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Every Story Has A Beginning

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When I was little, my parents would read me stories.


Each story was different, but I could remember each one by heart. There were tales of distant lands, unique people with a variety of different cultures, even legends of mythical creatures of many different sizes and shapes. They would spin tales of different worlds and times long ago. They made stories come to life around me as they described in great depth, the many sights, smells, and sounds.


I believed each story with all my heart back then.


I began to leave small gifts for each of the creatures I heard stories about. Anything I could get my hands on, being only five at the time, such as snacks or small things I thought they would enjoy. I loved all the creatures my parents told me of, even though many were said to be dangerous. But my favorite story?


The Legend of Mt. Ebott.


My parents told me the legends of a great war between the humans and a whole race of monsters. They spoke of powerful mages casting a large spell over the mountain, keeping the monsters trapped inside. Each story told to me about Mt. Ebott was soaked up like a sponge. I remember always wanting to go and see the mountain myself, dreaming of seeing it with my own eyes even if I disappeared like the others who got too close.


But then everyone started to get really sick, my parents included.


I watched as they got weaker and weaker, the town doctor could do nothing to help them.


They never stopped telling me stories, always writing in a big leather book that they said was for when I got older.


Then one day, they died like everyone else on my neighborhood block.


I was left all alone.


Until I wasn't.


It was weeks after my parents died when the people with weird plastic suits stormed into my house. I was scared, I didn't know what they wanted. They took my parents after putting them in weird looking bags, I tried to stay quiet as I hid in their closet but it was useless. They opened the doors, I tried to run but I was caught quickly.


They took me too.


I was locked in the back of a car, it had no windows and was really dark inside as the door closed behind me. I cried, screaming for help, to be let out.


But nobody came...


I cried and cried until the rumbling of the car lulled me into a fitful sleep...





I woke with a gasp, flinging myself off the bed with a loud thump.