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The Devil's Mate

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The tornado of fire swirled tightly around them. It was so much more powerful than they had anticipated, but it was the only thing that either could think of that would take down the powerful ‘villain.’ For a second, they both actually believed they had defeated the large alpha with their combined quirks.

“A prison made of fire and wind. A nice idea.” Gang Orca praised. “If I were an average villain, I might give up, or cry. Or maybe beg for your forgiveness.” He paused before he reached on his suit jacket pocket to retrieve one of the few water bottles he kept inside. “However, what if that wasn’t the case?” Gang Orca smirked before he opened the bottle and poured the content on his head. Their eyes widened in disbelief when they watched the tightening of his skin instantly ease. “The moment you attacked me, I had already worked out my next move!”

Todoroki bit his tongue in annoyance while Inasa gritted his teeth to stop himself from shouting in frustration. Even when using their strongest quirk move, both felt a dreading feeling in their heart, knowing that whatever they did to subdue the villain had failed.

Gang Orca gave an earth-shattering scream while using his sonic waves to shoot the water now stored on his skin to extinguish the raging inferno around them. The vibrations helped neutralize the tornado prison they’d built.

The whiff of scent Shouto smelled at the beginning of their battle suddenly amplified to the point of choking him. The combination of arctic saltwater and iron filled his nose and lungs in such a way that he felt his body scream to submit to the naturally stronger ‘villain.’

“Well?” He taunted. “What do you have planned next?” Gang Orca said to make the simulation as real as possible. Since he wasn’t one to do things half-assed, his taunting added more layer to his performance. Though, as he watched  Shouto struggling with himself to gain back his control instead of untangling himself from the restraints that bounded him, he had to admit that letting his scent out at full force might not have been the best idea. The alpha boy, however, was giving out his own scent to retaliate. He wasn’t sure how the smell of high mountain winds was supposed to be intimidating, but he assumed to some lesser alpha and beta it would be.

‘Nothing damn it!’ Todoroki shouted in his head as he braced for the ‘villain’s’ next attack. It took everything in Shouto to struggle in keeping his instinct at bay and prevent himself from baring his neck to the powerful alpha in front of him as a sign of his submission. He’d be damned if he let anyone force his body to submit into doing such an omega thing like presenting.

As the air got thick with aggression and anticipation around the vicinity, Gang Orca almost felt sorry for the students on what he had planned next. Before he could execute his plan, though, he felt a sudden shift of power that had him tensing instinctively.

“Get away from them!” Midoriya yelled as he used his full five percent as he gave the alpha a roundhouse kick. To his shock and dismay, the alpha managed to block him at the last second.

‘Midoriya!’ Todoroki realized. ‘Even with the strong scent in the air you-!’ Summoning his fire once again he readied himself to help his fellow omega if need be, his own internal struggle be damned, but it seemed he was too late.


Midoriya got startled at the sudden loud noise that pierced in the air, breaking all the tensions they felt until the still silence reigned in the arena. He didn’t have time to balance as he felt himself falling on the ground the moment he lost his momentum.

“Erm-” A voice droned over the speakers. “If I could have everyone’s attention please.” The speaker paused as he saw everyone turned their heads at the source of the speaker’s voice. “All ‘civilians’ have been rescued from the crisis area.”  The few students who had just crossed the safe area smiled at each other while others continued to take note of injuries. “With the main objective of this test completed, I must bring these provisional license examinations to a close!” They exclaimed.

“It’s over?!” Midoriya shouted in indignation. Looking between Todoroki who had one side of his body still glued together and Inasa who looked significantly red-faced then he had been before the simulation started, he tried to think of the best way to help the both of them. The adrenaline running through his system keeping his mind away from the two overly aggressive scents lingering in the air. But before he had the chance to move a muscle, the voice was coming back over the intercom.

“After we tally up the scores, I will be presenting the results back here. Those who have suffered injuries, please direct yourself to the medical office. The rest of you, please change back into your normal clothes and regroup with your respective schools. Thank you.” The voice echoed around the facility.

A few people breathed a heavy sigh of relief while others gave nervous whispers of what their score will be. Once everyone was treated, dressed and reassembled according to their school and all volunteered civilians went home, the test organizer stood on a stage platform that had been placed in the middle of the makeshift battlefield.

“Hello everyone, you’ve all worked hard today, and I thank you for your patience. I have just a few words before presenting the results of the examination.” Razing a hand, he flashed a peace sign at everyone. “We, the hero public safety commission as well as our colleagues from the HUC, have two systems of point deduction that we used to evaluate your performance. Based on these merits, we will determine whether or not you qualified to get a Provisional Hero License.”

His tired eyes watched as a few of the students looked pleased by this fact while others had the equivalent of a deer in the headlights look. “In short, we were examining both the quality and nature of your conduct in times of crisis.” Gesturing to the large screen behind him, he continued with his mandatory speech. “The names of those who passed will be displayed here in alphabetical order. With all that in mind, please go ahead and review the results for yourselves.”

Pressing a button on the inside of the podium, the screen flashed on. Instantly, quiet murmurs mixed with sighs of relief and cries of defeat respectively. Flashes of scents suddenly filled the air as those who didn’t have complete control over keeping their scents contained let them out unintentionally.

“Mi… Mi… Mi… Mi…” Midoriya mumbled as he quickly scanned the screen. His heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest as his eyes finally found the beginning of the M's. In the back of his head, he noticed Mineta doing the same thing right next to him. Suddenly his eyes passed over the first ‘Mi’ and he felt his eyes bulged while his mouth dropped in shock. His name was up there! His name was actually up there! The sudden pungent smell of too sweet wine suddenly assaulted his nose, making it wrinkle in discomfort.

“Where’s my name?!” Mineta cried. Turning to see Midoriya about to pass out, for a split second he was worried for his omega classmate before remembering his own dilemma. “Midoriya!” Shouting the other teen’s name seemed to snap his friend out of his daze. “Do you see my name up there? I think I’m missing it.” He explained desperately.

Midoriya gave a small nod in understanding and turned his attention back to the board to see if the small alpha had missed his name. The smell seemed to lessen at his actions, and he couldn’t be more grateful. When his eyes scanned over the screen more than once and still came up empty, he looked back down at his silently pleading classmate. “I’m sorry Mineta-kun, but I don’t see it either.” Giving an apologetic smile as he held his breath as the alpha gave a cry.

“No!” Mineta shouted. Quickly turning, he needed to find Kaminari or Sero, maybe both, and see if they could help him.

Todoroki watched him leave out of the corner of his eye, letting his own breath out now that the smaller teen was gone. Finally turning away from the screen when he felt a familiar presence stand next to him. Midoriya was giving him one of his bright smiles that made his heart do a small flip. Giving his own ghost of a smile in return, he waited for his friend to ask what was on his mind.

“Did you find your name Shocchan?” Midoriya asked curiously. He hadn’t really been paying attention if the other names were up there when looking for his own and then Mineta’s. He’d seen a few names he recognized but not everyone's. The other omega gave a hesitant nod that had him slightly on edge. “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy that you passed?” He tried to keep his voice light, but with the way his friend's lips tightened in a thin line, he was honestly worried.

“I didn’t think I’d pass,” Todoroki said quietly. For a second he didn’t think Midoriya had heard him, but then the other let out a loud laugh.

“I’m pretty sure that’s how everyone’s feeling,” Midoriya reassured.

Todoroki just gave him a deadpan look as he watched his friend clutch his chest in what he assumed to be in relief. Blinking a few times slowly before clearing his throat to get Midoriya’s attention back. “That’s not what I-”

A loud explosion, with the sudden rush of burned sugar, echoed to their right and both jumped in surprise. Turning to see what had happened, they gave a collective sigh at the cause.

“Where’s my name damn it?!” Bakugou cursed while another explosion sounded off in his palms. Ignoring the uneased expressions of the other students around him, he could feel his blood pressure rising as he struggled to reign his scent back in.

“Ah.” Midoriya gave another sigh. “Kacchan needs to learn to control his anger, and his scent, a bit more…” Turning back to look at Todoroki, he was surprised to see the heterochromatic teen was looking back up at the screen. His usual unreadable expression in place but Midoriya had the feeling it was different somehow. “Shocchan-”


Both omega’s turned once again to the source of the noise, but unlike with Bakugou’s tantrum, both were surprised to see who had called out.

Inasa walked towards them at an incredible speed until he was face to face with both baffled teens in a matter of seconds. He took a few seconds to gather his pride as well as a few deep breaths before he bowed low. His head smacking against the hard ground as he bellowed out as sincerely as he could,

“I’m sorry.” He heard a few feet shift in surprise at his exclamation and hoped that Todoroki had been one of them before continuing. “My failure to pass… It was my own fault! My lack of heart and unwillingness to cooperate as a team with you until the last second is entirely to blame! If I hadn’t let my feelings towards you cloud my judgment, then we would have been able to defeat Gang Orca and his sidekicks with ease. It was also unsightly of me to lose what little cool I had left to try and match him in a standoff of alpha pride, so please,”

Pausing quickly to take another deep breath. “Forgive me!” Closing his eyes, he waited for the smaller teen’s response.

This… definitely hadn’t been what Todoroki had expected when Inasa had called to him. Especially with the expression, he had worn while walking over. But since it seemed that the alpha had thought long and hard about his apology, he decided that he might as well give his own. “From the very beginning, this was a result of my own actions.” Pausing a second to gather and organize his thoughts before continuing. “So cut that out.” He said evenly.

‘During the long journey up to now even more so than my drive to become a hero, I could only think of myself as his son and on top of that an omega. ’ Todoroki thought to himself bitterly. ‘And I let those burdens weigh me down.’ Releasing a long breath, he tried motioning for Inasa to stand back up.

“You really gave it to me straight back there. And thanks to that there were some important things that I came to realize.” He tried to put as much sincerity as Inasa had during his apology and pushed on. “But I will have to correct you on one thing.” Receiving a noise of confusion from the still bowed teen, Todoroki braced himself. “I shouldn’t have passed.” He said simply.

“What?!” Inasa yelled while springing up. The sudden change of blood flow making him lightheaded but he chose to ignore it in favor of staring wide-eyed at the other teen.

“What you said before, about lack of heart and not cooperating? That was both of us, not just you. I honestly don’t know what happened to make me pass over you, but I certainly don’t feel like I earned it.” Todoroki explained. Looking to a few of his classmates that had walked over he gave them all a small nod in greeting.

“Todoroki… did you not want to pass?” Mina asked, surprised.

“I did, but I don’t think I did enough to earn it.”

“But if you hadn’t passed then that would have meant that both of our top two classmates wouldn’t have made the cut.” Sero tried to reason.

“Well, the two of you are both top class no doubt about that, but consequently…” Mineta walked around the omega/beta duo to stand in front of Todoroki. His scent back under control now. “The egoistic and self-centered portions of your personalities backfired even if only one of you actually failed.” Giving a condescending smile, he pats the part of Todoroki’s arm that he could reach. “And so, the hierarchy begins to crumble.” He cheered.

Before anyone could say anything, Iida squished Mineta’s face in his hands and wordlessly picked him up to set him off to the side away from them.

“Shocchan…” Midoriya whispered, a bit stunned.

“Todoroki-kun…” Momo whispered just as shocked. She hadn’t been close to Todoroki’s fight with Gang Orca so she couldn’t really say much about her classmate's actions. But she was sure that he wouldn’t be questioning his results without a good reason.

“Ahem,” Mera called into the speakers once again. “Moving along, we’ll now distribute some handouts. Your scoring is described there in great detail, so please look over them carefully.” Giving the signal to the others, they began handing out the papers. “The cut off line was fifty points. You can read over the various actions and behaviors which resulted in a loss of points, followed by how many points were lost for each one.” He finished. Looking over the faces closest, he noticed an equal mix of understanding and outrage at some of the deductions.

“How’d you do Iida?” Midoriya asked after looking over his own paper. The beta gave him a slight smile before turning to fully face him.

“Eighty points. Overall, I feel like I wasn’t able to apply everything I learned.” Iida admitted a bit sheepishly. “What about you Midoriya?” He asked politely.

“I got seventy-one.” Moving so that he could show his friend his paper. “I wasn’t so much my actions themselves, but more my conduct before taking action that was the problem.” Thinking back, a few instances did stick out to him that could have resulted in reduced points. “Like my legs freezing up and stuff like that. That’s where I lost a good portion of points.” He admitted.

‘But…’ Looking around at his other classmates and students alike, he couldn’t help but wonder. ‘It was a point deduction system with no way of adding points… and anyone who fell below fifty points automatically failed so…’ Looking over to see both Inasa and Mineta intently studying their papers. ‘Why were they allowed to continue instead of being asked to leave the moment they dropped below fifty points?’ Shifting to look at Todoroki to ask what his score was, he frowned when he noticed a deep frown edged into his usually blank face.

“To all those who passed, depending on the nature of the emergency, you now have the authority to exercise privileges equal to that of pro heroes....”

As the speaker continued on, Todoroki let his mind wander back to his peculiar results. The paper in his hands felt heavy and the words on it even more so as he reread what it said. He still couldn’t shake the feeling that his passing had been some sort of a fluke. Looking over the words, though he already knew what they said, he only took some of the feedback into consideration, especially the areas where he felt their evaluations were correct. Less so for those who’s words didn’t seem to match their points. The sudden deafening sound of cheers and applause snapped his attention back to the present, and he focused back into whatever had made the other students so happy.

“To cope with the ‘from now on’ situation which I mentioned earlier, above all else, we desire “high quality” heroes and as many of them as possible…”

Todoroki couldn't stop a scowl from forming on his face at that. It was that exact mindset that had allowed his father to get away with so much away from the eye of the public. God only knows how many others were allowed to disguise themselves as heroes just because they could play along to what society deemed as heroic.

“You better believe-”

“I will !”

The dual shouts knocked him back out of his head once again. Looking between the causes of the declarations, he blinked as both Inasa and Bakugou continued their rants of promise. The burnt sugar smell flaring up once again.

“That’s great Kacchan!” Midoriya congratulated to the still steaming omega.

“I’ll catch up to all  of you fucking extra’s in no time!” Bakugou screamed back.

Ignoring the explicit screams, Midoriya turning to meet Todoroki’s eyes. “Do you want to go find Aizawa-Sensei and tell him what’s bothering you?” He asked.

Todoroki thought for only a moment before nodding. If nothing comes out of a discussion with his teacher at least, he wouldn’t feel as uneasy as he did now. At least he hoped that would be the case. The beta wasn’t hard to find, all the teachers were lined up at the back of the room watching their students mingle with themselves and others. When their homeroom teacher’s tired eyes landed on them approaching, he could see his face twist into something akin to annoyance.

“We can discuss whatever questions you have about your results back at the dorms.” Aizawa instantly interjected before they could even open their mouths. Instantly, his student snapped their mouths shut and shared a look with each other. He had a feeling that whatever the two wanted to say would be something much more… troublesome than just discussing their results. “Spit it out then.” He conceded with a sigh when neither tried to say what was apparently on their minds.

“I wanted to talk to you about my results,” Todoroki said first. No point in beating around the bush, though, he supposed his wording could have been better if the way his teacher's eyebrow ticked was anything to go by.

“And I just said-”

“No Sensei.” Todoroki interrupted quickly. Aizawa’s expression didn’t change, but he could feel the shift in irritation as if it was visible. “I have a concern with how my points were added.” He tried instead. That seemed to settle down whatever comment was on the tip of his teacher's tongue because instantly he pushed himself off the wall and motioned for him to follow. Giving Midoriya a small thank you nod, his friend gave a smile before moving to rejoin their group.

They walked down a set of hallways that Todoroki didn’t bother memorizing but soon they reached an unmarked door. Aizawa motioned for him to enter first and he didn’t need to be told twice. The room was empty save for a few couches and a single table between them. He took a seat on one of the lounges while the beta sat across from him of the other.

“Let me see,” Aizawa ordered while holding out his hand. “What was your concern about? I know you said that you thought your points weren’t added right, but I’m not sure how you came up with that conclusion.” Scanning over the comments and notes when the paper was in his hand. He was slightly shocked to see that most of them weren’t necessarily positive ones.

“As you can see, the praises that would otherwise keep my score high is significantly outweighed by those that would have, or in this case should have, lowered it below the passing bar.” Todoroki began. Leaning over to look over the paper as well, he pointed to a few specific notes that had been written near the bottom. “These also raised my suspicion since they openly say that I will need more coop training before the next exam.”

Giving his teacher time to process everything he absently looked over the blank walls. Noting any cracks or stains in the otherwise white walls, he had a twisted sense of deja vu in comparison to his mother’s hospital room.

“I agree that with your results, there should have been no way you should have passed. That being said, I’m not quite sure what I, as only a teacher, can do. But I will certainly try to talk to the higher-ups and see if I can figure out what happened.” Folding the paper to put in his pocket, he met inexpressive dual-colored eyes. “I’ll keep your results for the meantime and present it to the meeting with the higher-ups. For now, just go through the motions, and when I have answers, you’ll be the first one I notify.” Todoroki gave a nod in understanding before moving to stand but stopped abruptly from walking towards the door.

“My old man…” Todoroki began, but the sharp nod from his teacher told him that he already knew.

“Believe me when I say, your father’s knowledge on this subject won't go beyond your name on that board out there,” Aizawa reassured while standing. He watched his student’s shoulders relax, if only slightly and he almost didn’t stop the sharp remark on the tip of his tongue. His opinion of the flame-user alpha was one of the worst-kept secrets among both the teachers at UA and hero society in general. He’s openly said, on more than one occasion, that Endeavor’s ego could use a few blows to bring him down a few notches from his high horse.

“Thank you Sensei.” Todoroki bowed before following his teacher out the door and back into the arena area. He gave both Midoriya and Bakugou a look when both gave concerned expressions, though the blond’s usual scowl was plastered on his face. Both seemed to get the hint and left it be for now. The others, however, didn’t seem to see the hint.

“Is everything alright Todoroki-kun?” Momo asked when she saw that her classmate had returned.

“Yay, we saw you walk off with Sensei and Midoriya wouldn’t spill,” Kaminari whined with a small pout.

Todoroki watched with slight surprise as someone slapped the beta on the back of the head.

“Leave him alone dude. He probably just had a question about his results or something.” Kirishima chided. Bakugou gave a small snort at his side, and he felt his eye twitch. “You might want to talk to Sensei about your own performance Bakugou.” Instantly the explosive omega rounded on him with his teeth bared. The blond's scent flaring up once again.

“What’d you fucking say Shitty Hair?!” Bakugou screamed at the now smirking alpha. Setting off a few warning pops, he was about to lunge at him until a stern voice sounded from behind them.

“Enough,” Aizawa called. He had half a mind to use his capture weapon but figured it was too much of a hassle at the moment. “Those who passed, your cards are at the collections desk. Those who didn’t,” Eyeing both Bakugou and Mineta in kind. “You’re coming with me to wait at the bus. Once everyone is accounted for, then we’ll head back to the dorms.”

The ‘so don’t waste time’ was implied but from the excited cheers of both Mina and Kaminari, he regretted not actually adding it. As he watched most of his students rush towards where the other schools were heading, he noticed that Todoroki was hesitating to join them. “Todoroki.” He sighed. When he had the teen’s attention, he made a shooing motion with his hand. “Go on.” When a few more seconds passed without movement, he was about to say something else, but someone beat him to it.

“Come on Shocchan! I want to send a picture of us with our licenses to my mom!” Midoriya called when he noticed that his friend wasn’t following.

That spurred Todoroki forward. He liked Ms. Midoriya. She reminded him a bit of his own mother and the thought of sending her a picture of their victory, even if his own was up in the air, made his lips quirk into the ghost of a smile.

“What’s up with half-n-half?” Bakugou grumbled as he watched the other’s leave. Tuning out whatever the small alpha beside him started blabbing in favor of locking eyes with his teacher. He hadn’t been close enough to hear what everyone had talked about before Todoroki disappeared with the man, but from the looks on the other’s faces, he guessed it hadn’t been good.

“Don’t worry about it,” Aizawa said. When he heard a growl bubbling up in Bakugou’s chest his eyes flashed and pressed, “Drop it.” Another growl followed, but it sounded more akin to annoyance than threatening.

“Fucking whatever, I’ll just ask the bastard when we get back.” Bakugou snapped. He didn’t get what the issue was especially if Aizawa wasn’t worried. But if his teacher wasn’t going to tell him, then he’ll just find answers elsewhere.

As they made their way to the waiting bus, everyone else was practically vibrating in line. Waiting with bated breath as the lines slowly got shorter and shorter until they were next. Iida and Momo, being their class representatives, were handed two stacks of pristine cards.

Iida, being the orderly one out of them, instructed that they all wait until they got back to the bus to keep from taking to long. With a begrudging moan from the rest of the class, they all hurried out and to the bus as quickly as they could. The distribution didn’t take long, and soon everyone was standing in amazement at the little cards in their hands.

“Deku, are you crying?!” Uraraka asked in surprise.

“N-no!” Midoriya spluttered as he tried to wipe the still flowing tears away. “You see… I’ve been helped by so many people along this journey, but I’ve also caused trouble for those same people.” Thinking back to his mother and All Might made his chest constrict almost painfully. “So that’s why this is my proof that I’m actually growing and improving you know?” Tears began to blur his vision again, but he didn’t bother trying to wipe them away.

“Yeah, you’re right!” Uraraka cheered as she watched her friend start to sob softly. A thought popping into her head as she pulled out her phone. “Hey Deku!” The omega snapped his attention to her immediately.


“Let me take your picture!” She laughed at the wide-eyed look she received. “I heard you told Todoroki-kun that you wanted a picture to send to your mom. If I’m taking the picture, then you both can hold up your licenses without issue.” Making a grabby motion with her hand once her own was back in her pocket, she smiled when Midoriya practically tripped over himself in trying to get his phone out.

“You’re a genius Uraraka!” Finally able to free the device, Midoriya handed it over while motioning for Todoroki to come closer. The teen looked unsure for a moment but seemed to shake whatever was keeping him in place fairly quickly. Winding his free hand around his friend’s waist, he thrust the other out to hold up the card. Giving the biggest smile he could muster, he couldn’t help but mentally cheer when he felt Todoroki’s arm draped over his shoulders and copy his other hand in holding out his own card. Though he couldn’t see his face, he was sure the dual colored teen was giving a blank look.

“All right boys, say ‘All Might.’” Uraraka trilled while holding up the phone.

“All Might!”

“All Might.”

The sound of light clicking could be heard, and soon all three of them were looking over the phone to pick out which one was the best.

“Hey, hey!”

The familiar booming voice made most of class 1-A not already on the bus turn. Inasa was rushing towards them at full speed and didn’t seem to be slowing down. Skidding to a stop right in front of Todoroki, he gave only a short pause before speaking.

“Todoroki!” He exclaimed at the unmoved teen. “I’ll be catching up to you in no time so don’t start slacking just because you passed you hear?!” He felt like an excited puppy but seeing the unreadable expression remain on the omega’s face, he blurted the thoughts he’d been keeping to himself out before he even realized it. “But honestly I still kinda don’t like you!” Slapping himself mentally as he felt his cheeks heat he figured it was better to make a hasty retreat for now. “So I just wanted to apologize in advance! Sorry!” He threw the words over his shoulder with a wild wave before sprinting off to rejoin his own group of classmates.

“What kind of apology was that?” Kirishima whispered. Flabbergasted by the other alpha’s words. As he watched the exuberant teen dash away, he couldn’t help but worry for his mental state.

“That man is…” Pausing when he didn’t quite have the words, Todoroki let his unfinished sentence hang in the air.

“Rather audacious, I’d say.” Aoyama continued instantly. “But also sensitive. He definitely has both qualities within him.” He praised.

Todoroki nodded at the alpha’s words. Grateful that someone had words to describe his feelings.

Midoriya gasped suddenly when he saw the Shiketsu class representative walking by. Taking off as fast as he could to try and catch up he reached behind himself for his backpack to take out his notebook. “Excuse me!” He called out when he was close enough.

Confused, Moura paused to see what was going on. Seeing one of the students from UA, Midoriya-san if he remembered correctly, stopped abruptly in front of him.

“Exactly what kind of training do you do to erase your presence in any situation?” Midoriya started eagerly, his pencil already at the ready.

Perplexed, Moura wasn’t entirely sure what the smaller teen was talking about. “I’m not sure what you mean but... We’ve never done any training like that.” He said slowly.

“But the girl from before-” Midoriya started but stopped himself. “I thought she had more she wanted to talk to me about.” He said instead. “I had hoped I could talk with her again, but I haven’t seen her since the exam ended...” Trailing off into a bit of a mumbling fit, he completely forgot that he was still supposed to be talking to Moura.

“You mean Camie?” Moura interrupted. He did need to get on the bus, but he figured that answering the omega’s questions wouldn’t take to long. “She said she wasn’t feeling well while we were heading to the changing rooms. She decided to take a taxi back to the station ahead of us.” He explained.

“I see.” Midoriya deflated slightly before bowing to the other teen. “Sorry to have bothered you.” He apologized before making his way back to his friends.

Moura smiled slightly beneath his hair as he watched Midoriya’s retreating back. He wished he could have helped more, but that was the best he could do. Thinking back to his classmate a sudden thought pushed itself to the forefront of his mind almost violently. “Now that I’m thinking about it… She has been acting strange for a while now.” He thought out loud. “Something about her just seems… off…”


In the back alleys near the train station, a phone starts to ring for the third time in a row. Its high pitched sound masking the squelch of large clumps of wet flesh smacking against the concrete floor. On the fourth loop through the call finally passed through as the receiver answered it.

“You finally answered!” An annoyed voice yelled from the other end. “Where the hell have you been this whole time?!” They screamed. As the sound of childish giggles coming from the other side, they felt their patience snap. “ Toga !”