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Warm Milk

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“One more try, stand up.” Enji firmly told his son who was struggling to stand up after combat.


The youngest Todoroki whimpered on the floor, weak.


“Stand up, Shoto!”


“Stop! He’s only a child!” Rei intervened. Saying the same old thing as she went to pick up her baby boy.


Enji frowned, but let it happen. Not like the boy can stand up anyway. It was over sooner than he would have wanted their training to be, as usual. Disappointment.


He watched as his wife pick up their injured boy, taking him inside to treat him.


After some time, Enji found the two. He watched his wife breastfeed their youngest son. His eyes narrowed as he listened to that soft suckling the boy made as he fed from his mother. Comforted. Safe in his mother's arms, they must believe.


“Drink up, Shoto.. this will make you big and strong.” He heard his wife say to their youngest softly.




This child has been breastfed for years now. It was about time he was weaned.


It was annoying.


Breast milk is supposed to help the immune system develop stronger. It’s supposed to help the child grow and become stronger.


So why is his son, his perfect son, so useless during training? The boy can't do anything right. The only thing that boy seems so happy about doing is being on his mother’s lap contently drinking her milk.


That milk isn't doing shit for him.


Enji started doing some research. He blamed the breast milk for failing to help his son develop well and prepare him for his trainings. He tried thinking of replacements that were just as nutritious and beneficial in his physical development that would help improve his son's health to substitute for the breast milk. But everything that he found online was just too damn expensive.


That is until he discovered the contents or semen. Semen contains vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, zinc, and all that good stuff. Inexpensive and very convenient for the both of them.


So, the next time they trained, and this woman was ready to pick up their son off the ground to start their routine, Enji intervened this time.


“Leave the boy.”


Rei looked at her husband, confusion in her eyes. No, she has to take her boy in. He can't stand anymore.




Rei hesitantly stood up, looking at her baby boy on the floor who started reaching a hand up to her.


“Leave! Now!” Enji yelled.


Rei hurriedly left as told.


Shoto's hand slowly fell when he realized his mother wasn't going to rescue him this time.


“Alright,” Enji started as he walked towards his youngest. “You're still getting your milk, so quit crying.”


The sound of his zipper opening had a pair of mismatched eyes looking up at his father in confusion. But the word ‘milk’ was enough to bring a slight belief of relief to him.


“It's just a little different and you have to work for it. You won't be given the milk so easily.” He warned as he took out his soft cock from his pants. He pointed it towards his son.


“Get up and suck.”


Shoto weakly got up from the ground, just enough to face what his father had in his hand. This was not at all like what he was used to sucking. This thing was much, much bigger. Thicker. Intimidating even while soft. It looked so foreign to him, he wasn't sure what to do with it even though his father just told him.


Enji rolled his eyes. This boy was taking too long. He grabbed the back of Shoto's little head, pushing it up against his dick, “Suck already.”


Before he could disappoint his father any further, Shoto wrapped his tiny lips around the head and sucked as he wanted. It was hard to contain in his mouth in contrast to his mother's nipple. It was hard to suck on it. But the hand on his head kept him still.


Shoto's tiny hands went to rest on his father's thighs as he did his best to suck him. He knew that he said this thing wouldn't give him his milk so easily, which was annoying to Shoto. He still has to work hard for what he wants.


Shoto's little tongue caressed the skin of the head, gently dipping into the slit. He made a soft noise at the flavor of it. He kept tonguing it while his lips stayed stretched around the head. The thing started to grow, he can feel it in his mouth.


Enji made a soft groan, barely audible, as his son treated his piss slit with so much attention using that soft little tongue.


“That's it, Shoto..”


What was that..? Was he actually praised? Shoto felt a warm sensation in his tummy. His father actually praised him. If he could smile, he would. But his lips were still wrapped around his father's growing erection.


He felt it harden and grow longer and longer. Wow. He didn't know this thing would be able to do that. He found it fascinating, actually. Tiny, dual temperatured hands curiously placed themselves over the shaft, feeling how hard and big his father is becoming as his tongue continued working. The child felt the hard length, making a soft hum around the tip. He liked it. He liked this feeling.


Enji watched his son exploring what he sported between his legs. The sight of his youngest, perfect boy taking his cock and treating it so well with those tiny hands.. hot and cold. It had him leaking.


Shoto made a surprised little noise, the cutest, when his tongue lapped up his father's precum. He flattened his tongue against it, wanting more.


And he gave him more.


Enji pushed his head a little closer, making him take a little more into that tiny mouth.


Shoto closed his eyes, getting lost in the feeling. Despite the ache of his lips being stretched past their limit, he enjoyed the feeling of having his mouth so full.


This taste, although salty, he liked it. The way this soft skin felt against his tongue. He was hooked.


Abruptly, a flow of thick liquid flooded his mouth. Instinctively, Shoto swallowed what this thing gave him. He loves how thick it is.


Thick, warm, and creamy down his throat. His milk.


He swallowed as much as he could, but it almost seemed never ending. He wouldn't mind that.


Shoto felt his hair being gripped followed with a low, guttural moan. Was that a good sign? Did he make his daddy happy?


When the thing stopped giving him his milk, he licked the slit clean, although wanting more. He felt the thing slowly soften, much to his dismay.


“Enough, you'll get more later. Get used to this.”


Oh, he'll happily get used to this.


“This'll make you stronger.”