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Well Done Kisses

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“And then you put this finger here…” Tokoyami said as he guided Midoriyas finger to E string. “Then place this one here and strum.” Midoriya then strummed the strings.

“Cool!” Midoriya said. Tokoyami smiled at the smaller boy and a wave of affection for the little green haired hero.

“You did good.” Tokoyami praised. The larger boy gave Midoriya a small peck on the cheek. “Ah shit! I’m sorry Midoriya.”

“What? Was that a kiss?!” Midoriya said with a strawberry red face. Tokoyami nodded in shame. Midoriya launched up and gave the bird boy a kiss on the top of his beak. Tokoyami stared in shock at the smaller boys actions.

“How about we do the next chord?” Midoriya shyly offered. Tokoyami nodded robotically, still surprised that Midoriya kissed him back. Midoriya positioned himself so that he was sitting in between Tokoyami legs and facing forward. Tokoyami yelped.

“S-So you put this finger h-here.” Tokoyami guided Midoriyas crooked finger to another string. “And th-then put these two f-fingers on this one and strum again.” Midoriya strummed once again. It sounded great.

“Good.” Tokoyami said kissing Midoriyas cheek again. Midoriya jumped in surprise.

“You know its hard to tell if you are kissing me or just pecking me.” Midoriya giggled and leaned back into the bird boys chest. Tokoyami laughed as well and placed his arms around the greenettes waist. It was an awkward front to back hug but the two didn’t mind one bit.

“If I play one more chord can you kiss me again?” Midoriya offered sinking further into Tokoyami chest.

“How about if you get one last chord learned then we can kiss a night?” Tokoyami said tightening his arms and placing his chin on Midoriyas shoulder.

“Deal.” Midoriya said leaning his head against Tokoyamis. Tokoyami lazily told Midoriya wear to place his fingers with Tokoyamis head still on the smaller boys shoulder. Midoriya played the last chord perfectly.

“Where’s my ‘Well done!’ Kiss?” Midoriya said with a fake pout.

“Here.” Tokoyami said placing his beak on Midoriyas lips. Midoriya squeaked but went along with it. The two boys pulled apart.

“Yep I was right.” Midoriya said a matter of factly.

“Right about what?” Tokoyami questioned, nuzzling his beak into Midoriyas neck.

“I knew your beak was gonna be weird to kiss… AH! SORRY THAT SOUNDED SO RUDE! IM SO SORRY TOKOYAMI!” Midoriya said frantically.

“No Midoriya its ok. It wasn’t rude at all. Also Izuku… call me Fumikage.” Tokoyami said kissing Midoriyas neck.

“O-Ok… Fumikage.” Midoriya said nervously with his face bright red again.

“You’re so cute Izuku.” Tokoyami said into the safety of Midoriyas neck.

“Well you’re cute too Fumi!” Midoriya stated as he leaned into Tokoyami fully, his neck against the larger boys chest.

“Fumi?” The larger boy questioned.

“I-It’s a nickname…do you not like it?” Midoriya said nervously.

“I love it. But I don’t love it as much as i love you.” Tokoyami said stealing one more kiss from the smaller boys lips.