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Summer break has ended, and tomorrow would begin a new, fresh day. You had been one of the very few lucky ones to enlist and be accepted into the Hero Program at UA High.

Sighing contently, quickly glancing over your phone to check the current time. It was nearly 10 in the evening, and here you were at your desk casually designing your hero costume. Normally, female heroes wore semi skin tight suits, you decided it would be fun to take an other route. Seeing as what your quirk was, not a lot of options were available. What would go well with a Mind Reading quirk anyway ? yes, that was your quirk, you could read minds. Although, only one person's at a time. Your father, who had the same quirk, taught you how to control the amount of people you can read. He would always say, "Reading multiple thoughts at once, can cause a serious headache if done for long periods of time." So, as to not cause any damage, it would be for the best to read one mind at a time. Though, you were fully capable of more, but a migraine doesn't sound too pleasing. Hopefully, in this hero program you would learn to control your quirk more. The very thought of it caused you to grin, and slowly you began pondering who your teacher woud be.

You prayed the heavens for it to not be some overly enthusiastic one. There was nothing wrong with being passionate, but more so the fact that it could easily get irritating. On the other hand, you preferred calm teachers. The ones that can silence a class with one look.

Shaking your head, you snapped your attention back towards your rough sketch of the costume. It was very simple, but sufficient enough.

It consited of a black tight jumpsuit top with no sleeves, that would be tucked underneath a knee length black skirt, along with deep red stockings which reached to your thighs. Pitch black heels to fit the overrall style, with a pair of scarlet red skin tight gloves that reached exactly below elbows. Finally but not least, a dark red cloak to cover yourself with.
You were quite satisfied with your costume design so far.

Not too showy, but just enough to catch an eye or two. Tapping the pen against your chin, thinking of what else should be added to the sketch.

And as soon as that question ran across your head, a soft knock was heard from your bedroom door.

"(Y/n) ? are you still up ?"

Your father's voice rang, and you lightly chuckled.

"Yes, why ? need something ?"

You replied to him, with the door slowly creaking open.

"You do know school starts tomorrow, right ? Better go and get some rest, it's nearly midnight."

Wait. Nearly midnight ?

In an instant, you began to reach for your phone to check the time. Eyes shooting open at the realization, that it was in fact 10 minutes away from midnight.

"Yea, I'll go sleep soon ! Don't worry and run along"

You attempted to sound as convincing as possible. It was not a lie, for sure, but you simply got too invested into designing your costume at the very last minute. As if your father could read your thoughts, to which you immediately mentally slapped yourself for having that cross your mind. Of course he could ! you both had the same quirk, practically !

He let out a soft chuckle, shutting your door closed before taking his leave.

You let out a sigh of relief, at least you manadged to finish this sketch. With more than enough time to catch some well deserved sleep. Making your way towards the bed, letting your body fall flat against it.


. . .


The alarm you set up last night rang throughout the room, signaling it was time to wake. Groaning at the very thought of having your peaceful ruined, yet as soon as the rising irritation rose, it vanished. Today was your first day at UA High. Just how tired were you to forget this ?

Sitting up at your bedside, gently rubbing at your eyes to hopefully gain some sort of vision. Once that was done, you stood to your feet and exited your room.

It had taken you a good fifteen minutes to shower and freshen up for the upcoming day's events. As you walked out of the bathroom, your father waved at you from a far corner.

"Breakfast is ready, come eat once you're settled to go"

He said, scrambling away somewhere within the house. Shaking your head, a soft smile made its way up to your features. Although he was a fully grown man, he often acted like a child. Completely opposite of your mother, though. She was a calm, composed woman. You truly loved your parents, they were incredibly supportive and loving. It saddened you that some kids couldn't even have that much. That's just how it is, some are born lucky, some aren't. Simple, really.

You dressed in your school's uniform, and made your way towards the kitchen where the breakfast your father had cooked layed. Sitting at the counter, you began to slowly eat. The TV was playing in the background, filling the house with life as your father continued to cook for himself and your mother.

Speaking of, where even was she ?

"Dad, where's mom ? doesn't she have work today ?"

Looking up at him, chewing away at your food.

"Today is her day off, though she still needs to fill some paperwork. You know her, she'll wake up early to finish where she left off the previous night."

You nodded, taking a sip of the orange juice. It was nice knowing that today was her day off, she really needed one as of late. Being a doctor was no easy job, and seeing as her quirk was a healing type, she must tire herself easily.

"Well, I should be on my way out now, I'll be back home soon !"

You exclaimed excitedly, grabbing your bag and pulling it over your shoulders.

"You better not start reading your classmates, we wouldn't want a repeat of last time"

You giggled, nodding at him before leaving out the front door.


Today, would mark your first day at becoming a fututre hero.

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The sun shone brightly in the morning, as your legs hurried towards the UA High building.

Quietly humming a song to yourself, an aloof grin plastered upon your face at the sheer excitement and curiosity of today's upcoming events. And most importantly, your new homeroom teacher.

What would they be like ? Would they be strict or forgiving ? Kind or rude ? Many similar questions filled your head to the brim. If only you could somehow read the future, you'd know who it would've been.

As you continued to ponder, failing to notice the tall building in front of you. Bringing a hand up to your eye, only to rub it in pure amazement. This would be your new school for the next three years, studying and training to be a hero. The whole situation felt quite unreal, and has yet to sink in properly.

A light tap made contact with your shoulder, and you whipped your head around to face the person who had brought you out of your daze.

"Hello ? Oh, you're alive !"

Said a fairly young, tall boy with dark blue hair.

"Hi ? Yeah I'm just fine, thank you !"

You exclaimed happily, glad that you were already having some sort of interaction with a fellow student.

"Name's Iida Tenya ! What is your name ?"

The boy, supposedly named Iida, questioned you. A hand sneaked it's way to rest at the back of your neck, attempting to relieve some stress from the current conversation.

"I'm (L/n) (Y/n), glad to meet you, Iida !"

You really were doing your best to not active your quirk right there and then. It was a dangerously tempting thought, but you silently debated with yourself if you should or shouldn't.

Lida nodded, and continued to strike yet an other question your way.

"May I ask, what course are you in ?"

That surprisingly enough caught you off guard. What if you both were in the same class and course ?

"The Hero Program, Class 1 - A"

"What a coincidence ! Me too !"

Damn you.

You weren't even using your quirk to know beforehand.

Well. At least you were getting along with a fellow classmate.

You offered a gentle smile, and urged him to walk beside you towards the 1- A classroom.


And then, there was sudden rambling between a female student and a male. Both you and Iida snapped your heads around, to see what the commotion was all about.

"Sorry !! I'll be more careful next time !" Spoke a rather nervous, plain looking boy with green curly hair. He seemed to be apologizing to the girl you heard. She was very cute, you thought. Brown short hair that suited her pale skin well.

"It's okay ! I'm glad that you're not hurt !"

The said girl responded, with a large smile plastered upon her face.

Iida, though, has began sprinting towards the two students.


Well, he was energetic.

. . .

Eventually, you along with Iida, Uraraka and Midorya had made your way towards the school. You were able to find out the girl's and boy's name thanks to Iida encouraging you to join in and introduce yourself.

You were semi thankful, since now you were familiar with three of your new classmates. And they all seemed very kind and sweet.

What a wholesome bunch, you smiled to yourself.
With these three, surely the rest might be like them.

How wrong you were.

As soon as you stepped into the classroom, loud yelling has bursted through the room. The male voice who it belonged to, seemed way too irritated for your liking.

Iida was quick to notice your discomfort, and decided to approach the blonde, spiky haired boy. As both Midorya and Uraraka took their seats, preparing for class.

This would be entertaining.

"If you came here to make friends, you can leave."

Your head slowly turned to face the owner of that voice, only to be greeted by a yellow sleeping bag at the floor.

You grinned. This must be your teacher.

"And you shouldn't be rolling around school in that thing, Teach."

As soon as those words left your mouth, the man sent a deadly glare your way.

Your grin only grew larger, knowing full well that this would surely be the most entertaining 3 years of your life.

The all so wonderful sleeping bag rose, and there stepped out a strangely enough, tall, dead looking man.

"Name's Aizawa Shouta, I'll be your homeroom teacher."

Double damn.

This, tired, scruffy looking dude was suppose to be your new teacher, and what, a Pro Hero ?

Aizawa walked past you, flicking you yet an other glare.

"Get to your seat."

"Nah. I prefer standing."

Here it began, your classic mocking. Really, you couldn't help yourself. Aizawa, if you recall, seemed like the type of teacher to be strict, but at the same time, not care too much.

"Your type of teenagers anger me the most. Just go to your seat, unless you want punishment on your first day of class."

Punishment. Oh please, God, spare me.

"Right, right. Whatever you want, Mr. Yellow sleeping bag."

You headed towards an empty seat, and made yourself comfortable. Folding your leg over the other, with a slouching hand holding your chin.

Aizawa sighed annoyingly, and continued walking towards the podium.

You decided, for the hell of it, to activate your quirk on him, to know what he was exactly thinking.

'That kid is going to be a handful.'

"Right you are."

Aizawa visibly flinched at your words. Realization hit him immediately.

"Mind Reading. You're the one who can read minds ?"

He questioned, and you nodded fondly.

"I've read through your files. You're a known troublemaker. If you attempt in using your quirk without permission, I'll have you expelled."


"Got it."

You responded. Not knowing how to take in his threat.

Was he serious ? No, absolutely fucking not. Why would he expel a student on the first day ?


If only you knew what would follow on that day.

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"By the way, I was lying about the expulsion."



All of those tests, what were they for then ? To bring out the best of our abilities ?


"It was a rational ruse to bring out the best of your abilities."

Oh, the irony.


The walk back towards the main campus had been painful, to say the very least. Your legs barely managed to keep balance, your entire body felt sore.
As exhausted as you were, you could hardly wait for the next day to come. Meaning, you could get on your homeroom teacher's nerves while he least expects.

As you made your way to the classroom, a quiet, somewhat deep voice called out to you from behind.

"Yeah, what is it, Mr. Aizawa ?"

You responded to him, his brows furrowing slightly as you referred to him formally.

"It's Mr. Aizawa now, huh."


"What did you need me for ?"


You were quite tired and had enough for today, only having enough energy to get your things from inside the class and take your leave. If Aizawa knew that, he sure seemed to enjoy pushing one's patience.

"You did well today."


Oh. Okay.


"Thank you, Mr. Aizawa. If you don't mind, I have to leave now."


You had a habit of treating people nicely while being exhausted, which everyone found quite strange. You couldn't help it much. During the day when you were packed with enthusiasm, you could easily pick on others jokingly. Though, as soon as evening fell, only sleep filled your mind. Now, was no exception.

Waving off to him, you entered the class to snatch your things and finally leave.

As you were exiting, Aizawa stood outside by the doorframe.


Your head snapped back at him, not expecting for him to be waiting out for you, of all people.

"You have an excellent quirk. Don't use it to mock others."

Letting out a sigh, you nodded.

"Why the sudden lecture ?"

If he planned on keeping you in for as long as possible, you weren't having any of it. At least, for today. If only you had only a bit of energy left, you would read his thoughts. Only to confirm your own assumption.

"You have a tendency to use your quirk for humiliation of others. That, what was written on your files. I only need to know if it is true."

You could only stare, not wanting to believe that your previous school would write such things on you. Your reputation might as well be ruined.

"Humiliation ? No, that's not it. I only ever used it with permission of other students. It was all in good fun, I have never meant harm on anyone. If I did, I wouldn't be here, would I ?"

Aizawa nodded, seeing as you were not yet finished, encouraging you to continue.

"Once the teachers found out I had a mind reading quirk, they all began spitting things such as me being a perfect villian. I understood why they saw it that way. I don't blame them. But to go as far as to say that I used it like that ? Please, I'd rather jump off a building than humiliate a person."

He let out a quiet chuckle at your last comment. It surprised him how mature you really were, in contrast to your usual enthusiastic, carefree self.

"That's what I thought. And just to clarify, I didn't trust those files the second I read through them. As much as you get on my nerves, I can tell you mean no harm."

Smiling softly, you decided that now would be an appropriate opportunity to test out something that had been lingering around your head all through the day.

"You act very harshly, yet you care. What a weird combo for a teacher."


"There you go again."

Letting out a chuckle, you began walking the opposite direction from him.

"See ya tomorrow, Mr. Aizawa !"


In that moment, you glanced back at him, activating your quirk.




"Old man"


He stiffened, eyeing your fading figure.


You only waved at him once again, continuing your way out the school.


. . . .


You juggled your house keys as you unlocked the house door, slowly shutting it once inside. Letting your backpack fall on the floor, and slipping your jacket off as well as your heels. You let out a content sigh to finally be home at peace.

Making your way to the kitchen counter, you saw a note sitting on top.

'(Y/n), your mother and I had left for a business trip, and will be gone for the whole week. We left dinner at the stove, so you can heat it up again once you return ! We also left more than enough food in the fridge for the week.
Take care of yourself, and behave in school.'



Well. This is going to be fun.

Flipping the note to see if he left some extra notes, since he often forgets to write them at the front.


'Also ! Our neighbors are on a family trip for the rest of the month, and your Aunt is sick, so we called in your homeroom teacher to see if he was willing to check on you at least twice this week !'


Oh. No.

Usually when your parents were out for a long period of time, your neighbors or you Aunt came in to check on you.

But now, Mr. Aizawa ?

There was a slight possibility that your father knew him before you enrolled into UA. He would never trust someone new to casually walk in and out of your house.

Yet, you could only grin.

This really was going to be fun. Getting a chance to mock him both in class and out, was a thought that was purely too good.

Shaking your head, you turned back to the stove and heated up the food left. To your delight, it was your favorite meal.


Tomorrow you will truly be overusing your quirk.

Chapter Text

One question was answered.

Your father did not know who your Homeroom teacher was before you had enrolled into UA.

To add on top of it all, he even went as far as to hand over your personal cell number. In case something were to happen, you would be able to contact Aizawa immediately.

As these thoughts ran through your mind, a light buzz rang through the empty room you were currently situated at. Quickly dropping the handful spoon of food you held, reaching out towards the phone to answer the unexpected call.

"Yea, hello. (Y/n) speaking."

"So this is your number. To put it shortly, I'll be checking on you from your father's behalf. I can only assume you already know this."


Oh. It was only a matter of time when he'd eventually call in.


"yeah, I know. Found a note on the table from him."


"It's late, is everything alright there ?"

Although it was a generous question, his tone did not give away any signs of concern or interest.

"Everything's fine. Thank you for checking, Mr. Aizawa."


"Again with the formalities. What's wrong with you ? Where are the usual retorts and nicknames ?"


You sighed. The only thing crossing your head was the delicious unfinished food in front of you.


"If I wasn't so tired and hungry then sure, I'd say something. Anything else you need ?"


"No, nothing. I'll call tomorrow as well."


"Alright, I'll be waiting. Have a good night in your sleeping bag."


A rather loud, exhausted groan came through the phone, indicating that perhaps Aizawa was beginning to grow tired of your ridiculous comebacks.


"I don't sleep there during the night, just so you know. And good night to you too."

With that being said, he had hung up.

A minute has passed as you continued to stare blankly at the glowing screen, where Aizawa's number was saved.

Then, as you stretched your hand to grab the spoonful of food, questions began circling through your head.

Why were you so disrespectful towards him ? There really was no reason to be, now that you thought it through more clearly. He did not need to agree to check on your well-being whilst your parents were out, no matter if he was your homeroom teacher or not, it was none of his concern.

It was wrong, all of it. He seems like a decent person, even went as far as to call you and make sure you knew he was coming over this week.

"ah, dammit."

Cursing under your breath, quickly slamming a hand upon your face in annoyance.

Why, was this getting to you ? You had never felt this much guilt for mocking a person.


'That kid is a nuisance.'

'Mind reading ? Don't you think she'll take advantage of others with such a quirk ?'

'What a show-off."

'She's a petty low life, with no decent human being emotion.'


Reflecting on the old days, hideous comments from many peers crept their way into your head. The many people who had looked down upon you, speaking things such as never being able to become a good influence in today's society. A Mind Reading quirk to them all was considered to be nothing more than a villainous ability. The ability to tamper with one's true emotions and thoughts, to drag an innocent fellow civilian into some form of public or personal humiliation.

It was wrong. All of it.


'She is a good for nothing."


Squeezing the grip of your hand that layed steadily upon your face, in hopes of causing enough pain to erase these troublesome thoughts.

You needed to apologize. Properly. The guilt will eventually reach its limit.

Reaching out towards your phone which was situated next to the plate, fingers shakily tapping away Aizawa's number.

Calling and spilling an apology through the phone was most certainly not the ideal 'proper way of apologizing', yet in that moment, something had to be said.

As it rang four times, doubt clouded your head.
It was very late, and surely the man had better things to attend to.


"Aizawa Shouta speaking."

There it was.

"Mr. Aizawa-? Am I bothering you ?"

A semi quiet hum could be heard from the other end, as he responded casually.

"(L/n). No, you aren't. How can I help you ?"

As he waited patiently for you to speak up, your voice betraying you as it wavered in an irritated manner.

"I wanted to.. Apologize. For my earlier comments from today."

Silence lingered for a solid three seconds, as Aizawa stifled a cough.

"I know it's sudden, and I want to apologize for that too, yet I-"


"there's something bothering you."




An other cough came from his part, much louder than you anticipated.

"I knew something was at the back of your head all day. Were your rude comments on me finally getting to you ?"

As much as you wanted to chuckle at his poor attempt in humor, all you could manage was a sigh.

"Yes. Yes they were."

Five seconds passed as silence fell again.

"There is no need to apologize. I was aware that you felt some level of guilt for what you had done. It's one of the many emotions you try to cover."


'She's a petty low life, with no decent human being emotion.'


Oh, so this was it.

Who knew that Aizawa, out of all people, would be the one to ground you back into reality.

The one 'reality' you made up as a way to cope with those awful comments you received as a child, the 'reality' in which you fitted all of their expectations. A foolish move on your end, may you add.


"Now will you tell me what's bothering you ?"


"Are you able you visit now. "


"Pardon ?"


"I need to speak with you. In person, not over the phone. Please."


A silent beeping sound echoed. Instantly dropping your phone that fell on top of the kitchen counter.


He hung up.

Chapter Text

Half an hour has passed since the call with Aizawa had ended. You were beginning to grow slightly anxious, expecting him to not show up at your front door. And just as that thought appeared, a light knock rang through the empty space of your living room.

You quickly rushed over towards the door, unlocking it swiftly. Swinging the door open to reveal a very tired and confused Aizawa.

Stepping aside, allowing him to enter. As he did so, you closed and locked the door soon after.

"I'm sorry to call you over so late, I needed to-"

"Talk. Were you lying when you said everything was fine earlier ?"

"Sort of."

He sighed, making himself comfortable on the nearby large sofa.

"So will you tell me what's bothering you, or not ?"

To think that this man would bother coming over purely because some things were troubling you as of recently was beyond your understanding.

"Yeah, I will. Want coffee or tea ?"

Aizawa glanced over to where you stood, behind the kitchen counter.

"Coffee is enough."

Nodding to his response, whilst making quick work on the coffee blender.

Letting out yet an other sigh, attempting to come up with a somewhat decent start to a communication. Yet, nothing came to mind. How do you, generally speaking, strike a conversation about personal issues ? It was far more easier said that done, was a saying that you never fully grasped all up until this very minute.

Many things troubled you, but never to the extent of having to feel saddened or angered by them. More so, confused. How do you, approach a person in this situation ? Explaining one's emotions was a rather difficult task, especially if they were your own.

A 'ring' echoed throughout the living space, signaling that the coffee finished brewing and was prepared to be served. Pouring in the warm liquid into a mug, you slowly made your way towards the sofa where Aizawa politely sat and awaited your return.

You set the coffee filled mug on top of the medium sized glass table, whilst plopping onto the comfortable cushions and wrapping your legs one on top of the other.

"I want to apologize, for the things I've said to you today. Those comments I've said to you were bugging me almost for the majority of the day. I'm.."

Glancing over to him, only to find his eyes piercing through your very own.

"Sincerely sorry.."

Aizawa kept looking your way, slight disbelief evident within his lingering stare.

"You wanted to see me, only to apologize."

Originally, yes. Is what you had wanted to reply with.

"Yes. And to-"

"Explain the way you are."

It's almost as if he was the one with the mind reading quirk at this point.


Aizawa kept his eyes on you, waiting for you to continue. Reaching out to the mug that still sat on the glass table, only to take a small sip of the warm liquid before letting out a content hum.


"It's slightly complicated to explain, or to even put it into words."




Who would've guess that he would have somewhat of an understanding of this entire mess.

Where to even begin. You were already anxious to have him in your own apartment complex, let alone so near you. Lord only knew why that bothered you the most.

"I guess it's a coping mechanism. As you know, I haven't received the nicest feedback when it came down to my quirk. I don't want to count all of the harsh comments I've gotten from people, but I believed as a kid that I should fit in to everyone's expectations. Now, though, that I'm more grown up, I see how ridiculous that was."

Aizawa placed the mug against the table, now averting his attention solely on you.

"It wasn't ridiculous. Back then, people's words affected you so much so, to the point where your brain naturally adapted to their opinions of you, and attempted to fit their 'expectations'."

Your jaw hung open for a solid two seconds, before closing immediately.


"I never thought about it that way."


"Of course you haven't."


"Now who's the one mocking the other ?"


Aizawa let out an exhausted sigh, leaning his back against the comfortable cushions.

"Take my advice. As I said, your quirk is strong, put those comments aside and work on what's ahead of you. The entire class complimented you on how good of a quirk you have, including myself."


Was he in all seriousness, being considerate ?

"That's.. Very strange hearing from you"


"Dont push it."


Letting out a rather loud chuckle, to which it quickly gained Aizawa's attention.

"What is it ?"


"O-oh, it's nothing ! I just figured out how your sense of humor works."


"I wasn't joking."


Yet an other chuckle erupted from you, this time you noticed a very faint smile creeping its way up to his face. As soon as he saw you glancing over at him, he pulled the gray scarf he currently wore up to his nose.

"you won't be able to drink the rest of that coffee with that thing over your mouth."

Your quirk activated as soon as that sentence ended, curiosity washed over you to know what kind of thoughts ran through that dull mind of his.


'there was surely something else she meant by that."

Bursting into a pit of painful coughs upon hearing what he thought, you couldn't help but laugh all the same.

"I'd like to know what the school would think if they found out that one of its teachers was a pervert."


"Did you just use your quirk on me again ?"


"Yeah, you were awfully quiet for a while. Thought you mentally died or something."


"Something like that doesn't exist."


"Is that a challenge?"


Quickly composing yourself in order to stand on your feet, you stood in front of the man who was now sending a quite amusingly threatening glare your way.

Stretching a hand out towards him, whilst also pointing your index finger to him, you spoke out confidently.

"Alright, Mr. Aizawa. If you let me use my quirk on you, then I won't mock anyone else."


Groaning, he stood up to be eye level with you.


"Generous offer, but no."


This would've lessened the overflowing confidence rushing through you, yet it surprisingly didn't.


"Are you sure ?"


Lowering your hand to leave it hanging at your side, while waiting for his response.

He nodded instead, looking over at the unfinished coffee sitting at the table next to his feet.


"Even if I am to agree, you would without doubt continue to pester the rest of your classmates."


There went the confidence boost.


"Anyways. Thank you for the welcoming coffee, I'll come by the day after tomorrow. Seeing as everything is fine now."


Aizawa noticed the slight change in your expression, but decided not to question it.


"Sure, I'll see you then"


With that being said, he took his leave.

And the dinner you were looking forward to, was sitting at the kitchen counter all cold.

Chapter Text

The next day was quite a sore with the Hero Basics Training being very difficult and incompatible with your quirk. Even though you were experienced in martial arts, much like your fellow classmate with a tail. You couldn't remember his name, no matter how many times you repeatedly questioned the poor boy. Where were you ? Oh, right, martial arts. Not even that was enough to help you through today's class. You'll have to practice even more from now on, so it seems.

At the very least, you got to see your costume for the first time. And as to be expected, it was exactly like you had designed it. Seeing as your quirk was mind reading, there was no need to put too much detail into it. Which you were glad about of course.

Bakufou, Bakudou or Bakugou ? What was it again ? Doesn't matter. His costume was incredibly good, especially the large storage tanks shaped like grenades. You could only imagine how heavy they must be, yet he is rather muscular, so there's no need to dwell on it any longer.

Where were you walking to ? Oh yeah, the Cafe bar. Your concentration was close to non existent at the moment, with various thoughts running through your clouded head. From today's class, to the late night visit from Aizawa.

There was no particular reason why you were thinking about that, but you couldn't help yourself from straying over there. Would any teacher willingly visit a student to make sure they were fine ? Probably not. Although, you tend to forget that he was a professional hero. Just how much dumber could you get ?

Shaking your head to rid of these idiotic thoughts, you took a minute to take in your surroundings. To your pleasant surprise, you stood at the very front of your favorite Cafe bar.

Nodding in content, you stepped in as the bell placed above the front door rang, signaling your entry.
You walked towards the counter, patiently waiting for an employee to be able to order.

A solid minute went by as a young lady made her way to you, a polite smile upon her face.

"Hello ! I assume it's the usual ?"

Well, that took you by surprise.

"Yeah, the usual please."

The lady nodded, gesturing with her hand over her shoulder to a fellow employee.

As she handed a small note to the boy, quickly averting her attention to you once more.

"One of the dudes who work here told me you come by often, and always order the same coffee."


"He sure is a blabbermouth. How much did he give away ?"

It is true, you were good friends with a guy who worked here. Though, you rarely get the chance to see him these days.

"Not much. He did mention about you enrolling into UA not too long ago."


"Ah, yeah about that.."


"You got in ??"


This girl sure was an energetic one.




"That's amazing ! What quirk do you have ?"


Please, dear God spare me.


"Mind reading."


The girl's expression only grew more curious, clearly wanting to know more.

And as if God heard your silent plea, the young boy from earlier placed a warm cup of steaming coffee at the counter.

Taking out your wallet, you placed the right amount of money next to the drink.

"Thanks ! I'll talk to you some other day."

As those last few words were said, you glanced towards the girl who kept looking your way.

"Yes ! Please do come by again soon !"

You waved at both of the employees as you exited the bar, only to be met by a few little rain drops falling down from the grey clouds above.

Sighing in slight annoyance, you continued to walk towards your apartment complex. A fresh cup of hot coffee in one hand, as the other reached inside your jackets pocket in search for a certain item.

Wait. Where was your small umbrella ?

Thinking through to where you could of possibly left it at, an idea popped into your head almost immediately.

Classroom. It was left on your chair in the classroom while you were packing to head out.

Oh well, maybe the knight in shining armor known as sleeping bag Aizawa would come to your rescue and bring the damn umbrella to you.

Who were you kidding, at this rate you'll be arriving home all soaking wet.

At least the rain hasn't increased, so that was one good thing.

Now, why were you thinking that he would bring it, and not a classmate ?

It was odd that he'd come to mind this suddenly. You hadn't thought much into this since last night, but why were you so confused ? You would rarely go out of your way to put such effort into a thought, but damn was it beginning to irritate you.

There was absolutely nothing to him, other than his great quirk. One that had many disadvantages. Much like yours, in a way.

You would have to get your mind off of him soon, it was getting in your way of studying.

Of course, that'd be nearly impossible since he'll be visiting tomorrow. And most likely to text you later on tonight.

Wonderful. You thought, just what you needed now. Even more distractions involving with that damn idiot of a man.

You couldn't afford this, why were you getting so worked up in the first place ? It was a waste of energy.

Bringing the cup of coffee to your mouth, you realized that you were merely a few steps away from your apartment.

Taking a quick sip, you rushed over to the main door.

. . .

Once you were safely inside your home, you dropped the heavy backpack that clung to your back all day.

While you were slipping off the damp jacket, a sudden 'ring' came from your phone.

Pulling it out and looking through the notifications, your eyes grew slightly wide in disbelief.



"Missed call : Aizawa"

Chapter Text

It was nighttime when you finally arrived home, a cup of your favorite coffee in hand as you swiftly locked the apartment door with the other. Tomorrow would be April First, which means it'll be April Fools' Day. What better day is there to mock the absolute living being out of Aizawa, you thought to yourself.

Placing down the warm cup on top of the kitchen counter, you began shuffling through some cabinets in search of your handy laptop.

Five seconds later, you let out a cheerful 'Aha! !' as you found the old thing.

Pulling it out of the stuffy cabinet, you carefully set it upon the glass coffee table. Quickly going over to fetch the still steaming cup of coffee, you then ran towards the comfortable sofa. Now you were completely prepared to do some extensive research on what kind of pranks you could pull on Aizawa during class tomorrow.

Obviously, reading his mind would be the first and foremost thing to do upon entering the classroom, but what would follow ? What will you do next ?

Oh well, no reason to ponder over that now. You had to look up some ideas on the internet before launching yourself to sleep.

Which, now that you think about it, what time was it again ?


. . .


The annoying sound of your alarm rang, announcing that it was time to wake up.

Groaning in annoyance, you sat on your bed and reached towards the phone to shut the alarm off. On second glance, you saw a notification pop up for today's main purpose.

'Prank the living hell out of him.'

Grinning at the very thought of it, pulled off the sheets and sprinted to the bathroom in order to prepare for classes today.


. . .


The walk towards UA was very exhausting, to say the least. If only you had a bike or something that would make the trip less tiring.

And as you stepped into your classroom, a rather loud explosion came through as Bakurou began screeching at who you could guess was Midoriya.

Was his name Bakurou or Bakugou ?


"DAMN IT !! DEKU !!"


Here we go again.


"Everyone sit, now."


Oh hell. That was Aizawa's voice.

Slowly yet surely, you turned to face the tired man, only to be met by crimson orbs piercing through your own.


"You. Go to your seat."


You mustered the courage to step on your toes in order to reach his ears, quietly whispering the following words.


"Oh ? Or what ? You'll keep erasing my quirk for the rest of the day ? Would make sense, considering what day it is."


As much as you would of liked that to be taken as a threat, you simply couldn't hold back the laugh that burst out of you.

He let out an irritated sigh. Seeing as you still continued to behave like a child, there really was nothing he could do about it.

Or perhaps, he could retort back.


"Getting dry eyes just by erasing your quirk would be a waste of my time."

Oh, so this is how he was going with this.

"Are you sure ? Your thoughts will be wide open for me all day then."

He nodded, and continued to push past you in order to get to the podium.

The class was surprisingly enough rather energetic today, everyone was talking with each other about various things such as pranks they could pull.

It was amusing, how they all got along so well.

Still standing aimlessly at the front door of the classroom, you shook your head and proceeded to walk towards your desk.

Aizawa then cleared his throat, which caught the attention of everyone present in class.


"Knowing what day it is, I don't want to see any reckless behavior from any of you."

He stated simply, throwing a glance over at Bakutou.

It was Bakutou, wasn't it ?

"Any quirk usage without specific permission from a teacher will get you punished."

This time, he quickly glanced your way.

Rolling your eyes at his comment, deciding it was best to stay silent rather than to suddenly cause a mess.


"That's it. Homeroom is over."


Well, that was quick. And far less aggressive than you anticipated.

As soon as he left the room, everyone began chattering once more.

Mina, being her usual eccentric self, jumped to her feet and waved her hands around to gain attention from the class.

Once everyone snapped their heads towards her, she began talking.

"We should all pull something on Mr. Aizawa !!"

Dear God no.

"Unless you have a death wish, do whatever you want. Don't count me in on this."

Bakutou spoke up, letting his opinion out.

"Bakugou, there's no need to be rude !"

Kirimima responded to Bakugou's comment, only to receive a harsh 'tsk' from the blonde boy.

So it was Bakugou, huh.

Now, what was the redhead's name again ? Kirishima or Kirimima ?

You really needed to pay attention to everyone's names. They were your classmates, after all.

A cough found its way out of you, as you too now stood to your feet.

"Now, as much as I like to mock Mr. Aizawa myself, I have to agree with Bakugou. Pulling a prank on him might just be too risky."

Everyone was quite perplexed by your sudden appearance, nonetheless they continued debating whether or not they should prank Aizawa today.

You sighed, having enough of hearing all of them arguing over such a small issue.

Making your way out of the classroom, yet little did you know that none other than Sleeping Bag himself would be standing right outside.

"So you do have common sense."

You screeched in horror at hearing his voice, nearly stumbling over your feet as you attempted to gain some sort of composure.

"You heard ?"


'Shit' you thought to yourself. There was no getting out of this one.

"It's appreciated. Now I won't be having any trouble for the rest of the day."


"Was that a thank youuuu ?"


You cooed, leaning in to press a soft tap upon his shoulder.



"Playing hard to get. Two can play that game."


Quickly activating your quirk whilst his guard was down, surprised to see that his thoughts were all over the place.


'The hell does she even mean by that.'


"A lot of things."


Aizawa's reaction to you reading him never ceased to amaze you, as he visibly stiffened.

There could have been a different meaning to it, since he clearly was not responding and instead kept thinking back and forth on what you said seconds ago.

"April fools"


His annoyed expression was absolutely marvelous, causing you to burst into a laughing fit right in front of him.

"It was a joke, don't stress yourself over it so much"

He kept his eyes on you, searching for any signs of you possibly lying or toying around with him.

"If you continue w-"

"-With that behavior, you'll have me expelled."

Aizawa groaned in annoyance, running his hand through his already disheveled hair.

There was no way he could properly deal with you. This is the first time a student had the bravery to approach or even communicate with him in such a bold way.

Yet again, this was you that we were talking about. You were known to be a troublemaker to the teachers and students, commonly using your quirk to get information on many things such as tests, projects, homework assignments-


He could trick you into thinking that tomorrow an exam awaited, and purposely give you false information for classes.

But as soon as that idea appeared, it went straight away while realizing that today was April Fools', not tomorrow.

This was turning out to be far more complicated than he originally thought.




Waving your hand across his face, hoping to gain his attention.

Aizawa looked at you, then closed his eyes and placed his hands in his pockets.

He began walking away, presumably to the teacher's lounge.

"Not even a thank you for snapping you out of your little trance ?"


"Head over to class. You're late."


Slowly glancing over at your wrist watch, you were indeed late.

Shrugging off his odd demeanor, you ran back into the classroom for next period.


. . .


It was currently two in the afternoon, as class finally came to an end for the day.

To say you were disappointed would be an understatement, you didn't even get a proper chance to prank Aizawa.

Still, it was still early, and you technically could still do something.

Anything, anything would suffice.


Just as you were exiting school ground, you accidentally bumped into someone, resulting in you lightly hurting your arm.


"Pardon me."

You hadn't even looked up at the person you ran into, but at this point you could care less.


"What's with the foul mood"

Huh ? Was that Aizawa talking or is your brain playing some sick trick on you for thinking about him nearly all day.


"Oh, uh"

Not being able to process a response to his question, an idea quickly formed in your head.


"Can I ask you something ?"

He nodded, gesturing you to continue.


"Are you interested in going on a date with me ?"



"Excuse me."


That was it. You completely lost it right there and then.

The absolute look of sheer confusion and annoyance in his face was priceless ! You never imagined that a simple prank such as that could elicit such an outstanding reaction.


"It- hahaha-- was a- a joke"

You weren't able to suppress the laughter any more, it was too good.

"Can't believe that got you-"

An other fit rushed in, as you firmly held your stomach.

Aizawa stood there, stiff and bewildered at your sudden guffawing.


A minute has passed as you calmed your fit, composed enough to face the man before you.


"Well, I didn't think something like that of all things would get you. But ! I have to run home now, see you tomorrow !"

You sprinted away as soon as you finished that sentence, not allowing him enough time to respond to you.


At least today wasn't a complete failure.

Chapter Text

The rain outside began to pour down heavily as nighttime slowly approached. You walked towards the sofa and plopped onto it, turning on the television once you found a comfortable position.

All the lights were turned off, and quite frankly you weren't going to get up any time soon just to switch them on.

Taking a long sip of your surprisingly enough still warm coffee, you looked through the channels when suddenly the weather forecast caught your attention.


'The sudden change in weather today has stunned us all, but to add on top, a thunderstorm will be forming within the next two hours along with very strong winds. We predict that this storm will last until the end of the week, so please do keep in mind to stay indoors and to go out only in case of an emergency.'


That was unexpected, to say the least.

You scratched the back of your neck, debating on whether or not you should contact Aizawa and make sure that he was doing well. He did have patrol tonight, if you remembered correctly.

Pulling over the hood of your hoodie for added warmth, you reached over to grab your phone and swiftly dialed down his number.


Two rings later, he picked up.




"Open your door."


Bold. You thought teasingly.

Nevertheless, you put down your phone and rushed towards the front door and quickly unlocked it.

You peeked outside, checking left and right to see if he was anywhere in sight.

Not even a second later, he was semi rushing through the hallway to your apartment's direction all the while holding what seemed to be your umbrella.

Grinning at the sight, you shook your head as he neared you.

"Here, I'll take that. You can come in"

Much to to your surprise, he obliged and handed over the umbrella to you.

"I'm fully capable of returning to my h-"

"Have you seen the weather out there ? It'll only get worse, you know."

You retorted, leaning against the door frame.

It looked as if he was going to argue, but you were having none of it.

"Either come in and wait until the storm dies out, or get yourself absolutely soaked on the way back."

Fidgeting with the handle of the umbrella, you patiently waited for his response.

It would be ridiculous to be wandering about in that rain, he could get very sick afterwards. You might have come off as rude and inconsiderate, but in all honesty you only meant well.

He grunted, and walked past you to be able to enter your apartment.

You smirked, knowing well that the storm wasn't coming to a stop any time soon. Which meant, he'd need to spend the night here. Of course, if he decided to.

Once you both were inside, you locked the door once more before turning to where he was.

His clothes didn't seem to be wet, to which you thought must be thanks to your handy little umbrella. Or so you hoped.

Wait. What were you thinking ?

"Do you want anything ?"

He was looking directly at the television screen which still showed the weather forecast.

"No, nothing. Thank you."

There was definitely something bothering him.

"You can sit, you know."

You spoke, not really expecting a response from the man.

From the corner of your eye, you could clearly see that he had seated himself on your sofa, still paying attention to the television.

Shrugging off his odd behavior, you went to open one of the kitchen cabinets in order to fetch a cola bottle that's been sitting there for over two days. Once you got what you were looking for, you walked to the one big grey bean bag next to the sofa and plopped yourself on to it.

"The weather won't be calming down any time soon."

Quickly throwing a glance over to the double glass doors that led to your balcony, the rain obviously was beginning to pour down much more heavier than before.

"I could tell."

What was going on in that head of his for him to act this way ?

Wait. Idiot. You can simply read his thoughts.

But wouldn't he get mad at you for constantly reading him without permission ? Well, most likely. He doesn't seem like the type to get angered at such a little thing. Or were you wrong ?

"Uh.. Just to be sure, you should stay here for the night. We have a guest room. I mean, that is if you decide t-"


"You're stuttering all of a sudden. Far more different than your usual behavior."

You were, what again ? Did you hear him correctly or was your brain playing some sick game on you now ?

"I wasn't stuttering."

"You were."


For all that it is holy, please eradicate this man.


"Even if I was, my offer still stands."


Aizawa fell silent, clearly debating whether he should take you up on that 'offer'. There really weren't many options open to him at the moment, and the raging storm outside served as a reminder that there was no possible way he was going to return to his complex.

Finally, after what seemed to be two minutes since silence fell upon the both of you, he responded



Aizawa sighed, leaning back on the cushions whilst also crossing his arms.

"I said, alright."

Oh sweet holy spirit, may it be with you.

"Oh. Uh, okay. I'll- I'll go-"

You stood up, randomly waving your hands around to gesture towards the guest room.

"You're stuttering again"

"I'm n-"

"You are"

Now it was your turn to sigh, shoulders slumping as you grumbled out some gibberish.

"Pardon ?"

You inwardly cursed yourself for allowing this to happen. Just how much worse could it get ?

"If you have something to say, speak up. I don't have a mind reading quirk."

Oh, oh. So he was playing that game now huh.


So be it then, you'll manage some sort of come back.


Although, at the moment, you might as well enjoy the very welcoming and pleasant atmosphere among the two of you as you both stood facing one an other.

Chapter Text

"Here's the guest room, feel free to make yourself comfortable."

As soon as you finished the sentance, your phone rang from the living room.
You excused yourself and rushed to wherever the phone was to pick up the call.

The second you found it, you answered.

"(L/n) (Y/n), who's calling ?"

Very rarely would you receive a call, even less from an unknown number.


"Miss (L/n), this is Doctor Lewis here to inform you that your parents have fallen victim to a villain attack here in Tokyo. They are stable for now, but it was necessary to let you know."




What ?

"Are they really fine or are you giving me false hope ? You doctors tend to do that."

Sadly it was a known fact that doctors usually lied to their patients about their status to avoid panic or worst case scenario, heartbreak. At first, you understood why they did this and never paid too much mind into it, but now that your parents were at stake, you were having none of it.

If only he was right with you, you could play innocent and read him.

"As I previously mentioned, they are stable. Now if you will excuse me, I must tend to other things. It was a pleasure speaking with you, Miss (L/n)."




What an imbecile.


What you didn't notice, was Aizawa leaning against the hallways corner, looking both amused and mildly concerned.

Even though his expression stayed as unreadable as ever, his gaze was a dead giveaway of what he was feeling.

Gently placing down the phone on the sofa, you slowly sat on the floor, not really caring if it was inappropriate to do so in front of your homeroom teacher.

"Did you hear any of it ?"



Why was his humor so dry, yet it caused you to let out a silent chuckle all the same ?

"His tone was off. Wasn't it ?"


"I'm surprised you didn't read him."


"My quirk doesn't work like th-"


"It does."

Come again. What could he possibly mean by 'it does' ? Probably nothing, or just a cheap attempt to get a rise out of you.

Besides, your quirk allows you to read people's mind by looking at them and not by hearing their voice over a phone of all things.

That's not the point right now. Sure, you were more than glad to hear that your parents were supposedly fine as of now, but the nagging feeling that something may be wrong slowly made itself visible upon your face, to which Aizawa quickly noticed and spoke out

"I'm certain that they'll be alright."

You couldn't process what he just said. All kinds of negative thoughts were currently plaguing your head, telling you to make a straight beeline towards the hospital they resided in. And then you remembered, that the Doctor didn't give you an exact location. Or anything, really.

"If you're thinking about going there, then look outside. Even if you head out through that door, I won't let you."

Why was he suddenly being considerate ? Now of all times ? You couldn't just sit and wait for the weather to clear out, surely you could do something.

Right ?

You can do something.


Anything would suffice.



'That kid won't be able to achieve anything. I'm sure of it'

'The girl has no promising future as far as I can see. Just look at how many detentions she's been sent to !'

'I'm sad to see her act so carelessly. She has great potential, but decided to throw it away.'

'Instead of using that head of hers for studying, she's using it to mock other students.'


These comments never bothered you. That's what you kept telling yourself. Maybe you were finally reaching your limit. And why were you thinking about them ?

Because you know you can't do much. At least, not now.

Usually you could come up with a solution to any issue at hand.


Suddenly, an idea popped causing you to spring up and grab your phone.

This could work. It was your speciality, after all.

Quickly looking through the past calls, you found the unknown number and dialed it in.

Aizawa could only stare at you with a blank expression, not quite understanding where the sudden enthusiasm came from. Yet, he couldn't fight back the amused grin once he noticed the very familiar mocking look on your face.

So he stood behind the sofa, arms crossed over his chest and waited to see what your plan was.

It had taken quite a few seconds to finally receive a response on the other end, but you were absolutely pleased to hear the very same man who called you earlier.


"(L/n) speaking. I assume that this is Lewis. Am I correct ?"


Aizawa held back a chuckle at hearing you being so informal and kept quiet.


You hummed in content once the man confirmed that he was indeed the one you spoke with.


"Great ! Now I'd like to know why you hung up so quickly, without giving me at least the location of the hospital."

Before he could respond, you added

"Or maybe.. you're just a rude piece of shit doctor with whom my parents have fallen victim to. Wouldn't you say I'm right ?"

Cursing was the last thing you wanted to do, and yet you couldn't help yourself. It was very rare for you to do so out loud, since you were taught by your parents that it was highly inappropriate.


Not receiving a response, you continued to pester on


"I will call tomorrow and I do hope to get an address. We are talking about my parents here, not some stray animal."


As if you knew he would retort back, you quickly shut him by one last comment

"Otherwise I'll be sending my.."

You quickly glanced over at Aizawa, flashing a knowing grin his way.

Aizawa could only hope that you wouldn't say anything too inappropriate, but when it came to you, it was a gamble. And was he willing to partake in such a ridiculous game ?

Of course, he was. Either that or suffer endless retorts from you every day.


"Boyfriend, a Pro Hero over there."


Aizawa began coughing violently. And attempted to stifle himself by covering his mouth.

He was asking for it, After all.


You then hung up on the doctor, way too eager to see Aizawa's reaction to what you just pulled off.

He could only glare at you, expecting a clear explanation as to why it had to be that term and not something else.

"What ? Don't tell you you actually want to be my-"


It was a risk you were willing to make. Who in their right mind would just come up to their teacher and ask that kind of question ? Not that you were being serious, honestly. It was a mere tease to get a rise out of him.

Or maybe you were fooling yourself into believing that.

"What a shame. And here I hoped that we'd share a bed tonight ! It is cold, aftera-"

"Quit it."

Oh, this was far too good to stop now. Seeing how flustered he gets from these small comments was simply hilarious.


And maybe you could get a bit more information as to what he was thinking by reading him.

Chapter Text

You waved your hand dismissively at him, walking towards your bedroom.

"The offer still stands-"


You whipped your head at his calling for you, humming.


Shrugging your shoulders, you continued the journey to your room.

"Your loss"

Aizawa visibly flinched at your words, not knowing how to correctly respond, he made his way to the guest room you introduced to him earlier this night.

The sheer amount of boldness this girl held stunned the man, he knew she'd somewhat be like this, but never did the thought of your usually "behaved" mockery get to this degree.

It did in fact, bother him. But he was not at all willing to waste unnecessary energy on arguing. Especially now, late at night.

Suddenly, he realized that he had not brought spare clothing for himself.

Cursing under his breath, he made his way over to you room, which he guessed you were at.

Quietly knocking on your bedroom door, he waited patiently for you to open.

A solid minute passed by before he heard a thump within, that only mildly concerned him.

"Give me a second!" you exclaimed.

Aizawa could only continue to stand still and wait.

Quickly slamming the door wide open rather loudly, you winced at the sound.

"Sorry, that was the wind."

He nodded in understanding, seeing clearly that your window was also, quite a bit open.

"I came here to ask if you happen to have any spare clothes." He questioned, looking down at you.

You could only stare blankly for two seconds, before the question finally processed in your head.

"Oh! Spare clothing, yeah.. I think I do have some very oversized shirts and pants lying somewhere.."

You muttered silently to yourself as you strolled about your room, in search of these clothing.

"You can step in, if you want" you said, without giving much thought into it. Too focused on finding a pair of pants for him.

"Thank you, but I'll stay here." he answered swiftly.

It would be far too inappropriate to enter a student's room, even if granted permission to do so.

And so, he waited at the doorframe, as she continued searching.


Not even ten seconds later, she finally found a large pair of black pants that should be good enough fit for him.

Nodding to yourself, you placed the pair on your bed, before going over to your closet to retreat the black oversized long sleeved shirt.

Once found, you quickly grabbed the pair of pants from the bed a d handed them over to Aizawa, who kept on patiently waiting.

"Thank you. An other question" he stated, gratefully taking the pair of clothing from you.

You quirked an eyebrow.

He noticed it and questioned,

"May I use the restroom?"



What a dumb question.


"Of course. Feel free to take a shower if that's what you meant."


He nodded, and strolled away to the said restroom.

You stared at him until he was out of eyesight, and went back to the living room to fetch some food.

Looking through the cabinets and the fridge, you found enough ingredients to make ramen!
A warm bowl of ramen on a rainy, cold night like this sounded wonderfully.

Taking the ingredients out one by one, you began to cook. Whilst Aizawa took a nice, warm shower in the other room.


. . .


Twenty minutes later, the ramen was nearly done.
What's left was to prepare the table.

As if on cue, Aizawa stepped out of the restroom with a white rag around his neck.
His hair was mostly dry, since he did blow dry it right after getting out of the shower.

Even though it was relatively dry, it was all of the place. Quite literally.

Did he not look for a brush or something?

Placing the plates on top of the table along with necessary utensils, you spoke out.

"There are quite a lot of hair brushes in there, you know."

Fixing your posture, you looked his way as he glanced over at you.

"I know, I wanted to ask for permission to use one of them."


Permission? To use..


A hair brush.



"I mean, of course. You didn't need to ask."

He nodded yet again, as he walked into the restroom once more.

You shook your head in sheer amusement. Just who ask for permission to use a hair brush?

You supposed that it was just basic manners, but even so, it was ridiculously hilarious.


A hair brush!


You hadn't quite realized that you were chuckling at your own thoughts until Aizawa stepped out, clearing his throat.

"Something amusing?" he questioned sarcastically.

You were grinning like an absolute idiot at that point, but 'brushed' off his comment while pouring in the ramen in each bowl, along with some egg, green onion, meat and a little bit of spice.

You began to laugh out loud at that unintentional pun, still holding the ramen broth with your very much shaky hands.

Aizawa noticed this, and quickly went over to fetch the pot before you eventually drop it on accident.

As he went to take it, his hands brushed against yours.

A light shiver went up your back at the sudden cold touch of his hands.

It did not whatsoever feel pleasant.


How were his hands that cold?


Aizawa placed the pot over to the stove, before returning over to you.

"You didn't have to trouble yourself with making dinner."

You shook your head lightly, as you gestured him to sit down at the other end of the table.

"It's fine. I enjoy cooking anyway."

He hummed as he began eating away at the ramen, silently.

You munched away at the egg when he spoke out.


"It's really good."


You looked up a bit at him, seeing as he was still eating. A gentle expression plastered upon his face.

You smiled, and answered.

"Thanks, I tried."


"Could use some more practice."


There we go again.
The retorts.