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three words, eight letters

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Tobio isn’t sure when, exactly, Shouyou learned to drive.

They had lived in the countryside their entire lives before they both moved to Tokyo for university, so he isn’t even sure when Shouyou found a car to learn how to drive in the first place. Tobio himself had learned from Suga, who had insisted on teaching him when Tobio had shown some interest. But Shouyou had never accompanied him on these lessons.

The most likely to have taught him were Bokuto or Kozume, Tobio figures. Maybe Tanaka Saeko, although if it was her that Shouyou had gotten driving lessons from, Tobio has a feeling he would have been able to tell instantly.

Then again, it could have been anyone. Not even Tobio is able to keep track of just how many friends Shouyou had accumulated over the years. In high school, it seemed like Shouyou could never finish a volleyball match without gaining three new numbers to add to his contact list.

This fact admittedly made Tobio jealous at first. In part because of how easy it was for Shouyou to connect with people that weren’t Tobio, but mostly because of how hard it was for Tobio to do the same.

Even now in their second year of college, it is just as difficult for Tobio to be a “people person” as it was when he was a first year in high school. There are some parts that were better from back then, though. Smiles and compliments came easier now, and Shouyou once told him that his smiles didn’t look quite so murderous anymore.

Tobio must have been making a strange face because at the next light, Shouyou glances at him from the driver seat. “Are you constipated? We passed the last rest stop a while ago, and I’m not sure when the next one will be.”

“Not constipated,” Tobio mumbles. “Just thinking.”

“About what?” Shouyou smiles. “If you think too hard, your brain is going to explode.”

Tobio isn’t mature enough not to grab Shouyou’s head in revenge, but he’s not willing to risk the potential car crash that may come with it. Instead, he rolls his eyes. “I’m smarter than you are, dumbass.”

“I got five points higher on our last math exam!” Shouyou says indignantly.

“You mean the one we both failed? Besides, I’m not the one that forgot that we have to be in Miyagi bright and early tomorrow.” He checks the clock on the dashboard. “In a few hours,” he amends.

Shouyou grumbles at that, but doesn’t respond. Tobio smirks. Another win for him.

And he wasn’t lying. They were going back home today. Daichi and Suga had invited everyone over for a housewarming party, seeing as how the pair had finally found a house fit for the two of them in the heart of Miyagi.

Shouyou, without the knowledge of Tobio, had agreed immediately. Tobio would have been fine with it had Shouyou notified him of it when the invites were first sent out. He missed Daichi and Suga too.

Problems, however, arose when Shouyou had forgotten about the party (and with that, telling Tobio about said party) completely until the night before they had to be there, which led to a frenzy of last minute packing and copious amounts of frantic yelling that more than likely disturbed the neighbors.

Which leads them to now, Shouyou driving in relative silence and Tobio falling in and out of sleep in the passenger seat.

Thankfully, Shouyou’s mother had offered her home to the two of them for night, or whatever is rest of it by the time they arrive.

It’s already past midnight, and they had only just gotten out of traffic that was much too heavy than it should have been. Tobio suspects it will be at least another hour before they even see anything that resembles their hometown, and considering Shouyou’s home is on the other side of the mountains, it will probably take even longer.

Without looking, Shouyou reaches over and grabs at Tobio’s right hand. Tobio lets him fumble for a moment, before clasping them together himself and interlocking their fingers.

“Anyways,” Hinata starts. “You never answered me. What’s got you thinking so hard at two in the morning?”

Tobio frowns. “You.”

It comes out more romantic than Tobio intends, but it’s worth it when he spots Shouyou’s cheeks and the tips of his ears go red.

It’s the first time all night Tobio gets a proper look at Shouyou. His hair is impossibly messier, and the bags under Shouyou’s eyes are darker than they usually are, visible even by the faint moonlight.

Between the two of them, Shouyou is the one that stays up late, to the point where if Tobio woke up randomly in the middle of the night to find Shouyou still scrolling social media sites, he doesn’t even bother trying to get him to go back to sleep anymore. He simply cuddles closer, wraps his arms around Shouyou’s middle, and goes back to sleep.

Shouyou’s harried look now is only a testament to just how stressful the past few hours have been.

It’s with that that Tobio makes his decision. He squeezes Shouyou’s fingers. “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

Shouyou shakes his head. “No way! We’re almost there. You can sleep the rest of the ride.”

Tobio rolls his eyes. “I slept the first half of the ride. And you look like shit.”

Shouyou scoffs. “Nice to know you don’t just like me for my looks.”

Tobio ignores him. “I can drive us the rest of the way.”

Shouyou side eyes him suspiciously. “Do you know how to read a map?”

“I know how to read a fist in your face,” Tobio growls.

Shouyou, the insufferable idiot, giggles. “I’m glad to hear you're not illiterate, Tobio-kun,” he teases. “Are you sure about driving though? I really don’t mind driving the last few miles.”

“It’s more than a few miles. And I said yes, didn’t I? Pull over already.”

Shouyou complies this time, steering the car into an empty space.

Neither of them particularly want to get out of the cool air conditioned car and into the heat of the summer, so they both go through an awkward shuffle trying to switch seats with each other without opening the car doors.

Once they’re finally settled in, Shouyou leans in to kiss Tobio on the cheek. “Follow the map exactly, okay? Stop at all the red lights and don’t speed up at the yellow ones. Try not to hit any pedestrians no matter how much they annoy you, and—“

“I get it already,” Tobio says, cutting him off with a glare.

Shouyou pats his cheek fondly. “Just making sure.”

“I can drive,” Tobio insists.

Shouyou doesn’t respond, in favor of getting comfortable in the passenger seat, reclining it as far as it can go. “Wake me up at least ten minutes before we get there please,” he requests shutting his eyes. “I want to be awake enough to greet my mom. And Natsu if she’s awake.”

In minutes, the car is back to silence, broken only occasionally by the sound of the car’s engines rumbling just a little too loudly. Tobio has grown accustomed the noise that comes with his hyperactive and loud partner, but the quiet, in his opinion, could sometimes be better.

(Tobio forgets that he has to wake up Shouyou until after he’s already parked the car. By that time, he doesn’t have the heart to interrupt the his sleep. Shouyou will most definitely be ticked the next morning when he wakes up, but Tobio will deal with that when the time comes.

Tobio quietly gets out of his own side, and walks to Shouyou’s so he can carry him out of his seat. He isn’t exactly light, but Tobio would be lying if he said he there was any kind of struggle in carrying his boyfriend the few feet from the car to the front door.

Shouyou’s mom is waiting outside for the two of them, and she smiles at Tobio when she spots him with her son in his arms.

“I already set up Shouyou’s room for the two of you,” she whispers, careful not to wake up the sleeping boy.

He nods, and it’s muscle memory that takes him through the house and into the room he spent almost every other day after volleyball practice in.

He lays Shouyou down on his bed and pulls the covers over him. Instinctively, Shouyou snuggles deeper into the mattress. When Tobio is sure there’s no chance of Shouyou falling off the bed in his sleep, he settles into the futon and closes his eyes.

It isn’t comfortable in the slightest, and Tobio had gotten too used to sleeping next to another body, but the feeling of lying on it is nostalgic. He doesn’t think he’s slept on this futon since graduating from Karasuno. Tobio feel warm inside, and he’s not sure the sweltering heat from outside is to blame.

To the sound of Shouyou’s barely-there snores, he falls asleep.)