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An Offer I Could Definatly Refuse

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Getting to the outpost was an ordeal in and of itself. They left late, forgot Caboose and had to turn back to get him, Simmons complained of flashbacks from crashing a pelican, Grif ate all the food for the eight hour flight in the first hour, and Carolina.....She unfortunately sat next to Tucker the whole way.

Getting dropped off was almost as bad, but they all managed. Collectively turning and staring at their new home for the first time was....not very inspired. The building was obviously derelict, over growth from the surrounding plants taking up the majority of the outside. Most of the windows were busted out, and a lot of random debris was scattered everywhere.

"What. The. Hell. " Tucker muttered, groaning soon after from a swift jab to the stomach from Carolina. " It needs some work, but Kimball gave us this place with no strings attached. Unless you want to go back to the capital. I bet Palomo would just love to have you back Tucker." She smirked. " God no, I'd rather bunk with Caboose amd forever find mustard in my sheets." He answered quickly.

"I think its charming!" Donut stated, ideas already forming in his head. Both Simmons and Tucker collectively scoffed and began moving boxes inside with Caboose and Carolina.

" Please, its probably haunted and we're all gonna die. " Grif sneered. He dropped onto a box and was content to watch everyone going back and forth.

Wash sighed, it was going to be a long day.


They finally got rooms divided up and started sorting who's shit went were. The inside wasn't too bad, but with how long the flight was, they all agreed they'd wait till the next day to clean.

Tucker had his cot all set up in his room, ready to settle in for a good nights rest. No roommates, no drills in the morning, and thank the lord, no fucking Palomo. Changing into civies, flicking off the light, and slidding into the cot was the most satisfying thing Tucker had done all day. Everything was dead silent, not even insects from outside of the whirl and hum of machinery and it was fabulous. 

He just nodded off, in that nice warm bleary haze, when the wall his cot was on shuttered, loud slamming and crashes breaking the silence. 

"Jesus! What the-!" Tucker grunted, scrambling out of bed to look at the wall. Oh no he was not going to put up with Caboose moving shit at whatever time it was. He whipped his door open stomping to the next room, banging on the the door. "Are you for real right now? Shut up im trying to sleep!" He roared. 

"I could say the same, Tucker." Wash groaned right behind him. Turning around, he could see everyone was coming out of their rooms. Probably to see what the comotion was all about. "Well tell that to Caboose, he's slamming things into my wall! My whole cot moved man." Tucker grumbled. "Ummm...that's not my room Tucker. " Caboose mumbled, pointing to the room on the opposite side of the hallway. 

"Wait then who's in this room?" Tucker asked. Everyone shrugged and murmured, but no one claimed it. "Pretty sure its just a spare Tucker." Doc explained. "No way, someone's in there! Why else would my wall move!" He argued. Carolina pushed through everyone sighing, "Well let find out, shall we?". She grabbed the handle and tried to open it. She did that three or four times, but the door wouldn't budge. "What is up with this door." She hissed, using her shoulder to add some force. 

Caboose, Tucker, and Wash joined in after a few more minutes of watch her struggle. "What, is welded shut or something?!" Tucker grunted. "Shut up just keep pushing!" Wash barked. "Heh, Bow Chicka-" "Please don't." "Bow wow!" Tucker sang, Wash rolling his eyes and regretting his choice of words full heartedly. They all stepped back to catch their breaths, while Simmons and Sarge looked over the door. "S'not welded, sure it ain't locked?" Sarge asked. Simmons was running his hand around the frame and checking the wall. "Its not locked. The handle is spinning, it just won't open." Carolina explained, crossing her arms over her chest, glaring at the door like that would make all the difference. 

Sarge tried the handle, and the door swung right open. "Lookit that. Leave it to a red to figure out a blue problem." He laughed. "What did you do?" Carolina fumed. They all peered into the room, Wash manging to flick the switch before Sarge shoved up next to him. Inside....was empty. Nothing but cobwebs and musty smell. "Ok, who's messing with me. Something was slamming against my wall! I mean it was super loud someone had to hear it too!" Tucker yelled, looking at his friends and throwing his hands up into the room. "Look....Maybe it was a dream. Your still used to the barracks and having noise at all hours. Let all just go back to bed ok?" Wash said diplomatically. Everyone scattered and left Tucker staring at the rooms door. "Whatever.." He grumbled trudging back to his room.

Tucker made the executive decision and scooted his cot away from the wall and slid back in. One last glare sent at the wall and he turned to go to sleep. 


"TUCKER I SWEAR TO GOD!" Came a roar from outside his door. Tucker woke up bleary eyed, and slowly made his way to his door. Outside stood Carolina and Wash and neither one looked amused. "What? Can't a guy get any sleep around here?" He slurred. Carolina gave him a once over, her face going from pissed to concerned. "Tucker....we've been out here banging on your door for the last thirty minutes. Didn't you hear us?" She asked. That definatly woke him up, ", I only head you yelling just now. You've been out here for half an hour?" He asked. "Someone was banging on the doors up and down the hallways.....we thought it was you, after everyone brushed you off earlier." Wash explained. They all shared a confused look for a moment, then the whole hallway went dark. Red warning light flashed lazily but no siren sounded, however all three soldiers tensed up. 

"What the hell is going on here? Tucker, go check the entrance,  Wash with me." Carolina snapped, running towards the control room with Wash hot on her heels. Tucker turned down the hall and went for the entrance, nearly tripping on the decline of the ramp leading downstairs. Coming up to the doors he saw they were still secure, nothing out of place or anything, and no one he could see, but he got the feeling he was being watched. 'Dumbass there's cameras of course your being watched' He thought, rolling his eyes at his paranoia.


Carolina was messing around with the computer, trying to find the shut off command for the warning light. The damn computer was ancient and a majority of it seemed like it was corrupted.  "Wash, do you see anything on those monitors?" She asked, not turning around. Wash looked from screen to screen and didnt see anything but Tuckers mad dash and arrival at the front. "Nothing Boss. Just Tucker." He kept looking for anything that seemed odd. But was coming up with zilch. He moved over to look over Carolinas shoulder, and cringed when he saw the strips of command codes that looked like something from those old war movies. "Computer not working?" He mumbled. She shifted a bit to give him a better view, both otherwise didn't answer. The minutes ticked by and nothing worked, and Carolina got more frustrated. "This computer is so old, I dont think anything in this place is going to work until we get it replaced." She said, pushing away from the terminal. "Well.....thats that then. I'm sure Sarge and Simmons can give it a look in the morning." Wash answered, watching Carolina pace the floor. 

A sharp buzzing noise caught there attention as the computers screen, monitors, and warning lights all flickered a moment before shutting off completely. Just a beat or two past before the normal dim evening lights popped back on, and the monitoring equipment with it. Wash and Carolina just stood there both wondering what the hell was up with this place. Wash looked back at the start up screen on the terminal, amd read the time. Midnight, and something had them running after shadows. This was one hell of a way to move into a new place.