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Hands Up, Baby Hands Up

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Sara was possibly the most excited for the evening. She was bouncing in her seat as she drove the huge SUV to the park - with Val in the passenger seat. Val had left work early and had certainly decked up for the evening - in a black gown with sequins on the border, with shiny heels and holding a very fashionable clutch - which held her phone and the ring. The two of them were silent but certainly excited as they neared the park. Val was to meet Juls there at 6 - and had gotten a bit delayed; she and Sara slammed the door as they got out of the car once they reached a place from which they couldn't drive anymore. They both walked a bit till they reached the bench where they had planned to meet, and sure enough as Juls had ensured there wasn't anyone there.

"Sara, I think maybe I can take it from here?" Val began, sensing that Sara had absolutely no intention of leaving them alone. Sara whipped her head at Val hearing that.

"WHAT?! NO! I'm the official videographer of this proposal" she began, almost betrayed that Val would suggest that she leave.

"Sara come on, you can take the video from a bit further, Val replied - and almost requested and Sara considered it before giving in.

"Ugh - fine. BUT I'll just be far enough so that I can still get a good video" she scowled, starting towards a nearby thicket of trees.


She turned back to see Val slightly nervous.

"She'll say yes, right?" Val asked, her face flushed with nervousness, knees almost shaking. Sara smiled warmly back.

"Val, if she doesn't say yes - I'll kill her myself." she joked, and Val smiled and shook her head at the small joke. Sara could see Val was probably going to burst with nerves - and she gave Val a tight hug. Val was grateful for the hug; she knew Juls was definitely going to say yes, but that didn't help her anxiety much.

"Good luck boss." Sara quipped, stepping back to give Val and Juls their privacy.

As Sara walked away from Val, she made sure that Val was within earshot. As she tried to sneak into the woods, a noise made her jerk. At that all the cuteness and fangirling about the proposal faded away and Sara was immediately cautious. She quickly realized the Juliana wasn't at the park - and the last she heard from Juls was that she was supposed to be there. She looked keenly at Valentina and noticed that someone was watching her from a vantage point. Someone who was not Juls. At that Sara knew she had to get Valentina out of there, she had to get her somewhere safe, and without arousing the suspicions of this mysterious watchdog.

Valentina was extremely surprised to see Sara sprint towards her, and was confused when she stopped next to her, jogging on the spot.

"Hey Macarena! Good to see you're hear for our daily evening jog." Sara yelled loudly, hoping that whoever was watching would hear them. Val however was utterly confused at Sara.

"Sara, what are you doing?"

"Well, we decided to jog from here, remember?" Sara yelled again, pulling various faces and silently pleading with Val to play along. Val was on guard at this point as well, and she tried her best to play along.

"Right - we decided. To jog." she replied, a bit hesitant, and slowly growing nervous- but for different reasons this time.

"Yes - let's go." Sara shouted almost and the two of them 'jogged' out of this secluded part of the park the best they could.

"Sara, what's going on." Val muttered under her breath.

"Something's not right. Juli should be here, unless she got cold feet - but even then, she would have called me." Sara replied between huffs of breath. Sara in her usual fashion - forgot her verbal filter when she was trying to mentally piece together things. Val 's eyes widened when she heard that, as she struggled to jog in her gussied-up attire.

"What do you mean she got cold feet - you told her!?", Val turned to look at Sara, ready to strangle her. Sara was quite oblivious to Val's rage, her mind was intent on keeping up the facade of jogging through the park and getting Val to safety as soon as she could, and they were slowly making their way to the not-so isolated parts of the park.

"Well, actually she was going to propose to you too, which is why she should have been there." Sara replied softly, her mind racing - considering where Juliana could possibly be. Val's heart filled with joy at that, when she realized just how much Juliana really loved her, but quickly returned to anxiety.

"Where is she then?" Val questioned; worry beginning to seize her mind. Sara shook her head.

"I don't know - but right now the aim is to get you to safety discretely." Val huffed at that.

"Discretely?" she questioned, and Sara was a bit surprised. Pretending to jog out of the park, she thought, had been a brilliant plan.

"Why not?"

"Sara - I'm not exactly dressed for a jog, and if people didn't notice me before - they definitely are now." Val retorted, quickly running out of breath. Running in heels was NOT fun by any means, and Sara noticed quite a bit of people looking at both of them like they were slightly insane.

"She's training for the new Ms. Universe" Sara explained to the curious onlookers, and Val managed a feeble smile as they jogged through the park to reach the car.

As soon as they reached the car, they scrambled in and immediately drove to Val's office, which they both agreed was a safe place. Val repeatedly tried Juls' phone, but she didn't pick up. Sara called up one of her men who she had sent to look after Juls for the day, almost ready to bite his head off over the phone.


"WHERE IS SHE?!" Sara barked into the phone, driving towards Val's office with reckless abandon.


"WHO?!!!" Sara screamed. 

"OH Sara - she - she - she said she's in the park."


"She - she - threatened she'd kill us if we went with her - " the voice on the other side squeaked, and Sara winced at that.

"WELL FIND HER - NOW!" she screamed, cutting the phone and almost throwing it in a rage. Val looked almost sick with worry, and Sara knew she had to do something.

"I'm sure she's fine, we'll find her - don't worry." Sara said, as comfortingly as she could, given the current state she was in. Val didn't look entirely convinced and was still clutching the ring box in distress.

Once they reached Val's office, which was quite empty as it was late in the evening - Sara was tersely calling every contact she had in the hope of finding something. She mentally cursed herself for not being with Juls herself, but she also knew that Juls would have wanted her with Val now. Val changed out of her elaborate attire into more comfortable clothes and had steadied herself. Loving Juls had come with its own challenges, and by God she was going to face them for the woman she loved. Her face had a stern expression, ready to get to business.

"Any information?" she asked, sitting at her desk while Sara tersely was still on the phone with someone. Sara shook her head as she slammed down the receiver.

"God damn her," Sara exclaimed, pushing her hair back, slowly beginning to panic. Her cellphone which was on the table began to ring, and before she could get to it, Val picked it up.

"WHERE is SHE?!" Val answered.

"We have a lead that Lucho might have taken her -" Hearing that, Val pretty much saw red.

"Lucho!" she spat out in her anger, already marching out, Sara pulling her back.

"Lucho? That makes no sense - give me the - give me the phone Val!" Sara grunted, prying the phone away from Val while trying to stop her from leaving to confront Lucho herself.

"Are you sure?" Sara asked, and the person on the other side seemed to confirm.

"Who ordered this?" And the answer stumped her.

"Armenta?! That makes no sense-" but the line had already gone dead, and Val looked at Sara in surprise.


Sara looked at the phone in confusion, but Val seemed to quite easily believe that Armenta had ordered this.

"That makes no sense - " Sara repeated, confounded at this new piece of information.

Val heard her, but she was in no mood to debate with Sara.

"You sit here and be confused, I'm gonna go find Lucho." she stated, marching out of the room - and Sara rushed to catch up with her.

"Wait - wait!" Sara called after Val. "I'll come with you."

Juls stirred feeling something like water hit her face. Her head felt like it was going to explode, and when she tried to touch it, she realized her hands were tied behind her back. Opening her eyes, she saw Lucho, and immediately sat up, something she regretted immediately as her whole body screamed in pain.

"You." she spat out, seeing Lucho approach her.

"Well Ms. Valdes, looks like what's gone around has finally come around." he quipped, trying to sound tougher than he was. Juls' mind was working in overdrive, and she quickly worked things out.

"You're not this smart, Lucho - who ordered this." she grunted, threatening Lucho as if she wasn't bound up at all, not a hint of fear in her eyes.

"If you must know - it's Armenta." Lucho replied, shaking his head, and Juliana was confused beyond comprehension at this.


Lucho brought his gun close to Juls' neck, but Juliana wasn't worried. If Armenta was behind this, there was no way Lucho was going to hurt her.

"The fool doesn't know it's you." Lucho explained, in the kind way all villains do.

Juliana mentally worked that into her conclusions, and it immediately dawned on her.

"Val! She's in danger!" she exclaimed, fighting her restraints, but with no avail. Lucho roughly pushed her back to stop and her head hit the wall hard.

It took Juls a second to recover, but she saw Lucho - and realized the fool had no idea what he had just walked into.

"Valentina's smart, she's going to figure it out." she smiled, and Lucho drew in a quick breath. He hadn't considered Valentina hunting him down. He turned to regard Juliana, his mind working fast now. Juls' smiled, she wasn't too worried for herself, and knowing Sara was with Valentina gave her a bit of relief.

"Say hi to Valentina from me." Juliana grinned with vengeance. Lucho knocked her out with the back of his gun and Juliana fell back unconscious.

"Take her to the boss, now." Lucho ordered his men, and one of his men came up to him.

"Boss, Valentina Carvajal is at the gate to meet you."

Well, that was fast, Lucho thought to himself.