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The lie detecting vampire ran, jumping to hop up high into the trees, where the limbs were thin and flimsy enough for her to know that her sire wouldn’t follow her.


Edward moaned deeply as Jacob moved atop him. Riding his cock like a majestic steed driving him closer and closer to madness with unbearable pleasure. The raven clenched around him, searing heat pulsing through him to wrap the sweetest of agony around all nine inches of the older man’s length-“ Maggie grinned as she looked down at her sire on the forest floor below. “Wow! Nine inches?”

Siobhan looked mortified and was sure she would have gone a bright red if she were human, “Maggie give that back!”

“I’m not done yet.” The vampire said as she hopped from one tree to the next flipping the page of the journal in her hands as she started reading aloud all over again.

This isn’t what he’d planned on doing for the night. He hadn’t gone there to have the younger man pin him to the ground and give him the best pleasure he’d ever had in his life. Edward went to the garage to see Rosalie after his big fight with Bella, he’d only wanted someone to talk to. But Rosalie wasn’t there, she left Jacob to lock up for the day. He was the best mechanic she had. He was even working on his engineering degree as well.” Maggie flipped the pages, “You know, I can actually see that as a career path for Jacob.”


“Oh my God! You even have Carlisle involved in this as well?!”

Siobhan’s eyes went wide, “Maggie-“

Oh Jacob, I’ve missed you so much. My good obedient boy’ Carlisle whispered as he forced Jacob down against hood of the red convertible, licking a trail up from the ravens throat up to his ear while his hands moved all over Jacob’s sides. Jacob only whined with more desire clawing fruitlessly at the hood of the luxury car that belonged to one of their customers. Edward felt anger pulse through his veins, from his hiding spot behind the shelf. Would he do it? Would Jacob really let Carlisle, Edward’s father, take him mere hours after Edward himself had done the same thing in the very same spot-Hey!”

The tiny vampire said indignantly when Siobhan suddenly leaped up and snatched the book out of her hands and landed with a heavy thud on the ground. “I was reading that. I want to know if Jacob is actually going to let Carlisle take him in the garage with Edward watching.”

The older woman looked up at the girl and glared at her as she clutched the book possessively against her chest, “I said no Maggie.”

Maggie let out a sigh as her sire turned and started walking along the path back to the Cullen house.

“What is that anyway? Why are you writing about Jacob and Edward-“

Siobhan didn’t even pause, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Maggie gave a snort as she hopped up ahead to the trees further along on the path. She sat down on one of the thick branches and lay her hand on her forehead as she recited dramatically.

“Oh Edward! Jacob screamed as he writhed in unbelievable pleasure as Edward’s mouth enveloped his cock. Ice cold meeting burning heat resulting in ecstasy the likes of which Jacob never though was possible for a werewolf and vampire.”


“If pleasure like this is wrong then he doesn’t want to be right. Even if they’re just as doomed as Romeo and Juliet, then Jacob would gladly give his life if only to have the vampire’s body pressed so tightly against his own; thrusting, biting, forcing the sweet pleasure into every inch of his body. He’d give anything just to feel that long, solid, ice-old rod thrusting into his hot, wet-“

“Alright fine!” Siobhan snapped as she stood still and glared up at her Childe. Maggie opened one eye to glance down at the woman on the ground as she spoke. “I-… it’s just-they’re just stories.”

Maggie arched a brow at her and Siobhan sighed, “It was Carlisle’s suggestion.”

Maggie’s eyes went wide, “Carlisle told you to write stories about-“

“No! No, he just… he thought it would help me develop my gift.” Siobhan rolled her eyes at the last word and Maggie did the same.

Carlisle was convinced that Siobhan had the ability to make things come true just by thinking of them. He even had her try to use her supposed gift to influence their confrontation with the Volturi and after they managed to survive the confrontation the Olympic coven’s leader was even more convinced of his idea on the woman’s gift. Siobhan wasn’t so convinced, everything may have gone moderately well but they still lost Irina during the whole ordeal. Carlisle said it was because Siobhan had only focused on the safety and survival of the Cullen family and its witnesses which is why Irina wasn’t protected but Siobhan still wasn’t so sure.

It frustrated Maggie more than anything else since she believed in Carlisle’s hypothesis, but of course Siobhan ever the sceptic, needed more proof than something that she thought could easily be dismissed as a coincidence.

The bronze haired woman gave another sigh, “Carlisle suggested writing down the things I wanted to will to be true to help me focus in on my ‘ability’, but writing is surprisingly difficult even if I was just writing my down my own thoughts. I decided to do a bit of research on writing and I found out about this thing called fanfiction, apparently some authors use it to improve their writing and I swear at first, I was just writing stories about us. About some of the trips we’ve taken and the places we’ve seen but then-“ Siobhan paused and Maggie sat up straight and started to frown. It was so odd seeing her sire seem so awkward and unsure of herself when she was usually so confident and outspoken. Siobhan brushed her hair behind her ear as she finished, “Then I found out about something called… yaoi and slash.”

Maggie’s head gave a tilt, “Slash?”

“It’s… they’re basically just stories about fictional male characters engaging in romantic relationships.”

Maggie frowned, “But Edward and Jacob aren’t fictional. Why write-“

“In most of the stories I read, they’d have two male characters that normally don’t get along with one another falling in love and… engaging in romantic relations.”

“And seeing as how Edward and Jacob don’t seem to get along, they seemed like the perfect subjects for your dirty little hobby.”

Siobhan huffed out a breath of frustration, “Yeah, it’s a silly little hobby, so there’s no reason for us to speak of this ever again.” The woman started walking along the path again. Maggie grinned as she hopped down.

“Oh, I think there’s plenty to talk about.”

She quickly moved around her sire and swiped the book from her hands. Siobhan might be stronger but Maggie was much faster. The Irish woman gave a sigh as the girl stopped a few feet in front of her and started flipping through the pages,


“I don’t see what you’re so embarrassed about, these are actually quite good.”

Siobhan paused, “Thank you.” And then she reached out to take the book again only for Maggie to move out of her reach. “Maggie-“

“Now that I think about it, Edward and Jacob actually would make a good couple. Though I doubt that would ever-” Maggie said with a pause when her eyes widened again, “Garrett had completely forgotten about Kate and the void her absence left in his heart as Embry crawled up onto his lap. ‘Please’ the native boy whispered, wearing nothing but the shirt that Garrett had loaned him when they came in soaking wet from the rain a few moments before. His hair was still soaked, sticking along his forehead and neck as he leaned in to press kisses along the older man’s jaw. ‘I want you so badly’-“


The girl ignored her as she flipped through more pages and her eyes practically fell out of their sockets. “Paul’s body was warm and pliant, yet strong and unbreakable. The wolf continued to fight him even as he dragged the vampire even closer, clawing at their clothes to rip them off their bodies. The bed began to squeak in protest, threatening to break. Demetri decided to put an end to that. He snatched his belt off the floor and tied the wolf’s wrists to the bed before he even knew what was happening. Paul looked up at his restraints in slight panic. ‘You need to learn to be more obedient mutt.’ ‘Fuck you leech!’ the Wolf growled and Demetri did the same, heated arousal coursing through him at the prospect of taking this wolf apart and getting him to willingly submit to the pleasure that Demetri grants him- Wait who’s Paul?”

“He’s one of the wolves from the reservation, the big grey one.”

“Oh, the big angry one.”

“Yes.” Siobhan said reaching out to take the book again, this time Maggie didn’t even bother trying to stop her as she frowned, “Why a member of the Volturi? Why Jacob’s father and Marcus?”

Siobhan’s eyes went wide, “Marcus-“

“That’s the first one I read actually, before I noticed all the others,” The girl said with a grin. Vampire intellect can be quite useful. “Billy stood up from his crouch, blood seeping under his shirt and under his skin from his first feed, eyes glowing red. Marcus felt arousal take him the moment he saw the native sink his teeth into his victim’s neck before turning to face him. His mate; his proud, stubborn mate. The one he turned to regain control of his legs, to have a new life. A life with Marcus. Marcus couldn’t stop himself from grabbing a hold of the man and forcing him back against the nearest wall, ready to take him right there without any care for anyone that might see the intimate act.”

Siobhan sighed, “It’s just a story Maggie.”

“Well I understand that.” the girl said catching up to walk beside her sire, “But why pair the wolves up with vampires? We weren’t exactly meant to get along.”

“It’s a common rule in fanfiction actually. If they hate each other then they’re probably in love with one another.”

“That doesn’t make much sense.”

“Making sense isn’t the point.”

“I suppose when its that sexy it doesn’t have to make sense.” The girl teased and Siobhan gave a snort as she shook her head. A thought suddenly came to mind and she grinned as she inched her head forward and looked up at the older woman, “Have you ever written anything about me?”

Siobhan looked at her in shock, “What-of course not Maggie!”

“Well why not?! Aren’t I good enough for your shapeshifter/vampire fantasies?”

Siobhan stopped, “That’s not the point.”

The girl’s eyes lit up, “You can pair me up with that female wolf that’s part of Jacob’s pack, Lisa… Leah!”

“Absolutely not.”

“Why, I mean, have you written about Leah before?”


Maggie blinked as that familiar tremble she felt whenever someone was lying ran along her skin.

“You did! With who?”

Siobhan shut her eyes and let out a sigh, “Maggie why does it even-“

“I’ll just check for myself-“

“No!” Siobhan said clutching the book to her chest and turning away from the smaller vampire, “Alright fine, its Alice.”

“Alice?!” Maggie asked incredulously, “I mean, Alice is lovely but-“

“Maggie, they’re just stories.” Then Siobhan fixed the girl in a stern glare, “It’s just… I suppose I got side tracked during my training. They don’t mean anything so for my sake just please keep this to yourself. Don’t tell anyone not even Liam.”

Maggie gave Siobhan a soft smile, “Of course. Not that I see much reason for it. They’re actually quite good.”

Siobhan couldn’t help but smile herself, “Thank you las, its actually quite nice having some input on them. I’m still a bit nervous about my writing. Just thinking about my gift when I write is… stressful.”

“Well, don’t think so hard. You’ll get it right eventually.” Maggie shrugged, “ As for this, they really are just stories. No harm in keeping this dirty little secret.”


Edward walked into the garage only to pause when he saw Jacob bent over the open bonnet for Rosalie’s red convertible, reaching out to grab a tool every now and then as he fiddled with the car.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing mutt?” Edward hissed as he moved closer, just knowing that Rosalie would make both of them pay if she found out a shifter was messing with her car for reasons unknown. Plus, what was Jacob doing messing with Rosalie’s car anyway? Why is he even in the garage?

Jacob glanced up at the vampire and rolled his eyes, “Blondie said she had a problem with her car, I was bored, Blondie said I could check out her car for her. End of story. Get lost.”

Edward frowned, “Rosalie asked you to look at her car?”

“I don’t know why. I think she just wanted me out of the house.” Jacob rolled his eyes as he brought his gaze back down to the car. “If you don’t believe me then you can go ahead and ask her yourself. Now, get lost.”

“This is my house.”

“And you’re annoying me, in your house.” Jacob said, not even looking back once, “I thought you went out hunting with Bella, or sucking face or whatever it is you two do these days. Why aren’t you with her?”

Edward’s jaw clenched.

He was supposed to be out hunting with Bella, but they got into an argument and Edward just thought it would be best if they had a bit of time apart to cool off. He’d gone back to the house, hoping to speak with Carlisle or Alice or maybe even Jasper but found the house practically empty. With only Emmett and Rosalie in the house and Jacob in the garage. All the other vampires seemed to be out as well. He decided to go see what the wolf was up to. Not that he’s entirely sure why he wanted to go and check in on Jacob in the garage. He just never had the chance to properly thank Jacob, for everything he’d done. Even going as far as being exiled along with Leah, Seth and Embry for protecting Bella when the pack found out that she was bitten and in the middle of transition. With the house so empty, he decided that was as good a time as any.

The telepath took in a deep breath to calm his nerves, he didn’t walk in there to fight. He went to talk.

“You know Jacob, I never really thanked you.”

“For what?”

“For protecting Bella, for protecting my family when Sam and the others attacked us and for standing by us when the Volturi arrived. I never thanked you for staying here even though you were exiled for your efforts.”

Jacob stood up straight and turned to face the telepath, wiping his hands on the rag he had hanging in his back pocket and suddenly Edward realised that the teen wasn’t wearing a shirt. He almost never wore a shirt but somehow, right then as he leaned against the car with his cut-offs hanging low over his hips and the light in the garage glowing off his skin. Jacob looked different.

Edward almost frowned at his own thoughts.

“I didn’t do any of that for you, Leech.”

“I know you did it for Bella-“

“I didn’t do it for her either.”

The telepath frowned as Jacob shook his head.

“The past couple of years have been hell for Charlie, because Bella kept dropping him and then showing up again not for him but because of you.” Jacob said bitterly, “Bella suddenly dying would’ve killed him. I know you don’t care about anyone outside of your immediate bubble of bloodsuckers but I do. I protected you because Billy begged me to make sure Charlie didn’t lose his daughter. Besides that, I was sick of Sam controlling my life. Leah needed a way to escape the pack but, lone wolves don’t make it very far, Seth was tired of Sam’s bullshit as well and Embry was sick of being punished over something he can’t control. There’s nothing to thank me for. The world is bigger than just you and your issues with Bella. Get over yourself.”

Jacob then turned around to bring his attention back to the car, ‘Frankly, I’m sick of running after someone that never wanted me.’

The shifter’s thoughts startled him and for a moment Edward didn’t know what to say or do. Maybe he should just leave, but-

“Then I’m sincerely sorry, for everything we’ve put you through.”

Jacob paused, looked over his shoulder to the vampire for a moment before looking back as he started working on the car again.

“Where’s the doc, I haven’t seen him or Esme all day?”

Jacob said and Edward knew that was as close to acceptance of his apology as he was probably going to get.

“They went out to pick up some food.” A small smile graced Edward’s features as he took a step forward, “I can’t speak for everyone but, she’s been thrilled since you all moved in. You’ve given her an opportunity to be a mother. Or at least pretend for a while.”

Jacob scoffed, “Well, she’s not too bad… for a vampire.”

Edward laughed when Jacob continued, “What about the others?”

“Hunting out of state. I think Mary, Randall, Alistair, Peter and Charlotte are the only ones that have left so far.”

“The amazons?”

“Went for a run in the woods, they’re only leaving tomorrow.”

“And Nahuel?”

“Nahuel? He’s hunting with his aunt.”


Edward frowned, “Why?”

Jacob shrugged, “No reason.”

Edward saw a flash of Nahuel in Jacob’s mind. His frown got deeper, “Jacob why-“

“So you and Bella got into a fight.”

Edward blinked at the sudden change in topic but he couldn’t find an explanation for it with Jacob’s thoughts guarded so carefully.

“What makes you think-“

“I honestly can’t think of any other reason why you’d be here with me instead of her. Am I wrong?”

The telepath didn’t answer and Jacob shook his head, “What you do?”

Edward’s head gave a tilt, “Why do you automatically assume it was my fault?”

Jacob glanced back at him, “Are you saying it’s Bella’s fault?”

Telepath hesitated, “No of course not. Its not uncommon for fledglings to be a bit more aggressive and irritable from time to time. I just pushed her buttons that’s all.”

Jacob gave a snort, “So it is her fault.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“But you wanted to.” Jacob scoffed again, “You know its normal to get mad at your girlfriend. You’re allowed to think she was wrong, just don’t say that shit to her face.”

Edward let out a startled laugh, “We just had a disagreement that’s all.”


Edward didn’t want to answer him, it was so-


“Nothing important.” Edward said as he closed the distance between them and stood beside the car. “You know, we’ve already graduated but Esme was thinking about enrolling you all in Forks high, she’s worried about you falling behind because of the exile. She hasn’t said anything because she doesn’t want to overstep any boundaries, but if you’re that bored you could start going there from now on. I could drop you off and pick you up every day.”

“Yeah, cause I’d love to have to be stuck in a car with you twice a day. I have my own car, remember?”

Edward rolled his eyes, “I just figured it would give me something to do.”

“You have something to do. Remember Bella, your wife or mate or whatever?” Jacob said dismissively and Edward just looked away, “Besides, I don’t see much of a point in going back to school.”

“Why not?”

Jacob shook his head as he reached for a wrench, “Wolves never leave La Push, we just don’t do that. Someone has to protect the land. No point in studying when college and just leaving Forks in general just isn’t an option.”

“Sam is here.”

“Sam’s only focus is the res. You guys aren’t the only vampire’s in existence. Someone has to be here to protect Forks.”

“And that someone has to be you?”

Jacob sighed as he stood up straight as he set the wrench aside and wiped his hands again, “Look, my situation might not be ideal but I do love being a shifter. I love the feeling I get whenever I phase and just run into the forest as fast and long as I can. That’s something I’m willing to stay for to keep.”

“Why should you have to choose? You could leave Jacob.”

“And what? Run away with you? That’s something I can see going well. Every other vampire we came across would probably think you were keeping us as pets like the Volturi did.”

“You’re not our pets.”

“Guard dogs then.”

“You’re not-“ Edward let out a deep breath, “I know I’ve never said it but I do have a lot of respect for you.”

“Sure you do.”

“Yes I do, Jacob you have to understand. Vampires, we feel very strongly about our mates. It’s a possessive energy that we don’t really have a lot of control over.” Edward took a deep unnecessary breath, “We talked about this before but, the only reason I behaved that way around you was because of Bella. I know how you felt about her, I knew everything you could give her that I never could. I saw you as a threat. But I think, it isn’t even because we’re natural enemies, I think if we met before all this, before Bella: I truly could have considered you my friend. And I know it might be too late now after everything that’s happened, but I’d like us to be friends now.”

Jacob stared back at him in silence, mind oddly blank until the shifter gave a snort, “You’re right, it is too late.” Edward resisted the urge to deflate as Jacob turned around to face the hood again.

‘But I guess I could give you a second chance’

And then Edward smiled, the shifter glanced up at him and shook his head with a small smile of his own.

“So, how long do you think the other vampires are going to be staying in town?”

“Not sure, but they don’t really have much reason to stay.” Edward shrugged, “I heard Carmen and Eleazar talking about going back to  Alaska in a few days.”

Jacob hummed, “And Nahuel?”

Edward frowned, “I’m not sure. They’re very reclusive from what I can tell so I don’t think it’ll be too long.”

“Oh O.K.”

“This is the second time you’ve asked me about him.”


“And if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you had some sort of feelings for him.”

Jacob paused, his head gave a tilt.

‘And what if I did?’

“He’s kind of cute.”

Edward gaped in shock.

“He’s a vampire.”

“Half vampire, he has the benefit of not smelling like the undead.” Jacob said with a grin.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Why not?”

“You barely know him?”

“Oh please, how long did you know Bella before you started stalking her? And don’t bother lying to me cause she told me about it.”

Edward sputtered for a moment, “He feeds on humans.”

“Yesterday Esme made us empanadas.”

“Jacob.” Edward said straining the shifter’s name causing said shifter to pause and look up at him, “You can’t have feelings for Nahuel.”

“And why not?”


Jacob rolled his eyes, but still gave a smile, “Don’t worry leech boy, you’re still my favourite parasite… After Esme and Shorty, and the Doc and Hulk and Emo and Barbie.”

Edward couldn’t help but scoff, “I’m touched.”

Jacob gave a snort and the telepath shook his head, “I just don’t understand… since when are you even attracted to men?”

“You’re kidding, right? Thought you were supposed to be a mind reader.” Jacob arched a brow, “I’m bisexual, Cullen.”


“Yeah, Oh. Is that a problem for you? Cause I don’t give a shit either way.”

“It’s not a problem I’m just… surprised.”

“Whatever. The fact that he’s half vampire doesn’t bother me much either, I mean I put up with you and I don’t even really like you. At least Nahuel’s cute.”

“Yes, he’s cute you already said that.” Edward said suddenly feeling annoyed.

“I guess it could’ve been nice if his skin was a little cooler.”

Edward looked at him, “Then he wouldn’t be half vampire.”

“I just always feel so hot you know,” Jacob said with a pause as he stared at the engine seeming to have forgotten about who he was talking to. “Cold skin would feel nice.”

Edward’s head gave a tilt, Jacob seemed to let out a sigh as he removed the tools he had resting on the side of the bonnet to put in the tool box before shutting the hood of the car. He wiped his hands one more time before he reached out to rub the back of his neck, leaving an oil smear across glowing bronze skin.

“I’ll finish this tomorrow, I need a shower.”

The shifter jumped and almost froze when he felt an ice-cold hand on his skin, right over where he was rubbing before. The shifter spun around to look up at the vampire in confusion-

“What’re you-“

“You got oil on your neck.” Edward said as his hand slid across the shifters skin over the stain, marvelling at the heat he could feel sinking into his skin while simultaneously wondering what on earth possessed him to touch the shifter in the first place, he just suddenly felt this overwhelming desire to-

Jacob frowned but didn’t pull away only to shut his eyes for a brief moment with a sigh, “That actually feels really good.”

And then Edward felt himself draw even closer to the shifter, closing the distance between them to seal their lips in a kiss. Surprisingly enough Jacob didn’t pull away, didn’t start freaking out and start cussing the vampire out. Instead he wrapped his arms around Edward’s neck to pull him closer and stepped back so he was leaning against the hood of the red convertible behind him. Edward went all too willingly, bracing his hands on either side of Jacob’s hips on the car as he deepened the kiss. Jacob moaned spreading his legs apart a little further as the vampire moved closer until they were pressed up right against each other. The telepath was about to lift Jacob’s legs to wrap around his waist when the sound of a door opening reached their ears.


The two immediately pulled apart, Jacob’s eyes went wide as he looked off to the side pushing the other away.


Edward immediately pulled away and all at once it’s like…

It was so strange, all of the sudden it was like a blanket of fog just lifted right off of them.

Edward disappeared around the corner just as Carlisle entered the garage. Jacob stared after him wondering what on earth just happened.


“Uh yeah, hey.” The shifter said turning to face the vampire and Carlisle frowned at how flustered the shifter seemed.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine, you just surprised me that’s all.” Jacob said with a brief laugh to brush it off, “What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing really. Esme thought you might like to have some take out for tonight. We weren’t sure what you’d all like so we brought a little bit of everything. Pizza, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-e-”

“Wow, a couple of whoppers would’ve been fine.”

Carlisle gave a wry smile, “Well, we don’t mind much. Going through a drive-thru was a new experience and admittedly a little overwhelming.”

Jacob gave a snort, “I get it vampires don’t do food. I’ll be up in a minute.”

The blonde nodded his head just as Jacob turned to the car to start cleaning up a bit more as he tried to sort out his thoughts, only for Carlisle to turn back to follow. “You know Jacob, Esme and I were thinking that it might be nice if you and the rest of the pack started going to Forks high. It’s been a few weeks since you’ve been to school and we’re worried you might be falling behind. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything, we could get you enrolled and Alice has been dying for an excuse to force you all into going shopping with her.”

Jacob sighed, “Sure.”


“Yeah, I mean there’s nothing better to do. As long as Shorty doesn’t try to turn me into her personal barbie doll, then it’d be really cool if you could help us settle into school.”

Carlisle smiled, “That’s great, I’ll tell Esme.”

“Though I don’t really see much of a point. Not like I’m going anywhere.” Jacob mumbled out only to pause when the vampire suddenly grasped his chin and forced his head up to make eye contact.

“Jacob you can choose to do anything you want to with your life. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Life has to be experienced, it should never be wasted.”

Jacob flushed, “Yeah, yeah. There’s no need to be so dramatic. I’ll go to school dad.”

Carlisle smiled, “Good.” And then the vampire kissed him. Pressing a soft kiss against Jacob’s forehead.

Jacob let out a shuddering sigh when the hand on his chin slid up to cup the side of his head, fingers reaching up into the shifter’s hair. Jacob tilted his head back and Carlisle moved even closer leaning down to speak against the shifter’s ear, “Good boy.”

“Carlisle.” Jacob breathed and Carlisle suddenly blinked, not realising what he’d done until he pulled back and saw the shifter staring at him with wide eyes as he braced himself against the hood of the red convertible behind him.


Carlisle pulled away, trying and actually succeeding in seeming like there was nothing at all wrong with their interaction. “Don’t forget to wash your hands. Hurry up, I hear reheating take out is a bad idea.”

“Uh yeah.”

And then Carlisle turned and left the room completely confused by his own actions. He just… his body just moved of its own will and he kissed Jacob. It was a kiss on the temple though, innocent when you think about it. But why did he do that?

Jacob had the same thoughts running through his mind and so did Edward who stood silently seething in the shadows of the room.

“What on earth?”

“That was so weird.”

“What the fuck?!”


It started raining.

Quite suddenly actually but Embry didn’t mind much.

He was out in the forest, lying naked on his back at the mouth of a large cave. Water fell softly around him, raindrops tapping like light cold finger tips dancing over his exposed skin. He forgot to grab some cut offs before running out into the forest but it didn’t really matter. No one comes here anyway.

It’s a remote spot deep in the forest, he found it the first time he phased a year ago. It was quiet and secluded, far away from the res and the vampires and his mom and every other problem he had going in his life. Embry often went out there on his own to just sit and think or just relax whenever he had a particularly rough day. It was always nice when it rained, he could lie back feel the rain cool his skin ever so slightly and just lose himself in his own thoughts for a while. It also helped that shapeshifters couldn’t get sick, so he could stay out for as long as he wanted.

Things have been rough lately, what with Sam exiling them and his mother freaking the fuck out when she found out about it. Embry hasn’t really spoken to her since he left and he heard from Billy that the council had quite literally banned Tiffany from contacting her son, not that it really matters since he knows he can’t tell her the truth anyway. Tiffany didn’t take any of that well and planned on driving out to go see her son council be damned. But Billy quickly intervened since he knew that would just lead to a whole new host of problems. He managed to calm her down, convinced her that the arrangement was only temporary, that the council just needed some time to figure some things out. Tiffany wasn’t satisfied with this answer but she agreed to stay put, if only so Embry wouldn’t get in any trouble.

It’s all a mess.

But… not as bad as it could be. The Cullens were nice enough, well most of them were anyway. They managed to deal with the smell well enough so living with the vampires wasn’t too bad.

Its all a mess, but it could’ve been worse.

Embry went out to the spot in the woods because he just wanted to get away from everyone for a minute. The house was practically empty anyway but he hadn’t really been out there in a while.

The shifter let out a soft sigh, taking in a deep breath of the cool  forest air only for his eyes to snap open before he quickly sat up when he caught the scent of sickly-sweet bleach through the scent of rain. Embry’s eyes went wide when he saw the figure standing over him, standing with his head tilted as he stared down at the shifter and Embry flushed a horrible dark red.

It’s one of the vampire’s that’s been hanging around the Cullens, one of Carlisle’s friends. He was one of the less dangerous vampires so Embry could forget the danger of being caught all alone by a vampire and focus on the embarrassment of being caught all alone by a vampire completely naked.

The shifter yelped and scrambled back. The vampire smirked.

“Oh please, don’t move on my account.”

Embry pulled his legs up to try and hide some of his modesty. This felt different from normally just phasing in front of a vampire. With no anger or apparent threat of danger, Embry felt weirdly vulnerable.

“What’re you doing here?”

“I was just about to ask you the same thing.” The vampire’s hands slipped from his pockets up to his shirt to start undoing the buttons, “I was out hunting when I noticed you. You were lying so still I was worried that you were hurt. Carlisle’s a dear friend and I know how much he cares for all of you.”

Embry watched as the vampire took off his shirt, exposing  pale marble skin with hard toned muscle underneath, a single black pendant dangling from his neck and lying against his chest. Garrett took a step forward and held the shirt out to the shifter. Embry hesitated before he took it, quickly getting the hint.


“So, what are you doing here?”

Embry shrugged holding the black silk material up to see and realised that it might actually be big enough to wear and help him hide most of what needed to be hidden. He quickly slipped it on.

“Nothing, I just come here to think sometimes.”

“Ah.” Garrett said looking around the cave and then out to the picturesque view just outside, “I see the appeal.”

It was silent between them for a brief moment until the shifter finally let out a soft sigh, “O.K so you checked on me and I’m O.K. You can go now.”

Garrett looked over to the shifter and smirked, “Is that your way of getting rid of me wolf?”

“Kind of.” Embry admitted and Garrett chuckled, “You realize that this isn’t the first time I’ve seen you naked before. I have seen you phase. Either way you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about.”

Embry frowned, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Garrett smirked as he shook his head, “Nothing. How long do you plan on staying out here?”

Embry shook his head, “Not long.”

Garrett’s head gave a tilt, he reached out a hand towards the teen and Embry let out a heavy sigh as he reluctantly took it. But Embry forgot that he’d been lying out in the rain. Garrett pulled him up onto his feet but Embry still slipped. Garrett quickly moved to catch him and they ended up on the cold hard cave floor.

“Ow…” Embry groaned at the pain in his knees from the impact and Garrett chuckled. The shifter looked up and found himself practically crouched over the vampire and he wanted to glare at the amusement he saw in those blood red eyes when-

Garrett reached out to touch the teen’s face, thumb gently brushing against his cheek. The shifter blushed, eyes going wide as he watched the vampire lean in closer.


Before he could finish, the vampire silenced him with a kiss.