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flaming hot cheetos

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idiot added dad , mom , theprettyone , and 9 others to flaming hot cheetos

idiot: rise n shine fuckers!!!

angery: what,,, is this

dumbar: it is not even 6 am

scarfboy: im goign to strangle u

idiot: with your scarf i bet

sourwolf has left the chat

idiot: not so fast bicth

idiot added sourwolf to the chat

sourwolf has left the chat

idiot added sourwolf to the chat

sourwolf has left the chat

sunshine: stiles blease let me rest

scarfboy: jesus christ you woke up the baby

idiot: o fuck

idiot: im sorry corey!!! ily pls dont tell mason

dumbar: go back to sleep c ill bring u coffee

sunshine: my 1 tru friend

dumbar: everyone stfu until at least 6 thank you


idiot to flaming hot cheetos

idiot: wakey wakey!!!

toeh: wtf do you want

dad: stiles why



dad: because people are trying to sleep


angery: y r u yelling


mom: they should probably get up anyway they have school

scarfboy: hah

theprettyone: b nice to the kids

idiot: so ANYWAY welcome to the pack group chat

mom: any reason why you decided to start it at 5:18 am?

idiot: i just love you all sm

scarfboy: i can and will kill u

dad: isaac

scarfboy: what

dad: no

scarfboy: >:(

gayson: hey stiles?

idiot: yes sir

gayson: corey is v grumpy

gayson: n im gonna gut you

idiot: oh my gOD why is everything always MY FAULT

mom: this is entirely your fault

idiot: youre supposed to be on my side!

mom: :)

dumbar: yeah get fucked stiles

dad: language

gayson: corey just threw a sock at me

princess: tell him ill bring him a cinnamon bun

gayson: he apologized

sunshine: thank u hayds

princess: id die for you cor

sunshine: i love u

princess: <3

idiot: disgustang

gayson: hayd pls dont try to steal my boyfriend u already have 2

princess: are you slutshaming me

theprettyone: oK everyone take a deep breath

toeh: leave my fucking gf alone

gayson: imsorry

toeh: thats what i fucking thought

mom: this was a horrible idea

idiot: in my defense

idiot: it was not MY idea


princess: corey im here come get ur cinnamon bun

sunshine: !!!

sunshine: this is why ily

gayson: what about me??? :((

scarfboy: can yall stop sexting

dumbar: fuck u

scarfboy: i wasnt even fucking talking to you

idiot: i have so many regrets

angery: you should


dumbar to flaming hot cheetos

dumbar: i wanna dieeeeee

scarfboy: what could possibly have gone wrong in the 19 minutes youve been in class

dumbar: oh nothing went wrong this just sucks

toeh: want me to come get you

dad: THEO

dumbar: YES

toeh: hayds?

gayson: shes asleep

angery: oh mood

theprettyone: what class are you in?

gayson: english

mom: ooh what’re you reading??

gayson: catcher in the rye

scarfboy: oh that book fucking sucks

angery: ^

toeh: idk i liked it

scarfboy: whY

dumbar: he relates to holden on a personal level

scarfboy: again. Why.

gayson: maybe bc he’s a suicidal liar w/ no friends

angery: holden or theo?

toeh has left the chat

dumbar: :(

dumbar added toeh to the chat

dumbar: stop bullying my bf

toeh: im almost there we’re gonna go get donuts

theprettyone: ooh can i have one?

dumbar: anything for u ally

theprettyone: aw thanks puppy

scarfboy: i want one too

dad: ok i dont approve of leaving school early but i also want a donut

toeh: ill get you a donut scott

scarfboy: what about me

idiot: i just woke up again but i want a donut!

toeh: i guess we can get a donut for stiles

toeh: what do u think liam

scarfboy: whats going on

dumbar: sure we can get stiles a donut even tho he made corey mad

scarfboy: ME TOO??

dumbar: lydia do u want one

mom: oh sure!

scarfboy: DONUT

toeh: im here come on liam

toeh: we’re getting donuts for everyone but isaac

scarfboy: this is biphobia

dumbar: are you fuckign joking