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Space Changes You

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Hank slid out of the cryogenic pod onto his knees, naked as the day he was born. He took a big lungful of fresh air, and immediately went into a coughing fit, spitting out old gunk from way back when. Eventually, he stood up and looked around the room.

A skinny looking kid of Hank's age was lying down and looking up at the ceiling of the cryogenics room. Cryogenic fluid vaporized into the warm air from his pod.

"Landon!" Hank called.

Landon looked up and sat bolt upright.

"Hank! They're all still frozen!" Landon hollered.

Hank scrambled over to Landon, and pulled the 11 year old to his feet.

"What do you think happened?" asked Hank.

Landon looked around the room again. Cold steam was rising from the pipes attached to the cryogenic pods. In the center of the room, a computer screen was flashing up angry red warnings.

"I dunno," said Landon, "but you know what? I think we've got this place to ourselves for a while. Wanna look around?"

Hank's face lit up. "Yeah!"

The kids wandered out of the room. As they left, a massive dark... thing... landed silently on the floor.

The space station was warm enough that Hank and Landon soon forgot about clothes. They went straight for the cafeteria, with the food replicators dumping out big trays of burgers and fries for the boys to demolish.

After the feeding frenzy they leaned back on the benches with full bellies. "Oh, that was good. I was soooo hungry," Hank groaned.

"Yeah..." Landon leant on the table. "I wonder what we should do next."

But before the kids had a chance to make up their minds, an almighty CRASH sounded through the room. Hank and Landon jumped out of their seats in surprise as the creature skidded into the cafeteria.

For a moment, there was silence. The creature looked towards the kids. The kids stared at the monster.

Then the monster took a step forward, and the kids bolted through the rear doors of the cafeteria, into a room lined with lockers. But it was already too late for Hank, who was much chubbier than Landon. The creature, moving at incredible speed, swept up Hank as he lagged behind Landon with his long, armored tail. Landon, fuelled by adrenaline, ran as fast as he could to escape the other whip-like tail snaking after him.

As the monster raced after Landon, sliding around corners and crashing into lockers, Hank finally got a good look at the alien. Pure white all over and covered in a shiny, beetle-like armor, yet the tail Hank was wrapped in - one of three - was soft and firm to the touch. Three pairs of legs, the back pair like a dog's hindquarters, the others like bird claws. The monster was huge, maybe eight or nine feet to Hank and Landon's 4-foot frames.

The halls soon opened up into a giant locker room, and the creature slowed to a stop. Hank was still firmly in the clutches of the alien, arms pinned to his sides.

"LANDON!" he yelled, before he realized that wasn't going to help.

The creature looked around at Hank, and shifted onto its rear legs. Wicked huge claws scratched the floor. The tail moved around to the alien's front, and uncurled around him as his arms were enveloped by the monster's massive hands. He rose up to meet the face of the thing that had terrorised them so.

A vision of huge, needle-like, incredibly sharp teeth in a massive lipless grin was what Hank saw. Hank kicked and struggled uselessly. The giant maw opened a little and a long, thin tongue snaked out, licking over Hank's face and naked body. He closed his eyes and winced, waiting for the worst...

...but it never came. The monster gently placed Hank on the ground, pinned his arms and legs down, and gave Hank a long, slow lick from his feet to his head. Hank looked up in wonder.

The monster did it again, ticking Hank's little cock with the tip of its tongue. Hank exhaled, a breath he didn't even realise he was holding. The monster moved down to Hank's ass, gently sliding the tip of its tongue in and out of the young boy's virgin pucker. Hank started to squirm in pleasure, groaning and murmuring little oh!'s as the monster gently tonguefucked him for the first time in the kid's life. A warm sensation spread throughout Hank's gut.

And then, suddenly, holding an adjustable wrench in each hand, Landon burst out behind the monster and swung for his legs. But before the tool could connect, the creature's tails swung round, one grabbing Landon, the other two pulling the wrenches out of the boy's hands. The alien whipped his head up and looked around at the would-be attacker, teeth gleaming in the artificial light of the locker room.

"Landon!" Hank called out, "Landon, it's okay! It doesn't want to hurt us!"

"What was it doing to you? It was trying to eat you!" hollered Landon, squirming and wriggling in the creature's grasp.

"It was, it was so good Landon, I--uhhhhhh" Hank groaned. The tail holding one of Landon's improvised weapons met Hank's ass, wrench still in tow. The monster shifted, holding Hank's legs upwards.

"Ohhh my goooooddd," Hank moaned as the wrench sunk into the boy's asshole, the monster pushing it in as far as the handle.

"Oh my god, Hank, what is it doing to you?" Landon cried out.

"Iiittt'sss ttthhheee beeeesst thiiing eeeeeverrr," Hank burbled in pleasure. But the creature wasn't finished with Hank. The second tail slid over, the wrench meeting the kid's hole and sliding in alongside the first.

The tails curled around their wrenches for a firm grip, and paused for a moment.

With a slow tug, the monster pulled apart the wrenches, stretching Hank's asshole impossibly wide. Wider and wider it went, pulling and stretching Hank's anus past the size of his own head. The boy wailed in pleasure.

"Oh my god," Landon gasped. And then he looked down at the monster. "Oh my GOD."

Between the alien's hind legs was a fleshy pink length. From the tip, a clear, viscous fluid leaked out, dripping on to the floor. The monster leaned over, picking up Hank, tails and tools still holding open the incredible gape, and lowered him onto the monster's giant cock. The precum soaked Hank's anus, running down the sides of the massive dick as he slid down its length, a bulge forming in his gut as the 11 year old took what was both the first, and the biggest cock he'd ever get fucked by.

Then the beast began to fuck him. Slowly, he slid up and down the length, feeling every inch buried in his open ass, Hank could do nothing but grunt and moan as the monster fucked him senseless. The wrenches clattered to the ground, forgotten.

Landon was hard as a rock. Despite all this attention Hank was receiving, the monster hadn't forgotten about him at all. Like he did with Hank, the monster moved his tail, bringing Landon up to eye level. The alien opened his mouth, but instead of the long, thin tongue that had pleasured Hank, a wide, flat tongue slid underneath Landon, taking him into his open mouth, surrounded comfortably by shiny white teeth and a shallow pool of clear saliva.

The long, thin tongue snaked out of the depths of the creature's maw, swiping over Landon's body in one huge lick. The tip moved down to Landon's hard cock, and tickled the cockhead...

...but instead of moving down to his ass, the tongue slid into Landon's cock slit!

Landon's eyes bulged out of his head, and he gripped the sides of the wide, flat tongue he was lying on. The monster's thin tongue slid down his urethra painlessly, winding its way through the kid's reproductive system, down to his young balls. A warm, almost burning sensation spread across the kid's scrotum and inside his balls.

The alien tonguefucked Landon's cock for a short time, before one of his tails wrapped around the boy again, placing him on the ground. The monster pulled Hank off his giant cock and placed him next to Landon. Hank looked over, a silly grin on his face.

"This is," Hank panted, "the best thing ever."

And before Landon could react, a tail wound around him and pulled him towards the monster's chest. The alien reached for Landon's changed cock, two curved black claws sinking painlessly, bloodlessly, into the boy's cockslit, pulling it open. It was Landon's turn to wail in pleasure as the walls of his urethra were pulled apart, his cock gaping a foot wide.

Landon was experiencing something no human had ever felt as he was lowered onto the monster's cock. The warm tip slid in, and was quickly followed by the rest of the cock, pushing into the boy's urethra, sinking deep into his abdomen.

And just like Hank, the beast picked up a rhythm and began to fuck Landon. The tail held him steady as he bobbed up and down, giving him the fuck of his life.

By now, Hank was just starting to come down from the high of his explosive ass reaming, when a tail coiled around him, bringing him level with the monster's round head. The alien grunted, and then slid Hank's open ass onto his face, pushing the boy's pucker onto his long cheeks, stopping just before the jaw.

The alien's six black eyes blinked for a moment, before he opened his wide mouth, stretching Hank's ruined ass another impossible way, a huge bulge forming in his abdomen as the inhuman head pushed in. Hank moaned as his ass gaped and the monster's snake-like tongue probed deep into his gut.

The trio fucked like this for some time, before the alien switched places, sinking his cock deeper into Hank's gut, pushing his massive jaws into Landon's cockslit, opening the kids' holes more and more.

The alien's grunts and squeals became more and more strained. Hank and Landon were feeling something too, building up inside them. Hank sank down, taking more and more of the monster cock. Landon flailed mindlessly as the jaws of the alien opened and closed, wider and wider still, held in place by one of the creature's tails.

Then, at the same time, the three reached orgasm. With a bellowing call, the alien slammed Hank down onto his length, sinking the entire cock into the boy's guts, down to his huge balls. At the same time, Landon's hands found purchase at the back of the alien's head, and he humped the creature's whole head into his cock. Not just into his cock, but beyond his cock, into the tubes of his reproductive system. The alien opened his mouth again, and a massive load of young cum surged into his waiting maw, which he swallowed readily.

The alien flooded Hank's ass, filling his guts with bestial jizz. Hank's stomach inflated as the monster's massive load surged into his body. He coughed and burped, some inhuman cum escaping into his mouth, a salty sweet taste dancing over his tongue. The boy licked his lips.

The alien let go of Hank, still impaled on the gigantic cock. Landon sank back, his stretched out dick sliding off the alien's head, his open cockslit oozing the remains of his orgasm. The alien cradled Landon in his upper arms. Their strange, impossible fuck, between two human boys and one nine foot alien, had come to an end.

The boys, drenched in sweat, looked to each other and looked up. The alien purred.

The giant cock softened, and Hank's feet shakily touched the ground. He stepped forward, the length sliding out of his ruined ass, a river of cum leaking from his asshole, still gaped wide open. The alien lowered his arms, and Landon landed on the slippery, jizz-streaked floor.

The boys looked at each other. Hank was absent-mindedly pushing his fist in and out of his sloppy ass. Landon was idly fingering his leaky, gaped cockhole. The pair of them were drenched in sweat, shivering from the comedown.

They looked to the alien. His face and his softening cock was smeared with pearly off-white cum, contrasting against his otherwise pure-white body. His long tongue was travelling around his face, licking up globs of jizz hanging from his head.

Carefully, they approached the creature that had ravished them. Each boy reached for a lower paw, and started to climb until they reached his head.

They planted a kiss on each side, and cuddled him all the way up and down.

Hank and Landon would need to check for themselves later, but the adults on the ship weren't waking up any time soon. They had all the time in the universe to play with their new friend.