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The Boy With Starlight In His Veins

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A list of the stories in this collection with a breakdown of any applicable relationships, universe and timeline information, POV and a brief description so you know sort of what you're getting into with each mini story. Some of them don't really have too much to summarize since they're fairly short and more strictly character study than others.

Mother, I'm Home: Luke and Padmé. Canon. Post ROTJ. Third POV. After the war, Luke visits his mother's tomb.

The Price You Pay: Canon. Sequel era. Second POV. Being a hero has a cost, and there comes a point when that cost is just too high.

In Our Bedroom After the War: Luke & Leia. Canon. Post ROTJ. Third POV. Immediately following the Battle of Endor, exhaustion grips the Heroes of the Rebellion.

Sunsets: Canon. Sometime between Episodes IV and V. Third POV. Luke has always seemed to look to the horizon...

Solitude: AU - dark!Leia. Second POV. With both his father and his sister on the dark side, Luke is alone.

An Unexpected Reunion: Luke and his parents. Canon divergent. Sometime between Episodes V and VI. Second POV. Following his duel on Cloud City, Luke discovers his mother's identity and makes an ill-advised trip to her tomb only to encounter a visitor he does not expect - even though he really should have.