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Heya folks!

Stempix here, and I wanted to tell you a bit about this here book. As you can see, this is a request box in which you will be able to request or give me a prompt so I may be able to write it. You can ask my head-cannon of the Undertale cast behind the scenes of UNDERTALE and what the protagonist, Frisk, sees. Other AU'S are allowed and there is no limit to what you can ask besides the rules iv'e already given. 

Anyways, have a good day/night folks, see ya!

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Hey there! Stempix here, and I’m gonna tell ya a little bit about the universe this one-shot takes place in. In this version of Undertale, it’s only been about twenty or so Resets, and none of them were Genocide Routes. Either Neutral or Pacifist, basically.
In my own head-canon(and probably others too), Chara is the consequence of a Genocide Run. Frisk would stop a bit before they fought Sans in the Final Corridor, and Chara continued it. Chara is not a naturally Genocidal child, I mean- they’re gonna be nice. Brace yourselves for a nice Chara.
Oh, and Chara’s boy. Look, I don’t Chara bout (See what I did there? No? Okay) what gender you think Chara is- none, boy, girl, both, bread, attack helicopter- but he’s a boy in this. So SSSsssSSSssshhHHHhhHHhH-.
Now, let’s get on with this!

Requested by Bismarckingit
It was a beautiful day outside. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On days like these, kids like Chara were groaning in reluctancy of getting out of bed.

The child’s body twitched a few times, fists clenching around the golden flowers he laid upon. Upon opening his eyes, Chara immediately noticed something was wrong. The intoxicating smell of buttercups, the yellow over taking his sight- the overwhelming sense of wrongness immediately wracked his senses.

   Pushing himself up with his arms, his eyes widened, and he could have sworn he almost vomited right then and there.

No, no, no! Chara though frantically This has to be wrong! They were in a cave, eerily dark besides the ray of light shining from a hole on the earth above them. The boy scrambled, all but eager to get as far away from the cursed flowers that caused him his end. His and Asriel’s end. Where the hell was Asriel- WHERE WAS HIS BROTHER?

   The memory hit him with the force of a train.

The pain of his hacking coughs, Asriel’s grief-wracked expression, and he remembered dying. He remembered Asriel taking his soul, going through the barrier with Chara’s body. He remembered his body being laid down on bed of golden flowers while Asriel took literal bullets like the champion Chara knew to be his eternally brave crybaby of a little brother.

He remembered how as soon as they reached the garden, Asriel fell to the ground with grunt. Half a horn lost and oh so many wounds on his furry body, The prince cried and gripped Chara’s hand, which was laying in front of him, dead and icy cold. After what felt like years, prince Asriel Dreemmur disintegrated into a pile of dust, ever while holding his brother’s hand.

With a frown and tears pricking at his red eyes, Chara stood and departed for the tunnel in front of him, Soul curling with so much disgust and unfiltered hate for humanity.
With a frown and blurry vision, Chara opened the purple door, not caring to ask how he was alive.

In the middle of an inexplicable patch of sunlit grass sat a golden flower. With a fake smile, it regarded Chara with only the most cheerful of voices. It was extremely obnoxious.
“Howdy! My name’s Flowey, Flowey the flower.” Flowey squinted, looking at Chara with confused curiosity. “You’re. . . Not from around here, are you?” The flower glared, mouth twisting to a frown “ You aren’t them.” Silence. “Are you?”
Chara raised his eye brows, not understanding who this flower monster thought he was. Though, he shook his head anyways, giving the flower a sad smile.

“I do not know who you are searching for, but my name is Chara” The flower’s eyes widened for a moment; full of disbelief.
“If you want, I could help find whoever you search for-“ He was cut off by Flowey’s soft, quiet voice. “Your name is. . . Chara?” That voice was so familiar, yet the human just couldn’t place it.

This was the type of time that Flowey cursed his newfound emotions. A few resets ago, while on the surface, Alphys had managed to gather enough of his SOUL shards for them to fuse back together, recreating his SOUL, emotions, and everything that came with it. Reset after Reset, the SOUL never faded. It never shattered. Sometimes Flowey was thankful, and others Flowey just wanted to shatter the fragile thing himself.

NO! Y-you. . .YOU CAN’T BE HIM!” And that was when Chara realized it. This flowers voice. . . It was the exact same as- “. . . Azzy?” The flower became quiet. Chara took a step forward, and the flower didn’t so much as move a “muscle”. The boy walked forward and knelt down directly in front of Flowey.
“Asriel, is that you?” Flowey flinched back, but chara held onto the backs of his “head”. The flower choked a sob. “I’m not. . . m-my name isn’t. . . it isn’t. . .” Chara hugged the flower as the other buried himself in Chara’s chest and seemed to wail every emotion out in his SOUL out.

“Iv'e got you now, Flowey. You’re alright.” Chara murmured, sitting down and petting the flower’s petals.

Toriel almost tripped when she heard crying. Bolting towards the beginning of the Ruins, she was surprised by her findings. A sort of flower monster and . . . a human child. The scene seemed so familiar, Toriel had to clench her eyes shut for a moment to suppress tears.
The child had on a purple and blue striped turtle neck sweater, beige cargo shorts and black sneakers. Unmistakable red eyes averting to Toriel for a moment, then put on of their free hands’ fingers on their mouth, sort of like they were telling Toriel to be quiet.
It took a moment to understand, but then the ex-queen noticed the previous wails had been replaced by soft snores. Toriel couldn’t help but let out a quiet giggle. The Ruins’ keeper walked over quietly to the pair, and looked at Chara, who held a sleeping Flowey in his arms. Toriel’s hands motioned a few movements, and it was recognized as Monster Sign Language. ‘Would you be okay with being held?’ Toriel asked, and Chara couldn’t help but accept the request with a nod.

As both were picked up, Toriel didn’t miss how they snuggled into her for warmth. She felt a tear slide down her face.

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From what could be heard, there was a saying. It wasn't much a saying, but what else could it be called?

They'd say that if you came up too the old turtle monster near the river and ask him nicely, (maybe buy something, too) he'll tell you a story. One of the stories long since thought lost from before the horrible war. Gerson was his name.

One day a young human, one studying to be a historian, came up to his door saying they needed a piece of history for an essay. One about monster history. The turtle monster complied, but under one single rule. "Try to keep it to yourself" the one-eyed veteran said. While their mood had been slightly deflated, the young human agreed. Sea tea in their hand, SOUL radiating with eagerness to learn, they listened to Gerson's tale.

"Eager, are we?"

The human nodded frantically, and Gerson chuckled at the reaction.

"Alrighty, you wan' know anythin' specific?"

The human sipped their tea in thought. They asked Gerson about a fire monster they'd seen before in history books, telling him it reminded them of a bartender they thought they'd seen before.

"Ya mean Grillby? Huh, never thought i'd hear that name again.

Ya see, around half a year into the war, monsters started gettin' desperate. They knew they were losin', So they looked to their history books fer' help. Spell books, to be specific.

Not long after, they found a spell they could use. It was a summonin' ritual for "elementals". They were cautious, at least. Around winter, they did a ritual for the first time. A monster mage and two other monsters were needed, and usin' their fire magic, they summoned a fire elemental.

Grillby didn' have a name back then, because elementals back then were used as sort of "war machines" to fight battles. They were seriously strong, almost more so than a boss monster with their tendency ta' have high HP, ATTACK, DEFENCE and powerful magic.


The first time he fought a real battle was 'bout three months later, an army of three hundred.

It ended as the first victory fer monsters in a long time, and a terrible loss fer humans. Even the land sorroundin' us had been burnt.

A few more battles, and humans started gettin' prepared fer Grillby, keepin' water buckets and livin' 'round rivers.

Once he was told to burn down a village, mostly to test his strength I guess. It was disaster, and 'nother victory fer monsters. One of the humans, a woman, had called him by the name "Hellfire".

Not long after he became a general. It was a real honor seein' as barely any of the summoned elementals got to higher ranks than "soldiers".

He was a real good general, quick thinker and strategizer, good at leadin'. It wasn't long before the war came to an end.

Humans forced monster citizens to retreat in to mt. Ebott, which was crawlin' with tunnel systems. He had decided that he didn't want his old name anymore. It had become pointless. He decided he had enough LV to himself, he didn't need anything else to make 'im stick out. With a bit a' triple effort, came came up with a name.



After a few years of livin' Underground, Grillby set up a bar and restaurant in the middle of a snowy town the king had chosen to call 'Snowdin'. He has a true passion fer' names."


Gerson let out a raspy chuckle. The human stayed where they were they were in complete mezmeration.

"Who knows, maybe 'ed like you to come to his bar."

It clicked to the human. They sent a playful glare at Gerson, a dorky smile plastered on their face.

By that time, the human had finished their tea so they decided to get ob their way. their parents would certainly worry. They gave a quick goodbye to Gerson and walked out the door after hearing the old veteran laugh and do the same, they walked out. Their SOUL radiated with satisfaction.

It had been a good day.