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Walking a Mile

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Darcy has always been a curious person. She’d never been particularly shy about her body - at least with herself. She didn’t always like some of the attention that it garnered from some men. But she wasn’t shy in learning about her body in practical and private ways.

So when she’s woken up by an unfamiliar feeling, she discovers that the weirdest thing going on was not in fact the apartment - bedroom specifically- that she did not recognize, but was in fact the stiff peak under the sheets in the general vicinity of her nethers.

A brief moment of panic ensues, but she musters the courage to lift the sheets and is greeted with some very impressive man bits that all of a sudden twitch under her scrutiny and cause her to scramble out of bed and rush to the opened bathroom door because what the ever loving fuck.

She reached the bathroom far faster than she knows her body can normally move and is stunned when she flicks the light switch and is met with the mirror image of definitely NOT herself. And she can’t help but gawk, because holy freaking hot damn.

The man - oh what a man - that is staring back at her is ridiculously attractive. Tall, perfectly proportioned muscular body that’s like a Greek statue come to life. Perfect fucking skin, gorgeous eyes, lucious lips, magnificent beard, and hair that she just wanted to run her fingers through and startled herself even more when her arms - his arms? she didn’t know the fuck who’s arms - reached up to rake his/her fingers through said bed head.

“The fuck….”

And her mind was blown as it mirrored her spoken sentiments because holy shit his…her????? voice!

She wasn’t sure what to do. She was apparently in someone else’s body. How was that even a thing??? What was she supposed to do??? Her eyes shifted down to the thing that had woken her up in the first place and as bewildered as she was, she was even more freaked out by the torn and stained Captain America uniform that was discarded on the bathroom floor.

And she looked up at her reflection once again, eyes wider as she took him in once again and realization and hit, “The fuck?!?!?”