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Cause it doesn't matter anyway

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You in?

Louis was lying in the sofa of his house in London completely relaxed caressing Clifford’s belly when the new text notification sounded on his phone. A message from Calvin. It was the fifth time in the day that Calvin asked him the same question. “You in?” Calvin thought it was a good idea to go on a holiday trip with all of the lads but honestly Louis wasn’t in the mood.

   - Can you believe it? —Louis said showing the texts to his sister Lottie.

   - He really wants you to go, ¿eh?

   - But I don’t want to.

   - Why not, baba?

   - Cause I don’t feel like partying and drinking, you know?

   - Yeah, but do you think it’s better to stay here feeling all sad and lonely?

   - I am not lonely. I have you. And Cliff. And Oli.

   - What? — asked the last one who only was paying attention to his phone.

   - Louis doesn’t want to go to the lads’ trip.

   - WHAT?

   - Oh, thanks, Lottie —Louis said with a grumpy voice.

   - Wait, Louis, but you tell me you will come with us.

   - I know, but lately I don’t feel good enough.

   - Because of Harry?

   - Oli, do not say his name! —Lottie screamed.

   - It’s okay, Lots. He’s not Voldemort, we can talk about that. And yes because of Harry. I still don’t understand why he broke up with me.

   - I do not understand either.

   - Oli, you aren’t helping.

   - Okay, I’ll leave.

   - But, tell me, Lots, you understand why?

   - Honestly no, but think about this: maybe he wasn’t the one.

   - Of course he was the one. We were together for seven years and suddenly when he finished the tour he doesn’t want to be with me anymore, such a bitch! — Louis said with tearful eyes.

Lottie was about to repeat that maybe Harry wasn’t the one, that their lives now that One Direction was on hiatus were too difficult, maybe it was better this way. But she couldn’t say a word because Louis’ phone started ringing. Louis picked up and Clifford run away clearly upset because the noise woke him up. She didn’t want to hear a private conversation between her brother and someone else but couldn’t help listening to Louis saying “Luke”. She thought it was a professional call but instead it was Luke. Lottie didn’t want to meddle in Louis’ private life but since she was young she saw Louis and Luke together and thought they could be a really cute couple. Luke wasn’t like the rest of Louis squad, he was more shy and kind; and Louis was always smiling around him. Anyway, Louis never said a word about Lottie’s boyfriends so she won’t say anything too.

   - Oli! — Louis shouted. — Come here!

   - What? —Oli asked appearing with a bowl of cereal in one hand.

   - Are you eating my Coco Pops? —Louis said angry.


   - Okay, whatever. Listen. You can go and tell Calvin and Nizam that I’m going to the trip.

   - Really?

   - You won’t regret, Lou. This is going to be the best trip ever! —Oli said putting down the bowl and grabbing his phone.

   - What makes you change your mind? —Lottie asked.

   - Luke —Louis answered eating the bowl of cereals that Oli left.

   - Okay — she said with a smiley face.

   - What? Why are you smiling?

   - Oh, nothing.

Louis left and went out into the garden. He lighted a cigarette and started thinking if he had made the right choice. He really wasn’t in the mood for partying but he couldn’t leave the lads all by themselves, could he? Also, if he didn’t go to that trip, Calvin probably was going to talk about it for the rest of their lives. So he would go, but in a chill mood, only drinking a little and relaxing in the swimming pool.


*          *          *


   - Come on, lad! We’re going to lose the plane! — Louis shouted from downstairs.

   - I can’t find my Adidas cap —Calvin answered also shouting.

   - I’ll lend you mine — Louis would say anything to leave to the airport right now.

   - I am ready — Calvin said running downstairs.

   - Let’s go.

   - Best trip ever! — shouted Calvin really excited.

They let Oli the driving thing while Louis was completely relaxed in the co driver seat listening to Arctic Monkeys and Calvin was looking at his phone in the back seat. No one talk till they arrive at the airport.

   - So, I just read that the best wines are in Greece —Calvin said looking at his phone one guide of things to do in Mykonos

   - Wines? Who are you? We’re going to drink beer, right Lou?

   - Eh, yes —Louis answered but he wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, actually.

   - You said yes? I think you didn’t want to drink in this trip — Calvin asked.

   - I said that? When I said no to a good beer?

   - Actually, I was talking about wine.

   - Oh, come on, Cal, we do not have 60 years old!

   - Here you have your passports, sir — the woman in the check-in point said cutting off the conversation.

   - Thank you — Louis showed his best smile to the woman. — Come on, lads!

   - Best trip ever! — shouted Calvin who didn’t stop telling that in the past few days.

   - Okay, so why are you so excited, Cal? What are we gonna do in Mykonos exactly? — Louis said while they were waiting in the queue of the security control.

   - You didn’t read the planner? — Calvin exclaimed and seemed offended.

   - Oh my God!

   - What? What have I said?

   - Nothing, you just didn’t read the week planner. Calvin sent like 300 messages asking us to read it in the WhatsApp group — Oli said slowly only for Louis to listen.

   - Oh, I see. I have the group muted.

   - You, betrayer! — Oli exclaimed now.

   -  Okay, you two, calm down. We’re in public and I don’t want to start a drama and then someone recognize me — Louis whispered.

   - I am sorry but you must read the week planner in the plane.

   - Yes, whatever. It is only going to be another partying in a beautiful place trip, like when we were to Bali, isn’t it?

   - Oh, for God sake Louis Tomlinson, it’s going to be the BEST TRIP EVER! —Calvin said shouting. This idiot!

   - Sh!! — Louis said putting one of his fingers on his lips and Oli started to laugh so the three of them laughed too.


   - What it’s so funny? —someone else asked and the guys frozen. Oh my God, what Louis didn’t want is to have to deal with unknown people in those days. He turned around waiting for a fan but fortunately it was Nizam, and Luke.

   - Oh, nothing, just Calvin and his stupid week planner — Louis answered and said hi to the guys.

   - Louis, how you dare to not read that? — Nizam said with sarcasm and it made Louis laugh and Calvin was about to reply but the voice through the speaker interrupt him. It was departure time.


*          *          *


The travel was quite good. Louis was sit next to Oli who fall asleep immediately after the plane take off. So Louis had to entertain himself. He read a little of one of his books in his Iphone but was a little dizzy so try to fall asleep as well. The next thing he knew was that they’ve already landed. Louis felt a bit better and excited maybe because the nap. Watching the lads happy while they were waiting for the suitcases made him feel happy too. Maybe this trip won’t be as bad as he was thinking.

Once they picked up the suitcase, they went to the car renting place. There was a man who attended them very kindly. He gave the car keys to Louis and in regards he gave him the credit card number. When they were finished, he thrown out the keys to Calvin. 

   - You drive, planner boy.

   - Shall we go to the hotel? — Calvin asked and all of them agreed because obviously, they had to leave the suitcase somewhere.


*          *          *


Louis was lying in the bed of their suit. Oli, Calvin and he were sharing the suit room that was pure luxury. There was a big sofa with a coffee table and a TV in the middle of the room. Near the sofa, there was a bar with plenty with drinks and alcohol. Finally, the room had a big balcony from where they had really fantastic views. In fact, the first thing that Louis did when he came into the room was going outside in the balcony to smoke one cigarette but he was surprised by the beautiful views. From their balcony they could see the entire beach and the little houses with the blue roof. One of the most beautiful cities he had ever seen. There was also a bathroom with a jacuzzi and finally the private rooms.

   - So what says your planner that we should do? — Louis asked Calvin with a sarcastic tone in his voice while he entered again in the main room.

   - I propose to go down to the town and see a little of the houses and make some sightseeing. This town is beautiful.

   - Yes, it’s okay. So, come on, Oli, move your ass from that sofa.

While they were going out from the room to meet the rest of the boys in the hall, Louis was texting her sister to let her know that they’d arrived safe and sound. Lottie replied with some suggestion of what to do since she had already been there. But Louis didn’t pay attention to it, he didn’t want to ruin Calvin’s planning. So, he just followed the guys till the hall where he saw Nizam and Luke were waiting for them.

   - Okay, I think we shouldn’t take the car in case we drink and can’t drive back here — Calvin suggested.

   - I am not going to drink — Louis said quickly.

   - Me neither — Luka added.

   - Well, then Luke, you should drive us back to the hotel.

   - Why not me?

   - Lou, we’re not going to have this conversation right now. Let’s go — Calvin said and started walking to the main door of the hotel.

   - What that supposes to mean, eh, you little shit?

   - Oh, I almost forgot. First of all, we have to take a selfie — Calvin said very excited and the other guys protested but finally ended up taking it anyway. — Say best trip ever!

   - Don’t you think of posting it anywhere! — Louis ordered.

   - I won’t. Can you just chill? And let’s enjoy the Santorini — Calvin shouted making dramatic gestures with the hands.

They had a little fight about where to sit in the car. Calvin was the one driving and Nizam took the codriver seat. So Louis, Oli and Luke were in the back seat. One the thing that Louis hated the most of being a small guy was that he always had to sit in the back seat and the worst in the middle.  Therefore, he was in the middle of Oli and Luke. He didn’t care about Oli cause he was as tiny as him but Luke was so big and muscular that he left not too much space to Louis. However, instead of feeling awkward by the proximity of his friend, he felt a new feeling that he only felt one time before with only one person: the feeling like home. Louis was a little confused and he thought it was the heat the one making him think thing like that.

Harry and Louis had the most beautiful love history of the world but suddenly Harry decided that their relationship wasn’t going well. That was three weeks ago. Louis kept replaying the whole breakup scene in his head again and again since that happened. Most of the times, when he thought about that he felt sorrow, other times angry but right now he felt emptiness. He still couldn’t understand why Harry made that decision.  According to the curly boy, he can’t carry on with their relationship and all the fake girlfriends and stuff. That wasn’t a good argument for Louis. They had held on with that shit for seven years and suddenly Harry can’t anymore. Come on! Sometimes, Louis thought Harry had met someone new, but he spoke with Anne about that and she denied it. So Louis couldn’t understand. It was true that he was still caught in the Simon’s claws with Eleanor, the baby and stuff but if Harry didn’t care about that in 2015 or 2016 why now? Maybe he just wanted to be free and came out. Louis couldn’t take that away for him so he just gave up. Harry and he broke up and he was trying to forget him in the best way he knew: with the help of his friends. So instead of thinking more about Harry, Louis shook his head and tried to focus in the conversation that the guys were having.

   - How much it left? — Oli asked in that moment.

   - Five minutes, I think.

   - And what are we going to do there?

   - Just sightseeing, you know, walk around the streets and see the views.

   - But after that we’re going to eat, right?

   - Yes — Calvin answered clearly exasperated by Oli’s questions.

   - Okay, I want to eat a good burger — Oli said and immediately Louis laughed. All of them looked at him like if he was crazy, but Louis can’t stop laughing. They were all men near the 30’s but they were there acting like children in a school trip.

   - Why are you laughing? — Luke asked.

   - It’s just that Oli looked like he was five with all those questions — Louis answered and made Luke laughed too. Luke had a really beautiful smile.

   - How you dare, Louis! — Oli screamed a little bit mad and pinched Louis’s belly. That made Louis squirm and approach to Luke.

   - Children, please, behave! — Calvin said with a big smile in his face. — Also, we have arrived.

   - Finally! — Louis said pushing Oli out of the car.

Louis was finally able to walk again. He took a deep breath and the fresh air felt so good for him. They were in the middle of a narrow street. All around them was really beautiful. The white house with their blue roof and the decoration with flower all were perfect. The weather was really nice too, not too much heat. The sky was completely blue. Everything seemed to be okay.

They started walking. Oli and Calvin were in front of them. Calvin wanted Oli to make some photos of him. So Louis and the others were walking slowly. The feeling of has nothing important or planned to do was really nice. Louis felt freed somehow with nothing to worry about and nobody to tell him what to do. There was no cameras, no paps, only he being himself watching his friends doing silly things and having stupid and normal conversations.

   - So, if we go straight, we must be in the main square — Calvin said making gestures with the hand.

   - Okay — Louis answered and started walking a little bit faster to reach Calvin.

They were walking for ten or fifteen minutes but finally they found the square Calvin was talking about. Passed by some beautiful street, but the square was so pretty. From where they were, they could see the entire city and it was completely amazing. The middle of the square was a really noisy place with a lot of tourist taking pictures and talking but it made it special somehow. Louis was right that was one of the most beautiful cities he had been in.

   - Come on, lads! We still have to go to that church — Calvin said while he finished taking some picture.

   - No way! We have to go up there? — Louis asked.

   - Yes, lazy. Let’s go.

   - Oh my God, why is he so excited? It’s like climbing a fucking mountain — Louis asked to the other boys.

   - Don’t be dramatic, Louis — Luke said.

   - I am not dramatic. That church is like 200 kms away.

   - You’re a drama queen. It’s not that far — Luke said laughing. — I can give you a piggy back ride, if you’re tired.

   - I am not five, Luke — Louis said a little angry but blushing with the idea.

   - Then, stop complaining and start walking.

   - Yes, daddy.

Shit! Louis couldn’t believe he said that out loud. Fortunately, Luke didn’t pay attention to that comment. What the hell he was thinking? First, he felt comfortable being close with Luke, and now this. He had been completely alone and single for three weeks. He just needed a man, someone to have sex with. And, honestly, Luke was the most handsome of his friends. But no, he would never do that, not with Louis. And Louis didn’t want that either, did him?

Louis tried to focus on the present, no overthinking about Harry, Luke or any other men. It was his time to be single after a seven years relationship. This was a lads trip not a trip for being thinking weird things. So he tried to pay attention at the nice weather, the atmosphere there. Louis was listening carefully Calvin talking about what they will be doing this night and asking Nizam advice of what to wear. Oli was talking with Luke telling him something about his girlfriend. So Louis decided to enter in Calvin’s conversation, it was safer.

   - Didn’t you want my Adidas cap?

   - Yes, but not for the club tonight, Louis.

   - Oh, yeah — Louis laughed sometimes he forgot how much Calvin cared about his appearance.

   - Anyway, you’ve been so quite, Louis. Thinking about something in particular?

   - Oh God, Cal, we’re not having this conversation now.

   - Okay, sorry. What do you wanna talk about?

   - I don’t know. Music?

   - So remember the Arctic Monkeys’ concert we went in June.It was the best. We should go to small festival more often.

   - Yes, we should but I’ve always wanted to go to the Roskilde maybe we should go next year.

   - If you’re not on tour.

   - I wish I were on tour but I don’t think so with all the X Factor shit right now.

   - Happy convo, remember?

   - Yes, sorry.

   - It’s okay, Lou. Don’t worry. Everything is gonna be okay.

   - I know. It’s just... — Louis couldn’t continue talking. Shit. He thought talking to Calvin would distract him but instead made him think in shitty things.

   - Harry?

   - I said that we’re not having this conversation!

   - Okay, sorry, mate.

   - Don’t worry. It’s that ... Maybe he was right and all around me is so shitty. I could never be able to have a real relationship, you know?

   - Don’t say that, Louis. If he left you just because that, he’s and idiot.

   - If you say so.

   - Yes, and now. Here. Have — Calvin said while offering him a milk chocolate candy bar.

   - I am not a child.

   - No, you’re a teenager with a broken heart and the only way I know to fix that is with chocolate and alcohol.

   - Give me alcohol, then.

   - No, till we arrive to the church.

   - Okay, then we have to walk faster.

After a very long walked, they finally arrived to the church. Louis had to admit that the walk was worth it. The church was beautiful, but the most amazing thing was the views. From there they could watch all the sea around the island. He wasn’t able to tell apart where the sea finishes and the sky started. All around him was so blue and beautiful. It looked like a photo from a heavenly island. Also, Louis reminded that he still have to watch Mamma Mia 2. That island was really beautiful, no doubt why all the people want to go there. Louis took a few pictures for showing it later to his siblings. While the boys were taking selfies, he walked around the place. Louis found a street different from the one they took to reach up there. The street was full of steps. It looked like if you go down to the steps, you will end up in the sea. Louis took a deep breath leaving blank mind. No thinking about anything only him enjoying the views.  He felt like if he was on the middle of the world, near to the sea and the sky at the same time. It was all so fucking beautiful.

   - Amazing, isn’t it? —Luke asked standing behind Louis.

   - Yes, it’s so beautiful.

   - You know? The sea always reminds me of the colour of your eyes.

What the fuck was that? Was Luke trying to flirt with him? Louis couldn’t believe that he just said that. Okay, he wouldn’t take it as personal. Maybe he wasn’t meaning anything by saying that. Louis had a really blue eyes, everybody told him that. But you don’t think about Louis’ eyes with those views in front on you, unless... No. Definitely, no. Louis hated his brain for having those thoughts. They were only friends. Also as far as he was concerned Luke was straight. So, he probably said that only to be kind. Everybody knew that Louis was a little upset in the past few weeks. So he was only being kind. Yes, that was the reason. Louis tried to convince himself about that and don’t think too much. He just ignored that comment.

   - Hey, you two! Shall we go down? It’s almost dinner time — Calvin shouted at them.

   - Sure — Louis said starting walking to where Calvin was. He thanked God for let Calvin interrupted their conversation.   

They started walking down by the same street they went up there. Louis hurried up to put himself in the middle of Calvin and Oli. He really didn’t want or know how to talk to Luke right after that. So he started talking with the others boys about anything. After 30 minutes of walking, they were finally again in the car. Louis enjoyed the walk down trying not to think about anything. They stopped in some souvenirs shops and buy some stuff for their families. Once in the car, Louis almost forced Oli to sit in the middle seat. He couldn’t be around Luke right now without acting awkward.  

The trip back to the hotel was nice. The boys were talking about what to eat once they arrived. Calvin was also giving some details about the disco of the hotel. All of them were enjoying a normal and trivial conversation. Before Louis could realise, they were already parking in front of the hotel. So they decided to go to their rooms to rest a little and have a shower. They would reunite again in the hall in 30 minutes.

Louis was the first once in the shower. He was just there letting the water going around his body. Once he was finished, he found the lads eating some potato chips and drinking some beers, while they were trying to turn on the TV.

   - Where do you take that beer from? — Louis asked.

   - From there — Oli answered pointing at the bar that was in the room.

   - Oh, of course — he said while he went to the bar and took a beer from the mini fridge.

   - So, it’s my turn to take a shower — Oli said disappearing after the bathroom door.

   - What do you think about this? — Louis asked showing Calvin his outfit.

   - Hey, mate, can we talk?

   - What’s up, Lou?

   - I don’t know. It’s just Luke. Do you think he has a girlfriend? — Louis asked carefully not knowing if he was going to regret making that question.

   - He’s single. What are you asking?

   - Nothing — Louis lied. He wasn’t sure about telling Calvin or not. Maybe Calvin would misunderstood the situation or create a drama. And Louis didn’t want that.

   - Come on, Louis! I know you. Something it’s happening.

   - I am going to tell you but with two conditions. One, you can’t tell anybody else. And two, you can’t overreact, okay?

   - I won’t.

   - So, this is the thing — Louis said softly in case Oli was listening. — Up there, in the church, Luke told me that the sea reminded him of my eyes.

   - That’s true. You have very beautiful eyes.

   - But you have blue eyes too and he didn’t tell you that. Also have you ever seen him with a serious girlfriend?

   - No, but that doesn’t mean anything.

   - And I don’t want it to mean anything. It’s just that I am confused, Cal, and need to forget Harry somehow.

   - In that case, maybe Luke it’s a good option.

   - Yes, he is. Have you seen his arms?

   - Oh Louis, for God sake.

   - What? He has beautiful arms. I like his body shape. He’s so hot.

   - Okay, so you think about your friend in that way?

   - I could find a friend of mine attractive. That doesn’t mean I find all my friends attractive, Cal. I already told you I am not attracted to all men.

   - I know that, it’s just I thought you only see Luke as a friend.

   - That was I thought too, till today. Maybe he could be more than that.

   - So what are you going to do?

   - I don’t know. Should I flirt with him?

   - Oh my God! You’re Louis Tomlinson. You don’t need to flirt. Every man, straight or gay, would fall in love with you.

   - Don’t be exaggerated, Calvin! — Louis said laughing.

   - It’s true. And since I am your best friend and love adviser, I tell you to go for him. He would fall in love with you in the moment he see your smile and your ass.

   - Calvin! — he shouted clearly embarrassed.

   - It’s true.

   - Yes, but I can’t believe you think my best features are my smile and my ass.

   - Everybody thinks that, Lou.

   - Think what? — Oli asked going out of the bathroom.

   - Nothing — Louis said.

   - Okay, I am going to take a shower now. Louis, maybe you should change your trousers for a more adjusted ones — Calvin said going to the bathroom.

   - What? — Louis and Oli asked at the same time.

   - You know what I mean — Calvin said with a sassy smile.

 Louis started to regret telling Calvin about his possibly crush in Luke. But he decided to take his advice and went to his room. Louis opened his suitcase and looked for the most beautiful clothes he had. Shit! This was a lads trip, therefore he hadn’t brought any clothes that made him seem decent.  He changed his basic black T-shirt for another one without sleeves. The fans love that when Louis wore that kind of T-shirt back in 2015, so maybe Luke loves that too. Also he changed his track pants for a blue jeans but not skinny. Louis didn’t like skinny jeans.  He felt more release with track pants but for one day he was wearing jeans again. He looked at himself in the mirror. He was good looking. The new outfit was simple but Louis thought it made his best features highlight.

He went back to the main room and prayed for no questions from Oli. Fortunately, he was talking on the phone so he didn’t have the chance to say something. Louis sat down in the sofa and continued drinking his beer. He started looking at his phone. Clearly he needed something to distract himself from his own thoughts. Fortunately, Calvin came out of the shower quickly so he could talk to him about clothes stuff. Calvin was showing Louis some outfits and he helped him choosing one of them. After that the three of them were ready and decided to go down to the hotel hall.

They were waiting for Luke and Nizam and Louis was so nervous. It was a new feeling for him. He gained a lot of confidence in the past two years. But there he was nervous like if he was 18. The problem was that he had never expected to flirt with someone since that age. All this time he was with Harry so he had no need to like other men or flirt with them. This was his first time flirting with someone. The problem was that the someone was one of his best friends. However, Louis wasn’t really sure if he will dare to talk to Luke or not. He didn’t know if he was ready. So he tried not to think about that and just let the things go.

The five of them started walking through the hall to go to the restaurant of the hotel. They had a table waiting for them there. Louis was in the presiding chair, Calvin and Oli in both of his sides. They ordered some snacks and also a lot of beer. Calvin protested because he wanted wine but they convinced him to drink beer. The chat and the food were nice, so it was easy for Louis to have a good time. After that they ordered some food. Louis asked for pasta and it tasted really good.

Once they were finished, they went outside. In the hotel garden, near to the pool there was a dance floor and a bar. They ordered a few drinks and sat down in one sofa. The decoration in that garden was really beautiful with a lot of lights and flowers. That was a really chilling atmosphere.

   - You’re drinking, eh? — Oli asked Louis.

   - Yes, it’s only one pint.

   - Do what you want.

   - I will — Louis said.

He got up and ordered more drinks. Luke hadn’t made eye contact or talked to him in all the night. And there were a really cute couple of two men dancing in the dance floor. One of them was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. It reminded him of Harry. Shit! The sad feeling was ruining Louis’ mood. So instead of ordering beer he ordered some tequila shoots and drank two of them before going back with the lads. Louis came to this trip with the purpose of not drinking and now he felt so empty and lonely that he only wanted to get drunk and wasted. It was the only way to feel a little of happiness. Everybody around him was laughing or dancing, all of the people were happy and he felt so lost and empty. So he was going to drink a lot cause it didn’t matter anyway.

After three more shots and two pints, Louis was feeling dizzy but happy. He laughed for anything and wanted to move. So he decided to go to the dance floor. Only Calvin, as wasted as him, followed him. The two of them was dancing when suddenly Calvin fell in the pool. Louis can’t stop laughing seeing his friend like that. Calvin was laughing too and trying to get out of there.

He continued dancing till one specific song started playing. It wasn’t the best song ever but it made Louis wanting to dance more and more. “Fuego” by Eleni Foureira started playing. Louis was a big fan of the Eurovision contest so he really liked that song back in May. After a few more shots, he was so drunk that stepped up in the table and started dancing up there. He really felt like a dancing queen. In that moment, Louis realised something. There was someone yelling at him. It was Luke who was standing next to the table.

   - Lou, get down!

   - You know we’re in Greece and this song was representing Greece in Eurovision? — Louis asked paying no attention at what Luke was screaming.

   - It represented Cyprus, actually — Luke said offering his hand at him for getting down to the table. — Can you please get down now?

   - Why you are so smart and handsome? It’s not fair.

   - What are you talking about, Louis?

   - You! You’re so handsome you don’t even notice the effect you have in other people.

   - What? — Luke asked clearly confused.

   - You’re so pretty and muscular — Louis continued saying. Actually, the alcohol was talking for him and making him continue dancing. Louis was so drunk and dizzy but still dancing till he put a feet outside the table and fell down.

Fortunately, he didn’t’ fell to the ground, he fell in Luke’s arms. Luke’s body irradiate heat but Louis liked it. He grabbed Luke’s arms with his tiny hands. His arms were really muscular and strong. Louis really liked that. He put his head on Luke’s chest trying to fight against the sickness.

   - Why is everything moving? — he asked.

   - Okay, I am going to carry you to your room — Luke said and started walking with Louis in his arms.

   - No, I want to party. And dance.

   - You had enough of that.

Luke carried Louis on his arms till the hotel elevator and left him in the floor there. Louis made a disgusting face. Luke’s arms were one of the most comfortable places in the world. They were in silent till they arrived to the last floor. Luke entered Louis key in the door for him because Louis was so drunk for doing it himself.  They entered in the room and Luke pushed Louis to his bed. Louis was still protesting and saying that he wanted to dance. But, honestly, if it wasn’t for Luke, he couldn’t even stand up. So Luke thought that the best thing for him was to lay Louis on the bed. Finally, Louis stayed quite in the bed, not moving or saying anything, just breathing deeply.

   - I’ll bring you some water — Luke offered. He didn’t know if Louis wanted him to stay or not.

   - Thank you.

Luke went out to the main room and looked for a bottle of water in the fridge. There were a lot of beers but he could find some water. He went back to Louis’ room. Despite of how bad and sweaty Louis looked, he was a truly angel. The most beautiful creature alive, if you asked Luke.

   - Here you go — Luke said giving Louis the bottle. Louis drank it quickly and Luke felt awkward. He didn’t know what to do next.

   - I want you to lay here with me, please — Louis said patting the empty side of the bed.— Your arms are more comfortable that this pillow.

   - Okay — Luke said blushing. He laid down in the bed and Louis immediately got close to him. Louis was like a kitten. And Luke really liked the proximity with Louis. So he hugged Louis.

   - I think I like you — Louis said.

   - What? — Luke asked surprised. He blinked twice and looked at Louis straight in his face. He couldn’t believe that Louis said that.

   - I know that you don’t like me and you probably have a girlfriend you’d never tell me about but I like y...

Louis wasn’t able to finish his sentence; instead he felt something soft and hot pressing against his lips. It took a while for Louis to recognise that it was Luke’s lips. He was really wasted and couldn’t believe that was happening. But the reality was that Luke was kissing him. Luke’s lips were much better than what Louis thought, all fleshy and soft. It really turned him up. Louis continued with the kissing wanting to get closer and closer with Luke. Louis felt Luke’s tongue inside his mouth and it made him feel hornier. So, Louis decided to get on top of Luke. In that position Louis could feel Luke’s dick as hard as his own dick. They continued with the passionate kisses but Louis felt exhausted. He took a little of distance to could breath.

   -  We shouldn’t be doing this in your state — Luke said.

   - Don’t be a killjoy, Lukey — Louis replied trying to kiss him again.

   - I really like you, Lou, and I don’t want to rush things with you. I want you to be sober when we first make out — Luke said giving Louis a soft kiss.

   - Where have you been all this time? — Louis asked feeling really happy and comfortable around Luke’s arms. He hadn’t felt that way in a really long time.

   - Waiting for you to realise I was here dying for you.

   - What do you mean, Luke? — Louis asked surprised.

   - I like you since I can’t remember when and I was just there hoping you to realise that because I didn’t know what to do.

   - You’re an idiot — Louis said really happy with that brand new information.

   - Yes, but you love me?

    - Of course. I love you — Louis answered while he snuggled himself around Luke and slowly falling asleep being the happiest person of the world. That was really the best trip ever.