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karma's just another word for bad luck

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04:02 AM

deku: good morning babe!! how did u sleep? ♡♡♡♡♡

IcyHot: It’s four in the morning. Why are you awake so early? Did you even sleep at all?

deku: that’s no fun :( i need to keep some of the mystery alive

IcyHot: You didn’t sleep at all, did you?

deku: the fans need their content, shou :(

IcyHot: And you need your sleep, Izuku. Your comic is important, but you need to take care of your health.

deku: Read 04:37

IcyHot: You can’t fake read receipts whenever you don’t like that I’m right.

deku: :(((

deku: well why are u awake? u shouldn’t be up either

IcyHot: Father was up ranting about how all his children are too useless to take over Endeavor Industries again. I, unfortunately, am the only child home to hear it, so I left. I’m at Momo-san’s house now.

deku: it’s really good of her family to let u stay with them

deku: but i wish u could just leave ur house :(

deku: u could stay with me and my mom

IcyHot: That’s sweet of you Izuku, but you and I both have reasons as to why I can’t.

deku: my mom would be happy to take u in!! or u could move in with momo-san, i know she’s offered before

IcyHot: I’ll be twenty soon enough, and then I’ll be able to move out. Besides, I’m sure you live far enough away that it would be greatly difficult for me to get to you or for you and your mom to come get me. Father would never allow it anyways, and you don’t need that sort of trouble.

IcyHot: And regardless of how many times she’s offered, I could never intrude on Momo-san and her family for an extended amount of time.

deku: i’m sorry :((

deku: just so u know, i think today we’re supposed to be really busy :(( class b is ahead of us rn but kendou-san said aizawa-sensei assigned a lot of work, idk if i’ll be able to talk much after this :(((

deku: it’s past 5, i have to get ready for school now :(( i’ll talk to u later babe

deku: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

IcyHot: I love you Izuku, I’ll be looking forward to when you’re free. ♡

deku: i love u too shouto, thank u ♡♡♡