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Hands Up, Baby Hands Up

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 Valentina, Juliana and Sara were all sitting on the edge of the bed, in that order. Val sat with both her hands over her mouth, getting over the shock of learning that El Alacrán was claiming he kidnapped her. Juliana was sitting with her forehead buried in her hand and pressing her closed eyes against her palm, quite tired at all these developments. Sara was sitting with her hands over her ears, trying to concentrate on making sense on all that had unfolded - and failing quite a bit.

The trio sat in silence for a long time in this fashion, with Sara softly talking to herself to understand what was going on, till she grew too confused to think.

"Ok - let me just try to understand this."

Juliana took a deep breath but didn't shift.

"I kidnapped her," Sara began, gesturing with her hands, pointing to herself.

"You're in love with her." she went on, pointing at Juliana, who sat up hearing that and glared at her cousin. Sara however was too oblivious to notice.

"And now El Alacrán is after her." Sara ended. Juliana slightly scrunched her face in annoyance, but she couldn't exactly blame Sara and gave up.

"Yeah. That's about it.", she muttered in reply.

"Uh huh. Uh huh." Sara agreed, though she was still not entirely convinced about what she said herself.

"Why did I kidnap her?" Sara asked out loud, and Juliana was about to push her cousin off the bed to shut her up.

"Oh yeah- because tha-"

"Because you're an idiot." Juliana cut in, thinking her cousin was going to reveal who actually asked her to kidnap Val. She did not know why - but she felt embarrassed at telling Val that it was her boyfriend that asked to kidnap her and did not at all want to be the person telling her that. She was most certainly going to kill Lucho, but she definitely did not want Val knowing about that.

"Mm hmm." Sara nodded.

"Why are you in love with her?" Sara asked again - and Juliana turned to look at her cousin in utter exasperation.

"Right - because you're an idiot." Sara retorted, glad to get back at Juls for that. But there was still one more question she had.

"Why is Alacrán after her?"

At that - both Juls and Sara slowly turned their heads to Val, who till then had not paid any attention to the conversation.

"It's because I threatened him." she replied absent-mindedly. Sara silently threw her hands up.

"Oh good, she's an idiot too." Sara sneered and Juliana snapped.


"I'm sorry -it's just confusing. It's like that Telenovela where the souls kept transmigrating or whatever." Sara replied defensively, but Juliana had already turned back to Val, trying to understand why Val would do such a thing.

"Why did you threaten him?"

Val sat up and looked at Juls, her shoulders hunched and her demeanor anxious.

"I was looking into my dad's company accounts for an article - and I found a lot of money that seemed to come from nowhere. When I asked my sister Eva about it, she yelled at me and told me to stop looking into it. When I did finally track down the money - I realized that it was coming from him and that he was using the company to launder money. "

"So, you just went and threatened one of the most dangerous men in the city?" Sara broke out in disbelief. Val just shrugged at that.

"I'm not afraid of him."

Sara's jaw dropped to the floor hearing that, quite dumbfounded by the thought of Valentina threatening someone like El Alacrán.

"It took me 5 minutes to kidnap you!" Sara exclaimed in wonder and horror.

"Sara." Juliana breathed out, trying to get her cousin to stop rambling. Sara, however got up and still went on.

"You should be afraid of him! If we hadn't kidnapped you and if he had gotten hold of you - God knows what he would have done!" Sara ranted, stepping out of the room - she had just got a message that someone was at the front gate.

Valentina sobered up hearing that, realizing that she was in a much bigger mess than she had initially thought. Juliana was still sitting next to her; Sara's gun was in her lap - from when she was last holding it.

"I'm sorry." Valentina breathed out, the solemnity of the situation hitting her hard. Juls was quick to react to that.

"Val - you have nothing to apologize for." Juls began, looking at Val earnestly. Val was however too distraught to say anything.

"Val - look at me." Juliana begged and Val reluctantly looked at her.

"We're going to deal with this, okay?" Juliana assured her, and Val slowly nodded gratefully. She took Juls hand to reassure herself, and as gently as she could - threaded her fingers with Juliana's.

"I guess if I had known who you were before - I could have done better than threatening El Alacrán and getting myself in this situation." Valentina thought out loud, and Juliana shook her head, gently squeezing Val's hand.

"Val, trust me - if he's doing something as stupid as claiming to have kidnapped you when he hasn't - it must be because he feels very threatened." Juliana convinced her, and Valentina sighed and leaned her head to rest against Juliana's shoulder. Juliana sat still, her mind thinking fast about what to do next.

A few minutes later, Sara trooped back into the room again.

"It's Montilla."

Juliana groaned.  "Why is that guy obsessed with me!" she scowled, the last thing she wanted to do was talk to Montilla. Sara shrugged.

"Do you want me to deal with him?" she offered, and Juliana considered it for a second before nodding.

"Yeah, okay."

Sara was just about to turn to leave the room, when Juliana jumped up to stop her, startling Val with a jerk as she did.

"WAIT NO, I'll deal with him." Juliana stopped her cousin, who was surprised.

"What? Why?!" Sara asked indignantly.

"Because the last time we had to deal with a guy you killed him!" Juliana countered, she definitely did not want Montilla dead, at least not yet.

"Wha-? That's not fair!" Sara whined, but Juliana was firm in her decision.

"Give me your gun." she ordered, and her cousin sulked as she tried to take out her gun, only to remember she didn't have it.

"What the- where did I?" she muttered to herself, frantically looking for the gun on her person, and her eyes caught sight of the gun on Val's lap - much to her surprise.

"Why does she have my gun?" she said in amazement. Juliana turned to see that Val did in fact have her gun.

"Oh good, Val - could you make sure she doesn't do anything stupid while I'm gone?" Juliana requested, nodding at the gun. Valentina was a little surprised - but not as surprised as Sara.

"WHAT! You're seriously going to leave me like this!"

Juliana shrugged as she went out of the room. "You did kidnap her, I think she deserves some revenge."

Sara grunted in discontent as she leaned back against the wall, looking at Valentina grumpily.

Juliana walked out of the room, considering if she should get her gun before going to meet Montilla, but decided against it.

I might kill him if I did.


Sara was standing against the wall with her arms folded, scowling at the floor. Valentina was sitting on the bed lost in thought. She looked at Sara and she realized that she could ask her the one question that would not stop bothering her.

"Who asked to kidnap me?" Valentina asked and Sara looked up. Sara shook her head and thought about it.

"I think you can ask Juliana that instead." she replied, and at that Valentina picked up the gun and aimed it at Sara. Sara's eye's widened and she gulped.

Oh no.

"I'm going to ask you again, tell me who asked to kidnap me." she interrogated, getting up and approaching Sara.

Sara was slightly terrified at having her own gun aimed at her, but she wasn't very fazed. She shook her head again.

"I'd rather you kill me than Juliana.", she replied.

Valentina stepped closer and closer to Sara, her face stern and hard. Sara was beginning to sweat at the forehead.

"I can see how you threatened Alacrán now." she rambled - dread slowly gripping her. Valentina's face betrayed no mercy and her gaze was fixed and Sara was backing up against the wall that did not budge.

"I'm going to ask you one more time." Valentina repeated and Sara knew she was done for. She could barely breathe as Val took another step closer and she gulped again.

"I'm not going to tell you." Sara iterated, not sure how long her resolve would hold. Seeing Val's no non-sense face made her knees shake, and Sara could see that Valentina was not going to take no for an answer. Another step and Valentina would most certainly be too close to ignore.

Dear God, she's going to kill me.

Not thinking clearly - Sara decided she could not take the tension anymore.

"Or I could run." she squeaked, ducking out of the gun's range and running out of the room, half slipping from sheer terror. Valentina had not thought of that and was slow to react but then ran out of the room after Sara.


Juliana was not even listening to Montilla when she looked up and saw Sara sprinting along the upstairs corridor. She was extremely amazed at this sight, and even more amazed when she saw Valentina chasing after her cousin with the gun aimed at her.

Juliana was standing so that she could clearly see both Val and Sara, but Montilla had his back to them. Horrified that one of them would do something to give away that they were right behind - she coughed loudly, and her loud cough only made her cough further.

Montilla stopped at that, as did Sara and Valentina, who stopped still -  barely breathing.

"Sorry, caught a bit of a cough." Juliana apologized loud enough to make sure both Sara and Valentina heard her. Montilla was even more surprised that Juliana apologized to him. He was clearly touched by this, but Juliana was half trying to understand what was going on behind and half trying to make sure her face did not give anything away.

"As I was saying," Montilla went on, "I know El Alacrán has done a lot to piss you off now - the money, the whole debacle with the Professor, attacking your mother and now kidnapping your good friend." he explained, still nervous that Juliana would shoot at him or something. Juliana however was trying to mask her amazement and confusion to Montilla by biting her lower lip. She nodded vigorously at all that Montilla was saying - folding her arms and internally praying that nothing would happen to make Montilla turn around.

"Please do not start a war over this. Please - just wait till we rescue Ms. Carvajal." Montilla pleaded and Juliana's attention returned back to the conversation, still nodding.

"I don't think he has her though." Juliana offered, her eyes narrowing at Montilla - wondering if she should be saying what she was saying.


"I think El Alacrán doesn't actually have Valentina." Juliana nodded, trying to understand why she was telling Montilla this.

"What makes you say that?" Montilla asked, intrigued by this input.

Well she's right behind you.

"Just a feeling." Juliana smiled awkwardly and Montilla was baffled.

"Why would El Alacrán claim to have her if he doesn't? That's a stupid thing to do." he replied in surprise and Juliana could not stop nodding her head at all, though she had no good reply to that.

"That is a stupid thing to do." Juliana agreed, still nodding her head. She looked up and saw that Sara was close to running again and decided that it was time Montilla left.

"I have other things to do Inspector- I appreciate you coming here but next time do call." she rushed, leading Montilla to the door, but Montilla couldn't shake the idea Juliana had given him.

"Even if he didn't have her - he will probably get her soon." he reasoned out and Juliana still nodded.

"Just my opinion," Juliana explained, close to pushing Montilla out the door.

"Why did - "

"I'm a bit busy at the moment Montilla" Juliana remarked, cutting him short. "But when I'm done, I'll start a war with Alacrán - don't worry." Juliana assured him and shoved him into the hands of one of her men who was outside the door.

"What – no, I said -"

"Bye Montilla!" Juliana yelled, shutting the door and running up the stairs to get in the middle of Val and Sara.

"Val?" Juliana asked, shielding Sara as best as she could, but mostly focused on getting the gun out of Val's hands.

"What's the matter?"

Valentina was furious, her eyes were red with holding back her anger and Juliana was thinking fast on how to act.

"You can still kill her, just tell me why." Juliana promised and Sara snapped hearing that.


"Who asked to kidnap me Juls?" Valentina asked and Juliana's shoulders slumped hearing that.

She saw Valentina looking heart broken, but she still could not bring herself to tell Valentina.

"Just tell her." Sara begged, anxious herself.

"NO." Juliana pronounced, turning back to look at her cousin a second before looking back to Val.

"Val, you have to trust me - it's not my place to tell you. Once we're done dealing with this, I'm going to kill the person that asked me to do this - but I cannot tell you who it was. Believe me Val, it is for your own good." Juliana pleaded. Seeing Val's resolve slowly crumble, she approached Val and grabbed the gun from her hand and Val fell into Jul's body. Juliana hugged Val tight, finally breathing freely after a long time.

"I'm fine - by the way." Sara declared, annoyed that no one was bothered about her. With the hand she was holding the gun, Juliana pointed backwards without turning to look at her cousin or breaking the hug with Val and Sara jumped out of the way.

"I'll see myself out." Sara squeaked, running down the stairs, and Juliana shoved the gun down the back of her pants before hugging Valentina completely.

"I'm starving." Juliana announced, noticing it for the first time. Valentina nodded as well.

"Let's get that breakfast you owe me." Juliana joked and Val looked up and softly smiled at Juls.