sharp gasp escaped Javelin as the tentacles lifted her up, suspending her several feet in the air. Her first instinct was to summon her rigging and blast the tentacles to hell, only to grimly remember she had expended all her ammo hours beforehand.

On the ground Juno frantically tried to escape the tentacle's clutches, crying out as the slick black thing wrapped around her thighs, keeping her legs pinned together. She shivered at the gross feeling, briefly forgetting that she was still armed, that she still had weapons to fight – but by the time she remembered, it was too late. Several tentacles descended on her, snaking under her rigging and tearing it apart with frightening ease, the metal giving way to the tentacle's surprising strength.

Juno whimpered as two tentacles wrapped around her arms, roughly pulling them back and binding them behind her lower back. She wasn't able to rise to her feet due to the tentacle around her legs, forcing her to stand on her knees and lean forwards slightly, unaware of the tentacles inching closer behind her.

''Eep!'' Juno yelped quietly, face burning crimson as she felt a tentacle brush against her butt. She squirmed as it intentionally pushed against her rear, the slimy tentacle hugging her rear and slithering between her legs, cupping her panties through her thin white pantyhose.

The tentacle retracted, only to push against her lower lips through the layers of fabric separating them. A startled mewl slipped past her lips as it rubbed against her panty-clad pussy, almost like it was teasing her. The worst part was that a small part of her found it pleasant, discounting the whole 'tentacle' part that is.

''J-Javelin! I-It's doing weird things to me!'' Juno cried for help, causing her sister-ship to struggle harder to no avail. ''Uu...''

Juno squirmed as a tentacle drew close to her face, slithering through the air like a snake until it was mere inches from her face, letting her see it clearly. It was long and smooth with little bumps along its length, the tip being smooth like a ball with a thin slit down the middle. It leaned in closer, the tip gently pushing against her mouth. When she pressed her lips together, more out of fear than defiance, it pushed harder – pressing her lips against her teeth as she refused to open her mouth, afraid of what it was planning on doing to her.

Growing impatient, the tentacle around her legs suddenly tightened – painfully. Juno gasped, letting the tentacle slam into her mouth. She gagged, struggling and trying to spit it out. It tasted like sea water, writhing and squirming in her mouth before it started thrusting – earning a muffled yelp from the demure Destroyer as it filled her mouth. She even went as far as trying to bite it, but she couldn't push hard enough – it was large enough to stretch her mouth wide open with its rubber-like length.

''Nn!'' Juno moaned in surprise, the tentacle behind her pushing forcefully against her pussy. A spike of fear shot through her as she realised what it was planning and struggled with renewed effort, but the tentacle's grip was too tight for her to get away.

The black tentacle in her mouth continued thrusting, pushing itself deeper into her mouth with each thrust – but her main concern was the one behind her, her stomach twisting in fear as she felt it push with increasing force. She could feel its sticky dampness against her pussy lips even with the clothes in the way, and her heart dropped as she heard a quiet ripping sound as the fabric strained.

''N... No... don't... please...'' Juno whimpered, her plead muffled by the tentacle thrusting into her mouth.

Her plead went unheeded, and in an instant her white pantyhose and matching white panties tore under the strain – letting the slick tentacle slam into her pussy with great force.

''HYAA!'' Juno screamed, the tentacle slamming into pussy and violently stealing her first time. It buried its slimy length inside her formerly-virgin pussy, stuffing her full and stretching her inner walls apart as the tentacle squirmed and wriggled inside her.

After less than a second the tentacle started thrusting, ramming its thick length into her lower lips aggressively, sending waves of pain-filled pleasure coursing through her. Both the tentacle in her mouth and pussy moved in sync, one of them slamming into her mouth when the other pulled out her pussy, then the one in her mouth pulled back just as the one in her pussy slammed back in. Her petite body rocked back and forth with each rough thrust, blood leaking from her pussy and dripping onto the floor – evidence of her stolen virginity.

Still suspended in the air, Javelin struggled with all her strength against the tentacles, trying to slip her hands out – but despite the tentacles being slick and slimy, they had a tight grip. Her sister's pain-filled cries tore at her heart and she desperately tried to reach her, but with her hands held above her she was helplessly to stop the defilement.

''A-Ah...!'' Juno cried, the tentacle in her mouth pushing in deeper – making her gag as it bumped against the back of her throat, slithering in even deeper until the tip was slipping down her throat, cutting off her air supply.

The Destroyer weakly shook her head, trying in vain to spit out the tentacle as her air supply was rapidly dwindling in her panic-stricken state. Mercifully the tentacle pulled back, giving her a brief second to suck in air before it slammed back down her throat. Over and over it pistoned into her mouth, muffling her pained whimpers or ragged gasps as the tentacle behind her plunged into her pussy roughly, violating her.

Time flew by rapidly, a minute seemingly passing in a matter of seconds to Juno. She could feel more tentacles slithering over her, curling around her legs or stomach and leaving a lingering stickiness where they went. She squirmed as several slipped under her dress, roaming over her bare stomach – one slithering in her belly button, as if trying to fuck that hole too. Small mercies that it didn't try to.

''Nn...'' Juno whimpered, stomach twisting with confused fear as she felt the tentacles inside her throb and pulsate oddly.

They moved even faster, her jaw starting to hurt as the black tentacle jerked down her throat. Her pink eyes spotted several bulges travelling down the tentacles towards her, renewing her panic and prompting her to struggle helplessly, unable to do anything. The tentacle in her mouth spasmed, wriggling in her mouth before the bulge reached her, forcing her mouth open even wider before a spurt of thick cum suddenly shot down her throat. Her eyes widened, desperately swallowing the cum so she could breathe, only for another load of cum to fill her mouth, followed by another, then another.

Over and over ropes of cum filled her throat, running down her throat like salty lava. Finally after the sixth load it stopped, and Juno quietly whimpered as she swallowed the last of it, feeling the uncomfortable warmth in her stomach. The only mercy granted was that the slick tentacle pulled out of her mouth, lingering a foot away from her.

The tentacle in her pussy had stopped thrusting, trembling and shivering inside her – before she felt the bulge press against her delicate pussy lips, making her heart sink. Not a second later the bulge entered her, spreading her inner walls apart before the tentacle unloaded the first spurt of cum inside her. Juno gasped, arching her back as the warm cum filled her pussy, followed by another load. Seven times she felt the tentacle cum inside her, making her stomach ache as it bulged with how much cum was filling her.

Juno shuddered as the tentacle pulled out of her, leaving nothing to stop the cum leaking out and down her legs. Her stomach slowly deflated back to its normal size but the muscles still ached, leaving her short of breath as she recovered from the defilement. She got less than fifteen seconds.

''Huh...?'' Juno murmured, feeling something slimy brush against her butt. Realisation hit her a second later. ''W-Wait, n-not aga- AH!''

A tentacle slammed into her tender pussy once more, filling her to the brim and making her back arch from the burst of painful pleasure. Without delay the tentacle began thrusting, rearing back only to slam into her depths, unheeding of her cries to stop. Almost as if to silence her the tentacle hovering before her slithered close, pushing into her mouth before she could close it and eagerly wriggling inside her mouth.

''Ah... sthp...'' Juno whimpered tearfully, squirming as the tentacle thrust its length down the back of her throat – in unison with the one slamming into her pussy.

This time it wasn't just the two tentacles. Juno stiffened as the black tentacles around her stomach spread out, pushing against her dress – before with an audible rip her white-and-blue dress was torn to shreds, revealing her near-flat chest hidden behind a white bra. The tentacles ravenously attacked the thin fabric, ripping it off her and shifting to her small breasts. Despite her fear a surprised moan escaped Juno, shivering as the wet tentacles slithered and curled around her breasts.

A spark of relief flickered through her as they retreated, seemingly losing interest... only for that relief to perish as two different looking tentacles slithered close to her. Unlike the others the tips of these black tentacles were divided into four sections – and she found out why a second later, as they opened up like a flower petal and revealing a mouth of thousands of miniature tentacles.

With a tentacle in her mouth Juno couldn't speak, only whimper fearfully as the two mouth-tentacles approached. They neared her small breasts, hovering close for a second before suddenly darting forwards, the mouth-tentacles latching onto her breasts.

''Ah!'' Juno gasped, eyes bulging as the mouth-tentacles sucked on her breasts almost pleasantly, the thousand of micro-tentacles tickling and tortuously teasing her boobs. Compared to the tentacles that slammed into her, these almost felt good – but that made it all the worse, her head spinning with confused pleasure as her body and mind got mixed signals.

A reluctant moan slipped past her lips as the tentacles sucked on her tits. She wasn't sure what the tentacles had done to her, but the tentacles in her mouth and pussy were kinda starting to feel good. Subconsciously she relaxed, succumbing to the strange pleasure and moaning weakly as the tentacle plunged down her throat, her hips buckling as the other tentacle hit her deepest parts.

She felt a third tentacle brush against her legs, slithering up her ass before coming to a stop – and Juno whined as it pushed against her asshole, before pushing inside. Juno groaned breathlessly, shuddering as it wriggled and slithered in her ass, immediately thrusting into her butt with the same kind of rough vigour as the one in her pussy. They slammed into her in intervals, one slamming inside her while the other pulled back, making her hips jerk and buckle as it plunged into her.

Pain melted to pleasure as the tentacles railed into Juno. One ramming down her throat and letting her unconsciously suck on it, two sucking and teasing her breasts, one slamming into her sensitive pussy wildly while another pounded her ass. The overwhelming violation was maddening, reducing the soft-spoken Destroyer into a moaning mess.

''Ah... hyaah...'' Juno shuddered, half-lidded pink eyes spotting bulges travelling down the tentacles again, something that made her pelvis twist almost excitedly.

The one in her pussy was first, spasming in her tight flower before unloading ropes of cum inside her. The sensation of its cum splattering inside her made her mind go blank, a muffled cry escaping her as she orgasmed from the feeling, her pussy milking the tentacle for every last drop of cum – something it was glad to give. As she orgasmed the slippery tentacle in her mouth reached its end, a bulge travelling down its length before pushing in her mouth, firing spurts of cum down her throat and forcing her to swallow it lest she choke.

Still caught in the throes of her orgasm Juno moaned dazedly as the third tentacle came in her ass, pumping her butt full of its cum. As she came down from her high she was left shuddering, moaning softly as the mouth-tentacles continued sucking on her small boobs. Multiple tentacles squirmed and writhed over her bulging stomach, cum inflating her abdomen and unable to escape with the tentacles still inside her.

Unlike last time the tentacles didn't pull out, remaining mostly still for a few moments...

...before they resumed fucking Juno in earnest, eager to breed.


''Juno!'' Javelin cried, struggling desperately as she watched her gentle sister be penetrated by the black tentacle. ''Grr, let go of me already!''

The tentacles didn't. She tore her eyes away from her sister-ship, glaring up at the black tentacles that kept her wrists tightly bound above her – only to tense as she felt something slimy slide up her bare leg. Nervously Javelin glanced down, a spike of fear lancing up her spine as she saw a tentacle wrapping around her right leg.

''G... Get off!'' Javelin weakly shouted, kicking her leg.

In response the tentacle tightened its hold, pulling her leg out to the side and keeping it still. A second tentacle shot up from below, snaking around her left leg and binding it tightly, preventing her from moving it even slightly. Her fear was heightened as she saw a third tentacle approach from below, pressing and rubbing against the front of her white panties. Due to her short dress it didn't have any clothing to stop it, leaving the only thing holding it back being her underwear.

Javelin whimpered as the tentacle remedied that problem, slipping around the front of her panties and pushing them aside, exposing her pussy to the black thing. Javelin grimaced as it rubbed against her lower lips with its slimy length before pushing inside, a gasp tearing from her throat as it slithered inside her pussy.

''A-Ah...'' She shuddered, cringing at the gross feeling. Small mercy that it wasn't as painfully rough as Juno's had been – due to how slick it was, it slithered inside her with only minor discomfort.

The tentacle filled her pussy, going still for only a brief moment before it started thrusting. Being a virgin the sensation of having something inside her pussy was a foreign one, eliciting shuddery gasps from the Destroyer as is pumped its slick length inside her. She struggled against her bindings defiantly but it only made the unwanted pleasure feel better, hitting her deepest parts with each thrust.

Movement in the corner of her vision drew her attention and she stiffened as she felt a second tentacle slither behind her, brushing against her ass. Without warning it suddenly jerked forwards, slamming into her asshole with much less gentleness than the other tentacle.

''Ah!'' Javelin shrieked, upper body jerking forwards from the burst of pain.

The thick tentacle slithered into her ass, pumping in unison with the one in her pussy. The sudden contrast of pain and pleasure sent her body into spasms, gasping as the slick tentacles wriggled inside her. Even without looking she could feel that the tentacle fucking her ass was big, only serving to make her pain worse – in turn making the almost-pleasant pleasure feel more alluring, daring her to succumb to it.

Javelin leaned forwards as far as she could, panting heavily as the two tentacles defiled her. It was like snakes were inside her, slithering about as they plunged into her and spreading her insides apart. Looking over at Juno she felt almost guilty, seeing how in-pain her sister was. In comparison Javelin was much better off – the violent tentacle in her ass not included.

She felt the tentacles around her wrist loosen their grip, slithering down her arms without giving her enough room to move her limbs. Javelin cringed, groaning as the slimy black tentacles snaked around her arms and moved down to her exposed armpits, slithering over the sensitive skin until they reached her neck. For a brief moment she didn't understand what they were planning – and then her flushed skin went deathly pale as the tentacles slithered around her neck.

''H-Hey! D-Don't- haah!''

Her plea was cut short as one of the tentacles wrapped around her neck, tightly. Immediately her air flow was unceremoniously cut off, leaving her gasping fruitlessly and struggling in vain. Her lower half flailed and buckled as the two tentacles continued to pound into her pussy and ass, painful pleasure contrasting with petrifying terror as she was choked.

Javelin's vision began to dim, her consciousness fluttering away from her as the lack of air got to her – before the tentacle suddenly loosened, letting her instinctively gasp in a desperate gulp of air. She didn't even consider why it let go, too busy with gasping in much-needed air. Just as she nearly recovered from the near-death experience she felt the tentacles inside her buckle and twitch oddly, setting off alarm bells in her head – and she panicked as she saw bulges travel down the length of the black tentacles towards her.

''N-No! Pull out!'' Javelin wheezed, panic rising when the tentacles didn't obey. ''S-Stop-!''

Unheeding of her pleas the bulges reached her. A gasp escaped Javelin as the bulge forced her lower lips apart to accommodate the sudden size increase, before thick ropes of cum spurted inside her – followed by several more bulges that dumped load after load of cum inside her, impregnating her. Less than a few seconds later she felt something press against her already-stuffed asshole and gasped, her rear hole stretched even further before the tentacle pumped more cum in her ass.

Javelin groaned weakly, shivering as her pussy burned with unwanted pleasure... and it hit her a second later why, as her own juices leaked out around the tentacle and dribbled onto the ground, mixing with the creature's cum. She felt a stab at her heart, realising she had climaxed from the feeling, making her feel almost guilty for having came from it.

The tentacles in her holes pulled out, and she gasped as cum freely spilled out, her stomach deflating back to its previous size and leaving it sore. ''Uu...''

To her despair the tentacles weren't finished, promptly pushing back inside both her holes and eliciting a whining groan from Javelin as she was filled once more. Her hips hurt as they resumed thrusting, pounding their slick black lengths into her sensitive pussy and tender asshole. The tentacles stirred up her cum-soaked insides, filling her to the brim and sending waves of hazy pleasure rushing through her.

''H... Huh...?'' Javelin murmured, blinking through the mind-fogging pleasure and looking down – grimacing as yet another tentacle slithered towards her.

To her confusion it slithered up to her the tentacle in her pussy... and her heart sank as it tried to push into her slit despite there being no room left. Not discouraged it kept trying, pushing against the other tentacle and managing to wriggle the tip inside – and Javelin gasped as it slammed into her, its slick length spreading her inner walls apart to accommodate the two tentacles.

''A-Ah!'' Javelin cried, arching her back as she was stuffed full. Even though the tentacles were so slick it still felt like she was breaking apart, in no small part due to how girthy they were.

Like a jack-hammer the two tentacles slammed into her stuffed pussy in alternating thrusts. Her pelvis hurt with how fast and hard they rammed into her, wriggling inside her aching pussy and stretching her inner walls to their limits. The tentacle pounding her ass didn't slow down either, causing a mind-breaking confusion as pain overlapped with unwanted pleasure. Her sensitive insides tingled, overstimulated and burning from the strain of having so much in her.

Javelin was torn from the painful-pleasure as the tentacle around her neck tightened, sending a spike of instinctive fear through her as her air supply was unceremoniously cut off. She thrashed about as much as she could, shaking her head and desperately trying to gasp in air. Somehow being choked made the burning in her pelvis nauseatingly good, making her almost moan from the jolt of blissful pleasure – before piercing pain replaced the pleasure as her lungs burned frantically.

The tentacle loosened, letting Javelin gasp in air again. She didn't even care about the tentacle slithering over her shoulder and down her collarbone, too absorbed with sucking in air. Only when the slick tentacle slithered between her breasts did she take notice, shuddering as it coated her modest boobs in a sticky substance before suddenly yanking forwards. She gasped as her dress dug into her back before it tore a second later, fluttering down to the floor and leaving her near-completely naked.

''Haah... no...'' Javelin whimpered, cringing as the three tentacles kept thrusting into her pussy and ass.

Once more the tentacle tightened around her neck, choking her and sending Javelin into thrashing spasms. The tentacles squirmed inside her so vigorously that her stomach bulged, the tentacles visible through her skin as they fucked her. Through fluttering eyelids she caught sight of bulges travelling down the tentacles towards her, seemingly encouraging the three tentacles to pound into her with wild abandon, quivering as they neared their end.

''A-AH!'' Javelin gasped, arching her back as the first few ropes of cum spurted inside her pussy – both tentacles cumming at the same time. The lack of oxygen only seemed to make it feel better, her consciousness flickering.

The tentacles didn't stop for a full minute, cumming non-stop and pumping Javelin full of seed to the point her stomach bulged like she was pregnant. The tentacles didn't pull out this time, wriggling inside her pussy and ass aimlessly. As they finished impregnating her the tentacle around her neck loosened, letting her breath again – though it took her nearly half a minute to return to her senses, black splotches in her vision from the lack of oxygen.

''A... Ah...'' Javelin wheezed, coughing. Her stomach ached and her holes burned from the rough abuse.

Her attention however was garnered as she started moving. The tentacles lowered her towards the ground without releasing her, and she dimly realised they were dragging her towards the mist-covered ocean. Out the corner of her eye she could see Juno being dragged as well, the pink-haired girl unconscious and leaking cum from all holes.

'''' Javelin whimpered weakly, having no strength left to struggle.

Unheeding of her plea the black tentacles dragged Juno under the water, and the last thing Javelin saw was a writhing mass of unholy tentacles beneath the waves.