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Genim Mikaelson- Hale - Argent

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So before this all gets confusing for everyone;

Mieczyslaw is the son of Niklaus, Chris and Peter.

The nephew of;







The boyfriend of;




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Mieczyslaw was born to the collective of three males. He were given the name Stiles so that he could easily fit in with Humans. This was 29 years ago. Peter was 18 when Mieczyslaw was born, Chris was 19 and Klaus was 800 at the time. Peter is now 47 and Chris is now 48. Which makes Klaus 829.

Mieczyslaw came into his vampire side when he was 17 his werewolf side lay dormant unlike his witch side which came into force when he was at least 3 years old. His father, Klaus made sure that Mieczyslaw never left the house without a daylight ring on his left hand but it wasn't the same his father's it had an S on it instead of a M. Mieczyslaw never saw it father or his other parents since that day. 

He is now in Mystic Falls with the Salvatore brothers. His boyfriends Damon and Stefan protecting him every day. He even went to school with Stefan at Mystic Falls High. Damon didn't agree that his boyfriend go to school considering that he is 29 years old yet looked like a 17 year old.

Elena hated the fact that Mieczyslaw stole her love interest but Elena didn't realize that Stefan fell in love with Mieczyslaw over 20 years ago when he first arrived  in the small town of mystic falls.

Damon discussed with Stefan many things that would protect their boyfriend from the supernatural as much as they cant until Mieczyslaw came into his werewolf side and be strong enough to protect himself.

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Damon and Stefan went to the only people capable of keeping Genim safe his Father's; Klaus, Peter and Chris.

Klaus drove his black Bentley, Chris drove his red Ferrari and Peter drove his blue Aston Martin into Mystic Falls. 

Klaus was the first to park outside the Boarding house and await the arrival of his two mates. He got his bag out of the car when Peter pulled up and grabbed the bag which he put on the passenger seat beside him and Chris pulled up with crossbow and baggage in hand.

The three walk up to the door and knock on the Boarding house door and Stefan walked to open the door and Damon had the tea boiled with pure tea leaves that Klaus gave Genim for Christmas last year.

Genim was out with Elena at the shopping center shopping for a suit for prom. They went to Saltzman tailors which makes the best suits in the whole of Virginia.

 Alaric was a retired high school history teacher. He worked at the Saltzman tailors (for the supernatural sized person). When his regular customer Mieczyslaw walked in with Elena Gilbert on his arm. 

Mieczyslaw approached Alaric and asked for the usual and Alaric grabbed his usual Armani suit that his father ordered in for him. Peter knew that Mieczyclaw loved the material of an Armani suit on his skin.

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Elsewhere back in Beacon hills where Mieczyslaw grew up with friends all around him. The Hale pack were plotting to bring back the friend of their second Alpha all but Derek because he knew that his nephew was safe he tried to telling his pack to forget that stiles was friends with them because it would be safer that way even Denton tried to tell the pack but they just wouldn't listen.

Mystic falls was preparing for the prom of a lifetime. It will take place on founders day. ( the founders day ball is now prom don't ask) Peter had laced all the drinks with a potion that would tell Damon their true intent for his son which was his only weapon expect from his claws which he was banned from using( damn you Klaus).

Prom was only a week away and Mieczyslaw hasn't chosen a Salvatore to take with him as his date yet Damon would feel jelouos if he chose Stefan and Stefan may become a ripper due to the rage of being rejected. So Mieczyslaw picked both.

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Mieczyslaw sat at his desk in history learning about some random dude on the ten dollar bill ( Alexander Hamilton) when his phone rings 

' Come along catch a Heffalump
Sit with me on a muddy clump
We'll sing a song of days gone by'

sings his ringtone which signals to the tribrid that its his father Niklaus which means stuff has hit the fan with either Stefan or Damon has invited his dad for Prom which is just great.

Three seconds after that though Mieczyslaw answers his phone and learns that in fact Damon did invite his dad to prom. His father isn't alone either he brought uncle alec and Magnus with him and his other dads which makes the younger vampire roll his eyes at his raven haired boyfriends tactic to get him looking handsome.

The bell signifying the end of the day rings and Mieczyslaw sees his uncle Alec with Magnus by his motorcycle holding a helmet which he knows straight away is for Alec the last time he got on the same bike with his nephew he nearly died and that's an exaggeration for effect either.

Mieczyslaw walks up to his uncle and wraps his arms around him.