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The Hounds of Vegas

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Hi, guys. So...I have obviously stepped away from WWE fanfiction for a while, but we are returning in a big way through the use of AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION.

I have an idea for a story and a summary but don't want to rush through it, so I decided it would be fun if you guys helped. What I am going to do is give you the backstory (it could probably be half of the story, but I'm lazy), and you guys will comment with ideas. It doesn't necessarily have to be a giant, thought-out plan, it can just be one word or thought, like "coffee" for example.

This story takes place in Las Vegas and was inspired by the story linked above. Our main characters are The Shield and The Authority, and we'll be looking at their feud in a modern setting. Here is the backstory.


Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns were three police officers training to become members of the Las Vegas Police Department. Dean and Seth had a few years of experience but insisted on not getting special treatment. Roman used to be a football player, but a history of concussions ended his career prematurely.

Police Chief Hunter Hearst Helmsley (otherwise known as Triple H) and his wife Stephanie McMahon saw something special in them. Unfortunately, being corrupt officers and all, that wasn't exactly a good thing. Eventually, Dean, Seth, and Roman passed through training and became officers with one order: report everything that happened to the chief.

After a while, The Shield grew tired of this treatment. They had so much potential, and being lackeys for a corrupt officer wasn't their style. So they split, setting off a feud.

Triple H decided to let everything fester. Randy Orton, a second-generation cop, became his new golden boy. The Shield, severely underprepared, was transferred to Narcotics and nearly killed by drug runners. But, as the old saying goes, what goes around comes around.

Triple H and Randy met The Shield in a warehouse whose occupants had been arrested for possession and intention to distribute. They all had guns and were ready for a fight. In a moment of genius, Triple H revealed there was always a plan B. Those words would change Las Vegas forever.

Seth turned on the men he had come to call brothers, shooting Roman once in the back and breaking a rib. Dean had been paranoid over the last few weeks but had been told he was crazy. Was that true now?

He got the brunt of the damage. Seth shot Dean seven times, then left the warehouse with Triple H by his side. Randy stayed behind, but only to shoot Roman twice in the shoulder and dig out the bullets with his knife.

Roman was supposed to survive. Dean was not, yet he somehow did. In his thirst for power, Seth had focused more on unloading bullets and less on accuracy. As such, every single bullet managed to miss a major organ.

When Dean returned to the force, he knew he would be Seth's first target. And boy, was he ever. Seth tried to shoot him, stab him...he even sent a bomb to the apartment Roman and Dean were sharing. Roman knew what was going on, but Dean begged him not to help. This was his problem, and he needed to deal with it on his own.

August 18th, 2014, was a dark day in Las Vegas. Literally. With help from Triple H and assurance from Stephanie that any connection back to him would be wiped, Seth overloaded the power grid, sending Vegas into lockdown. Dean was purposefully left off the assignment list, so he walked home. That was a mistake.

Seth borrowed Randy's car and smashed into the future Lunatic Fringe as he was walking home. Dean was thrown against the brick wall and left for dead. But, once again, he was like a cockroach and survived.

Everyone thought he was dead. Seth had struck Dean in a blind spot, which was conveinent...for the most part. The only person who knew he wasn't dead was Randy. He knew the instant Seth brought his car back.

The truth was, Randy had been mentally unstable for a while. He didn't care about Dean, but he did respect his guts, and the whole situation made him angry. So he decided to turn on the Authority, which could have gone very, very badly.

Seth, Triple H, and a few of their Authority buddies lured Randy to the same warehouse that Roman and Dean had been shot in and opened fire. The lights were turned off so Randy didn't have to watch the bullets come toward him. This was a mistake.

When the lights came back on, Seth had a bullet in his shoulder and everyone around him except for Triple H was dead. Randy had been knicked by a few of the bullets, but most of them hadn't been fired. His saving grace was retired Lieutenant Steve Borden, nicknamed Sting by his friends. He had returned from the shadows to help, scaring Triple H and Seth off.

So where are we now?

Seth is still Triple H and Stephanie's golden boy. The only surviving member of the original Authority, he gets revenge by making life for his fellow officers miserable.

Roman is the new Dean, fighting corruption in the department. His allies are Sting and rookie cop Daniel Bryan, and while the task may be difficult, they are determined to succeed.

And Dean? After Randy was shot he left the department and started a drug ring, partly for money and partly so he could keep busy. Dean joined, but only so he could have a roof over his head. He doesn't smoke anymore or do drugs, and he's never been in it for the money. In the evenings, he wrestles at an underground promotion, something Dean has proven to be very good at. Randy understands him well; they have both suffered from PTSD since their respective incidents.

The Shield's lives have been separate for the past several years. Everything is about to change.


Okay! This is everything up until this point. I have a summary I'll be driving the story through, but to avoid rushing, I want ideas and suggestions. Feel free to submit any comments that don't involve sex, and who knows? I just might use it. Enjoy.