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Sugar Honey

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Deep within his thoughts, concentrating, eyes scanning, and looming over the new script for the second season of “Sugar, Honey.”

A romantic comedy about a young omega, looking for his soul mate in the giant city of Tokyo. All the man has is a handkerchief that smells like the sweet, hormone enticing smell of honey and sugar and his nose to find the alpha, that has stolen his heart.    

It’s cheesy, easy to work with and is already a hit; both domestically and internationally with their first season coming out last fall. Now, almost a year later, everyone is still wanting to know what will happen between the main character Jun and is his soon-to-be lover Tomo.

The words blur in and out as Midoriya finally hits six hours of non-stop rehearsing the lines in his private office. White bunny slipper kicks furiously in the air and unkempt black, green highlighted kissed curls bounces with every kick.

Fingers digging deep underneath of his black leather medical collar that was laced tightly around his neck. In deep anger and frustration at not getting his lines down with ease. Normally, it'll take a week to learn. This particular page though has taken him nearly a month to get through and he's yet to finish the damn thing.

“Tomo, please wait!” He calls out to no one, except for the fictitious image of his co-star sitting on his desk right next to him. “I can explain-”

His co-star shakes his head, icy steel eyes in disbelief “I don’t have to listen to you. Give me one reason why I should?”

“Because Tomo, I- l- um, I- uh- fuck ,” He can never say it, even on set. The words I love you are so foreign to him. He gets tongue-tied, throat swells up and he has this strange urge to bury himself under a rock and become dust.

Because seriously?

Who can’t say I love you ?

The simplest of phases, even a child could say to their parents or to a childhood sweetheart. He’s even once said it to his own mother but now; it has become such a complex to him.

He will never cease to understand the complexities of the human brain and how it builds walls, instead of bridges on new and challenging life experiences.

Like saying “I love you, don't go Tomo” to his co-star.

He glances upward to his old fashion analog clock hanging above his doorway, ticking the night away without a second thought. “Nearly six in the morning, shit. Gotta get to the office at seven.” He mumbles under his breath.

The script gets thrown across and onto the desk, scattering the wavering image of his co-star into oblivion. He grunts in annoyance as he finally stands up from hours of sitting still, kicking his computer chair away on wobbly, and blood throbbing legs.

He should’ve known better than to sit for hours straight reading, anything. In just a couple of weeks is going to be his thirtieth birthday, and he’s definitely, not thrilled about hitting that milestone in his life.

Almost thirty, not married, not dating, no kids or pets, and hasn’t had sex in over a decade. He has definitely become very familiar and akin to with his own body's needs and wants in that decade of solitude and work.

It was fun but his touch gets old and tiresome. Something new, roaming fingers over his biceps and up to his jaw. His pointer tracing over soft lips lightly, statically causing sparks to shuffle through the touch of his fingers. Thinking about many nights of wanting to kiss, hold and snuggle with someone- who wanted to be there for him and him alone.

Would be rather- No, it'll be really nice.

He also barely has friends outside of his amazing and talented co-workers. Who all of them, have all of these things already, and therefore, don’t have much free time outside of work to hang out with him.

So, yay!

Thirty, alone in a giant three story, five bedrooms, three baths, a restaurant-style kitchen and personal gym penthouse located fifty stories above the Mustafa Tower in Tokyo Square. It looks over the energetic city. He also has too much money to spend in this or in his next lifetime. He needed someone or something to spend his money on.

Padded bunny slippers squeak every step he takes over to his balcony and a crippled, scarred covered hand slides the glass door open to look and embrace a city that never sleeps, just like him. The difference is the city doesn't sleep alone. Arms crossing over his bare chest, he leans against the cool metal door frame.

Midoriya rehearses a line to himself, “Loneliness adds beauty and sadness to life but with sadness comes beauty.” Emerald eyes dance across the city’s lights, through the bustling of congested traffic and commuters finally starting or ending their day.

How many will fall in love? How many will confess their feelings? Get rejected? Have their feelings returned?

How many are still lonely, even after the effects of falling in love?

“What is love anyway, besides the need to fulfill a biological urge to procreate and to form a pack?”

He scratches at his collar again. The damn thing has grown more and more bothersome as he ages, especially, within the last month.  

It has stopped his heats; his wants, desires, dreams for a mate, and kids of his own. It has done well for years with very little to no side effects, besides the occasional mood swing and dizzy spell. He doesn’t even remember what heats feel like.

The collar has done that wonderful of a job at pumping his body full of naltrexone. He hasn’t even produced or seen slick since his first injection at the age of eighteen.

He’s also one of the lucky ones, who haven’t had any of the insane and nearly deadly side effects. So, he hasn’t stopped taking it or even took his collar off since the age of twenty-five.

There’s probably some weird tan line underneath the damn collar as well from how long it's been there.

The ringing of his phone's alarm averts his attention away from the vermillion consuming city skyline. To the main task at hand.

Getting ready for another long tiresome day of work.



After another failed shoot of Midoriya not being able to say “I love you,”  To his co-star. He tries to quietly make an escape from the prying eyes of everyone on stage but, of course, he can never have it that easy.

“Deku!” A woman, his co-star, screams out happily as she jumped into his arms. Her chocolate colored round eyes, bouncy bob to match and rosy cheeks were pressed against his own.

She was always a sight for sore eyes as he squeezes her growing hips affectionately and spins her around the dressing room. He beams with laughter. “So, how’s the growing little guy, Uraraka?”

He drops her down back onto her feet to see and blushes over her growing stomach. She’s proudly adorning and showing off to him. He hesitates to touch, biologically his body wanted too. To feel life growing from nothing, but he couldn't push himself to touch her soft and delicately stretched skin.

Though he didn't have to make the decision for himself. Uraraka quickly grabbed his wavering hand and placed it against the warm skin. Spreading his fingers outwards, showing him it's okay.

“It’s fine if you wanna touch him, Deku. Little Tenten is doing amazingly well with his father being ever watchful of my diet and habits.” Uraraka chuckles and her smile was never wavering as he felt the tiny little kicks against his palm and fingertips.

It felt like a drum pounding against his touch, and he couldn’t help smile bitter-sweet at the strange feeling growing in his twisting gut. Pulling, his hand away and scratching the inside of his collar, he smiles genuinely at his friend. “He’s so big, and strong. I bet his big sisters Aiko and May must be thrilled about the third edition.”

“They are! Aiko is the most excited and May hasn't really voiced her opinion, but she keeps on trying to bring her baby doll everywhere and trying to practicing being a good big sister. Also, Deku-” She shyly looks away, face blooming up as she sees her husband Iida finally walk onto the set. He greets and waves at everyone as he steps closer to her and Midoriya.

She whispers, “Todoroki and Tenya really want to take you out tonight. Since you seem so stressed about not getting your lines down.”


The sharp, deadly glare he was given, quickly made him bite his tongue from speaking. “Look, don’t say you're fine. When you ain’t fine, Deku. You got bags under your eyes, like your planning on taking a trip to Slumberland at any minute now. We are all very worried and concerned for you."

"So, please let the guys take you out for the night. It’s been such a long time since you all got together and hung out. With everyone having kids, getting married and everything. You need-”

He slowly takes a step back, shaking his head and waving his hands about. “Seriously, Uraraka I’m-” An arm gets flung over his shoulder and he could smell the scent of mint and alpha spice flooding into his nose. It’d be arousing if Todoroki wasn’t mated and the omega wasn’t being suppressed by his medical collar. “Hi, Shouto."

“Izuku, you really have no choice in this matter. I’m taking you out on a date, whether you like it or not.” Todoroki smirks and winks at him. “It’ll be like we’re in high school together, again. Just me, you and Ka—”

He really didn't wanna hear the last name that he knew was gonna come out of Shouto's mouth. So, he quickly interrupts, “What about the kids? Momo just had her second child, right?”

He could definitely tell with the way Shouto's arm tightens around his shoulder that he didn't miss it at all.


“Apologies for interrupting you Midoriya but, Momo, Kaminari, and Occhan got the kids tonight. You don’t have to worry about them not being taken care of.” Iida informs him and grabs his wife’s hand before giving her a peck on the cheek.

Whispering loud enough for Midoriya’s ringing ears to hear, he could see the roses blooming all around them from the love they shared with each other. “Dinners already been made, the house has been cleaned and the kids are being watched by Kaminari ‘til you’re finally home, my dear.”

“I have such a wonderful and loving husband. How did I become so lucky?” Uraraka smiles and pecks his lips in gratefulness. Chuckling with warmth, she murmurs, “Love you, Tenya.” She glances at Midoriya and waves at him “Have fun Midoriya, and please, for the sake of getting wrinkles prematurely and ruining that face of yours- take a break, you really need it.”

"See ya’ you guys. Gotta go home before Kaminari teaches the kids about the ‘funs’ of sticking metal things into light sockets.”

Iida eyes grew wide in fear behind his glasses. “He wouldn’t, would he?”

“He made a forty thousand watt light bulb in his cellar to see what would happen. He blew the entire electrical grid of Tokyo. I don’t trust that man with anything that’s dealing with electricity.” Uraraka explained, crossing her arms over her chest.

“But he loves the kids and wouldn’t hurt-”

“The cops were after him for a year, Tenya and Midoriya, being the saint that he is,” She shoves a finger at Midoriya, “decided to harbor that dumbass for an entire year. o he wouldn’t get thrown into jail.”

Uraraka sighs and hugs her dear husband, burying her head into his chest. “I love that man, I trust him with my life, he loves the kids and would do everything to protect them. But he’s the smartest and dumbest person we know. And that’s too much of a dangerous combination to have, alone, watching Aiko and May.”

“I guess you're right. I see you at home in a bit.” He hugs Uraraka before letting her go, so she can get back to the kids. His wife waves at them frantically, before quickly racing off the set.

“Now,” Shouto smirks and pulls Midoriya closer to him. “Let’s see if we can get you finally laid.”

“Wait-” Midoriya’s face blossoms into blooms of heat and vermillion as he was dragged to the exit by both of his friends. Shouto’s arm over his shoulder and Iida’s own right over his. He was completely caged in by both sides by the two alphas. He tried to dig his soles into the concrete floors in hopes to not leave with them. “Wait- Shouto, Iida, where are we going?”

Neither of them answered. Both too excited to finally have a guys night out.    

“You guys, where are we going, please? I got lines to study, I have to work out, and check my emails-”


“A brothel, really?”

He could feel his eyes starting to water, pinching his nose from all the different and strange smells flowing all throughout the old bar and hotel complex. It smelt like lust, slick, rose and booze.

He glares at his two friends, who were eagerly asking for drinks at their table from the alphas and omegas dressed in nothing more than bathing suits? Whispering so the other occupants couldn’t hear, Midoriya mumbles, “You guys, please, I really don’t need this. Just let me go back to my studying and work.”

His eyes cautiously scan over the room. There were so many different types of bodies from the thick to the thin. They were all definitely the attractive variety, plucked from the finest vines of sex appeal. He squirms on the leather booth, legs tightly closed as one of the alpha waiters approach their table.

Blonde, tall, blue eyes and was wearing nothing more than a piece of fabric over his private parts, place some beer down for them. The blonde alpha wrinkles his nose and sniffs the air.

Sharp sky blue eyes stabbed into his soul as his nose trails to him, growling deep in his chest, causing all the heat in Midoriya’s body to go completely south. He Squirmed in his seat as the alpha directed all of his attention to him.

“Hi, I’m Monoma, and what is a cutie like you doing here? Shouldn’t you already be mated and raising some pups? Is your Alpha, or do I say a Beta, treating you poorly? They ain’t giving you what you really want, are they?”

Fingers brushed over his chin, Midoriya’s lips quiver, trying to find the words to answer Monoma’s questions. The blonde pulls him upwards, Monoma purrs thickly like syrup drizzling over his guts and it quickly kick starts Midoriya’s pounding heart and growing arousal. “And what would your name be, sweetheart?”

He couldn’t look away from the sky that was staring him down and swallowing his soul whole. If he did, he felt like he’ll be devoured. He mumbles “I- I um- I’m,” he swallows heavily, “Midoriya Izuku.”

He glances down to the pink, well-chewed lips and to his friends. Who were giving him a thumbs up. Probably, hoping, he’ll be the alpha to his omega, his other half or anything. Just that Midoriya Izuku will finally either get laid tonight or no longer be alone.

It was a hopeless endeavor.

Even, if he was aroused by the obvious affection from the alpha, none of this felt right. Despite his heart swayed to the sweet honey coated words, the warm fingers tracing over his jawline and the obvious attempt to get into his pants.

As the blonde casually sat down next to him, he nearly pulled Midoriya onto his lap. Fingers dance at his hip and played with the loops of his jeans.

Midoriya quickly pulls the fingers away, every attempt they try to drift farther up and around his hip. His heart was jackrabbiting itself out of his chest from being touched starved for so long, but he isn’t just going to give up his pride or virtue without a fight.  

“So, Midoriya~” Monoma hums and drops his fingers from his face, the other hand was still gently pressed to his side as he pours each of them a drink. Clear liquid drizzles into the ceramic glass before being handed onemMonoma taking the other for himself “So, why are you here?”

“My friends think I need a um- break,” Midoriya answers quietly, taking a sip, and glares at his troublesome friends from across the table.

“Oh, a workaholic? I see, no time for a relationship or fun.” The blonde smirks as he basically hits the nail on the head, startling Midoriya away from his current arousal. Monoma sings as he leans back and drinks the entire shot down in one breath. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Midoriya rolls his emerald eyes as the blonde alpha slams his cup to the table, flexing his muscles as he went, and trying oh-so-desperately to impress the omega within him.

It didn’t work.

Midoriya retorts back, not missing a single beat of this conversation “Well, all play and no work makes Jack a mere toy. And you look like you've been used quite a bit.”

He finishes his cup and smiles at the blonde’s fascinated and entertained look he was being given. He somehow manages to impress the alpha.

Gently, placing the cup back onto the table. “Look, Monoma, I will rather be a dull boy than a toy for someone to play with, get bored of, and then throw me away when I break or they no longer have a need for me.”

He stands up, despite his friends' dismay, and the almost flabbergasted and offended look Monoma was giving him.

It’s probably the first time in the alpha’s short life where he was ever rejected by an omega. It’ll probably be a good thing to know he ain’t always gonna get what he wants. He bows his head apologetically at the alpha. “I must apologize for possibly leading you on. But, I really don’t have the time for this.” Standing up and giving his friends a barely readable look.

“I understand your guys’ worries, but seriously. I am fine and don’t need to have an alpha or get laid right now. I just need to study more and work harder at my career. So, please have a good night you two, I’m heading home.”   

He walks out of the establishment without a second look back, taking a deep breath of crisp summer air. It wasn't exactly fresh since this is Tokyo, the toxic gas fumes still burn his nose hairs even after a decade living here but it’s nicer than smelling alpha, ruts, and slicks all over the place.

His steps through the congested city streets were weak and floaty. It felt like he wasn’t touching the ground as his foot rolled against the concrete. His heart was aching and it hurt so much. It felt like something was wrapping around the organ, tearing and constricting his ability to breath.

He understands his friends’ undying and growing worries, he really does, but the blind dates, the matchmaking services, the random hot alpha pizza man at his door when he didn't order pizza, and now this.

It’s getting to be too much for his little omega’s heart to take.

It didn't make the pain any less dreadful and painfully agonizing. He just wanted to be alone and have a career. It's easier than-

“Izuku!” A voice called out. "Please, wait!"

He stops in his tracks. Glancing behind his shoulder to see Shouto panting and sweating from the exertion of running to catch up with him.

“Why?" Icy steel eyes glisten in the city lights. His hands were shaking at his side. “Why? Why are you like this?” Midoriya chokes on the thickening of fluid, clogging his airways and laughs wetly because why?  Why indeed.

He didn't even realize he was in tears, sobbing, hiccuping coughs of uncertainty. Until, he brushed his hand over his cheeks.

“Yes, why?" Shouto asked, taking a step forward and Midoriya takes a step back. "It's been over a decade since you've been in a relationship.”

"And?” Midoriya retorts "This is my life-”

"I'm really, really getting concerned about the reason you have chosen to be alone for so long and have an aversion to relationships." Shouto keeps taking steps forward and Midoriya doesn't want any of it. “Is this about him? About-"

“Shut up!"

“Izuku, I have Katsuki's number. It's currently up to date. So, please talk-”

“This isn't about Kacchan!” He yells, tears involuntary rolling fatly down his cheeks.

“Then please tell me what this is about," Shouto softly asks and reaches his hands out for the older man, only for him to flinch away from the touch.

“I just want to have a career and be the best actor Japan has ever seen. I have to live up to Toshinori's image,  his standard of acting. I cannot fail his legacy.” He explains and hugs himself, trying to look as small as possible. Shivering, "Kacchan has nothing to do with my current state of being.”

“Then why can't you say I love you? You can't be a great actor like Toshinori if you can't even say that." Shouto says. “He was able to say it. He was able to pronounce it the world and have it true to his heart. You, you don’t bear that same resemblance. Not at your current state.”

Midoriya feels like his chest is constricting in on itself. Shouto wavers but remained confident in his stance. "The last person I've known you've ever said that to was him and I have never heard you say it again.”

“I'm telling you-"

“You’re telling me lies. You are clearly not fine, you haven't been fine since he left without a word. He left you all alone and went to the states with his father.” Shouto takes a deep breath before sighing out heavily like he’s finally releasing the leaded weight from his lungs. “You know he's back in Japan, right?”

Midoriya's eyes finally met Shouto's own and widen. He didn't think before he questions, “Wait, what? Since, when?" Heart racing because Kacchan couldn’t be back, he was supposed to stay with his father and learned to model from the family’s fashion agency.

"Since May. He's finally settling back in your hometown and staying with his mother. So, please Izuku, just talk to him.” Shouto tries desperately to encourage the other man, putting his hands together and almost begs the man to see his childhood friend.

“I-" He looks away, face darkening and heart quacking from the obvious news Kacchan is finally back home. Grabbing his rampantly beating heart through his chest, he shakes his head. “I can't. I'm sorry Shouto."

“You know Aizawa is talking about canceling your contract with the studio, right? Because it's been three months on the same scene and with the same damn hiccups,” Shouto informs quickly and wipes his hair away from his face.

Icy steel eyes look over him in concern and surgically tearing him about, trying to find answers that have yet, been aired into the open.

They both needed answers and Midoriya needed space.

So, without much an acknowledgment Midoriya didn’t say anything, not a single word. He bit his lip and started walking down the sidewalk, heart heavy and tears raining down his cheeks as his lips quiver underneath of his teeth. In order for me to not scream out in agony. Because he already knows. He already knows Aizawa’s plans with him and that’s why he has to work harder and think smarter.

He doesn’t have time to waste on love.

With as much work that is needed. He won't let anyone else down or fail them, not anymore. His neck, the skin underneath of the collar burns like a raging inferno, a fire itching, and digging at the surface to be released.

The fire flickered and scorched at every beat his heart makes.

He doesn't know where he's going, Shouto is no longer stopping him and he doesn't recognize the train that he slipped onto. Simply, grasping the reigns over the metal bar, ignoring the looks of the late night travelers and let the train take him wherever it pleased.

All he knows is he's following his heart that was rocking back and forth with the grinding of steel against steel.


Suits were never fun, especially when said suit had neckties as tight as a noose around one’s neck. He couldn't stop trying to fumble, loosen the damn thing. So, he was capable of breathing. While taking the host club's customer's orders.

Nevertheless, Bakugou couldn't stand having his beautiful explosively blonde hair slick back to his scalp.

He looked and felt like a damn penguin-monkey.

“Yo, watch it ya' old hag and where ya’ stickin’ your filthy grabblin' lil mitts.” The blonde alpha hisses at one of the many drunk men and women in his bar. He twists another man's wrist when fingers went too close to his ass. Thoroughly, growling as deeply as he can in his guts and showing his canines at the damn pervert, “or I'll break them, omega."

The man weeps in pain and nods in understanding. The blonde sighs and releases the poor fool's wrist. There's no reason why he should lose this job as well. Over another omega trying to have more than what’s on the actual menu.

The job, this place wasn't great, an absolutely shitty host club job in a shitty red light district. Where he has to serve the horny losers alcohol and sweets and actually act as if he cares about any of the fuckers here.

The two good things about the job are; the tips and his host image is that of a bad boy. So, being threateningly rough and violent with the customers. Is what many of them pathetic sacks of disregarded hormonal baggage want, trying to find someone to fill the void of being alone in the world and he wasn't that- someone.

He wasn't anyone but one person's someone. Even, if the nerd probably hates his guts by now. That man was the only one who ever made his heart sing in a church chorus of both love and fear. Of wanting to be close but the fear closure kept you back. It was a magical feeling when they were together. It is still there, through years apart. They've spent separated.


He moves gracefully through the ivory round tables full of customers and host; drinking, eating, laughing and flirting. Some. close to getting it on through their own clothes, grinding on each other like a bunch of animals in heat.

His heart was frantic, nervous, and anxious. He never did well with being in the public eye. One wrong step and your image and status are completely destroyed by the hate mob that forms from your action.

And, nobody will ever wanna hire you, again. Society fucking sucks. So, it's walking on eggshells with this job. Until, he can-

“Oi! Bakugou!!" His co-worker red hair spike and a cheesy grin were aimed directly at him from the open kitchen door.

“What Kirishima?" Bakugou yells and slaps another wandering hand, away.

The damn omega woman was using her body language to ask him to come down and have a drink with the noisy and rose scented girls.

The red-headed omega waves at him, beckoning him for what is most likely going to be a private conversation.

Becoming absolutely fed up with the attention, he bows his head “I apologize, ma’am-" He will never wanna play those silly games of cat and mouse. “But kindly fuck off."

Not being surprised by a large amount of squealing the women did as he walked away.

He was definitely wanted and desired from all manors of creature in this world. From the married alpha to the newly-turned adult omega looking for their own alpha to take a claim of them. He even had a few beta suitors. They were definitely, the most gentle on their courting compare to omegas and alphas. 

With this job he's even had full on omegas through themselves at him in full blown heat, wanting him to sire their pups.

It was at one point filled his head with air and pride from the attention and now, it’s utterly exhausting. He can’t wait till this job has officially ended.

Finally, making it over to the happy go lucky Kirishima. His mood has gone completely sour and bitter from working such a long day.

He just wanted to go home and snuggle with his cat Cherry Bomb.

“I got a cake I need you to deliver to this address,” Kirishima informs and pulls a decent size cake box out from the kitchen. He hands it over to Bakugou, who gave him the most confused look and like he was just handed a bomb.

“Where's the fuck is Mina? She normally delivers this shit.” Bakugou growls and looked a flowered icing top. It was definitely a very pretty cake, white icing base, roses of many colors adorned the top and ruffles coiled around the sides. It looked like it was meant for a wedding reception.

“She's home, sick Bakugou. That's for a wedding down the street in the Hans Citadel. I need you to drop it off and go home for the day. You definitely-” Kirishima waves at the customers behind the fuming blonde. Each one of them looking like they want to eat his poor friend alive. “Need a break."

Bakugou fumbles with the box, moving a little bit to see all the decorations. His scowl relaxed a little, knowing this be his last task for the night. Asking, making sure “I get to go home after this right?"

The redhead pats him on his shoulder, with a grin that could eat the sun with how bright it was. It was nice “Yeah, man. Take the night off, get laid, see your folks, sleep, just something. Ya’ need it and-” He slowly starts to close the kitchen door."- See ya tomorrow, Bakugou.”

The blonde grins at the cake because this was seriously his chance for a night off.

He was quick to hang his suit up in the staff locker room, wearing nothing more than his grey sweats, black hoodie, hood up with the cake in his sweaty palms and leaves out of the back of the club. In hopes to not have any of his fans to find him.

Furthermore, he just wanted to go home. His feet ache, his little lady must miss him dearly. Sero better be feeding her and loving her as much as he can or so help him. Bakugou doesn't strangle the cat's sitter. He truly has only room for one woman in his life and that's Cherry. Nobody else matters.

“I should definitely get salmon for her before I go home. But is it in season?” He grumbles to himself because it might be nearing eleven at night but he's certain. He can talk to Tsuyu about giving him some of her leftover fish.

He grins upwardly at the Tokyo night sky, no stars in sight because of the light and gas pollution but the glow of the city from all the businesses running twenty-four seven.

Definitely, made the night feel a little magically enchanted.

Like he was in a dream, thinking about how much his cat will be purring for his attention as he feeds her some of her favorite fish.

For being such a good girl.

Admittedly, he apparently wasn't watching where he was heading as his eyes wander in amazement at the city streets and clouded in a dream-like state because one moment he was walking. The next, his ass was on the ground and had a massive weight on top of him.

“Ow- what the fuck? Watch where you are going dipshit. Fucking hell.” He groans in pain, eyes shut tightly, trying to figure out what the hell happened and hoping the pain of knocking the back of his skull against concrete will subside.

He could feel the sticky white cake completely splattered everywhere and the smell of sugar, honey, stress, and tears flooded the streets like a cloud of toxicity. He sniffs, gagging at the smell until his nostrils flared in shock, there was another very familiar scent in the strange amalgamation of scents.

Sniffing harder, his heart went from a gentle soft beat to an explosion of fireworks and drums beating against his rib cage.

Cause it can't be?

How did he not smell him?

How could he forget the scent?

Why didn't his scent register? Was he that distracted?

Has a decade really made a cherished and beloved scent so unfamiliar to him?

The smell of pines, honey, and su-

“I'm- I'm sorry, sir." A meeked voice echoes in his ringing ears.

It really, really was him.

He opened his eyes wide to be staring right into shocked emerald eyes, face coated in white, pink and blue cake frosting.

For a moment, it felt like an eternity has passed because it couldn't be? Before choking out “Deku?"

Kirishima and Todoroki both said Midoriya was staying and working in his hometown.

He shouldn't be in Tokyo.




“Kaminari!” Uraraka yells as she watches in fear and anger in her front yard.

Firefighters were fighting the flames boiling out of her.

The cheeky blonde was holding her kids in his arms, all of them covered in soot and ash. Firefighters were all around them, the boss appears to be giving the babysitter a lecture on something, she couldn't over the ephemeral waves of anger pounding in her ears.

“What in the hell did you do!?" She screeches as she races over to the very scared man, hiding now, behind one of the firefighters.

She wasn't scared of the giant man, hiding the blonde and her kids.

“Ma'am, listen." The firefighter, a man nearly seven feet tall and a dark buzzcut held his hands out to her, trying to stop the assault that everyone could see was about to happen.

“Sir, you better back away before you get in the line of fire. Kaminari what the hell happened?” Uraraka barks, trying to get behind the calm firefighter.

“Hi, Uraraka this is Inasa." Kaminari waves meekly behind the man and the kids both in unison  “Hi, Mommy."

“Don't say hi to me." Uraraka crosses her arms over her chest and if looks could kill Kaminari would be dead already. “I want answers and I want them now."

“Ma'am, I afraid to let you know but this man decided to-”

Kaminari interrupts the giant by quickly saying “I taught the kids how to make plasma in the microwave with grapes!”

“You taught the kids how to make-"

“Ya!! Mommy, it was so cool!!" Aiko cheers and smiles toothily, “It was like there was a tiny star dancing in the microwave and then-”

“Boom!" May softly says and flares her fingers out like an explosion.

“Plasma? Did you teach my kids how to make plasma? Kaminari!" Uraraka was dumbfounded because her kids now know how to make plasma.

Her kids are going to kill her someday because Iida trusts and lets Kaminari babysit her kids by himself.

"Yes, please, don't kill me!”

“Killing you wouldn't teach you anything," Uraraka growls and hold her round stomach as Inasa was finally pushed to the side.

"Don't kill Uncle Kami, please!! We love him!” The girls scream and unison and hug their uncle's face.

“Girls, your uncle and I need to have a serious talk. Now, get down." Uraraka smiles softly at her beautiful ash covered children. “They aren't hurt are they sir?"

“Nope, other than Kaminari has some serious burns down his back. The kids are perfectly safe.” Inasa returns her smile to her with his own. “Brave soul gotta say. Block the entire explosion with his own back and made sure the kids were underneath of him. Guaranteeing their safety.”

Her smile falters and she glares at the blonde man. " Good to hear, to know where I can make sure it hurts the most when I torture him because death is to easy and light of a sentence.”

“Ma'am I advised against-"

Uraraka sends him a blood-curdling glare, he quickly nods, smiles, and waves. “Have a good day ma'am. I leave you to your business." He quickly walks away to the other firefighters, shaking with every step he takes.

“Now, Kaminari, kids please get do-"

"No!!” The girls scream and hugged their uncle face tighter.

May threatens “You hurt uncle or torture him-"

May and Aiko give their mom a glare that rivals her own. With a scowl on their faces “We'll burn down the house. With you in it. Don't you dare hurt Uncle Kami."

Everyone was taken aback, even Uraraka because her beautiful, sweet and innocent daughters just threaten her with death.

Her smiles turned crooked “Kaminari have a wonderful night." Is all she says as she walked away and to the firefighters and Momo who had finally enter the scene.

So, she can talk to all of them about the damages that the blonde has caused.

Cause he's gonna pay, one day. The day when there's nothing flammable in the house.

She guesses this is the end of her microwave and stove being inside of her house and anywhere near her kids or the beloved uncle.