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Hands Up, Baby Hands Up

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Juliana was staring out the window of the car. Her cousin was driving, and all her thoughts were caught up with Valentina, of course.

"You really need a hobby, you know." Sara remarked, pulling into the park. Juls really hated her cousin's directness sometimes, and this was one of them. She was happy to spend her days daydreaming.

She turned to give an unimpressed look at her cousin, thinking of a reply.

"You do, besides - what does your girlfriend think you do?"

"She's not my girlfriend, I'm just in love with her. Besides, I'm sure she has a boyfriend." Juls began with a sigh. She knew Valentina the whole of 6 days, and she was so far gone, it was embarrassing.

"So, she knows you're the head of organized crime here then?" Sara asked cheekily, waiting for Juls to get out of the car.

"Well, we haven't discussed that much." Juls deflected, wondering what she should do if her career ever came up in her conversations with Val.

"I'm sure you will soon. The hobby might help if you wanna lie." Sara suggested, before driving off. Sara had to go plan a kidnapping after all, one which was scheduled later that day. Juls pondered over her cousin's words while she walked into the park.

What can I say I do?

"Hey! How are you?", the sweet lady who sold clothes in the park beamed seeing Juliana coming towards her. Juls smiled as she leaned into her for a hug.

"I'm good. Anyone cause you any problems?" she asked, she was a very considerate person after all.

"Ah no no - after you dealt with those men, no one's bothered me since. I'm very thankful that you intervened!", the lady went on, and Juls smiled her soft smile as she sat down on a nearby ledge. She nodded hearing that her help had been of use, but she was too distracted to keep up a conversation with the lady. The sales lady, seeing Juls with her absent-minded smile, grinned seeing the young girl so obviously smitten.

"Someone looks like they're in love." she teased, and Juls bent her head shyly at that remark.

"Ah come on, don't be shy - it's a beautiful thing to be in love." the sales lady declared but Juls shook her head at that.

"Not when you're me, and with what I do - I can see it is going to get more complicated." Juls uttered, her smile fading.

"No - don't be like that. If there's anything I can do - I'll help you.", the lady pleaded, and Juls shook her head again.

"It's fine - there's nothing-", she stopped short. She noticed Valentina with her wide smile almost running towards her, and her heart skipped a beat.

“Juls!" was all Val managed before she pulled Juliana into a tight hug. Juls almost fell over with the force of the hug, not that she cared.

"And who is this?" Val asked looking at the sales lady - and Juls' mind went into over drive.


"She helps me with the clothes, she's such a sweet girl." the sales lady replied - and Juls was grateful that that was taken care of somehow. Technically, she's not lying.

"Ooooh, I didn't know that! So, you design clothes then?" Val asked, with those sparkling eyes of hers. Juliana nodded, quickly making up an answer.

"Uh yeah - A little bit, for now it's just the basics." Juls replied, quite delighted seeing the pride in Val's face.

"Well, I just spotted you from the car, and I thought we could have a cup of coffee - if it's not a problem." Val asked in a single breath, pleading with her eyes.

Juls couldn't quite rub the smitten look off her face, and she pretended to ask the sales lady for permission before Val dragged her off.

The sales lady looked at the two of them walking away hand-in-hand and chuckled. Valentina was dressed in a leather jacket, shirt and leather pants, while Juliana was in a plain yellow t-shirt and jeans.

Guess which one's the head of the cartel.


Juls was so besotted with Val - she was listening intently to all that Val was telling her in that sing-song voice of hers that she didn't notice where Val was dragging her. When they did get to the coffee shop, she snapped back to reality.

Juls immediately recognized the place, as one of the shops in her territory where she had settled quite a few disputes (not peacefully) and that the shop owner owed her a bit of money. Perlita, who was the shop owner's mother had begged Juls to help, which was why she did. Seeing the face of the waiter in the shop, she knew that they were going to think she was there to demand they pay up.

Oh God please let them just be normal.

The waiter immediately called out to the owner, who pretty much fell over in trying to get close to both girls, eager to help.

"Hello, hello - please come in - where would you like to be seated." the owner begged, and Juls was this close to strangling the guy, glaring hard at him. Don't make this awkward.

Valentina was surprised - but she didn't give it too much thought, much to Juls relief.

"It's fine, we'd just like two cups of coffee, please." Val replied, slightly amused at the treatment she was getting. Maybe a lot of people here recognize me. She didn't seem to realize that all the staring eyes were directed at Juls and not her.

Juls somehow managed a table for the two of them far away from all the people and was silently hoping nothing else would make this more awkward.

"So, this is a nice place." Val began, and Juls was back to almost drooling over her.

"Any place is nice with you." she replied, surprised herself at how cheesy she sounded.


The two of them were in their own bubble, laughing and talking, and Val completely ignoring her buzzing phone.

"Don't you want to reply them?" Juls asked, and Val actually used quite a bit of effort to pull her hands away from Juls', her face turning down sadly.

"It's my annoying boyfriend. Ugh! I should just break up with him."

Juls heart picked up at that. Maybe her day dreams were possible after all.

Perlita herself came out to serve the girls their coffee - a token of appreciation to Juls.

"He's annoying and dramatic - and can get quite violent at times." Val went on, and Juls was all ready to kill a man, before Perlita interrupted them.

"Oh, you've come to the right person! Juli here can deal with that kind of a man in a minute.", the old lady praised Juls, who almost choked on her coffee.

"What?" Val began with a laugh - and proceeded to laugh harder, while Juliana was doing her best to not give anything away.

"Miss, Miss I think you've got me confused with someone else." Juls quickly offered - getting up and leading Perlita away, beckoning to the shop owner. Perlita was surprised at what was happening, and Juls knew she had to make amends later.

Val was still laughing by the time Juls settled back.

"What?" Juls asked, smiling at Val, a note of surrender in her voice.

"She was talking as if you were a contract killer or something." Val laughed, and Juls had to force her laughter at that.

"She must have gotten confused. I mean - you look more like a hitwoman than me." Juls chuckled back and Val had that cute look of utter disbelief on her face.

"ME?", Val asked, pointing to herself.



Juls started laughing for real seeing Val's reaction - her heart so happy to be close to Val like this. The sweetness couldn't continue forever - as Val’s phone started buzzing without stopping.

"Well, I guess I have to leave now." Val sighed, getting up,  and Juls would not even let Val look at the bill while she paid for the coffee.

"You don't have to pay me back." Juls laughed, thinking how that money was going to come back to her anyway, while Val frowned in adorable annoyance.

"Breakfast - tomorrow. I'll text you." Val promised, the two of them walking towards her car. Juls nodded and they shared a long hug again before Val left. Juls was standing on the sidewalk a good five minutes till she remembered that she had to go back and apologize and explain things to Perlita.


Juls was sitting in the living room of her mansion, pouting and distracted. It was 10 am, and unless Val was talking about brunch - it was too late to get breakfast. It was even more strange that Val had not even replied to any of her texts.

Juls was trying to not think of Val with her boyfriend - whoever that was - and she was trying to not be an angsty mess, while staring at the pictures of Val she had on her phone.

"Hey!" Sara called out, and Juls immediately put down her phone seeing her cousin.

"You look like you're in a mood." Sara inquired in her casual tone.

"Val hasn't replied to any of my texts, and she wanted to meet me for breakfast.", Juls announced in a worried voice - while Sara just shrugged.

"Maybe she's just with her boyfriend.",  she taunted in reply, not bothering herself with Juls anxiety. Juls was silent at that remark.

"Anyhow – last night’s kidnapping went on fine, the girl's in the soundproof room as discussed." Sara reported, and Juls half nodded at that, still distracted with thoughts of Val.

What's happened to Val?