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I'll Take Care of You

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Jamie loved her boyfriend, Liam.  They’d been together since Freshman year.  Now they were eighteen, about to graduate High School and go to college together.  Then they’d get married, have a couple kids, build their careers.  Life would be perfect.  


But lately, he seemed to be preoccupied with other things.  He didn’t pay as much attention to her.  They did have finals and he did have nationals coming up, so she mostly understood.  She was just lonely.  But she understood. 


All she had at home was her mother who was constantly working and didn’t like her home alone in their neighborhood.  So, when she started dating Liam, her mother got to know his parents well and felt comfortable with her staying over there while she had late shifts.  Over the years, she spent most of her time at the O’Brian household day to day.  She had become part of the family, and stuck by their sides through everything. 


Especially Darla O’Brians tragic death due to cancer during her and Liam’s sophomore year.  Liam had spiraled into a deep depression and it almost broke them up.  But she refused to abandon him.  She ended up staying overnight at the house more often than not so that Liam could get to sleep and his father didn’t wake to his screaming nightmares. 


Matthew O’Brian had a growing fondness for her over the years, treating her like part of the family.  Sometimes she felt his gaze linger on her at times, but she never got uncomfortable.  She fully realized that she bared a passing resemblance to Darla.  With her black hair and green eyes.  Her mother once teased her that that was why Liam liked her when they started dating.  She figured Matthew was probably thinking of his late wife when he stared at her a bit longer than wholly appropriate. 


Now on their way into adulthood, she just hoped she and Liam could have the happy marriage his parents had before his mother died.  But he still seemed a bit distant even when he was home with her.  She told herself that he was just stressed. 


She was glad he was home now, helping her cook in the kitchen.  “I’m so happy you’re here.  I know it sounds lame, but I’ve missed you a bit lately.” 


“That’s not lame,” he said lamely, coming to stand behind her at the stove.  “I miss you too.  Things are just really hectic right now closer to graduation.  We’ll have plenty of time to relax during summer before college starts.” 


She giggled, focusing on her cooking.  “You promise?” 


He scoffed, “Do I promise?”  He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and spun her around, cupping her behind and pulling her off his feet against his chest.  “Of course, I promise.” 

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“Good, I’ll hold you to that,” she smiled, giving him a kiss. 


He kissed her back before trailing his lips along her neck.  She closed her eyes at the feeling. 


“You’re going to burn dinner.” 


Jamie squeaked and jumped back to the ground and out of Liam’s arms.  She was mortified to see a smirking Matthew O’Brian waltzing into the kitchen like he hadn’t seen what he’d just seen.  She turned her red face to the stove and murmured, “Sorry, Mr. O’Brian.” 


She heard the older man groan humorously behind her from the counter.  “Four years, Jamie.  You’re family.  How many times do I have to tell you to call me Matthew?” 


“She can’t call you anything else when she’s embarrassed,” her boyfriend stage whispered. 


She flung a hand into his chest, “Don’t laugh at me.  Help me with dinner.” 


“You heard the lady,” Matthew chuckled.  “Help her with dinner.” 

Another day, she was over again and waiting for Liam to arrive home.  Her mother was on a double shift and she’d brought all her work to do at Liam’s house.  She was at the kitchen island in yoga pants and a cropped sweatshirt, the folds of her pussy pressing against the stool under her.  She could wait for Liam to get home. 


She grinned and immediately dropped her pencil when she heard the front door open and lazy footsteps head towards the kitchen.  “Finally!  I’ve been waiting for you for almost an hour.”  She stood from the stool, leaning against the counter away from the entrance and cupped a hand on her ass behind her, hoping to entice Liam as soon as he walked into the kitchen.  “This has been waiting for you too,” she murmured as she squeezed her ass.  He loved her ass. 

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“Are you sure?” 


Her eyes widened.  That was much deeper than Liam’s voice.  She whipped around to see a smirking Matthew in the entryway.  Her arms flopped to her side as her voice rose several octaves, “Mr. O’Brian!” 


“Matthew,” he corrected lightly. 


“I-I-I thought you were Liam,” she stuttered, her face burning. 


“I know,” he responded calmly.  “I know I’m home early.  No harm, no foul.” 


She tilted her head down in shame.  She’d just groped her ass in front of her boyfriend’s father! 


“I’m under no illusions that you and my son aren’t sexually active, Jamie,” Matthew said gently.  “You don’t have to be embarrassed.  We’ll forget anything ever happened.” 


She still couldn’t meet his eyes.  She could feel tears of embarrassment start to build in her eyes. 


He must have noticed because he walked up to her and pulled her into his chest, “Hey, none of that.  I swear you have nothing to be embarrassed about.  You and Liam have been together for years and I truly consider you part of the family.  So, no tears.  No blushing.  No avoiding me in my own house from now on either.  Okay?” 


Slightly mollified, she whispered into his firm chest, “Okay.” 


“Good,” he smiled down at her when she lifted her head to look up at him.  In an utterly puzzling move, he leaned down and domestically pecked her on the lips, before pulling fully away from her and leaving the kitchen.  “I’ll be in my office for a few hours to finish up some work.  Don’t worry about cooking dinner tonight.  I’m ordering pizza.” 


Finding her voice, she called out, “Okay!” to his back, not understanding what just happened. 

After good pizza and only slight awkwardness around Matthew, she and Liam went to bed.  But alas, lately she hadn’t been able to sleep the whole night through.  Jitters from the impending end of High School.  She woke up around two in the morning and could not, for the life of her, get back to sleep.  She decided to get a glass of water and maybe listen to some music for a while until she felt sleepy again.  For these instances, it was a good thing that Liam always ended up sleeping with his back to her during the night.  She didn’t disturb him one bit as she got out of bed and padded her way down the stairs. 


The house was dark save for moonlight and streetlights peering in through the windows.  It lit her way to the kitchen where she filled a glass with water from the fridge filter.  She took a big sip of the cold water, quenching her dry throat, before she heard sounds coming from the living room.  She could see a glow from the tv in the hallway and figured Matthew had issues staying asleep too and sought well enough to watch tv.  Abandoning her phone and earphones on the kitchen counter with her water, she wandered in to see what kind of movie he was watching.  Maybe it was some sort of action movie?  She could hear groaning and slapping. 


But when she walked into the room, she could see the tv screen clearly.  It definitely wasn’t a regular Netflix film he was watching.  By the way the man was holding the woman’s wrists crossed behind her back while he pummeled her pussy from behind with his cock clued her in on the fact that Matthew was watching porn. 

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She had cast her eyes to the couch just to be sure that it was him watching and gasped at the image he presented.  He was dressed in nothing but a shirt and boxers, and his hand was stroking the considerable bulge under the fabric.  She could see his veiny head peeking out of the leg of his boxers as he touched himself to the images of the film. 

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She gaped.  She felt frozen.  It was huge!  Bigger than Liam’s for sure.  But this was Matthew!  Liam’s father.  Liam’s father watching porn on the couch and touching himself in the ‘privacy of his own home’.  Liam’s father watching porn on the couch, touching himself, and now looking at her. 




She gasped again when she realized he saw her standing there.  Should she leave?  She should leave.  But her feet wouldn’t listen.  She just stared at his face with wide eyes.  His hand hadn’t even slowed down stroking his dick. 


“Couldn’t sleep?” he rasped, staring into her eyes. 


Mutely, she shook her head.  The single gulp of water had done nothing for her voice. 


With the hand not palming his cock, he patted the space next to him on the couch.  “Come sit then.” 


She didn’t want to.  She wanted to run upstairs and simply wonder if Liam’s dick would eventually grow to be as big as his dad’s.  But she found her feet following his words and taking her slowly to the couch.  She sat next to him, perching on the edge of the couch so she could make a quick getaway when her senses returned to her. 


“Watch,” he gestured with his head to the tv, but kept his eyes on her face. 


She turned to the tv and gasped as the scene changed.  The male actor was now hammering away into the woman’s ass. 

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She gasped as she started feeling heated at the sight of such explicit images.  She’d never really watched porn.  She didn’t need to when she had Liam.  She knew he probably watched it at some point.  But she didn’t mind.  She never thought it would affect her that much.  But here she was, panties damp, wondering if anal really felt as good as the screaming woman made it seem. 


“You like it?” Matthew’s voice whispered in her ear. 


Her breathing hitched at the sudden sound of his voice and his hot breath wafting over her ear and neck.  “What?” 


“Do you like the movie?” he asked, his voice way too casually for their circumstances. 


“I-I guess,” she said honestly.  She still hadn’t looked away from the screen. 


So, she didn’t notice when Matthew’s hand left his cock and started trailing up her inner thigh.  When she felt his touch, it was already too late and his fingers were stroking up the crotch of her panties.  She always felt warm in Liam’s room and just slept in panties and a tank top. 

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“Oh, I think you really like the movie,” he whispered, his fingers stroking her folds through the thin cotton.  “You’re so wet.” 


She couldn’t help but move her hips with his touch.  It was completely physical and instinctive.  She also couldn’t stop the light mewls coming out of her mouth.  She did steadily keep her eyes on the television instead of his face leaning closer to hers.  She couldn’t imagine what he looked like while stroking his fingers down his son’s girlfriend’s crotch. 


“Do you want to cum?” he hissed.  “Do you want my fingers inside you?” 


The words seemed to snap some life and nerve back into her as she gasped sharply and jumped to her feet.  “I’m so sorry!  I—I can’t--” she cut herself off and raced out of the living room and back to Liam’s room.  She grabbed her t-shirt from the day to wipe herself off before replacing her panties with new ones and climbing back into bed.  She didn’t get another wink of sleep. 


A few days later, she felt like she could finally relax.  She saw Matthew sparingly and when she did, he didn’t let on any reaction about what had happened.  Liam hadn’t noticed anything odd about her behavior, fully immersed into his sports.   


The summer heat had already hit them despite still being at school.  She’d been forced to wear shorts and a bikini top just to get through the heatwave without fainting.  Liam saw fit to invite the team over for a pool party to cool down.  So nearly fifteen teenaged boys were roughhousing in the water while she slaved in the kitchen making lunch.  She was making easy turkey sandwiches and homemade French fries. 


She froze when she heard someone enter the kitchen while she was chopping the potatoes.  She knew it couldn’t have been Liam or one of his teammates because they would have been loud and dripping wet.  It had to be Matthew.  And this would be the first time since  that night  that they were completely alone.  She kept her composure and continued her chopping, determined not to let on how shaken and slightly turned on she still was.  She’d never finished what he started when he touched her. 


“Smells good,” his deep voice commented.  His deep voice directly behind her.  And then she felt his large hands encased the bare part of her ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts, dragging them up as he dug his fingers into her flesh. 

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She squeaked, “What are you doing?” 


He chuckled above her head and asked her, “I thought this was waiting for me?” 


She flushed as he quoted the words she had mistakenly spoke to him while stroking her own ass meant for Liam.  But she couldn’t deny the quivering in her quim at his touch.  And the desperation for a closer touch, a deeper touch.  But that was wrong.  Liam was just in the backyard with most of his team! 


“We can’t!” she gasped as his fingers dipped into the crotch of her shorts, stroking her more aggressively than he had before. 

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“They’re deep into a chicken tournament,” Matthew chuckled, his breath washing over the back of her neck.  He pulled her shorts down to her ankles and grinned at the sight of her heart bikini bottoms.  “Cute.”  He turned her around and crashed his lips onto hers at the same time as he pushed the crotch of her bottoms aside and sank his fingers into her, swallowing her high-pitched moan at the intrusion. 

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She dragged her lips from his and gasped, “Mr. O’Brian...” 


“Matthew,” he corrected as he fingers her pussy with two fingers.  “Don’t worry, Jamie.  I’ll take care of you.” 


She couldn’t use her voice anymore as he struck that special spot inside her with cool precision that made her melt.  She felt overwhelmingly hot as her whole body flushed.  She was humiliated when she felt the undeniable pool of her arousal drip over his hand.  And she blushed at the little noises escaping her mouth when he turned his thumb to her clit and pressed in with determination to make her lose control. 


“Cum for me, Jamie!” he growled into her neck. 


With a whine muffled into her own hand, she obeyed with overflowing enthusiasm.  She pulsed over his crooking fingers until the wave passed.  When he saw her go completely slack, he pulled his fingers out of her and slide them into his mouth, licking her essence off of his skin.  She flushed at the image with a new flood of arousal.   


He smirked at her and knelt in front of her, splaying one of her legs out to the side so he could dig his face into her pussy and lick away the escaping cum from her folds and thighs.  He licked her clean and replaced the crotch of her bikini bottoms.  Instead of pulling her shorts back up, he pulled them off her ankles and tossed them on the stool.  “You should go swim.  I’ll finished the fries.” 


With a hoarse whisper, she said, “O-okay,” and left the kitchen on shaky legs.  When she got the backyard, she saw Liam holding one of his teammates on his shoulders while they played chicken with another pair.  She quickly dipped herself in the cool water on the other end and tried to calm her racing heart. 

Jamie could not stop thinking about everything that had already happened between her and Matthew.  And the fact that she wanted more.  She just didn’t know how she would go about it.  And if she actually had the nerve to do so.  She felt horrible for betraying Liam.  But more and more he was ignoring her for sports or friends.  He barely had any school work to do the closer they got to graduation.  And lately, when all she did was ask to go out to dinner just the two of them, or ask him to help her study, he’d snap at her.  She felt like maybe he was outgrowing her. 


One night, she was at her own house for once, but packing another overnight bag for Liam’s house.  Her mother was away at a conference for three days and wanted her to stay at the O’Brian’s so she knew someone was looking out for her.  Jamie was only too happy to go along with it.  If nothing else, she’d see her boyfriend again. 


Only, when she was pulling up in the O’Brian driveway, she got a text from said boyfriend that made her want to cry. 

iphone-nRGp - Fake Text Message

Maybe he really just didn’t want to be with her anymore.  Could she let him go if that was the case?  She loved him, but was that enough?  Holding back tears, she texted him back. 

iphone-sRGp - Fake Text Message

She shouldered her bag and entered the house anyway.  Dropping off her things in Liam’s room, she found herself roaming the house for Matthew.  She saw his keys in the bowl, so she knew he was home.  She found his bedroom door wide open and saw the light on under the connected bathroom door.  With a sigh, she lost all self-control, and sat herself down on his bed to wait for him. 


Would he be receptive if she initiated?  Or would that kill his thrill of dominance?  She didn’t care.  She’d entice him some way. 


Her heart still leapt in her throat when the bathroom door opened and out walked Matthew, still in his office clothes sans the jacket.  He paused when he saw her on his four-poster bed, but then slowly grinned, “I didn’t know you were coming over today.” 


“My mom’s out of town,” she whispered, tilting her hips forward on the edge of the bed.  “Liam’s stuck at late practice.  He’s crashing at Peter’s tonight.” 


Matthew’s grin widened, “Is that so?” as he stalked towards her.  He knelt in front of her, his hand on her bare knee at the hem of her skirt.  “Are you lonely?” 


She panted quietly as his hand trailed up the inside of her thigh and disappeared into her skirt.  “Are you?” 

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“Not anymore,” he rasped, pushing the crotch of her panties aside and stroking her warm folds. 


She panted eagerly now, spreading her legs as her hand gripped his forearm, holding him against her.  She wanted him to make her feel like he had before.  Like Liam never had. 


Matthew leaned in to nibble and suck on her neck while he put pressure on her clit, sending little shocks into her system every time he flicked it.  “Do you want my fingers in you again?” 


“Yes!” she moaned hungrily, bending her head back.  She whined when he pulled away from her completely. 


“Don’t worry,” he chuckled at her candor.  “I will.  But I want to see all of you this time.  Strip.” 


Blushing, she started by trailing her shirt off her torso, dropping it to the carpet.  His eyes ate up the sight of her white lace encased breasts, the image of tempting innocence.   


“The skirt now,” he ordered, voice deepening with every word. 


Wordlessly, she unlatched her skirt at the side and slipped it down her creamy thighs, revealing matching white lace covering her wet cunt. 


“Everything else,” he said. 


She unhooked her bra first, dragging the straps down her shoulders with wide doe eyes looking up at him.  Once that fell, she stood at full height, still over a head shorter than him, and bent over to slip her panties down her legs, kicking them off her feet at the carpet. 


With a growl, he pushed her onto the bed.  She bounced a bit on the mattress with a little yelp and then his fingers were inside her.  She arched her back off the bed and writhed into the pleasure of his rough ministrations as overwhelming pleasure immediately overtook her. 

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“Oh, oh!  So good!” she whimpered at his touch. 


“You’re so tight,” he grunted.  “Wonder what it’ll feel like on my cock.” 


A new flush of fluids gushed out of her at his words.  She seen that cock.  That huge cock peeking out of his boxers as he stroked himself.  Maybe she had decided even then that she wanted it inside of her. 


She started to keen when he bent his fingers inside her and pressed the tips of them into her magical spot with an aggressiveness she’d yet to see.  “Come on, cum for me, Jamie,” he goaded her as she instinctively tried to writhe away from the overwhelming sensations.  He bent his fingers in that come-hither motion again and again until her cunt was squirting out on to his hand in a stream of clear wetness.  Her back bowed off the bed as she let out a loud squeal of pleasure, her eyes clenched shut as her inner muscles flexed around his digits. 

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His fingers pulled out of her and pressed into her lips.  “Taste yourself.  You taste so fucking good.” 


It didn’t occur to her not to do as he said, immediately wrapping her tongue around his fingers and tasting the slightly salty tangy taste of her.  He pulled his fingers from her mouth and wiped his fingers on the duvet before standing at her shaking thighs.  She watched in rapture as he started stripping off his shirt and undershirt.  His pants fell down with a soft thumb.  Then his briefs were down and she got an unobstructed view of his glorious cock. 


He wrapped his hand around it and flexed it a little for her viewing pleasure.  “You want this inside you?” 


“Yes!” she moaned eagerly. 


She expected him to just push it right in like he’d done with his fingers.  But instead, he flopped onto his back next to her and pulled her up so she was straddling his hips.  He pressed his cock flat against his stomach and brought her wet snatch on top of his pole.  “Grind against it for a minute.  I want to see you.” 


She almost said, ‘Yes, sir’ before just nodded and started to slide her folds up and down his length. 

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She moved against him as if she were riding him, bending her knees up and resting her hands on his chest.  This action made her arms press her breasts together and it seemed to be a good view by the way his eyes were watching her tightening nipples.  Feeling the veins of his cock stroke her pussy lips made her get more and more aroused.  When the head of his cock bumped into her clit, she let out small mewls.  Their genitals became so coated in her juices, he almost slipped inside her several times.

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His hands on her hips halted her movements, startling a disappointed sigh from her.  But by his grin, he wasn’t stopping her.  He was moving on.  “You’re going to ride me.  But turn around and face the other way.  I want to see your ass bouncing on my cock.” 


She felt another pool of arousal as she careful got onto her knees and turned around.  She hovered over his cock and finally touched it with her own hand, holding it steady as she began to descend onto him. 

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His groan behind her made her sink down on him quicker until her ass landed on his stomach and he was buried to the hilt.  She threw her head back and moaned.  She had never felt so full with Liam.  With her knees planted on the bed and her hands planted on his thighs, she started to lift up and down on top of him.  There was a slight splash of fluids when their skin slapped together.  But it all added to the arousal of their situation. 


“Fuck, I love your sexy ass,” he grunted as he thrust his hips up into her.  “How does my cock feel in your cunt?” 


“Oh god, so good!” she moaned, his cock hitting her cervix on every thrust.  But it only served to please her, never painful.  “You’re so deep inside me!” 


That egged him on as he reached a hand back and smacked her ass.  She yelped at the sharp sting, and her cunt squeezed him in response. 


“Like that, huh?” he chuckled, spanking her again. 


“Yes!” she screamed as she clenched around him again.  “I’m gonna cum!” 


“Good,” he growled as he gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her up and down on his throbbing cock.  “I want you to scream my name.” 

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As she tightened around him, she shrieked, “MATTHEW!” 


He grunted as she squeezed his dick so much that he could barely move in her anymore.  When her walls started to relax and flutter around him, he pulled her down so her back was flush with his chest and continued pounding away inside her sensitive pussy. 

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“You need to cum again.  With me this time.  Screaming my name, begging for my cum in your cunt,” he hissed in her ear as he pistoned his cock in and out of her squirting pussy. 


Beside herself with pleasure, she was shocked to feel the edges of another orgasm threaten to overtake her.  “Yes, fuck yes, Matthew!  I want to feel your hot cum flooding my cunt, filling me up.  I’m going to cum on your cock.  Cum with me!  Give me your cum, please!” 


With a howl, he snapped his hips into hers with a ferocity she hadn’t felt from him yet, hitting her at the deepest parts of her and unleashing an explosive pleasure that seized all her muscles.  She pulsed over him, unbearably tight, her pussy coaxing is cock inside her as he erupted.  Strings of white cum shot out of his tip and against the walls of her cunt and cervix.  He held face inside her as her walls massaged his load out of him and into her, holding her legs up against her shoulders as he brushed his lips against her cheek. 


“Tomorrow, we try anal.”