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The Mist

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Time Since Simulation Start: 12 Minutes

''Indy-chan, above~!''

''Hai.'' Indianapolis intoned, aiming skyward and unloading her anti-air guns.

Blasts of flak filled the sky above, obliterating a small swarm of insects and injuring several other bat-like creatures, only for them to be finished off with the second wave of anti-air fire. In a matter of seconds the sky was clear, allowing the tanned Cruiser to turn her attention onto the ground threats, unloading her cannons at a swarm of Goblin-like creatures and scaring them away from her – and towards Portland, who promptly eliminated them.

As the sister-duo gunned down a passing pack of Hellhound's they moved in closer to one of the four bunker entrances, this one located behind the Eagle Union dorms. It consisted of a pair of heavy metal doors at a slight angle, not unlike a hatch leading to a basement – which, in essence, is what it was. The dorms themselves were slightly torn up from both the creatures and stray cannon fire, but the doors were still in-tact, and protected by several brave Ship-Girl's. Kawakaze, Jintsuu and Enterprise.

''Portland, Indianapolis.'' Jintsuu called out, a grim look on her face. ''Are you alright?''

''Yep~!'' Portland smiled, though it lacked some of her usual cheer. ''Where's the Commander? Inside?''

''No... we've been unable to locate him.'' Kawakaze murmured, sharp blue eyes keeping track of their surroundings. With how thick the mist was, their enemies could be upon them in with only a second of warning.

''As the Commander's Secretary, I'm taking control of the Fleet until he is found.'' Jintsuu informed, showing neither arrogance or displeasure at her remark. It was simply the most efficient way of doing things, given how tactically-oriented Jintsuu was. ''That said, I need to ask a favour of you two.''

''Ask away.'' Indianapolis intoned, following Kawakaze's example and keeping an eye on her surroundings.

''We're going to close the bunker doors in seven minutes.'' Jintsuu explained grimly. ''Any Ship-Girl who is not in the bunker by that time will be left outside. We can't afford to hold back the creatures for any longer without risking being overrun. That said, I want for you to do a lap around the dorms and gather any Ship-Girl's you can find. Local communications are down, so I'm unsure if anyone else has gotten the bunker doors open besides us.''

''We'll do it.'' Indianapolis nodded firmly and spared a look at her sister, who responded with a resolute nod as well.

''I'm glad. Please hurry back; you've got seven minutes.''


The two sisters worked as fast as they could, passing by two of the three other entrances and warning the Ship-Girl's guarding them. Only the entrance by the Ironblood dorms was unlocked, whilst the one by the Sakura Empire was locked tight. Everyone who knew the codes was missing, or at another entrance.

Lastly was the Royal Navy dorms, which Portland was pretty confident was unlocked. Much like the Ironblood, the Royal Navy focused more on defensive drills – a sharp contrast to the Eagle Union and Sakura Empire, which focused more on offensive drills. The two diametric lines of thinking allowed for the Fleet as a whole to operate smoothly.

Of course, no amount of drills could prepare for a mist of monsters to spontaneously appear, but that was hardly their fault.

''It's up ahead, Portland.'' Indianapolis remarked quietly, narrowing her eyes as she saw something shift. ''Movement ahead.''

''Right~!'' Portland sang lightly, shifting onto her right foot and doing wider sweep around the corner of the building. ''Hi-!''

Her voice died in her throat at the scene before her. Half a dozen Ship-Girl's, scattered and splayed across the area with their clothes torn to shreds. Illustrious, spread-eagle on the ground with a Lizardman pounding into her pussy while another violated her mouth, her eyes empty. Belfast, pushed up against the wall and being raped in the ass, weakly struggling against the reptilian creature. Hood, bent over and twitching slightly, cum flowing out of her stuffed pussy.

Portland froze, staring at the morbid scene with stunned disbelief. Indianapolis was quick to react, pulling her back before either of them were noticed – it was pure luck that the creatures were so busy defiling their comrades that they didn't hear them coming, nor Portland's choked greeting.

''We can't fire at them.'' Indianapolis murmured to her dazed sister. ''The others will get caught in the blast.''

Portland swallowed, shakily lifting her finger off the invisible trigger. She had acted almost on instinct – and would've killed her allies in the process. She took a moment to catch her breath, trying weakly to banish the horrible scene from her mind. She had no idea the creatures were doing... doing that.

Unbeknownst to the duo, several Lizardman had noticed them. With stealth befitting of a lizard they crept up, footsteps muffled by the distant gunfire and broken moans of the nearby Ship-Girl's just around the corner. By the time either Heavy Cruiser realised the threat, it was too late.

''Hn?!'' Indianapolis grunted in surprise as a pair of clawed hands grabbed her rigging from behind, tearing chunks of metal out of her rigging. She made to turn and face it, but another Lizardman came in from the side, pushing her into the wall and stunning her for only a second – but that was long enough, the reptilian creatures ripping the remnants of her rigging from her body, leaving her defenceless.

Portland reacted a moment too slow, swivelling her guns towards the attackers. She didn't get to pull the trigger before one of the Lizardmen grabbed the barrel of her cannon, crushing it in its grip and rendering it useless. She remembered what happened to Illustrious and the others and a jolt of panic shot through her, and she swivelled her other two guns towards the Lizardman. Just as she pulled the 'trigger', a Lizardman grabbed her from behind, unintentionally pulling her back enough that her guns aimed too high.

With a deafening boom Portland's cannons fired, the shells flying into the sky harmlessly. The force of the cannons unbalanced her, her back hitting a hard surface... and she paled as she felt hot breath against the back of her neck. Before she could even consider what to do the creature acted, grabbing her main guns and tearing them free from her rigging, throwing them aside and sending them bouncing across the ground, the Lizardman wasting no time in disarming her completely.

Indianapolis grunted, her back hitting the wall as the Lizardman pinned her arms above her head. It had torn all her armour and rigging away, leaving her uncomfortably exposed. Her gaze was drawn to the creature in front of her as she saw movement, and her eyes widened as she saw its swelling cock, mere inches from her face.

The creature suddenly tightened its hold on her wrists to a painful degree, drawing a pained gasp from Indianapolis – something the Lizardman quickly exploited, slamming its cock into her mouth. Her first instinct was to bite down on it, but to her horror she found her teeth couldn't break the skin.

''Nn-!'' Indianapolis gasped, the creature pushing more of its large cock into her small mouth. Her jaw started to hurt from how wide her mouth was spread, kicking her legs blinding to no avail.

''Let her go- ah!'' Portland cried out, gasping as the Lizardman pushed her into the ground, ass up and head down. It didn't do anything else, silently forcing her to watch with a look of feral glee.

Indianapolis grunted weakly, trying to wrestle her hands out of the Lizardman's grip as it face-fucked her, plunging its large cock into her mouth. She struggled to accommodate its sheer size, her air supply running thin as each breath was harder to catch, not helped by the fact she was panicking. The longer it fucked her the rougher it got, slapping its hips against her face so hard her head jerked back and hit the stone wall behind her, making spots appear in her vision.

The Lizardman's cock bumped against the back of her throat, making her gag as it continued thrusting into her. She tried to block out the feeling of its twitching cock sliding down the back of her throat or its hisses of delight, screwing her eyes shut as it face-fucked her – all in full view of Portland, making a wave of shame wash over her.

Soon she felt its cock begin to throb in her mouth, to her silent confusion... before it was replaced by dawning horror. However she was helpless to stop it, unable to even close her mouth due to its sheer size. She truly wouldn't be surprised if it broke her jaw with its sheer size, her small mouth unused to opening so wide.

The thrusting became faster and even rougher, shoving its entire cock down her throat and cutting off her air supply for a brief half-second before it pulled out again, only to plunge back down her throat a second later. Its cock throbbed powerfully in her small mouth before the monster suddenly hissed sharply, ramming its cock all the way inside her mouth – before it climaxed, thick ropes of cum shooting down her throat, forcing her to swallow all of it lest she choke on it.

Just as her vision was beginning to turn black, the Lizardman pulled its dick out her mouth. Immediately Indianapolis spluttered, coughing and spitting out the hot cum as she gasped in desperate gulps of air.

''Indy-chan!'' Portland cried out in worry, before glaring near-murderously at the inhuman creatures. ''You...! For hurting Indy-chan, I'll-!''

Her angry threats died a swift death as the Lizardman behind her had enough of taunting her, pushing her into the concrete path – hard. Portland gasped, the breath knocked from her lungs as her breasts squished against the cold ground, and she paled as the creature wasted no time in tearing off her clothes. Memories of what happened to the others flashed through her mind and she struggled, trying desperately to escape its claws – only for the Lizardman to brush a talon against her spine, sending shivers through her as she read the threat. If she didn't stop struggling, it would make her.

Whimpering quietly, Portland shuddered as she was left in nothing but her black bikini top, white panties and white knee-length socks. A claw quickly tore her panties in half, the shreds of fabric fluttering to the ground and leaving her lower half bare to the creature's lustful gaze. She could feel its hot breath against her butt as it lowered to its knees behind her, its hardening cock brushing against her ass.

''No... stay back...'' Portland begged weakly, daring to look over her shoulder at her attacker.

In response the Lizardman hissed at her menacingly, gripping its large cock and rubbing it against her pussy – before without further warning it jerked its hip forth, plunging into her virgin pussy.

''AH!'' Portland cried out, nails digging into her palms. The Lizardman hissed and kept pushing, spreading her inner walls as it filled her pussy with its large cock, earning a pained gasp from the Heavy Cruiser as she was defiled.

Finally it bottomed out inside her, most of its throbbing cock burrowed inside her. Portland gasped, cringing and writhing from the feeling of being filled so much. She only ever had eyes for her sister and had never even used a dildo on herself, so the sensation of having her pussy stuffed full sent waves of painful pleasure rushing through her, a weak whimper slipping past her lips as the Lizardman slowly pulled its hips back – before thrusting in again.

Portland shuddered, groaning into her elbow as the Lizardman started to pound into her, its large cock forcibly piercing into her repeatedly. Even with her bikini top on her breasts rubbed against the ground, nipples becoming hard from the unwanted stimulation. Her eyes wandered up and met Indianapolis' heterochromatic eyes, blushing ashamedly as she realised she was being taken in full view of her beloved sister.

''N-Noooo~!'' Portland wailed. ''D-Don't l-l-look, Indy-chan~!''

Her sister quietly obliged, giving her some small mercy and looking away.

Portland's attention was returned her the Lizardman as it scratched at her back, eliciting a gasp of pain from her – before she noticed her bikini top slip off, letting her breasts jiggle about freely. She blushed darkly, whimpering as her bare nipples rubbed against the hard ground. To her shame sparks of pleasure started to bubble in her pelvis, the sensation of the creature pounding into her pussy turning her on despite how little she wanted it.

''A-Ah... no... stop...'' Portland whimpered, screwing her eyes shut.

Whether it heard her plea or not, the Lizardman suddenly stopped thrusting and rose to its feet – bringing her with it. The silver-haired Cruiser gasped lightly as it gripped her hips, holding her lower half up while leaving her top-half dangling, supporting herself with her hands.

Before she could muster any words the Lizardman plunged back into her quivering pussy, eliciting a startled moan from Portland as the reptilian creature resumed thrusting. Its large cock filled her pussy completely, bottoming out with each thrust and slowly erasing the pain, replacing it with reluctant pleasure that clouded her mind, making it hard to think. Her eyes were drawn to her dear Indy-chan as she too was being defiled, and imaged it was her sister fucking her, not some strange inhuman creature.

''A-Ah...'' Portland moaned shakily, boobs bouncing about. Her pelvis burned and twisted the more it fucked her, the stimulation driving her closer to the edge as she neared orgasm, before it suddenly hit a sensitive spot inside her, tipping her over the edge. ''N-Noooo~!''

With a sharp cry she climaxed, pussy clenching desperately around the Lizardman's thick cock and her honey seeping around its shaft, dripping onto the ground below. Behind her the creature gave a low hiss, thrusting powerfully into her spasming pussy before it came, unloading ropes of cum into her pussy. The sensation only made her groan, shuddering as she felt the warmth splattering across her insides.

Portland's arms gave out as her orgasm subsided, leaving her hanging before the Lizardman unceremoniously dropped her, a dazed grunt escaping her as she hit the ground.

She laid there, simply breathing for a solid half-minute before she heard movement. Without further warning the Lizardman grabbed her left leg and held it up, exposing her leaking pussy to the creature before it promptly slammed into her.

''Hn!'' Portland groaned breathlessly, moaning dazedly as the creature rammed its thick cock into her overflowing pussy, cum seeping out around its dick.

However before it could start thrusting in earnest another pair of footsteps came behind her, another Lizardman approaching and hissing at the first one. The two creatures held a conversation she couldn't begin to understand, hissing at one another before the Lizardman currently fucking her suddenly pulled out of her – only to grab her hips, pulling her on top of it as it laid down on the ground.

Portland stared, in a confused dazed as she sat on the creature's lap, its cock rubbing against her leaking pussy before it gripped her hips, pushing her down on said cock. The sudden position change became apparent a moment later as the other Lizardman got behind her, and her breath caught in her throat as she felt its large cock rub against her butt.

''No... I'll break...'' Portland whimpered, shaking her head.

The creatures didn't care for her feelings however, only the need to mate. Unheeding of her pleas the second Lizardman got into position, rubbing its erect cock against her asshole before pushing inside. Portland gasped, arching her back as a fresh wave of painful pleasure shot through her, making her mind go blank for several long seconds as its hard cock penetrated her asshole.

It got barely over half its cock into her ass before it couldn't go in any further, but that was enough for the creature – and without delay both Lizardmen started thrusting into her.

''A-AH~!'' Portland cried out, spasming on their dicks as they plunged into her holes. ''N-No~''

A gasp escape her as the Lizardman behind her reached around, roughly grabbing her large breasts and squeezing hard, knocking the breath from her lungs. She mewled weakly, panting as they pounded into her roughly, hips slapping against her skin so vigorously it would later bruise.

Through all the haze and painful pleasure she heard a third set of footsteps, before a Lizardman suddenly entered her line-of-sight beside her – and she had no time to react before it shoved its cock into her mouth, gripping her head and pushing her down on it. She moaned throatily, mind cracking under the combined assault as it sought to preserve her mind in any way possible.

''Mm~!'' Portland moaned around the cock, arms hanging limp as she was fucked and fondled roughly. Her hips buckled with the sheer force of the two Lizardmen as they slammed their cocks into her pussy and ass, her lower lips oversensitive from her previous orgasm.

Her whole body started to tingle and burn, her moans muffled by the cock that slammed into her mouth with wild abandon, temporarily blocking her airways as it dipped down the back of her throat repeatedly. Portland only moaned dazedly at the feeling, her heart-shaped pupils staring at nothing as the Lizardman face-fucked her, its cock throbbing in her mouth.

Minutes bled by, time losing meaning as she was pounded in every hole. Soon she began to feel their dicks twitch and throb, pre-cum dripping onto her tongue as the three Lizardmen drew closer to orgasm. Unconsciously she had started to lick the creature's dick, her tongue lapping the underside of its thick cock and bringing it closer to climax.

The one beneath her was the first, hissing and pulling her all the way down its large cock before unloading inside her, eliciting a muffled moan from Portland as spurts of hot cum filled her pussy, tipping her over the edge and making her cum as well. The Lizardman behind her hissed as her asshole tightened around its shaft and it too climaxed, ramming its cock into her ass and cumming inside her.

Portland mewled, sucking weakly on the cock in her mouth before the Lizardman gripped her head harshly, shoving its cock down her throat and firing spurts of cum down her throat, muffling her broken moan even as her air supply was cut short.

Rope after rope of cum shot down her throat, forcing her to swallow it over and over, the need for air becoming more desperate – until she blacked out, going completely limp as unconsciousness claimed her.

The Lizardmen weren't bothered. Within a minute, they were back at it again, ramming their erect cocks back into every hole they could use.


Indianapolis had just spat out the last of the cum caught in her throat when the Lizardman acted.

A gasp escaped her as it gripped her white bandeau and yanked her forwards, tearing the thin piece of cloth and exposing her modest breasts before she fell onto the ground with a grunt. The reptilian creature wasted no time in grabbed her black shorts, yanking them down to her knees along with her black panties, exposing her mocha skin and leaving her clad in only a pair of knee-high white socks.

Before she could think of running or fighting back the Lizardman grabbed both her arms from behind, yanking her back. Indianapolis grunted, a blush dusting her cheeks as her bare ass pressed against its still-erect cock.

''Don't...'' Indianapolis murmured pleadingly.

The Lizardman hissed at her, rocking its hips and rubbing its cock against her ass – before it found its target, its cock brushing against her bare pussy before pushing inside. Indianapolis gasped, shuddering as her lower lips spread around its large cock, a pained groan escaping her as it forcibly spread her inner walls and stuffed her full of its cock. It kept pushing until its hips touched her smooth butt, its entire length buried inside of her pussy – before it reared back and started thrusting.

''Nn...!'' Indianapolis grunted, screwing her eyes shut as its cock plunged inside her. Its cock stretched her to her limit as it rammed inside her, sending waves of painful pleasure rushing through her with each powerful thrust.

She leaned forwards, held back by the hands gripping her arms and standing on her knees while the Lizardman pounded into her, hissing in her ear as it defiled her. She could feel its cock as it penetrated her repeatedly like a punch to the gut, making it hard to breathe. Her inner walls desperately squeezed its throbbing cock, struggling to handle its sheer girth and making her aroused in a feeble attempt to make the rough violation even slightly gentler.

''Haah!'' Indianapolis gasped as the Lizardman suddenly released her right arm only to grasp her breast, squeezing her tit roughly.

The mocha-skinned Heavy Cruiser cringed as its cock slammed into her again, jerking her forwards slightly from the sheer strength of the creature. Her gaze wandered over her to sister, eyes widening as she saw Portland bent over and getting pounded by the Lizardman behind her. Their eyes met and Portland wailed at her to look away, which she reluctantly did, knowing how much Portland adored her. It was better they didn't ruin their images of each other.

''Nn...'' Indianapolis grunted quietly, closing her eyes and trying to block out the feeling of the Lizardman fucking her.

As if in response the Lizardman suddenly stopped thrusting, startling her. Without warning it pulled out of her and let go of her, only to grab one arm and twist her around, making her fall onto her back, exposed before it. The reptilian creature loomed over menacingly, spreading her legs impatiently and guiding its throbbing cock towards her pussy and slamming back inside her.

''Ah!'' Indianapolis exhaled shakily, its cock hitting a sensitive spot inside her and making her pelvis twist.

The Lizardman hissed, ramming its cock into her tightening pussy and eliciting a sharp gasp from the tanned Ship-Girl, a weak moan slipping past her lips. As if sensing her looming orgasm the creature pounded into her even faster, slamming its hips against hers and bottoming out inside her each time, making her pussy tingle with unwanted pleasure.

''N-No...!'' Indianapolis whimpered, shoulders curling in on herself even as a low moan slipped past her lips, her orgasm washing over her.

Twisted pleasure rushed through her, making her mind go blank for a few precious seconds as her pussy seized around its cock – making the creature climax and fire spurts of hot cum, filling her pussy as she milked it for all its seed. It kept thrusting, dumping its entire load inside her before stopping for a brief minute.

Just short of a minute later however it started up again, stirring the Heavy Cruiser from her daze as it resumed mating with her. Despite having just came it didn't slow down in the slightest, uncaring that she was still sensitive from her previous orgasm. Indianapolis moaned shamefully, shuddering as unwanted pleasure filled her whole body, making her skin tingle and pussy burn with unconscious desire.

Within three minutes she found herself panting, eyes unfocused and moaning ashamedly as the Lizardman pounded into her, before once again she climaxed on its dick.

And then five minutes after that.

Then four minutes after that.

Then three minutes later.

Then barely a minute later.

Over and over again she climaxed, the horny creature cumming inside her unceasingly and impregnating over and over, her stomach bulging with how much cum it was stuffing inside her. The sheer overstimulation slowly made her mind go blank, any conscious thought drifting away and leaving her glassy-eyed and mentally broken, dazed moans escaping her.

When unconsciousness hit her she gladly embraced it, darkness consuming her vision.