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Princely Demeanour

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Perhaps Taekwoon’s most recent musical role made him feel like royalty. Truly, the costumes, the makeup, the behaviour and the stance he used for the role, it was all so princely. Even the silver hair he had made him look regal. He seemed to radiate some new kind of confidence that he’d acquired even before his solo activities. It was in no way a bad thing.

However, what Jaehwan couldn’t ever support was brattiness. Taekwoon was beginning to bring his royal demeanour into his daily life, into their home, and Jaehwan didn’t like it.

What was worse, Hakyeon and Hongbin were extremely supportive of this.

Those days, when he wasn’t working, Taekwoon was often found draped over a bed or the couch in the living room. If he were a cat, his tail would have been swaying lazily – Jaehwan could just imagine it.

Taekwoon would look up at Hakyeon or Hongbin, whoever was the closest, and ask for something in a sweet, sleepy tone, with a bat of his pretty lashes.

It nearly guaranteed he would get what he’d asked for.

Nearly. It seemed that Jaehwan and Wonshik were the only ones not falling for this trick. As for Hyuk, he was mostly an accomplice in the bratty behaviour.

Jaehwan knew he needed to put a stop to it, but he waited for the right moment, for Taekwoon to slip up.


They were alone in the living room. Jaehwan was clearly busy, reading a script.

Taekwoon was lying on the couch with his head hanging off the edge. He was playing with a strand of his hair, shifting around as if he was unable to get comfortable. Lifting his hips, wiggling his bum, it was all pretty disruptive for Jaehwan who was trying to focus.

And then,


At first he tried to ignore the whining, but Taekwoon only kept going, louder and louder, until Jaehwan finally paid attention to him,


Taekwoon’s lips curled into a smile that was supposed to soften Jaehwan, though it didn’t work. “Won’t you bring me my pillow from my room? You know the one.”

“I’m busy hyung,” Jaehwan said, attempting to return to script reading.

Taekwoon rolled over onto his stomach. “Jaehwanah....” Just like the first time, the whining continued until the younger looked at him.

“For fuck’s sake, go get your own pillow—” Lifting his gaze to angrily say this, Jaehwan saw that Taekwoon was rocking back and forth on the couch.

“Can’t,” was the only explanation he attempted to give. “Please?” There it was again, the batting of the lashes.


Pleeease. Jaehwanaaah, I need my pillow, please, please, pleeeease!”

Jaehwan closed the script and tossed it on the coffee table before him. He stood up, took one step towards the couch; and just when Taekwoon thought he’d won, Jaehwan appeared above him and grabbed his hair.

Taekwoon gasped and immediately after whimpered, looking up with the corners of his lips tugged down disapprovingly. He had not been expecting this.

“Shut up,” Jaehwan hissed. “I’m busy.”

Taekwoon looked right at him, and even though he was being held up by the hair, dared say, “And I need my pillow.”

“That’s it—” Jaehwan let go of Taekwoon’s hair in favour of picking him up.

“Hey!” The elder complained, but it was too late; Jaehwan had already draped him over his shoulder.

Taekwoon kicked in attempts of throwing Jaehwan off and making him put him down, but the younger didn’t budge. He carried Taekwoon like a sack of potatoes to the nearest bedroom and dumped him on the bed.

Taekwoon propped himself up onto his elbows; he was frowning and pouting. “What was that for?”

Jaehwan placed his palm flat on Taekwoon’s chest and pushed him onto the bed, then took his wrists and pinned him down.

“What’s gotten into you, hyung? Since when are you such a brat? It’s like you’re asking to—”

Taekwoon tilted his head innocently. “What? I’m asking to what?”

Jaehwan gritted his teeth, because Taekwoon was now pushing his hips up, just like he had on the couch, except that he now had Jaehwan to grind against.

“You’re asking to be fucked,” Jaehwan said. “But no. No, no. I’d be just as bad as Hakyeon if I simply gave you what you want.”

Taekwoon’s little smile was immediately wiped off his face. “Wh-at?”

Jaehwan smirked. He let go of Taekwoon and stood up. “Don’t move,” he said.

It was surprising that Taekwoon truly didn’t move. Perhaps he’d realized that he had fucked up and was trying to get on Jaehwan’s good side by being obedient.

Oh, how amusing it was to see the horror in Taekwoon’s eyes when he saw what Jaehwan picked out for him. In Jaehwan’s opinion it was nothing special – too light of a punishment if you ask him – but it was good for teaching Taekwoon patience.

A shiver ran down his spine, and it was so intense that Jaehwan could see his whole body shake.

“Jaehwan—Jaehwanah—you won’t—you wouldn’t—”

Climbing back on the bed, Jaehwan set the items aside for the time being, although Taekwoon’s gaze remained on them, his brows knitted.

Jaehwan couldn’t help but chuckle at how Taekwoon tried to scramble away, curl himself up and hide. Even though it was cute and amusing, Jaehwan didn’t let him escape. He grabbed Taekwoon by the thighs and pulled him in so that he was once again lying on the bed, legs parted around Jaehwan. The suddenness of the action made Taekwoon yelp, but he didn’t try to wiggle away.

Jaehwan hooked his finger to rim of Taekwoon’s jeans, where the button was. “Off,” he said.

Taekwoon whimpered, but obliged. He undid the button and unzipped, lifting his hips in order to pull the pants off; Jaehwan helped him with this. He then slid his hands up Taekwoon’s stomach, up to his chest and further, gently brushing his collarbones.

Perhaps the gentle touches had made Taekwoon forget about Jaehwan’s anger, and he let himself relax, eyes fluttering shut and nuzzling into the pillows below him.

Jaehwan leaned in, as if for a kiss, but it wasn’t so much a kiss as it was him biting on Taekwoon’s bottom lip and sucking on it until it was swollen, red and spit slick.

It was when Jaehwan pulled away and jammed his knee up between Taekwoon’s legs – not enough to hurt him though – that Taekwoon remembered that he wasn’t supposed to be having fun.

Jaehwan tugged on the shirt he was wearing and once again ordered, “Off.”

Taekwoon looked up at Jaehwan prettily, licked his lips and tilted his head back. He began peeling his shirt off, slowly, showing his body off, the curve of his waist and the light tensing of his muscles as he moved.

Jaehwan couldn’t help but admire, tracing a line down Taekwoon’s chest and abdomen, finally resting his hand on his hip.

But Taekwoon shouldn’t have tested Jaehwan’s patience like that.

Once his shirt was off, Jaehwan took it upon himself to pull off Taekwoon’s briefs, to which the elder reacted with yet another yelp, as the action came as a surprise.

Taekwoon wasn’t allowed a moment of rest because in the next moment Jaehwan took him by the hip and flipped him over onto his stomach, then rested his knee on Taekwoon’s thigh to hold him down.

The elder heard the sound of a bottle being popped open and soon enough Jaehwan pushed two lubed up fingers right into Taekwoon’s ass with no warning.

And he couldn’t even try to make the best of it, to grind his hips back onto Jaehwan’s fingers, because he was being held down so firmly.

Taekwoon wanted to whine and struggle, but he figured it would make things worse for him. So he stayed still, cheek rested on one of the pillows, and trying to ignore his growing erection as well as his mostly uncomfortable position.

When Jaehwan was done stretching him, he moved away and removed his knee, but as soon as Taekwoon so much as shuffled, Jaehwan pushed him back with a, “Don’t move.”

Taekwoon let out a little huff, but thankfully Jaehwan didn’t hear it or else he likely would’ve gotten more pissed. Taekwoon really didn’t need to give Jaehwan a reason to get more malicious with his punishment.

So while he was still being held down, Taekwoon was made to gasp as he felt the vibrator he’d seen Jaehwan bring earlier being pushed inside of him, with no gentleness on Jaehwan’s part as he did so.

Taekwoon’s eyes watered, but he was soon able to calm down as the vibrator settled nicely between his cheeks. It wasn’t yet turned on, so he had a moment of peace while Jaehwan grabbed his wrists and brought them together behind his back.

Taekwoon tried to turn around, only to be pushed back against the bed.

“I told you not to move,” Jaehwan snapped.

“Jaehwanah,” Taekwoon tried, making his voice especially sweet and silky.

“Shut up,” the younger answered coolly.

Taekwoon whined helplessly, deciding to stay silent for the remaining time while Jaehwan tied his arms together with the pretty black ropes Taekwoon liked the most.

With that done there was only one more item left on the bed that Jaehwan hadn’t used yet.

Taekwoon needed to be flipped back over for this and he was faced with the last part of his punishment.

“Jaehwanah, please don’t—Please, isn’t this enough? Please don’t—” Taekwoon was whining, trying to make himself look pretty and vulnerable and sad, twisting on the bed and blinking up at Jaehwan with a small pout.

But Jaehwan was not to be swayed. “Taekwoonie~ How am I gonna teach you patience if I don’t deny you?”

It became evident to Taekwoon that Jaehwan wasn’t backing down so he continued to whine, voice getting progressively louder as Jaehwan put the cock ring onto him.

Sad, Taekwoon draped himself over the pillows on the bed and looked up at Jaehwan once again, attempting to guilt trip him with pouting and teary eyes.

But Jaehwan only found him pretty like that, feeling no remorse.

He stopped to admire his masterpiece, watching Taekwoon pushing his hips up shallowly, with nothing to grind against even. He watched the ropes digging into Taekwoon’s skin as he moved around.

He couldn’t help but lean in to give Taekwoon a kiss on the forehead. And then Jaehwan wrapped his arms around him and held him for a little while, because it was so easy to do so, to pick him up and maneuver him around.

Taekwoon used this gentle moment to nuzzle himself into Jaehwan and try to get him to soften up a bit.

“Jaehwanie… You won’t keep me like this for too long, will you? You’ll let me come in the end, right?” He spoke softly, smushing his cheek against Jaehwan’s shoulder.

“I’ll keep you here as long as it takes for you to learn a lesson. You can’t have everything handed to you,” Jaehwan answered, pulling away already.

“Oh, come on!” Taekwoon complained, dropping the sweet act immediately and continuing to pout. “You are the worst.”

 Jaehwan chuckled, shaking his head. He ruffled Taekwoon’s hair and got off the bed, straightening his clothes a bit.

“Well, I gotta go. Now that I got you out of the way, I can go back to reading my script.”

Taekwoon pursed his lips, eyeing Jaehwan’s crotch and obvious boner. “Whatchu gonna do about that?” He raised his eyebrows.

Jaehwan didn’t react to this provocation. He smiled, adjusting his pants a bit. “Might find another one of our boyfriends to fuck, I don’t know. Hopefully you’ll hear it and get even more frustrated.” He stood there, switching the vibrator on and smiling evilly as he slid the remote into his pocket. “See you later baby.”

Taekwoon was left on the bed, whining and grinding his hips shallowly.