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bang bang bang

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seungri is always so sweet in bed, seunghyun muses, savouring the tight heat that clenches around him when he thrusts in a little bit deeper. he's so polite, begging seunghyun when he presses him, and seunghyun delights in the sounds that he makes. every moan, every cry; every whine, every groan; he loves it all. he thrusts in one last time, and seungri gasps. his body arches beautifully upwards, and his fingers, laced together with seunghyun's own, curl and uncurl around seunghyun's from the pleasure. seunghyun hums lowly, pleased. when seungri's gotten over his orgasm, he slumps back onto the bed, his hands relaxing once more. seunghyun curls up next to him, delighting in the perfect way seungri fits into his side.

seungri-ahhh, he murmurs, can we do one more round?

no, seungri mutters back.


no, hyung.