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Dangerous Toys

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Chapter 1


Looking out his bedroom window, Loki watches the rain fall. He is bored, restless, anxious. He can feel his magic just under his skin, surging, pulsing with his heartbeat. It calls to him to be used, but he pushes down his natural instinct to call it forth and contents himself with using just enough to change from his smart black suit, into a pair of cotton pajama pants that hang low, threatening to slip off his hips unless he keeps them tied and a long sleeve shirt, two sizes too large.

He gets up from the window and climbs under the covers of his overly large bed, whispers a plea to the Norns and goes to sleep.




Being the second son of Odin was tedious and Loki often felt stifled under the All Fathers rule. His very nature often leading him in to trouble. Still it was not often that he couldn’t talk himself out of what ever situation he found himself in. But this time, even Loki had to admit that he needs help and so he is being sent to Midgard to effectively be watched by Thor, while Odin placates the Light Elves.

It rankled Loki, the way he was to listen to Thor and once again be subjected to following him around, forced to make nice with the blonde god’s friends. If he closed his eyes he might even be able to believe that he was sitting amongst Sif and the warriors three, rather than Natasha, Bruce, Tony and Clint.

They are tolerable, these new friends of Thor’s. He may, after a large quantity of mead, even admit that he likes them. With one glaringly notable exception. And right on cue there is the object of his disdain. Tall, blonde, blue eyed, covered in muscles, almost universally liked and exceptionally handsome. Captain Steve Rogers is the complete embodiment of everything Asgardian, everything Loki himself is not and he cannot stand the man for that reason alone.


Thor’s immediate admonishment that he was not to play any tricks, cause any mischief or do anything at all that may somehow disrupt the Captain’s leadership had just cemented Loki’s dislike of the man. He wouldn’t call it hate. The Captain is much too attractive to be hated.

Although, spending weeks around Thor’s new friends and being forced into watching the good Captain everyday was testing that theory more and more. The Captain rarely engaged in the good natured ribbing that went on between the rest of the group, but he never discouraged it. Loki did notice that he was quick to blush when on the rare occasion one of the others, usually Natasha and usually about dating, directed their teasing towards him.


In a fit of utter boredom, Loki sat on the couch at Stark Tower, flipping through the hundreds of channels on the television. There had not been any battles of late and he had grown tired of allowing Stark to test his magic. Hearing a noise behind him, Loki turns in time to see the Captain exit the elevator and wander into the kitchen to get a bottle of water.

His shirt is wet with sweat, his face flushed and his hair is sticking up in oddly endearing angles from where Loki assumes the man must have run his hands through it. Watching Steve tilt his head back and consume an entire bottle of water in one go, has him thinking about using his own hands to mess that blonde hair up even more. And where did that thought come from?

But now that he has had it, Loki can’t quite shake it. The Captain is easy on the eyes…. This could be good for a laugh, get the chance to irritate Thor, and who knows, maybe even see just how far he can push and make the Captain blush that lovely shade of pink. Taking one last look at the Captain, Loki decides that, yes, this could be very fun indeed.


He starts off subtle, not wanting to arouse Thor or the Captains suspicions. A lingering look, a shy and patently false smile, a brush of finger tips over a bare arm. Loki is disappointed when after two weeks he has not earned a single reaction from the Captain.

Another week has him sitting on the chair closest to the Captain anytime they are in the same room. When Loki starts to sit directly next to him on the couch, slowly inching closer until their thighs are touching, he knows he is pushing his luck.

But still, neither he, nor Thor, say anything. And Loki has yet to see that lovely blush. His next opportunity comes a few days later when the team has gathered for movie night. Loki makes sure to be in the common room early so he can stake his place next to the Captain on the couch when he arrives.

He doesn’t expect Steve to walk past the couch and sit on the love seat instead. Under normal circumstances it would be a tight fit for two grown men, but its perfect for what Loki has in mind and he casually takes his place next to his target, keeping a few inches of separation between them.

As the rest of the group filters in, Steve gets up and goes into the kitchen, much to Loki’s disappointment. But when he comes back with a bowl of popcorn and two drinks, sitting back down next to the dark haired god, Loki cannot be happier with the development. The Captain hands Loki one of the drinks and offers the popcorn, without a word, as Tony dims the lights and starts the movie.

Loki couldn’t say what the movie was about, he spent the entire time observing Steve. Subtly of course. Over the course of the first hour, he shifted his body so that their legs were touching and made sure to reach for the popcorn when Steve did to ensure their hands would touch every so often.

When the Captain went to refill their popcorn bowl, Loki figured he would have to start the process of edging closer to Steve on the love seat all over again. But that was not to be the case, as the blonde sat down so that their hips were now in contact as well.

He couldn’t have planned it better and had to force himself to contain his glee as he casually shifted and rested his arm across the back of the love seat. Loki may have imagined it, but it is possible that the Captain may have leaned in to him, just a little closer. He certainly didn’t imagine the blush that he was finally rewarded with though.

Feeling satisfied with his work for the night, Loki contented himself with watching the rest of the movie, casting the occasional long look in Steve’s direction. When the movie is over and the lights come on, Loki is able to get a better look at the lingering hint of pink on the Captains cheeks.

Steve turns and smiles, then casually leans across Loki’s body, grabbing the gods now empty drink glass from the side table. For a brief moment, their chests are pressed together and Loki can almost swear he see’s a grin flash across Steve’s face, but when he straightens again, there is only a trace of a shy smile and a deepening of that much sought after blush.

Getting up from the love seat, the Captain turns to Loki, “I hope you enjoyed the movie.” And then he is gone, retreating to the kitchen to place the dishes in the dish washer and head off, presumably to bed.

Loki remains on the love seat, relishing tonight’s little win.

“Loki!” Thor snaps, breaking him from his reverie. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Adopting his most innocent expression, Loki looks at his brother. “I’m sure I don’t know what you are referring to.”

Thor frowns and Loki can see the flicker of doubt across his face, before his features turn stern once more. “Do not think I have not seen what you have been doing.”

Loki opens his mouth to protest, but is silenced when Thor continues.

“I will not look kindly upon you amusing yourself at the Captains expense.”

Again before Loki can say anything, Thor cuts him off. “Do not deny it brother. You will not trifle with him.”

This time Loki doesn’t try to speak, which seems to irritate Thor even more than he already is. “Promise me Loki, that you will not use Steve Rogers for your own amusement!”

Its too easy sometimes. Really. “I promise that I will not use the Captain for my sole amusement.”

Thor seems satisfied, but only just. But that’s good enough for Loki.