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Hands Up, Baby Hands Up

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Juliana didn't realize it  - but she was drenched in sweat and her hair was a mess. She could taste the blood on the side of her mouth from where Lucho hit her and it made her a bit dazed. Her breathing was heavy, and she couldn't think much. She raised her hands in utter exhaustion, and it was her pride that stopped her from falling to her knees too. The two police officers were quick to get her gun from her, and Juls heart sank at that a little. It was her favourite gun. She felt one of the men roughly take her hands and ready to handcuff her when she heard Valentina yell out in anguish.

Valentina and Sara had been hiding behind a nearby wall, Sara pretty much covering Val's mouth with her hand to get Val to not make a sound. Sara was learning just how physically strong Valentina was; and she was struggling to keep Valentina still as the police barged in. They could hear what was going on though  - and when Valentina realized that Juls was going to be taken she used all her might to break herself away from Sara's grab.

"NOOO!", Valentina screamed as she stumbled back into the room and the police stopped apprehending Juls, turning in surprise. Val herself was quite a sight, distressed and disheveled.

"Ms. Carvajal?", one of the police men asked in amazement.

"She was rescuing me." Val breathed out, and the men took a look at Juliana, whose face betrayed no emotion.

"She was rescuing you?", the police man questioned again, confused. Valentina nodded vigorously, a plan of action emerging in her mind.

"Yes, he kidnapped me, and she was rescuing me." Valentina confirmed, and the men looked at Lucho who was still on the ground. He immediately started protesting against that, but the police men threatened him to shut up. Juliana on the other hand heard what Val said and glanced sideways at Val, her heart racing. Juls did her best to catch Val's eye but couldn't manage it.

"You're saying he kidnapped you? But we thought El Alacrán kidnapped you.", the police man asked in surprise, comically confused at this. Valentina gathered her wits quickly and glared at the police officer like he were an idiot.

"I think I would know who kidnapped me officer." she argued back, quite annoyed that the other officer still hadn't let go of Juliana.

"And who's she?" the policeman asked - not exactly sure what to believe.

Mi Principe Azul

"Jul's  - Juliana is my friend and she found me and tracked me down and came to rescue me." Valentina explained, and Lucho piped up at that again but the police officers shut him up and decided that this probably had to be dealt with differently. The officer let go of Juls and began to cuff Lucho instead, who was not taking it quietly.

"SHE'S LYING! I DIDN'T KIDNAP HER!!!", he bawled out, horrified that he was being handcuffed and dragged out.

"You'll both have to come to the station." the policeman ordered, as he led the two women out of the room.

Val glanced cautiously at Juls, and Juls looked back with a soft-hearted look of tenderness. As the two were leaving the room, Juls took a quick glance back remembering Sara, and hoped she would get her discarded gun before getting herself to safety. She also knew Sara would somehow make sure Montilla would be brought into the scenario somehow.


Juls was sitting alone in the precinct interrogation room, feeling much better after a cup of coffee. She didn't know where Valentina was - and it was clear she was no longer a suspect. She leaned back in her chair and stretched a bit as the door opened and Montilla stepped in. He was holding a file and looked tired himself.

"Why am I not surprised to see you here?" he began, setting the file on the table and shuffling a few papers.

"Nice to see you too Inspector." she sang out, cocky knowing that she had gotten away with not one - but two crimes now.

"El Alacrán is dead.", he began - eyeing Juliana very carefully. Juls was careful not to give away anything, however.

"Really? Huh." she casually replied, unimpressed. Montilla narrowed his eyes at that.

"You had nothing to do with it?" he probed, and Juliana frowned in nonchalance.

"No - I was rescuing Valentina." she explained.  Montilla regarded that with suspicion and nodded, folded his hands and looked again at Juls.

"The Lucho boy - he tells me that he paid you to kidnap Ms. Carvajal." he explained, and Juliana shrugged hearing that.

"That makes no sense." Juls reasoned in reply.

"It doesn't. Besides your statement matches Ms. Carvajal's." he sighed.

"So, what's the problem then?" Juls replied, bored and internally pleased that things had wrapped up quite neatly.

"It's perfect. Too perfect for you." Montilla commented, but Juliana didn't care about that. Montilla could not hold her longer than this questioning and that's all she was concerned with. She wondered what Valentina was up to though, and hoped she was back safe with her family by now.

"It doesn't matter now. I've bigger problems on my hands. There's a drug cartel out there without a head that's going to wreak havoc on the city soon." Montilla complained, trying to get a reaction out of Juliana, but Juls was impassive as ever, hands folded, and head turned in a sideways in nonchalance.

"Not my problem." Juliana muttered, completely uninterested.

"You didn't plan that attack on Alacrán then?" Montilla questioned, and Juls shook her head.

"I was rescuing Valentina, I had nothing to do with El Alacrán." Juliana iterated, still uninterested.

"So, this was not a plan to become the next Don of South Mexico City then?" Montilla prodded, and Juls turned her head to Montilla at that in surprise, but not too obvious.

"You know me Montilla, I'm not after power - I see someone getting hurt, I just step in." Juliana explained,  thinking about what Montilla was getting at. He nodded hearing that and started gathering up his papers and got up, as if to go. He stood still near the desk for a moment and Juliana didn't move- though she was a little suspicious.

"If you're not going to be the next Don - " Montilla started, pulling out a gun and setting it on the table in Juls plain sight. Juliana immediately recognized it as her gun and looked up at Montilla curiously.

"Maybe El Caballero will be." he finished - and stepped out of the room. Juliana looked at her gun, took in the last sentence Montilla said and grinned.

Maybe El Caballero will. 



Time jump of 6 months.

Valentina was sitting calmly in the television studio chair - getting ready for her third interview that week. This interview was not with the Carvajal media group - so she had to be careful, but Val was careful as ever.

"We're now talking to the victim of the most scintillating crime of the year - but Ms. Carvajal - you've not let what happened stop you in anyway. In fact, now you've got a new lease on life you could say! You've taken over the Carvajal media group, and you're now the Editor of the Carvajal newspaper!" he interviewer began - and Valentina nodded at that with a smile.

"Yes, I think an experience like that really does make you realize that life doesn't stop for anyone. After my return home and El Alacrán's death, my sister had to declare bankruptcy because the company was going under - and she was undergoing a lot of personal stress so I had to help somehow, and with me the company has managed to come back on top  - so yes that's good I'd say!" Valentina rambled and the interviewer nodded.

"And it's not only that - you've come out of the closet and are dating one of the most eligible girls in the city!" the interviewer stated with a grin, and Valentina blushed, as a picture of her and Juliana at a party a few weeks back came on the screen behind.

"Yes, Juliana Valdes. She's an amazing person and such a sweetheart. We met at a park, and it's been a magical ride since." Valentina gushed.

"I don't believe in labels, Love is love."

"Yes, and the affluent Juliana Valdes is quite a catch for anyone I would say."

"Oh yes, yes - and she's all mine." Valentina beamed, looking right at the camera. Juliana was actually standing next to the cameraman, smiling at Valentina and the interviewer herself couldn't take the sweetness she was seeing.

"After this break - we'll talk more on your journalism - your reports on El Caballero and the new gang that's reforming the streets of Mexico City." the interviewer stated, and the show cut to the interval.

Valentina walked up to Juliana and smiled her gleeful smile at her, and Juls' heart was already mush.

"Ready for tonight?" Juliana smiled, and Valentina looked back at Juls with her puppy dog face. The two were planning a weekend getaway; and were leaving right after the final interview.

"Right after I'm done with El Caballero." she replied with a smirk.

 "I wonder who that is." Juliana teased, slowly tugging at the lapels of Val's blazer.

"My knight in shining armour, of course." Valentina replied with a wink and went back to the interview. Juliana was smiling so wide at Valentina and all that she was doing. They were definitely a formidable couple in Mexico City now.

"Your girl looks good on the TV." Sara began, walking onto the stage and standing next to Juliana.

"Yeah, she looks good." Juliana repeated, not taking her eyes off Val.

"I've news for you." Sara mentioned, business-like. Sara liked to think she was growing in maturity - though that was just her. Juliana nodded.

"Lucho's been released." Sara stated, looking at her cousin with a bit of concern. Juliana heard what she said but was too enchanted by Val and their upcoming weekend to care too much.

"We'll deal with him later." Juliana replied her cousin, and Sara grinned hearing that.

 Oh yeah.