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Wishes Have Consequences

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(Y/n) walked along the edge of a stream, breathing in the fresh cool air. Spring had just started and she were on break, which gave relief her from the stress of school. The sound of the water trickling over the rocks was soothing and the sweet smell of the wet earth and fresh grass made her feel at ease. There was nothing more beautiful than a pleasant spring day. 

She sat down on a smooth rock, positioned right next to the water and closed her eyes. She smiled softly to herself, allowing her mind to wander. Usually she would be inside, watching her favorite TV show, Boku No Hero Academia, or reading. But even she couldn't resist the lovely spring day, calling her out of doors. 

As she hummed a song to herself, occasionally whispering the lyrics, a strange tingling sensation went through her body, so she opened her eyes. She felt her eyes drawn to the ground and when she looked, she stated directly at a bright blue stone. She raised an eyebrow and reached down to pick it up, another stronger tingle going through her. 

 "Well that wasn't there before," she said to herself. She fingered the smooth gem and smiled slightly. "Perhaps you're good luck. I'll just have to keep you." She stuffed the gem into her pocket and stood up. It was getting late so she decided to head home. Home wasn't exactly her favorite place, considering she wasn't the favorite person to her step dad. 

She walked along the streets and shivered, wishing she had brought a coat. Even though it was spring, the evenings still got cold. It was a nice cool though, not like biting winter, and she enjoyed that. 

She stepped inside her warm house and looked at the clock, a sudden fear going through her as she realized how late it was. It was a school night, but she was never allowed out passed dinner time. She whipped out her phone and her face paled. Three missed calls from her step-dad. She swallowed hard and gently closed the door. 

 "(Y/n)! What are you doing home this late? You idiot! You missed dinner! Get in here!" She winced and closed the door behind her. 

 "S-sorry Mark, I lost track of time." she wasn't willing to call him dad. He never treated her like his own daughter and she hates that. She wishes she had a real man for a father. 

 " What'd I tell you about using my first name? Have some respect young lady! " He lifted his hand into the air and slapped her cheek. She winced, swallowing hard. 

 "I-I'm sorry, Mr. (L/n)," she said. He nodded. 

 "That's better. Now you better shape up! Or there will be consequences. " She nodded and out her hand over her stinging cheek as tears of anger began to well up. She looked down and clenched her teeth.

 "I'm going to go to bed. Goodnight." ( Y/n) walked past him, her head bent downward, the tears barely staying put. She rushed to her room and slammed the door, ignoring her step-father's shouts not to do so. She locked her door and the tears burst forth, and finding the closest breakable thing near her, she took her lamp and smashed it on the floor. She let out an angry scream and punched the wall, not even caring when her knuckles began to turn purple. 

 "I hate this! I'm so done!!" She kicked her bed, putting a dent in the wood. "I wish I could be teleported to another dimension! I bet if I went into My Hero Academia the people wouldn't treat me like that!" (Y/n) climbed into her bed and hugged her Midoriya pillow. She looked at the picture of him on the pillow as her tears fell down onto the surface.

"You wouldn't treat me like this. I wish I could meet you." She hugged it closely to her but she suddenly yelped when she felt a sharp burn against her leg. She looked down and saw that there was a burnt hole in her pocket. 

 "What the heck...?" She felt inside her pocket and pulled on the blue stone she had found earlier. It was cold. She raised an eyebrow and fingered the rock. She looked around the room and stared at something in shock. They shadow of her bed moved. "Oh my word. I must be going insane. I need to good to bed. Good night, Midoriya." She smiled at her pillow and gave it a kiss. There was no point to turning off her lamp as she had...smashed it. Oh well. She'd buy a new one in the morning. 

As she drifted off to sleep, she was hit by a wave of dreams. She spun around in the darkness, shadows moving and shifting around her. As she spun around, she felt the wind get knocked out of her, no, sucked out of her. And she felt like she couldn't breathe. What was this? She felt like she would pass out any moment from lack of air, when suddenly, she woke up. 

(Y/n) gasped for air, sitting up straight. Darkness cleared from her eyes and she screamed. She was no longer in her bed, but in the middle of a sidewalk. Her heart raced. "W-where, where am I!?" She looked around her and to her surprise she recognized the place, but it was no where near her home. Panicked, she pulled out her phone which she still has in her back pocket. She searched through her contacts and found her mom's name. She quickly clicked on and waited as it rang. Sorry, this is not an existing number. She began to hyperventilate. 

 "How could this be possible!?" She looked around. There was a house that was extremely familiar to her, and though she couldn't put her finger on why, she rushed to it and knocked on the door. Her chest moved up and down in fast motions, the panic still taking over. She waited, and the door opened. Who she saw nearly made her scream again. 

It was a short middle aged woman with long greenish hair stood there in her pajamas. (Y/n)'s face paled, turning the color of a sheet of paper. She placed her hand on the door post to keep herself from falling. The women's eyes widened and she put a hand on her shoulder. 

 "Young lady! Are you alright?" She asked. ( Y/n) nodded. 

 "Y-yeah I just need a minute...w-what might your name be, m-ma'am?" 

 "Inko. But why do you...?" 

 " Oh. Oh gosh. " (Y/n)'s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed on the ground. Inko's eyes widened in shock. 

 "Izuku! I need your help!"

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~Author's Pov.~

Upon hearing Inko call him, Midoriya sat up straight in bed and rubbed his eyes. He blinked a few times and pushed the blankets off of himself. He got out of bed and walked out of his room into the hall. "Mom...?" He said in a groggy voice. He walked out into the living room. "What's wrong?" He looked over at Inko then—

 "What's a girl doing in our living room!?" 

 "What do you mean, Izuku? You don't know her!?" Inko exclaimed in shock. Midoriya shook his head violently and waved his hands, now fully awake. Her stared in shock at the girl laying on the couch, either asleep or passed out.

 "N-no! I never even talk to girls! And why is she passed out?" Midoriya really wasn't expecting that kind of wake up and he felt really lost. 

 "I don't know! She asked for my name and then she just...dropped! I thought you would've known her because she knew my name. I called the ER because I don't know what to do!" She stared at the girl but Midoriya looked away, his face red. There's a girl in my house... was all he could think. 

Suddenly, the mystery girl began to stir and she groaned. Inko backed up and have her some space as she sat up. She rubbed her head and looked around. "W-where am I? What happened? How did I end up here?" She looked from Inko to Midoriya, then back again. "What the hell. I must be insane."

 "I don't think you're insane. Just upset. You passed out on my doorstep! I called the paramedics so they're going to come check on you in a few minutes. Are you alright?" She scratched her head and nodded. 

 "Yes. Just a bit shaken. Um, so let me get this straight again. You're Inko, and you're Midorya... Not just some cosplayers...?" She knows my name! 

"Uh, this isn't some prank that Kacchan made you do is it?" Midoriya asked in a worried voice. She shook her head. 

 "N-no! I just..." She suddenly realized something. She couldn't let them know the truth about her, what had happened. They think she was crazy. So she formulated a small lie inside her head. "Who's Kacchan?" 


 "Young lady, may I ask what your name is?" She nodded. 

 "(Y/n) (L/n). I'm really sorry for all this, I know I've freaked out you guys," (Y/n) said. 

 "No! It's alright! But what happened? How do you know my name? I don't believe I've ever met you." Her face paled slightly and she chewed on her lip. 

 " It must've been a-a coincidence. M-my mom knows a-an Inko and y-your house looked k-kind of like hers. B-but you're not the same person I can see now. " (Y/n) bent her head and Inko have her a sympathetic look. 

 "I'm sorry honey. May I ask why you were looking for her without your parents." She looked up and her mind worked fast, forming an idea. 

 "I'm not entirely s-sure. I remember a g-guy, then something hit my head. Then I ended up here. And I was scared. I tried to call my mom b-but it says her number doesn't exist ," she explained, tears coming to her eyes. She thought it was a good idea to try fake tears but her  tears came real when she thought of her mom. She wasn't expecting them, so she felt slightly embarrassed and tried to wipe them away but they kept coming. 

"Oh honey! I'm so sorry that happened!" Everyone looked at the window when a paramedic truck pulled in abruptly. "Oh. They're here. Izuku, why don't you go get ready for school?"  Midoriya nodded and headed to his room. 

The doctors checked on (Y/n) and made sure everything was okay, then advised Inko on how to take care of her if it happened again. Then they left. Inko looked at the clock and saw that they still had about a half an hour before Midoriya left for school. 

"I know a lot has happened to you already today, but perhaps you could go to school with Izuku today? You're about his age, right?"  She nodded. 

 "Yeah, I am. And I think I'd like that. I'm really sorry for this. I feel like I'm trespassing on your lives right now," (Y/n) said shyly. Inko shook her head. 

 "Of course not! I'll be happy to help you in any way I can. Do you think you can write down your parent's names on a paper and their numbers? So I can give some information to the police about you?" She nodded. 

"Yeah. Can I have a paper and a pencil?" Inko nodded and she gave her a pencil and a paper and she quickly scribbled down the numbers to her mom and her step-dad, along with their names. 

"Thank you. I hope I can help you," Inko said with a smile. (Y/n) smiled and nodded, but she knew that there was no way that they would find anything. 

~Reader's Pov.~ 

I looked at myself in the mirror, fixing me disheveled hair and making sure I didn't look like a complete idiot. From the way Midoriya looked, I could tell that I had landed in this dimension before he met All Might. That meant I wasn't going to be meeting anyone else I was hugely familiar with, except Bakugou, for quite a long time. And I really hoped that I wouldn't be staying there long enough to meet them.

I stepped out of the bathroom and joined Midoriya at the door. He handed me a notebook, his face red. "H-here, my mom said I should give you this notebook, y-you know, so that you have something write on. I also filled a page with some stuff -that you m-missed..." He nervously scratched the back of his head and I smiled at his sweetness. 

 "Thank you so much. I really wish I wasn't imposing on your life so much," I said. 

 " I-it's fine. Just maybe, don't really come around when Kacchan comes around? I don't want him to hurt you. N-not that you can't protect yourself I j-just... " He began to mumble to himself and I held back from laughing. He was exactly the same as in the show. He was...adorable. 

"It's alright. I will. Thank you, Midoriya." I smiled at him and his face turned beet red. I giggled and covered my own blushing cheeks. "L-let's go..." He nodded and we walked out the door. My heart beat rapidly as we walked down the street. I felt afraid. I didn't know if I'd ever get home again. I could get used to living here. But I missed mom terribly. Mom... 

Tears came to my eyes and I looked down and quickly wiped them away. I couldn't let Midoriya see me crying. He would think he did something wrong. But it's me. I did everything wrong. I wished to come to this place, not even thinking about how mom would feel. What do I do? This seems so...hopeless.


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~Reader's Pov~

I tried to keep up with Midoriya as he walked a semi-fast pace along the sidewalk through the town. I took everything around me in, in awe at how beautiful it was. There were trees filled with cherry blossoms everywhere, just like in a classic anime. It was so interesting and pretty that I almost forgot I wasn't technically supposed to be here. 

As we were on our way, there were loud noises coming from a direction away from where we were headed and Midoriya started heading that way. "Hey, there's a fight going on! I gotta go see it!" My eyes widened in excitement. I was gonna see real heroes fight! 

We arrived at the fight seen and I stood back, allowing Midoriya to head to the front without me. The villain looked scary, and even though I knew how it would play out, I felt a little worried. I watched in anticipation as Kamui Woods fought the hero. Just as it seemed he would win, a giant lady, Mt. Lady, in fact, jumped in at the last second and locked down the villain. She was wearing very tight fitting clothing so even I looked down in embarrassment. She certainly was interesting. 

I met up with Midoriya I and we arrived at class. I tried to blend in to everyone. They all have me stared and I shrank to the walls, wondering what was so interesting about me. Then I realized what was so different. "Oh my gosh! Midoriya, I don't have a school uniform! They might kick me out!" My heart raced at that sudden thought and I tried not to cry because of the panic. 

 " Oh, I didn't even think of that! I'm sure they have some spare ones. Classes don't start for another fifteen minutes. The principal is through that door. " I nodded and had to hold myself back from hugging him. 

 "Thank you so much!" I headed to the principal's office and made up a pretty good excuse for not having a uniform, saying that I was visiting with a friend and they didn't have a spare one. They managed to find something that would fit me before classes started and after I found Midoriya, I headed to class with him. 

 "Now, as third year students, it's time to start thinking seriously about your futures and what you want to do with your lives," the teacher said. Midoriya was taking notes and I felt lost. I stuck out like a sore thumb. "I could pass out some career aptitude tests, but..." He lifted his papers up into the air and looked at the class. "Why bother?" He spun around and laughed, throwing the papers into the air. "I know you all want to go to the hero trial!" 

Most of the students began to cheer loudly except for me, Midoriya and Bakugou, who I saw slouching at his desk, his feet propped up on top of it. I shook my head. All the students were using their quirks, some quite strange and impractical. They kind of freaked me out. 

 "Yes yes, you all have some very impressive quirks, but no power usage allowed in school. Get a hold of yourselves," the teacher said. I suppressed a giggle. Everything was going just like the show! Midoriya was raising his hand, when suddenly, a voice belonging to a person I knew all too well, appeared out of the chaos. It was Bakugou.

 "Hey teach! Don't lump me in with this bunch of losers. I'm the real deal but these guys will be lucky to end up as sidekicks to some busted D-lister." I sighed heavily and shook my head as everyone erupted in anger. 

 "Huh. You've got impressive test results. Maybe you will get into UA high." Everyone began to chatter about that and Midoriya looked like he was going to sink into the floor as he laid his head on the desk. I looked around, surveying the situation. 

 "That place is impossible to get into!"

"That's why it's the only place worthy of me!" Bakugou leapt onto the table. "I aced all the mock tests. I'm the only one at this school who stands a chance of getting in! I'll end up more popular than All Might himself. And be the richest hero of all time! People all across the world will know who I am! And that all starts with UA High!"  Yeah right...the arrogance of this guy. 

 "Oh yeah, Midoriya, don't you want to go to UA too?" I smiled over at Midoriya, but he appeared, startled and looked like he wanted to disappear. I wished I could say something, but I didn't want to mess anything up or make things worse for him. He slowly lifted his head to see everyone staring at him. Then they all burst into laughter. I clenched my fists in the table in front of me and resisted the urge to defend him. How could they bully someone like that!?

 "There's no way you're gonna get into hero course without a quirk!" someone mocked. 

 "Actually they got  rid of that rule!" Midoriya exclaimed, standing up. "I could be the first one." Bakugou stood up and hit Midoriya's desk, breaking it and causing Midoriya to fall to the floor. I pushed my chair back and stood up, ready to defend him. He's so defenseless, and even though I don't have a quirk, as far as I know, I still won't let someone get hurt. 

 "Listen up Deku! You're even worse than the rest of these rejects you quirkless wannabe! You really think they would let someone like you in when they could have me!?" Midoriya backed up against the wall, a look of fear in his face. 

 "No wait! You've got it all wrong! Really! I'm not trying to complete against you! You gotta believe me! It's just that, I've wanted to be a hero since I was little. I may not have a quirk, but I can still try my hardest can't I?" 

 "You'd never be able to hang with the best of the best! You'd die in the exams!" Bakugou yelled. "Defenseless Izuku...this schools already scrappy enough, you really wanna embarrass it more by failing so hard?"  I'd had about enough. I could take watching it happen, but I couldn't take it in real life. 

"Why don't you shut up for once!?" I yelled, using all my strength to shove Bakugou. The other students stared at me in shock and Bakugou's eyes flamed. 

"What did you say to me!? Who I do you think you are!? And what, are you gonna try to go to UA too? Two quirkless losers, ha! I can't believe Deku needs a girl to protect him!" My face heat up and I clenched my teeth. 

" (L/n)...just don't bother him... " I glared at Bakugou and with everything I had in me, I kept myself from punching him. 


At the end of class, it was just me and Midoriya left in the room. I sighed and tried to ignore the awkwardness I felt. "Wow that fight from earlier is all over the news," he said to himself. "Better write down some notes so I don't forgot anything." I looked over at him and smiled, and just as I was about to say something about the fight, Bakugou showed up and grabbed his notebook. 

 "I don't know what you think you're doing Deku, but we're not done." I glared at him and he looked over and smirked at me. 

 "What-cha got? His diary?" Bakugou showed him. "Huh, don't tell me you're taking notes on how to be a hero! That's so pathetic!" They all started laughing. 

 "He's delusional!" 

"Guys, just give it back to him!" I yelled. Bakugou glared at me and using both his hands, he burnt the book. Midoriya gasped in shock and I growled. "You idiot." 

 "That's so mean!" Midoriya exclaimed. Bakugou shrugged and threw the book at the window. 

 "Most first ring heroes show potential early on, people look at them and just know they're destined for greatness. When I'm the only student to get into UA from this garbage junior high, people with start  talking about me like that. They'll realize I'm legit, the next big thing. That's not my ego talking I just know I'm good." I clenched my teeth. Sure it's not.

Midoriya shook and Bakugou places his hand on his shoulder and smoke began to rise from it. "Here's a word of advice, nerd. Don't even think of applying. Or else." Midoriya nodded, his whole body quivering. 

"That's just sad. I thought you at least had some fight in you." I stared at them as they left. How could people be so cruel? 

 "He finally gets it, he'll never be a hero. Better to find out how instead of later I guess." 

 I walked closed to Midoriya, and even though I didn't know him that well yet, I wanted to hug him. Bakugou paused at the door and turned around with a smirk. I knew what was coming so I just mumbled, "Don't pay any attention to anything he says." 

 "You know if you really wanna be a hero that badly, there actually might be another way. Just pray that you'll be born with a quirk in your next life and take a swan dive off the roof of the building." Midoriya tensed and turned around, a look of anger on his face. 

"Shut up you bastard! Leave him alone!" I screamed. Bakugou laughed and left without another word. Midoriya whimpered and I cursed myself for not doing more. I didn't understand it. He was so cruel. And all Midoriya ever did was respect him. Tears came to my eyes. What possesses people like him? I know he changes, but the anger in my heart still stayed. 

Suddenly, a surge of inspiration went through me. If Midoriya could try so hard to get into UA hero course without a quirk, so could I. I didn't know how long I would be stuck in that world, but if it was forever, I wanted to be by Midoriya's side. "Don't worey, Midoriya. No matter what he says, I just know you can be a hero. I can feel it. So don't give up yet." He looked up at me, a light blush coloring his cheeks. 

"You really think so? But you've just met me. And you saw that. All I ever do is cower in fear." He began heading down stairs to get his notebook. I nodded. 

"I really think so. And you'll show Kacchan! I know you will. You'll be a hero someday. You will." I looked at him with determination in my eyes and he smiled softly. 

"Thank you. You're the only one who thinks that." I nodded. I know. 

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~Reader's Pov~

Midoriya and I walked outside, me following quietly behind him. He was quiet too, and I knew exactly what he was thinking (perhaps because of watching the show that actually read his thoughts out loud...But I wouldn't tell anyone that). He stopped by the water, where his notebook had landed and looked down to where the fish were nibbling at it. 

 "My dreams have turned into fish food," he mumbled to himself, practically ignoring that I was there. "That's enough, give it back." He pulled it out of the water and looked at it. "Damn it." His shoulders shivered slightly and he whimpered. "Stupid jerk." I wasn't sure whether or not to say something. I felt extremely awkward and ached to reach out and place my hand on his shoulder, but I wasn't sure if it was the best time.

 "Midoriya...we should go now. Are you okay?" I asked. He looked up, slightly startled. 

 "Uh, yeah! I'm perfectly fine!" he said in a high pitched voice. I nodded. 

 "Okay. Good." They slowly walked along the street, and it was obvious he was downcast. But I could still see a look of determination in his eyes. The spark hadn't completely gone out, and I knew it never would. That's what I like about you, never give up. After what Bakugou said, I know a lot of people would be taken him up with his offer. Take a swan dive off the roof... But though he may not look it, Midoriya was strong. And that's what would make him a great hero. 

I was so lost in my thoughts about the future hero, that when we walked under a bridge, I didn't even notice before it was too late. I wanted to rush out of there as soon as I could, but then Midoriya would run after me and would never meet All Might. There was a chance I could get killed in this situation, but this needed to happen. If it didn't, things would be altered so much that Midoriya may never become a hero. And I had read enough fanfiction to believe there was a chance of him becoming a villain. 

 "(Y/n), is something wrong? You look kind of freaked out. I didn't say anything weird, did I? I have the tendency to mumble my thoughts..." I shook my head. 

 "N-no! It's nothing. Let's just go." I bit my lip and flexed my fingers, fear washing over me. It almost looked like the shadows around me began to dance, and either it was a trick of my eyes, or I was delusional. But whatever it was, it caused me to let out a slight scream before we reached the end, and suddenly, I heard the sound of something moving behind me. Midoriya and I spun around and I stared, horrified at the sludge monster that began to climb out of the drains. 

 "A-a villain!?" Midoriya exclaimed. My mouth went dry. It was a lot larger than I remembered it, and probably the most terrifying thing I had ever seen in my life. My feet felt glued to the ground, I had no chance of running. 

 "You'll make a perfect skin suit for me to hide in, kid!" it growled at Midoriya. It leapt into the air and jumped after him and I screamed. 

 "No!" It covered him with its slimy body while I jumped out of the way. "Midoriya!" 

 "Don't worry, I'm just taking over your body! It'll be easier for both of us if you don't fight back," it said while Midoriya struggled against it. He was being suffocated and I could do nothing but watch in horror.  "It'll only hurt for a minute. You'll feel better soon!" Midoriya scratched at it, and his face went pale as he lost more oxygen. I finally felt my feet were able to move and I ran at it. 

 "Stop! Let go of him now!" I screamed. The shadows around me shifted, making the area around me lighter, so I could see better. 

 "Don't even try that, pathetic child. Or I'll have to do something to you too!" I reached for Midoriya, trying to grab his hand. Suddenly, something flew across the room and I turned. All Might! He looks so much cooler in real life! 

"Have no fear. You are safe." Relief washed through my body, but I didn't feel safe yet. "Now that I am here, that is!" He exclaimed. I smiled. The creature reached out for All Might but he expertly dogged and I jumped out of the way. Then the uttered the words that never really affected me when watching the show, but now I wanted to squeal, seeing it all happen in real life. 

 "TEXAS SEEEMAAAASSSHHHH!" With one punch he tore the creature apart and Midoriya flew from it's grasp. I rushed over to him. 

"Midoriya!" I exclaimed. He was passed out, due to lack of oxygen. He wasn't waking up. All Might approached, and I backed away. He collected the villain then picked up Midoriya and picked up his notebook. "Sorry for the scare!" All Might said to me. "It won't happen again!" He tapped the bottles holding two separate parts of the villain, and I nodded. 

"Th-thank you," I said in a quivering voice. He smiled and I followed him out, until he laid Midoriya of the ground and attempted to wake him up. 

 "Hey! Wake up! Hey." Midoriya opened his eyes and I could be hugged him, but I didnt. "Thought we'd lost you there!" There boy's eyes widened and he screamed and jumped up, nearly knocking me over as he bumped into me. "Well looks like you're moving around alright." I giggled. "Sorry about that back there, I didn't mean to get you two caught up in my justicing. Usually I pay more attention to keeping bystanders safe! But it turns out this cities sewer system is pretty difficult to navigate!" He laughs his classic All Might laugh and Midoriya looks like he's about to pass out again. "Anyway! You were big helps!" He held out the bottles. "I've captured the evildoer!" 

Midoriya stares, absolutely awestruck, like someone in love, but with a funnier look on his face that made me just want to squeeze him. "Holy crap! I've gotta get an autograph! I've got a pen around here somewhere...  Ah! Please sign my notebook!" He opened it to a blank page and stares. "He already did!" He bowed, nodded his head in thanks. 

 "Thank you so much! This will be a family heirloom, and family treasure passed down through generations to come!!" I laughed. All Might have him a thumbs up and I smiled. 

"Thank you, for your help," I said softly. 

"No problem! Welp, I gotta get this guy to the police so they can take care of him. Stay out of trouble, see you around!" 

 "'re leaving. Already?" Midoriya said, his voice laced with disappointment. I watched Midoriya as he tried to figure out what to do, staring blankly as All Might prepared to leave. 

"Go with him, Midoriya," I whispered. He glanced back at me. 

"But you have to get back... " 

"I'll be fine! This is important!" Midoriya nodded and without All Might realizing it, he grabbed into his as he took off into the air and I nearly burst out laughing at how hilarious it look. Then suddenly I realized, I really did need Midoriya to stay with me to get back. I was just gonna have to follow them. 

"Oh crap!" I exclaimed. I began to run after them as fast as I could, trying to keep up with them. I would have to be fast, and fast...wasn't what most called me. But I was determined. And that made all the difference. 

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~Author's Pov ~

(Y/n) ran after them, almost losing sight of All Might as he went higher into the air. "Crap...where'd they go?" She mumbled, looking around frantically. She lost sight of them. A rush of fear went through her and she swallowed. Come on, where are you?? She ran through the streets until suddenly, she happened, by chance, to see All Might land on a roof with Midoriya. She smiled and sighed with relief. " to get up there..." After looking around for a moment she found a a back door that happened to be opened and as quickly as she could, she ran up the stairs to where the door to the roof was and opened it. 

All Might looked slightly annoyed, if (Y/n) read him correctly, as if he really didn't want to be bothered by anymore crazy fans today. But there was a look of relief in his face when he realized she was the girl who was with Midoriya in the first place. 

 "Well, you can take this young man down with you! Now, I have to go! See you in the flip side!" He turned around and waved as he began walking towards the roof. Midoriya immediately overcame his shock and stood up. 

 "Wait!" They both said in unison. "One second!" 

"No. I don't have any time." 

 "But I have to know!" He reached out towards All Might, but then, a look of defeat washed over him and his hand fell back to his side.  (Y/n) clenched her teeth, having to see such a defeated look come over him. "Is it possible to become a hero even if I don't have a quirk?" He asked finally. (Y/n) waited for All Might's response, wondering the same thing about herself. Midoriya would get a quirk...But would she? She was so ordinary. Even without a quirk, there was still a small chance of Midoriya becoming a hero just because of the drive he had. He has seen heroes in action, had freaking notes on them. All she had was nothing. How could she stick with Midoriya when she was more pathetic than him? 

 "I'm a normal kid without any powers. Could I ever hope to be someone like you?" All Might turned and looked at him. 

 "Without a quirk?" Suddenly, he winced and bent over, steam floating up from his body. Midoriya turned to the side slightly, and (Y/n) stood next to him. 

 "People think I don't have a chance," he said. "That not having any powers makes me some kind of weakling. My class mates like to make fun of me." He glanced over at the girl next to him. 

 "I don't have a quirk, either," she mumbled. As far as she knew that is. "If that makes you feel any better. But like you, I want to be a hero too." She smiled, and Midoriya felt warm inside. He still didn't know this girl very well yet, but he already liked her. 

 "But you know what?" He said, turning his attention back to All Might. "That makes me wanna probe them wrong. Ever since I was a kid I've thought that saving people is the coolest thing you can do." A smile came to his face. "I want people to see my fearless smile and feel safe. And be the kind of hero everyone in the world looks up to. Just like —" Midoriya is cut off when the steam disappears, leaving a sickly looking, skinny man with sunken eyes. Midoriya's face twisted in horror. 

Even (Y/n) looked horrified to see All Might like that in person. It was completely different, a while knew level of weird, so much so, that she even screamed like Midoriya did, maybe louder, like someone who walked into their room after going to the bathroom at night and their brother was waiting for them and scared them so bad their parents asked if everything was okay. (A/ own experience) 

 "I, wait, who, what happened!? You deflated! Where'd All Might go? You. You're not him! Youre a fake! An imposter!"

 "Calm down, there's an explanation for this, " (Y/n) said as calmly as she could. She should've been expecting ir, but for some reason, she didn't even remember that was going to happen. That worried her. But she brushed it off as being lost in the moment. Midoriya nodded, his face still shocked. 

 "Yeah, listen to her. She's got good advice. I assure you, that I am All M—" blood spurted from his mouth, cutting his sentence short. Midoriya yelped again. 

 "What!? That's impossible!" 

 "Calm down," (Y/n) whispered, placing a hand on his shoulder. Her visibly relaxed, which have All Might a chance to speak. 

 "You know how those guys at the pool are always sucking in and flexing? I'm like that." 

 "This can't be real!!! No. I'm dreaming. All Might is a giant of a man who saves everyone. He defeats all obstacles and wins the day with a fearless smile." All Might sighed heavily. 

 "There's plenty of fear behind that smile." He sits down and looks both teens in the eyes. "I'm counted on you both to keep your mouths shut. Don't go talking about this online or to your friends." (Y/n) nodded, and he proceeded to lift his shirt up, showing an enormous scar on his left side. "Pretty gross, huh? I got this in a big fight five years back. My respiratory system's basically destroyed. I lost my whole stomach. All the surgeries have pretty much worn me out. And it can't be fixed. Now I can only do hero for about three hours a day. The rest of the time, this is what I look like." 

 "No way. Five years ago? So does that mean it was the fight with Toxic Chainsaw?" 

 "Wow, you know your stuff. But no, the punk may have landed some hits but it didn't break me. Most of the world has never heard of this fight. I did everything I could to keep it under wraps." 

 "I'm supposed be the guy that's always smiling, right? People everywhere have to think that I'm never afraid. But honestly, I smile to hide the fear inside. It's just a brave face I put on when the pressure is on me. It's not easy. Pro heroes are always risking their lives. Spoke villains can't be defeated without powers. So no, I honestly don't think you can become a hero without a quirk." (Y/n) clenched her fists and Midoriya looked down. 

 "I see." 

"You can't just say that! " she exclaimed. All Might ignores her. 

"If you wanna help people, there are other ways to do it. You could become a police officer. They get deal because the heroes capture most of the villains but it's a fine profession." He walked to the door. "It's not bad to have dreams, young man. Just make sure your dreams are attainable. Realistic. Understand?" 

All Might left and Midoriya stood there, the most broken look on his face. Without thinking, (Y/n) reached over and hugged him. "Don't worry. You'll become a hero."

"But how? The world's greatest hero told me I can't!" His shoulders quivered slightly and tears formed in his eyes. She hugged him tighter. 

"I may not know you well yet but, I believe in you. Don't give up. We can do this ." She smiled at him and held her fist up in front of her. He smiled slightly, but it immediately turned to a look of shock when an explosion went off nearby. 

 "A villain!" Midoriya exclaimed. He began running for the door. "I wonder which heroes will show!" Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. His shoulders slumped downward and his head bent. (Y/n) walked up next to him and stood silently by his side. He sighed heavily and walked slowly out the door. 

A feeling of urgency suddenly overcame (Y/n), and she couldn't remember why. "Why, why why? What's going on?" Her chest tightened, knowing that there was a part of her memory was missing. She should know what was going on... at least she had a feeling she should. Then, without a warning, the memory came back and she knew why there had been such an explosion. 

"Midoriya we should hurry," she said, a tremor in her voice. "Go to that place, where the explosion came from. 

"Why? What's the point of hurrying? It's not like we can help." 

"But you still have a chance! Come on let's go. You can I help, I just, feel it." He clenched his fists and didn't respond, just continued walking. She followed slowly behind him, her hands in her pockets. There was nothing she could do, and she felt that her presence there had just made it worse. 

They streets were pretty quiet as they walked along, Midoriya absolutely silent. He began flipping through his notebook, reading through the notes he had written about certain super heroes. His eyes filled with tears and he began to wipe his nose and cover his mouth, trying to hold them back. (Y/n)'s heart clenched at the sight, tears practically coming to her eyes as well. 

Another explosion shook the ground and they both looked in the direction where it came from. "That's strange..." He said quietly. "Is the fight from earlier still going on?" He began to walk towards the crowd of people who had gathered around to watch, a pained  expression in his face, like he didn't even want to be there, but something was pulling him there. (Y/n) followed him to where he stood. He stood on his tiptoes and peered through the crowd. His eyes widened and he gasped. 

 "That's my fault!" He spoke out loud. 

 "Why aren't the heroes doing anything?" "It looks like they've met their match. Plus the villain captured a kid. Things aren't looking good for him."  

They caught someone? I wonder how long they've been in there. How can they survive being suffocated like that? I thought I'd die after only a few seconds of struggling.

The people began talking about it being the villain All Might was chasing and Midoriya looked even more at a loss. (Y/n) looked over to the other end of the crowd and pinpointed All Might. Midoriya looked like he was about to cry. Staring into the crowd, he looked at who was caught by the monster, and his eyes widened in two seconds flat, he had tossed his notebook down and was racing towards it, leaving (Y/n) to watch. He threw his backpack at it and began to claw at ita liquid body. 

 "Deku, what are you doing here?" 

"I don't know, my legs just started moving!" Tears filled his eyes. "Kacchan. I just couldn't stand there and watch you die!" 

 It all happened too fast. (Y/n) felt frozen to the ground and before she knew it things were in such chaos she couldn't figure out what was going on, even though she had seen it before. But the memories were fading into a feeling of deja vu and were becoming harder to place. As quickly as Midoriya had run to save Bakugou, the creature and both boys were covered in a cloud of smoke. Then it cleared away revealing... All Might! He tore the creature apart and just like before, with one swift motion he Detroit Smashed it into a million globs. The wind from his lunch nearly knocked everyone over, sending a whirlwind of air into the sky. The closed shifted in the sky and rain began to fall from them. 

All Might stood up and everyone began cheering for him. He raised his hand into the air and the cheers became louder than before. (Y/n) ran to Midoriya's side as he began to wake up. She lifted his head. "Are you okay?" She asked. He nodded. 

 "Yeah, I think so." The police began to arrive and the heroes gathered around Midoriya and (Y/n), giving the boy disapproving looks. 

 "You moron! Do you have a death wish?" 

"There was absolutely no reason for you to put yourself in danger like that." ( Y/n) glared at them, her vision turning red around the edges when she saw the other heroes praising Bakugou. 

"Give him a break! He may not have done the smartest thing but even he, a civilian had more hits than you pro heroes had. Back off. " I don't know where that came from, she thought. Her face burned red with anger and embarrassment. They raised their eyebrows at her and she bit her lip to keep herself from saying anything else. 

The two walked home together as the sun began to set. Midoriya had wanted to apologize to All Might, but he didn't get the chance. He was quiet most of the time, and (Y/n) couldn't find anything to say. She was stuck in her own thoughts, worried about her fading memory. She's had only been there for a day and already she was losing touch with her past life. What would become of her if she completely forgot everything? That thought made her sick. 

There was a quick encounter with Bakugou who told Midoriya he didn't owe him anything, and also added that (Y/n) was a shirtless loser too and if she was planning on doing anything, he's made sure she failed the hero exam. That was nice. And it happened two sefinds before All Might appeared, at which Midoriya screamed. 

 "All Might! What are you doing here!? How's you get rid of all those reporters?" All Might laughed. 

 "I stand for justice. Not sound bytes! " (A/n not exactly sure what he said there...? Anyone has any ideas, tell me lol). "I am All M—" and just like that, he became his skinny form, scaring the neck out of Midoriya again. He coughed. "Yooung man, I came here to thank you. And also to discuss your question from earlier. If you hadn't told me about your lide, if you hadn't run into that fight, I would've been a worthless bystander watching from the crowd. So thanks." 

 " Oh, no! It was my fault he was there to begin with. I got in the way oof your hard work. I wasted your energy. And, not to mention time time. " 

"Geez, learn to take a compliment, Midoriya," (Y/n) said to him. 

"I'm not done," All Might said. "You told me you didn't have a power. So when I saw this timid quirkless boy trying to save a life, it inspired me to act too. There are stories about every hero. How they became great. Most have one thing in common. Their bodies moved before they had a chance to think. Almost on their own." 

 Midoriya 's eyes filled with tears and he clutched his shirt, bending ever so slightly as the onslaught of emotions and thoughts hit him sharoky. (Y/n) out a hand on his shoulder. "And today, that's what happened to you." Midoriya broke down into sobs and (Y/n) knelt beside him as he cried, not knowing what else to do. "Young man. You too can become a hero." (Y/n) looked up at All Might, and for some reason, tears flowed from her eyes as well, as she said the words Midoriya couldn't manage to say as he cried. Even her voice was choked up as she spoke.

"Thank you, All Might. Thank you." 

Chapter Text

~Reader's Pov~

I wiped away the tears from my eyes and All Might looked at me with a nod, his eyes looking at me as if determining whether or not he trusts me. "Young man, I deem you worthy of my power. My quirk is yours to inherit." Midoriya looked up, a surprised look on his year stained face. I stood up and watched sort of from the side as they talked. 

"Wait, what do you mean inherit? Inherit what?" All Might burst into laughter.

"You should see your face right now! So worry, I'm not gonna force this thing on you. Listen well young man! This is your choice! So you wanna except my awesome.power or not?" Midoriya stared at him, not answering. "There are a couple things you should know about my abilities. Journalists always guessed my quirk is super strength or some kind of invulnerability. When people ask in interviews, I always make a joke and a dodge the question. That's because the world needs to believe that their symbol of peace is just a natural born hero like any of them. But I'm not. There's nothing natural about my ability," he explained. "I wasn't born with this power! It was a sacred torch that was passed down to me form someone elss!" I could practically see the heroes working in Midoriya's head. 

"Someone gave you this quirk? No way." 

"Yes way. And you're next! I can give you my abilities!" I turned away, feeling completely left out. Midoriya was receiving the greatest quirk in the world and I was...quirkless. 
 "Wait this is a lot to process," Midoriya said. "Its true there's a lot of debate to what your quirk actually is, nobodies every figured it out, it's one of the world's greatest mysteries. People are constantly talking about it online." He began to mindlessly mutter everything that was in his mind and even though I felt slightly downcast, I couldn't help but be absolutely ecstatic about him finally receiving what he'd only dreamed of having and find his muttering extremely adorable. 

"Uh sounds like you're over thinking this whole inheriting thing." All Might lifts his hands up in an exasperated manner. "Stop nerding out! You'll have to adjust your reality and accept this new truth. I can transfer my quirk to someone else. And that's just one facet of my secret abilities. The true name of my power is One for All." Something about the way he said that felt like he was sending a wave of power through my body, even though he didn't say it to me. I turned a looked at them as a blank in my memory appeared. I couldn't quite remember how One for All worked. 

 "One for All," Midoriya breathed. 

 " Yes.  One person improves the power, and hands it off to another person. It continues to grow as it's passed along. It is this cultivated power that allows me to save those in need of a hero. The truth behind my strength. "

 "But why would you choose to give me a gift like that?" Midoriya asked. I moved further away  and left them alone, knowing my presence wasn't needed, and worried that with what I  would hear All Might say would make me cry. Because I didn't do it. "What if I can't live up to it?" 

 "I was on a long hunt for a worthy successor. " Was I jealous of Midoriya? He deserved this. "And then, I watched you jump into action as the rest of us stood idly by." I wiped my eyes, my shoulders shaking. No, I wasn't jealous, maybe only slightly. Rather, I was...ashamed. "You may just be a quirkless fanboy, but you tried to save that kid. You acted like a hero." I was crying, wiping the tears away before Midoriya's eyes started to water. All Might slapped his hand to his forehead and laughed. "Seriously, you gotta stop crying so much of you want my quirk! Come on kid." Midoriya furiously wiped the tears from his eyes and stood up, a look of determination on his face. 

 "Okay I'll do it! Yes!" 

 "No reluctance. That's exactly how I figured you'd respond." Midoriya nodded, then he turned to look at me. 

 " Oh, is it alright that (Y/n) knows your secret? I didn't even think—" 

 "It's fine," All Might said. I felt his eyes on me even though I had my back turned. I was trying to hold tears back, but they just kept flowing. Midoriya ran to save him... I always said if I was in that situation I would too. But my body was frozen. In fear. "I think she knows not to tell anyone." I nodded my head quickly. "Well, I should get going. I want you to meet me in the beach the day after tomorrow, early. I'll be waiting," he said. Midoriya nodded. 

 "I'll be there!"  All Might smiled slightly and nodded. Then he walked away, leaving Midoriya and me by ourselves. After a moment of silence he came over to me. 

"Did you hear that? I'm going to have a quirk!" I swallowed and wiped my eyes. 

"That's amazing," I said, not expecting my voice to come out so hoarse. 

"(Y/n)...are you crying? Did I say something!? I swear I didn't mean to upset you whatever it was in really sorry please don't—" I had to laugh. I wiped away my tears and shook my head. 

"No, it's nothing you did...kind of something I did, I guess." 

"Wait...what did you do...?"

"Nothing! Absolutely nothing! While Bakugou was in danger you can to save him, not thinking of anything other than the fact that someone's life was at risk I stood there. With the crowd, doing nothing. I was frozen. I couldn't even move! How could anyone become I hero of they are too frozen in fear to do anything? And hearing All Might say you were a hero, made me realize how unlikely it is that I'll ever become one. " Tears came to my eyes and I wiped them away. 

 "Well, what I did was kind of stupid, even if All Might says I was acting like a hero. I could have just gotten killed, or made the villain more mad, causing it to hurt Kacchan even more..." 

"Don't say that, Midoriya. You know that you were being a hero. You don't need to say otherwise just to make me feel better. I'm fine. I'm just being a baby. " 

"People call me that a lot," Midoriya suddenly said as we began walking back to his house. "I can't help that I cry a lot. The tears just come natural whenever I'm upset, really. I'm not manly like the other guys. " I smiled. 

"Well with someone as cute as you—" I clamped my mouth shut. Even before he gets all muscular I still thought he was cute. But I wasn't supposed to say that out loud!

"You think I'm...cute!? Now I know I'm dreaming. I knew this quirk thing was too good to be true!" 

"No! Y-you're not dreaming! And let's just forget that I said that okay?" I laughed nervously. Learn to keep your mouth shut, (Y/n). I covered my blushing cheeks with my hands.

Midoriya opened the door to his house and stepped inside. "Mom, we're home!" 

Inko appeared from the kitchen and she sighed with relief. "Oh thank goodness! I was getting worried. With all the villain attacks I thought something might have happened to you. " She looked up at me and smiled sadly. 

"I'm sorry (Y/n), the police have been looking all day and they haven't been able to find anything on your parents. But they will keep looking. Would you two like some dinner? I made extra, " she said, looking at me with a smile. I blushed slightly. 

"I feel like I'm really imposing on your lives. I don't want to give you extra work to do," I said. She waved me off. 

"Don't worry! It's fine, you're no trouble. You're only one person, after all. Besides, you need a place to stay, so I'm perfectly willing to give you that." I smiled. 

"Thank you so much. I really don't deserve this." I looked down as I sat in a  chair next to Midoriya that Inko had put out for me. Realizing I hadn't eaten anything at all today, I discovered how hungry I was and began to scarf down the food. It was some of the best stuff I'd ever tasted.

 "This is really good," I said in between mouthfulls. "You're a great cook." Into blushed slightly, shrugging it off.

 "Its nothing, really. But I'm glad you enjoyed it. How did everything go today?" Midoriya and I glanced at each other. 

" It was fine, " he said. 

"I adjusted pretty well, I think," I responded. After that, there was no more talk about school or villain attacks. Midoriya was pretty quiet, and I don't know if Inko noticed, but I could tell that he was thinking, surprised he wasn't mumbling. He definitely was deep in thought though. 

After dinner we began discussing where I would sleep for the night. "Well, I'm sure Izuku wouldn't mind allowing you to use his bed until I can set up a place for you," she said nonchalantly. Our faces went red and I covered my mouth, biting my lip. 

"What!?" Midoriya squeaked.

"I-I don't think that'll be necessary," I said saving my hands, my voice also becoming more high pitched. "I-I can j-just sleep on the couch, " I stuttered. "No reason for me to steal his bed right?" 

"But you'll be uncomfortable. Izuku, you sleep on the couch. " Midoriya's face was as red as a tomato and he looked like he was gonna collapse. I bit my lip. I was fine with even sleeping in the floor but his room? I mean, it's not like he was gonna be in there, but still. 

"I really don't think we need to do that... I'll just sleep on the couch for tonight. You've already done so much for me!" I really hope she let go of the idea. 

"Alright, if you insist. Izuku, why do you go finish your homework. " My eyes widened. 

"Oh, yeah. I forgot. Midoriya, since I kind of missed some stuff, mind helping me?" A new redness was added to my cheeks that had just begun cooling off. 

 "U-uh, s-sure," he said. " I guess we can study in my room...just don't pay attention to All the stuff that's in there! " I smiled and nodded. We walked inside carrying our homework and setting it down on his desk. He turned on the lights and I looked around at all the All Might merch in awe. I hardly could see an inch of his wall. We start down and worked for awhile, only talking to discuss a problem in our homework. When we were done, it was pretty late so I laid down on the couch as him and Inko went to bed. 

I stared into the eerie darkness of the room, a sad feeling coming over me. A few years came to my eyes as I thought of my own mother, who would always come to say goodnight and tuck me in. I hate my stepfather, I'll never understand what possessed her to marry him, but she didn't realize he was like that. And she never stood up to him, but I still loved her. If he hurt me, she was always there. And I didn't know if I'd ever see her again. The few tears that has fallen from my eyes became a waterfall and I quietly sobbed, curling up into a ball on the couch. I closed my eyes, letting the large fat tears flow freely. I felt a strange surge go through me, like a burst of emotion, but different than what I was feeling. I opened my eyes and nearly screamed in shock. The darkness of the room was literally surrounding me, causing the rest of the room to be much better. I began to hyperventilate, but realizing panicking wouldn't help at all, I took a deep breath. Breathe, breathe.  Keep breathing. The shadows dissipated and returned to their rightful places. Staring with wide eyes, I put out my hand. I reached into the depths of my heart and moved my hand. The shadow I was gesturing at dances around and shfited, even though there was no change in any source of light, no cars driving by. I stopped moving my hand and felt light headed. 

"I...I can manipulate shadows."

Chapter Text

~Reader's Pov~

I felt my entire world crumble before me once again that day. I couldn't believe it had only been a day. So much had happened. What was I going to do? I needed to tell Midoriya, that was one thing. But when. 


No. Don't do it. 

I stood up from the couch. I felt like my feet were pulling me toward Midoriya's room. I didn't know if he was asleep or not yet. Probably. But I needed to talk to somebody about this and he was the only one I had. I took a deep breath and knocked on his door, waiting for a response. When none came, I knocked again, a little louder, trying not to wake up Inko. I heard a quiet shuffling come from inside his room and the bed squeaked. I heard him walk to the door and he opened it. His hair was measure than usual and he looked like he been asleep. I felt bad for waking him up but I couldn't just break it to him in the morning. 

 "Hey," I said quietly. 

 "What are you doing here? Next to my bedroom? " he squeaked awkwardly. I scratched the back of my neck. 

 "Um, it's not like that, I just...can you come out into the living room? I don't want to wake your mom." He nodded and we went and say down on the couch. I noticed there was a faint blush on his cheeks. Of course there was. This was the pre UA Midoriya, with a girl he barely knew, night. I shook that thought off. "Okay. You know I said I was quirkless, right?" He nodded. 

 "Apparently that's not true." His face fell.

 "Wait. So you were lying to me just to make me feel better?" He looked really downcast and his shoulders slumped. I knew I was the only one." I shook my head vigorously. 

 "No that's not it at all. I didn't know until tonight." He looked up. 

 "You didn't? But how? You should be known when you were around five years old... It wouldn't make much sense of your quirk showed up late..." He put his hand on his chin and began to mumble. "If she got her quirk at this age then that might mean that I might still have a chance of manifesting a quirk, but then again I didn't have the proper joints in my foot and she might have. Perhaps her quirk showed up subtly before now so she didn't think she had a quirk so I guess that rules out the chance of me having a quirk..."

 "Midoriya. Midoriya!" 

 " Oh! Sorry. I did it again. " He ruffled his hair. "How?" 

 "I-I don't know...I've been noticing stuff with shadows reacting weirdly around me. And I kind of got emotional...And they just started to gather around me, sucking the darkness from the room." 

 "Shadow manipulation." 

 "Mhm." Midoriya's eyes widened and he smiled wide. 

 "That. Is. Amazing!" he exclaimed. I blushed darkly, hoping the lighting would hide it. 

 "I-it's nothing. I don't even know how to use it or how the heck I managed to get one." I looked over at him and I suddenly realized something. If I wanted to ever go back to my world, I would have to tell him everything. He probably wouldn't believe me, but he should know. I didn't want Inko knowing however. "There's something else, too." 

 "What is it?" I bit my lip. 

 "You know how I just ended up at your door and just passed out, and I knew your mom's name?" He nodded. I took a deep breath and continued. " I lied about what happened. " I anxiously waited for his reaction, but when giving me none, I simply continued. "This is going to sound insane. But I'm not lying this time. You live here in this world full of quirks and villains and heroes, so obviously not everything is going to be normal per say. Well, I was transported here. From a world without quirks. Where your life is a TV show." Midoriya's eyes widened and he stared at me in shock, his jaw slack. He began waving his hands on the air. 

 "No that's impossible! Now I know you're lying because how in the world could there be another reality where my life is a TV show I mean I'm no one interesting!" He began to wobble and I grabbed his arm to stop him from falling over. 

 "It's true no matter how crazy it may seem. In my world, superheroes, super villains, they're all fake, fictional. There's TV shows and movies called anime, and you're a part of one of those shows, called My Hero Academia. It was my favorite show. I loved with a kind of abusive step dad even though my mom was wonderful. I found this strange blue stone on a walk, and when I had it in my pocket, I said I wished I could go to another universe...this universe. And it happened. When I woke up, I was here. And I don't know what to do. I'm lost, scared, alone here. And you probably think I'm insane, but everything in saying is true." Midoriya looked lost in thought. 

"I believe you. " 

"You do!?" 

"Yeah. I've read about it. Alternate realities. Where there are millions of possibilities of how things could be. There could be a reality where I was born with a quirk, or where I'm real but the world doesn't have quirks. So that would make sense that there could be a universe where my a TV show." He shuddered. "It's a little scary to think that somewhere, I'm fake. " He paused for a second then looked directly at me. "What happens? Does that mean you can tell the future? H-how far can you see into my future. D-did you know what would happen today?" I nodded hesitantly.

"Y-yeah. I did. But I don't know everything that will happen...And I can't tell you. Anything I tell you could change how things go. And I don't want to do that. You need to keep living as if I don't know the future. And my memories of the show, and my life are fading already. Who knows if come a few months, or even weeks from now if I will have completely forgotten what happens? I was surprised by some things that happened today. Even though they mostly happened how I expected... I couldn't remember some things. And it's scary, honestly. " 

"This is too much to take in. Wow. Do you think we should tell my mom?" I shook my head. 

"No. Not yet. I don't want her to freak out," I said. "She's really nice," I added. Midoriya smiled. 

 "She is. I don't want to tell her about All Might either. So this can be a secret between us then?" I smiled. 

"Yeah! Hey. I'm pretty alone here. Do you think we can be friends?" 

"U-uh friends!? I-I guess yeah w-we can. You don't think I'm weird?" I shook my head with a small smile. 

 "No. Not at all. You're really really sweet," I admitted, a light blush dusting my cheeks. He squeaked and hid his face. 

"You're nice too," he said into his arms. I giggled and reached out to hug him. He froze for a second but relaxed slightly after a second. 

"Well, it's getting late." I looked over at the clock on the wall and my eyes widened. It was already 1:00am and we still had to go to school tomorrow. 

"Oh, wow. I'm sorry I woke you up. I guess this could have waited until the morning," I said. He shrugged.

 "Its fine. I'm glad you told me." He yawned as he stood up from the couch and I felt my chest squeeze. He was too adorable. I shook my head and mentally scolded myself. Stop this. You literally just met. Just because you watched him in a stupid TV show doesn't mean that you even in know him. Yawns are contagious, so I yawned when he did. 

"I guess I'll see you in the morning." He nodded. Unless I find this was all a dream. 

 "Night, (L/n)." I smiled. 

 "Goodnight, Midoriya." He padded back to his room and I curled up in the couch again. I smiled to myself, his smiling face stuck in my mind. I sighed happily, the weight of that secret having been lifted from my chest. I fell asleep soon after and my test was uninterrupted until the faint sunlight began streaming through the window.

When I woke up, I looked around to make sure everything wasn't a dream. Yes, I had woken up on the Midoriya's couch and I couldn't remember how I'd even ended up at there house. What happened right before that was fading away faster than I thought it would. It was getting worse. 

I pushed the blankets off of myself and slowly stood up and stretched. I looked around the apartment and began to wander around. I realized I had no idea where the bathroom was. I hadn't brushed my teeth last night or taken a shower and I was starting to feel gross. I knew which room was Midoriya's and had a pretty good idea which room was Inko's. So I guessed which room must be been the bathroom. I cracked the door open and to my relief, it was the bathroom. I went, then looked at myself in the mirror. "Yuck," I commented. My hair was a disheveled wreck and my skin looked dirty. I sighed and turned on the sink, splashing cold water into my face and rubbing it with some soapbox had found. As least I wouldn't look a complete wreck. I dried off my skin then brushed my hair with my fingers, pulling it out of its knots. I hadn't worn my clothes from my reality most of yesterday but I had my uniform so I changed into that, even though it was uncomfortable.

As I walked out of the bathroom, I saw Midoriya walk out of his room, rubbing his eyes. I smiled and he smiled back.


"Morning," he said groggily. He went into the bathroom and closed the door and I heard it lock. Figuring it would be weird to stand outside the door waiting for him, I went out into the kitchen and saw that Inko must be gotten up while I was in the bathroom. 

"Good morning, (L/n). Did you sleep well?" I nodded.

"I did, thank you," I said with a nod. She smiled. 

"That's good. I was thinking of heading to the store today to get you some this since you don't have any necessities here, " she said. 

"Oh no you don't need to do that!" 

"Yes, I do. You are staying with us and we're going to treat you as part of the family until yours is found. " I looked down with a sad smile. That might as well be forever. I couldn't think of any way that I would be able to go back to my reality. 

"Thank you," I whispered. I really was grateful. I didn't deserve any of this.

Inko set out there plates as Midoriya walked out and we sat down, eating in silence. We had to eat fast so we wouldn't be late to school, since apparently we got up later than yesterday. Grabbing the notebook Midoriya had given me I followed him out the door. 

"Bye, mom!" He waved. She smiled and waved back at him. 

"By sweety. He safe!" I smiled. I missed my mom more than anything. 

"(L/n), is everything okay?" I nodded, realizing I had spaced out. 

"Yeah, I'm fine. And call me (Y/n)," I said with a smile. He nodded. 

" Okay...(Y/n). Then I guess you could call me Izuku, " he said shyly. I smiled. 

"Okay, Izuku!" I didn't realize how much I wanted to say his first name until he told me I could use it. We were already calling each other out first names. I smiled to myself. Now I wasn't quite alone in this world. I had a friend, and his name was Izuku Midoriya.

The day went by in a flash, both of us too focused on meeting All Might to think about anything. I wanted to go with him to see All Might but I didn't want to bother him by asking. Luckily for be, however, he asked me himself. 

"(Y/n) you, maybe want to come with me to talk to All Might?" He asked when I'm no wasn't around. My eyes widened and I smiled. 

"Really? You think I can?" He nodded. 

 "I tthink he would be okay with it. It's not like his powers are a secret to you. " I nodded. 

"Okay. Do you want me to cone with you?" He fiddled with his fingers. 

"W-well, yeah, I're my friend now, so I guess I do, I really think you should come..." I laughed shifted caused his face to turn red. 

 "You over think what to say way too much. I'm glad you want me to come. " He smiled brightly, and my heart fluttered. Why was he so darn cute? It shouldn't be legal for someone to be so adorable.  

"Okay! It's better not to be alone anyway." I smiled and nodded in agreement. 

"Yeah. Being not alone is good, " I said. We have each other a knowing look, both of us knowing what it felt like to be alone, without friends, when no one cared about us. We both had moms who loved us dearly and we loved them. And now we had each other. I had a friend in this crazy world, where I didn't even have one in my reality. I'm not alone anymore.

Chapter Text

~Author's Pov~

(Y/n) and Midoriya ran along the sidewalk as the sun rose into the sky. It was still mostly dark outside as they made their way to the beach in search of All Might. He was quite easy to spot even in the darkness, his glowing wide smile practically blinding as they approached. 

 "Young Midoriya! You made it." He looked over at (Y/n). "And I see you brought the young lady!" 

 "(Y/n) (L/n)," she said with a half smile. "I hope it's okay that I came. I figured it would be since I know your secret. " He nodded. 

 "Of course! Perhaps you could learn a few things. First of all, young man, start to move some of this garbage over to that area." He pointed towards a designated spot and Midoriya have him a very confused look. 

 "What, why? How come?" He asked. All Might smiled. 

 "Explanations later!" Midoriya's shoulders slumped, obviously not expecting to be doing chores of all things. But he began to move boxes and old junk to where All Might had pointed, then said hero turned to (Y/n). 

 "So, (L/n), if I heard correctly, you're quirkless like young Midoriya?" She shook her head gently. 

 "Um, no, actually, I just discovered last night that I can manipulate shadows, and it's kind of powered by my emotions I guess," she explained. All Might tapped his chin, pondering what she had said. 

 "Hm. That's quite peculiar. Most people discover their quirks at a very young age! You are a rare case!" She nodded, raising her eyebrows slightly. 

 "Hell yeah. I want to get into UA, just like Izuku," she said with a less than confident smile. "But I highly doubt I'll get in. I'm a rare you said." All Might have her his signature smile. 

 "Well never say never, kid! I'm sure if you train hard, you will have a chance! And perhaps you can train with young Midoriya here!" He gestured to the skinny boy who was lugging trash across the sand. She giggled slightly. All Might jumped up on a fridge that had ropes around it and called Midoriya. 

 "Young man! Come grab these ropes and pull this fridge." Midoriya's eyes widened and he walked over and picked up the ropes. (Y/n) watched as he painfully attempted to pull the fridge with a five hundred and sixty pound All Might sitting on top of it. She had to admit it was kind of funny. But what was even funnier was what All Might said after Midoriya pretty much gave up, and the boys reaction.  

 "Look at you!" He began snapping pictures of the weak boy. "You're not ready for my quirk!" Midoriya's eyes widened and years burst out of his eyes in a waterfall that shouldn't have been humanly possible, and (Y/n) wondered if he actually did have a quirk when she saw it. Tears. 

 "But you said I was worthy!" He exclaimed in a high pitched voice. He bent over in defeat and using all her willpower, she moved a small shadow over his head, making it look like a dark rain cloud was hovering over him. It disappeared within a few seconds, however, because she wasn't used to using it. As All Might talked to Midoriya, saying something about limbs shooting off, which obviously freaked Midoriya out, (Y/n) drifted off and began practicing her quirk. 

 "Come on, come on, I've gotta be able to do this once the exams come around! Ten months. Just ten months!" She swirled her hand in the air but nothing came. No shadows moved except for her own, which only moved along with her. "How come I did it just a second ago? This doesn't make any sense!" she threw her arms down, defeated. Her thoughts were interrupted by All Might crushing the fridge with his brute strength. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. 

 "Holy crap. That looks even crazier in real life. Everything looks crazier in real life." She shook her head. 

 "You'll restore the coastline for this entire section of the beach. That is the first step in your path, young man, to being a hero." Midoriya glanced around, wide eyed and (Y/n) felt slightly bad for him even though she knew what it would profit him. She really wanted to help him, but she wasn't sure if it would hinder him. 

 "All this?" He asked. "But...there's So much! That's impossible!" 

 "Young Midoriya. You wanna go to UA, right?" 

 "Well, yeah," he said turning. "You went there, right? So it must be the best school around right? It's a long shot, but still, I'm gonna shoot for the moon. UA." (Y/n) smiled. She had always admired his determination. It was amazing, she thought. Someone who was always hurt, never believed in, still going strong. 

 "You've got spirit! But, as I mentioned before, heroing isn't easy without a quirk. It's not fair, but that's the reality. And UA is the hardest course to get into. So that means..." 

 "That I have to prepare my body for your quirk really fast! UA's exam is in ten months!" Ten months...ten months to get used to her quirk. She might even end up ahead of Midoriya since he had ten months to prepare his body for receiving his quirk. She really wanted to train with All Might like Midoriya, but his situation was different. 

All Might pulled out a handful of papers. "Not to worry kid! I've got you covered! With the help of my handy Aim To Pass American Dream Plan! Follow this to the letter and the beach should be cleaned up just in time! I also detailed every other aspect of your life while I was at it." He handed the papers to Midoriya and (Y/n) gawked. Poor Midoriya. 

 "Even my sleep is scheduled," he quaked. All Might put an arm around him and whispered, but just loud enough for (Y/n) to hear. 

 "If I'm being honest, this is going to be super hard. Think you're up to it?" 

 "Yeah, sure I am. I'm gonna have to work way harder than anyone else to get in. So what choice do I have, right?" All Might nodded.

And just like that, Midoriya's training began. Both he and (Y/n) knew that it would be extremely hard, but she had never seen such determination in someone's eyes as he pulled garbage across the beach and worked out in his room and studied with her. 

Inko was still helping her find her parents and they had contacted every number she could think of. Still nothing. She was beginning to seem suspicious and that made (Y/n) almost want to cry. She had to have a place to stay but she had no records and no real family. She didn't know what to do. She had been living with Midoriya for a month and a half and there were less than nine months until the UA exams. She wondered if Inko would kick her out of she told her the truth. 

~Reader's Pov~

I paced around the living room as I waited for Midoriya to get back. He was training with All Might, and even though I came most of the time, I decided to stay back and study the textbooks that he had gotten me on heroes. I had taken as many notes as I possibly could and had been practicing my quirk as much as I could before I was emotionally and physically drained. This time staying back wasn't working for me. I was incredibly anxious and I needed to talk to Midoriya. Over the past month we had become extremely close. I guess living together can have that effect. I would say we were best friends. And I had been thinking a lot about talking to his mom about what happened to me, but I needed to think about it by myself. Now I was anxiously awaiting his return so I could discuss my plan of action. 

The door of the apartment swung open and my heart skipped a beat. Midoriya walked inside, looking absolutely exhausted, his hair sticking to his forehead. I smiled and waved at him. "Hey! You're finally back!" I exclaimed. He smiled and nodded, his eyelids heavy. 

 "Yeah. How've you been?" 

 "Anxious. Can I talk to you real quick?" I bit my lip. 

"Sure! I'm just gonna go take a quick shower if that's okay! I feel kind of gross." He wiped the sweat off his forehead and I chewed on my lip. You definitely don't look gross, I wanted to say, but if course, I didn't. Classic me, chickening out. I watched him walk to the bathroom and closed the door, making sure not to seem creepy. Who would want someone watching them as they walked to the bathroom room. You're such a freak, (Y/n)! I sighed and say down the couch, flipping through my notes as I waited. He only took about seven minutes and then he was out and he sat down next to me. His hair was still slightly damp and he smelled good. I was practically intoxicated. And he wasn't even muscular yet! I mentally slapped himself. Stop being so darn weird! 

"So what did you wanna talk about!" I shook myself out of my daze. 

 "Oh! Right. Sorry. Um, I was just thinking about my situation... I'm afraid that your mom is getting kind of suspicious. And she has every right to records of me? None of the numbers I've given lead to the right person, or they don't even exist? For all she knows, I'm just making all of this up and I'm here to kidnap you or something. " Looking at Midoriya's face, I realized I probably shouldn't have said the last part, because he looked really freaked out. "No! Everything I've told you I'd true! I swear it! I shouldn't have said that." I sighed. "And I'm starting to forget my past life in the other dimension. I can barely remember my mom's face. My step dad is just a fact. I know that I had a step dad and he was mean...I can't remember what he looked like, and I don't remember his name. I don't remember my mom's name either. All I know is that they were both (L/n)s. It's...scary. " I looked down. 

"That's awful. I can't imagine not being able to remember my mom. She's always been there." I sniffed and nodded quickly. I began taking quiet, deep breaths, trying to keep myself from crying.

"What if I completely forget them? What if I forget what the other dimension was like all together? What if all I remember is showing up here and nothing before that? How will I get back? I-I don't know what to do." I covered my face to hide my tears. I didn't want Midoriya to think he had upset me. 

"Don't cry! Please don't.'ll be okay! I promise! And I can remind you! I won't forget! Maybe you can draw a picture of your mom and write down some stuff so whenever you start to forget, you can look at it!" I wiped my eyes and looked up at him with a weak smile.

"Of course. Why didn't I think of that? You're so smart, Izuku." I pulled him into a fight hug, not just because I was happy with him, but because I needed some form of comfort, just someone to hold me. 

"O-oh! I-it was no problem!" He squeaked. I chuckled quietly and breathed in his calming scent. 

"Thank you, really. You've been so wonderful to me," I mumbled. I buried my face in his shoulder. I felt him tense up but he still out his arms around me. 

"But you've helped me, " he said softly. "You're the only friend I have." 

"People really suck, huh? To think they can't see how wonderful you are. " I glanced up at him and his face was dark red. I blushed to. I wanted to stay hugging him forever, but then Inko walked in. 

"Oh! Did I interrupt something?" We jumped apart. 

"Absolutely not!" I laughed nervously and punched myself. You literally just made it worse. Inko shrugged and walked into the kitchen and began to cook dinner. 

 "So you want to tell my mom about how you really got here?" he asked when she was deeply occupied in cooking. I nodded. 

"Yes, I do. It would make me feel a lot better, I think." He nodded and have me a thumbs up. I smiled, a blush tinting my cheeks. 

I could barely eat my food when dinner was ready, but Midoriya shoveled it away like he had been doing usually. All the working out and cleaning up the beach really have him an appetite, plus th e fact that he was still a growing teenage boy. I wasn't very hungry because I was really anxious about Inko's reaction. 

"Was the food not good, (L/n)? " she asked as she cleared the dishes away. 

"It was delicious as usual! I was just anxious about something. Can I talk to you?" She nodded and I glanced over at Midoriya who stood up. I fiddled with my fingers as the three of us say down in the living room. 

"S-so... You've been really really kind to me. I can't even began to thank you enough for how much you've done for me over the past month and a half but, I know it seems like my story isn't adding up..." I swallowed nervously. I wanted to grab Midoriya's hand more than anything but I knew it would be awkward.

 "Well, yes but the police have tried everything..." 

 "I know! And there's a reason. I've been lying. " I squeezed my eyes shut.

"What? Lying? What do you mean? I don't understand, " she said. I nodded. 

"Yes. But there's a reason. And I'm gonna sound completely crazy but everything that I'm about to tell you is the absolute truth and Izuku can attest to that. " He nodded. 

"Wait, so you've know she was lying this whole time? Izuku, what have you been hiding?" 

" Nothing! She'll explain everything, " he said. 

"I'm from another dimension. A dimension where you and Izuku belong to a TV show and quirks aren't real." Her eyes widened and she paled, looking like she was close to passing out. 

"W-what? But that's impossible. How can there be another dimension where we're fictional characters?" 

"It's true, Mom. She can even know what's going to happen in the future. But she's forgetting some things. " 

"How do I know she doesn't just have a quirk that predicts the future?" 

"I dont. I got a shadow manipulation quirk when I got here." I moved some nearby shadows around to prove my point. " I didn't have them before this. I know it sounds insane and unrealistic, but quirks were once, right? Now they're every day things. A lot Of people believe that there are other realities where things turn out a lot differently in those dimensions than in other ones, but everyone in those dimensions still exists, I guess. I  don't know if there's another version of me here, but so far I haven't found one. I doubt I will. But I came from one of those alternate realities and you are fictional characters." 

 "Well, that would make sense why a lot of the phone numbers you have didn't even exist. They should have existed in some way even if it lead to another person. And how you knew me. " I nodded. She paused for a moment and exhaled shakily. " a lot to take in. This really is true, isn't it?" I nodded. 

"You're not gonna kick me out now?" Her eyes widened and she shook her head. 

"No! If course not. But we need to tell the police about this. They can help you get back." I smiled and sighed with relief. It felt good to come clean. 

"Thank you so much, " I said with a smile. 

"You've already been officially registered at the school, but we have to register you as an actually citizen and show that you actually exist. How else will you be able to live life get stuck here forever?" She chose her words cautiously and I understood why. Who could tell if that would make me freak out of not. But I didnt. I only nodded. 

 "You're right. Thank you, for all of your help. " I smiled and a few years came to my eyes. I quickly wiped them away. Unexpectedly, she stood up and have me a gentle hug. 

 "You're such a wonderful girl. You've really helped my Izuku a lot, I can see. " I looked down, knowing it wasn't just me who did it, but I didn't tell her that. "YoU're the only friend he's had in a long time," she whispered. "I'll be glad to do anything for you and you can stay with us as long as it takes to get you back to your home, dear." I sniffed and tried to hold back the years that were filling my eyes. 

"Thank you so much. I don't deserve any of this. I don't deserve your hospitality when I'm taking up your entire lives," I said, my voice shaking. "And I don't deserve your friendship, " I whispered to Midoriya. He looked down, a light blush coloring his cheeks. 

And so I did it. I told Inko the truth about myself and it went surprisingly well. She told the police and they were looking into the situation and I got registered as an actual citizen. I continued to train with Midoriya and occasionally All Might and my quirk for stronger. I discovered that I could strengthen my stamina and overall muscle abilities of I called shadows to myself. It seemed like a quirk a villain would have, but shadows after as a shield for me. And Midoriya thought I looked really cool when armor myself with shadows, so that's a plus. I can only do it for about two seconds, though, without being totally exhausted. 

The first few months of school past and soon enough it was July. Summer break. 

Chapter Text

~Reader's Pov~

"Why won't you come back?" a woman with light brown locks and shining blue eyes plead. I stared at her, my face indignant. 

"I told you already. I don't know who you are, " I said forcefully. "Leave me alone." Tears ran down the woman's face and she clutched her chest. 

"Please. I want you to come back. Please. I miss you. I don't know what I did, I don't know why you don't want me anymore, but you're my baby. I love you, (Y/n). " I shook my head, my face full of confusion. 

"I don't know who you are!! " I insisted. Her lips quivered and she reached out for me. 

"(Y/n), how can you not remember me? Is life where you are so much better? I'll do better! I will! Please just come back to your mother! " She was breaking down into sons by now, her entire body shaking. 

"I don't have a mother, " I whispered. I looked down at the ground. At least I don't think I have one... She stared at me, a broken-hearted look on her face. She looked down and dropped her hands to her sides. She turned away from me. 

"Okay... This is what you want... " She began walking away and I looked up. Is it what I want? I watched her leave, trying to remember. Why can't I remember!? She got further and further away. I felt a sudden urge to go after her, even though I was sure I didn't know her. 

"Wait! Don't leave me here alone! Mom! Come back! " I ran forward, but it was too late. She was gone. 

I sat up and stared into the darkness. Shadows surrounded me like an armor and disappeared after a few seconds. "I did it again," I mumbled to myself. That wasn't the first dream I had had about my mom. The first dream I had, I could actually recognize her and I took her hand, but with each dream I forget her more and more. I'm not even sure if it's actually my mom I'm dreaming about anymore. I looked at the clock. 4:00am.  The sun was already showing in the sky but I needed to go back to sleep. I sighed heavily and closed my eyes, slowing falling back into a deep sleep. 

After I told Inko the situation with traveling dimensions, things became some what easier for me. She set up a place for me to sleep and even got me new clothes. She was kind of becoming like my mom... Only I didn't really want that because of she became my mom, that would make Midoriya my brother, right? And that's the last thing I wanted. He would make a good brother, but that's not how my feelings for him played out. It would just !and it weird. So I was just a friend who had no other place to stay. Just a friend. 

I woke up to the smell of cooking food. It being summer break, I could sleep in as late as I wanted, but I tried to exercise daily and practice my quirk. I had gotten a lot stronger since coming here since I often trained with Midoriya and walked to school every day instead of taking the bus. Without even dieting, I had lost ten pounds. I was really proud of myself, and I knew if I kept it up, I'd actually be able to look good in the costume I'd been thinking of.

I slipped off the mattress I was using for a bed and got changed into shorts and a T-shirt. Summers in Japan got really hot, but it was perfect for when Midoriya and I went to the beach to see All Might. We've been swimming a lot the past week. 

 "Good morning (Y/n)! Sleep well?" Inko asked. I nodded. 

 "Pretty well. I had another dream about my mom again...or at least I think. I don't even really remember." I had drawn a pretty detailed picture of my mom like Midoriya suggested a couple months ago. For some reason all the pictures on my phone got deleted so I had no way to figure out if my memory of her was real or not, but I did my best. I would look at the drawing every now and then to keep my memory of her alive. 

Midoriya walked out of his bedroom, having just woke up. His hair was a big puffy mess and I smiled at how cute it looked. "Hey sleepy head!" I greeted. "Your hair's a wreck!" He blushed darkly and tried to smooth out his unruly locks but to no avail. I giggled, making his blush get darker. 

 "Your's doesn't exactly look wonderful either," he said slightly unsure, like he was worried about my reaction. I almost smirked as a plan came to my mind. I made a hurt expression and grabbed a strand of my hair. 

"B-but I worked really hard to get it to look nice...I knew it would look awful!" I exclaimed , my face turning red from the embarrassment of tricking him. I felt kind of bad. His eyes widened and he waved his hands frantically in the hair. 

"No! I was only kidding! I didn't mean anything by it! I'm really sorry!" I tried to keep my dad face, but I ended up bursting into laughter. He looked at me, confusion covering his face. 

"I'm kidding. I know my hair looks awful, it always does when I wake up," I laughed . He sighed with relief. 

"Oh, good. I thought I'd actually hurt your feelings. But your hair really doesn't look that bad," he said, still seeming worried. I laughed. 

"No need to be nice! I know it's a rat's nest." I ruffled my own hair. Inko set down there bowls and we quickly ate. We were going to the beach to meet All Might again and I couldn't wait to go swimming again. I would never get tired of the hot sun contrasting the cold water. 

"So where are you two going today?" Inko asked. 

 " Swimming," Midoriya said. I nodded. 

 "Wow you've gone swimming probably every single day this whole week. Isn't it getting kind of boring?" She asked. We shook our heads. 

 "Not at all! I could never get tired of swimming. Besides, we won't be able to do it much since summer break only lasts less than two months and summer itself only lasts so long." W  were already a month in to summer break, meaning we only had about two weeks left, and I'll admit the swimming part was getting boring, but I'd never get tired of seeing All Might, and I definitely couldn't get tired of seeing Midoriya without his shirt on. At the beginning of the summer he was still pretty skinny but who knew someone could develop a six pack so fast? 

"Oh alright." We stood up from the table and after brushing my hair out and gathering some stuff together we walked to the door. " make sure to wear plenty of sun screen out there! " She said. We nodded then headed to the beach like we had done many times before. 

I was amazed at how much better it already looked. We still had five months to go before the exams but it was amazing how much work Midoriya had already done. People showed up more often while we were there and it made me happy. It was sad how the beach had appeared when I first saw it. 

"(L/n)! Young Midoriya!" All Might was in his full hero form and was wearing a striped bathing suit. I smiled and waved at him. I pulled off my T-shirt and shorts and stuffed them into my bag. It was hard not to feel self conscious in a bathing suit, and so not to make Midoriya feel uncomfortable, I bought a one piece bathing suit that gave me enough coverage to feel comfortable myself.

 "So, since you both came this time, training is simple! You can race each other in the water!" All Might instructed. We nodded. 

"Yes! I'll crush you!" I slammed my fist into the small of my hand and smirked. Midoriya winced slightly. I'm a great swimmer and he knows it. However, he is already physically stronger than me, so that makes us both pretty equal matches.

We walked into the water, which was still cold from the night air, but the sun was already hot, so it felt nice. We stood next to each other and I smiled, a look of determination on my face. All Might pointed to the dock a ways away from us. 

"Swim from there then come back here. I brought a timer!" He lifted it into the air and I giggled. "Ready, set, go! " 

~Author's Pov~

Midoriya raced off through the water, speeding ahead of (Y/n). At the beginning of the summer, he actually wasn't that good of a swimmer, and she beat him a lot. But over the past month he had gotten a lot stronger and was more used to the water. He was impressed at her swimming capabilities. 

"See you later loser!" (Y/n) jokingly yelled as she suddenly swam past him. He gasped and mentally cursed himself, picking up the pace. He had gotten distracted thinking about her. 

She has been living with him for four and a half months,  and she was currently his only friend. She'd helped him stand up to Kacchan a few times and always was there to cheer him on with his training. She was definitely a good friend, and he hasn't considered that she could be more. After all they hadn't even known each other for half a year. 

But she was really pretty. The way she smiled at him, the way she laughed and how she was always just there to support him. He could definitely say that she was a blessing and he constantly feared he'd wake up and she'd be gone, or it all had been just a dream. He worried that he'd open his eyes one morning and it would be the day she arrived and passed out in front of their door, and he'd never meet All Might. He hadn't told her that, because he thought it was best to just keep it to himself. He was done looking so weak and helpless. 

"Ha! I beat you again!" (Y/n) spun around just as he reached her and they were swimming back to All Might. 

"It's a tie!" Her said, pressing down the button on the stop watch. "You completed that in forty-six seconds! That's four seconds faster than last time!" Midoriya smiled at (Y/n), his chest rising and falling. She smiled back at him and his face turned red. He quickly looked away, his heart skipping a beat. He sighed to himself and clenched his fists. If he wanted to be the top hero someday, he had to concentrate. He had to push those feelings down. 

"Let's go again!" All Might said with a smile. "Go!" 

For the next few hours, the two raced through the water until it reached noon. By then, both of them were exhausted and hungry. " Well, you both did very well. I'm impressed, especially with you, young Midoriya! " Midoriya glanced down and smiled softly. What did I do to deserve this? He looked from All Might to (Y/n). He couldn't think of anything he had done to bring such luck upon him. After all the years of bullying, being told he was worthless, it was so strange to him to have someone believe he could be a hero. His hero believed in him. 

All Might suddenly began to steam and he turned back into Small Might. "Well, I'm guessing you guys are hungry after all that. Wanna go get something to eat? It's on me." They two teens eyes widened and they nodded. 

"Absolutely!" they exclaimed. All Might nodded and after drying off and picking up their bags, they walked into town with him. They bought taiyaki, which All Might briefly mentioned he had gotten tired of because of a certain person he knew. Midoriya only shrugged but (Y/n) smiled, a look of recognition in her face that All Might didn't notice. Then they got popsicles, since the day was so hot and they were really good and refreshing. (A/n I actually don't like popsicles that much...I know I must be the devil himself 😂)

 "Oh, you're back! You've been gone for a long time, I was getting a little worried. But I guess this isn't the first time, " Inko said, scratching the back of her head. She smiled. "So If you enjoy yourselves?" They nodded and set their bags down. 

"Yep! We raced each other in the water. I beat him twice, " (Y/n) said proudly. 

"Well I beat you the other five times we raced, except for the time we tied!" Midoriya said. She blushed and rubbed her neck. 

"Okay, I'll admit you are stronger than me now." He laughed and shrugged. 

"I don't really feel like I'm stronger than anybody," he said. (Y/n) frowned at him. 

 "Give yourself some credit, Izuku. You've been doing really well with your training. Let yourself believe that, " she said softly. He smiled and looked down. What did I do to deserve such support? 

The next two weeks went by fast, and soon they were both going back to school. Midoriya was working harder than ever, and so was (Y/n), though he was working overtime and sometimes she was worried about him. While running with All Might (he was carrying something) he collapsed on the ground and she kind of freaked out, totally forgetting that was going to happen. But to her relief, he was okay. 

Before they knew it, it was time to apply for the exams. They got to send in costume ideas, but since Inko made Midoriya his costume, he didn't need to. (Y/n) couldn't wait to see how hers would look. Her color scheme was pretty dsrk, but she thought it would look really cool, and her shadow quirk worked better in the dark. 

 "A few days until the exams," (Y/n) said, glancing over at Midoriya after they had finished their workout. He nodded, wiping the sweat from his face. Not only had they been working extra hard physically, but any free time they had they spent studyingg. To say they were making sure they were prepared was an understatement. 

"Yeah. I'm nervous," he said. She nodded in agreement . The past few weeks, all she was feeling was anxiety. She didn't tell him thise, but she had a lot of sleepless nights, nights spent crying because of the unending loneliness she had been feeling since school started again. All her memories were faded images. She didn't even know whether or not any of them were real, and it terrified her. She wasn't just anxious. She was afraid. 

"Me too. I know I'm going to fail. I'm not even a part of this world, damn it. " she clenched her fists, her eyes stinging. Midoriya stayed silent. She looked down, squeezing her eyes shut, when she felt a hand rest gently on her shoulder. 

"I don't know if we'll fail or if we'll pass. But I have to try my best. We have to try out best. I know this isn't your world, and I don't know what it's like for you to be here, I can't imagine what it would be like for me. But you can do it. " She looked up at him and smiled, wiping the tears away. This whole time, I've been supporting him. Now he's supporting me. 

"Thank you, Izuku. You're right. Let's do our best!" 

Chapter Text

~Reader's Pov~

I sat up in bed, suddenly feeling that something was terribly wrong. I sat up the darkness and I realized what it was. I couldn't remember anything. There was a huge blank in my mind. 

I started to hyperventilate. "Come on, come on, please I have to remember! How did I get here? I can't remember!" All I could see was blackness in my mind. It was all gone. All my efforts to keep my memories alive were gone. All I felt was panic. I couldn't even remember what I had done to keep the memories alive. Had I ever even been in another dimension? 

I stood up and walked to Midoriya's room, trying to keep the years away, but they came anyway. I knocked on the door, just as my body began to feel cold. Midoriya opened it and as soon as he saw me, his eyes widened. My chest was riding and falling faster and faster and my heart pace quickened. I couldn't move. "I-I can't remember," I said, terror filling my voice. 

 My head was spinning and I saw black dots in front of my vision. It's all gone. Gone. I began shaking, unable to control my body. The shadows around me began moving erratically and I stumbled. What's going on? I heard a gentle, soothing voice talking to me, but it felt far away. 

 "(Y/n), it's okay, shhh, it'll be okay. I'm here," Midoriya gently whispered. I felt my heart pace calm down and my shaking subsided somewhat. I managed to nod my head shortly. My hands were still shaking and everything felt cold, but his voice was comforting. "Everything will be fine." I nodded again and felt some control come back to me. "(Y/n), you'll be okay." 

 " O-okay, " I mumbled. He cautiously placed his hand on my shoulder and when I didn't react badly he gently pulled me into a hug. He didn't wrap his arms around me and held me loosely. I began to calm down and my breathing steadied as I tested my head against his chest, his heartbeat comforting. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths, letting myself calm down. 

 Once my senses came back to me, I was surprised at how well he handled the situation. It was like he'd been in a similar situation himself. "Th-thank you," I mumbled weakly. I felt his head nod slowly and he stroked my hair. 

 "You're welcome...are you okay?" I nodded. 

 "Yeah," I responded, my voice shaking. "That isn't really like me... I'm sorry." 

 "You don't have to apologize, (Y/n). Panic attacks are things you can't really control." I tilted my head to the side. 

 "Panic attack? Well...I guess that makes sense," I said softly. My cheeks flamed. I just broke down right in front of him, and today was the day of the exams. What if it happened again? "How did you stay so calm? I would've freaked out in that situation."  If it had been you, I didn't say. 

 "Well, actually, it hasn't happened in a couple years, but I used to have panic attacks when I was younger. My mom taught me how to deal with it if it was someone else."  Oh. 

 "I didn't know that," I said, surprised . It didn't come across to me that Midoriya would have panic attacks. But then again, I didn't know if I already knew that and just forgot it, or if I even knew about it. "I can't remember anything. It's scary. When I first got here I knew what was going  to happen, and now it's just like real life. I don't know what's gonna happen. I don't know if you're gonna get in to UA or not. I can't remember." I looked down at my shaking hands. Midoriya placed his hand on my arm. 

 "Look." I lifted my head and looked into his large green eyes. "It'll be fine. Okay?" I nodded. He smiled softly, making me feel like I could melt. How can one guy be so sweet? "Do you want to look at the picture of your mother?" 

 "My...mother? I wasn't sure if I had one of those. I have a picture?" He nodded. 

 "You don't remember drawing her?" I dug into what memories I did have. Fourteen years of my life, just, erased! I couldn't believe it. But it was true. And there was nothing I could do about it. 

 "I remember drawing something. But I can't see it in my head," I told him. He nodded. He helped me stand up and we went to my room. I opened a drawer and pulled out the drawing. I didn't recognize the woman on the page. I bit my lip. " Shes unfamiliar. Like I've never seen her before. If I walked past her on a street she would just be another stranger to me," I said shaking my head.

Midoriya looked saddened for a moment, but then he smiled. "Well if ever you feel lonely, know I'm here for you. You've supported me so much, I want to do the same for you," he ssid, a light blush creeping up his cheeks. I smiled brightly and hugged him. 

"Thank you. Thank you so much. You're an amazing friend." I could practically feel him smile, that beautiful heart-wrenching smile. 

"I hate to leave you, but I've got a beach to finish cleaning up the beach. Unless you want to come? But maybe you should rest. Then again you might want to train for the exams today...And you should probably talk to All Might, though what if he just wants me to be there when he gives me One for All? If he finds me worthy still, that is." I chuckled. 

 "You're doing it again. Come on. I think I could use a little extra rest. The sun isn't even up yet. I'll go meet you later." He nodded and stood up. I smiled at him and went back to my room. I laid down on the mattress. No more dreams about my memories. I had none left. 

Three hours later, around 5:45am, I awoke to the sound of my alarm. I set that alarm for a reason I couldn't remember. But I needed to meet Midoriya anyway. I got up and quickly changed into jeans and a sweater, it being February 26th, it was pretty chilly outside. 

I jogged to the beach and stopped beside All Might, slightly out of breath. I bent over and placed my hands on my knees as I caught my breath. "Hey," I said breathlessly. I looked up to the top of the trash pile. There Midoriya stood, his shirt off, screaming at the top of his lungs. I had never seen so much passion in my life. 

"Hey hey, holy crap kid! You even cleaned up outside the area I told you to. Seriously, there's not one speck of trash left on this beach! Only a few minutes to spare but you exceeded my expectations! Holy stinkin'," he suddenly burst into All Might, "Super Crap!" (A/n Honestly one of my favorite lines 😂). 

 "He's really amazing," I breathed. Midoriya wobbled and I panicked, realizing he was about to fall off. But All Might had him, and he caught him as soon as he fell. 

"Excelent work!" Midoriya smiled weakly and I walked over, my heart swelling with pride. 

 "I finished everything, All Might. I did it. Do you think I'm ready now?"

 "Yeah you did good kid. I gotta say I'm impressed. I knew you had it in you but this is beyond." He set Midoriya down and took out his phone. "Look at this." Midoriya slowly lifted his tired head and looked at the picture that I almost laughed out loud at. Ten months ago, Midoriya in tears, and not was he scrawny. Now looking over his muscular body, I could barely believe it was him. 


 "That's you crying, ten months ago. Look how far you've come. Such improvement!" I had to tear my eyes away to stop staring. Improvement was an understatement. "There's still a long road ahead of you before you can inherit my full power. But it's starting to look like you can do it!" 

 Midoriya looked down. "All Might... Do I deserve this? Are you sure? You out so much time and energy in to helping me." Tears began to run freely down his face and his voice cracked. "How did I end up so lucky?" No, we're all lucky to have you, even All Might, I thought to myself. When would he stop doubting? 

All Might patted his back. "It was your hard work that did this, not mine! Now, for your reward, Izuku Midoriya." 

 "Yes sir!" I smiled brightly and have him a thumbs up, which earned me a smile from him. All Might pulled a strand of hair from his head. 

 "Someone told me this once, there's a difference between being lucky and deserving. One's an accident, the other's a reward. Never get the two confused. Take that to heart young man. This gift, you earned it with your own valiant efforts." Midoriya gave a sharp nod, a look of determination on his face. All Might reached out his hand and held out the hair to him. 

"Eat this!" For some reason that I couldn't quite figure out, I burst out laughing. I started laughing so hard that I knew I ruined the moment, though Midoriya 's face itself probably ruined the moment, but I made it all the worse. 

 "To inherit my power you have to swallow some of my DNA, that's how it works," All Might said, scratching the back of his neck. 

"This isn't exactly how I imagined it!" 

 " Come on, there's no time! You'll be late for the exams and make (Y/n) late as well! Eat, eat eat! " Midoriya screamed and I went into another fit of laughter but I covered my mouth that time. He took the hair and stared at it for a moment before going up to where his bag was and putting his shirt on. All Might and I followed him up and he looked at the hair skeptically before cringing and sticking it in his mouth. I stuck out my tongue. 


He forcefully swallowed and shivered as it went down. 

"Good. You swallowed it, yes?"

"Yeah, but I don't feel like anything's different yet, " he said, looking at his hands. All Might let out a hearty laugh.

"Well of course not! Your body has to process the hair first." Ewww. "Hmm. It should kick in after two, maybe three hours." 

 "My stomach's in knots."  Understandable since you just ate a freaking piece of hair. He turned to me. "And we still have to shower and eat something before the exam." He began putting his backpack on . 

 "You have molded your body into a proper vessel, but you did it in a hurry so he cautious. You haven't even taken it for a test drive yet. The physical backlash of One for All can be intense. Threes no time to go into the fine details but take note." Midoriya nodded in understanding. 

 "Thank you, All Might. For everything. I won't let you down!" All Might smiled. 

 "That's the spirit! Good luck you two! " We waved at All Might and ran off. About two hours left until the exams. 

We both rushed through the rest of the morning and practically inhaled breakfast, hardly saying goodbye to Inko before we were out the door and on our way to UA. Before we left I was feeling alive and excited, but now all I felt was anxiety. I felt exactly like Midoriya. My stomach was in knots and I couldn't shake off the feeling that I was going to fail. And I was worried Midoriya might fail too. Not that I doubted him at all, but I couldn't remember how things went and it would break my heart of he failed. It then again, if his life had been a TV show like I remember telling him, they wouldn't make him fail would they? But people can be cruel. 

We showstopper in front of UA, both panting for breath. "We made it just in time," Midoriya said. I nodded. I knew he was anxious too. Before we left, he told me he didn't even think he had half a chance of passing, even with One for All. I told him I knew he would, even though I didn't know, but I didn't tell him how afraid I was of not passing. 

As we walked, Midoriya covered his mouth and made a face. "I swallowed the hair but I don't feel like anything amazing had happened to me yet," he mumbled. 

"Stupid Deku. " I whipped around just for my (e/c) eyes to meet piercing red ones. 

 "Kacchan," Midoriya said in surprise. "Bakugou," I growled under my breath. 

 "Get out of my way now before I set you on fire. Both of you, " he said, sending a glare my way. Midoriya immediately freaked out but I stayed calm, though in the inside I was already on fire. 

 "Oh hi good morning let's just both do our best out there okay good luck!" I raised an eyebrow. You've gotta stop freaking out whenever Bakugou says stuff to you. Midoriya paused and turned back around. He sighed heavily and dropped his shoulders. I put a hand on his arm and smiled. 

"Come, let's go." He smiled and made a looking determination as he straighter himself. I let my hand drop to my side and nodded. We turned, but Midoriya's legs started shaking and he tripped over his own feet and began falling. I reached for him, but someone's hand brushed against his arm and he stopped in mid air. I raised an eyebrow and turned to see and girl with short brown hair and a cute face smiling at him. I know her... I thought. 

 "Are you okay?" She asked. His eyes widened and he started freaking out again. She put her hand on his arm and his feet landed on the ground. She put her hands together and smiled. "I stopped you with my quirk. Sorry I didn't ask first. But I figured you wouldn't mind me catching you." I felt like I was fading into the background as Midoriya's face turned red and she continued talking to him. Uraraka. How the hell did I know her name? 

 "Isn't this all like way nerve wracking?" 

 "Uh...I..I.. " 

"Well, guess I'll see you inside! Bye!" She waved at him and he looked completely zoned out, that he practically squealed. I hadn't seen him make that reaction to somebody since be I first met him ten months ago. It's not like she was the first girl to talk to him... Or was it the fact that she was the only girl who willingly put herself into a position to talk to him? I just showed up at his house. Of course he would be happy. You're over thinking this, I told myself. 

But even though she was gone, I still felt a twinge of jealousy as we walked in to the exam orientation. 

Chapter Text

(Y/n) and Midoriya sat down next to each other. She felt extremely anxious but after taking a few deep breaths, she managed to calm herself. She wasn't sure how she did on the written exam, but she knew she probably barely passed, and now that it was coming to the physical exam, she had no idea how she would do. I hope my shadow armor can hold up a bit longer than usual. 

"What's up UA candidates? Thanks for tuning in to me, your school DJ! Come on a let me here ya!" A man with spiky blond hair and sunglasses shouted. All he received was silence. Present Mic, (Y/n) thought. Another person I don't know but remember. Maybe my memories aren't completely gone.  "Keeping it mellow, huh? That's fine I'll skip to the main show. Let's talk about how this practical exam is gonna go down, okay? ARE YOU READY?" He was very enthusiastic, but was met with silence once again. Obviously everybody was tense. Except for maybe Midoriya, who was freaking out beside (Y/n). 

 "Oh my goodness it's the voice hero Present Mic! So cool! I listen to his radio show every day of the week! It's so crazy that all the UA teachers are pro heroes!" Bakugou, who was seated beside him was visibly annoyed. 

 "Will you shut up," he growled. (Y/n) glared at him. 

 "Quit it Bakugou," she snapped. 

 "Like your applications said, today you rocking boys and girls will be out there conducting ten minute mock battles in super hip urban settings!" Pictures appeared on the screens as Present Mic explained what they would do. They pulled out cards that looked similar to driver's licenses and looked at them. 

 "I see," Bakugou said suddenly, startling Midoriya. "They're splitting us up so we can't work with any of our friends. 

"Yeah, you're right. Our examinee numbers are one after the other but we're assigned to different battle centers." 

 "Get your eyes off my card. Damn. I was really looking forward to crushing you. " (Y/n)'s eyes widened. 

 "Wait, Izuku,  what battle center are you in?" She asked. She glanced at his card. Battle center B. She looked at hers. Battle center C. "Crap. We're split up. Looks like I'll see you afterwards," she said , disappointment lacing her voice. 

 "Okay, okay, let's check out your targets! There are three types of faux villains in every battle center. You'll earn points based on their level of difficulty so better choose wisely! Your goal in this trial is to use your quirk to raise your score by shredding these faux villains like a mid song guitar solo! But check it! Make sure you're keeping things heroic! Attacking other examinees is a UA no no, ya dig?" 

 Suddenly  someone stood up a row in front of Midoriya and (Y/n) and raised his hand. "Excuse me sir but I have a question!" Tenya Iida. Dang it! Maybe part of my quirk is automatically knowing people's names! That would be so useless though. "On the print out you listed four types of villains, not three. With all respect, if this is an error on UA materials, it is shameful. We are exemplary students. We expect the best from Japan's most notable schools. A mistake such as this won't do!" He suddenly spun around and pointed a finger at Midoriya. "Additionally you with the unkempt hair! You've been muttering this entire time. Stop that. If you can't bother to take this seriously, leave. You're distracting the rest of us." Midoriya covered his mouth in shock and embarrassment and mumbled a 'sorry.' 

 Present Mic went on to explain that the extra 'villain' was just that, an extra. It cost zero points but was by far the largest, and he said it would be best to run away. (Y/n) took that to heart, making she would definitely remember to run away. The guy thanked him and say back down. 

 "That's all I got for you today! I'll sign off with a little present. A sample of our school motto! As General Napoleon Bonaparte once laid down, a true hero is one who overcomes life's misfortunes. Mhm! Now that's a tasty sound bite. You ready to go beyond? Let's hear a plus ultra!" Dang, with all these silences, I'd be really bummed out, thought (Y/n). "Good luck! Hope you practiced more than just books!"

(Y/n) took a few deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves. She felt slightly trapped with so many people surrounding her. It was crazy just how many people really wanted to get in to UA. People from all around the world, no doubt. They couldn't all be from Japan, right? 

She closed her eyes and clenched her fists. Just breathe. No matter what happens, Izuku said he would be there for me. He'll be there. Suddenly someone bumped in to her and she nearly fell over. 

 "Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" someone asked. (Y/n) opened her eyes and saw a girl the exact same height as Midoriya standing next to her. She had light brown hair with faint blonde highlights and greyish blue eyes. (Y/n) smiled and nodded. 

 "Don't worry about it," she said. "I had my eyes closed and was thinking, and it's really crowded here." The other girl sighed with relief. 

"Oh, that's good. I'm really sorry. I should be paying more attention. If I ever get the chance to become a hero I'll have to make myself Miss Clumsy." She laughed and so did (Y/n).

"If anyone's clumsy, it's me," she said. "I'm (Y/n) (L/n)." She put out her hand and the other girl smiled and shook it. 

"Laura Kimura. I don't have a traditional Japanese name because my parents wanted something out of the ordinary," Kimura explained. (Y/n) nodded and smiled. 

"Nice to meet you Kimura," she replied. 

"You too, (L/n)." She smiled. 

 "Right, let's start!" Everyone turned their attention to the sound of Present Mic's voice. "Get moving! Go, go, go!!" And just like that everyone was running towards the entrance. (Y/n)'s eyes widened and she raced off towards the entrance. "Okay, I have to try to aim for the robots with the highest amount of points, but those will use up most of my energy and I can only use my shadow armor for a few minutes. I'm a lot stronger than I used to be but probably not strong enough to destroy one of these bigger robots with my own strength. Maybe I can crush some of the smaller ones by jumping and landing a precise kick...yeah that might work, they're pretty weak." 

"What are you mumbling about you weirdo?" A guy asked, which caused (Y/n) to yelp. He laughed and ran ahead, crushing a robot that just came from behind a building. I guess I've picked up Midoriya's habit of mumbling what I'm thinking. She twisted around as a loud screeching sounded behind her. A three pointer! She smiled and put her hands together in front of her. The shadows from around the buildings disappeared and collected around her body like a coat of armor and she balled her fists. 

 "Take this!" She jumped into the air and came crashing down on the robot, smashing in the metal plates all over it. "You're out of commission!" She ran foreward, still protected by the shadows. Two more came out in front of her, this time one and two pointers. She sent a punch in to one and jumped and landing on another. "Six points," she said to herself. The shadows around her began to fade and she sighed, feeling weaker. "Only three robots and I'm already beat." She let the rest of the shadows go so not to expend more energy and went after another. She jumped up on top of one and held on to it with all her might, then pulled it down, breaking it in the process. She wiped sweat off her forehead. "Good thing these are pretty weak," she said. 

After a few minutes went by, she was able to use her quirk, but only to reinforce her arms. She broke down seven more before she heard a loud boom. Her heart raced and she turned around, her eyes widening at what she saw. "The zero pointer, " she gasped. It was enormous, and it looked terrifying. Crashing through the streets, destroying building with every movement it made. Run. She raced foreward, her instincts kicking in. She thought she wouldn't have been able to move out of fear, but her heart was pumping so fast that she automatically ran without thinking. "I still need to get more points! Only 26! I just need to destroy a few more!" She ran as fast as she could, ignoring everyone around her until she came upon a three pointer that was untouched. Crashing could still be heard and she knew that the zero pointer hadn't been destroyed, so she needed to be quick. It was in a dark alley way , and the darkness made it easier to use her quirk. She surrounded herself with the shadows and smashed the thing with two punches. She shook her stinging fists. Even with the protective shadows, she was still bruising. 

She left the alleyway and came upon another that someone else was going after. She looked around frantically before rushing forward and tackling the robot. "This one's mine!!" She yelled. She grabbed it's head and pulled with all her might. "Yes!" She jumped down. The guy who had been going for it suddenly ran away and she had a guess why. She turned around to see the zero pointer approaching. No one had destroyed it. 

(Y/n) panicked. The shadows left her and she stood there unprotected. Unlike before, she was frozen. She couldn't move at all. Fear took over her and she closed her eyes. But then she heard a strange clanking sound. She opened her eyes and saw a part of the machine begin to change, like it was being turned from metal to...rock? It stopped in its tracks as it transformed into a big pile of rock. She stared in shock. Someone climbed on to the top of the pile and put their hands on their hips. "Best that suckers!" She jumped down. It was Kimura. 

 "And that's it. Time's up!!!" Present Mic shouted. (Y/n) sighed. In the end she ended up with 32 points, and she didn't know if that was enough to pass but it was better than she expected. At least she didn't fail completely. 

"Nice job with that zero pointer," (Y/n) said with a smile as Kimura walked up. She nodded. 

"Thanks. My quirk is matter manipulation. I can manipulate any non living matter to change into a different material. Mostly rock and metal though." 

"That's really cool. Shadow manipulation, here, " (Y/n) said, pointing to herself. 

"Awesome. Hopefully we both pass! I'm looking forward to seeing you again." She smiled warmly and (Y/n) nodded. 

 "You too!" 

~Reader's Pov.~

"Izuku. Snap out of it. Izuku!" Midoriya looked up. I have him a worried look and Inko seemed extremely concerned. "Why are you smiling at that fish? Should I be worried about you honey?" 

"Oh sorry, no I just spaced out for a minute!" Midoriya exclaimed. He started eating but Inko didn't exactly look convinced. 

"You keep spacing out," I said chuckling. "I know you'll get in. I mean, I don't know, I just have this feeling." I had been telling him that for the last week ever since we completed the exams. We were both waiting for our results and he was far more worried than I. He hadn't gotten any villain points but he had saved that girl Uraraka. That had to count for something. 

Midoriya sighed heavily, and I had to do the same. It was so boring just eaiting, but I knew that's not why he was sighed. "I know. Waiting for the results is terrible," Inko said. Midoriya looked down. 

 "I guess. " I put a hand on his shoulder. 

 "No matter what I just want you to know I'm proud of you and I think you're really cool sweety!" 

 "Sure." I sighed as she left the room. 

"I agree with her. You are amazing, " I told him. I barely got a reaction out of him. He simply nodded. I would have expected him to at least get slightly nervous or seem flattered in some way like he usually was when I complimented him. This made me sad. He picked up his dumbbell and started absent-mindedly lifting it. A pained look came over his face and I was about to say something comforting when Inko burst through the door. 

 "A letter! Izuku they came, Izuku look! You got a letter! They're here! The test results! From UA! And there's one for you too, (L/n)!" We took the letters and both went away to our separate rooms. I could hear Inko pacing outside. I ripped mine open and a hologram projected on to the wall. To my surprise, All Might appeared.

 "(Y/n) (L/n)! With great power comes great responsibility! Young lady, you have proved yourself. You passed the written exam, though just by a hair." I cringed. I knew that was coming. One more wrong problem and I would've failed. "But you did wonderful on the practical exam! You passed! UA welcomes you with open arms!" My eyes widen and it turned off. I passed. I actually passed! I leapt up into the air, years stinging my eyes. 

"Thank you," I whimpered . "Thank you, All Might." 

I walked out of my room and stood next to Inko. "I passed," I said with a smile. She smiled brightly and hugged me. 

"Oh that's wonderful! I'm still waiting for Izuku. He's been in there for a while. " I nodded and joined her in her pacing. The door to his room opened and we stopped, looking at him expectantly. His face lit up, and he smiled a smile that made me fall for him all over again and I felt my cheeks heat up. Inko's eyes teared up and she hugged Midoriya. 

"Oh my baby!!" He laughed and hugged her back and I don't think I'd ever seen him look happier. 

" Did you pass, (Y/n)? " he asked, looking over Inko's shoulder. I looked down. 

 "Well.. " He gave me a worried look but then I smiled and looked up at him. "Would I look this happy if I didn't?" I laughed and rushed forward, joining his mother in hugging him. " We're going to UA! We're gonna be heroes!" 

Chapter Text

~ Reader's Pov~

I packed my bag quickly and pulled in my shoes. I was so jittery that I felt like I had drank five cups of coffee but I hadn't even had an ounce of caffeine that morning. It was our first day at UA and I was incredibly anxious. I wanted to scream but I had to keep it all in. 

 "Izuku, you're all set?" 


 "Are you sure? You didn't just pack action figures right?" Midoriya looked slightly annoyed, which was rare for him when it came to his mom. I could tell that he was anxious too, probably over thinking everything right at that moment. 

 "I have everything! Now I gotta go. I don't wanna be late." He picked up his backpack when we began to walk outside. 

 "Izuku!" Midoriya sighed as he opened the door. 


 "I'm really proud of you son," she said lovingly. His eyes widened and he smiled. 

 "I'll see you soon," he said, his tone sounding much happier. I smiled at him when he wasn't looking as we walked outside. He really loved her. I looked down as I thought of that. It wasn't time to be thinking depressing thoughts and though I'm happy he has his mother with him, I'm slightly jealous. I feel like I've been an orphan all my life, though somehow I know I haven't. I don't remember the feeling of having a mother, or even a father. I just know that I loved her with all my heart. 

 "Isn't it great that we got in the same class?" I asked with a smile. Midoriya nodded. 

 "Yeah! I'm really glad," he said, a slight blush creeping up his cheeks. "Now let's see. Class 1-A, 1-A.... Come on where is it...? Ah! There!" He smiled and pointed to an enormous door. My jaw dropped. Giants? No, I feel like I know who's here. No giants. 

"The most promising students in the country are waiting behind this door, " he said to himself. His eyes widened for a second and he gasped suddenly, shaking his head. "Maybe they're in different classes. Maybe everyone here is nice." He walked inside, and we both widened our eyes to see Bakugou with his feet resting on the desk in front of him while the same guy who yelled at Midoriya for mumbling yelled at him to respect the property of UA. We stepped inside the classroom and suddenly everyone was quiet. 

 "It's him," Iida said. Everyone's attention turned to Midoriya and he tensed up. 

 "Uh, hi..!" He said nervously, looking away. I shyly waved at everyone. 

 "Good morning!"  the dark haired male said approaching the both of us. "My name is Tenya Iida—" 

 "Yeah! I know!" Midoriya exclaimed. "I-I'm Izuku Midoriya. It's super nice to meet you..." 

 "Midoriya. You realized that there was something more to the practical exam, didn't you?"

 " Huh? " 

 "You must be very perceptive.  And I completely misjudged you, and I admit as a student you are far superior to me!" This guy... 

 "Hey! I recognize that messed up hair!" I spun around to see the girl with the big brown eyes smiling at Midoriya. "Falling boy!"  Falling...boy? 

"Oh hey, hi! I should probably thank you for going in and talking to him." His face was turning red and he covered his eyes with his hands. I clenched my fists and tried my best to hire my jealousy. He just got nervous around girls, and it's not like I own him. If he likes someone else then fine. I can't change how he feels about me or anyone else. 

"How'd you know about that?" 

 "Oh, I—what?" 

 "What do you think we're doing today besides orientation? I wonder what our teachers are like I can't wait to meet everybody!"  Keep it together (Y/n). He doesn't even know her. He knows me. Not her. Me. 

 "If you're just here to make friends then you can pack up your stuff now." Everyone's eyes widened and we turned to see a man rolled up in a bright yellow sleeping bag who himself looked like he hadn't slept in ages. "Welcome to UA's hero course." He pulled out something that looked like a juice pouch and sucked it, which made everyone stare even more. It would be an understatement to say we appeared shocked. He stood up and unzipped the sleeping bag and sighed. "It took eight seconds before you all shut up. That's not gonna work. Time is precious. Rational students would understand that." There was another pause before he addressed everyone. " Hello, I'm Shota Aizawa. Your teacher. "Right, let's get to it. Put these on and head outside." He pulled out a blue white and red uniform from his sleeping bag. 

I took my uniform and headed to the changing room with the other girls. Suddenly one of the girls out her hand on my shoulder and I nearly jumped out of my skin. "(L/n)! We're in the same class!" She exclaimed . I looked up and saw Laura Kimura smiling at me. 

"That's awesome! Let's just hope we can survive it," I said. She nodded in agreement. 

 "This Aizawa guy seems...interesting." She chuckled slightly and I nodded. Interesting was one way to put it...

"A quirk assessment test!?" My heart raced. I wasn't ready for that. I could only use my shadow armor for a few minutes tops and it exhausted me.

 "UA is known for its freestyle education system. And that applies to us teacher as well," Mr. Aizawa said. I nodded slowly. He turned and looked at Bakugou. "Bakugou, how far could you throw in middle school?" he asked. 

 "About sixty-seven meters I think," he said. Aizawa nodded and threw him a ball with a blue ring around it. 

"Great. Now try it with your quirk. Do whatever you need to, just don't leave the circle. Give it all you've got." Bakugou warmed his arm up and smirked. He threw the ball as hard as he possibly could and at the last second created an explosion that sent it flying through the air at a crazy speed. 

"DIE!" He screamed. I widened my eyes.  What kind of a thing was that to say when throwing a fricking ball? 

 "It's important for us to know our limits," our teacher said. He showed us Bakugou's knew score, which was a whopping 705.2 meters. "That's the first rational step in figuring out what kind of hero you'll be." Bakugou certainly was amazing, no matter how much of a jerk he was. He had more drive than anyone I had ever seen, other than Midoriya. He was a never fading fire, and a dangerous one at that. Kind of like a forest fire. And if someone doesn't put some sort of barrier around him, he'll burn everything in his path. It will be good for him to be at this school. 

 "Whoa this is awesome!" "So we can use our quirks for real!! Man, the hero course is great!" 

"Awesome you say..." He mumbled. "You're hoping to become heroes here after three years? And you think it'll all be fun and games?" Everyone turned their attention to him, their good mood suddenly turned serious in just a few seconds. " Right. The one with the lowest score across all eight events will be judged hopeless. And will be expelled." He lifted his hair up and made a crazy smile. "Your gates are in our hands. Welcome, this is the hero course at UA high!"

If our moods had been dampened before, that one sentence completely destroyed them. He has to be joking. He can't be serious. I started to panic. I couldn't even think about how I would manage to pass. I wasn't the strongest person, so I knew I would fail at everything. What was I going to do? I looked over at Midoriya who had to be internally panicking. 

Don't worry, Izuku. We'll both pass this if I have anything to say about it.  

Chapter Text

~Reader's Pov~

"It's only the first day! I mean, even if it weren't, that's totally unfair!" Someone yelled. Aizawa looked at them sternly. 

 "Natural disasters, rampaging villains, calamity is always right around the corner. Do you think that's fair?" He asked seriously. No one replied and I looked down. "Heroes are the ones that correct that unfairness. If you were hoping to spend your evenings hanging out at McDonald's, I'm sorry to tell you that for the next three years, UA will run you through the wringer. That's Plus Ultra. Use your strength to overcome it all. So being it." 

First was the fifty meter dash. I was paired up against Laura, and I beat her by one second. It took me 6.57 seconds, and took her 7.54 seconds. I was already out of breath just from that so I couldn't even imagine how sore and tired I would be after it was all over. Next was grip strength. I got 43 KG in middle school, now I 82 KG, which surprised me. I was even better than Midoriya, which was a shocker, considering he was really buff. The only reason I could was because of my shadow armor, which I used only in my arm.

The third event was the standing long jump, which I feild miserably and ended up only looking stupid when I attempted it. In the fourth we had side stepping, which I was surprisingly good at. 

Then the ball toss. I managed to throw it a good 105.7 meters, but once again thanks to my shadow armor. Without it I was weak. I thought I had done well, then Uraraka shocked everyone by getting... "INFINITY!?" She smiled, looking happy with herself and I was in awe. How does someone get infinity?

I took a deep breath as Midoriya stepped up. he felt nervous, and I was nervous for him. The only way for him to get a good score was to use One for All, and the last time he had used it, he ended up breaking both legs and his arm then he passed out. I didn't want to watch, but I knew he needed encouragement. I gave him a thumbs up and smiled reassuringly. "You can do it," I whispered. He smiled back at me and cranked up, preparing himself to fire. He swung his arm and threw the ball as hard as he could. 

My eyebrows raised when it landed only fourty-six meters away. I stared at him, feeling absolutely terrible for him. "What...I was trying to use it..." he said in confusion, staring at his hands. 

"I erased your quirk," Mr. Aizawa suddenly said. I turned to look at him and I yelped in surprise. His hair was floating high in the air and his eyes were glowing a menacing red. To say he looked intimidating would be an understatement. 

"Erased...what? How the heck did you erase his quirk??" I asked. He ignored me and went back to focusing on Midoriya.

"That ridiculous entrance exam..." he said. "Completely irrational when you consider someone like you got in." Midoriya stared at him, his jaw dropped and I was too horrified for words. To think that he didn't think Midoriya had a right to get in upset me probably more than it upset Midoriya himself. 

"Erased...those goggles. Of course...! His quirk nullifies others' quirks just by looking at them! He's the eraser hero, Eraser Head!" he exclaimed. I tilted my head to the side and tried to remember where I had heard that name. I couldn't think of any place I had heard it, but then I realized that I did know his name in fact, even though I had never heard it mentioned while I was with Midoriya. 

"I saw it," Mr. Aizawa said, "how you can't control your quirk. You'd just be incapacitated again. Were you hoping someone would step in and help afterwards?" He wrapped the scarf around his neck around Midoriya and pulled him closer to him so he could glare right into his soul. "Whatever you were planning, it would have inconvenienced those around you. Way back when, a certain hot-blooded hero saved over a thousand people during a disaster. He made himself a legend. You've got the same reckless streak, but... You're totally useless after saving a single person. Izuku Midoriya. You cannot become a hero with that power of yours." I opened my mouth to yell something at him, but something inside of me told me just to leave it. I felt an arrow stab through my heart. He had no idea how hard Midoriya had worked to get into the hero course. He didn't know the truth behind his power. Aizawa sighed and his eyes stopped glowing and his hair fell back down. "You've got your quirk back. Give it another go. Let's get this over with."

Midoriya walked back up to the circle, ball in hand, looking a lot more down. I bit my lip. You've got this, Izuku. You've got this. I clenched my fists in anticipation and waited as he threw his arm back. I saw the fire in his eyes at that moment. My heart raced at the look of determination in his eyes. "Izuku..." I whispered. It all went in slow motion. He threw the ball and for a split second I saw a small glow come from his hand. The ball flew high into the air and Aizawa showed the number. 705.3 meters! Higher than Bakugou. 

"Sensei...I...can still move," Midoriya said, squeezing his fist together with a painful smile. 

"Izuku!" I yelled waving my arm with a wide smile on my face. "That was amazing! Way to go!!" He smiled brightly at me and I saw a faint blush appear on his face, which caused me to blush and I immediately calmed myself down. Bakugou looked like he was about to have a fit. He blasted through the air and my eyes widened. 

"What the hell!!! Explain yourself Deku!!" he screamed. Before he reached Midoriya, Aizawa held him back. "The...cloth...It's stiff!" Bakugou exclaimed. 

"It's a capture weapon made of carbon fibers and special alloy wire. Geez. Stop using your quirk already. I'm getting dry eye over here. What a waist of time. Prepare for the next event." He let Bakugou go.

"Is your finger okay?" I heard Uraraka ask before I reached Midoriya. I stopped in my tracks and gritted my teeth. I was going to ask him that. Of course it isn't, it's the color of an eggplant! I took a few deep breaths and felt a lump in my throat. Stop it (Y/n). You have to stop it! Don't cry! He doesn't belong to you. 

The rest of the events went by quickly and I scored pretty high. I felt bad for Midoriya, knowing if he didn't have such intense pain in his finger he would've done much better, but with what he scored during the ball toss, I was sure he wouldn't be last. It would probably be me.

Aizawa showed us the results and I scanned the results. Second to last place. I sighed with relief and wiped the sweat off my forehead. Then my eyes moved downward, and my face paled when I saw Midoriya's name at the bottom of the list. No... He looked practically devasted and it took all my willpower not to hug him. I put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it slightly. 

Aizawa turned it off. "Also I was lying about expelling someone. that was just a rational deception meant to bring out the best in all of you." He smiled crazily and I felt like I was gonna tumble over from shock. Midoriya screamed and look of horror covered his face. A girl with a long black ponytail said she knew all along, and how I wished she had told me. but then again, it really did bring out the best in me I suppose.

The teacher handed a note to Midoriya to bring to recovery girl and he went off to see her. I knew he would be in good hands, so I didn't worry too much about him and headed off. 

Later, Midoriya came out, looking absolutely exhausted. When I spotted him, I ran over to him. "Hey, Izuku! How are you feeling?" I asked with a smile. Her have me a weak, tired smile and nodded. 

"Yeah, I'm fine, just really tired. Recovery Girl's quirk makes it so that my body speeds up the healing process but that makes me...really tired," he responded. I nodded, when Iida suddenly ran over and stopped in front of Midoriya. 

 "Midoriya, how's the finger?" he asked. 

 "Oh, it's fine," he said. Iida went on to ramble about how Aizawa tricked us all but I focused on Midoriya. The way he smiled at Iida as he talked and the light in his eyes. He really was precious. Just being near him made me happy. That feeling was crushed though, when I heard Uraraka yell to us. 

"Hey! You three! Heading to the station? Wait up!" She ran over to us and stopped with a smile. I sighed. She was so nice, yet I was growing to dislike her simply because Midoriya got shy around her. That wasn't fair of me. So instead of drowning or giving her the could shoulder, I smiled. 

 "Infinity girl?" Iida said. 

 " I'm Uraraka Ochako. You're...Tenya Iida, (Y/n)...(L/n) and Midoriya...Deku right?" Midoriya's eyes widened. 

"Deku!?" He exclaimed. 

" Um, yeah, during the test that Bakugou guy said, 'DAMN YOU DEKU!' right?" I winced. 

"Oh, my real name is Izuku. 'Deku' is just Kacchan being a bully," he said sadly. 

"Oh sorry! But, Deku, I kind of like it! It sounds like a perfect hero name!" 

"Deku it is then!" My eyes widened. I felt insulted, hurt. It was dumb, but she was the only one allowed to call him Deku? What about me? Would he let me call him Deku? I didn't bother asking. Instead, I faded into quietness and became completely left out. I was silent the rest of the way home. 

Chapter Text

~Author's Pov~

(Y/n) sat silently at the table, only glancing up to ask for something. Midoriya was slightly worried about her. What if she got hurt during the test, or what if she was sick and didn't tell him? What if he had done something to make her upset? What if she was losing more of her memories? 

 "Izuku, you're mumbling again." Midoriya snapped his head upwards and when he saw (Y/n) smirking softly at him, he blushed and chuckled gentle. 

 "Uh, heh, yeah, I guess I was," he said scratching his hair. She shook her head and sighed. "I really should get out of that habit." (Y/n) smiled.

 "You're fine, Izuku," she said. They finished their meal in silence, Midoriya occasionally looking up at (Y/n). He still felt like something wasn't right with her and it worried him. But then again, he could just be making a big deal out of nothing. What did he know about girls anyway? 

As they put their dishes away, he sighed and bit his lip, making it his decision to talk to her. He was striving to be the number one hero one day. If he left (Y/n) feeling upset, that would make him so much less of a hero. No matter what was going on with someone, he felt that if he could help, he should, even if they didn't want his help. And he was very curious. 

 "Hey, (Y/n), can I maybe talk to you for a second?" Midoriya asked. (Y/n) set her bowl in the drying rack and nodded.

 "Yeah, sure." The two walked  down the short hall to Midoriya's room and they walked inside. Midoriya closed the door behind him and say on the edge of his bed next to (Y/n). 

 "What did you want to talk to me about?" she asked after a moment of silence went by. She tilted her head ever so slightly. Midoriya fiddled with his fingers and sighed softly.

 "Well, the whole way back from school you didn't say a word...and during dinner you were just quiet too. Did I say something wrong? Or do something? I really didn't mean to upset you," he said quietly. (Y/n) put her hand on his shoulder for a second, then let it all back to her side. 

 "Izuku, it's not your fault," (Y/n) said. Then she sighed. "Well... I guess I'm kind of jealous," she admitted. Midoriya turned to her, his eyes wide. 

 "Jealous? What do you mean?" (Y/n) fiddled with the hem of her shirt and not the edge of her lip, trying to think of how to reply. Admitting to bring jealous came out before she could think of why she was jealous. Or at least what to tell him. She knew why she was jealous but it went deeper than what she wanted him to know. 

 "Its just, we've been friends for a really long time, an entire year! But as soon as you met Iida and Uraraka at school today you basically ignored me. I became like a fourth wheel or something and I didn't feel like I fit in at all. A-and, you're the only friend I have here so it just hurt and I've felt so lonely while I've been here at times. It sounds so selfish of me I know." Midoriya was quiet for a moment as he looked down at his lap but then he turned and looked at her. 

 "Its not selfish. I know what it feels like to be...left out," Midoriya replied. "I-I didn't mean to upset you. You're my best friend. And you've been! But I got excited when finally someone else didn't seem to care if I was smaller, or weaker or plain looking," he said. " I mean, you already got a chance to sort of know me when you were in your world. So when someone who really didn't know me, I just felt, excited. I didn't mean to ignore you! I would never do that. It's just so strange, all this is new to me." (Y/n)'s expression changed from hurt to having a sympathetic smile. 

"I get it. Now I kind of feel bad. It's awesome that people are finally appreciating you for being you. Because you're awesome." She leaned over and wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace and he stiffened. 

"Oh, uh, th-thanks. S-so are you." He blushed darkly and hid his face so she wouldn't see. 

 "Thanks. But hold on, I want to cover one thing. Why the neck did you let Uraraka call you Deku but I only get to call you Izuku?" She let go of his and made a pouty face. 

 "Um, well, sh-she, I mean you were the first girl to talk to me b-but we know each other really well and I just got really surprised w-when I wasn't hearing it as an insult I guess," he stuttered. (Y/n) giggled. He is so cute when he stutters. I can't be mad at him when he's this adorable. 

 "Its okay. I think the nickname Deku is really cute honestly," she said. She almost covered her mouth, not meaning to let that out. Her cheeks turned pink and she had to use all her willpower not to get up and run out of the room right then and there. But  when she saw Midoriya's face turn red and he looked to the side, she decided to stay, even though her heart was racing. 

 "Wait you do!? I, uh, I guess you can call me Deku too, if you really want to." He ran his hand through his curly hair. 

 "Okay. We're good now. You really are the sweetest person you know." She smiled softly at him and his eyes widened and his blush darkened. 

 " U-uh, thanks." He stated in her eyes, neither of them turning away or backing up. (Y/n)'s heart thumped wildly in her chest as they inched closer, until their noses were almost touching. She could feel his breath on her face, but just as they were about to close the gap, the door opened. The two yelped and jumped apart, covering their blushing faces with their hands. 

 "Izuku! I was wondering if you could—oh, um, perhaps I should go...." Inko cleared her throat uncomfortably. (Y/n) felt like she could die right at that very moment and wished a hole would open up in the ground and swallow her up. Midoriya wondered why in the world he was compelled to do such a thing without asking especially since he continuously denied that he had any feelings for her. 

 "Ah, no I can help! Just I'll be right there," he said. She nodded after giving him a skeptical lool and walked out, leaving the door opened. He sighed and smiled sheepishly at (Y/n).

"Sorry about that (Y/n), I don't know what came over me." 

 "Yeah! S-same here, that was weird," she said, chuckling. "Let's just forget about it." 

"Y-yeah. I'll go help my mom now." He stood up and walked towards the door and (Y/n) nodded. 

"I should go study a bit." 

(Y/n) paced her room anxiously, over thinking every conversation she had ever had with Midoriya and every interaction she had with him. Her face was still burning from being so close to kissing close.

"Ugh, stupid stupid stupid!" (Y/n) groaned. "I can't believe I did that! Now things are gonna be so awkward between us." "No, things are only awkward if you make them awkward. Doo I'll just have to act like it never happened. Right. It never happened! If I can forget about my entire life, then I can forget about one little incident." She sighed heavily and laid down on her bed. She glanced up at the clock in her wall and held back a screech. 

"Oh my gosh! I didn't realize how late it was. I need to sleep. We have school tomorrow," she said. She flicked off the light in her bedroom and sighed deeply as drowsiness began to settle in. Her eyes slowly fluttered shut and she fell asleep, hoping that what had happened was only an embarrassing dream. 

~Reader's Pov~

I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes. As my mind awoke I remembered the almost kiss that happened yesterday and cringed. Act like it never happened. I slipped out of bed and changed into my school uniform. I walked out to the bathroom and got myself mostly ready then went out to meet Midoriya for breakfast. 

 "Good morning, (Y/n), how did you sleep?" Inko asked. I smiled slightly as I began to eat the food set before me.

 "Like a rock," I replied. Inko looked up at both of us.

"Know what you'll be doing today?" she asked

"I'm not sure, " I said, shrugging. "Deku?" I turned my attention to him and his face scrunched up and he scratched his head.

"Oh, um, no I don't think they tell us. Our training yesterday was a complete surprise and a big scare honestly." I chuckled dryly remembering what Aizawa had done to us yesterday, in our first day no less. 

"Tell me about it, " I said shaking my head. 

We made our way through our breakfast then finished getting ready. I packed my backpack and pulled on my shoes. I waved at Inko with a smile as I walked out the door with Midoriya.

 "Alright, I'll see you later, Mom!" Midoriya yelled. He waved with a bright smile and Inko waved 

 "Bye! Be careful!" Midoriya and I glanced at each other and smiled.

"We will!" we exclaimed in unison. We walked outside and closed the door behind us.

Along with homeroom, we had some pretty normal all together boring classes, such as English with Present Mic. The next class we had was more interesting however, with All Might being the teacher. 

 "No time to dally!" All Might said. "Today's activity is battle training! And for that you need these!" My eyes widened. Costumes! When we registered, we had to send in costume forms. Mine was better than I had expected. It was dark purple with a silver mask that I remembered being similar to someone else's but I couldn't put my finger on it. It has a good and long black gloves that went to my elbows. The fabric itself was breathable and stretchy, perfect for quick movement and flexibility. The black and dark purple colors were there to enhance the performance of my shadow manipulation since it worked better in the dark. 

We were doing indoor training, splitting up into teams of two, heroes and villains. I was in a team with Kimura against the earphone girl, Jiro and Kaminari.

Midoriya was with Uraraka, which frustrated me slightly, but it wasn't his choice so I couldn't blame him. I was worried he might get injured when I found out he was fighting Bakugou and Iida. They were both amazing fighters with very strong quirks and Midoriya couldn't even use his quirk without breaking his bones. But he was smart and still strong even without his quirk so I held onto hope that he would be able to beat Bakugou, and silently prayed that Bakugou wouldn't hurt him.

I anxiously watched as their fight progressed, my heart nearly jumping out of it's chest when Bakugou jumped out of nowhere and blasted him. Near the end I was practically in tears by how worried I was, wishing All Might would end the fight. "All Might, Bakugou is going to kill him!" I exclaimed. Kimura glanced over at me. 

"You two are good friends aren't you?" she asked. I nodded slowly, remembering how close we came to kissing. Almost more than friendsfriends. 

"The best. And Bakugou hated him. They're both going to end up seriously injured, " I said quietly. She put a hand on my shoulder and smiled. 

"I think he'll pull through. But he has to use his quirk...otherwise..." 

"He can't win."

I watched Bakugou blast him from behind and covered my mouth. I bit my lip as they continued battling. Come on can do this. My eyes widened as Midoriya sent a punch into the ground. It shook the whole building and sent a blast just like All Might's into the air, blasting a hole through the ceiling. 

 "He..had a plan all along?" I gasped as I turned my attention to Uraraka who sent rocks flying at Iida then floated over to the weapon and...touched it! "They won! Yes! Go Deku!" I pumped my fist and got a few weird looks from some of my classmates but I didn't care. As soon as my excitement died down, sorry washed over me when I saw how injured Midoriya was. He was taken away in a stretcher and that made me feel panicked inside, but I knew with Recovery Girl he was in good hands.

It turned out that Kimura and I were a really good team, and we ended up defeating the heroes. I felt bad being a villain, but we still learned some valuable hero lessons.

After classes, Midoriya came back and my heart leapt when I saw him. I smiled at him and waved, but frowned when I saw his arm was in a cast. "She didn't heal you?" I asked. 

 "I'm really worn out so she couldn't fully heal me. Hey, has anyone seen Kacchan?" 

"Yeah, you just missed him—" Midoriya's eyes widened. 

"Okay, I gotta go!" He ran out the door and my eyebrows raised. 

I walked over to the window to see him begin talking to Bakugou . I couldn't tell what they were saying, but Bakugou didn't seem too happy about it. As Bakugou began to walk away, All Might walked out and said something to him then began to talk to Midoriya. I bit my lip, wishing I could tell what exactly was going on. Sighing heavily, I walked away. I would just have to ask him myself.