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Infinite Oneshots

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A/N: This story is basically where I'm going to toss my one shot ideas that have anything to do with my Infinite World Series

(Which, honestly, is pretty much all my stories since Infinite World includes Final Anime(also, the term anime there is a misnomer since there's more than anime in it)) whichhhh basically means anything goes since almost all my fandoms are included :p

Main relationship will be stated in the chapter title, and most of these will be Gen fics

Published: 2/26/2019

Warnings: None

Or the one Where Sora adopts a Flood

(A Shadow, a Lights, and a Sky tie in chapter)

Sora wasn't sure where the tiny blue creature had come from. All he knew was that it was small(smaller than Sora), had a body that was electric blue in color, and shining red eyes.

Oh, and sharp little arms that had sliced him a little bit, but Sora had shrugged that off because he was a big boy, no matter what Wakka said about Sora being a tiny little shorty.

The little creature squirmed as Sora picked it up.

"Where'd you come from?" Sora asked it.

The creature hissed at him.

Sora frowned.

"You look sad." Sora told it. The response was another cut on his arm. Sora winced before smiling at the confused creature, bringing it in closer and hugging it. "Momma says when people are hurtin', you give 'em a nice big hug! It might not always make the hurt go away, but it helps, so I'm gonna hug you!" Sora told the creature.

It squirmed for a bit before conceding, little tiny razor sharp arms wrapping around Sora.

Sora cooed. He had his first pet!

He decided he'd name him Blue cause he was Blue. Hey, Sora was a little kid. If a simple name fit, it fit.

Riku was nowhere near as impressed as he should have been.

"What in the hell," the five year old said, looking at Blue incredulously, "is that?"

Sora glared at his best friend before pulling Blue away.

"If you aren't gonna be nice then you aren't allowed around Blue!" Sora told Riku bluntly.

Riku spluttered.

"That's not what I meant!" Riku snapped. "I- what is he? It is a he, right?" Riku asked before tilting his head, looking underneath Blue's body. "Uncle Clyde once had this dog and taught me how ta che- hey, there's nothing down there!" Riku exclaimed, backing away and eyeing Blue wearily.

Sora blinked. Hm. Weird. Either way, he twisted Blue towards him again. The small creature preened. Blue might have slashed him a few times at first, but it hadn't taken Sora long to realize Blue was really just starved for affection. Blue loved hugs.

Mom was right. Hugs were totally the best medicine.

"Blue is a guy," Sora decided. "He can be a girl on weekends if he really wants to." He decided to add, because they really couldn't tell.

Vanitas blinked as an odd feeling struck him. An odd feeling coming from… Outside. Outside of himself, Vanitas realized. That could only mean one thing.

It came from one of the Unversed.

That was weird. All he usually got from the Unversed where spikes of pain whenever one of them was cut down(which, honestly, was getting more frequent). Ventus, Terra, and Aqua were decimating the creatures left and right wherever Vanitas would leave them.

Okay, so maybe unleashing monster armies on unsuspecting worlds was not a good way to deal with your emotional baggage and general problems, but Vanitas had never claimed to be sane of mind.

Still… This feeling that echoed in him was odd. The Unversed were all tied to him, wherever they may be. And this one, oddly enough, felt… Warm, cuddly(?!), and… Something else Vanitas couldn't quiet decipher.

Vanitas honestly had no idea how to respond to these kinds of feelings.

They were completely and utter foreign and made him want to… Made him want…

It didn't take long for Vanitas to realize what he was feeling now. Positive emotions were a great unknown, a mystery he never could quite unravel. Negative emotions, on the other hand, were a thing he was very familiar with.

The why escaped him, but not the what.

Jealous. Vanitas was jealous of his own goddamn Unversed, the one that was feeling so… So happy!

Vanitas shuddered at the thought. Ew. Gross. Feelings like that were meant to be crushed, not embraced! How dare any part of him crave it, enjoy it, bask in it?

As such, Vanitas was perfectly willing to abandon his current objectives. Meh. He'd get back to it later. This, he had to investigate, pronto.

Of all the things Vanitas had expected to find, this… Had nowhere near made it onto the list of possibilities. Never once had he imagined that this particular scenario was what was going on, but reality has a way of taking you by complete and utter surprise.

"This is dumb," the silver haired kid spoke Vanitas' thoughts quiet elegantly.

Beside him, a brown haired kid frowned at him.

"Just for that, more tea for Mr. Blue n Pink," the child decreed before pouring said tea and handing it over to a Flood.

Yes. You read that right.

Vanitas had tracked his wayward Unversed down only to discover that it was participating in an unholy ritual of massive proportions. His precious little Flood was… Was…

Having a goddamn tea party.

The leader of this unholy act, a small little brunette boy with hair so spiky it could kill(Vanitas had never looked in a mirror, okay? He was afraid all he'd see were shadows and glowing golden eyes and, frankly, he did not want to go there), was currently the only one standing. His two companions, Vanitas' Flood and the silver haired boy, seemed wrapped around the child's fingers.

Oh, sure, the silver head was complaining, but he hadn't run yet.

The worst, however, was the Flood.

Vanitas was glad there was no one here to bask in his utter embarrassing. His Flood currently sat next to the brown haired child, dressed in a frilly apron, of all things. What's worse, the Flood seemed to be there of its own volition, not fighting back at all!

In fact, it gleefully took the tea and chugged it down!

Okay, so Flood's had sharp little arms and didn't really have fingers, so most of the tea fell down onto to the apron. Which, now that Vanitas was playing closer attention, he realized that the apron wasn't really an apron! It was a bib, meant to catch the excess tea!

The Flood noticed this, red eyes blinking down at the mess it had made of itself. Then, to Vanitas' growing horror, it tossed its head back and cried.

This is what he had been jealous of? This pathetic creature, obviously defective from the rest of its kin that he needed to be killed and exterminated as quickly as possible? Gods forbid Ventus ever saw the damn thing, Vanitas would never live it down. Just as Vanitas stepped forward to do just that, the boy swooped down and embraced the Flood.

Vanitas froze. Was that stupid child trying to get himself killed? Vanitas might be an amoral jackass who enjoyed terrorizing people, but even he drew a standard at attacking children. The Flood, unfortunately, did not have the mental capacity to know the difference. Vanitas strode forth, intent on stopping what would no doubt be a murder.

"There, there, little guy. Do you want me to help?" Sora, arm wrapped around Blue's shoulder, consoled his new pet. The tears ceased and little creature nodded. Sora smiled and hugged Blue close. Blue crooned again.

Blue just really wanted affection, Sora decided. And, mom said he could keep him!

Well. As long as he could control him. Mom did nooootttttt like having to call to get their shredded crouch replaced, which had luckily still been under warranty. Blue wasn't allowed inside the house now anymore either. Sigh. The sacrifices one must make.

"Here," Sora helped Blue, raising the tea cup to Blue's- Er, Blue didn't really have lips. So more like beak? Yes. Beak, Sora decided.

Riku crossed his arms.

"Ever since Blue showed up you don't pay enough attention to me," the older boy complained.

Sora gasped. He'd had no idea he was neglecting his friend.

"I'm sorry, Riku! But, Blue is little and he needs attention more cause he can't take care of himself!" Sora told the other boy.

Riku frowned, arms still crossed. Then, slowly, to Sora's joy the boy nodded.

"Okay, true. But isn't it an adults job to watch little ones?" Riku asked, pout still adorning his face.

"Blue can be our little one!" Sora decided.

Riku's face went through several expressions before finally conceding, much to Sora's joy.

"Okay! You can be the mom and I'll be the dad!" Riku nodded to himself, pleased with the outcome.

"Hey! Why do you gets to be the dad! I wanna be the dad!" Sora spluttered.

"Cause I'm older and more awesome than you, and stronger too." Riku boasted.

Sora went red.


"If that's the case," a new voice spoke, causing both children to freeze. Behind them came someone they'd never seen before, a muscular teenager dressed in a skintight suit wearing a dark helmet, "then I'm the dad. I'm older, stronger, and technically that things real parent." The newcomer motioned at Blue.

Blue, as if to prove the teen right, clapped excitedly before leaping up, tiny little arms wrapping around the teen in a hug.

Sora gaped. It had taken him a good week to get that sort of reaction from Blue.

The teen spluttered a bit, arms hanging uselessly at his side, obviously having no idea what to do with Blue hugging him. Even with the helmet, the teen just looked so… So lost.

Sora didn't like that. He didn't like it at all. No one should look like that. So, standing up, he made his way over. The teen looked up at him as Sora took his arms and wrapped them around Blue.

"Like this. It's called a hug. It makes you feel better an' warm and fuzzy." Sora explained, then pretended not to hear the little sniffles coming from underneath the helmet.


He couldn't just keep calling the guy masked muscle teen in his head. Nuh uh. Nickname time!

"Shadow," Sora named the teen, then wrapped his own arms around the strangers legs.

Behind him, Riku face palmed.

"Go with Sora, dad said. It'll be fine, dad said. Sora's a good kid, dad said. It'll be fun, dad said. Well, dad, you didn't mention Sora would take one look at a dark looming stranger that is literally oozing darkness and say, hey, it be fun to hug this guy!"

Riku looked up, only to find the so called dark looming stranger standing directly before him, looking down at him with a tilt of his head.

"You, little Dawn, speak far more maturely than your age betrays."

Safe or not, Riku had always been known for being bold and reckless. So, without an ounce of hesitation, he kicked the newly dubbed Shadow in the shin.

Vanitas wasn't sure why he kept coming back. He should have just killed the Flood and ended it there. No more worries, no more kids to worm their way into his heart, no more problems. Just stick to the duty, stick to the task, and move forward as he was meant to.

Except, he… He couldn't.

He just kept coming back. Again and again, he'd return. And each and every time, Sora would greet him with a smile, Riku would greet him with suspicious looks that slowly became more friendly as time went on, and Blue, the Flood Sora had apparently adopted as a pet, would greet him by hugging him at every opportunity.

What… What was this he was feeling? Why did he crave it? Why did he want it? Why did Vanitas want to stay here and never leave? This was stupid! Moronic! Vanitas didn't get it! He didn't understand! What was wrong with him!

So fed up with it all, Vanitas tossed aside his helmet and began to pull at his hair. The pain helped calm him down, okay?

Small dainty hands wrapped around his wrists and pulled. Vanitas blinked, eyes looking up. Before him stood a tall thin woman with the oddest hair Vanitas had ever seen, and he'd seen odd. Who in the hell had alternating strands of green and gold in their hair? If it had been dyed that way, Vanitas had to admit, he was actually honest to god impressed.

"So, you're the teenager that Sora won't stop yammering about," the woman smiled at him.

Vanitas blinked. Er. What?

One of the hands let go of his wrists, cupping his cheek in hand as she frowned at him. Vanitas froze. Helmet. He'd dropped his helmet. Fuck. How the woman wasn't running for the hills screaming was beyond him, but he'd dropped his helmet and-

"You look like my boy," the woman said, eyes scrunched. "I'd remember if I had another one, though, so I assume there is some other sort of explanation." The woman told him before letting go, taking a step back. Vanitas froze again.

Looked like… Her son. Her son, who Vanitas was only just now realizing, was Sora.

This was Sora's mother. The concept just didn't compute properly. A parent? What even was that? Xehanort certainly didn't count as one, unless you consider severely abusive assholes to be parents!

Vanitas looked up. The woman was still eyeing him in contemplation, lost in thought.

Then, at last, she smiled. Hand reaching out, she placed it right above his heart.

"You're a good person, deep down. You've just forgotten it," she told him.

Vanitas batted the hand aside with a glare.

"Good? You don't know anything about me, woman!" Vanitas snapped. Then, turning, he made his way to depart. He didn't need this. He should go back. He would go back. It was finally time to bring this story to a close.

"Vanitas," she spoke, and Vanitas paused again because never, not once, had he uttered his name on this island, "you think you need the other part of you to be whole, but you don't. You're complete as you are. You just need to acknowledge that, and let yourself be happy."

Vanitas turned, eyeing the woman coldly.

"If you knew anything about me, you'd keep your son far away."

The woman shook her head.

"That is already set. You can choose now. You can either stay, and have what you truly desire in your heart, or you can leave, and set about a chain of events that will only bring about pain."

"Oh?" Vanitas asked, arching an eyebrow, "and what is it I truly want, witch?"

"A family." she said without hesitation.

Vanitas snarled at her once more before letting the shadows take him.

"Things like me belong in the dark. I'm the nightmare at the end of the story, and it's time I remember that!"

With that, Vanitas vanished.

It… It was time. Time to lead them all to the Graveyard. Time for the final battle.

The Keyblade War would begin again, as all things should be.