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So Your Husband is Mothman

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Hizashi took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Alright. This was okay! Nothing weird about this!

Aizawa’s hair rose surprisingly slowly, like he was using his quirk but… tentatively?

“...please don’t yell.” Sho’s voice was soft and deadpan at the same time, but also somewhat cautious.

Mic opened his mouth to say something witty but all that came out was a panicked wheeze.

“...that’s not much better.” Aizawa’s head tilted somewhat, the two frond looking things on top of his head - they were not antennae he refused to think that association - tipping sideways.

He wheezed again and made a ‘what’ motion towards Aizawa’s… everything.

Because there was kind of nothing there. Aizawa was just… standing in front of the refrigerator at 3 in the morning eating a plate of probably stale leftover cake. Aizawa was standing there but there was kind of nothing there, as in, a blank shadowy vaguely-human shape where Aizawa should be.

Two red dots stared out from the shadows where his face should be.

And probably the most terrifying? The large red spotted wings waving softly from behind him.

Like a moth.

“Is this a prank? Is this because of me dragging you out for drinks last week when you said no?” Hizashi wheezed, unsure how he was getting any words out if Shouta was using his quirk on him.

“No.” The fork dipped into the cake and flashed a piece into the flashes of white teeth, disappearing completely. “This was a somewhat ill-planned attempt to reveal myself to you properly. I should have thought this through more.”

Hizashi turned around and wheezed some more, walking around and waving his arms to try and work out some of the nervous energy coursing through him without screaming and breaking anything. Holy shit. Holy shit. What the fuck was going on.

“What! Is! Going! On!” He whisper yelled, trying very very hard to keep it in a normal voice range. “What! You! Explain!”

The shadowy figure was very quiet and unnaturally still for a while.

“I’m not human.” Those red dots were boring into his soul, Hizashi would swear. “I’ve never been human.”

“Okay! Okay. Okay!” Mic backed out of the kitchen and went to go collapse on the living room couch.

Before he could react, suddenly shadows filtered in front of him and the shadowy Aizawa was in front of him, long frondy looking things pinned far back.

“Don’t- don’t leave.” Red eyes slowly shifted and suddenly Aizawa was there, there were less shadows, and there was the face he knew and loved. There were just still shadows and red glowing eyes and the two pointy things on the top of his head.

Shouta looked afraid.

“I’m not- just- let me sit down?” Hizashi whimpered. He was trying. Very hard. But he swore-

Two black and red wings raised up slowly behind Shouta, and later Shouta would swear they were trying to be comforting, but right then they were large, threatening, and terrifying.

Mic screamed and fainted. 


“Please tell me that was a bad dream.”

Mic didn’t open his eyes, feeling his head tucked onto Shouta’s lap. Fingers were running through his hair.

“...would you prefer it if I said it was, and we pretended it never happened? Because I can do that.”

“Yeah a little.” He whimpered, throwing one of his arms up over his face. “But- but it wasn’t?”


“Shit.” Hizashi whispered emphatically.

Nothing was said for several minutes as Shouta continued petting his hair and Hizashi tried to calm the utter terror in his mind.

Bugs. Why did it have to be bugs?

Since when was his husband a giant moth man?

Oh god. Mothman.

Flashes of his middle school years, running around trying to prove to his friends that Mothman wasn’t real, meeting a staunch believer in an alleyway, spending countless nights up and running around hunting for cryptids, that Mothman believer going on to join the same high school as him. Going on to graduate the hero course with him. Going on to fall in love with and marry that Mothman believer. 

“You’re fucking Mothman. You little shit!” He hissed angrily. “You were the reason I kept seeing shit when we went out ‘cryptid hunting’ at night! That was you!”

“Well yeah.” Aizawa said bluntly, but then the lap underneath Hizashi’s head shuddered oddly. “Hizashi… This. Me. What I am...”

“Yeah?” He couldn’t help the note of fear in his voice.

Aizawa didn’t say anything. There was just silence. Hizashi felt… felt like there was something large and powerful filling the air around him, and he couldn’t help but be afraid.

“...I understand.”

“Sho?” Hizashi’s eyes flew open, arm flying away from his face. The lap under his head was moving and suddenly his head hit the couch. He sat up in an instant.

Aizawa - shadowy, inconsistent, like he didn’t have a form - was moving towards the window. Red and black wings furling out behind him.

“Sho?!” He couldn’t help the fear and panic in his voice.

Shadows moved through the glass like it wasn’t there at all and suddenly he was gone.

“FUCK!” Hizashi yelled, hearing the glass break along with several items around the apartment.