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love rings like a bell

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Jungkook sits in a booth, quietly thumbing at the coffee cup in his hands. It's long been empty, the last remnants downed an hour prior.

He looks towards the café door, watching people pass in front of the glass storefront. He's thinks back to his Statistics class, how his professor lectured on soulmates. He said people only had a 1/10,000 chance of meeting them. Jungkook only has a 0.010% of meeting his one true love. Yet, the way life was going, he felt like chances were even slimmer. As a hopeless romantic, his friends chose him as most likely to marry first. He thinks it's more accurate to say he's most likely to have a broken heart.

Jungkook stares down at his coffee cup again. It's still empty, and he's still lonely. He thinks back to last night's movie, thinks how he'd like to meet his soulmate in a special way. Thinks about how he told Taehyung he'd hear bells when he and his soulmate finally meet. Jungkook scoffs at himself. The only bell he'd hear is the one waking him up from his dream.

Jungkook crumples his coffee cup in frustration, thinking of statistics, thinking of soulmates, thinking of that 1/10,000 chance. He turns towards the café doors to watch people pass again when he's met with a boy: a boy with sleepy eyes, midnight hair and moonlight skin.

Hey, Yoongi, he thinks someone calls. But Jungkook doesn't focus on that. He doesn't focus on the coffee cup he suddenly dropped. He doesn't focus on the fleetingly confused look the boy gives him. He only thinks of this: statistics, soulmates, and that 1/10,000 chance.

Because Jungkook's 0.010% walked through the door, and the café bell chimed above him.