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painted skies in my brain

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“I’m kind of strangely proud of my butt.”

Betty looks up from her homework, more than a little surprised by the comment. She finds Jughead staring at himself in the bathroom mirror, the door open despite the fact that he’s about to shower.

“Uh, what?” She laughs.

“I mean, look at it! Considering how few times I’ve gone—”

“—and how little you do there,” she adds.

“—it looks pretty good. Don’t you think so, Betts?”

He meets her eyes, pouting and clearly wanting her to agree with him. With a smirk, she takes in the mostly-unchanged form of his derriere, and shrugs. “I don’t know, I’ve seen better.”

“Well yeah, but like, mine has never looked this good.”

“If you did squats, it would look even better.”

“Oh Betty,” he laughs, shaking his head. “You know I don’t do squats, ever.”

Grinning widely, she leans forward some and asks, “Not even for a Twinkie?”

The look of thought he honestly gives is hilarious, and through her giggles, she barely hears him say, completely honestly, “I’d probably think about it.”