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The Mist

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Time Since Simulation Start: 8 Minutes

''Push forward, I'll cover!''

''Affirmative!'' Takao replied firmly, dashing forward and swinging her katana – cleaving through several Hellhounds with ease.

A handful of wasp-like creatures came from above, only to be blown to smithereens by Atago. The duo had their sights firmly set on the building north of their position – the Commander's building. They needed to evacuate him no matter what, otherwise the fleet would slowly fall apart under the continuous assault. There was a more deep-seeded reason behind it as well; Atago's affection for the Commander, and Takao's desire to see her sister happy.

However that desire was being tested as Takao found herself meeting more and more resistance. Soon her blade took two swings to kill, then three, then four. Her blade started to blunt from the sheer amount of skin, bone and muscle she cut through. Her stamina wasn't doing great either; her arms were beginning to tire, her rigging was broken in a few places due to her close-quarter clashes, and a Hellhound had nipped at her ankle, leaving her with a limp.

Takao perked up as the Commander's building slowly entered her sight, a looming shadow amongst the fog. However as if to crush that hope she found even more creatures rushing to meet her, and she winced as a bat-like creature got a lucky swipe at her cheek before she cut it in half vertically.

Her sharp eyes caught movement and she turned, swinging her blade on reflex – and her eyes widened as her katana struck true, but failed to puncture the skin. Her attacker was a humanoid lizard with yellow-brown scales, claw-tipped feet and hands along with a short lizard-shaped snout. Her analysis was cut short as the Lizardman attacked, punching her in the gut and knocking the wind from her.

Behind her Atago made to shoot the humanoid lizard, only for two other Lizardmen to burst out of the fog behind her, grabbing her rigging and crushing parts of it between their claws.

''Grk!'' Atago grunted in pain as their claws tore through the back of her white jacket, thin cuts forming on her back.

She stumbled slightly as the monsters tore off the other half of her rigging, tossing it aside and sending it bouncing across the concrete. One of the Lizardmen tried to grab her by the arm but she slid out its grip, glaring fiercely at the humanoid creatures and drawing her own katana, ready to fight.

She barely lasted a minute. It wasn't a matter of 'if' she would lose, it was 'when'. There were simply too many of them, and all it took was one lucky shot to the stomach to knock the wind from her lungs, dazing her for a few precious seconds – and giving a Lizardman the chance to tear her sword out of her grip, throwing it away from her and leaving her defenceless.

''Ah!'' Atago cried out as one of the identical Lizardmen tackled her, pinning her to the ground beneath its muscled bulk.

Atago glared up at the creature who glared right back, its slit-shaped pupils wandering over her form. She let her own eyes wander, looking for any weaknesses or escape points... and subsequently took notice of its large hardening cock. Her eyes widened at the sight of it, cheeks becoming tinted red and confusion filling her... until her mind connected the dots, and righteous anger filled her.

''Don't you dare!'' Atago snarled at the inhuman creature.

In response the Lizardman hissed at her, tightening its grip on her arms. She kicked her legs defiantly but to no avail, and a spike of fear shot through her when it repositioned its legs between her own, forcibly spreading them despite her struggles. For a brief moment it released her left wrist, giving her the opportunity to punch it in the jaw – only for her attack to do next to nothing, the creature hissing but little else.

A gasp escaped her as the Lizardman's claws brushed against the front of her lingerie panties, her body tensing as she felt the sharp claw touch her sacred place, one she was saving for the Commander. Before she could utter a threat the claw suddenly hooked around her underwear and yanked it forth, straining the material before with an audible snap, it broke.

Atago froze, feeling more than seeing the creature's intense gaze as it looked at her lower lips... before she noticed it angling its cock, ready to deflower her.

''Stop...'' She whispered, defiance crumbling.

The Lizardman seemingly grinned at her, before it rammed its hips forwards and penetrated her.

''Ah!'' Atago cried out, screwing her eyes shut as the monster's thick cock slammed into her pussy. Pain lanced through her body and her inner walls tightened around its shaft on instinct, a ragged gasp escaping her as it kept pushing deeper inside her.

It stopped a moment later, nearly its entire length bottoming out inside her and spreading her virgin pussy to its limit. The creature barely gave her a few moments to adjust before it started thrusting, jerking its strong hips and plunging into her pussy, defiling her.

Atago gasped, her hips lifting off the ground from the sheer strength behind the monster's thrusts. Her back arched and eyes bulged. She could feel the hard scaly cock pierce into her, painful pleasure shooting through her and making her dizzy, unable to crawl away due to the hands on her wrists. As if to add insult to injury the Lizardman released her left hand, only to grab the front of her outfit and yank its clawed hand back.

She yelped, the white fabric tearing with ease and revealing her large breasts to the creature. A pained gasp slipped past her lips as it gripped her breast, its claws digging in slightly and drawing a thin stream of blood. Atago winced, grabbing its wrist and desperately trying to pry its hand off her breast, but its strength was simply too great. Even with both hands she would be hard-pressed to hold it back.

Her thoughts were sent into disarray once more as it reared its hips back, slamming into her. ''AH!''

It struck a sensitive part inside her, sending a faint wave of pleasure through her and making her nauseous at the knowledge the very literal monster before her was responsible for it. She screwed her eyes shut once more, trying to block out the creature's imposing frame and replace it with her Commander's, trying in vain to find some solace in it all.

Her pussy wept around the large cock, weakly trying to made the rough defilement even slightly easier – something that only encouraged the Lizardman more, ramming its cock into her depths and filling her pussy with its throbbing rod, stretching her inner walls and bumping against her womb. The Lizardman's thrusts became faster, and she became acutely aware of how its cock twitched and throbbed inside her.

Atago's eyes snapped open, fearful. ''P-Pull out!''

The Lizardman didn't deign her with a response or even acknowledgement, gripping her breast tightly and hissing, pounding into her aggressively. Atago cried out, her thighs bruising from the sheer strength it used. She tried in vain to get out its grip, only to freeze when it released her breast and grabbed her hips with both hands – and yanked her down onto its dick.

''AHH!'' Atago cried, its entire length stuffed inside her formerly-virgin pussy – before she felt its dick tremble and unload inside her, hot spurts of cum filling her pussy.

'No...' She thought, a mixture of fear and defeat filling her being.

She was broken physically and mentally. In her eyes, the Commander would no longer have her. She was defeated, defiled and impregnated by an inhuman creature. She wasn't worth his time anymore.


Her torture wasn't over, however. It took her mind a moment to catch up with reality, and her eyes widened as the Lizardman pulled out of her stuffed pussy. The reptilian creature grasped her hips and stood up, bringing her with it as it held her in the air before it. She looked into its eyes and saw nothing but bestial lust. It was a creature without intelligence; its sole instinct was to defeat and defile.

It spun her around, and her heart dropped as she found herself facing another identical Lizardman, its large scaly cock already erect and pointing at her. ''N-No...''

The creatures didn't care for her feelings however. The Lizardman in front of her stepped forth, pressing its cock against her overflowing pussy before pushing inside. Atago gasped, arching her back as the new cock filled her already-stuffed pussy, pushing aside any cum in order to get most of its hard length inside her.

Behind her the other Lizardman tightened its hold on her hips, pressing its own hard cock against her asshole before thrusting forwards.

''AHH!'' Atago cried out, thrashing as the thick cock pushed into her ass, making her feel so uncomfortably full.

In near-unison both Lizardmen started thrusting, eliciting a stifled cry from the cruiser. Painful pleasure rushed through her body, her abused pussy stretching around the Lizardman's cock as it pushed out the other Lizardman's cum and made room for its own. Her asshole was tighter than her pussy but that didn't dissuade the Lizardman either, rocking its strong hips and plunging into her ass, each thrust making her spasm.

Her eyes dilated as the Lizardman in front of her reached out, grabbing her large breasts roughly. She cried out in pain only for its long tongue to slip into her mouth, taking her by surprise and rapidly dominating her mouth. She didn't even consider biting on it; it simply didn't cross her mind. Not that it would've done her any good.

Atago closed her eyes, tears running down her cheeks as she was penetrate in both holes, her mind becoming engulfed in the painful pleasure. She couldn't think straight. Her thoughts were shattered by the overwhelming feeling of the Lizardmen's large cocks pounding into her, breaking her mind bit by bit as her resistance crumbled away.

She didn't even realise she was moaning, her mind slowly fading away, distancing itself from reality and leaving her body on autopilot, unaware that it was being defiled. The large cocks slammed into her with increasing speed, her abused pussy leaking around the cock in a futile effort to make the rough pounding even slighter gentler.

The Lizardman behind her was first, ramming its throbbing cock into her asshole before suddenly slamming in all the way. Moments later it climaxed, cumming inside her ass and making her body tremble and spasm.

A few long seconds later the other Lizardman hissed, slapping its hips against her bruised pelvis until it orgasmed, slamming its length into her depths and unloading ropes of cum into her womb.

''A-Ah...'' Atago moaned weakly, spasming as she climaxed on their cocks, her mind having fully checked out.

And from the mist around her, more Lizardmen arrived, drawn in by the prospect of impregnating a new target...


Takao grunted, stumbling back from the blow. The Lizardman advanced on her swiftly and she hastily lashed out, her blunt blade striking its scaled chest and once again failing to cut through. Before she could pull back to swing again it grabbed the blade, yanking it towards itself with surprising strength and tearing the sword from her grasp, throwing it aside.

She scowled, raising her fists to fight her – only to hear heavy footsteps behind her. Faster than she could react a pair of taloned hands grasped her forearms, yanking them back while the other Lizardman approached her, grabbing her by the hair.

''Nn!'' Takao cried out, gritting her teeth and glaring murderously at the two Lizardmen.

The one in front of her yanked her head down, forcing her to bend at the waist – and her eyes widened in shock as she found herself face-to-face with the Lizardman's swelling cock. She opened her mouth to protest, only for the creature to jerk its hips forth and thrust into her open mouth, startling her. She gagged as it slid half of its thick scaly cock into her mouth, and she immediately tried to bite down on it – only to find that the scales weren't just for show. She couldn't even make a dent with her teeth.

Behind her the other Lizardman wasn't idle, reaching under her skirt and grabbing the back of her pantyhose before pulling, tearing the black fabric with ease along with her white panties. Takao tensed up as she felt the cool air brush against her virgin lips, and before she could even utter a muffled protest the Lizardman slammed its cock into her.

''MMPH!'' Takao cried out, muffled by the cock in her mouth.

With little care for her first time the Lizardman started thrusting, ramming its thick length into her pussy repeatedly, fitting in barely over half its ample length. She vigorously struggled and resisted, trying to kick the creature behind her, but her blows did little to nothing. Even when she lifted both her legs she remained in place, the grip on her arms and head strong – if anything, lifting her legs only made it more painful.

With wild abandon the two creatures pounded into her, thrusting their thick cocks down her throat and into her pussy. Tears leaked out the corners of her eyes and she screwed them shut, her grunts and gasps muffled by the dick she was currently forced to suck on, her tongue flailing blindly beneath it.

The Lizardmen in front of her suddenly let go of her hair only to grab the sides of her face, and rammed its cock down her throat. She spasmed, thrashing in its grip as her air supply was abruptly cut off, yet neither seemed to care. The sensation of the Lizardman pumping its cock into her burning pussy filled her mind, her pelvis twisting strangely as she was defiled so roughly.

''Mm! Mmn!'' Takao cried, but it came out as little more than a muffled noise that went ignored.

The grip on her head was uncomfortable, the creature's claws brushing against her head as it used her mouth like a sex toy, the creature behind her harshly pulling back her arms as it pounded into her pussy, stirring her up and sending waves of painful pleasure through her system.

Suddenly the Lizardman in front of her gripped her head even tighter to the point it started to hurt, slamming into her mouth without care for her well-being. She demanded them to stop but her muffled words went unheeded, and her eyes widened as a salty substance dribbled down her throat – before the Lizardman slammed its entire length down her throat, rope after rope of cum shooting down her throat and cutting off her air supply once again.

Her eyes widened as she felt the Lizardman behind her grip her arms tightly, slapping its hips against her bruised ass as it rammed into her, its cock throbbing inside her pussy dangerously, and she realised what it meant.

''Nn! Sthp!'' Takao's muffled scream was barely audible as she desperately tried to swallow all the cum before she choked on it.

The Lizardman behind her hissed, slamming its hips against hers several more times before bottoming out, eliciting another scream from Takao as it bottomed out inside her, stretching her inner walls to their limits – before a second later it fired ropes of cum inside her pussy, the warm seed tipping her over the edge and before she could consciously realise it, she climaxed on its dick, milking its seed for every last drop.

''N-Nn...!'' Takao groaned, her vision blurring.

Mercy came in the form of the Lizardman pulling its cock out her mouth, letting her gasp in desperate gulps of air. Her sudden orgasm left her feeling dazed and was taken by surprise when the Lizardmen released her, resulting in her collapsing onto the concrete in a stunned heap.

By the time she gained her wits enough to think rationally, another Lizardman came up behind her and laid atop her, pressing her into the ground. She gasped, trying to push herself up to no avail, the Lizardman's bulk keeping her pinned. She felt something prod at her thigh and paled, looking over her shoulder at the reptilian beast.

''P-Please... no more...'' Takao pleaded weakly.

In response the Lizardman hissed at her before rolling its hips forward, pressing its cock against her abused pussy lips before pushing inside, tearing a gasp from her throat as her pussy was stuffed once again. Despite the odd angle its cock was so big it still managed to fill her, stretching her inner walls to accommodate it.

Takao moaned weakly, trying to crawl away to no avail. Each time it rammed its cock into her it pressed her into the concrete, her large breasts squishing uncomfortably against the ground and harshly rubbing her nipples against her bra. She clawed weakly at the ground, shuddering in a mix of pleasure and disgust as she was defiled, made infinitely worse by the fact her body was deriving some twisted joy from it.

''Ah... ah...'' Takao whimpered, the creature's pelvis slapping against her ass and making it jiggle.

She looked to her sister for support, only to see Atago in a similar situation – held up by a pair of Lizardmen and penetrated in both holes, cum leaking out of her pussy and a broken look on her face. There wasn't even a sparkle of life in her glassy eyes.

Takao let her head hang, supporting herself on her elbows as the Lizardman pounded into her pussy. Her tongue hung out her mouth as she gasped in air, her inner walls weakly clenching around the creature's thick cock. The friction from having her breasts rub against the concrete only served to turn her on even more, willingly or not.

''Ohh...'' Takao moaned brokenly, shuddering as the Lizardman continued to thrust into her. ''I... ah...''

A glint of light caught her eye, and she noticed her katana laying a mere foot away from her face... just within arms reach. Faint hope filled her bones and she tried to reach out as subtly as possible, feeling the creature's pounding become rougher and more lustful as it drew near its climax.

Just as her fingers brushed against the edge of the blade, another Lizardman stamped on the black, shattering the already-weakened blade and crushing her hope along with it. The worst part was the Lizardman didn't even do it intentionally; it was walking past her, its primal gaze set on Atago.

Behind her the Lizardman's thrusting hastened, pistoning into her abused pussy rapidly before it reached its climax, hissing sharply before unloading thick ropes of cum into her womb, earning a dazed moan from Takao as it impregnated her. Any resistance dissolved, surrendering to her new hell. She shuddered when it pulled out of her, letting its cum leak out of her stuffed pussy...

...before another Lizardman grabbed her by the back of the neck, lifting her up and bending her over – and promptly slamming into her pussy, eliciting a cry as her defilement resumed.