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Francis looked over to his two friends that were sitting right next to him while eating ice cream, like it was usual in a hot summer. He smiled at them, getting smiles back, as he also started to eat his own ice.

He watched them as they laughed about something and wondered, what it was, since he didn't listen to it right in that moment because he was too deep in his thoughts. Then, Gilbert's especially loud laugh came into his ears and Francis realized that it must have been one of Antonio's jokes. He shook his head amused and listened for a moment.

They were actually talking about a group of people that was walking in the back of the park and looked quite weird.
Francis started to laugh with them, too.
"Guys, we might as well look as weird as them," he said in his French accent to the other two, so that Antonio shook his head.
"No, mi amigo. The only weird thing about us is that we look and sound really different from each other, but that makes us such a special trio!"
"Besides, we're just awesome!" the German, or Prussian, how Gilbert said, even though Prussia was dissolved a longer time ago, threw in while he almost let his ice cream fall to the ground.

"Watch out! You almost dropped your ice, Gil," Francis said because of that, laughing a bit more, causing Gilbert to stare at him confused and than at his ice cream, before he started to lick at it again. "Well, I didn't, right? The awesome me wouldn't do that!" he added and laughed.
Antonio nodded then, still smiling brightly, looking at Francis, who, again, was deep in his thoughts and ideas.

A bit of worry came into the Spaniard's eyes as he saw his French friend sinking into his thoughts so much, since that wasn't really their thing at all. A few moments later, even the German in the group realized it and looked at his friend a bit.

"Are you okay, Francis?" Antonio asked and frowned when the asked person just nodded.
"Yeah... I'm just thinking about an idea that I had, to be honest."
"Tell us!" Gilbert shouted excited, causing a few people that were a bit closer to them to look at them confused.

"I don't think that you'll approve of this... But I thought about inviting a few more people into our friend group. Not people that we don't know, no. Just our closest friends or family members. Maybe we could create a bigger group with all of us then?" Francis explained and before anyone of the now thinking and rather worried looking two could say something, he added, "You two will always be number one for me. I just thought we could try it out. Like, I know two people I could invade, and one of them has a brother who maybe would like to join us, too."

Antonio frowned and nodded after a few more moments, a little smile forming on his lips again.
"I have a very good friend. He's quite uptight and sometimes a bit... or more than a bit... moody and rude, but he can also be a really nice person and I think it'd be great! Gil, what do you think?" he said and at the end, he turned towards the German - or Prussian, what you want to call him, he'd approve of "Prussian" more - just to ask the question especially for him.

He seemed to be unsure and his lips twitched.
"I... don't know. You're the only people besides my brother I am comfortable around, where I also get more calm and quiet because I don't feel as if I have to be strong anymore. They might think I'm obnoxious and maybe in the end, I'll be the one that messes this up," he told his two only friends that he had besides his brother, if you count him as one.
Gilbert looked down to the ground in embarrassment before he felt a hand on his shoulder.

The white-haired looked up, directly into Francis' eyes, having a gentle look in them.
"Hey, Gil. That's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's okay if you don't get comfortable around people so fast. You could bring your brother, too, for example. Also, we have enough time to get used to each other then. And even if you don't get comfortable around them, maybe you can learn to trust them at least a bit."

"Besides," the Spaniard started now, "Whatever happens, we won't let you down. Even if this little... experiment wouldn't work. We have those whole weeks just to hang out alone then!"
Gilbert nodded and gulped a bit, before he shook his head and looked at the two again.
"How about putting us and them into a WhatsApp group first?" he said, still unsure. He knew that he could ask his brother if he wanted to come, but he didn't know how it would work out.

"Good idea!" Antonio said enthusiastic and took out his phone. They may had their own group already but he decided to make a new one and put in the rest of the trio, who were watching him doing that.
"I'll just put Lovino in already. You can put your people into the group, too," he told them and looked at Francis first, before he eyed Gilbert even warmer, while he seemed to search for his brother in his contacts.

Antonio created a group
Antonio added Gilbert
Antonio added Francis
Antonio added Lovino
Gilbert added Ludwig
Francis added Arthur
France added Matthew

Lovino: Toni, what is this group?
Arthur: Good question. Frog?
Antonio: Lovi, you know Francis and Gilbert, right? We decided to invite our closest friends or family members to the group, so that we could try to widen our circle a bit. I don't know the three that they added, tho. Maybe we should do something like an introduce round?

Antonio looked up and saw that the other ones where typing too, what made him smile. If this worked, it would be a really great thing. Even though he was still worried about Gilbert and his insecurity, he was optimistic.

Francis: Antonio already said it right. Also, I think his idea is good for a start, what do you think?
Ludwig: Uh, I'm quite confused but okay, I would approve of an introduction round.
Gilbert: Kesesese, Luddy, you have to get used to it! This'll be fun!
Ludwig: Please don't call me Luddy.
Matthew: Uh...
Francis: Hm? Everything okay?
Matthew: I'm joining Luddy in the confusion club, but I'm fine.
Ludwig: I'm not Luddy. Call me Ludwig, please.
Matthew: Alright, I'm sorry, Ludwig.
Lovino: Ludwig is such a weird name. Are you a potato bastard?
Ludwig: a...what?
Lovino: Are you German, damn it
Ludwig: well, yes, I am German.
Antonio: Lovi, please be nice.
Lovino: ...
Gilbert: So, you know my brother's name now, how about going forward with the introductions?
Lovino: wait, he's your brother? That means you're a potato bastard, too?
Gilbert: I'm Prussian.
Matthew: Huh? Wasn't Prussia dissolved in 1947? How can you be Prussian? I mean, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings or anything, I'm just pretty overwhelmed by the whole situation.
Gilbert: just Prussian heritage, then. Oof.
And it's okay, you don't have to be sorry.
Matthew: Alright, that makes more sense.
Francis: I feel like we scared our British man away.
Arthur: No, I'm here. I'm just watching this group chat developing.

"Yeah, well, it develops quite much," Gilbert said and sighed, a little smile on his lips. When he talked again, everyone looked up and stared at each other, before they started laughing all together.
"So, I wonder. The dude who's calling me and Luddy potato bastards must be from another country. And then you called him," he pointed at the screen where Arthur's message was and looked at the French, "British man. Which nationalities are in there?"

Francis opened his mouth before Antonio could, "Well, I have invited a Briton and a Canadian. How about you, Toni?"
"Lovi is Italian", he explained shortly, before he added, "and he just doesn't like Germans that much. I don't know."
Gilbert just laughed at that and shook his head, ignoring the last part.
"We live in New York and we don't even have an American in our group? That's entertaining!" he said and the others nodded in agreement, smiling, before Francis remembered something.
"Well, Mattie's brother is American. He lives with him. Maybe he'll invite him some day," he threw in, before he looked at his phone again and flinched at the amount of messages that had been sent in the time where they were talking.
"Someone just escalated. Probably Arthur."

24 new messages.

Lovino: A Briton...
Arthur: My name is Arthur.
Lovino: Alright.
Arthur: And what's your name? Lovi?
Lovino: No. I'm Lovino, don't ever use this Spaniard's weird nickname for me again.
Arthur: As long as you don't call me Artie, it'll be fine. But if you do, I'll go back to the nickname for you.
Lovino: Oh, who nicknamed you like that?
Arthur: A weird American that I talked to over the internet. I just told him my name and he made Artie out of it. He still uses it when he texts me.
Matthew: That sounds awfully similar to things my brother would do. He's American too and he likes to give people nicknames out of nowhere and even uses them when people don't want him to.
Lovino: And who are you?
Matthew: Matthew. I'm from Canada and my brother from America, so I moved here to live with him.
Arthur: We don't have a bloody American in here, right?
Lovino: Nope. But we might get another Italian, my brother likes this whole idea really much. I don't know if I'm allowed to just add him. Well, I'm just going to do it now.
Ludwig: What? Another Italian?
Lovino: Be nice to him or I'll find you and rip you apart. And I fucking mean it, you listen?!
Ludwig: yeah, yeah. It's alright.

Lovino added Feliciano.

Arthur: Welcome.
Feliciano: thanks ^¬^
Matthew: Welcome! I'm just going to add my brother too, now that he just showed up and freaked out about it.

Matthew added Alfred.

Arthur: wait a moment
Alfred: ARTIE! You're here? :D
Arthur: uh.. yeah

"I knew it when I read Arthur's talk with Matthew. It's so funny to put people together!" Antonio said and the other two agreed, even though Gilbert was a bit worried about his brother who is, well, quite uptight. Like, not even quite, he's really uptight.

Antonio: wait, Lovi, did you just get along with a Briton?
Lovino: mmh...yeah, he's quite okay.
Arthur: thank you. You're pretty okay, too.
Ludwig: Is this how you two make compliments?
Lovino: compliments??? What's your problem, bastard?
Feliciano: ve! Can't you be a bit nicer towards him?
Lovino: no.
Ludwig: alright.
Antonio: Don't take it too personally, Ludwig. He's just liked this.
Francis: I did.
Lovino: WHAT-
Francis: That was a joke, Lovi.
Lovino: Bad jokes. And don't call me Lovi.
Arthur: your jokes get worse and worse, frog.
Alfred: wtf is going on dudes? I was just trying to take a shower but even while I was just checking on things, you dudes wrote fucking fifteen messages?
Lovino: who the fuck are you even
Alfred: Alfred F. Jones! I'm the hero!
Matthew: he's just my brother.
Alfred: I hate you.
Arthur: Not that anyone was going to believe it at all
Alfred: Artie.
Arthur: If you ever, ever call me Artie again, I'm going to ram a big stick up your ass.
Gilbert: uuuh, kinky ;)
Arthur: what.
Ludwig: nothing. Forget my brother. He's just talking Scheiße.

"How nice", Gilbert muttered while he still ate the very rest of his ice that was so big to begin with. But now, enough time and writing went into this group and day, so that he was finally done, too.

Antonio looked at his little clock around his wrist and got shocked.
"I have to go now, guys. I'm getting late for my little holiday job. And don't worry, it's only a few times in those holidays."
They nodded at each other and laughed a last time together, before the Spaniard left them alone.

After a few more minutes of talking and laughing together, Gilbert was messaged by his brother because he again forgot that they wanted to go to a shop for food again.
So, Gilbert and Francis split up too.

Francis, for his part, sat a bit in the park and enjoyed the environment. Also, he enjoyed his success with the group.