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Dangerous and Moving

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"Kyra, I'm sorry."

"So am I misthios, so am I."


Kassandra paces outside, waiting for the party to die down so she can just explain to Kyra what happened. Kyra would have to see she didn't mean to if she just had a chance to explain how it happened. Curse Thaletas, why couldn't he have just left well enough alone? No, instead that malaka decides it was time to prove his worth by threatening her life at the beach. Gods, why didn't she just leave and go back to the ship? She could've celebrated with Kyra in the morning after Thaletas left and then none of this would've happened.

Kassandra continues this internal battle for another few minutes, but as she glances back she realizes that she'd lost track of Kyra and now she's nowhere to be found.

"Fuck" Kassandra mumbles as she scrambles to figure out where Kyra could've gone as she was not giving up this easily.

Rushing back towards the house, Kassandra is able to locate a woman standing near where she last saw Kyra and rushed up to her.

"Excuse me, but have you seen Kyra anywhere? It's very important I find her right away" she asks frantically.

"Why yes actually, she mentioned she wasn't feeling well and was going to head home for some rest" says the noble woman.

"Chaire" Kassandra quickly replies and makes her way to the nearest exit so she can make for Kyra's home. Kassandra knows it's a bit of a trek, but there is no time for walking as time is precious so she sprints as fast as she can.

Slightly winded as she reaches her destination, she takes a moment to try to compose herself as this could be her last chance to make thing right and she was not about to be out of breath.

Pacing in front of the door, Kassandra decided to give herself a quick pep talk before she makes her way inside. "Ok Kassandra, you can do this. She's just the woman you love and you've only just killed her lover. No pressure."

Kassandra raises her hand to knock, but stops abruptly before she makes contact. Having accepted that she's talking to herself tonight, she says "you can't just knock? Kyra won't open the door and you need her to see you."

Pondering for only a moment, she has an idea. She'll just go up to her room and talk to her there. She has a balcony so that will be the perfect spot.

With a game plan in hand, Kassandra makes quick work of making her way up to Kyra's balcony and lands with a gentle thump. Quickly looking up to see if she's been spotted, she notices Kyra hunched over the edge of her bed with head in hands and the faintest sound of crying lingering in the background. Kassandra's heart breaks at the sight once more as she never mean to do harm to Kyra, she loved her (although she hasn't told her as much yet).

Understanding that there would be no right time to do this, Kassandra decides that she'll not wait any longer and knocks on the stone outside the opening into Kyra's room.

Startled, Kyra bolts up and glances towards the location of the sound and relaxes only for a mere moment before falling back to the hostile stance she was just at.

“Go away!” Kyra yells angrily towards Kassandra. "I don't ever want to see you again!"

“Kyra please, just listen to me! Please don’t do this, don’t ask me leave. You know I never meant to hurt you, but I had no choice and I believe you know that. He came at me and I only did it to defend myself. You have to believe me!” Kassandra pleads.

“You killed him…" Kyra says with sadness in her voice. Fighting back the tears that have been flowing since she was told of his untimely end. "Thaletas" she continues, "he may have been stubborn but he was a wonderful man and he loved me and I loved him and you took that from took that from me.”

Kyra lets out a sob with the crushing realization of her words, causing Kassandra to instinctively advance towards her to comfort. Kassandra only makes it about two steps before Kyra is holding her hand out to stop her. Kassandra stands still with her hands raised as if to say "I won't hurt you," but Kassandra knows that's a lie as it's too late for that claim now.

“I don’t ever want to see you again Kassandra, you broke my heart in more ways than you’ll ever know.” Kyra says with pain radiating from every word.

Ignited with a new found rage in all this self wallowing, Kyra turns around to face Kassandra with a look that could send even the strongest warriors scurrying. Each second that passes leads Kyra to make another stride towards Kassandra until they are face to face and with what energy she has left, Kyra growls “Get. Out.” a mere inch from Kassandra's face.

Realizing this was not going as she hoped and that it was a battle she was quickly losing, Kassandra musters up what pride she has left and walks away without another sound. Well, with the exception of her heart being shattered and dragged into the deepest realms of Hades.

Once reaching balcony, Kassandra turns to give herself one final glance at the woman who's heart she broke, who's world she shattered, and who's love she lost. Kyra, sweet, beautiful, and loving Kyra who has only ever done what is best for her people. The first person she'd felt at home with in many years.

Kassandra had found a kindred spirit with Kyra and she found someone who intrigued her and surprised her in every imaginable way. Kassandra lived an interesting life so anything traditional would not be the way for her, but she never felt anything but right when she was spending time with Kyra. When they made love under the stars, it was the happiest Kassandra had been in a long time. Two souls merging in every possible way, craving one another until they were satiated. Pure heaven.

Now, she looks at the soul she still craves and who makes her want to be more than she ever believed she could be and feels nothing but guilt and regret. Guilt for Thaletas and regret of ruining the only thing her life had going for her.

With a broken heart that she feels radiating throughout her body and a single tear running down her face, Kassandra makes her exit into the cold and dark night to honor Kyra's wishes. It's the least she can do for her given how she'd ruined her life. As Kassandra lands back down on the unforgiving ground she hears Kyra, her love, sobbing uncontrollably as what resolve she had left finally crumbled.

Sorrow, hurt, and anger all raging its own world inside Kassandra too and she just wants it to stop. She doesn't want to feel anything, but she can feel it overtaking her slowly and just consuming her.

Kassandra walks with no purpose and tries desperately to remain intact as she makes her way back to the Adrestia, but she feels herself slipping. Tears silently make their way, one by one, down her cheeks until she can't control it anymore. Ducking into the nearest alley, she let's herself get engulfed in this hurt. Regret, guilt all washing over her and she can't control it.

What an idiot she'd been in thinking that she could have something real and meaningful in her life. A woman whom she loves with her entire being and is far too good for the likes of a mere misthios like herself. That's all Kassandra will ever have solace in and she will just have to learn to live and accept that. The Mighty Eagle Bearer is destined to only ever be alone, a stark reminder to when she was cast off Mount Taygetos as a child.

Kassandra spends what feels like an eternity pouring out her soul before she is left feeling hollow. She decides it's best at this point to just get to her ship where she can hole herself away from the world just a little longer. Mustering up the remaining energy she's got, she collects herself enough to not draw anymore attention than she already has and sets course for the shore.