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Siren song

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It'd been a few moons since you last saw any of the surface monsters you'd called friends and honestly? You really didn't fucking care!

Ok, Papyrus pulled at your soul a bit, but you somehow felt that you'd end up seeing him again anyway, so no point feeling like shit about that.

You'd all move down the coast a bit to investigate a claim that the waters were being over fished, leaving a small group of mer that didn't have their own siren around short on food.

While the others investigated, you and Monk did what you do best!

Take down ships and drown people.

The mers had been a little hesitant to eat the human meat you brought them, but when faced with the evidence of your own thriving family and the fact that humans had no problem stealing their other sources of food, they took the offered food gratefully and ate better than they had in months.

You felt proud that you were able to do that, making the ocean a better place for everyone.

Well, except humans, but eh...

After that, it seemed your little group seemed to get a few more messages of the same going on all down the coast, all seeking aid in stopping the humans from taking their food, as well as a few mers asking to be taught how to take out human fishing vessels.

Well, who were you to deny a cry for help?

Tiger had you and Monk working non-stop, taking down fishing vessels while also bringing back food for the half-starved mers while she worked on bringing life back into the areas.

Apparently, mers were really good at making things grow, from dying coral to kelp forests, if it could grow, they could probably make it grow ten times faster.

You were currently showing a little mer how to properly store meat in kelp, adding a little magic into the mix to make it last longer as well as making it tastier.

The currents shifted and you rockets out of the way as something slashed at the space you were just in, stirring up the silt and heating the water uncomfortably. "What the holy fuck-"

"What the HELL are you?!"

Oh, now the universe was really trying to fuck you in the blowhole...

You snarled at Undyne as she cut through the water effortlessly and retrieved her spear from the sea floor, turning on you as you kept your distance from the pissy fish. "Well, I'm pretty fucking annoyed right now, thanks for asking."

She bared her teeth and launched herself at you, not anticipating the currents to shift violently and send her spinning off in another direction.

You didn't anticipate her throwing her spear again.

It cut through the water with horrifying accuracy, the only thing saving you from being impaled is a skeletal hand yanking you to the side, making it so that you only received a shallow cut along your shoulder.

"nobody said guppy was gonna show up." Moray rumbled, quickly healing the cut and shifting you behind him. "i got 'er, go git tigger."

You wanted to argue, but out of the two of you, you were the fastest swimmer and had the currents on your side; you could bring back up faster than he could, and he was sturdier anyway. "Don't die, nothing worth eating on you."

Moray smirked and winked. "wait til the full moon, i'll give ya somthin' ta eat."

You flash your teeth and dart off, the currents building behind you and lending you speed as you jet past other mers and straight to where you know Tiger is talking with the other older mers. "Yo boss! We got an issue!"


You whirl back and see several greyish blobs heading for where you left Moray and groan. "Son of a fucking whore!"

Tiger grabs you and you immediately have the currents reverse, forcing the two of you back to the fight while pushing other mers as far away from it as possible. "Was this the issue?!"

You giggle maniacally and grin, not letting the sliver of anxiety color your words. "Nope! It's just turnin' into a goddamn shitshow!"

The sharks reach the fighting pair before you do, and you watch as one makes it's way to the mer you had been teaching earlier, taking the young thing by surprise from behind and chomping straight through their tail.

Everything went red as the sharks went into a frenzy, and what do you do?

Well, maybe you should've eaten a little bit more that morning...

The smell of blood trigger something in you and you let it, mind going hazy as you lock onto the biggest shark with horrifying intensity, already drooling with the thought of its blood on your tongue.

You strike faster than it could move, latching onto it with tail and teeth as the currents battered it from all sides, refusing to let go as it thrashed in an effort to get you off.

Burying a blade in its belly brought a sick joy to you as it twitched and turned, drawing the other sharks attention and making you snarl as they dove in to tear it apart.

You lashed out with everything you had to stop them from taking your kill, not noticing the smallest of the bunch until it had your shoulder in its jaw and was already biting down.

Agony ripped through you as you brought your other hand up to strike it in the eye, having dropped the knife in shock and decidedly desperate for the shark to let go.

It let go and was immediately ripped away by Moray, his teeth sinking into it as he used his hands to shred anywhere he could reach.

By the time the water was clear enough to see through the sharks had been taken care of and mers were evacuating the area, the injured one from before had been left lying in the silt, their tail shredded and nearly useless now.

You were in a better state but not by much, you couldn't move your arm without wanting to scream and blood was still leaking from the wound, no doubt already attracting more sharks and other carnivores.

You dropped to the silt and scooped up the injured mer with you good arm, cooing to them as they sobbed. "I gotcha, gonna get ya fixed up in no time an' good as new."

"My tail!" They sobbed, clinging to you and jostling your injured shoulder.

You found Undyne staring at the carnage in shock, her scales a little green as her eye met your own. "What-?"

You shoved the mer into her arms. "Take 'em and get outta here, you thought this was bad? Well, you really don't wanna see what shows up next. Make sure they get healed and then take 'em to Monk, he'll know what to do."

She hesitated for a moment before snarling and doing as she was told, snatching up the injured mer and taking off, a trail of green magic following her and leaving behind a faint tingle on your skin.

Good, at least she retained some of her reason, now for the chaos...

Turning back, you spot more shapes racing towards you, noting with slight apprehension that there were octo-mers coming as well as sharks.

You grab up your knife and set yourself beside Moray, ready to defend your territory with everything you had while the others got to safety.




Hours later found you redirecting currents to blow the blood away while Moray poured magic into the meat who could salvage so you could bring it back to the others without it spoiling.

To say it had been messy was an understatement...

Three more sharks had shown up, and while they were somewhat easy to dispose of, they seemed like childs play compared to the savage mers that followed soon after.

They were cunning, easily dodging and squeezing past your defenses, trying to get to your kills as well as kill you.

If it hadn't been for Morays absolute ruthlessness and power, you might not have come out of this altercation...

"You want the tentacles? They taste ok but it's like trying to chew through a tire." You called, waving a dismembered tentacle with barely a bite taken out of it. "If I can't eat this then there's no way in hell anyone else but you could."

Moray snagged your hand and rolled his eyelights. "le's get'cha fixed up, go' a few scratches on ya tha' i don' want ta get nasty."

You scoffed but let him carry most of the food as you followed beside him, heading for a series of caves that were all throughout the nearby cliff face, a perfect place for the locals mers to call home.

Tiger and Undyne were waiting for you outside the entrance, Tiger's spines were flared as she swam back and forth, keeping a close eye on the pissy monster and grumbling to herself.

She spotted you the same instant Undyne did and rushed to your side, hands sparking green as she slammed them into your wound, causing you to snarl as she began healing the gash.

"That's what you fucking get! Fucking getting hurt, fighting sharks." She caught sight of Moray munching on a tentacle. "Killing ferals?! Do you know how fucking worried I was?! Idiots!"

You expected her to whack you, but instead, she pulled you into a bruising hug, muttering how she was too damn young to be losin' her kids and next time she was gonna leave the cut to get infected.

Yeah, Mama Tiger was the best...

Undyne watched apprehensively as the two of you talked and comforted each other while Moray moved to her side, swallowing the rest of a tentacle before side-eyeing the former captain. "watcha doin' 'ere guppy? thought ya were a land fishy."

Undyne sneered at him. "Was visiting a cousin, didn't expect to find you FREAKS down here."

"Watch yer fucking mouth Undyne." You growled, wedging yourself between her and Moray. "If you haven't fucking noticed, you caused a frenzy and got an innocent mer hurt! I don't know what yer fuckin' issue is but you need to leave."

The fins along Undyne's head flared and she summoned her spear. "MY issue, do you really want to know what MY issue is?! How about the fact that you KILLED SANS MATE!"

...Was... was she being serious?

The currents around you died, letting you float gently to the sea floor.

Was she telling the truth? You hadn't gone back since the first full moon, hadn't put out a hit on her, hadn't even bothered to check in on anyone there...

Why the hell would they think you killed her?!

"why th' fuck would ya thin' tha'? we been movin' down the coast the las' coupl'a full moons."

Maybe it was in an accident that looked suspicious and they assumed it was you?

Undyne scoffed and pointed her spear at you. "What? Nothing to say? Letting this thing talk for you?"

You glared at her and grit your teeth. "When did she die? The exact day." You dragged a hand through your hair and vowed to get it cut the next time you went on shore. "How did she die?"

Silt exploded around you as Undyne pinned you to the ground, spear held to your throat. "What the FUCK do you mean how?! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO KILLED HER!!!"

"HOW?" You snarled back, pressing into the spear and glaring her down.

She pressed the spear a little deeper as her eye flashed. "They found her body washed up on the shore, the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the skull before drowning."

Oh, that was certainly brutal, and definitely something you would have remembered. "When?"

She snapped her teeth in anger. "Two weeks ago, she was fucking PREGNANT YOU FRE-"

You laughed, cutting her off and making her flinch back before pressing the spear deep enough to prick the skin. "WHAT?!"

"Wasn't me." You chuckled, reaching up and snapping her spear. "I actually have an alibi, she was killed on the full moon, right? I was in a nice little pizzeria a hundred or so miles from her."

Moray finally shoved her off you and healed the cut on your throat, growling lowly at her and ushering you away, something you weren't allowing him to do easily.

You turned back and smirked. "Oh, and I assume Sans is still alive right?" At the confused look, you chuckled again. "Thought so, ask him how she was pregnant when they weren't soul-bonded, I'm sure he has a great answer for you."

With that, you let them usher you and the rest of the food into the caves, leaving behind Undyne as she slowly made her way back to her home, cousin forgotten as she rethinks everything Sans ever told her about you, about his soulmate, and about his own alibi.

She didn't like how this was adding up.