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Taehyung was bored, he was sat at his desk, spinning round in his chair, fed up with all the interviews he’d taken today. He couldn’t believe it was so difficult to find an apprentice and he was sick of people whom he was surprised they’d managed to put one foot in front of the other to make it to the interview in the first place.

He reached for the phone on his desk then realised he had no one to phone since he no longer had a P.A (which was the reason for interviews), so decided he was going home anyway. As he was leaving his office, he heard a familiar voice calling after him “Mr Kim, hey, Mr Kim” he turned around scowling at Jimin who was speed walking up the corridor “Jimin, please don’t call me that, you know it winds me up!” he gave Jimin his most convincing unimpressed look.

Jimin just smiled at him “Yeah… I know”

“As much as I’d love to stand around chatting to you, not… I’m off home”

“You love me and you know it!”

Taehyung just raised his eyebrows and stared at him “Did you actually want something, besides irritating me?”

“Are you doing anything later?”

“I’m sleeping, an alcohol induced sleep to forget about today”

“Do you want some company?”

“Do you plan on being more annoying than usual?”

“If I’m annoying all the time, it’s a natural thing, so how on earth do I know when I’m being ‘more’ annoying?”

“Fair point. If you bring beer, then yes company would be good”

“Great, I’ll phone the others!” Jimin started walking away.

“Chim! I thought it was just you! Did you not hear the part where I’ve had a really shit day??” Taehyung called after him.

“It’ll be fun and take your mind off it. See you later Mr Kim” Jimin poked his tongue out at Taehyung before disappearing into the elevator.

The drive home was stressful, Seoul was too busy and it would seem the people on the roads were sharing the same brain cell as those he’d interviewed earlier. When he pulled into the underground parking lot of his apartment complex, someone was parked in his space, then the elevator was under maintenance, so he had to take the fire exit stairs all the way up to the 10th floor. By the time he closed his front door behind him he was tense, muscles knotted and he could feel a stress headache starting. As he took his phone out of his pocket, it beeped:

Got beer. See you at 7.

If I’m still awake.

What? You need some cock.

Is that your answer to everything?

Of course it is! Have a shower and a wank. See you later.

Taehyung rolled his eyes at Hoseok’s text and put his phone on the side.

Taehyung had considered pretending he was out when it neared 7pm but then he remembered that Namjoon had a key so there would be no point. Instead, he got a beer from his fridge and waited for the guys to arrive because he was out of idea’s.

“We come bearing gifts!” Namjoon shouted as they walked through the front door.

“In the lounge. Stick the beers in the fridge” Taehyung called out.

Namjoon and Taehyung had been a couple many years ago before they realised that they were much better at being friends. They thought they were in love, Namjoon spent most of his time at Taehyung’s apartment (which is why he has a key), sex was fantastic and life was easy. They were together for 2 years but then Namjoon started working for a record label and fell head over heels for the guy who ran the cafeteria. That was definitely, one of the most awkward conversations Taehyung had ever had, especially when Namjoon had chosen to talk about it straight after Taehyung had fucked him in over the kitchen table.

That was 6 years ago and Namjoon had been with Seokjin ever since so Taehyung had known that it was the right decision, he just hoped that he would find someone as special one day.

“So you took my advice then?” Hoseok winked at Taehyung noting his damp hair.

Taehyung shook his head disapprovingly.

“How comes you look like someone died?” Yoongi directed at Taehyung.

“Hobi, I thought we’d agreed that you’d leave Yoongi at home with a list of chores?”

“Well, I’ve gotta detach him from the sink a couple of times a week, Tae” Hobi grinned.

“Fuck you, both of you!”

“At once?” Jimin added.

“Fuck you too, Chim” Yoongi smirked.

Namjoon walked into the lounge with Jin “Sounds like an orgy!”

“Count me in!” Jimin exclaimed.

“You are like a dog on heat, Chim.” Jin laughed.

“So what is eating you?” Namjoon asked Taehyung.

“Fucking stupid idiots, Joon. I interviewed 15 people today and nothing” Taehyung sighed and took a sip of his beer.

“Where are you advertising?” Namjoon wondered.

“Everywhere! I thought we’d try and hire a trainee so there was some longevity in the position, but they were all clueless! One had even spelt her name wrong on the form!”

“Maybe you need to widen the criteria? Why don’t you give me the job spec and I’ll put it up at work?” Namjoon said.

“I’ll stick it up in my office too if you want?” Yoongi offered.

“If tomorrow’s interviews go badly I’ll email it across”

“Fuck that! Why wait? Just send it across now and we can have it up first thing in the morning. Then if the perfect candidate comes along, we’ll take it down.”

“Yoongi has a point, Tae” Namjoon said.

Namjoon and Yoongi had worked for the same company for about 4 years now, which is how they met. Jimin had been Yoongi’s fuck buddy for a while until Hoseok was signed to the record label and charmed Yoongi. Thankfully their company allowed the relationship because Yoongi wasn’t working directly with the artist, but he’d already started looking for other jobs because he wasn’t going to be dictated to!

The next day Taehyung tried his best to be positive as he walked into his office but apart from the fact the sun was shining, he couldn’t think of a positive. He was dreading another day of interviews, more people who couldn’t switch a computer on let alone know how to operate a spreadsheet.

“Good morning, Mr Kim” Jimin appeared in the doorway.

Taehyung rolled his eyes “What do you want, Jimin?”

“Rude! I popped by to wish you luck, I’m wounded” Jimin placed his hand over his heart.

“Always the drama queen. Catch you later?”

By late afternoon, Taehyung was contemplating getting another job just so he didn’t have to hire anyone. He had worked for the company since he was 18 and worked his way up to the top. Now he was the chief web designer, in charge of a team of 20 staff, hopefully 21 staff if the right candidate comes along. His phone rang, he answered it, surprised to hear it was Yoongi:

“Tae, look, I’ve sent someone over to you. He was cleaning the cars in the car park and we were chatting. He’s cleaning cars to save up for dance school”

“Yoongi, have you been drinking? You do know I’m looking for a P.A? I don’t need my car cleaned, but thanks”

“Just give him a chance. He’s methodical, organised and really well spoken”

“Urgh! I’m just leaving the office”

“Stop being a dick. He’ll be there any minute”

“What’s his nam…” Taehyung didn’t finish his question because Yoongi had hung up the call. He sat back in his chair and decided he’d give it 10 minutes and then he was going home.
He rolled his eyes and sighed as he heard a knock on his office door, he could see a figure through the frosted glass and it definitely wasn’t Jimin this time.

“Come in”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow as a young man walked in, dressed in blue jeans, crumpled t-shirt that clearly needed ironing and a grey hoodie tied around his waist. His hair was dark brown, his eyes were big and brown. He smiled, walking over to Taehyung’s desk, holding out his hand and bowing as Taehyung took his hand, returning the greeting.

“Nice to meet you, Sir. Mr Min sent me over”

“Please, take a seat. I must admit, my first impression isn’t great” Taehyung looked him over, not really impressed that he turned up looking the way he did.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t have time to change and Mr Min said I should come over here right away. I have been cleaning cars all day so please accept my apologies for my appearance”

“Fair enough, apology accepted. Tell me about yourself”

Taehyung learnt all about the young man, he had been working several jobs to fund his dream of going to dance school and in his spare time he danced. He knew how to operate a computer, a phone, a tablet, his hand writing wasn’t awful and he sounded enthusiastic. Taehyung would have been lying if he’d said he wasn’t just a little bit impressed, he wasn’t 100% convinced but, slightly impressed was a huge improvement on the last 2 days though.

“I will be honest. My biggest concern is that you are not sat here looking for a permanent job. I am really looking for someone that wants to grow with the position, but I will look over your CV and give it some thought. I will contact you tomorrow morning”

“I understand your predicament but If you give me this opportunity, I promise to dedicate myself to the position for the time that I am here.”

“Thank you. I will not leave you waiting too long.” Taehyung stood and offered his hand, taking the CV and bowing. As the young guy was about to leave Taehyung suddenly realised he hadn’t asked for his name “Before you go, I must apologise for not introducing myself. I am Kim Taehyung”

“Mr Min had informed me of your name, Sir. I am Jeon Jungkook”

That evening, Taehyung read Jungkook’s CV thoroughly, opting to phone Yoongi for any other information he had on the lad. As much as he hadn’t been impressed with the choice of clothing Jungkook had turned up in, he had to admire his confidence at the same time. He appreciated the fact that he had opted to go along for the interview instead of putting it off because of his attire, that at the very least showed that he was keen. Even if he was the best candidate for the job though, Taehyung couldn’t help but worry that eventually he would need to advertise and go through this entire process again when Jungkook got into dance school. The threat of more interviews and searching again was the only reason that right now he couldn’t make a decision.

“… seriously Joon, I cannot go through this again” Namjoon had turned up on his way to meet Jin from an event he was catering for.

“Is that the only reason you wouldn’t hire him?”

“Look, his CV is okay, he’s dabbled in office work before, he obviously works hard, he’s enthusiastic, has a focus and is determined. As a trainee he’s probably the ideal option…”


“…but it’s temporary. I’ll have to go through the tedium of interviews all over again and right now I think I would rather find a new job than have to live through this process again”

“Wow! You’ve been spending too much time with Jimin. I thought he was the drama queen of the group”

Taehyung pulled a face of disagreement at Namjoon “And Jin’s humour obviously hasn’t rubbed off on you!”.

“Touche! Look, Tae, in all seriousness, you really can’t be worrying about the future. He might never get into dance school. Is it worth losing out on someone who might actually be great for the job because of a load of what if’s?”

“Stop being so bloody sensible and right!”

“Well, only if you stop being an arse”

“I’ll phone him in the morning. I suppose this means I should thank Yoongi too.”

“So… what does he look like?”


“Now who has a humour failure?”

“What do you mean, what does he look like?”

“Is he good looking?”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

Namjoon smiled and wiggled his eyebrows up and down “Something tells me he is!”

“What time are you meeting Jin?”

“Ha ha! I know you better than you know yourself, Tae! Just hire the eye candy and be done with it” Namjoon left as Taehyung shouted “Fuck off” behind him.

As promised, Taehyung had called Jungkook and invited him in for a trial, telling him that if he did well by the end of the trial, that day, he would offer him the job. Jungkook was really pleased and had jumped at the chance, expressing his enthusiasm by asking if he could have the trial today. Taehyung was a big fan of people who knew what they wanted and went after it so was more than happy to oblige.

When Jungkook arrived, Taehyung was sat at his desk and had to do a double take because there was no sign of the scruffy lad, instead he had been replaced by a young man in figure hugging black trousers, crisp pastel pink shirt, deep pink tie and a fitted blazer. Jungkook’s hair was styled, parted in the middle and he had small black hoops in each ear. Taehyung would have given him the job on the spot because the thought of looking at him all day, every day was quite appealing.

Throughout the day, Jungkook listened and watched Taehyung closely, taking everything in. It had been a while since he had used some of the programs but he learnt quickly and hoped he was impressing Taehyung who had given Jungkook a task to do while he went to a meeting. Taehyung had to admit that he was pleased with his performance so far. If he could get the letters typed up, arrange his diary and produce anything else relevant for the next month then he would offer him the position.

Taehyung was sat at his desk when Jungkook brought the folder to him… as Jungkook handed him the folder, Taehyung grabbed it and pulled Jungkook into his lap, crushing their lips together. Jungkook’s hand went straight down to palm Taehyung through his trousers and both moaned into each other’s mouths. Taehyung stood up, lifting Jungkook onto his desk and standing between his legs probed into his mouth with his tongue, hands fisting the hair at the back of his head, he could feel his cock straining against his underwear.


Taehyung sat bolt upright in bed, fumbling around to switch the alarm off, knocking the clock on the floor as he did. What on earth just happened? He could feel his erection, restricted by his boxers. Yes okay so he had thought Jungkook was good looking and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t felt a tiny spark of arousal when he’d offered him the job. Jungkook had handed him the folder and stood nervously by his desk, then beamed a smile so bright his eyes had glinted when he accepted Taehyung’s offer… but that dream… and now he would have to sort himself out in the shower before work but he knew he’d be jerking off with thoughts of Jungkook.

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The next few days at work were a revelation for Taehyung… he hadn’t realised how much he’d needed someone until he’d actually started going home with a smile on his face.

“You have got to be ill!” Jimin said whilst kicking his shoes off.

“I’m not ill, Jimin” Taehyung entered the lounge with a load of beers, putting them on the coffee table.

“Well, something isn’t right, you NEVER invite us all over” Yoongi raised an eyebrow in Taehyung’s direction.

“What is this? Pick on Taehyung day?”

“Are you getting cock that we don’t know about?” Hobi asked.

“Why does everything have to be about sex for you?” Jin laughed.

“Have you fucked Jungkook yet?” Jimin took a sip of his beer.

“Woah! So that’s it! I told you cock was involved” Hobi raised his bottle of beer in the air and nodded towards Taehyung.

“You know, all you lot are doing is confirming why I never invite you round”

“You’ve massively avoided that question though, Tae” Namjoon interjected.

“Even if… IF… I found him remotely attractive, it wouldn’t matter because I don’t mix business and pleasure, you know that, Joon”.

“I’d mix business and pleasure, he is fucking hot! In fact I’d mix anything he wanted”

“You’re like a dog on heat Jimin” Yoongi said.

“You should know lover boy” Jimin responded.

“It’s a good job I’m not the jealous type” Hobi added.

“Hey! No one fucks me like you do, sunshine!” Yoongi winked at Hobi.

“RUDE!” Jimin pouted and crossed his arms in front of him.

“It’s like being back in the school playground being with you lot!” Namjoon said.

“Tae, if you like him, ask him out! You said yourself this position is only temporary so why not?”

“Jin has got a point, Tae” Namjoon rested his hand on Jin’s thigh as he spoke.

“Because I’m difficult, boring, independent, heartless, damaged and a work-a-holic”

“Who told you that?” Hobi was surprised.

“A few dates”

“No, you’ve just got used to having one night stands. If you keep telling yourself that you are those things then I’m not surprised that’s the impression you give. You are not those things, Tae”

“I agree with Namjoon. What you are, is a pain in the arse who could do with lightening up and maybe Jungkook can do that. Just ask him out for fuck sake! If you don’t, then I will!” Jimin said with a big grin on his face.

“Invite him to the band night next Saturday? We’ll all be there because we are sponsoring it so it’ll be relaxed and a good chance to see what he’s like outside of work.” Everyone nodded at Yoongi’s suggestion.

By the time Friday had come around, it had been over a week since that night and Taehyung still hadn’t asked Jungkook out, he’d thought over what his friends had said and even though he wanted to ask him, he really didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere at work.

Dreaming of Jungkook had become a regular occurrence… he’d bent Jungkook over his desk and fucked him into next week, so many times that sometimes he questioned whether it had really happened!

Jungkook had turned up that morning in navy blue trousers, a pale blue shirt and satin tie, hair parted slightly and a glint in his eye. As they were having their usual morning meeting, Taehyung could feel his arousal from Jungkook’s scent, alone. He always smelt so fresh and natural.

Just as Jungkook got up to leave, Taehyung spoke up “Thank you for everything this week. Jungkook. You really are a great help around here”.

“Thank you, Sir, I really enjoy the job.”

“Could we drop the ‘sir’? You’ve been here nearly 2 weeks and I really don’t think it’s necessary”

“Okay, Si… Okay, Mr Kim”

“We can drop that too. Call me Taehyung, please. It’ll make me feel less like a boss”

“But you are my boss”

“Yes, but we can drop the titles. As long as you do as you’re told, I’m happy”

“You have a deal. I always do as I’m told, Taehyung” Jungkook smirked slightly and Taehyung wasn’t quite sure he should have read into that, what he did.

“I’ll make sure to remember that. Still dancing?”

“Yes, whenever I am not here, I am dancing”

“Doesn’t your partner feel neglected?” Smooth Taehyung… really smooth… not!

“Oh erm… I don’t have one. I’m not with anyone”


“They dance too”

“My friends and I are going to a band night tomorrow night. Min Yoongi will be there who you have met before because they are the sponsors, do you fancy coming along to? A celebration of your role here, perhaps?”

“That would be great, thank you. You have my number.”

Jungkook smiled and left the office to start his day with a big grin on his face. He had been awestruck by Taehyung from the second he’d walked into his office that day he was dressed like a tramp. Min Yoongi had joked that his friend was fit but nothing could have prepared Jungkook for when he actually met him. Aside from the fact that Taehyung was absolutely stunning, light brown hair always shiny and perfectly placed, long legs, slim body, long lashes that framed his hazel eyes. Jungkook had even noticed the gorgeous little mole on the end of his nose which he thought was the cutest thing he’d ever seen. Taehyung was not cute though, he oozed power and Jungkook had heard the way he spoke in meetings. He knew Taehyung was way out of his league but couldn’t help himself accepting the invitation to get to know his boss outside of work.

That evening, Yoongi and Hobi were sat eating the dinner that Yoongi had made earlier:

“I can’t believe Tae asked him out, at bloody last!”

“Yoongi, you know what he’s like! He’s only acting like a twat because he likes him”

“Yeah but Jungkook won’t know he’s acting like a twat, he might think this is the real Tae!”

“That’s what mates are for. Let’s see what happens tomorrow night. You wash, I’ll dry”

“I cooked!”

“And I’ll make sure it’s worth your while”

The washing and drying up turned into a passionate make out session when Yoongi flicked Hobi with water, several times. Hobi removed his wet t-shirt, grabbed Yoongi firmly by the hips and pressed him against the sink, kissing his neck, lifting his t-shirt, kissing his back and shoulders. Hobi turned Yoongi around so he was facing him, immediately devouring him with his mouth. As his erection strained against his pants, Hobi picked Yoongi up, mouths still connected, placing him down on the sofa he removed his trousers. Yoongi exhaled noisily as his cock sprung free, eyes on Hobi as he removed his own trousers and lubed up his fingers.

As Hobi inserted a finger, Yoongi moaned “Yes, Hobi, more” so Hobi inserted another and it wasn’t long after that, that he had 3 fingers stroking his walls, rubbing his prostate and eliciting all sorts of noises from Yoongi. “Hobi, fuck me, hard. I want you so badly”.

How could Hobi resist?

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Get on your knee’s”

Yoongi turned around so he was kneeling on the sofa, holding onto the back rest as Hobi entered him, gripping his shoulders and started pounding into him. Yoongi pushed back and repeated Hobi’s name as Hobi thrust into him, their orgasms close as Hobi started to pump Yoongi’s cock.

“I’m so close, Hobi… I’m gonna come… don’t stop”

Hobi sped up his hand movements as he flicked his wrist, caressing Yoongi’s member as he came over Hobi’s hand and the back of the sofa. Hobi gripped Yoongi’s shoulders and thrust into him several times before he too, found his climax, collapsing onto Yoongi’s back.

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It was dark and the only thing illuminating the office was the light on Taehyung’s desk. Taehyung squinted as he watched the mysterious figure walk into his office. The stranger grabbed him by the tie and yanked him up, crushing their mouths together, tongue pushing straight into his mouth, not waiting for permission. Taehyung recognised the scent, it was driving him wild as he returned the kiss, grabbing a fistful of the stranger’s hair and tilting his head to deepen the kiss.

The stranger unbuttoned Taehyung’s shirt and palmed his erection, undoing his trousers and slipping his hand inside as Taehyung moaned into his mouth. Taehyung pulled on the other’s hair and kissed along his jaw, sucking marks into his neck, then spun him around, pushing him down onto the desk. The mystery man groaned as Taehyung yanked down his trousers and underwear, lubing up his fingers from the bottle he had in his drawer. Taehyung inserted 1 finger, then 2, opening up the stranger as he held him down on the desk with other hand placed on his back.

Both men were breathing heavily, chests heaving as Taehyung rolled a condom on and entered him, grabbing his shoulders as he thrust into him. Taehyung pushed his shirt up, leaning over and licking the sweat off his back, snapping his hips at a brutal pace. “I’m coming” the stranger said as spilled over Taehyungs desk and this sent Taehyung over the edge as he filled the condom.

Taehyung sat at his kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal after his shower where he’d once again played the dream over in his mind while masturbating. Last night’s dream had turned him on so much that he had even fingered himself, panting, fucking himself whilst the warm water cascaded over his gorgeously tanned skin.
It had been months since Taehyung had, had anyone in his bed and all these dreams were not helping the sexual frustration that he was usually quite adept at keeping under control. If he got really desperate, he could probably proposition Jimin because they’d had a couple of moments in the past and it was never weird afterwards. Jimin usually just wanted to get laid and really wasn’t fussy, which caused an issue when it wasn’t Taehyung or Yoongi in the past because he’d fall in love too easily and the guy would be a prick.

Since Yoongi and Hobi had got together, Jimin had felt a little pushed out. He would never admit it but Taehyung knew he’d had feelings for Yoongi beyond their ‘fuck buddy’ relationship. Nowadays, Jimin was pleased for Yoongi and Hobi but every now and again there was something behind his smile that said he wished it had been him.

Taehyung’s phone buzzed on the table, startling him from his daydreaming:

What time are you meeting Jungkook later?

I haven’t arranged it, yet.

Why not? I’m on my way round.

I’ll text him. 7pm?

Great. See you in 5.

Taehyung hadn’t text Jungkook because he had been a bit distracted this morning and he still wasn’t sure it was a good idea. He’d literally known him a couple of weeks and had lost count of the number of times he’d bent him over and fucked him senseless in his dreams. Perhaps he just needed to pull someone tonight to bring back to his apartment, get rid of all this pent up sexual tension and then hopefully the dreams will stop.

Hi, it’s Taehyung. We are meeting at the venue at 7pm.

Hey Taehyung, I will see you there. Thank you.

Namjoon let himself in and Taehyung was still sat at the kitchen table, flicking through news on his phone.

“You sent that text yet?”

Taehyung rolled his eyes “Yes, I’ve sent it and I even got a reply.”

“Drop the sarcasm, Tae. We both know that you are being a dick because you fancy him.”

“Who are you calling a dick?”

Namjoon raised his eyebrows “It’s been sometime since I’ve seen you like this.”

“Like what, Joon? I don’t know what you think you see.”

“Your reluctance to hire Jungkook had fuck all to do with his skills, you knew from the minute you laid eyes on his that you fancied him. You’ve actually been fun to be around since you did hire him and you invited everyone over. Oh and the dreams are killing you, right?? The dark circles under your eyes are a dead giveaway… do you want me to continue?”

Taehyung sighed… damn Namjoon for knowing him so well.

“I just need to get laid, that’s all”

“You don’t have to pretend with me, Tae. What are you so scared of?”

“I’m not scared of anything.”

“If you like him, get to know him as a person. He might actually be good for you! He’s not your level of businessman, he’s young, grounded, ambitious and hard working. You don’t have to pick up and throw away everyone you meet, Tae. You deserve to be happy and what if Jungkook could be that?”

“Maybe I don’t want any of that. Maybe I like picking someone up, fucking their brains out then discarding them. Maybe I like that this place is my space and people only spend time here if I want them to… except you because I’ve not been able to get rid of you.”

Namjoon laughed “You’ve had one serious relationship since we were together and it’s about time you were happy. I have Jinnie, Hobi has Yoongi so we’ve just gotta get you and Chim sorted.”

“Has the lecture finished now? What are you doing here anyway?”

“I came over because I want to hear your thoughts on something.”

“Okay… and that would be… what?”

“I want to ask Jin to marry me.”

“At fucking last!”

“So, that’s a supportive comment then?”

“Oh Joon, you two are made for each other. I am just surprised it has taken you this long! When and how are you going to pop the question?”

“I was just going to ask him over dinner.”

“Fucking hell! You’re like an old married couple already! Joon, look at what Jin did for your anniversary… come on! This is a proposal!”

“You think I should rethink my plan then?”

“Joon, this is the only proposal you are ever going to make and you should make it special, one to remember. Think about how much you love Jin and go from there.”

“You can’t give me such good advice and not sort yourself out, you know?”

“It’s because your life is easier to advise on. You’ve found your soulmate, you have a great relationship and things are good, you’re just a bit dense from time to time.”

“Yeah, thank you!”

Taehyung ran his hand through his hair and stood up “Joon, it’s not that easy for me. I’ve got a brick wall up that has a 10 inch, thick, steel wall supporting it. Sex is sex, it’s necessary, serves a purpose and there are people who are willing to let me use them. No one gets hurt that way.”

Namjoon put his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder “You mean, ‘you’ don’t get hurt that way?”

Taehyung shrugged and placed his hand on top of Namjoon’s “Whatever.”

Namjoon sighed, he wanted Taehyung to be happy, he cared about him so much “One day, the right person will bulldoze those walls down and make you as happy as you deserve, but you have to start letting people in, Tae.”

“Haven’t you got a proposal to plan?”

“I have. What time are you getting to the club tonight?”

“Chim is coming here at 6pm then we’ll be there. Is Jin doing the catering?”

“He is. He is at the club now which is why I popped round because I knew he was busy.”

“That means the food is going to be decent!”

Namjoon left Taehyung’s place with a head full of idea’s and a sly grin on his face as he thought about how well he still knew Taehyung.

When Jimin turned up, Taehyung was still debating on what to wear. Jimin looked perfect, as usual in dark blue skinny jeans, black boots, baby blue shirt and navy blazer, complete with braces. His blonde hair was wavy and he had a thin leather choker around his neck.

“Did you text Jungkook, then?” Jimin shouted through the door to Taehyung’s bedroom.

“Yes! Yes, I text him and yes I got a reply and yes, he is meeting us there!”

“Keep your shirt on!”

“I haven’t got one on yet!”

Jimin giggled and went to the kitchen to grab a beer, they weren’t driving tonight so he may as well make the most of it. Hopefully the alcohol would numb the fact he’d be playing gooseberry all evening once they met up with Jungkook. There was a time when he always had someone on his arm and it was usually Yoongi, but things changed when Yoongi met Hobi. Jimin craved affection and attention, he wanted someone who would introduce him to his friends with pride and for his friends to be jealous. Jimin wanted to be worshipped and have someone he could adore, shower with gifts and make a fuss of, he didn’t think he was asking too much but he hadn’t found anyone yet. Most men just wanted a quick fuck when they saw him.

“You started on my beers already?” Taehyung walked into the kitchen looking mouth-wateringly handsome. Black skinny jeans, white t-shirt and a deep red blazer, finished by the black choker around his neck. His hair was so shiny, it sat perfectly straight and made you want to run your fingers through it.

“Finally! I thought I was going to have a party all on my own, here.”

Taehyung rolled his eyes and looked at the time… 6:30pm…. He’d taken longer than he thought and they needed to get moving.

It was quiet in the club when they arrived, Yoongi and Hobi were talking to the manager of the club while Namjoon and Jin were discussing catering with the staff. The band who were playing had just arrived and were setting up, doors opened at 7.30pm so they still had time before the public arrived.

“Jesus fucking Christ!!” Jimin said as he nudged Taehyung who turned around to see what Jimin was talking about. “Are you going to pick your jaw up off the floor or do you want me to do it?”

“Shut up, Chim!”

Taehyung was frozen on the spot, he didn’t even realise he was holding his breath, for the first time in a long time his cock and head were thinking the same things and he was sober…

…Jungkook was walking towards them. He was wearing black leather trousers, that clung to his dancer’s thighs, black boots, white v-neck, t-shirt and a black military style blazer. His hair was parted in the middle and he’d dyed it a deep mahogany colour.

“Tae, who’s that with him?”… “Tae?”… “Tae?”… Jimin poked Taehyung in the back “Tae!! Who is that with him?”


“Oh my God! Who. Is. That. With. Jungkook??”

“I don’t know!”

Jungkook and his friend reached them, a big smile on his face as he greeted Taehyung and Jimin.

“Hey, Taehyung, Jimin, this is Sungwoon, he’s a good friend of mine who dances with me. I hope you didn’t mind me bringing someone?”

“Absolutely not!” Jimin was grinning… Taehyung recognised that grin!

“It’s good to meet you, Sungwoon, excuse Jimin, he’s like a dog on heat, always.”

“My favourite type of man!” Sungwoon winked at Jimin.

Taehyung rolled his eyes again and realised that’s all he’d been doing today. His eyes seemed to be the only part of his body getting a good workout!

As the evening went on, the drinks flowed and the 8 guys sat in a booth where empty pitchers and bottle collected on the table. Jin had left the catering staff to it as this was his night off so after organising everyone he could enjoy the evening with the others. Yoongi had spoken to the band and the club manager a couple of times and arranged for flyers to be handed out but otherwise was left alone. Taehyung had bought a round of drinks and toasted Jungkook, welcoming him into his new role and their friendship group, while Jimin kept mooning over Sungwoon, who was most definitely encouraging him.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry about Jimin.” Taehyung leant over and said to Jungkook as he watched Jimin press himself against Sungwoon on the dance floor.

Jungkook laughed “Sungwoon was bowled over by Jimin before he’d even said ‘hi’ so I wouldn’t worry about that!”

“Jimin is a great guy, annoying as hell, but a great guy.”

“And what about you? Are you a great guy?” Jungkook turned his head so he was looking directly at Taehyung.

“Since egotism isn’t one of my traits, you’ll have to ask my friends.” Taehyung felt slightly flustered, looking into Jungkook’s big brown eyes that crinkled at the edges as he smiled. He was impressed with his bravado but wondered how much of it was down to the alcohol.

“I might just do that, boss” Jungkook smirked and the glint in his eye ignited something in the pit of Taehyung’s stomach.

Taehyung leant closer, putting his mouth to Jungkook’s ear “There are only 2 places I am your boss and here isn’t one of them… Would you like a drink?”

Jungkook suddenly felt his courage leave and he swallowed, feeling a little flushed “Yes please, to the drink.”

Taehyung dragged Jungkook into a cubicle in the toilets, pressing his body against the door, crushing their lips together in a bruising kiss. Jungkook was grinding his hips against Taehyungs thigh, desperate for friction, his hands firmly gripping his waist pulling him in. Taehyung pulled on Jungkook’s hair, moving his head to one side, exposing his neck so he could bite and suck the soft flesh. Jungkook’s hands fumbled at the button and zip of Taehyung’s jeans, reaching inside and palming his cock, whimpering as Taehyung continued the assault on his neck.

Taehyung pulled away, looking at Jungkook, flustered, breathless, hair messy, he dragged down his jeans and turned him around, his palms flat against the door. Taehyung wasted no time in opening him up after spitting on his fingers, Jungkook unable to keep still as his prostate was targeted by the 3 fingers in side him. Jungkook groaned at the removal of Taehyung’s fingers but soon started pushing back when he felt Taeyhung’s sheathed erection pressing against his entrance. He kept pushing back, impatiently, desperate to be fucked which earned him a spank to his ass, causing louder noises to leave his throat.

He was never going to last very long, his cock leaking before he’d even put the condom on and thrusting into Jungkook, he could feel waves of his climax crashing through his body as they built up. He couldn’t see Jungkook’s face but he knew he was coming, his walls constricted around his cock, his head was lowered, pressing against the door, the inaudible words leaving his lips. Taehyung couldn’t hold off any longer and his orgasm crashed through his body as he filled the condom, resting his head on Jungkook’s back as he fought to calm his breathing.


Taehyung threw his alarm across the room, his head hurt from the alcohol last night and he had a raging hard on thanks to yet another X-rated dream about Jungkook. Ugh! He was sweaty and sticky so had no choice but to get up, shower and change the bedding. The most infuriating thing about it being that it was Sunday and he’d simply forgotten to turn his alarm off in the first place!

Chapter Text

Taehyung looked up from his computer as Jimin swung his door open and floated into his office.

“Gooooood Morning, Mr Kim, here is a hot chocolate and a croissant.”

Taehyung eyed Jimin suspiciously “Someone got laid then?”

“Maybe” Jimin giggled as he sat in the chair across from Taehyung.

“Things went well with Sungwoon, I presume?”

“Oh, Tae, he’s amazing. I have been at his place all weekend!”

“As long as he isn’t a prick, I’m happy for you, Chim.”

“No, he isn’t a prick! Oh my God, the sex was tota…”

“Morning Taehyung. I will just set up, then I will be in for our morning briefing.” Jungkook had just arrived for work, looking as hot as he had Saturday night. Today’s deep red shirt looked amazing with his mahogany hair and was tucked in just a little more than usual, so his slender waist was more visible.

“I’ll leave you to drool and catch up with you later” Jimin winked at Taehyung as he left.

Taehyung mumbled something under his breath at Jimin and did his best to think of anything but how fucking good Jungkook looked. He really didn’t want to be going through briefing with an erection!

“Hey Jimin! I hear you’ve had a good weekend?” Jungkook said to Jimin as he left Taehyung’s office.

“Did he tell you that??”

“Yes and lots of other information that I can’t unhear. You’ve made an impression on him.”

“He’s made an impression on me too” Jimin smiled so much that his eyes disappeared forming 2 crescents.

Taehyung was out at meetings most of the day which was a relief after briefing that morning. He was feeling like he was being suffocated… completely suffocated by Jimin and the fact he was floating around like a fairy prince in his own little Sungwoon world… utterly suffocated by how hot Jungkook was and how much he wanted to taste him, taste every part of him.

The meeting scheduled in the late afternoon was in the same building as the record company that Namjoon and Yoongi worked for so Taehyung decided it would be a good idea to stop by Namjoon’s office for a chat.

“Hey, Joon, are you busy?”

“Tae! What brings you here?”

“I had a meeting about the new bands web page and possible album covers so thought I’d stop by.”

Namjoon eyed Taehyung cautiously “What did you want to talk about? Jungkook?”

Taehyung pulled a face “Have you got any coffee?”

“You don’t drink coffee.”

“Have you got any or not?”

“Of course I have! How do you think we function around here?”

“He wanted a signature on a contract this morning and he leant over as he put it on my desk… I could smell him and it drove me to distraction. I’ve noticed the cute mole under his bottom lip and when he smiles, his eyes smile too. He radiates heat from his body and fucking hell he’s fit, that much is obvious through his clothes… which incidentally, I think about removing 24/7”

Taehyung slouched back in the chair and ran his hands over his face, looking completely exhausted.

“I’m going to presume we are talking about Jungkook?”

“Yes, Joon, we are.”

“Ask him out! What’s the issue?”

“I am the issue, Joon! I’ll just fuck things up and then he’ll quit his job and I’ll have to find another P.A.”

“Or things might go well and God forbid, you might actually be happy?”

Taehyung rolled his eyes and sipped the coffee he didn’t like “I don’t actually know whether he’s gay!”

“You’ve got to be kidding right? Tae, he shamelessly flirted with you all night on Saturday and please tell me you noticed how hot he looked?”

“Best not let Jin hear you talking like that.”

“Jinnie knows, he’s the only man for me. Just ask Jungkook out and stop being a dick, Tae.”

“Talking of being a dick, have you revised your proposal plans?”

“Yes I have. But I’m not proposing until you ask Jungkook out.”

Taehyung sat up in the chair “What?! How does my life impact on your future?”

“Because I want you all there when I propose and I’m hoping to use my birthday as the excuse to get you all there. I will be happier if you have a plus one. I can always leave the proposal until Jinnie’s birthday, or even yours if need be!”

“This is practically emotional blackmail. Your birthday is a month away.”

“Plenty of time for you to stop being a dick then.” Namjoon winked at Taehyung.

Taehyung left the building and decided to go straight home, he’d had enough for one day and he wasn’t sure that Namjoon helped at all. He fired off a quick text to Jungkook so he knew he needn’t expect him back in the office and he’d see him in the morning.

The shower was hot, steaming up the bathroom as Taehyung let the water run down his back while he thought about his conversation with Namjoon. He hated Namjoon for putting an ultimatum on him, what if he was happy lusting after Jungkook and tormenting himself every single fucking day?!

Just the mention of his name made his cock twitch, God he wanted to fuck him into next week and watch him walk into his office for morning briefing, like he’d been on a horse riding holiday. If Taehyung had seen Jungkook in a club, he’d have had his number and fucked him by now but he’d got to know him by working with him and he actually really liked him… as well as wanting to wreck him. This is why sex with no strings was so much less complicated!

Jimin had planned on cooking tonight but after a busy day because of Taehyung being out at meetings he’d decided against it. He’d jumped in the shower and changed, so by the time Sungwoon arrived he could give him his full attention. Tonight they were going to watch a film and get to know each other some more, even though Jimin had a hard on just thinking about him. The night they’d met at the club, Sungwoon had invited Jimin back to his place where they’d made out heavily then fallen asleep, most likely due to being so drunk. Sunday morning they had washed and changed, making pancakes together, chatting over breakfast like they’d known each other for years, not hours! Throughout the day they’d binge watched a drama on Netflix, eaten popcorn and kissed, a lot! Jimin lounged around in the sweats and a t-shirt, Sungwoon had lent him, feeling completely comfortable in his company. On Sunday evening, Sungwoon had cooked them dinner and afterwards, taken Jimin to bed where the kissing led to Jimin fucking him into the mattress.

Jimin wanted to fuck him again, he’d wanted to fuck him from the second he saw him walking across the club with Jungkook on Saturday night. He knew he fell in love easily, he knew he became infatuated, he knew that usually he ended up hurt when the guys turned out to be giant arseholes and then he’d spend a few night’s crying on Taehyung’s shoulder. Jimin knew his judgement was rubbish so the fact that he felt Sungwoon was different, wouldn’t hold any weight with the others, only time would tell.

**knock knock**

Jimin answered the door and yelped as Sungwoon swept him up into his arms and locked their lips together, walking into the hallway, kicking the door closed behind him.

“Wow! Hi!” Jimin said, grinning, arms wrapped around his neck, holding on tight.

“Hi and wow! Yourself. You look hot, Jimin” Sungwoon put Jimin down carefully.

“How was work today?” Jimin’s face had reddened from the compliment and he never could handle compliments.

Sungwoon saw how shy Jimin had become and decided to show him, rather than tell him how gorgeous he thought he was. He grabbed Jimin by the waist and pulled him to him, connected their lips once again, sliding his warm tongue along Jimin’s lips. Sungwoon exhaled as Jimin relaxed into the kiss, allowing his tongue to meet with his and taste as much of his mouth as was possible.

Jimin didn’t yelp when he was picked up this time, lost in the kiss, he wrapped his legs around Sungwoon’s waist as he was carried over to the couch. Their lips remained connected as Sungwoon straddled Jimin on the couch, slurping noises filling the room as he felt Jimin harden beneath him.

“Jimin, I’ve been wanting you all day.”

Jimin blushed “I’ll get some lube.”

He got up and went to the bedroom “Get those trousers off while you’re there!” Sungwoon shouted out which made Jimin blush even more and he was pleased he couldn’t be seen.

Jimin returned from the bedroom with a tube in his hand, minus his trousers, the t-shirt grazing his thighs which were defined by the tight blue boxers he was wearing. Sungwoon’s eyes were lustful as he took the tube and straddled Jimin once again on the couch, wasting no time in reconnecting their lips. Jimin had been too busy blushing to notice that Sungwoon had removed his own trousers and underwear whilst he’d been in the bedroom fetching lube.

“Jimin, please… fingers”

Sungwoon rested his forehead on Jimin’s shoulder while Jimin pushed a finger into his entrance, sucking marks into his neck, then 2 fingers, stroking his walls, curling them to brush his prostate and make him moan. “You feel so fucking good, Woon.” Jimin added a third finger, the burn was intense but so pleasurable and Sungwoon was rocking his hips to match Jimin’s movements as he thrust his fingers in and out. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, oh, God, yes.”

Jimin removed his fingers, lifting himself up enough to remove his boxers, his leaking, hard cock pulsing as he rolled a condom on it. Sungwoon licked his lips and steadied himself, hands on Jimin’s shoulders as he sank down onto his cock, both men gasping as he did.

“Ugh my God” Sungwoon overwhelmed by the intensity and delicious feeling of being filled by Jimin.

The black haired man was desperate to cum, he knew from the moment he was fully seated on Jimin that it wouldn’t take long. As he started bouncing he could feel every nerve ending in his body fire up, his cock was stood proud between them, dribbling pre-cum and asking to be touched. “Touch me, Jimin, I’m so close.”

Jimin wrapped his fingers around his cock, rubbing the leaking slit with his thumb and running his hand up and down his shaft. Sungwoon was whimpering now, his prostate being massaged by Jimin’s cock, his own member on the verge of exploding as Jimin pumped him that bit faster “I’m coming… mmhmm” Jimin felt him clench around him as he spilled onto Jimin’s hand and onto his stomach. Whilst lost in the fog of his climax, Sungwoon sped up, bouncing faster, guided by Jimin’s hands on his waist, both men groaning as Jimin filled the condom, waves of ecstasy washing over him.

The gentle kissing afterwards, as Sungwoon lifted up so Jimin could discard of the condom was so tender. Jimin always felt a rush of emotion after having sex and this was no different. “God, you are amazing” Sungwoon said whilst trying to get his breath back.

Jimin grinned, unsure of what made him amazing but not daring to ask, instead choosing to clean them up with his boxers before going into his bedroom to slip on some sweats.

“So… how was work?” Jimin grinned. His face flushed, a few blonde strands of hair stuck to his face with sweat, his lips puffy from all the kissing.

“Good actually. Dance practice was also good.”

“You dance with Jungkook, right?”

“Yep. We dance with the same troupe but I teach dance at a local school too.”

“So you’ve known Jungkook a while?”

“Yeah, we are like brothers. Who’d have thought that him cleaning cars would lead to us meeting?”

Jimin beamed “I’m so pleased Tae gave him the job, he’s pleased too, but won’t admit it”

“Oh really? Taehyung likes him?”

“Tae is complicated and massively in denial. He likes Jungkook, a lot but is too stubborn to ask him out.”

“Kook fancied him the minute he met him and it was hell when he was deciding what to wear Saturday night!”

Jimin and Sungwoon laughed as they flicked through looking for a film to watch. After ordering food they spoke some more about Jungkook and Taehyung, how they could help things along, should they interfere? They giggled and came up with idea’s with both deciding that at the very least, both Jungkook and Taehyung needed a little pushing from the inside and they were the men to do it.

Chapter Text

The weekend was upon them before they knew it and Taehyung still hadn’t asked Jungkook out. He’d hardly been in the office so that was his excuse for not asking. Namjoon was asking him every other day and Jimin was on his case too. Thank goodness it was Friday!

Taehyung arrived at the office closer to lunchtime after a morning of meetings and dealing with arrogant businessmen who usually rubbed him up the wrong way. Jungkook was smiling as he approached, his desk positioned just outside Taehyung’s office.

Jungkook couldn’t help himself, as soon as he saw Taehyung approaching, he walked with such confidence in his dark grey Armani suit, hair sitting perfectly with the ends just touching his eyelashes. Taehyung’s eyes sparkled, his tanned skin glowed, perfectly flawless, beautiful plump, pink lips and the softest, chiselled features. Jungkook was in awe of the aura that surrounded Kim Taehyung, he commanded power wherever he went and he didn’t take any crap from people but he had this alluring softness that showed itself every now and again. The briefing in the morning’s was Jungkook’s favourite time of day when he could get close to Taehyung, close enough to smell the coconut moisturiser and strawberry shampoo, to get lost in the smoothness of his deep voice.

“Good afternoon, Taehyung”

“Afternoon. Do you have 5 minutes this afternoon so we can go over some things for next week?”

“Is now, okay?”

“Yes of course. Do you have lunch with you?”

“Yes, but I can have it after.”

“Bring it through, we can discuss what we need to discuss while we eat.” It was so easy at work! Practically a lunch date!

When Jungkook entered Taehyung’s office, he was sitting on the sofa in the corner of the room with a pot of noodles on the coffee table in front of him, shuffling through some papers. Jungkook sat beside him with his knee’s turned toward Taehyung so he was facing him. He placed his tablet and lunch on the table, picking up a notebook and pen, ready to write down what Taehyung was about to say.

“Please, eat, I need to discuss plans for 3 days next week because I am going away on business. I will make sure I am reachable, of course, but the more organised we are, the less you will need to contact me.”

“Won’t there be anyone covering you?”

“No. Everyone has their role here. You can handle things while I am away. I have faith in you.” The way he said it, made Jungkook’s confidence soar.

“Thank you, I won’t let you down.”

“I hear things are going well with your friend and Jimin?”

“Oh erm… yes, it would appear so.”

“He’s making Jimin happy, so I am happy.”

“It was a good decision to bring him with me. The guys he usually dates end up hurting him because he’s quite full on and it scares them off.”

“Well, it looks like they might be a perfect match then because Jimin has a similar story.”

“Fingers crossed. I nearly didn’t invite him, I thought he might go for you, I’d told him all about Jimin and how gorgeous he is and as soon as he saw him, that was it!” Jungkook realised what he’d said and a pink tinge appeared on his cheeks.

Taehyung smirked “He’s not my type.”

When Taehyung got home that evening, he felt pretty good. His lunch meeting with Jungkook had gone well in more ways than one. He was now quite certain that his presence made Jungkook nervous and he was enjoying playing the game.

Hey Tae, beers round yours tomorrow night?

Can’t I come to yours for a change?

Your place is bigger than mine.

Does that mean everyone is coming?

Of course! And we won’t see you for 3 days at least. I’m pouting!

God, you are so annoying!

See you at 7 😊

…”Fuck me, hard, Taehyung!” Jungkook demanded, trousers on the floor, kneeling on the sofa while Taehyung pounded into him, gripping his shoulders, sweat dripping down his face…

Taehyung woke suddenly with a stiff neck and a semi hard cock, he had fallen asleep in front of the TV. He rubbed his face and headed to bed, wondering if his dream would continue.


Saturday lunchtime in the Namjoon, Jin household was the same every week, more or less. They usually cooked lunch together and made sure that for at least 2 hours they dedicated that time to each other.

“What do you want to do for your birthday, Joonie?”

“I was thinking of a meal at my favourite restaurant and inviting the gang.”

“That’s a great idea. Do you want me to book it?”

“It’s all in hand, don’t you worry your handsome face.”

Namjoon rested his chin on Jin shoulder and wrapped his arms around his waist while he chopped some vegetables. Jin’s concentration was tested as Namjoon blew gently on his ear, kissing his neck, unbuttoning his shirt and sliding his hand inside.

“Joon, I’ve got a knife in my hand.”

“So, be careful, then.” Namjoon whispered in his ear, pressing himself against Jin.

Namjoon pinched and pulled Jins nipples while sucking small marks into his neck, he grinned when he saw Jin pausing with the knife. Namjoon’s cock pulsed in his loose trousers, begging for friction as he pushed against Jin. “Joon…” Jin put down the knife and turned around, crushing his lips to Namjoon’s, pushing him backwards so it was Namjoon against the kitchen wall. Breathing heavily, Jin pulled down Namjoon’s trousers and began stroking his throbbing erection, his tongue probing into his mouth as his nose pressed into Namjoon’s cheek.

Jin was panting as he ran his fingers up and down Namjoon’s member, gently massaging his balls, moaning into his mouth “Bed!” he demanded as he took Namjoon by the wrist and led him to their bedroom.

Within minutes, Jin was on all fours on their bed, back arching, gruff sounds escaping his throat as Namjoon fingered him open, 4 fingers deep, probing and teasing his prostate “Joon! Please!”.

Namjoon loved seeing his boyfriend like this, totally gone, begging to be fucked, desperate to be filled by him. Even 6 years on, their sex life was as good as it had been in the beginning and it was something they both never wanted to change.

Namjoon lubed himself and pushed into Jin, gripping his shoulders he rolled his hips, skin to skin, brushing against his magic spot. Jin was groaning loudly now, feeling that heat ignite in his stomach as his cock leaked onto the mattress below him. Namjoon picked up his pace, pulling almost all the way out then pushing back in, jolting Jin forwards with each thrust. Namjoon was grunting with each thrust as he felt his own climax building “Jin, I’m close.”

The rhythm picked up, the sound of skin slapping against skin resounded around the room, Namjoon’s noises tipped Jin over the edge as he came all over the sheet below him, it wasn’t much longer and Namjoon came too, filling Jin, bending over and kissing his back.


Taehyung had thrown some pizza’s in the oven and put a load of beers in the fridge as Hobi and Yoongi arrived. He’d had quite a productive day, dropping his suits at the dry cleaners to collect Monday, the shopping was done, he had even had his car cleaned!

“You have not cooked for us?” Hobi said, shocked as he smelt the pizza.

“No, I didn’t cook, I threw some pizza’s in the oven.”

Yoongi turned to face the door as Namjoon and Jin arrived “Can’t you just knock, like a normal person?”

“Why would I bother to knock and wait for one of you to open the door, when I have a key?” Namjoon frowned at Yoongi.

“You have not cooked for us, Tae?” Jin exclaimed.

“Oh for fuck sake… I threw some pizza’s in the oven! That does not count as cooking!”

“Have you asked Jungkook out yet?” Namjoon raised his eyebrows.

“Ooooooooh! Have you?” Hobi winked at Taehyung.

“We had lunch yesterday.”

“Lunch in your office, while working, does not count, Taehyung!” Namjoon grinned.

Taehyung rolled his eyes as Jimin walked through the door into the kitchen “Doesn’t anyone, ever knock?”

“Hey! The door was on the latch. Have you cooked for us, Tae?”

“Okay, so next time, you lot are buying a take away because you are all taking the piss now!” Taehyung took the pizza’s out the oven and put them on the kitchen table so they could help themselves.

“Tae, I hope you don’t mind but I invited Woonie tonight”

“Woonie?? Oh my God, Chim!” Yoongi laughed.

Jimin poked his tongue out at Yoongi. “So, Tae, that’s okay, right?”

“Chim, you’ve already invited him and he’s on his way, so how can I say no? One more isn’t going to hurt and we can check him out. We need to make sure he’s good enough for you.”

Jimin did a little dance and clapped his hands as he grabbed a slice of pizza.

They were all standing around in the kitchen eating pizza when the there was a knock at the door and Jimin skipped off to answer it.

“Well, the fact that Sungwoon knows how to knock on a door, means he’s alright by me!” Taehyung laughed.

“Hey guys! This is Sungwoon!” Jimin chirped “And you know Jungkook.”

Taehyung had his back to them as he got some garlic bread out the oven and nearly dropped it upon hearing Jungkook’s name. Everyone greeted Sungwoon and Jungkook while Jimin smiled from ear to ear apprehensively, waiting for Taehyung to turn around and give him a look!

Taehyung took a deep breath and turned around “Hi guys, how lovely to see you.” He spotted Jimin hiding behind Sungwoon, under the pretence of hugging him and his eyes diverted to Jungkook, who looked as hot as ever, even in lightwash jeans and a hoodie.

As the evening wore on, Taehyung remembered he had something to tell Jungkook, not that he’d been sat there feeling completely like he was being set up! He hadn’t had a moment alone with Jimin yet, but he would be making sure he did at some point, the little shit!

“Jungkook, I hate to bring up work, but before the beer gets the better of me, I wanted to mention that I completed that spreadsheet earlier.”

“Tae, work, really?” Namjoon said, rolling his eyes.

“That is great! Would you like to email it over to me? I’m not familiar with the columns for that company, though. Do you have time to show me on Monday?”

“I could show you now? It won’t take me long to explain?”

Taehyung stood up and left the room, realising that Jungkook hadn’t followed him he walked back and poked his head into the lounge “My computer is in my office, this way.”

Jungkook jumped up and followed him into a small room which had a desk in one corner and a treadmill in the other corner. Taehyung sat at the desk, firing up the computer, as it came to life out of sleep mode, the spreadsheet appeared on the screen. Jungkook stood just to his left, his right hand on the back of Taehyung’s chair and his left hand on the desk in front of him as Taehyung explained the formula for the spreadsheet.

“Does that make sense?” Taehyung turned his head to the left, not realising how close Jungkook’s face was, and as Jungkook turned his head to answer, their lips were millimetres apart. Taehyung could feel Jungkook’s breath on his lips and it felt like time stood still with neither of them moving.

“Have you two fini…” Namjoon stopped what he was saying when he saw how close Taehyung and Jungkook were, snapping the two out of their moment.

“Hey! Yep, I think we are done. If you email that to me, I will make sure it’s completed next week.”

Taehyung put the computer into sleep mode, twisted around in his chair and left the room, walking passed Namjoon who gave him a wry smile.

The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and Jimin unable to keep his hands off of Sungwoon, who was definitely enjoying it. Taehyung could see exactly what Jungkook had meant during their lunch! He hadn’t a chance to throttle Jimin so after everyone had left he sent him a text as he got into bed:

Chim! You can run but you can’t hide!

I don’t know what you mean! Woonie loves you all.

Do not change the subject!

I didn’t change it, I denied all knowledge which is different.

You are a nightmare! It’s good to see you happy btw.

You love me. Just ask him out, TaeTae.

Do not call me that!

Sweet dreams 😊

Taehyung put his phone on his bedside table, knowing full well that he would be waking up, covered in sweat, with a raging hard on and he could almost guarantee that the dream would involve Jungkook and his desk!

Chapter Text

Monday morning, for Taehyung was spent rushing around, collecting his suits from the dry cleaners and finalising plans for the contract at the recording company for the new band’s web page and album covers. He was meeting Namjoon and Yoongi for lunch, so things were running quite smoothly considering he felt stressed out.

The trio sat at a table in a small restaurant around the corner from the recording company offices. They used to meet here more often but sometimes life got in the way and it was just easier to get together in the evenings at one of their homes.

“What did I interrupt Saturday night, eh Tae?”

“What did I miss?”

“You didn’t miss anything, Yoongi because Joon didn’t interrupt anything.”

“Come on, Tae! When I walked into your office, your faces were incredibly close. It wasn’t innocent!”

“Did you kiss?”

“No, we did not kiss!”

“I don’t know why you don’t just ask him out. I’ve never known you to fuck around so much.”

Taehyung looked at Namjoon who was sat looking quite smug as he nodded in agreement with Yoongi “Don’t you start! I’m in control of this situation, you know?”

“I’m presuming that Jungkook turning up Saturday night, was Chim’s idea?” Namjoon raised his eyebrows and smirked.

Taehyung rolled his eyes “Yeah it was”

“That sneaky, fucking brilliant, little shit bag” Yoongi laughed.

“Victimisation is not a positive trait amongst friends.”

“We wouldn’t need to bully you if you weren’t acting like such a knob, Tae”

After lunch, Taehyung headed to his office, he had a meeting with Jungkook then he was leaving early so he could finish packing and get an early night due to the early start he had in the morning.

“I must say that I am impressed, Jungkook.” Taehyung said as he looked at the completed spreadsheet.

“Thank you, Taehyung.”

“I leave tomorrow morning and will be back late Thursday evening. There is skype on the tablet if you need me for anything. If I’m in a meeting or with a client I will call you back. Do you have any questions?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Thank you for holding the fort while I am away. I’ve not been able to go away on business for a while because there hasn’t been anyone to cover. I really appreciate it and how quickly you’ve picked everything up.”

Jungkook blushed as he reached to gather his papers at the same time that Taehyung grabbed his phone, their hands touching, neither one retracted their hand as they stared into each other’s eyes. Jungkook felt his stomach flutter, he hadn’t realised that simultaneously they were both leaning forward, Jungkook instinctively closing his eyes, anticipating the moment their lips touched…

** Close the door now, you are the cause of my Euphoria, Euphoria**

Taehyung’s ringtone startled them both and a flustered Jungkook quickly stood while Taehyung answered his phone “Hello? Yes, I’ll be arriving before lunch time tomorrow. The boardroom needs to be set up to cater for 30 people…”as Jungkook hurried out of the office.

Over the next couple of days, Jungkook was rushed off his feet at work which was a great distraction after the embarrassment in Taehyung’s office. Jimin and Sungwoon had met him for lunch and he’d had dinner at Jimin’s to. He’d had a couple of emails from Taehyung asking if everything was okay which he appreciated. Thankfully he hadn’t come across anything that he couldn’t handle and according to the emails, things were going well with the business trip.

Taehyung’s trip was delayed and he finally returned home on Friday afternoon. There was no way he was going to the office after the long drive, so he had a shower, put some washing on and ran his suits to the dry cleaners. Namjoon had phoned him earlier about a get together at his place that evening if Taehyung was up to it and he was looking forward to seeing his friends after the week he’d had. He had bought some soju and beers while out at the dry cleaners, to take to Namjoon and Jin’s.

This time, Taehyung wasn’t surprised when Jungkook turned up with Sungwoon and Jimin, he was expecting it. Jungkook, looked gorgeous, as always in black ripped jeans and a pale pink shirt and Taehyung knew that he would smell as good as he looked. As the evening went on, the drinks flowed and the silliness started. Jimin and Hobi had a dance off which ended up with them collapsed on top of each other on the floor, laughing hysterically. Namjoon and Jin were put to the test, as they were asked the same questions and had to answer to see how well they knew each other. Everyone laughed when Jin won, getting full marks, then kissing up to Namjoon who was pissed off that he’d lost.

“Truth or dare!” Jimin squealed!

Since there wasn’t anything really, that they didn’t know about each other, everyone agreed the dares would be fun. It was decided that they would simply start with Jimin because the game was his idea and the others would decide his fate!


There was lots of chatter then Hobi spoke up “Rap a line from one of my songs.”

Jimin gave his best shot but ended up getting embarrassed and Sungwoon pulled him into his lap and hugged him.

Jin was tasked with mixing 2 foods together and eating them, something sweet and something savoury, so he spread some strawberry jam on a chip and ate it, much to everyone’s disgust.

Yoongi had to successfully put a tie around Hobi’s neck whilst blindfolded but they ended up kissing instead. Yoongi placed the tie around Hobi’s neck and pulled on it, bringing Hobi close.

Namjoon was tasked with acting out a movie for the group to guess which he did successfully and immediately felt better after losing earlier.

When it came to Taehyung he was sure he would be able to do anything he was tasked with so also chose ‘dare’.

“Kiss Jungkook!” Jimin shouted… there was silence.

Everyone looked at Jungkook who didn’t know what to say. Taehyung stood up, the alcohol providing him with Dutch courage, since Jungkook hadn’t objected, he went over to the chair that he was sitting in, one hand on each armrest, he bent down as Jungkook looked up. Taehyung could see the gorgeous little moles on Jungkook’s flushed face as he got closer, the air was thick with sexual tension, the group sat in silence, Taehyung watched as Jungkook’s eyes fluttered shut when their lips touched.

Taehyung’s soft lips, moulded to Jungkook’s plump lips, at the moment he probed his tongue past Jungkook’s teeth, he exhaled, releasing the breath he hadn’t realised he was holding. Jungkook’s hand went to the back of his head, twisting his hair in his fingers, the kiss coming to an end as Taehyung pulled back, licking his own lips and winking at Jungkook before sitting back on the sofa across the room.

“Well, I didn’t expect you to do that!” Jimin said to Taehyung.

“It was a dare, Chim. Like I wouldn’t do it!”

The evening continued and even as Jungkook left to go home, he could still taste Taehyung on his lips. The kiss had been brief but he certainly wanted to repeat it. He was left worrying that Taehyung had only kissed him because of an alcohol induced dare and the only way he was going to find out was to ask him.

Jungkook was pinned against the wall, his head spinning as Taehyung fucked into him. His weight supported by Taehyungs arms and the wall, sweat dripping off him. Taehyung could feel his thighs burning but was being driven by the overwhelming lust and desire to fill Jungkook with his cum.

“Dammit!” Taehyung rubbed his face harshly with his hands, he’d woken just as he was about to cum. The kiss with Jungkook at Namjoon’s had been playing on his mind, he lay in bed, running his tongue over his lips, he could taste him, the way his mouth moulded perfectly to his, the way his tongue stroked his own. Taehyung felt an ache in his groin as he thought about how far the kiss could have gone if they’d been alone. His hand moved to his throbbing cock, that had been leaking thanks to the dream, he stroked himself, rubbing the pre-cum over the tip while he allowed himself to imagine what it would be like to remove Jungkook’s top, taste his skin, take his nipples between his teeth. He sped up his hand movements knowing he was close as he could see Jungkook begging for him behind his eyelids and moments later exhaled harshly as he came into his hand.

The shower provided little relief and Taehyung needed some advice so he text the person that would tell him straight.

Did I totally fuck up last night? It feels like it.

Morning to you too! I thought it looked like you both enjoyed it, so what’s the problem?


Because I’ve made it awkward now.

It’s only awkward because you are making it awkward.

How do I make it not awkward?


No need to shout!

If you don’t ask him out it’s going to get more awkward and I will throttle you, Kim Taehyung!

Shouldn’t you save that choking kink for Jin?

Just do it!

Taehyung slid the phone into the pocket of his light blue, ripped jeans, grabbed his turquoise bomber jacket and his car keys and headed out the door.

Whilst standing in the lift going up to Jungkook’s floor, his heart was thumping in his chest. He could just turn around and go home, pass the kiss off as a drunken dare if Jungkook mentioned it. The fact was, that he didn’t want to do that, he wanted to take Jungkook out and get lost in his scent, he wanted to walk into work every day and know that he’d fucked his brains out the night before.

Yoongi and Hobi were having a lazy Sunday morning in bed which was rare for them. Hobi was usually up and working out or learning new choreography for his next song but Yoongi had begged him to stay in with him and how could he resist that mint haired man?

Hobi propped himself up on his elbow, leaning over to kiss Yoongi’s cheek, kissing along his jawline towards his ear “Do you want a coffee?” he asked as he flicked Yoongi’s earlobe with his tongue.

“Not right now.” Yoongi closed his eyes, enjoying the way his boyfriend kissed his neck.

“Wow! Is Min Yoongi, really turning down the offer of a coffee?” Hobi smirked into the crook of Yoongi’s neck.

Yoongi pushed Hobi onto his back and crawled on top of him, he was still bowled over by his boyfriend’s good looks. He loved the beautiful slope of his nose, the way his black hair framed his face, how his smile lit up any room he was in.

“Right now, there’s only one thing I want in my mouth.” Yoongi licked the tip of Hobi’s nose as he disappeared under the covers, leaving Hobi to gasp as he took his erection into his mouth.

“Ugh… yes… mmmmm” Hobi fisted the sheets as Yoongi bobbed his head up and down, feeling the warmth and wetness of his mouth.

Yoongi’s tongue flicked the tip of Hobi’s swollen cock, saliva dripped down his shaft. Hobi could feel that familiar sensation in his stomach, his cock pulsing in Yoongi’s mouth, his mouth dry as gravelly noises left his throat. “Yoongi… oh… I’m coming…” and he shot his load into his boyfriend’s mouth, while he mind fogged over.

Yoongi licked him clean, then kissed his way back up to leave a light kiss on Hobi’s lips. He grinned at the glazed expression on Hobi’s face “I’ll make the coffee then shall I?”

While Yoongi was making the coffee, Hobi got a text from Namjoon about his birthday meal.

“We’ve got a text from Joon about his birthday meal. He’s going to propose to Jin, at last, so we need to be there.” Hobi said as Yoongi put 2 mugs of coffee on the bedside table.

“We’d best buy an engagement present as well as a birthday present then.”

“I wonder if they’ll go abroad and get married since it’s still so backwards here in Korea?”

“Joon must have a plan. Maybe a wedding abroad and a big party here? It’s bound to be something that is going to cost us a fucking fortune!”

Hobi laughed and sipped his coffee.

Chapter Text

The lift seemed to take forever, Taehyung wiped his clammy hands on his jeans as he paused, fist raised… just knock on the flaming door!

He knocked a couple of times and was about to walk away when Jungkook opened the door, unable to hide the surprise on his face when he saw Taehyung stood there.

“Sorry for turning up unannounced, if you’re busy, I can come back?”

Jungkook opened the door wider and gestured for Taehyung to come in “No, I’m not busy. Is everything okay with work?”

“Work? Yes, everything is fine.” Taehyung looked around the apartment, decorated simplistically but tastefully in monochrome shades. He followed Jungkook into a small kitchen and admired how hot he looked in simple grey sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt that revealed a hint of shoulder and collarbone.

“Would you like a drink? Tea?”

Taehyung nodded “Please.”

“So? What brings you here?”

“I thought we should talk about last night so things aren’t awkward at work.”

“They won’t be awkward, Taehyung. Work is work and a drunken dare is a drunken dare.”

Taehyung wasn’t expecting that level of honesty “Oh erm… well, that’s good then.”

“Is that all you wanted to say?” Jungkook’s heart felt heavy, he thought this is what it might amount to but had been hoping he was wrong.

“If you’re happy with it left like that?”

“You are the one who came here, Taehyung, are ‘you’ happy with that?”

“I kissed you because I wanted to, not because it was a dare and not because I had been drinking.”

“Thank you for letting me know that. It certainly makes me feel less like shit.”

“How do you feel?”

Jungkook poured hot water into 2 cups, his pulse throbbing in his temples as he turned to face Taehyung who was staring at him with an intense expression.

“Like… I feel like… I wouldn’t mind if you were dared to do it again.”

Taehyung took steps closer to Jungkook until he was within touching distance “and what about kissing you because I want to and not because I’ve been dared to?”

The gap between them lessened as Taehyung moved closer, never once breaking eye contact.

“I wouldn’t mind that either.” Jungkook said in a quiet voice.

Taehyung connected their lips, his hands cupping Jungkook’s neck, he licked along his bottom lip and Jungkook responded by opening his mouth to allow their tongues to taste each other. Jungkook held Taehyung by his waist, pulling him closer as he tilted his head, wanting to taste every inch of his mouth. Breathing, at this moment wasn’t a priority as neither wanted to come up for air, the kitchen filled with heavy nasal noises.

It was Taehyung who broke the kiss, pulling away and smiling at Jungkook “Can I take you out?”

“Like, on a date?”

“Yes, like, on a date.”

“Thought you’d never ask.” Jungkook winked at Taehyung, handing him a cup of hot tea.

“When are you free?”

“Well, it depends on my boss, he’s really mean and keeps me slaving away until late, I’m practically chained to my desk.” Jungkook placed the back of his hand on his forehead and feigned anguish.

“Your boss sounds like a great guy, I’d have you chained to my desk???????!” Taehyung grinned.

“Touche! Tomorrow night?”

“I’ll pick you up at 8pm. Make sure your boss let’s you go on time.”

Taehyung finished his tea then stood to leave “I’d better go, I’ve got things to prepare for work tomorrow. I’ve got this apprentice and he’s a complete nightmare.”

Jungkook laughed and opened the door “It sounds like my boss and your apprentice would get along well.”

“Thank you for the tea, Jungkook.”

Jungkook leant against the door and looked to the ceiling, every muscle relaxing as he exhaled. He had to pinch himself in case he was dreaming! He reached for his phone and started typing out a text to Sungwoon but then thought better of it. He was maybe jumping in with both feet, what if tomorrow night didn’t go well? He would look like a right idiot! If Taehyung decided to tell Jimin and then Sungwoon asked him about it, then he would tell him, but until then, he would have to keep it to himself.

Jungkook needed a distraction, his mind swam with thoughts of Taehyung, each time he blinked he could see him walking towards him, leaning in for a kiss. From the moment Jungkook had walked into his office that day, in his crumpled clothes, he was awestruck by the ethereal man, sat at his desk. If he hadn’t been hired he had planned to speak to Yoongi to find out more about Kim Taehyung in the hope of dating him. The first couple of week’s were tough, working so closely to him, his heart skipped a beat every time he looked at him and then there was a shift in the atmosphere and he’d noticed lingering glances and a soft smile.

He had dared to hope that Taehyung felt an attraction for him too but he didn’t give much away. Jimin was convinced that Jungkook should have taken the plunge and asked him out but he felt that it should come from Taehyung. He was sure that when he turned up today, that he was going to tell Jungkook that last night had been a drunken mistake and that their relationship should remain professional. Jungkook didn’t want that. He didn’t want to lose the new friendship group he had and if that meant swallowing his attraction for Taehyung then so be it.

Now, he stood in his bedroom, looking through his wardrobe… what on earth should he wear tomorrow night? He didn’t even know where they were going so he didn’t want to go too formal. He picked up his phone again, he should ask Sungwoon for advice… then he put his phone away again… he could decide on his own.

Taehyung smiled all the way home. That had gone way better than he had ever anticipated and he was 100% sure, now, that Jungkook liked him too. He regretted not kissing him again as he left but he didn’t want to appear too eager. Taehyung had driven his Mercedes through the car wash and had it valeted on the way home, he wanted Jungkook to get into a clean car tomorrow evening. He almost laughed at himself for sounding like such an idiot, it was only a first date!

As he walked into his apartment he jumped out of his skin “Shit! Joon! A warning would be good!”

Namjoon was sat at the dining table working away on his laptop and looked up when Taehyung appeared “Sorry, you should check your phone because I did text.”

Taehyung dropped his keys on the sideboard and went to the kitchen “Have you had a drink? Coffee?”

“That would be great, thanks. Have you given last night any more thought?”

Taehyung poked his head into the dining room “Like, taking Jungkook out tomorrow night, sort of thought?”

“Shut the fuck up! Have you really asked him out? Wait… you mean he actually wants to go out with you?” Namjoon said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“You see, the thing is that I’ve got this ex boyfriend who is a complete arsehole and won’t propose to the love of his life unless I go on a date with Jungkook!”

“Wow! You need to choose your partners more wisely.”

Taehyung joined Namjoon at the table, putting a mug of coffee in front of him “What are you doing here? Has Jin thrown you out?”

“No he hasn’t thrown me out. He had a meeting about opening a restaurant so I said I’d meet him afterwards. I need to order a few things for the proposal and it’s safer to do it here where he can’t snoop!”

“Joon, don’t you take that laptop home though?”

“No it’s the spare I keep here.”

“Of course it is. Have you got the ring? Have you booked the restaurant?”

“Yes and yes. Oh I text Hobi and Jimin so they know too.”

“Does Chim know it’s a secret?”

“Yes, it was the first thing I told him. So, where are you taking Jungkook tomorrow? Bed?”

Taehyung furrowed his brows at Namjoon “I’m offended that your opinion of me is so low. I’m taking him to that noodle place and picking him up at 8.”

“I know I’ve been on your case but everything aside, do you genuinely like him, Tae?”

“I’ve not had a full night’s sleep since he walked into my office. My stomach flutters when he smiles at me. I really want to get to know him” Taehyung closed his eyes and paused, opening them again “It’s been a long time, Joon.”

“Just remember, Jungkook isn’t Minho. That is the past. If he makes you feel the way you say then go with it. You deserve to be happy, Tae.”


Monday morning briefing hadn’t happened due to Taehyung being in a conference call all morning. Jungkook had put a few hot drinks on his desk, giving him a sympathetic smile when Taehyung patted his hand to his mouth feigning boredom.

“Hey, Mr Jeon! How is my favourite trainee P.A today?” Jimin perched on the edge of Jungkook’s desk, grinning.

“Jimin, you never call me Mr Jeon, why does your question fill me with anxiety?”

“I’m offended. You are my favourite trainee P.A though.”

“I’m the only trainee P.A that you know!”

Jimin waved his hand to dismiss the comment “I need advice, I don’t know what to get Woonie for his birthday. He literally just let it slip last night that his birthday is this weekend!”

Jungkook giggled “He loves balloons! Why don’t you take him out for the day or something?”

“I thought about the fair? Can I come over after work and run some idea’s by you?”

“The fair is a great idea! He would love that. Oh erm… I can’t, tonight.”

Jimin eyed the look on Jungkook’s face “Hmmmm… dancing after work?”

“Not today.”

“Spill it!”

“Jimin! No! If there’s something to tell, then you will find out. Please leave it at that?” Jungkook pleaded with Jimin. He really shouldn’t be the one telling him and would much rather it came from Taehyung.

“Okay, okay! Tomorrow lunchtime? Lunch date to discuss Woonie’s birthday?”

“Yes, that sounds perfect. I’ll meet you here at 1pm?”

Jimin nodded and skipped off down the corridor towards his office as Jungkook exhaled, feeling like he’d escaped Jimin’s clutches for today at least. He made a mental note to speak to Taehyung about it later.

The afternoon dragged, mainly due to Jungkook clockwatching. He looked up as Taehyung stepped out of his office and smiled when he stopped at his desk.

“Apologies that we didn’t get briefing today, it’s been one of those days full of difficult clients.”

“And you looked like you were having so much fun earlier.” Jungkook smiled again.

Taehyung returned his smile “Oh I was, lots. I’m done for the day so I’m off. I promised I’d stop by and see Jimin on the way out. He’s fretting about Sungwoon’s birthday.”

“He stopped by earlier. Since you mentioned, Jimin, he was fishing for information. He asked if I was free tonight.” A light pink tinge flushed his cheeks.

“I see. Are you busy then?”

Jungkook’s eyes widened and he didn’t know whether Taehyung was being serious, he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Taehyung smirked and leant forwards “8pm right? Leave once you’ve finished up, we can’t have your boss getting a bad name, right?”

Jungkook gulped “See you at 8.”

Jungkook watched as Taehyung walked down the corridor, power striding in his navy blue tailored suit, even from behind he had an heir of authority.

Jimin beamed when Taehyung entered his office “What brings you down here at this time? And why the fuck are you grinning like that?”

“Wow! I must stop by more often.”

“Did you get laid?”

Taehyung pulled a face “Chim, no, I didn’t get laid.”

“Abducted by aliens? If I go up to your office, is the real Kim Taehyung sat at his desk?”

“You are making out like I never smile!”

Jimin raised his eyebrows “You don’t smile as often as you should and rarely like that!” he emphasized the word ‘that’ and pointed at Taehyung.

“I was going to wait and see how it went before telling you but you are being your usual pain in the arse self, so… I’m taking Jungkook out tonight”

Jimin high pitch squealed and Taehyung sighed “Ha! That’s why he is busy tonight! At fucking last!”

“Okay, so now you know. Would you like to discuss Sungwoon’s birthday?”

Jimin got up from his desk, clapping his hands together excitedly “No!! You go home and get ready for your big date! We can talk about Woonie’s birthday tomorrow when you tell me all the gory details about tonight!”

“Gory details? I’m not a serial killer, Chim.”

“But you are a beast in the bedroom” jimin winked.

“Oh my God! Bye Jimin, see you tomorrow!”

Taehyung walked out of Jimin’s office hearing Jimin’s squeals and laughter behind him.

Chapter Text

“Check you out!!” Jin wolf whistled as Taehyung stepped into the lounge.

“Do you think, that maybe, just once, that you or your boyfriend could knock?”

“But TaeTae… he’s working late and your place is closer to the company so I thought I could order his birthday presents and have them delivered here before walking to meet him.”

Taehyung sighed and rolled his eyes “Fine! If you want to hide what you’ve got there, stick it under my bed.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

Taehyung looked at himself once more in the mirror, his hair was parted in the middle, slightly more than usual and framed his eyes perfectly. He had opted for a simple blue button down short sleeved shirt over indigo skinny jeans which he teamed with a knee length military style coat.

19:50… was it okay to be early? Taehyung sat in his car, contemplating whether he should go up or not? Instead he decided to send Jungkook a text to let him know he was outside.

Taehyung was sure that Jungkook would hear his heart pounding in his chest when he got in the car so spent his time deep breathing, trying to calm his nerves.

Well… fuck… calming his nerves was going well until he saw Jungkook coming out of the complex and towards his car.

The drive to the little noodle place was relaxed, Jungkook telling Taehyung about the afternoon and the brief visit from an over excited Jimin before he left work. Everything about Jungkook aroused Taehyung, his hair, his smile, his gorgeous brown eyes, his plump lips, his small waist, his natural scent (that Taehyung had decided was literally just the scent of Jungkook since he couldn’t put his finger on it). All that without taking into consideration the fact that he always looked hot, tonight especially in black skinny jeans, a black button down shirt and a red coat. The shirt was tucked in so Taehyung had a great view of his waist and the shirt hugged his chest. He imagined unbuttoning it, slowly… then shook his head to prevent further arousal and he really didn’t want to enter the restaurant with a hard on.

Over dinner, it surprised Taehyung how easy it was to talk to Jungkook, he had wonderful friends he could tell anything but he missed the personal nature of having someone to share absolutely everything with.

“How often do you see your family?” Taehyung asked.

“A few times a month, I suppose. My parents have had a difficult time, coming to terms with my sexuality so it’s a work in progress.” Jungkook smiled but there was a sadness behind it.

Taehyung instinctively reached out and put his hand over Jungkook’s hand that was resting on the table. Jungkook was grateful for the gesture and the warmth of Taehyung’s hand.

“Did you stop by and see Jimin this afternoon?”

“Yeah I did. You’re bound to see him before I do tomorrow so prepare yourself.” Taehyung spoke but didn’t move his hand.

“Thanks. I’m not one to kiss and tell so you needn’t worry.”

“That’s a bit presumptuous, are you expecting a kiss?” one corner of Taehyung’s mouth curled upward and he raised an eyebrow.

“, I didn’t mean it like that.” Jungkook felt his cheeks redden.

Taehyung grinned as he paid the bill amidst protests from Jungkook who wanted to pay half at least.

“I asked you out so I should pay. You can pay next time.”

Jungkook smirked “That’s a bit presumptuous.”

“That wasn’t a presumption, Jungkook.”

The ride back to Jungkook’s was lighthearted and laughter filled the car as Taehyung told Jungkook about his friends.

“You and Namjoon seem to be close.”

“We are. He’s my ex.”

Jungkook looked surprised, he could tell they were close but hadn’t realised they were former partners.

“Oh, I didn’t know. It’s cool that you guys are all so close.”

“There’s lots you don’t know about me, Jungkook.”

“I know that your car is cleaner than my apartment!” Jungkook laughed.

“You haven’t seen the boot, it’s a tip.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“When we get to yours, I’ll show you.”

Taehyung parked up outside the complex and got out the car at the same time as Jungkook. He walked around to the rear of the car and gestured for Jungkook to follow him as he opened the boot to reveal boxes of files, drawings and various car cleaning items.

Jungkook laughed “You’d better just keep the boot closed.”

“That is probably the best idea. Anyway, thank you for this evening.”

Taehyung walked around to the passenger side rear door and took Jungkook’s coat off the back seat to hand to him, closing the door, they stood next to the car, in the dimly lit car park.

“Thank you for taking me. I had a really good time.” He reached out to take his coat and as he took it, Taehyung tugged the coat and pulled Jungkook towards him.

“I think we should give you something to tell Jimin tomorrow, don’t you?”

Jungkook’s heart was thumping in his chest as Taehyung placed one of his hand on his waist and closed the gap between them. A small noise rumbled in Jungkook’s throat as their lips connected and he immediately opened his mouth so their tongues could meet once again. Taehyung moved forward, guiding Jungkook by the waist so his back was against the car door, tilting his head, his tongue explored Jungkook’s mouth.

Jungkook was breathing heavily as Taehyung kissed his neck, warm, wet lips, lightly sucking the column of his throat. His eyes were closed, his head back as he was lost in Taehyung. Their mouths connected once more as Taehyung pressed himself against Jungkook.

By the time Taehyung pulled back, they were both panting, Jungkook stood motionless as Taehyung traced his swollen lips with his thumb.

“See you tomorrow?” Taehyung’s voice was low and smooth, slightly husky.

“Y-yeah. See you tomorrow.”


Taehyung pulled into the car park of his apartment complex, painfully aware of the erection in his jeans. He had smiled to himself all the way home, reliving the evening and particularly that kiss at the end. He’d watched Jungkook walk into his building, fighting every urge he had to run after him and fuck his brains out.

He dropped his keys onto the sideboard and saw a note from Jin, thanking him for letting him use his place earlier. Taehyung laughed at the p.s at the bottom:

p.s) Make sure you get laid.

Taehyung threw the note in the bin and went to bed. He checked his phone and read his texts:

I hope you’re being the perfect gentleman tonight.

Sorry, worked late, wanted to text you earlier. I hope your date goes well.

Thanks again for tonight. The food was great at that place.

Taehyung didn’t want to leave Jungkook’s message unanswered so fired off a quick reply before placing his phone on the bedside table.

I’m a disaster in the kitchen so I eat there often. I had a good night to.

The room lit up when Taehyung received a reply immediately:

I’m less than a disaster in the kitchen. Dinner at mine Friday night?

I’ll bring a take away menu, just in case 😉

Namjoon had taken Tuesday off work so he could put the final preparations in place for his birthday and he needed to collect the ring. As he walked to the jewellers he couldn’t help but think back to the day he asked Jin to be his boyfriend. He wasn’t sure, at the time, whether they would last a year, let alone 6. Namjoon had thought he would be with Taehyung forever at first, they got on so well, sex was amazing and they could talk about everything and anything. The day he met Jin for the first time he felt this spark of electricity in his stomach, it was like intense butterflies, but he was with Taehyung so hadn’t acted on it. Jin had asked him if he wanted to get coffee one lunchtime and it was then that Namjoon had realised that even though he loved Taehyung, he wasn’t ‘in love’ with him, the sex was great because they were both horny 24/7 and it was mostly lustful, spontaneous fucking in random places.

Namjoon had gone home that evening with every intention of speaking to Taehyung over dinner but whilst preparing dinner, one thing had led to another and before he knew it, he had Taehyung bent over the kitchen table whilst he fucked him senseless. He smiled at the memory of Taehyung sweating and moaning, chest pressed against the glass table. That had also confirmed to him that as wonderful as it was, it was a need rather than desire, so he had blurted everything out there and then as they cleaned themselves up in the kitchen.

Taehyung hadn’t been upset or hurt, he completely understood, and they’d vowed to maintain their friendship because that is what meant more to them both. Namjoon had insisted that nothing had happened with Jin but that he would like it to and with Taehyung’s blessing he took Jin out the very next evening. Jin had sat and listened to everything Namjoon had told him about his relationship with Taehyung and he’d smiled when Namjoon had told him they were no longer together, asking Namjoon out on another date there and then.

Two weeks later, Namjoon had spoken to Taehyung to tell him that he was planning on asking Jin to be his boyfriend but he was worried it was possibly a rebound situation. Taehyung had told him to go for it because he would only regret it if he didn’t.

Namjoon had been so nervous, they had gone to a nice restaurant and whilst sharing dessert he’d asked Jin to go steady. Namjoon can still see the look on Jin’s face and the huge smile that followed. He’d thought his heart would burst as it was the most beautiful expression he’d ever seen. That evening he’d walked Jin home and kissed him at the door, but the kiss had become intense as emotions bubbled over and they were pulling each others clothes off while Jin fumbled for his keys, falling through the door and fucking right there in the hallway. They had lay on the floor wrapped up in each other until they had got cold and Jin had asked him to stay the night. Namjoon smiled as he thought about the very little sleep they actually got that night and how their sex life was as good now as it was then.

The jeweller presented Namjoon with a black leather hinged box, inside, nestled in blue satin was a platinum band, the band had an ‘N’ and a ‘S’ in an italic font, slightly overlapping each other, on the left was a tiny sapphire and on the right was a tony blue topaz to symbolize their birth stones. Namjoon was in awe of it and couldn’t wait to see it on Jin’s finger. He had spent ages deciding on initials because Jin rarely used ‘Seokjin’ but Namjoon felt it was important to Have an ‘S’ with his ‘N’.

Namjoon decided that since he was in the neighbourhood, that he would drop by and see Taehyung so he could give him the ring to look after. He was sure he would have a safe in his office because he didn’t trust that Jin wouldn’t find it if he kept it at home.

“Hi Jungkook” Namjoon said as he approached Taehyung’s office.

“Hi Namjoon. Are you here to see Taehyung? He’s free at the moment.”

“That’s a stroke of luck, yes I am, thanks. How are you? How was your date?”

Jungkook smiled “I’m good, really good, thank you. The date was good.”

“Just good? He must be losing his touch.” Namjoon winked at Jungkook.

“It was better than good, Namjoon.” Jungkook blushed as he thought about the kiss by the car.

“I’m only pulling your leg. You like him a lot, don’t you?”

Jungkook nodded shyly.

“He likes you too, you know?”

Jungkook smiled and a pink tinge appeared on his cheeks.

“Can I go in?”

“Yes, yes of course.”

Namjoon opened the door to Taehyung’s office and sat down on the sofa, not speaking since Taehyung was on the phone. He looked up and waved, pointing to the coffee machine for Namjoon to help himself while he finished his call.

Taehyung got up from his desk once the call was done and sat on the arm of the sofa “What brings you to this side of town?”

“I collected Jin’s ring and checked in at the restaurant to make sure the reservation was sorted. Would you keep the ring here? You have a safe, right?”

“Uh-ha. Give it to me and I’ll put it in there now. Do you want me to give it to you the day before the meal?”

“No, could you bring it with you to the restaurant and I’ll take it from you then?”

“No problems. I’m so excited for you. Let’s just hope he says ‘yes’ eh?”

“Don’t even say that, Tae. It’s my biggest fear.”

“Shut up! Jin adores you, you total dickhead. If he said ‘no’ I think I would pass out!”

“Things aren’t always certain though, Tae. How was your date?”

“It was good.”

“Have you two written a script together for when people ask you?”


“Don’t worry about it. So… do you want to see him on a personal level again? Come on, Tae, give me some more to work with!”

“Yes I’m seeing him on Friday. He is cooking me dinner.”

“Did you fuck him?”

“I always thought you were classier than Chim, then you ruin it.”

Namjoon laughed “I am happy for you. He’s a nice guy. You deserve someone like him to make you happy. Just don’t go and fuck it up yeah?”

“Contrary to popular belief, I don’t go out of my way to fuck things up.”

Namjoon left the office, giving Jungkook a big grin on his way out and stopping off to see Jimin before heading home, pleased that he had, had a very productive day.

Chapter Text

Taehyung was convinced the week was out to get him. It was Wednesday morning and he had slept through his alarm. He hated being late so this was literally, a nightmare.

When he did, finally, get to work, he smiled inwardly as he saw Jungkook sat at his desk, looking so hot. He had grey trousers on with a simple white shirt and silver tie which made Taehyung’s mouth water, the way the shirt hugged his body, particularly his biceps, Taehyung couldn’t wait to have him bare chested, squirming underneath him.

“Good morning, would you like a tea?”

“That would be great, thank you, Jungkook. If you bring the tablet in as well, we’ll run through the rest of the week.”

Taehyung and Jungkook were sat on the sofa in his office, going through the spreadsheet of clients and the meeting’s for the rest of the week, into next week. Jungkook had bought them both a pan au chocolat so they drank their hot drinks and ate while focusing on the schedule.

“Would you like to accompany me to the meeting tomorrow morning? I think it would be a great insight for you.”

“Yes, that would be really good, thank you. It will be nice to get out of the office for a bit.”

“I’ll pick you up at 8am then? Or would you prefer to meet me there?”

“Oh erm… picking me up is fine. Thank you.”

“That’s settled then.” Taehyung looked at Jungkook “You’ve got chocolate on your face.” He smiled.

Jungkook blushed, rubbing his mouth “Has it gone?”

“No, here…” Taehyung reached up, cupping one side of Jungkook’s face with his hand and rubbing his thumb on the corner of his mouth where the chocolate was. Jungkook leaned in to his touch, their gazes locked, bringing his face closer, he ghosted his lips over Jungkook’s.

They both looked up at the door as it opened, Jungkook slightly flushed, having Taehyung that close had his mind spinning.

“Hey guys, am I interrupting?” Jin never really stopped by so it was good to see him.

“No, no. We were just having a late breakfast and catching up on our schedule this week”

“I’m after a really good web designer for a new website, do you know one?” Jin laughed, mouth wide open.

“I’ll leave you 2 to it.” Jungkook said as he left the room.

“So, you’re here on business huh?” Taehyung sat behind his desk and opened his laptop.

“Yep. I’m opening up a restaurant and need you to design the website for it. I will need menu’s and a logo etc all done too. Interested?”

“Absolutely. I know where you live so if you give me any trouble I can hunt you down.”

Jin and Taehyung talked business for ages. Jin was impressed with all of Taehyung’s idea’s and was more than happy to leave it in his capable hands. The restaurant was an exciting venture and he was going to give it 100%.

“Where is the restaurant? Do you have keys?” asked Taehyung.

“Yes I have keys. Have you got time now?”

When they arrived at the restaurant, Taehyung was quite excited. It needed a lot of work but would be great once Jin had worked his magic. Taehyung needed a sense of the layout and what interior designs Jin was going for so he could match the website colours to it.

“What are you calling it?”

“It’s going to be called Namjin, but don’t tell Joon, I want it to be a surprise.”

“You soppy bastard!”

Jin grinned and poked his tongue out at Taehyung who laughed.

“When are you taking Jungkook out again?”

“I’m going to his place on Friday, for dinner.”

Jin winked several times “Oh yeah.”

Taehyung rolled his eyes.

“Oh come on, are you telling me you aren’t desperate to get into his pants? It all looked a bit cosy in your office earlier.”

“I’m not telling you anything, Jin.”

They spent the next couple of hours discussing colour schemes, furnishings and Namjoon’s birthday. Jin had booked them a weekend away, the weekend after Namjoon’s birthday at a posh hotel and managed to find him a bottle of the cologne he had worn on their first date. Taehyung jested with him and made fake vomit sounds but deep down he longed for a relationship like that.

“You like Jungkook, don’t you?”

“I’m not in the habit of dating people I hate, Jin”

“No, you just sleep with them.”

“Because it’s easier.”

“How is it easier?”

“If I don’t care, I don’t get hurt.”

“Jungkook isn’t Minho, Tae.”

“I know, that’s what Joon said.”

Minho had been the worst sort of human being and had nearly destroyed Taehyung. After his relationship with Namjoon had finished, he’d met a few people and had a lot of fun but then he’d met Minho in a bar one night. He was gorgeous, his hair was a striking bubblegum pink, he had a beautiful face with huge brown eyes and Taehyung had been convinced it was love at first sight.

Taehyung was spoilt by him. He was whisked away to posh hotels, wined and dined at exclusive restaurants, bought lavish gifts and adored. He had been reeled in so much that when he caught Minho taking Cocaine, he’d been talked into it being a positive thing. When he found out that Minho was trafficking young boys and girls, it was because Minho was looking out for them. All the time that Taehyung was the apple of his eye, he didn’t question anything Minho did.

After a while, the sex parties started. Minho would do drugs while surrounded by people having sex. Taehyung wasn’t comfortable around all this but as long as he was by Minho’s side, he put up with it. One day he found Minho at the centre of a threesome and watching his boyfriend being pleasured by 2 other’s really hurt Taehyung as he was forced to watch. At the next party, it happened again and then things took a turn for the worst when Minho arranged for Taehyung to be payment for drugs. He’d struck a deal with his suppliers that they would provide him with any drugs he wanted and they could have Taehyung to do whatever they wanted with.

Taehyung refused, he would never forget the look on Minho’s face. He looked at him in disgust and had slapped him really hard, leaving Taehyung to flee in tears. 2 years had been a complete lie, Taehyung had never felt so used and pathetic in his entire life. That’s when he had shut down his emotions and started treating people with coldness. He started using people for sex because that was a basic need and all the time that he was using them, he could never be lulled into a false sense of security again.

His office was dark, his heart was pounding, he couldn’t find the light switch. Taehyung could see people in the distance in the corner, it was like a faint light as his office seemed to be the size of a football pitch. Every fibre in his body was telling him not to go over there, he was willing himself to turn around and leave his office but he was compelled to move forwards. As he approached, his heart sank, he could see Jungkook on his hands and knees but couldn’t see the person fucking him, he strained his eyes, squinting to see, hoping they wouldn’t notice him. He felt bile rise in his throat as it dawned on him that it was Minho. He cried out, desperately hurt at seeing Jungkook with someone else and the overwhelming urge to protect him from the evil man…

Taehyung swung his legs over the side of the bed and wiped his face. He had woken up screaming, before his alarm had gone off and he was annoyed that Minho was creeping in to the present day. How was he going to put a stop to it? He really liked Jungkook but he would halt things before they start if that’s what it took. Maybe he wasn’t meant to be happy, maybe Namjoon was wrong?

Joon, I know it’s early but I don’t know what to do. Bad dream about Minho, fighting the urge to run away.

Run away from Jungkook?

Yes. Maybe I’m too damaged. Feeling nothing is better than being hurt and hurting him.

It was a bad dream, Tae. It will affect you only if you let it. Talk to Jungkook about Minho.

What? Why?

Because Minho can’t ruin something if you fight it as a couple. Help Jungkook to understand who you are and why you are the way you are, Tae. If you shut him out and run, then Minho has won.

Easier said than done. I’ll try. Thanks, Joon.

Taehyung showered and got ready for work, trying to focus on the fact that he was picking Jungkook up and going to the conference together. Taehyung hadn’t told Jungkook that the reason he asked him to go with him was because the main company at the conference is the dance school he wanted to get into. It was a performing arts conference and Taehyung went every year because he designed their web pages, managed their social media accounts, designed and printed all their leaflets to. There would be several dance companies there, plus acting schools, representatives from theatres and television companies.

As Taehyung pulled up into the complex car park, Jungkook was stood waiting for him, looking so hot, it should be illegal. Taehyung couldn’t understand how trousers, a shirt and a jumper looked ‘that’ good on someone.

“Morning, Taehyung”

“Good morning.”

Jungkook looked concerned when he saw how distracted Taehyung appeared.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, of course” Great, fail at the first hurdle… what happened to opening up?

“Are you sure, Taehyung?”

Here’s your chance… “I had a bad dream and it’s bothered me a little.”

“Would you like to talk about it?”

Come on, you can do it… “It’s about my ex, he messed me up a bit and he crept into my dreams last night.”

“What did he do, Taehyung?” Jungkook looked at him with a face full of concern.

Taehyung opened up and told him everything and the way he had dealt with relationships afterwards. Jungkook listened intently, placing his hand on Taehyung’s thigh in support.

“… and now I certainly feel vulnerable.”

“Thank you for trusting me.”

Taehyung hadn’t really trusted anyone with anything so personal, since he was with Namjoon so this was a big thing for him. He had to trust that Namjoon and Jin were right and that Jungkook wasn’t anything like Minho.

“So, what are you cooking me, tomorrow night?”

Jungkook smiled “Pork belly and vegetable noodles.”

“That sounds great.”

“Would you like dessert?”

“It depends on how good you are.” Jungkook blushed as Taehyung spoke and was pleased he had his eyes on the road so he couldn’t see his cheeks flushing with colour.

They arrived at the hotel and went into the huge function room after they had given the company name at reception. The function room was basically a huge room used for parties, weddings and meetings so was plainly decorated. There were a couple of chandeliers on the ceiling and for this occasion there were trestle tables at one end of the room.

Next to the door was a giant flip chart which had all the names of the companies attending, Jungkook’s eyes widened when he saw the list. Taehyung was stood just behind him, Jungkook looked to his left with a look of surprise on his face “That’s the dance school I dream of getting in to.”

Taehyung nodded “Yes, I know. I thought it might help if you came today.”

Jungkook beamed, the biggest grin “Wow! Thank you, so much!”

Taehyung introduced Jungkook to everyone and left it to him to explain what he did in his spare time. He felt warm inside as Jungkook excitedly spoke to everyone and he almost forgot why he was there. The networking was a fantastic opportunity for Taehyung and he gave out several business cards for those companies he hadn’t met before.

The three hours flew by and Jungkook practically skipped to Taehyung’s car afterwards.

“I spoke to a lady about the intake for next year and she said auditions will run before then and that I should try out. I didn’t even know that they offered a payment plan if you can’t pay in one go or get a scholarship. Taehyung, thank you so much for bringing me today.”

“I’m pleased it was such a positive event for you. It was worth the long drive for the business as well, so we are both happy.”

The drive home was comfortable as they made small talk about everything and anything. Taehyung parked up outside Jungkook’s complex and switched off the engine.

“Are we not going to work?”

“I think we’ve done enough work today. Unless you would rather I dropped you off at the office?”

“Maybe I should take back everything I said about my boss, he’s actually okay, after all.”

“I’ll let you know if and when, I can retract my statement about my apprentice.”

“Your apprentice needs to try harder.”

“He does.”

Jungkook moved his face closer to Taehyung’s, leaning over, they met in the middle, Taehyung placing his hand on Jungkook’s nape and connecting their lips. Their tongues wasted no time in finding each other as their mouths moved together, breathing through their noses. Taehyung clamped Jungkook’s bottom lip between his teeth which elicited a whimper from Jungkook. The windscreen steamed up as Jungkook twisted his fingers in the hair at the back of Taehyung’s head, both breathing heavily as the kiss deepened.

Taehyung’s head was swimming, his mind was foggy, his cock was hard and his heart was pounding in his chest. Jungkook wasn’t faring much better and was disappointed when Taehyung broke the kiss.

“Do you want to come in?” Jungkook asked in a breathy voice.

“I’ve got Jimin round for dinner. I’ll see you tomorrow?” Taehyung still had his hand on Jungkook’s neck and brought their faces close again, their lips were wet and slightly puffy as Taehyung gently kissed Jungkook.

“See you tomorrow.”

Chapter Text

Taehyung woke up feeling fresh on Friday morning, he’d had a really good evening with Jimin, it had been a while since they’d had an evening alone and since Jimin had met Sungwoon, they hadn’t seen much of each other at all.

Jimin had been his usual annoying self, squeezing every last detail out of Taehyung about the kiss in the car. He’d agreed wholeheartedly with Namjoon’s advice and he was pleased that Taehyung had decided to confide in Jungkook about his past.

Taehyung felt himself inwardly blushing when Jimin was teasing him about how much Jungkook liked him and he could’ve done without the sex advice, especially from Jimin. They had laughed a lot, mainly at how cheesy and sickeningly in love Jimin was but Taehyung had listened to him for hours, it had been a very very long time since Jimin had been this happy. The best thing about Sungwoon was that he was a carbon copy of Jimin from what Jimin had told him, which was scary because one Jimin was enough!

Jimin was very excited about Saturday, it was Sungwoon’s birthday and he had planned the whole day. He had told Taehyung how he was taking him breakfast in bed, then they were going to spend the day at the fair. They hadn’t been together long and even though he was sure of his feelings he thought making an effort with actions was better than an expensive gift. Taehyung wasn’t sure that he would ever get used to Jimin being sensible and Jimin was surprised that Taehyung hadn’t fucked Jungkook yet!

Jungkook was clock watching, sat at his desk, wishing the time away. He had to admit to being slightly gutted that Taehyung wouldn’t be in the office today, since he’d had a call from a company he gave his business card to yesterday and had jumped at the opportunity to meet with them. He was also going to see Jin and go through some idea’s he’d had for the restaurant website. Jungkook thought that perhaps he’d been avoiding him after the kiss in the car but Taehyung had confirmed that all was okay for this evening and that he would be there between 6 and 7pm.

All the food had been prepared, Jungkook had got home yesterday with a raging hard on and needed something mundane to take his mind off it so had spent the afternoon cleaning his apartment and marinating the meat. He’d wanted Taehyung to come up to his apartment yesterday, so badly, the frustration was great, once again.

Jungkook had thought a lot about Taehyung’s past and what he’d told him in the car yesterday. It meant a lot that he’d opened up to him because Jimin had mentioned a few times that Taehyung could be quite closed off because of things that had happened to him previously and now, Jungkook understood. He could never hurt Taehyung, he knew that from the moment he had seen him in the club. He’d got to know him through the couple of weeks working alongside him but walking into the club that night and seeing him looking so stunning had caused a storm in Jungkook’s mind and body.

Finally it was home time and he was sure that he had never packed up his things so quickly. When he got home he had the task of deciding what to wear… he was just spending the evening at home, technically so couldn’t really dress up, but he didn’t want to appear too casual either.

Jungkook showered then settled on a pair of black jeans and a black button down short sleeved shirt, which he didn’t tuck in to his jeans and left the top couple of buttons undone, revealing just enough skin and the silver choker hugging his neck. Everything was ready… then there was a knock at the door…

Taehyung had, had a very productive day. His good mood had continued and the week from hell had finally taken a positive turn. He was on his way over to Jungkook’s and was swallowing down his nerves. He hadn’t known what to wear for a date at someone’s home so had chosen jeans, a scoop neck t-shirt and a blazer… smart casual.

When Jungkook had opened the door, Taehyung had very nearly choked. Was he ever going to get used to the way Jungkook looked?

“Hi” Jungkook said as he held the door open for Taehyung to come in.

As Jungkook closed the door, Taehyung couldn’t help himself and pressed Jungkook up against it, heart racing, he moved slowly, savouring every second as their lips met. Jungkook sucked on Taehyung’s bottom lip causing a hitch in his breath, their mouths moved in sync as their tongues entwined.

“Hi” Taehyung said as he broke the kiss and smiled.

“Wow! That was an unexpected greeting.”

“The kiss or the hi?” Taehyung’s boxy smile made Jungkook’s heart flutter.

“The ‘hi’ I expected.”

While Jungkook finished cooking dinner, Taehyung sat on the kitchen worktop in the corner, chatting about his day and about Jin’s restaurant venture. The kitchen was small so Taehyung tucked himself in the corner watching Jungkook as he plated up the dinner, impressed by how confident he was in the kitchen.

Jungkook needed the sauce that was behind Taehyung and couldn’t help himself as he stood between Taehyung’s legs, looking up at an angle arms around his waist. The kiss was gentle and slow, Taehyung moved his hands to the back of Jungkook’s head, his fingers playing with his hair as they got lost in the movement of their mouths. This time it was Jungkook who pulled back, with the bottle of sauce in his hands “hungry?”

“Are we talking about food?” Taehyung grinned.

“Yes, we are talking about food.”

Conversation over dinner was brief because they were both enjoying the food so much. Taehyung had decided that Jungkook should do all the cooking, always, he wasn’t even sure that eating out was better than the food he’d dished up.

“So, what happened to your last relationship?” Taehyung asked.

“Things just went stale, really. We were together about 3 years and then he got a job in Tokyo and I realised that I didn’t want to go with him. I still hear from him from time to time but it was the right decision for us both.”

“There’s not been anyone since?”

“Until now? No.”

Jungkook stacked the plates and took them into the kitchen, Taehyung clearing the other things on the table. “Movie?” Jungkook asked, raising his eyebrows.

Taehyung grabbed him lightly by the arm as he walked past, pulling him into his arms, immediately connecting their mouths and licking into his mouth. Jungkook tangled his fingers in Taehyung’s soft hair, tugging it lightly as Taehyung’s hands caressed his back.

They tilted their heads to opposite sides, tongues moving against each other intensely, their breathing accelerated as they stood devouring each other.

“I would take you to bed, but I don’t know where your bedroom is.”

Jungkook took Taehyung by the hand, leading him through the lounge into the hall by the front door, where there were several closed doors. As soon as they were in Jungkook’s bedroom, their lips were locked once again, Taehyung taking Jungkook’s bottom lip between his teeth as he moved him backwards towards the bed.

Taehyung’s long, slender fingers made light work of the buttons on the other’s shirt, undoing them one by one, slowly revealing more skin. Once the shirt was on the floor, Taehyung let his hands roam Jungkook’s chest and well toned torso, enjoying the feeling of the soft skin. Jungkook gasped as Taehyung traced around his nipples with his fingers, his mouth leaving wet kisses on his neck, sucking gently on the extra soft sensitive skin below his ear.

Jungkook was painfully hard as his cock pressed against his clothing, low moans rumbled deep in his throat as he felt Taehyung’s hand rub his erection, undoing his jeans to slip his hand inside. Taehyung lowered Jungkook down onto the bed and pulled off his jeans, marvelling at how beautiful he looked, chest heaving, toned, lean body, the tight black boxers clinging to his dancers thighs.

Taehyung licked his lips, his eyes dark and lustful as he removed his t-shirt and jeans, his gaze never leaving Jungkook’s face. He crawled onto the bed, like a tiger stalking his prey, Jungkook raising himself up on his elbows, as their lips met once again Taehyung straddled Jungkook, knees either side of his slim waist.

Taehyung placed his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder and pushed him down onto the bed, sucking and kissing along his collarbone, down towards his stomach, paying close attention to each nipple and the dips of his abs. Jungkook exhaled noisily, stomach jolting as he felt Taehyung’s tongue dipping below the waistband of his boxers.

“Please, Taehyung…” Jungkook wanted to feel Taehyung’s mouth around his cock, bucking his hips in desperation.

“If you’re good, I’ll give you what you want.”

“I’ll be good, please.”

Taehyung removed Jungkook’s boxers and nibbled the inside of each thigh, stopping just near the top, then with a flat tongue, licked his cock from base to tip. Taehyung repeated this action as Jungkook’s cock pulsed, begging to be consumed by the warmth of his mouth.

“Where’s the lube, baby?” Jungkook pointed to the bedside table and Taehyung took a bottle of lube out of the drawer, squeezing some of the strawberry flavoured gel onto his fingers. Simultaneously, Taehyung took Jungkook fully into his mouth whilst circling his hole with his finger. Jungkook moaned and clenched his fists as he felt the back of Taehyung’s throat at the same time as a finger entered him.

The temperature in the bedroom rose as Jungkook unravelled beneath Taehyung, his prostate was being targeted by slender fingers and he was about to shoot his load into Taehyung’s mouth.

“Oh. My. God. I’m. Gonna. Cum.” Jungkook was breathless as he came into Taehyung’s mouth, fisting the sheets and arching his back as he did.

Taehyung continued sucking, Jungkook writhing around as he was fucked by Taehyung’s mouth and 3 fingers. Tiny beads of sweat formed on his forehead as the overstimulation became too much.

Taehyung kissed his way up to Jungkook’s face, biting and sucking his neck, leaving little purple marks as he went. Taehyung was rock hard, his cock throbbing in his boxers, which he removed, rolling a condom on to his swollen member, the urge to be inside of Jungkook so great now.

“Turn over, baby.” Jungkook complied, up on all fours on the bed, in front of Taehyung who was practically drooling at the sight.

As Taehyung entered Jungkook, he moved slowly, hands gripping his hips, Jungkook dropped his head, mind spinning. Once Taehyung had bottomed, he paused, fingers pressing into Jungkook’s hips as he fought the urge to cum there and then. He pulled out to the tip then thrust back in, jolting Jungkook forwards “Harder” Jungkook groaned.

Taehyung picked up his pace, slamming into Jungkook, holding onto his shoulders, a low growl sounding from his throat as Jungkook pushed backwards. The sound of skin on skin resonated around the room, Jungkook babbling as Taehyung hit his most sensitive spot each time, feeling that heat igniting in his core, his arms giving way as the orgasm took him by surprise and he spilled onto the sheets.

Jungkook’s muscles clenched around Taehyung’s cock as his orgasm swept through his body, Taehyung unable to hold his own climax at bay any longer, whimpered as he filled the condom, slowing down and rolling his hips as his mind fogged.

Taehyung pulled out, removing the condom and throwing it into the bin, before collapsing onto the bed next to Jungkook who had got a wet towel to clean them both up. He lay on his side watching intently as Taehyung wiped himself over with the towel, then placing it on the bedside table and smiling so sweetly.

“Are you alright?” Taehyung asked in a quiet voice, reaching up to brush some hair out of Jungkook’s eyes.

“That was worth the wait… Boss” Jungkook smirked.

“It seems this is the moment I take back what I said about my apprentice, he learns very quickly.”

Jungkook’s smile widened as Taehyung pulled him close and placed a light kiss on the end of his nose, both content in each other’s arms.

Chapter Text

Taehyung rubbed his eyes, looking around the unfamiliar room that he found himself in, the smell of breakfast lingering under his nostrils. He looked over at his clothes folded on a chair and smiled, last night had been brilliant and fucking Jungkook was everything he’d hoped it would be. He’d certainly dreamed it and imagined it enough. Jungkook had felt and tasted better than he’d thought and he felt like he never wanted that to change. Taehyung would’ve been lying if he’d said he wasn’t just a tiny bit worried about how comfortable he felt, but he was learning to leave his doubts behind and trust his gut instinct, his friends and Jungkook.

In the bathroom there was a pair of loose pyjama bottoms so he slipped these on and hoped that Jungkook wouldn’t mind him borrowing them, he didn’t fancy putting jeans on. He walked through the lounge towards the kitchen and could hear Jungkook whistling a tune while clattering around. Taehyung stared for a bit, a topless Jungkook, the defined back, beautiful shoulders and toned biceps, he was a work of art.

Jungkook had his back to the doorway so he went up behind him, putting his arms around his waist and placing a kiss on Jungkook’s neck “Morning.” He said with a husky, deep tone.

“Good morning, Taehyung.”

“Tae, just call me, Tae.”

Jungkook turned around and placed his hands at the back of Taehyung’s neck, leaning in, he put their lips together “How did you sleep?” he said while his fingers stroked the short hairs of Taehyung’s hairline.

“With my eyes closed.” Taehyung grinned, planting a light kiss on Jungkook’s lips.

Jungkook faked a laugh “Please stick to web design.”

“I slept. That in itself is an improvement, thank you, Kookie.”

Jungkook couldn’t hide the grin that formed on his face at hearing the pet name.

“How long until breakfast?”

“10 minutes maybe, are you hungry?”

“Yes but not for food”

Jungkook yelped as Taehyung picked him up, wrapping his legs around his waist, tangling his fingers in the hair at the back of Taehyung’s head as they licked into each other’s mouths. Low groans emanated from them both as Jungkook tugged on Taehyung’s hair to give him access to his neck, wanting to leave marks on him as he had done on his neck the night before.

Taehyung sat Jungkook on the worktop, feeling his cock getting harder, Jungkook fumbled around in a drawer and handed Taehyung a foil packet of lube, then using him for support, pulled down the pyjama bottoms he was wearing. Taehyung opened the packet and coated his hand, fingers wrapping around the younger’s erection, stroking it up and down before moving down to circle his hole. He wasted no time in inserting a finger past the ring of muscle, curling it around and adding a second finger soon after because Jungkook was still semi loose from last night so it didn’t take too much effort to open him up.

Jungkook was panting, perched on the edge of the worktop, nibbling on Taehyung’s ears, neck and placing sloppy kisses on his mouth as he was finger fucked.


Taehyung looked at Jungkook, face flushed, mouth slightly open, chest heaving, eyes hooded.

“You want me to fuck you, baby?”

“Yes. Yes.”

Taehyung removed the pyjama pants with one hand, rolled a condom on and squeezed the rest of the lube onto his hand, coating his sheathed cock. He gripped Jungkook and lowered him down onto his cock, once he was balls deep, he knew he wouldn’t last long, thankfully the position only allowed for small movements as he rolled his hips.

The kiss was a clash of teeth, too much saliva and lots of noises as Taehyung fucked Jungkook against the worktop. Jungkook stroked his cock and threw his head back, smacking it on the cupboard behind him, but neither paid any attention as Jungkook came into the space between them followed very closely by Taehyung who bit down onto Jungkook’s shoulder as he filled the condom.

Taehyung pushed Jungkook back so he was seated on the worktop, his arms and legs trembling. They kissed lazily, Taehyung tying up the condom and discarding it in the nearby bin, while both regained their breaths.

“Are you hungry now, Boss?” Jungkook leant down and traced his tongue over Taehyung’s bottom lip.

Taehyung closed his eyes and parted his lips “Mmmmmm I’ll eat breakfast now providing I get to eat you later?”



Jimin had jumped out of bed early to set the table up while Sungwoon was still sleeping. Jimin loved birthday’s and always went out of his way for his friends. He took a photo of the table and lounge, 25 balloons in total to mark his 25th birthday, a cake made of stacked pancakes, topped with a candle and fruit, sat in the middle. A small package sat on a plate with a big gold bow on it. Jimin sent the photo to Taehyung:

Morning. All set up and waiting for Woonie to wake up. Give Jungkook a kiss from me 😉

I might not be with Jungkook! You’ve done a great job, Chim.

If you’re not with Jungkook, I’m straight!

Jimin laughed to himself when Taehyung didn’t reply, that told him everything he needed to know. He went into the bedroom, climbing into bed beside a snoring Sungwoon, who started to wake as the bed dipped under Jimin’s weight. Sungwoon opened his eyes and even through blurry, morning vision, could see a beaming Jimin staring at him.

“God, you are gorgeous.” Sungwoon said as he pulled Jimin in for a kiss.

“Morning birthday boy” Jimin beamed back.

“Are you my present?” Sungwoon rolled Jimin onto his back and straddled him, pinning his hands above his head.

“No, I’m not your present, that’s in the lounge… however, I’m sure we could arrange something.”

Sungwoon leant down and kissed Jimin, he held Jimin’s hands in place while he licked into his mouth in a passionate kiss. As he kissed Jimin’s neck he whispered “Since it’s my birthday, I’m going to fuck you senseless.”

Jimin turned his head to connect their lips. Sungwoon wasted no time in reaching for the lube, letting go of Jimin’s hands as he kissed his way down to remove both their underwear. Jimin’s fingers tangled in his hair as Sungwoon peppered his toned stomach with kisses and fingered him open.

“Oh shit” Jimin said breathlessly as he felt a jolt of electricity directly from his prostate to his cock.

Sungwoon continued fingering him, brushing the bundle of nerves and stroking his walls as he flicked his tongue up the length of Jimin’s now painfully hard member.

“I’m so close, Woonie” Jimin said as Sungwoon tongued his slit, lapping up the pre-cum oozing out, taking him closer to the edge.

Jimin whined as he felt the emptiness when Sungwoon removed his fingers reaching for a condom “No, not needed now” he said. They had been to the clinic and been tested so both knew they were clean, both wanting to start their relationship afresh.

Sungwoon lubed up his cock and pressed the head to Jimin’s entrance, pushing in slowly, watching as Jimin lost it beneath him. Once he was fully inside he wrapped his fingers around Jimins cock, pumping his hand in a steady rhythm, he put Jimins left leg over his left shoulder as he thrust into him.

The noises leaving Jimin’s mouth were obscenely loud and spurred Sungwoon on more, he pumped his hand faster as Jimin totally lost it, unable to speak and came all over his stomach. Sungwoon now put Jimin’s right leg on his shoulder too and gripping his thighs, sped up, sweat beading on his body as he grunted, filling Jimin with his seed.

Sungwoon slowed his hip movement right down as he rode his orgasm, staring at Jimin who was still lost in his own high.

“Wow! You okay, Jiminie?” Sungwoon fell onto the bed beside Jimin, draping his arm over him.

Jimin turned onto his side to face him “Wow indeed! Omg, if this is what happens on your birthday, I can’t wait for mine!”

Sungwoon laughed “I’ve been wanting to fuck you like that since we met but you usually take charge. Not that I’m complaining because you fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before.”

“Well, you can fuck me whenever you want! Let’s get cleaned up and go into the lounge.”

When they walked into the lounge, Sungwoon had his eyes closed as Jimin guided him in. They were both giggling like little school boys with Sungwoon nervous that Jimin was going to make him walk into a wall and Jimin giggling because he really did want to trick him but decided against it.

“Okay, open your eyes”

Sungwoon could not believe it, he looked at the balloons dotted around the lounge and at the table. He loved balloons and couldn’t get over how many there were, he was speechless when he counted 25 and realised the effort Jimin had gone to. Jimin stood next to him grinning from ear to ear, hair messy, that flushed ‘just fucked’ look still on his face.

“There’s a small gift for you there and we are going to the fair today.”

“No way? I love rides!”

“We get to spend the whole day together then this evening we are meeting the others at that steakhouse you like.”

Sungwoon threw his arms around Jimin and they walked over to the table tangled in each other, almost tripping several times! When he opened the gift he was once again blown away by Jimin’s thoughtfulness. It was a silver bracelet that they had seen whilst out together a few days before and Jimin had sneaked back to get it.

“I love you, Jiminie.”

Jimin’s jaw hit the table, his eyes have never opened so wide and his heart thumped in his chest. Sungwoon suddenly looked embarrassed and didn’t know where to look.

“I don’t expect you to say it back, it’s just that I know we haven’t known each other that long but I knew before we’d even spoken that night in the club. The second I saw you, I knew and every second since then it’s been confirmed. Sorry.”

Jimin regained his composure and closed his mouth, his eyes filled with tears as he reached across the table for Sungwoon’s hands.

“I’ve got a history of falling in love quickly and it hasn’t turned out well in the past, but finally I feel like it’s right. This time I know it’s right because I feel it from you, before it has always just been me trying too hard and loving them, but it wasn’t returned.”

“That’s their loss and my gain. I want to love you forever.”

“I love you to, Woonie.”

Jimin had never had anyone tell him they loved him first so he knew this was different. He had dived, head first into every single relationship he’d ever been in and had his feelings trampled on, always. When he had started seeing Yoongi it had been convenience, one night they’d had a bit too much to drink and ended up having sex in the lift on the way up to Jimin’s apartment. The next morning, they’d had sex again and decided that since neither of them were in a relationship that ‘friends with benefits’ would be a good idea and it had been, until Jimin became slightly more attached than he had planned on. Then Yoongi had met Hobi and Jimin saw less and less of him, whilst he got closer to Hobi, which had been a wonderful thing for Yoongi but Jimin had suffered.

It was difficult for Jimin having one failed relationship after the other, he’d slept with Taehyung a couple of times but it had always been morning sex, after the night before. Taehyung had been messed up after Minho and hadn’t been sleeping so Jimin had spent a few night’s in his bed, providing comfort which had inadvertently turned into fucking. Both were single, one was hurting and it suited them both as a basic act of release, which is probably why Jimin hadn’t fallen in love with Taehyung.

Now, Jimin had Sungwoon, purely by accident, this man had come into his life and stolen his heart. They were the same person most of the time and Jimin had nearly died when Sungwoon had told him he loved him this morning, somehow it made everything feel official. They had never even discussed being ‘official’ but had started seeing each other so often that they hadn’t needed to. Even by Jimin’s standards, things had moved fast, but this time it felt right and they both wanted it. The meal this evening would be special because they would all be in a couple and that hadn’t happened ever, one of them at least had always been single, so tonight would be special.

Chapter Text

“What time are we going tonight, Joon?”

“I booked a cab for 7. Are you going to the restaurant today?”

“Yeah, just for a couple of hours this afternoon, you coming?”

“That would be great, I can look at the sound system you need.”

Namjoon and Jin were eating lunch as they always did on a Saturday, after which they headed to the restaurant. Jin hadn’t had a lot of time this week, so hadn’t been able to dedicate time to the restaurant which was frustrating as he really wanted the grand opening before Christmas.

The days were flying by and next weekend was Namjoon’s birthday. Jin had booked the weekend away for the week after, he’d arranged balloons, a card and some gifts for his actual birthday and he’d booked a surprise for his birthday evening. It was a stressful time with everything that was going on but after 6 years together he wouldn’t have his life any other way. It had been hard at first because he knew that Namjoon was with Taehyung when they first met and once he’d met Taehyung he wasn’t sure there was a man on earth that would choose to dump him! However, he had to hope that Namjoon had felt the same connection that he, himself had felt… and he did.

That was a difficult time for Jin, he didn’t know what would happen between Namjoon and Taehyung. His friends had told him he shouldn’t have been hanging around waiting for Namjoon to make a decision, which he agreed with but by then he felt such a connection that he couldn’t have backed out even if he’d wanted to. When he’d plucked up the courage to ask Namjoon to meet him for coffee he was so pleased and it had gone so well. He had fancied Namjoon from afar, heard things about him from other people, but sitting there, one on one, blew his mind. He was bowled over by how attractive he was and how intelligent he was to.

Jin was shocked when Namjoon had asked him out the very next day and told him that his relationship with Taehyung was over. After Namjoon had explained everything, Jin had no hesitation in telling him how he felt, the moment they kissed for the first time was electric and all his hopes had come to fruition. Jin could never have predicted that they would have lasted as long as they have and it hadn’t been easy over the years but the one thing that had remained strong, no matter what life had thrown at them, was their relationship.


The afternoon was flying by, in a literal sense for Jimin and Sungwoon as they held hands on a swing ride. They had been on every ride so far, including the ghost train which they had clung to each other through, then laughed when they both jumped out of their skin at the same time, cursing the skeleton!

The ride operator on the waltzers had spun them so much that when they had exited the ride, they’d collapsed in a dizzy heap on the grass, the world spinning.

“Do you think the world will stop spinning?” Jimin asked, laying flat on his back.

“My world hasn’t stopped spinning since you came into my life.”

Jimin blushed at Sungwoon’s words “Oh stop it” he said smacking him lightly in the chest with the back of his hand.

“It’s true. I wasn’t looking for anyone the night I met you. I hadn’t expected to walk into that club and see you. Kook had dragged me along so he didn’t have to face Taehyung on his own, he was nervous. He’d told me about everyone that would be there but he only really knew you from work and he knew Yoongi a bit. Kook had told me how gorgeous Tae was and he told me afterwards that he’d thought I would go for Tae… like I would do that, when he’d been chewing my ear off about him!”

“Had he said anything about me?”

“He’d said you were gorgeous and funny but what an understatement that was! I was sure you wouldn’t be single so as we walked across the club I asked him and was ecstatic but shocked when he said you were single.”

“Stop. I am so embarrassed.”


“I’m not used to… it’s just that, no one has… no one has ever been so kind and flattering before.”

Sungwoon turned onto his side, propped up on his elbow facing Jimin “You have got to be kidding, right? Jimin, you deserve the whole world and I am going to make sure you get it.”

Jimin turned his head to face Sungwoon, still feeling a little dizzy “I must have done something right to have deserved you.”

“I’ve had a whole string of failed relationships. Most of them ended because I was ‘too much’ but I lead with my heart and I can’t help that. I see the best in people and always give 100% I’ve been single about 8 months and really wasn’t looking but now I have you.”

“What happened to your last boyfriend?”

“Oh that was a good one! He dumped me on New years eve in front of my family. I had taken him to my family home for our new year celebrations and just before midnight he grabbed his coat and told me that I’d be going into the new year single.”

“Oh my God. Did he not explain, why?”

“A few days later I got hold of him because I wanted an explanation and he was hurtful. He had been having sex with someone else and said he was better in bed.” Sungwoon sighed and looked at the grass, the memory obviously painful.

Jimin shuffled closer, turning on his side, his hand reached out for Sungwoons face, fingers tracing his temple to his jaw “His loss is my gain, right? We can put all our failed relationships away, keep them in the past where they belong because they have led us here.”

“I love you, Jiminie”

“And I love you, Woonie. No tears on your birthday. One more ride then home?”

Sungwoon nodded and they scrambled to their feet, hesitantly, getting up too fast after being so dizzy would not have been a good mix!


Water splashed over the side of the bath as Yoongi’s moans echoed around their bathroom. Hobi had decided to have a bath before getting ready for Sungwoon’s birthday meal and asking Yoongi to scrub his back had resulted in Yoongi now riding him.

Hobi’s fingers pressed into Yoongi’s waist, he could feel his orgasm building, desperate for them to cum together he wrapped his fingers around Yoongi’s cock, pumping him quickly, thumb pressing into the sensitive ridge on the underside, just how Yoongi liked it.

“Oh… Hobi… I’m so close” Yoongi huskily breathed the words out as Hobi’s motions made his mind spin and his hips move faster, sending more water over the side.

“Me too, I’m gonna cum”

Both closed their eyes as their orgasms hit simultaneously, their grunts and groans filling the bathroom. “I think we need a shower now” Yoongi said bending down to kiss Hobi.

Once they were dressed, they made sure they had Sungwoon’s birthday present, which had been a bit of a nightmare because no one really knew him that well. They had discussed it with the others and they decided to get Sungwoon and Jimin a night away in a hotel, with each couple getting a different element of the break. Yoongi and Hobi had got them the night in the hotel thanks to a contact of Hobi’s who managed a quaint little hotel near the beach. Namjoon and Jin had paid for a 4 course meal and breakfast and no one was sure what Jungkook was doing as the last they heard, he was fretting about asking Taehyung if he wanted to be a part of a joint present. Namjoon and Yoongi had told Jungkook to just ask him but they’d left him to it.


Fretting is exactly what Jungkook had been doing since he’d had a chat with the guys about Sungwoon’s birthday. Last night had gone amazingly well with Taehyung and this morning before breakfast had been on another level. After breakfast they had showered and had to go back to Taehyung’s since he didn’t have any clean clothes with him. In the car on the way to Taehyung’s, he’d been about to ask about Sungwoon’s gift so many times… then bottled it.

“Are you sure you want to come back to mine?” Jungkook asked as Taehyung looked through his wardrobe.

“Unless you would rather I didn’t?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, of course I would like you to”

Taehyung looked over at Jungkook who was sat on his bed, hands clasped in his lap, fiddling with his fingers “Kookie, are you okay? You’ve been so quiet since our shower.”

Okay it’s now or never, Jungkook, just ask him… “I am okay but there is something I’ve been meaning to ask and it’s fine if you don’t want to as I don’t know what we actually are and we might not be on the same page and I won’t be offended if you say no, honestly it’s fine, and…”

Taehyung was staring at Jungkook, confused “Kookie, just spit it out.”

“Sungwoon’s present. I have got him an overnight bag and tickets for the zoo for the night away but I wasn’t sure if you’d already got him something or if you wanted to make it a joint present?” Jungkook looked down at his hands that had become clammy.

Taehyung tried his best not laugh “Is that what you’ve been wanting to ask me?”

“Well, yeah.”

Taehyung crossed the room, pulling Jungkook to his feet and wrapping his arms around him “Okay so slight confession, I already knew about this but Joon had sworn me to secrecy so I haven’t bought Sungwoon anything as I was waiting for you to ask.”

“Oh, so you want to?”

Taehyung connected their lips briefly “Yes, I would love to.”

Jungkook smiled and pulled Taehyung in for a deeper kiss, their tongues twisting around each other, with their bodies pressed together they could feel that they were both aroused. Taehyung kissed along Jungkook’s jawline and down the column of his throat as Jungkook moved his head to give him access.

Jungkook could feel his hot breath in his ear as Taehyung practically growled “I’m going to ruin you when we get back to yours.”

Jungkook grabbed Taehyung’s hair, breathing heavily “Oh my God, yes!”

Taehyung ghosted his lips over Jungkook’s jawline “You want me to fuck you into next week, baby?”

“Yes, boss.”

“We’ve got a meal to get through first though.” And just like that, Taehyung went back to the wardrobe, leaving Jungkook standing by the bed, trying to process what had just happened.


Everyone was sat around the table at Sungwoon’s favourite restaurant, starters had been demolished and they were waiting for the mains. Jimin had sat with a big grin on his face while Sungwoon had told them all about their day and made everyone laugh as he told them about the waltzers.

“We’d have thrown up!” Hobi said, gesturing towards Yoongi, who nodded in agreement.

“We nearly did!” Jimin laughed.

Namjoon and Jin told them about their afternoon at the restaurant and they were all looking forward to seeing it. Everyone tried getting the name of the restaurant out of Jin but he kept his lips sealed and Taehyung sat quietly since he was the only other person privy to that information.

It was after the mains had been wolfed down that the restaurant brought out the cake and made Sungwoon flush a lovely shade of red by singing to him which Jimin thought was the cutest thing he’d ever seen. All had ordered dessert too but had requested a longer gap so they had time for the mains to go down.

“Shall we do presents while we are waiting for dessert?” Jin suggested.

“Ours is in the car.” Jungkook said “I’ll get it.”

Jungkook jumped up and went outside to the car.

“How long do you think it’ll take him to realise that he needs the keys and I have them in my pocket?” Taehyung said, smiling.

Jimin nudged Taehyung “Go and give them to him, meanie!”

Taehyung laughed a bit more and got up from the table, leaving to go and give Jungkook the keys. He almost bumped into Jungkook as he walked across the car park as Jungkook was rushing back towards the restaurant.

“Were you going back for these?” he said holding up the keys.

“Ha ha! Yes. Thanks.” Jungkook said, taking them from Taehyung, he grabbed the big gift bag off of the back seat, locked the car again and ran back to where Taehyung was stood waiting for him.

They walked back across the car park into the restaurant, Taehyung grabbed Jungkook’s arm and pressed him up against a door in the entrance. He took Jungkook’s bottom lip between his teeth and immediately felt his cock twitch, especially looking at the look on Jungkook’s face.

Jungkook felt a fire ignite in his stomach as his lip was clenched between Taehyung’s teeth and he could feel his tongue soothing over where his teeth had been. He parted his lips, granting permission and Taehyung didn’t waste any time as he pushed his tongue into his mouth. Jungkook’s back was against the door as they made out, Taehyung’s hardening cock pushing into his groin as his own cock pushed against his clothes.

Taehyung fumbled for the door handle and was ecstatic when it opened, pushing Jungkook backwards into the dark room and locking the door behind them. He took his phone out of his pocket and shone it around to see that they were in a storage cupboard.

“Tae, what are you doing?”

“I can’t sit around the table any more and just look at you, I want you so badly.”

Jungkook pulled Taehyung to him and connected their mouths in an intense and desperate kiss, his hand palming Taehyung’s erection over the top of his trousers.

“I thought you were going to ruin me when we got back to mine?”

Taehyung bit Jungkook’s neck then ran his tongue over the place he’d bitten “I am going to… let’s call this part 1… now get those trousers off!”

Jungkook undid his trousers and dropped them and his underwear to the floor, stepping out of the legs as Taehyung took a packet of lube and a condom out of his pocket. They kissed messily as Taehyung squeezed the lube onto his fingers and pressed into Jungkook. By the time he had 3 fingers inside him, Jungkook was having to bite down onto Taehyung’s shoulder to stifle his moans as he came undone, stood in the dark, one leg up on a shelving unit while Taehyung battered his prostate with his fingers.

“Tae, I’m ready, fuck me, please fuck me!”

Taehyung undid his own trousers and let his underwear fall to his ankles, he rolled on the condom, then grabbed Jungkook by the waist and turned him around so he was facing the unit. He kept his hands on Jungkook’s waist as he lined up his cock with his entrance and pushed into him.

Jungkook held on to the shelving unit, head lowered, looking at the floor he couldn’t really see because it was so dark. His sense of sight had been hampered by the dark but he could smell Taehyung and he could feel every little movement as Taehyung pounded into him, hitting his magic spot every time. Jungkook bit his lip, doing everything he could to not cry out as he was on the verge of coming, the darkness, the excitement and adrenalin coursing through his body, magnified by the intense pleasure he felt as Taehyung picked up his speed.

“I’m gonna cum, Tae.” As the words left his mouth his stomach jolted and he clamped down onto his lip, closing his eyes, seeing stars as he came into his hand, that he’d quickly put there to stop him from covering the unit and his clothes in cum.

“I’m coming too” Taehyung said as his hips faltered and he filled the condom.


Jimin was nearly crying with laughter as they all joked about whether Taehyung and Jungkook had driven to the shops to buy a gift or whether they’d just abandoned them and gone home.

“So, are they together, together?” Yoongi asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t even know if they’ve had that conversation.” Jimin replied.

“I hope it doesn’t take them as long as it did for Tae to ask him out. That was hard work!” Namjoon laughed.

Everyone looked up as the pair came back to the table, slightly more flushed than they’d looked before they left.

“What have we missed?” Taehyung asked.

“Everything… we’ve eaten your dessert and the cake. But we left the bill for you.” Hobi said.

“Where the fuck did you get to?” Yoongi added.

“We got lost.” Taehyung winked at Jungkook.

“You got lost? In the car park or in the restaurant?” Sungwoon questioned with a big grin on his face, looking at Jungkook, he’d seen that face before!

“In a storage cupboard, actually!” Taehyung threw a big boxy grin at Sungwoon.

“Did you have to ask, Woonie?” Jimin rolled his eyes and giggled.

“Classy, you 2” Namjoon exclaimed.

“Presents… come on, let’s go!” Jin said.

Hobi handed Sungwoon their envelope which he opened first and was absolutely delighted! Then he opened the envelope from Namjoon and Jin, followed by the gift bag from Taehyung and Jungkook. Sungwoon was almost tearful at the thoughtful gifts largely from people that he hadn’t had in his life for long at all and now he had a night away in a hotel, a day out, a new overnight bag and a meal, all sorted. Life had never been so good for him and he swallowed the lump in his throat as he looked at the gorgeous man he’d be sharing it all with.

Chapter Text

Jungkook’s back was pressed against the mirrored wall of the lift, caged in by Taehyung who was sucking and biting his neck. The drive home from the restaurant had been a steamy affair with Jungkook palming Taehyung over his trousers. After the storage cupboard incident the rest of the meal had been spent staring at each other with dark lustful gazes and Taehyung’s hand hadn’t left Jungkook’s thigh. Everyone had known where they had been and what they’d been up to but neither cared.

The second the lift doors had closed, Taehyung had pounced on Jungkook and they had started removing each other’s clothing as the lift ascended. Jungkook fumbled for his door key as Taehyung undid the belt on his trousers, leaving wet kisses on his neck. Once through the door they left a trail of clothing as they kissed their way to Jungkook’s room, everything was intense as they reached the bed.

“I’m going to eat you out while you suck my cock then I’m going to fuck you senseless, okay, baby?”

Jungkook’s pupils were blown, his lips were puffy and bright pink, his face was flushed, he wanted everything Taehyung offered.

“Yes… yes”

“Yes, what? Kookie?”

Jungkook looked at Taehyung and swallowed… “Yes, Boss.”

Taehyung bit Jungkook’s shoulder, then licked it, soothing the skin with his warm wet tongue “Ugh! You drive me crazy, Kookie!”

Jungkook settled into position on top of Taehyung and took him into his mouth while Taehyung parted the soft flesh of his buttocks and licked a stripe over his entrance. Jungkook struggled to focus as he felt the warmth and wetness of Taehyung’s tongue licking up and down his crack, then circling his rim.

Taehyung hummed as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of Jungkook’s throat, saliva dripping down his shaft and over his balls. Jungkook pushed back onto Taehyung’s mouth as Taehyung inserted his index finger beside his tongue, the noises Jungkook was making, sending vibrations down Taehyung’s throbbing cock.

Jungkook’s eyes were watering as he gagged on Taehyung’s erection, losing concentration constantly thanks to the 3 slender fingers and tongue assaulting his prostate and walls. Taehyung could feel Jungkook trembling and as his moans got louder, he wrapped a hand around his thigh and held him in place. Jungkook was babbling incoherently, unable to continue sucking Taehyung’s cock, his own cock was dripping pre-cum over Taehyung’s chest as he edged closer to his orgasm.

Taehyung moved his fingers in and out faster, twisting them around, flicking his tongue over the most sensitive parts of Jungkooks ass. “Mmmmmm, you feel and taste so good, baby.”

“I’m. Gonna. Cum.”

“I know, baby, come for me.”

Jungkook arched his back and it was like a nuclear bomb exploded in his lower body, the aftershocks touching every part of him as he came hard, covering Taehyung’s torso in thick white spurts. Taehyung removed his fingers but continued licking and sucking Jungkook through his high.

Jungkook’s body had turned to jelly as he collapsed in a heap on top of Taehyung, sweaty, breathless, eyes rolling back in his head as his mind fogged. Taehyung moved out from underneath Jungkook kissing up from his thighs to his back, nibbling his buttocks on the way. Taehyung peppered his shoulders and neck with kisses, Jungkook propping himself up on his elbows, turning his head so their lips could meet. It wasn’t the most convenient angle but neither cared, Jungkook on his stomach and Taehyung kneeling over him.

Groans filled the room as their tongues danced around each other “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” Taehyung breathed into Jungkook’s ear.

“No condom then.” Jungkook said in a gravelly voice.

“Are you sure, baby?”

“Yes, oh yes. I want to feel you wreck me.”

Taehyung lubed himself up and positioned himself between Jungkook’s legs, pushing his legs apart with his knees, he wasted no time in pushing straight in to Jungkook and it felt so amazing he had to pause. He hooked both his arms underneath Jungkook so his elbows were on the bed and his hands were gripping Jungkook’s shoulders. Taehyung thrust into Jungkook, using the hold on his shoulders to pull himself as hard as he could, Jungkook could feel his cock, now hard again, rubbing against the sheet beneath him as every movement jolted him forwards and backwards. Taehyung was sucking marks into his shoulder as he snapped his hips faster, he could taste the saltiness as Jungkook dripped with sweat. Taehyung could feel that delicious burn in his stomach and his skin prickled all over as he gripped Jungkook harder, an animalistic instinct taking over as he fucked into him.

“…Uh… my… God…Ugh” Jungkook couldn’t form the words as he came for a second time, this orgasm making him see flashes behind his eyes as he moaned loudly.

Taehyung was gritting his teeth as he felt Jungkook’s muscles clench around him, his thighs burning as he growled low in his throat and filled Jungkook with his cum. He fell on top of Jungkook, releasing his grip on his shoulders, his hands tingling, his body limp. Jungkook turned his head to try and look at Taehyung, mouth parted as he battled his breathing, the feeling of sticky, warm cum running down between his legs.

Taehyung dropped down onto the bed beside Jungkook who immediately turned on his side to face him “Wow, Tae, just, wow!” Jungkook whispered.

Taehyung grinned, facing Jungkook he reached up and wiped the hair away from his eyes “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“God, no. But you did ruin me like you said. Walking might be uncomfortable tomorrow.” Jungkook grinned.

“Have you got plans tomorrow?”

“No. I was hoping you’d want to stick around, even though if you want to fuck, you may have to bottom.” Jungkook winked.

“Yes to both.” Taehyung leant forward and kissed Jungkook gently.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Anything, Kookie.”

“What are we? What do you want from this?” Jungkook had wanted to ask for days, never quite finding the courage but that sex had been mind blowing. He didn’t want to think that Taehyung only thought of him as a fuck buddy or as a casual relationship. Jungkook knew that feelings were blooming and he wanted to know now because even at this moment, he didn’t want to be with anyone else, ever again… the reality was that he had fallen for Taehyung when he walked into his office that day and right now, he may already be in too deep.

“I want you, Jungkook.”

Jungkook’s heart skipped a beat “Okay. You’ve got me, Tae.”

“And what do you want?”

“You, from the moment I walked in to your office. I would like to give us, as a relationship, a go… if you do too?”

“Are you asking me to me your boyfriend, Kookie?” Taehyung smiled whilst drawing small circles lightly on Jungkook’s back.

Jungkook blushed “Maybe.”

“Either you are or you aren’t?”

“And either you will or you won’t!” Jungkook poked his tongue out at Taehyung in a playful gesture.

Taehyung moved fast, pinning Jungkook on his back, sat astride him, each hand of Jungkook’s being held above his head by each of Taehyung’s hands, fingers clasped together.

“If you’re asking, I’m accepting… baby”

Jungkook crinkled his nose as he smiled “Since you are accepting, I’m asking… boss.”

Taehyung leant down and kissed Jungkook, in a soft and gentle kiss “Now, I think we need to shower and change these sheets.”


The sun streamed through the blinds disturbing the blissful sleep Jungkook had last night. He reached for his phone on the bedside table to check the time, blinking rapidly, as he moved he groaned a little, last night’s sex had certainly made him ache this morning!

He was a little shocked when he saw it was gone 10am and even more surprised that he was in bed alone. Just then his bedroom door opened and Taehyung walked in, holding a paper bag and 2 take away cups.

“Good morning sleepy head.”

Jungkook sat up in bed “Have you been out?”

“Yep. You were snoring so much, I couldn’t get back to sleep so I thought I’d go for a walk.”

“Shut up” Jungkook nudged Taehyung who had sat on the bed beside him.

“Well, I did go for a walk. I had a lot to process and just needed some fresh air. I got you breakfast.”

“Did, you manage to clear your head? Do you regret us?”

Taehyung faced Jungkook and put his hand in his lap “No, I don’t regret us, not at all. I’m hoping this is the beginning. Now, I got you a bagel and a coffee because I thought you might be a bit tender this morning.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but smile “I might be tender, just a little bit.”

The room had a comfortable atmosphere that promised new beginnings for both of them as they ate the breakfast Taehyung had bought them.


Hobi had been sitting at his desk finishing the song he’d been writing, it was unlike his other songs as this one was about Yoongi. It had got to the stage in their relationship where he felt like showing Yoongi how much he meant to him and not just when he fucked him. Yoongi wasn’t great at feelings or emotions and their relationship was so comfortable and easy that they just plodded along, nicely. It had taken Hobi a lot to get used to at the start because he is more open, wears his heart on his sleeve and Yoongi is much more reserved. When they were alone, Yoongi would be the sweetest and every now and again he would blurt something out that shocked Hobi but generally, Hobi had to learn to trust that he did love him.

Yoongi had a reputation as a fuck boy and had, had many partners, until Hobi. He had mellowed a lot and Hobi thought they were in a really good place so had started writing the song to express that. He was hoping to perform the song one day, providing the company liked it, of course.

“Have you booked your flights?” Yoongi walked into the bedroom.

“Yeah. Are you sure you can’t come with me?”

“You won’t be gone long. I’ve got too much to do here, that new group start next week.”

Hobi was going to Japan to do some promotional work for his new album. He would be gone a fortnight and it wouldn’t be the first time they had spent time apart but it didn’t get any easier.

“What sort of group is it?”

“5 young guys, all singing, all dancing. They’ll need some more training though. Tae is doing the website and all that stuff.”

“At least you’ll be busy, it’s so unattractive when you’re pining.” Hobi laughed.

“It will be difficult to drag myself out of bed every morning, despairing at you not being here, but I’ll give it my best shot.”

“I’m glad to hear it!”

“Just make sure you keep those gorgeous Japanese guys at bay, yeah?”

“Not jealous are you, babe?”

“Me? No.”

“I need a break, before I need to pack… hungry?”

“If you buy lunch, I’ll let you fuck me when we get back… how’s that?”

“Yeah because you resist me all the time. Who are you trying to kid, Yoongi?”

“You shouldn’t be so fucking good at it then!”

“Oh so that’s why you don’t want the Japanese guys near me. I’m too much of a good fuck to give up!”

“While you are away, do you want me to contact the agent about your flat?”

“If you have time, he’s dragging his heels. I thought it would have sold by now.”

Hobi had an old flat that they had kept for the last few years just in case they hadn’t worked out and Hobi needed somewhere to go. They had lived together for about 18 months now so it was time to sell it and put the money towards a holiday and a new bed! They were becoming as domesticated as Namjoon and Jin which was pretty scary!

“Are you buying me lunch then?” Yoongi smirked as they left the apartment hand in hand.

Chapter Text


Taehyung switched his alarm off and jumped out of bed, straight into the shower. He had this big grin plastered on his face as he washed himself, closing his eyes as he ran his hands over his body, memories of the weekend clear in his mind. Yesterday had been one of the most relaxed days he’d had, after their chat and breakfast they had showered together… Taehyung hummed to himself as he remembered sucking Jungkook off as the water fell around him… they’d ran out of hot water by the time they’d got around to actually washing.

They had played computer games all afternoon and after dinner, Taehyung had left, which had been more difficult than he thought it would be. His saving grace was that he would be seeing Jungkook at work, which is what had spurred him on and got him out of bed. As he put on his suit jacket he wondered when ‘this’ happened? He had spent so long worrying about asking Jungkook out that it was quite scary the sudden rush of emotion and the fact that now they were an official couple.

Saturday would be their first proper event as a couple, for Namjoon’s birthday, which was a big deal considering it was Namjoon who had given him until then to ask Jungkook out and look at them now!

You ready for the big night, Saturday?

Just about. It was good to see you so happy at the meal, Tae. You are both coming this Saturday, aren’t you?

We come all the time, so Saturday won’t be a problem 😉

Tae… T.M.I

Yes my boyfriend and I will be there!

Wait? What? Boyfriend?

Why are you so surprised? I am a catch, you know?

Wait until I tell Jinnie. I am so pleased for you both. See you at Yoongi’s tomorrow?

For Hobi’s leaving thing?

Yeah. He flies out straight after my meal on Saturday.

Do you still trust me to bring the ‘thing’ with me on Saturday?

Yes, of course I do. See you tomorrow night.

As Taehyung stepped out of the lift and walked along the corridor he made a mental note to pop in and see Jimin at lunch time to catch up with him. Taehyung’s heart sank when he noticed that Jungkook wasn’t at his desk… he really must have a word with himself and stop being so ridiculous.

Morning, I don’t suppose you’ve seen my P.A have you?

Yes, he’s being a great P.A and getting his boss a cup of tea.

I hope he doesn’t want a raise?

No but he said he’d like a blow-job

He doesn’t need a cup of tea to get one of those 😉

Jungkook smiled and slipped his phone into his trouser pocket. He definitely wanted Taehyung’s mouth around his cock after their shower together yesterday. He’d even dreamt about it last night and woken up this morning with a raging hard on, rolling over and smelling the pillow because it smelt of Taehyung.

Jungkook hadn’t ever really had a problem pulling blokes but could honestly say he hadn’t ever bagged anyone that he truly fancied. That’s why he hadn’t made a move on Taehyung, when everyone he’d fancied in the past had usually been taken or not interested in him or basically wanted a quick fuck.

Taehyung looked up and smiled as Jungkook walked into his office holding 2 cups and some files, he definitely wasn’t ever getting used to how good looking his boyfriend was.

“Morning, Tae” Jungkook put the cups down and pulled a chair around to sit at the side of Taehyung’s desk.

“Morning. Thank you for the tea. Have we got a schedule for this week?” Taehyung was staring intensely at Jungkook.

He ran through the week and they discussed the various meetings coming up. Jungkook was finding it hard to concentrate with Taehyung staring at him, his hair just touching the edges of his eyes, his mouth slightly parted, his lips plump and pink and his eyes so brown and beautiful. Jungkook even tried focussing on the 3 little moles on Taehyung’s face, the one under his eye, the one on his nose but the one that Jungkook loved the most was the mole on his bottom lip, he wanted to run his tongue over it and feel Taehyung’s breath on his face.

“Jungkook?... Jungkook?”

“Oh erm… yes… sorry” Jungkook blushed, he’d totally got lost in thought.

Taehyung smiled sweetly “Are you okay?”

“Yes… sorry… I was just thinking… sorry, carry on.”

“I was just saying that I have a conference call tomorrow afternoon that I would like you to be here for, if that is okay?”

“Yes that’s fine.”

“I could pick you up in the morning if you like and we could go straight to Hobi’s from here?”


“Yoongi and Hobi are having a get together because Hobi flies out to Japan on Saturday after Joon’s meal, if you wanted to come along, that is?”

“I’ll have to check my extremely busy schedule and see what my boyfriend is doing.”

Taehyung wheeled his chair closer to Jungkook “I like the sound of that” he said as he connected their mouths, one hand on Jungkook’s nape. Their tongues slowly tasting each other in a gentle kiss.

“So, tomorrow morning?” Taehyung said.

Jungkook nodded. When Yoongi had first started talking to him in the car park that day and suggested he went for the job, he could never, in his wildest dreams, imagined he’d be sat with his extremely hot boss who now, happened to be his very hot boyfriend too. Jungkook had nearly driven home instead of going for the job because he truly didn’t think he stood a chance of getting it, especially given his clothing that day.

The next step would be for him to tell his family, which he really wasn’t looking forward to. He was due to see them at the end of the month and he wasn’t looking forward to it. He had, had a great childhood, loving parents and a brilliant brother but during his early teens he had known he was different. His brother talked about girls at school and had posters on his wall but Jungkook didn’t feel anything for them. Instead he had twitches in his cock when he saw a particular boy in the year above doing sports in little shorts and he found himself attracted to a male actor in a drama on tv. His parents had told him his whole life about how he would marry their friend’s daughter but that had never been for him and had started a rift between them.

One day they had got into a huge argument because Jungkook had refused to go to dinner with Jisoo and his Mum had demanded to know why. She had yelled at him to give her one valid reason as to why he wouldn’t go out with her, so he’d shouted back that he was gay and fancied boys. The look on his parents faces had been something he had never forgotten, and he had been working on repairing that relationship ever since.

This time it was different though, this time he wanted to shout about his new boyfriend from the rooftops and he so wanted his parents approval. His brother had always been supportive of his sexuality but his parents lived firmly in the society that didn’t accept it.


That evening, Jungkook bit the bullet and phoned his Mum. He hadn’t spoken to her for a few weeks and with his trip pending, it was about time he called so he had showered, changed and eaten…


“Hi, Mum”

“Jungkook-ah. How are you?”

“I’m really good, Mum. How are you and Dad?”

“We are fine. Are you enjoying your new job?”

“Very much. It’s really interesting and the people are… are, great”

“Is your boss nice?”

“Err… yes, he is.”

“Are you still coming to visit?”

“Yes, Mum. I’ll drive up. I will phone you nearer the time though to arrange a time. Is it better if I book a hotel?”

“No, no! You can stay here, we have the room, you know that.”

“Okay, well, I will see you in a few weeks then?”

“I’m looking forward to it, Mum.”

Jungkook ended the call and felt a whole host of emotions. He was annoyed that he hadn’t said anything about Taehyung but he was pleased that his Mum sounded like she was looking forward to seeing him. After he had moved to Seoul, they hadn’t spoken in over a year because they had told him he wouldn’t be accepted unless he snapped out of the gay phase and married Jisoo. Jungkook couldn’t cope with so much negativity and felt like he’d had no choice but to hold his parents at arms length. It was his brother who had broken the ice and mediated between them to get them talking again, it was hard work but they were his parents after all.


Tuesday afternoon, Yoongi was meeting with the new band in the dance studio and had phoned Jimin, who had just arrived.

“Why do you need me? You’ve got choreographers, surely?”

“Chim, you are one of the best dancers I know and you’re not going to fob me off with technical bullshit.”

“I don’t dance any more, Yoongi.”

“You are still the best.”

Jimin blushed. His dancing days had ended some time ago when he had fallen in love with one of the dance troupe leaders… who was married. Things had got messy and Jimin had, had no idea that the man was married, with children. He had felt so stupid that he’d left the company and never danced professionally again.

Yoongi put the music on and the band went through their routine, Jimin watching them intently. Yoongi stood beside Jimin “I just need to know your honest opinion, I trust you, Jimmy… sorry, Chim.”

“What’s this song called? It’s catchy and some of those moves are sexy as fuck!”

“It’s called Blood, Sweat and Tears.”

“I like it and the dance moves.”

“I could give you the video to learn it? Then you could tell me what you think of it?”

“Yoongi, I don’t dance anymore”

“Please? You loved dancing and you know it.”

“Okay, I’ll learn it. The guy with blue hair needs some extra work. His timing is off.”

“See, this is why I phoned you!”

“Yoongi, any choreographer would see that!”

“Well, I want you.”

Jimin couldn’t help but notice how his body reacted to those words, out of Yoongi’s mouth… still. He knew he meant in a choreographer sense, but he couldn’t help it.

“The guy with brown hair, he’s too cute to be at the back and he’s sharper than the others, so he needs to come to the front.”

“Okay, anything else?”

“Because there are 5 of them, you need a focus so one needs to be centre. I would have the cute guy at the front unless his vocals aren’t up to scratch?”

“They are all quality, vocally, to be honest.”

“Build the group around him then as he needs the least work.”

“Hey Chim! What are you doing here?” Namjoon said as he walked into the studio.

“Hi Joon. Yoongi asked me to stop by and check out the group.”

“Great! Are you going to be dancing?”

“No, Joon. I don’t dance anymore.”

“Joon, tell him, he should.”

“You should, Chim. The only way you are going to put the past behind you is if you don’t allow it to stop you doing what you love. You loved dancing.”

“I’ve said I will learn this choreo and that’s it. I’ve given my opinion too. Anyway, I’d better go. See you tonight guys.”

“Thanks for your help, Jim… Chim.” Yoongi said as Jimin left.

“What did Chim think of them?” Namjoon asked while casting his eye over the group who were stretching to cool down.

“He didn’t really say. He said that Jinsun should be at the front. We should build the group around him. Oh and he liked the song.”

“Good. We’ll get him dancing again you know!”

Chapter Text

Taehyung and Jungkook were sat in Taehyung’s office on the conference call which had lasted 3 hours. It had been Jungkook’s job to keep the minutes of the meeting, so he typed away on his laptop while Taehyung discussed prices of software. He certainly could’ve thought of more interesting ways to spend 3 hours on a Tuesday afternoon, but he was learning a lot.

The conference ended and Taehyung sat back in his chair, relieved it was over. He hated meetings like that, preferring to be in an actual boardroom in person rather than linked up to companies around the world. He massaged his temples and rubbed his eyes as Jungkook finished typing.

“You okay, Tae?”

“Yeah. I’ve got a headache, that’s all.”

“Do you want a glass of water and some painkillers?”

Taehyung nodded so Jungkook went to the water machine and filled a cup, taking some painkillers out of the first aid box. He perched on the desk in front of Taehyung and handed him the tablets, then the water, which he took gratefully. Scooting forwards, he placed the cup on the desk, his hands running up Jungkook’s thighs to his waist. Taehyung pulled himself to his feet, standing between Jungkooks legs, he sucked on his lower lip, trailing kisses along his jawline to his ear.

“Wow, those tablets worked fast.”

“I’ll stop if you want me to”

Jungkook wrapped his legs around Taehyung’s waist, crossing his legs at the ankle to hold him in place. “Don’t you dare stop.”

Taehyung crushed their lips together, tongue probing into Jungkook’s mouth with urgency, his body being squeezed by Jungkook’s strong thighs. He kissed along his jaw, sucking tiny little marks down Jungkook’s neck, undoing the top few buttons of his shirt for access to his collarbone. Jungkook put his head back, eyes closed, breathing heavily as his cock strained painfully in his trousers.

Taehyung managed to get his hands between their bodies to undo Jungkook’s trousers, dragging Jungkook off the desk onto his feet, tongue’s frantically licking into each others mouths. He took a little packet of lube out of his wallet, Jungkook stepped out of his trousers and underwear, raising his leg up onto the chair while Taehyung coated his fingers and didn’t hesitate to push a finger into his entrance. Jungkook was gripping Taehyung’s shoulders and moaning into his mouth as he was scissored open by Taehyung’s long, slender, expert fingers.

“Fuck me, Tae”

“You aren’t ready.”

“I don’t care. I want you to fuck me, now!”

Taehyung removed his fingers, dropped his own trousers and spun Jungkook around, bending him over onto the desk. He coated his erection in lube and pushed himself into Jungkook, very, very carefully, aware that 2 fingers were probably not enough to have opened him up comfortably.

Jungkook pressed back and Taehyung smacked his ass, making Jungkook groan loudly. He was much more kinky than Taehyung had thought so made a mental note to try that again at a later date. Taehyung’s fingers pressed into Jungkook’s hips as he pulled out and thrust back in, desire burning in his stomach as he repeated the action, Jungkook’s cheek pressed against the desk and he couldn’t help the noises escaping his throat.

“I’ve dreamed about this so often.” Taehyung said between breaths.

“Harder, fuck me harder.”

Taehyung moved his hands to Jungkook’s shoulders and pounded into him at a pace that had him coming, completely out of the blue “Ahhhh… my God…wow” his orgasm hit him like a steam train as he filled Jungkook, hips stuttering. He pulled Jungkook upright, wrapping his hand around his cock and flicking his wrist, Jungkook put his head back onto Taehyung’s shoulder as he came.

“Can’t we just go back to mine and go to bed?” Jungkook said as they put their trousers on, gathered up their things and closed the office. Everyone had gone home since the conference call had taken so long, which Taehyung was grateful for since he hadn’t fancied someone walking in on him fucking Jungkook over his desk.

“Kookie, I’ve just fucked you and you still want to go to bed? Clearly I’m not as good as I thought!”

Jungkook pressed himself up against Taehyung in the lift “Quite the opposite, I can’t get enough of you.”

“You say all the right things.”

“So… bed?”

“No, we should go to Yoongi’s. They are probably waiting for us.”

Jungkook pouted and faked a sad face “Can we stop by yours and get your clothes for tomorrow then? Stay with me tonight?”

Taehyung smiled a bright boxy smile, kissing Jungkook as the lift doors opened “You win, we will stop at mine so I can grab some clothes.”

Everyone was already at Yoongi and Hobi’s when Taehyung and Jungkook arrived. They had both had a quick wash and changed whilst at Taehyungs, with Jungkook borrowing some loose trousers, t-shirt and hoody. Jungkook had tried his best to get Taehyung into bed there and then but he’d been interrupted by a phonecall from Hobi, asking where they were.

“At last! Where the fuck have you 2 been?”

“Nice to see you too, Yoongi” Taehyung said.

Taehyung and Jungkook sat on the sofa next to Jimin and Sungwoon. Namjoon and Jin were lounging on beanbags while Yoongi and Hobi were sat in armchairs.

“Have you booked your night away yet, you 2?” Hobi asked Jimin and Sungwoon.

“Yes we have, we’ve booked it for next Friday. We are both leaving work early and driving there, with the zoo on Saturday.” Jimin grinned, holding Sungwoon’s hand.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” Jin winked at the couple.

“That doesn’t leave a lot, Jinnie” Namjoon added.

“I don’t know what you mean!”

The group rolled their eyes at Namjoon and Jin.

“How long are you in Japan for, Hobi?” Jungkook asked.

“2 weeks at the moment.”

“Have we got to babysit while you are away?” Taehyung giggled.

“I’ve got plenty to keep me busy, thank you!” Yoongi snorted.

“Chim, what did you think of the new group? Joon said you gave them the once over today?” Jin said whilst sipping on his drink.

“They are good. I think some of them need more work than other’s though, but they aren’t far off being ready for debut.”

“Chim is going to learn the routine, right?” Hobi asked.

Jimin looked at his lap “I might.”

Sungwoon squeezed his hand and looked at him “Chim, you are amazing, don’t let anything hold you back. I will learn it with you, if you would like me to?”

Jimin teared up and faced Sungwoon “You would do that?”

“Of course I would! Hey! I’ve seen the way your body moves, so any chance to see that more often is great by me!”

Jimin blushed and kissed Sungwoon on the cheek.

“Gross! I am going to fucking puke!” Yoongi declared.

Jungkook got up to get drinks for everyone from the kitchen, coming back to the lounge with a load of cans in his arms.

“Hey! Favouritism!” Jimin said as Jungkook bypassed him to hand the can to Taehyung.

“My boyfriend will always get it first” Jungkook replied, winking at Jimin.

“Hey! What? Boyfriend?”

“I’m going to the bathroom because for once, I already know about this!” Namjoon said as he rolled off the beanbag.

“Hey! And Joon knows?” Jimin pouted and put on his best sulky face, looking at Taehyung and Jungkook.

“Chim, it’s recent news, honestly and we weren’t deliberately not telling you. I promise. Joon only knows because he was texting me.” Taehyung spoke in the softest voice which Jimin could not be mad at.

“It’s amazing and I am so happy for you guys!” Sungwoon added.

“Holy shit! Does that mean we are all in relationships at the same time?” Jin asked.

“It would seem that way.” Hobi replied.


Later that evening, Sungwoon and Jimin were chatting in bed about the new group as Jimin explained their dance and the music. Sungwoon had finally got Jimin to agree to learn the dance, with his support. He so desperately wanted Jimin to feel that buzz about dancing again and could see the glint in his eye when he spoke about it.

“I’m proud of you, Jiminie. I can see how scary it is for you, but you are going to do it anyway. That’s really brave.”

“I feel like I could do anything with you by my side, Woonie. I trust you so much.”

Sungwoon cupped Jimin’s face and playfully licked the tip of his nose, then traced Jimin’s full, pink lips with his tongue “How much do you trust me?”

Jimin exhaled, big eyes staring at his boyfriend “Implicitly.”

Sungwoon was mesmirised by Jimin’s beauty, his big eyes, the slope of his nose, his plump lips, the way his blonde hair fell around his eyes… “I want to make love to you, Jiminie, do you trust me that much?” he moved so he was hovering above Jimin, looking down at his boyfriend’s stunning face.

A small moan escaped Jimin’s throat “Fuck, yes!” His semi hard cock now fully hard at the thought of Sungwoon being inside him.

Their lips met in a deep and passionate kiss, tongues twisting around in each others mouths as their hands felt the other’s body. Jimin, pressed into the mattress by the man he was loving more and more each day, he felt wanted and desired, like never before.

Sungwoon kissed down Jimin’s neck, circling his adams apple with his tongue, moving down to his chest, nibbling each nipple and licking with a flat tongue as Jimin moaned beneath his touch. He wanted to show Jimin how he felt, worship his body and make love to him in the most intimate way.

Jimin drew his knees up and opened his legs as Sungwoon stroked his ass, teasing his hole with his finger. He laced his fingers in his hair as Sungwoon flicked his tongue over his pulsing cock while pushing a finger into him. Sungwoon left a trail of wet kisses over Jimin’s well defined torso as he moved his finger in and out, then adding a second and third finger, stroking his walls and purposely avoiding his prostate.

Jimin was panting, having 3 fingers inside him was intense and a feeling he hadn’t had in a while. He had usually bottomed with Yoongi and Tae but everyone else he had topped. This felt so different though and his eyes were rolling back, trying to focus on the ceiling as his mouth became dry from the heavy breathing.

When there was no longer and resistance and his fingers were moving freely, Sungwoon removed them and connected their mouths, licking Jimin’s lips, his hand gently stroking Jimin’s leaking member.

“Turn over, Jiminie” and he guided him so Jimin’s back was against his chest, using his left hand he guided the tip of his cock to Jimin’s entrance and slowly pushed inside, pausing once he was balls deep. His left hand then continued gently caressing Jimin’s cock as he nibbled his ear.

Jimin’s mind was blown by the level of intimacy that he had never experienced before. He moved his head back, Sungwoon raised himself slightly on his right arm, kissing and sucking Jimin’s neck as he rocked his pelvis gently. He knew from the angle that he was grazing Jimin’s prostate each time and could hear the noises coming from his boyfriend.

Sungwoon stroked his cock more firmly in time with the rhythm set by his hips and Jimin fisted the sheets as he edged closer to his orgasm. There was no space between them, back to chest, breathing heavily as Sungwoon rocked and circled his hips. Jimin let out a loud, throaty groan as he came hard onto the bed, his cock throbbing from the stimulation.

“You feel so good, Jiminie. I’m so close.”

Jimin’s reply was barely audible as he rode his orgasm, waves of ecstasy rolling through his body. Sungwoon wrapped his left arm around Jimin and held him tight as he sped up, chasing his release. His lips pressed to Jimin’s cheek, the fire exploding in his stomach as he filled Jimin, slowing his pace to rock through his climax.

Sungwoon had got a wet towel from the bathroom and cleaned both of them up, handed Jimin some pyjama bottoms then climbed into bed, pulling him onto his chest, arms wrapped tightly around him. Jimin’s head rested on Sungwoons chest, listening to his heart beating, feeling utterly content because he was sure that was the first time anyone had ever made love to him.

Chapter Text

Jin had sneaked out of bed at the crack of dawn so he could run through all his plans for Namjoon’s birthday. Hiding anything with Namjoon there was a nightmare but thanks to his contacts within the world of catering and events he knew someone who owned a balloon shop and they were opening up early for him.

After all the build up, he had been so busy this week that Saturday had come around really fast and he suddenly felt panicked. Jin was a perfectionist and wanted everything to be just right, especially for Namjoon.

He carried a tray into the bedroom and placed it on the bedside table, climbing into bed beside his sleepy boyfriend. Jin watched Namjoon sleep for a bit, spread out on his back, arms above his head, mouth slightly open, he felt so lucky to have this sight every morning and every evening.

Jin disappeared under the covers and started licking Namjoon's cock which started reacting instantly. Jin grinned because Namjoon hadn't even stirred, yet his cock was clearly enjoying his tongue. He took him into his mouth and sucked gently, swirling his tongue around, enjoying the feeling of his boyfriend's cock hardening against the inside of his cheek.

Namjoon rubbed his eyes, "Mmmmmmm" he hummed as he registered what was happening, lacing his fingers in Jin's hair.

Jin kept sucking and licking, his fingers massaging Namjoon's balls as his mouth picked up speed. Namjoon's legs jolted and he was groaning, tugging on Jin's hair as he shot his load into the back of Jin's mouth, bucking his hips as his orgasm swept over him. Jin continued sucking, until the sensitivity became too much, kissing his way up, his face appeared from under the covers, sweaty and flushed.

"Good morning, I'm glad it was you under there" Namjoon smiled.

Jin laid on top of Namjoon, faces close "I am pleased to see that you checked it was me though... after you'd cum" he laughed.

"Well, it felt so good, it seemed rude to interrupt."

"It could have been anyone, you know?"

"I think you'd have something to say about a stranger being in our bed, Jinnie."

"You don't need anyone else, you have me. Happy birthday, Joon." Jin planted a kiss on Namjoon's lips.

"Thank you."

Namjoon sat up in bed with the tray on his lap. There was a silver envelope on the tray and a balloon attached to the handle, along with a selection of pastries, fruit and a coffee. Namjoon opened the envelope and pulled out the card which had the booking details for the hotel inside.

“Next weekend?”

“Yes. We’ve got a suite, Saturday night. We’ve both been working hard so it’ll be nice to have you all to myself for the weekend.”

“Thank you, Jinnie. I love you.”

“There’s one more present but you’ll have to pop the balloon.” Jin handed Namjoon a pin.

Namjoon looked at Jin like he was insane but took the pin and held the balloon, putting the sharp end to the giant blue latex shape. Jin hid behind a pillow, waiting for the bang!

As the balloon burst it covered the tray in bits of silver tissue paper and a box fell out, hitting the tray with a thud. Namjoon’s eyes widened as he picked up the leather box and opened it, a white gold ring sat on black satin. He took it out of the box and looked at Jin. In the middle of the plain band was a dark gem which sparkled in the light.

“Jin, it’s a black diamond. I wanted to get you something special and I’ve never actually bought you jewellery. You mean so much to me, Joon.”

Namjoon put the ring on his right hand, sliding it on his finger perfectly. He had now recovered from the heart stopping moment where he thought, Jin was actually going to propose to him!

“I love it, Jinnie. Come here and I’ll show you how grateful I am.”

They put the tray to one side, Namjoon pressing himself against his boyfriend, a hunger to devour his man, burning within him. Jin reached up and pulled Namjoon down, their lips connecting, their tongues dancing a familiar dance. “Joonie, I want you. Now!” Jin gripped Namjoon’s shoulders, bucking his hips in desperation “I’m ready, I opened myself up this morning, Joon, please!”

Hearing that his man had fingered himself was too much for Namjoon, he made a gruff sound in his throat, grabbed some lube and covered his throbbing cock. He put Jin’s legs over his shoulders, his strong arms supporting his weight as he pushed into him. Jin threw his head back and fisted the sheets as Namjoon fucked him hard, his prostate being abused with each thrust. Grunts and groans reverberated around their bedroom along with the sound of Namjoons pelvis slapping against Jin’s ass.

“Can you come untouched for me, Jinnie?”

“Just don’t stop!”

Namjoon picked up his pace, droplets of sweat on his face, Jin’s mouth was open, his face was flushed as he came onto his stomach. Namjoon continued fucking into him as he came, filling Jin with his seed, his orgasm rolling through his entire body.


Hobi was finishing his packing when Yoongi returned from the studio “Do you have everything you need?” he asked Hobi.

“If we aren’t including you in that, then yes I have everything I need.”

Yoongi put his arms around Hobi’s waist, pressing his chest to his back and resting his chin on Hobi’s shoulder “Are you nervous about the trip?”

Hobi covered Yoongi’s hands with his own “Not really, why?”

“What’s up then? You’ve been acting quite strangely this week.”

“You think I’ve been strange?”

“Hobi, we were having lunch on Thursday and you asked for a different waiter! What was all that about? Then yesterday you met me from work and last night I woke up with you attached to me like a second skin. It’s just out of character… so what’s up?”

“I didn’t like that waiter and I’ve just been wanting to spend as much time with you as possible before I go. Is that a crime?”

“Hmmmm. No, it isn’t a crime. You’ll be back before you know it.” Yoongi kissed Hobi on the cheek and went to the lounge, leaving Hobi to finish getting his stuff together.


Jungkook was on the phone to his Mum, while Taehyung was in the shower. They had spent all day in bed at Jungkook’s place, popping out briefly for brunch only. Last night after work they had gone back to Taehyung’s place to collect more clothes, which had taken longer than expected after they’d ended up fucking in the bathroom.

“Yes Mama, I’m really enjoying my job and I will defi… defi…erm…” Jungkook lost all train of thought as Taehyung walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, his body covered in water droplets, his skin glowing, his toned arms evident as he rubbed his hair with a small towel.

“…erm… Mama… I’ve got to go. I’ll see you soon.”

Jungkook ended the call, chucking his phone on the bed, crossing the room to pin Taehyung against his wardrobe, crushing their mouths together. Taehyung dropped the towel he was holding and moaned into the kiss, hands on Jungkook’s waist.

“Fuck! What was that in aid of?” Taehyung said grinning.

“You walked in here semi naked, Tae, I’m not sure what you expect?”

“Are you sure that your previous partners didn’t die from over exertion?”

Jungkook smiled, mouth pressed to his boyfriends neck “I’m sure. Believe it or not, I’ve never had so much sex in my life.”

“That makes 2 of us then.” Taehyung pulled Jungkook closer “If we didn’t need to get ready, I’d be fucking you against this wardrobe, right now.”

“Mmmmmm, please.” Jungkook said whilst ghosting his lips over Taehyung’s collarbone.

“We’ve got to get ready, cab comes soon.”

Jungkook stuck his bottom lip out in a sulky expression “But I can’t wait until we get home tonight.”

“You’re going to have to! Now, come on, get in the shower!” Taehyung slid out of Jungkook’s embrace and smacked him on the backside as he picked up the towel to continue drying his hair.

“You are ‘so’ bossy!”

“And you love it!”

Jungkook couldn’t argue with that so gave in and went into the bathroom, he definitely needed a cold shower! He’d also never had so many cold showers in his life either!


Sungwoon was ready! He had, had a huge dilemma on what to wear tonight and had settled on dark blue trousers, a pale pink button down shirt and a blue denim jacket. He was stood in the kitchen waiting for Jimin to finish messing with his hair “Jiminie, I love you, but you need to get a move on.”

“Yeah, I’m ready” Jimin said as he entered the lounge area.

“Jesus! You could’ve warned me! I think you should change.”

“What? Why?”

“I’ve literally got a hard on right now, please don’t leave this apartment looking like that.”

Jimin was confused, he was wearing black smart trousers, a black roll neck and a navy blue textured, knitted blazer that had big navy buttons and a sharp collar. He didn’t think it was anything special but his boyfriend’s reaction certainly made him smile.

“You don’t look too bad yourself! Come here… you are the only man I want looking at me.”

Sungwoon went over to Jimin and straight into his arms “Every man will be lusting after you.”

“I don’t think so, but even if they do, it doesn’t matter because I only have eyes for you, Woonie.”


Jin was pacing the floor in the lounge, waiting for Namjoon. The blue, knee length military style coat he had put on over the white button down shirt and trousers was making him hot as he kept checking his phone. Just as he was about to call out to hurry him along, Namjoon left the bedroom, and that’s when Jin nearly died.

“Wow!” Jin exclaimed as he realised he was holding his breath at seeing his boyfriend standing a few feet away, looking gorgeous in black trousers, a black roll neck and a greyish/silver button down shirt that he had tucked in and left the top 3 buttons open. The ring on his right hand matched his outfit perfectly and Jin was struggling to compose himself.

“Looking good, you handsome devil!” Namjoon said, smiling.

“Ready, birthday boy?”

When they got outside, Namjoon’s jaw hit the floor when he saw a black stretch limo in front of the building and a man holding the rear door open. He looked at Jin “Is that for us?” he asked.

Jin nodded “You’ve got to arrive at the restaurant in style, right?”

“I don’t know what to say, Jinnie. Thank you, this is amazing!”

They climbed into the back and Namjoon couldn’t believe how perfect his birthday had been. He looked down at the ring on his finger, 6 years on and he was sure he had the most perfect man ever.


Jungkook and Taehyung had arrived at the restaurant first which was looking unlikely earlier when Jungkook had pinned Taehyung against the bedroom door. He had gone in to the bedroom to remind Taehyung not to forget the ring for Namjoon and had been stopped in his tracks when he saw his boyfriend standing in front of the mirror. Jungkook had choked at the sight… those long legs in black slim leg jeans, a white t-shirt tucked into the waistband, a long length sheer lace overshirt which just showed at the cuffs because over the top of that was a velvet golden brown long length blazer. Jungkook couldn’t stop staring, his mouth watered at the black velvet choker hugging his neck and the glimpses of the black lace underneath the blazer. He wasn’t sure what he’d done in his life to deserve Taehyung but in that moment, he was incredibly grateful.

“Are you okay, Kookie? You are really quiet!”

“You look amazing, Tae. I’m literally fighting a constant boner.”

Taehyung smiled a toothy, boxy smile and put his arm around Jungkook’s waist, pulling him close “Says you! Did you look in the mirror before you left tonight?” Taehyung had struggled almost every day at work seeing Jungkook dressed in a suit but tonight had been different when he turned around in the bedroom and saw Jungkook in black trousers, a black button down collarless shirt and a black smart suit jacket. Taehyung had sworn that his boyfriend had just walked off a catwalk.

Jimin and Sungwoon arrived next with Hobi and Yoongi close behind. They waited for Namjoon and Jin to arrive, all surprised when they saw the limo.

They had been given the largest round table in the restaurant, which had balloons in the middle much to Namjoon’s amusement. They had all ordered their starters and given Namjoon their gifts. He now had tickets to a concert, a new hoodie and some vouchers and was feeling as nervous as ever, as the waiter approached with the starters. He looked to his right, to where Taehyung was sitting and gave him a look which Taehyung responded to with a smile and a slight nod.

Jin’s starter came out last and was put in front of him. It was crab on a bed of lettuce and the crab had a note in its pincer. Jin stared at it and picked up the little red piece of paper, opening it up to reveal a heart that read ‘Will’ in black letters. He looked really confused and laughed, looking around the table where everyone was looking back at him smiling.

Jin looked at Namjoon who shrugged his shoulders. Jimin nudged Jin and handed him another heart which Jin looked at… it had the word ‘You’ written in a scripted font.

“What is going on?” Jin said, his eyes darting around the table.

“You’d best have this too.” Hobi said, handing him another heart which read ‘Be’.

“Joon? I don’t understand, it’s your birthday?”

As Namjoon went to speak, Taehyung handed Jin another red heart which said ‘mine?’ on it.

“Joon? I’m already yours?”

“The last heart will explain everything, Jinnie, here…” Namjoon handed Jin a red velvet box in the shape of a heart “…open it.”

Jin opened the box and his eyes pricked with tears when he saw the platinum ring sat on black satin. He looked at the ring then looked at Namjoon who got up from his seat, holding out his hand so Jin stood, taking his hand.

“Joon… what is…” Namjoon put his index finger to Jin’s lips.

“6 years ago you came into my life took over my whole heart. Even through the rough times, I’ve never once stopped loving you or doubted the strength of our relationship. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I know we can’t make things legal here but we will find a way if you accept… Jinnie… be mine… forever… marry me?”

Tears welled in Jin’s eyes and a few spilled over, running down his cheeks as he stood with the ring in one hand and his other hand, being held by Namjoon. He looked around the table at his closest friends who were all smiling at them. This was the most intimate moment in a very public setting, that he’d ever had. As he turned and looked at Namjoon, his heart felt like it would burst, he had so much love for the man stood before him. He was always getting lost in Namjoon’s voice and those dimples! Jin had never loved and respected someone so much in his whole life but it was more than that because right in that moment there were 6 other people who were a huge part of his life… their life… who meant the world to him.

“Yes, Joonie. Yes to everything. I can’t believe you’d planned all this on your birthday!”

“We won’t forget our engagement date in a hurry. I love you Jinnie, so much.”

Namjoon took the ring out of the box and put it on Jin’s ring finger on his left hand. Jin knew instantly what the stones were and he swore it was the most beautiful bit of jewellery he had ever owned.

The 3 other couples clapped and cheered as the newly engaged couple kissed, Namjoon wiping away Jins tears with his thumbs. “I love you Joon… so, so much.”

Chapter Text

The whole mood in the restaurant was electric with the 4 couples all chatting and eating. It was amazing to see how in love Namjoon and Jin were, and it seemed to be radiating from them this evening. Namjoon had moved the ring Jin had bought him for his birthday onto his ring finger on his left hand which had made Jin laugh when he’d told him how his stomach had sunk when he thought he was going to propose that morning.

Jungkook couldn’t stop staring at Taehyung, he felt like his insides were on fire, he put his hand on his thigh and squeezed gently. His hand then moved upwards towards Taehyung’s crotch and rested there. The conversation continued between the 8 guys but Jungkook could see Taehyung looking at him out of the corner of his eye.

The waiter brought over their drinks “Kook?” he said as he put the bottles on the table.

Jungkook looked round “Hey Jinsun. I didn’t know you worked here.”

“It’s just to fill my time, really and get some money together. I’ve applied to uni.”

Taehyung sat quietly, looking at his boyfriend.

“That’s great. I hope you get in.”

“It’s ‘really’ nice to see you. I think I’ve still got your number. Maybe we could relive that night we had? Anyway, I’d best get back to work.” He placed his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder as he spoke.

“Okay, yeah. Good luck with everything.”

Namjoon nudged Taehyung under the table with his leg, making him look at him. Namjoon knew that look!

Taehyung turned to Jungkook “Who was that?”

“Oh just someone I used to dance with. I’ve not seen him in ages. He was never the studying type so I’m surprised he’s applied to uni.”

“What night does he wanna relive eh, Kookie?” Sungwoon winked at Jungkook and laughed until Jimin elbowed him in the side!

Taehyung raised his eyebrows and cocked his head to one side waiting for his boyfriend to answer.

“We had a few night’s out so I’m not sure to be honest.” Jungkook replied.

Taehyung crossed his legs, forcing Jungkook to move the hand that was still on his thigh.

“So, you’re away this weekend too?” Jimin directed his question at Namjoon and Jin, hoping to change the subject.

“We are, thanks to my handsome fiancé” Namjoon beamed.

Taehyung knocked back his drink and without saying a word, left the table, seemingly heading for the toilets. Namjoon slid over into Taehyung’s chair, next to Jungkook “Go after him, Jungkook.”

“What did I do?”

“You didn’t do anything. It’s just Tae and his mind. He’ll be fine.”

Jungkook gave a little smile and left the table. He checked the toilets but couldn’t see Taehyung so went outside and there he was, leaning against a wall.

“Hey, you’ll get cold out here, you know?” Jungkook stood in front of him, entwining their fingers together.

“It’s not cold. What are you doing out here?”

“I was worried about my boyfriend, he left the table in a hurry.”

“I just needed some air.”

Jungkook leaned closer, no space between their bodies “Look at me, Tae.”

Taehyung did as he was told and met Jungkook’s gaze, his eyes shone and time stood still as they stood, looking at each other.

Jungkook connected their lips and he felt Taehyung relax into the kiss as his tongue traced his bottom lip. He pressed himself closer, sandwiching Taehyung against the wall, his right hand palming his cock over his jeans while his left hand remained clasped with Taehyung’s hand.

Jungkook tilted his head and moaned into Taehyung’s mouth as their breathing picked up “Tae, I want you inside me, now!”

Jungkook had an idea… he dragged Taehyung towards the limo, Jin had hired. He was breathing heavily as he knocked on the drivers window, leaning in he spoke to the driver who then wound his window up.

“Come on!” Jungkook opened the rear door and pulled Taehyung inside, pushing him onto the back seat and locking the car doors.

Jungkook was undoing Taehyung’s belt and jeans “Tae, please!”

“We are meant to be at a meal, you know?”

“I don’t care. I’ll apologise to them later. Tae, please get your jeans off!”

Jungkook was flustered and desperate, removing his own trousers as Taehyung complied, pulling off his jeans and underwear. “My baby is so impatient” Taehyung said as Jungkook threw a little packet of lube onto the seat beside him.

“Tae, I swear to God if you don’t open that packet, I will.”

Taehyung couldn’t help but smirk “Come here then, fingers first, baby. I know you’re desperate but I’m not going to hurt you.”

Jungkook reached behind him, then opened his hand revealing a butt plug. His eyes were dark, his face flushed and he was staring intensely at his boyfriend. Taehyung actually choked as every nerve ending fired up inside him, he quickly coated his pulsing cock in lube and held his hand out to Jungkook who straddled him in an instant, sinking down onto his erection.

“Ugh… Oh my God… Tae… you fill me so good.”

Taehyung pulled Jungkooks face towards his and sank his teeth into his neck as Jungkook started rolling his hips on his lap. Taehyung’s hands were squeezing the soft flesh of his boyfriend’s behind as he panted and nibbled his neck. Jungkook sped up, bouncing on Taehyung’s lap, obscene noises leaving his throat “touch me, Tae.”

A few movements of Taehyung’s hand and Jungkook was coming hard, followed instantly by Taehyung. Jungkook buried his face in the crook of Taehyung’s neck as he battled to regulate his breathing, surprised that the lace overshirt was softer than he’d expected.

“Wow, Kookie! Wanna tell me what that was about?”

“After your shower when you wouldn’t fuck me, the cold shower I had didn’t help. I thought if I wore the plug then I’d be ready as soon as we got home… but… you look so fucking gorgeous tonight and… the plug had been touching my prostate all evening and I couldn’t take any more.”

“God, you are so sexy, Kookie. We’ll get that plug back in… you only get to take control when I let you.”


When they returned to the table, Hobi and Yoongi had left because Hobi needed to get to the airport on time. Namjoon smiled when he saw the couple hand in hand, he was pleased that Jungkook had managed to snap Taehyung out of his mood, they were so good for each other and this made him happy.

“So, both of you are away next weekend, right?” Jungkook asked the remaining 2 couples.

“It would seem so! That means you 2 get to look after Yoongi.” Jin said.

“I don’t think Yoongi needs looking after.” Taehyung commented.

“After we’ve sorted the bill, we’ll give you guys a lift. May as well make the most out of the limo.” Namjoon offered.

Jungkook looked down at the table and squeezed Taehyung’s thigh.

“Yay! Limo ride” Jimin clapped his hands together.


The 6 guys took a few bottles of champagne with them and decided on a tour around the city, making the most out of having a luxurious ride. Taehyung could only think of the ride he’d already had in the limo and actually couldn’t wait to get back to Jungkook’s to fuck the life out of him.

“Make sure you 2 christen your engagement tonight.”

“Oh you don’t need to worry about that, Chim.” Jin said as he climbed onto Namjoon’s lap, knees either side, chests together, “I’m going to make sure he’s the writhing mess when we get home.”

Namjoon looked up at his fiancé, “Oh, are you now?”

The other 2 couples laughed.

“I’m happy to be the writhing mess.” Sungwoon said as Jimin choked, hearing his boyfriend speak so honestly.

“Are you joining Woonie and Joon in the writhing mess stakes, Kookie?” Jimin asked Jungkook, laughing.

“Maybe it’s Tae joining them” Jungkook winked.

“No chance!” chorused both Jimin and Namjoon.

“Hey! I could make him beg, you know?”

Namjoon and Jimin gave an alcohol induced giggle as Jungkook pouted and crossed his arms in front of him.

“Thanks guys! Don’t be upsetting my boyfriend please!” Taehyung pulled Jungkook into his lap, kissing him on the cheek.

“They’re only messing with you Kook.” Sungwoon said “I’ll have to make sure my boyfriend has better things to do with his mouth.” He pulled Jimin towards him and kissed him, immediately taking his lip between his teeth.

3 bottles of champagne later and all 3 couples were making out in the back of the limo, the windows had steamed up and the air was thick with sexual tension.

Taehyung and Jungkook were the first to be dropped off and had made it into Jungkook’s apartment without fucking in the limo or lift.

“Let me fuck you, Tae.”

Jungkook started undoing his shirt and Taehyung moved his hands away, “Not tonight, not with you looking like that, Kookie. I’ve let you take charge once and now it’s back to me.”

Taehyung unbuttoned Jungkook’s shirt, slowly, really slowly, one by one. He knew how flustered and gagging for it Jungkook was and he was going to draw this out as long as possible.

Jungkook gasped when Taehyung undid the last button of his shirt, running his hands up his torso to his shoulders, pushing the shirt off so it fell to the floor. Taehyung’s eyes travelled over the sight before him, the well fitted trousers that clung to his thick thighs, the belt that accentuated his slim waist, the well defined ridges of his abs, chest and biceps, the sharp jawline, plump lips, big brown eyes that were full of lust right now.

Jungkook leaned forwards but Taehyung pulled back “You need to be patient, baby”

“Tae… please”

Taehyung ran his fingers down his boyfriends chest, circling his nipples, feeling them harden under his touch “You will get what you want, but you have to be patient, okay?”

Jungkook nodded, his cock, painfully hard, pressing against his underwear, the plug still pressing against his prostate. He wanted Taehyung so, so badly, riding him in the limo had helped for a minute but he felt like a dog on heat, he could barely function because all he thought about was being fucked by Taehyung.

Jungkook’s mind was clouded, his breathing erratic as Taehyung unfastened his belt, every time he moved his hands towards his boyfriend they were pushed away. Taehyung watched as Jungkook’s trousers fell to the floor, running his finger tips down his stomach, along the waistband of his boxers, making Jungkook shiver. He pulled down the boxers and let them fall to the floor too, mouth watering at the sight, he was sure there wasn’t a single flaw on Jungkook, he was perfect and all his.

“You are so beautiful, baby.”

Taehyung ghosted his lips over Jungkooks mouth and jaw, sucking gently on his ear lobe, leaving a trail of wet kisses down his neck. He took him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom, sitting him down on the edge of the bed, Taehyung kneeled in front of him, licking a stripe up his cock. Jungkook put his hands on the bed for support, closing his eyes as he felt the warmth and wetness of Taehyung’s mouth envelope his length.

“Tae, please” Jungkook whimpered, desperate to buck his hips and thrust into his mouth.

“We are in the bedroom, baby, who am I?”

“You are the boss.” Jungkook practically whispered.

Taehyung took him back into his mouth, bobbing his head, fingers fondling his balls, saliva running down his shaft and he could feel Jungkook’s legs begin to tremble, his breathing becoming more erratic, he knew he was close, he could taste the pre-cum oozing from his cock.

Jungkook’s eyes were closed, the tightness forming in his groin, goosebumps covered his skin, using all the willpower he had not to thrust upwards, he didn’t want to misbehave for Taehyung. Just as he felt that wave start to wash over him, Taehyung’s mouth was gone and the air felt cold on his soaking wet, throbbing member. He opened his eyes to see his boyfriend stood before him, so much control, so gorgeous as he removed the black lace overshirt, his eyes locked on Jungkooks.

Taehyung removed his t-shirt, revealing his beautifully tanned chest, lean and soft, then his fingers made light work of his belt, jeans and boxers, stepping out of them he inched closer to Jungkook.

“Lay back, baby”

Jungkook did as he was told, moving backwards on the bed and laying on his back, propping himself up on his elbows as he watched Taehyung crawl onto the bed, peppering his legs, thighs and torso in kisses.

Taehyung sucked marks along his collarbone, fingers wrapped around his cock, stroking it gently, driving Jungkook crazy, he was so desperate to cum. Jungkook parted his legs as he felt Taehyung fondle the plug, twisting it and fucking him slowly with it, bruising his prostate each time.

“Ugh… my… God… I can’t… I…”

“You’re being so patient, baby.” Taehyungs smooth, velvet voice close to his ear was sending shockwaves through his body.

Taehyung removed the plug, putting it to one side as he put 2 fingers up to Jungkook’s mouth which he willingly sucked before Taehyung inserted them into his entrance to make sure he was prepped enough. The plug had been in for hours and they’d fucked in the limo but Taehyung wanted to make sure Jungkook was ready.

The noises coming from Jungkook were loud and incoherent, he fisted the sheets, a fine layer of sweat covered his body as he was fucked by his boyfriend’s fingers. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take, his cock was leaking over his stomach and his whole body felt like it was on fire.

“Are you ready, baby?” Taehyung asked Jungkook who was totally gone. His mahogany coloured hair wet in places from the sweat, his eyes closed, mouth open and his chest heaving.

“Uh… yeah… boss… please”

Taehyung coated his cock with lube, kneeling up supporting Jungkooks legs with his hands he pushed into his puckered hole in one quick motion. He pulled out then back in, quickly, gripping his boyfriend’s legs, pushing them forwards so he could fuck into him, hitting his prostate every time. Jungkook was clenching his fists so hard that he had nail marks in the palms of his hands, the over stimulation wrecking his body as once again his orgasm built up.

Taehyung was also close, he pounded into Jungkook, chasing his own release as he watched Jungkook spill onto his stomach. There was no warning, just loud groans from Jungkook, his back arching as he finally climaxed, his eyes still closed as his mind swam. Seeing his boyfriend completely fucked was too much for Taehyung and a few thrusts later he emptied his load into him.

Jungkook was fucked, literally, as Taehyung cleaned him up with a towel before cleaning himself and pulling back the covers so they could get into bed.

“Come here, Kookie”

Jungkook snuggled up to Taehyung, burying his face in the crook of his neck, his whole body felt like it was still quivering.

“Tae, I think I love you.”

Taehyung stroked his hair, tucking rogue strands behind his ear “of course you do, you’ve just been fucked into next week.” He said before pressing his lips to Jungkook’s forehead.

Chapter Text

Hobi was really quiet on the way to the airport, he sat in the back of the taxi, head resting on Yoongi’s shoulder, hands clasped together. He wished that Yoongi was going with him, this would be the longest time they’d been apart and he was really going to miss the grumpy shit.

Yoongi helped Hobi with his bags and they stood at passport control, holding each other, “It’s only 2 weeks, Hobi and we can video chat.”

“I know and I will be so busy but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss you.”

“I will miss you too. I know I don’t tell you often but I do love you.” Hobi wanted to record Yoongi saying that and have it played back on repeat. He would never tire of hearing him say it.

They kissed and parted ways, Yoongi watching as his boyfriend disappeared down the corridor.


Namjoon and Jin had dropped Jimin and Sungwoon off and were kissing in bed, both completely naked and slightly tipsy.

“Today has been a day to remember, Jinnie.”

“It’s been almost perfect.”


“I want to fuck you, Joon. I want to look into your eyes and watch you cum while I fuck you.”

“6 years on and you still surprise me.”


“You mean you actually want me to answer?”

“Is that a ‘yes’ then?”

“Jin, when would I ever say ‘no’ to you?”

That was all Jin needed to hear, he rolled over so he was on top of Namjoon, grabbing the bottle of lube and a small vibrator from the drawer which he lubed up and put to Namjoon’s entrance.

Namjoon lifted his legs and closed his eyes as Jin pushed the vibrator inside carefully, breathing deeply as it was thicker than just having Jin’s fingers inside him but felt so good. Jin sucked on Namjoon’s bottom lip while sliding the vibrator out then in slowly to start with, allowing him time to adjust.

“God, Jin, that feels so good.”

Jin picked up speed with the encouragement from Namjoon, turning the vibrator on to the lowest setting, angling it to target Namjoon’s bundle of nerves. He was panting now, he realised he was the writhing mess that Jin said he would be in the limo, but he didn’t care because he felt amazing.

Namjoon’s fingers twisted in Jin’s hair, their mouths moved together in what was a desperate, very wet kiss, teeth clashing, gravelly sounds erupting from his throat as every part of his body tingled. Jin increased the setting on the vibrator and moved it faster, moaning as he felt his hair being pulled, his cock throbbing at seeing his fiancé so totally out of control.

“I can’t… Jin… I’m… so… close”

Jin increased the setting once more, circling the vibrator whilst keeping the tip pressed against Namjoon’s prostate “Come for me, Joonie. I want to lick you clean.”

“Holy. Shit!” Jin’s words went straight to Namjoon’s cock as he spilled onto his stomach, his whole body trembling in one of the most powerful orgasms he’s ever had. Namjoon was sure he’d blacked out as his vision clouded, aware only of the sensation of the vibrator being withdrawn and Jin entering him, kissing him through his high.

Jin knew he wouldn’t last long, his cock was leaking, he was painfully hard and looking at how completely fucked Namjoon looked was driving him closer to the edge. Namjoon’s fingers remained in his hair as he rocked his hips, setting a steady pace as he marked his man’s neck with his mouth.

Namjoon wrapped his legs around Jin, his heels digging into his ass, the feeling of being fucked by his fiancé was too much as already, that heat coiled in his stomach once more. He had barely come down from the first orgasm when the second one hit him like a sledge hammer and he cried out “Fucking. Hell!!”

Jin smirked into Namjoon’s neck, snapping his hips faster as the waves of his climax spread throughout his entire body. He didn’t stop rolling his hips, wanting to prolong the feeling as long as he could as he milked his cock of every last drop, before his body gave up and he collapsed onto Namjoon, who stroked his hair, lovingly.

“Oh my God, Jinnie. That was… just wow! I might just let you fuck me more often if that’s what happens.”

“That was amazing, you looked fantastic. It’s definitely a turn on, seeing you so fucked.”


Sungwoon and Jimin had been practicing the dance routine for the new group and Jimin had to admit that he was enjoying it, he was enjoying learning a routine and expressing himself through his movements. dancing reminded him of some really happy times and all the bad one's he remembered were pushed to one side because he didn't want to give them the time of day. He had turned up at the studio to run through the routine with the group, he'd got to know them a bit more since the first time he met them and they were really great guys. A couple of them reminded him of himself when he'd first started out, of course he'd hoped to have been in their position now but he couldn't change the past so wanted to make the most of this opportunity.

Yoongi turned up, mid routine, standing at the back of the studio watching Jimin with the group. The group didn't have a name yet so that was his task by the end of the week, along with talking to Taehyung about a profile for each member for the website. It had been a few days since Hobi had gone to Japan and he had called Yoongi every day. Last night they had video called and Yoongi had just got out of the shower when he'd heard his phone ring, he thought the connection was bad because Hobi was static on the screen but he later explained that seeing Yoongi straight out of the shower had practically killed him.

Yoongi's thoughts turned to the group who were responding really, really well to Jimin, not that Yoongi could blame them, his friend was gorgeous and right now he was sweaty, which was a huge turn on. The young lads drooled as they watched Jimin move, his hair stuck to his face in places, his thighs bulging in the tight trousers, the peek of his shoulder and collarbone as the loose t-shirt fell to one side. One of the lads shifted his underwear, clearly getting a hard on... Yoongi laughed inwardly, he knew, only too well about the Jimin effect.

"Let's see what you've learned, then lads!" Yoongi shouted above the music.

Jimin walked over and stood next to Yoongi, breathing heavily after the physical exertion, he smiled "If they haven't picked up the moves, you can't blame me."

"Who should I blame then?"

"I'm not sure, just not me."

"How about, if they mess up, you have to cook me dinner? If they get through it first time, I will cook you dinner?"

Jimin raised his eyebrow "Let's hope they get through it straight off then because I hate cooking!"

The group stood in the positions that Jimin had put them in after spending time with them and deciding what the best formation would be. He conceded that Yoongi could alter it if he wanted but since he'd asked Jimin for his advice then Jimin would position them in the best way for the routine and their abilities.

"Ha! You're going to have to dig that apron out, Mr Min!" Jimin said lightly punching Yoongi on the arm and laughing.


The group had performed the routine flawlessly and Yoongi was very impressed, so was Jimin!

"Okay, okay! Since Hobi has been gone, I've lived on takeaways so I should really cook, anyway."

"See, I am practically doing you a favour!"


"Now you are doing me a favour as Woonie is on a school trip today so won't be back until late. I didn't fancy eating alone."

"Everything happens for a reason, Chim. Make sure you shower first though, you fucking stink!"

Jimin punched Yoongi again "Arsehole!"


Taehyung wanted to do something nice for Jungkook but he didn't know what. Tonight was their night apart and he hated it. Of course he wouldn't admit that to anyone, not even Jungkook, but he hated it. The weekend had been amazing, he'd certainly enjoyed being ridden in the limo and enjoyed fucking Jungkook even more when they'd got in. Sunday's had become their lazy day, Jungkook didn't go to the gym or dance and Taehyung stayed off his computer. Instead they cooked together, watched a movie and Taehyung allowed Jungkook to beat him continually at Overwatch… that was what Taehyung kept telling himself anyway.

He'd been out the office all afternoon which made their weekly night apart even worse because he hadn't seen Jungkook since earlier that day. He settled on his sofa, flicking through Netflix, bowl of noodles on his lap, not liking the silence or being alone. He picked up his phone:


Hey sexy :-)

Hey yourself. What's up?

Nothing, why? Am I not allowed to say Hi?

Of course you are! Is everything alright?

Everything is fine.

Good. What are you up to?

Eating and deciding what to watch. You?

Just grabbed a coffee with Jinsun, he popped by the office earlier. Let me know if you watch anything decent.

Taehyung felt a knot instantly form in his stomach and he regretted having meetings all afternoon. He didn't like the image in his head of his boyfriend sat across from that guy, drinking coffee and sharing a cake... one fork or two? He'd seen Jungkook that morning, in his black thigh hugging trousers, white shirt and red tie, his hair parted to one side revealing the smooth, flawless skin of his forehead. How could there be anyone alive who wouldn't find him attractive and want to get him naked as soon as possible? Who wouldn't want to feel his skin under their lips, feel the way his hips moved as he thrust against them? Was there anyone who wouldn't want to taste every part of Jungkook?


Jimin turned up at Yoongi and Hobi’s with a bottle of wine, having no idea what was for dinner but pleased that he would have company and he didn’t have to cook. Yoongi was in the kitchen finishing up the beef stirfry he had prepared, putting Jimin’s bottle in the fridge and pouring 2 glasses from the one he’d chilled earlier.

“How’s Hobi getting on?”

“It’s going well. He did a fan meet today and he said he was shocked at how many people turned up. It’s tiring though and he’s at a signing tomorrow.”

“It’ll be good for his career, I’m pleased it’s going so well. Have you got a name for the group yet?”

“Not yet. I was going to see if they had a preference.” Yoongi said as he handed Jimin a bowl and walked over to the sofa.

“They do have some idea’s, I heard them discussing it. I like them, they are a great bunch of guys.”

“They are. J.J had a hard on for you earlier.” Yoongi laughed.

Jimin blushed, looking down into his bowl of stirfry “Shut up!”

“Who can blame him huh?”

Jimin shovelled some food into his mouth, ignoring the flutter in his stomach at Yoongi’s words, they didn’t mean anything. He went to the kitchen and returned with the 2nd bottle of wine, refilling both their glasses.

“Thanks for dinner. It was actually really good.”

“Cheeky fucker! I have my talents!”

Jimin picked up his glass and sipped his wine while flicking through the tv channels looking for something to watch.

“Yes! I haven’t seen this for ages!” Jimin squealed.

“What is it?”

“Hearts and flowers.”

“Fuck off Chim. You have got to be kidding?”

“Oh it’s so cute! I love it!”

“Chim, we are not watching this shit.”

“Have you seen it?”

“I don’t need to, it’s shit.”

“But have you seen it?”

“No, Chim, I haven’t.”

Jimin looked at Yoongi and smiled “Try it, you might like it. Just give it 10 minutes and you’ll love it.”

Yoongi looked at Jimin in disgust “10 minutes! And then it’s going off.”

Jimin sat cooing at the drama on tv, it had been so long that he’d watched it, he’d forgotten how amazing it was.

“That’s it, Chim, I can’t stand it any more, turn it over”

“Oh no! It’s only just got started.” Jimin whined.

“I can’t believe you like this shite. Come on, turn it off!”

“Don’t be mean, Yoongi”

Yoongi tried to swipe the remote but Jimin put it behind his back, grinning at his achievement and poking his tongue out at a seething Yoongi.

“Chim! I mean it! Turn it over!”

Jimin pouted “But I love it!”

Yoongi pursed his lips, lurching forward attempting to grab the remote from behind Jimin, but he failed when Jimin leaned back putting all his weight onto the sofa.

“You are such a fucking baby!”

“And you are a mean man!”’

Yoongi put one hand either side of Jimin, hands fumbling to find the remote, the atmosphere changed as their faces were so close, their noses were practically touching, Jimin’s stomach fluttered, the feeling and the situation all too familiar… happy times… good memories.

“Chim, please.” Jimin could feel Yoongi’s warm breath on his face as he spoke but he wasn’t sure what he was asking for.

“I… I…”

Jimin’s phone vibrated loudly on the glass table, making them both jump, Yoongi grabbing the remote and retreating to his end of the sofa.

Hey Jiminie, we arrived back early. Are you still at Yoongi’s?

Yep. Still here. I’ll finish my drink and head home or are you going to yours?

I’ll pick you up from Yoongi’s. See you in 5 mins?


“Woonie is back early. Errr… he’s picking me up so I’m going to go down to meet him.” Jimin stood, putting his bowl and glass into the kitchen.

“Thanks for the company Chim. You smelled better than you did earlier.”

“Thanks for dinner, Yoongi. Say hi to Hobi for me.”

Chapter Text

When Jungkook arrived at work that morning, he was surprised to see that Taehyung was already there. He got him a cup of tea and knocked on his office door “Yes?” he heard from inside.

“Morning Tae, I got you a tea.”

“Thank you”

“Did you watch anything decent last night?” Jungkook asked, sitting down at Taehyung’s desk ready for briefing.

“No, I got bored of looking so worked on a couple of projects.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but notice that Taehyung looked tired and wondered what had kept him awake “Did you sleep okay?”

“I didn’t get enough sleep, that’s all.”

“I’d have come over if you’d have asked.”

“You were busy and it was our night apart. It’s fine. I got lots done here.”

“Tae, I had coffee then I was home. I will never be too busy for you.”

Hearing Jungkook’s words softened the hard feeling in Taehyung’s stomach. He looked into Jungkook’s big brown eyes and saw nothing but honesty.

“Do you want to come over tonight?”

“Definitely but I’m getting dinner. I’ll be round about 7, is that okay?”

“Sounds great. I think I’m probably going to go home a bit earlier today. I’ve got a meeting this afternoon with Yoongi about the group’s new website. Will you be okay to take that call from Olympus about their account?”

Jungkook nodded.


When Taehyung walked into Yoongi’s office, Yoongi was sat at his desk talking to a young guy who was definitely drooling over his elder. They both looked up when Taehyung spoke “Hey, you still okay for our meeting?”

“Yeah. Han was just leaving.”

The young guy blushed and left the office as Taehyung sat down.

“How’s Hobi?”

Yoongi laughed “Hobi is fine, thank you.”

“What’s funny?”

“It’s funny that the first thing you lot ask me is about Hobi. Chim did the same when he came over last night.” Yoongi slouched back in his chair.

Taehyung raised his eyebrows “Chim spent the evening at yours? Just Chim?”

“Yes, Tae. We had a bet, I had to cook.”

“Be careful, Yoongi, you know what Chim is like.”

“You spend time with Chim, it’s no different, Tae.”

“Chim wasn’t in love with me, Yoongi”

Yoongi sighed, a flicker of something in his eyes but Taehyung wasn’t sure what it was… regret?

“I would never hurt him or Hobi.”

“Well, if you ever need a chat, call me, ok?”

“Will do. So, how are things going with Jungkook?”

“Good, really good. I’d forgotten what it’s like to be with someone to be honest. It feels like we’ve been together longer than we have though.”

“What was all that about at the meal on Saturday? Has he got a past thing with that waiter? I saw your face, Tae.”

Taehyung turned his attention to the window “I haven’t asked him. They went for coffee yesterday.”

Yoongi looked surprised “And… you aren’t okay with that, right?”

“I don’t want to fuck this up, Yoongi. Joon told me not to fuck it up. I was so mad on Saturday then Kookie came out and I couldn’t talk about it. Last night I just didn’t reply to his text and I thought that was the best thing to do but he knows something is wrong.”

“Have you told him?”

“Told him what? I’m a possessive control freak and don’t want anyone even fucking looking at him because it makes me want to kill people?”

Yoongi coughed “I’m sure you could put it a different way, Tae. I’m shit with words but even I could think of something.”

“Urgh! I don’t think I’m at that stage yet, where I can just open myself up completely.”

“But you’ve let him fuck you?”

“Yoongi! No he hasn’t fucked me… well he has but he hasn’t topped.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes “I didn’t think so.”

“And what does that mean?”

“Tae, every once in a while you need to relinquish control, completely. Not just let him ride you…”

“How do you know?”

“…that doesn’t matter, it was a guess. If you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable with him then you should be able to open up about anything.”

“Fucking hell… that was actually sensible… if this is what happens to you when Hobi is away then maybe he shouldn’t come back!”

“Fuck off, Tae! I won’t tell Hobi you said that. Now, are we going to get some work done or not?”


Taehyung had got home and relaxed in a nice hot bath, going over the conversation he’d had with Yoongi. He felt really quirky about it, he was so used to being in control that even in the limo, he had allowed Jungkook to take control. Taehyung liked being in control, he liked the power he had, he liked how he could make men squirm and sweat just by looking at them a certain way.

After Minho he had learned that the best way to rid himself of vulnerability was to be in control and once he had realised the power he had, it all worked out. He was the complete opposite to Jimin, who wore his heart on his sleeve and told everyone he loved them all the time and meant it! Jimin had a huge heart and shared it with everyone he met, which is why Sungwoon was so good for him because he was exactly the same and they could suffocate each other with love.

Taehyung wasn’t really sure that he’d ever loved anyone, genuinely. Namjoon, he loved and still did but it was never that love you feel in every fibre of your body. He thought he’d loved Minho but that was destroyed completely. Anyone after that, he’d definitely not loved because he’d shut his emotions down. He had spent so long shutting everything off that he wasn’t sure how to turn it back on and he didn’t want to push Jungkook away while he figured it out.

Maybe he should talk to Namjoon? Taehyung wanted the relationship that he had with Jin so who else was better equipped to answer his fears?

At 6:45pm Jungkook arrived, holding some flowers and a bottle of wine, Taehyung’s heart melted when he saw him.

“What’s all this in aid of?” Taehyung smiled as Jungkook kissed him.

“Can’t I treat my boyfriend?”

“No complaints here.”

They sat on the sofa with a glass of wine, Jungkook’s legs resting on Taehyung’s lap.

“Tae, I wanted to speak to you about time off work, I need to visit my family. I’ve been putting it off, but it’s been a while, so I need to go. My brother gets married in 6 months, so I’ve got a suit fitting and stuff.”

“How long will you be away for?”

“A week, hopefully less, to be honest. I didn’t know how much notice you needed and then there’s the fact that we are together so I wanted to speak to you about going away and I didn’t want to just mention it at work because that’s too formal and…”

Taehyung put his index finger to Jungkooks lips “Ssssh it’s okay, anything like this we can discuss whenever and wherever is best for you. I can manage at work, so you should go when you need to.”

Jungkook smiled and rested his cheek on the back of the sofa, facing Taehyung “Thank you. I also wanted to talk to you about last night.”

Taehyung held his breath “What about last night?”

“Why didn’t you sleep?”

“It happens from time to time. When are you going to visit your family?”

“I will probably leave Monday morning, if that’s okay?”

“I can handle work.”

“Just don’t handle work too well on your own, I actually like my job.”

“What’s it worth?”

Jungkook moved quickly, straddling Taehyung on the sofa, taking his bottom lip between his teeth “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Jungkook’s words were like a match to a stick of dynamite as Taehyung fisted his hair and pushed his tongue into his mouth, a low rumble emanating in his throat. Jungkook could feel his boyfriend’s erection as their mouths moved in sync, their tongues eager to taste as much of the other as possible. Taehyung groaned as Jungkook slid off his lap and tugged at the waistband of his sweats, looking up at him with his big dark eyes as he got the message and lifted up, his sweats being pulled down to his ankles.

Jungkook licked his lips at the sight of his boyfriends swollen cock standing to attention, licking a stripe with his tongue flat, from base to tip. Taehyung looked down at the mop of mahogany hair bobbing up and down, leaning his head back, eyes closed, fists clenched as he felt saliva dripping down his balls. Jungkook probed his slit with his tongue, tasting the pre-cum oozing out, his hand pumping the base. Taehyung was ever so flustered, he didn’t know where to put his hands, it felt so good “Don’t stop, Kookie, don’t stop”

Taehyung’s body was twitching as Jungkook flicked his tongue over the head of his cock, licking around the rim, paying special attention to the sensitive skin on the underside. He gripped Taehyung’s erection with his lips, tongue flat, loosening his jaw as he bobbed his head faster, he felt Taehyung’s thighs tense and knew he was close, his breathing was erratic as he started sucking, knowing full well this would be game over for his man.

Jungkook kept sucking while Taehyung fisted his hair, tugging on it and bucking his hips forward as he shot his load into his mouth. He swallowed every last drop and sucked him clean, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he got off his knees and sat beside Taehyung.

“Oh my God, Kookie. That was amazing.”

“You tasted so good, Tae.”

Taehyung pulled up his sweats and tugged Jungkook into his lap, placing an arm around his waist and connecting their lips. His breathing still unsteady, as they kissed lazily, all thoughts of dinner, completely out of both their minds.


Sungwoon was cooking dinner while Jimin sat on the kitchen worktop discussing his day and the plans for their weekend away.

“You’ve cooked so much! Leftovers tomorrow night then?” Jimin said, grinning whilst nibbling on a carrot stick.

“I won’t be about tomorrow night Jiminie but you should take some home with you in a tub.”

“Yeah I will do that. What’s going on at school?”

“It’s not a work thing. A couple of old uni friends are in Seoul for the day and we are meeting up.”

“That’ll be nice. Where are you taking them?”

“I don’t know yet. Definitely for food then maybe the club. It just depends on whether Bam brings his partner because she’s vegan.”

Jimin couldn’t help but feel a bit hurt that this was a part of Sungwoons life that he wasn’t being included in and he didn’t understand why.

“They are bringing partners? But you are going alone?”

“I don’t know for sure, Jiminie. I’ve not seen them in ages.”

“Why did you not ask me?”

Sungwoon stood between Jimins legs “I really didn’t think it would be a problem.”

“Can I come then?”

Sungwoon looked down and moved away “I’d rather you didn’t, Jiminie, I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t want you there, it’s just that, Yugs… he… we had a thing once and he’s not a nice person. I don’t want you in the firing line.”

Jimin jumped off the worktop, his eyes glassy with tears “Or maybe, you don’t want me there so you can crack on with him!!”

“Don’t be daft, Jimin!”

“What happened to ‘Jiminie’? It’s formal now is it? Well, you have a great evening!”

“Where are you going?”


“Don’t leave like this, especially when you’ve been drinking.”

“What the hell has that got to do with anything? I’m not driving! I will walk or grab a cab. Don’t you worry about your over sensitive, daft, boyfriend!”

“Jiminie! Please!”

Jimin slammed the door behind him and left. He knew it! He knew it had been too good to be true! Obviously Sungwoon didn’t love him like he thought he did. Why wouldn’t he want to introduce Jimin to his friends? Was he ashamed of him? Did he think he would show him up?

The tears rolled down his face as the night air hit him. He walked briskly, he suddenly felt so lost and alone so he went to a place he knew he would feel safe…

… “Chim? What are you doing here? What’s happened?”

Jimin stood sobbing in the doorway of Yoongi’s place, he was led inside and sat on the sofa. Yoongi got him a drink and wrapped him in a blanket, sitting beside him, not knowing what to say.

“Woonie… he… he’s ashamed of me…”

“Oh Chim, I doubt that’s right. What has made you think that?”

Jimin just sobbed, struggling to catch his breath “He… said… I… am… daft”

“You are.” Yoongi was hoping some humour might diffuse the situation.

“Fuck… you! I’ll go then!”

Yoongi wrapped his arms around Jimin “I’d hoped it would make you smile. You know I don’t mean it, Chim.”

Jimin rested his head on Yoongi’s shoulder, his forehead against his neck, soaking everything that came into contact with his tears. He felt so safe, his breathing calmed a little and the tears flowed less as he felt the pulse in Yoongi’s neck.

Jimin was hurting, he felt unwanted and worthless so when he pressed his lips to Yoongi’s neck, his head was screaming at him, telling him it was a bad idea but his emotions were craving attention and Yoongi’s arms were so familiar.

Yoongi didn’t move, he thought perhaps Jimin had moved his lips by accident… then he felt it again… soft, plump lips against his neck, sending shivers down his spine. He exhaled as he felt Jimin’s lips just below his ear, then he looked down and their eyes met.

Jimin looked at Yoongi through tear stained eyes, he probably looked like a complete state but Yoongi looked at him with such softness. He didn’t really think about it as he placed his hand on the back of Yoongi’s head and closed the gap between their faces. Jimin only thought of the spark igniting in his stomach as their lips touched and that spark soon turned into a full on inferno.

They hadn’t realised the full extent of the sexual tension that had been building up for so long, until this moment. Jimin shrugged the blanket off his shoulders and pushed Yoongi backwards onto the sofa, their lips never once pulling apart. Jimin lifted Yoongi’s t-shirt off, stripping his own off straight afterwards before leaning over Yoongi to lick into his mouth.

The atmosphere was thick with desperation and need as Jimin pulled off Yoongi’s sweats, followed by his own. Both completely naked, Yoongi wrapped his legs around Jimin’s waist “Fuck me, Chim. I’m ready.”

Jimin didn’t question him, spitting on his hand to coat his erection then sliding straight in. Obviously, that was why Yoongi had looked flustered when he opened the door! Right now, Jimin was being driven by emotion as he pounded into the mint haired man laying beneath him. The air was full of skin on skin sounds, heavy breathing and grunts as Jimin fucked Yoongi.

Yoongi reached for his cock and two strokes later was coming over his stomach while Jimin knew he wouldn’t last much longer especially now Yoongi’s walls were squeezing him as his orgasm coursed through his body.

Jimin cried out as he lost his rhythm and came inside Yoongi, falling onto his chest, fighting to control his breathing, whilst his phone flashed with the 20th missed call from Sungwoon.

Chapter Text

Taehyung had slept well and had a successful meeting with Jin at his new restaurant when he walked into work at lunchtime. The grand opening of the restaurant was being planned and the interior work was working ahead of schedule. Jin was really pleased with the website designs and the flyers and he had still managed to keep the name a secret from his ever so inquisitive fiancé!

“Hey, has everything been okay this morning?” Taehyung asked Jungkook who was looking particularly hot today.

“I’ve had everything covered.” Jungkook stood, putting his jacket on.

“I didn’t doubt it for a second. Do you fancy that noodle place for dinner tonight?”

Jungkook walked around his desk to where Taehyung was stood “I fancy you.”

“I’m pleased to hear it.”

“And yes to dinner. I’ll see you this afternoon?”

“Are you off for lunch?”

“Yeah, I’m meeting Jisun for coffee. I’ll be back in an hour.”

Taehyung felt that knot form in his stomach as he did his best to swallow it down “Okay” he stiffened and walked into his office.

20 minutes later, Jungkook walked into Taehyung’s office, locking the door behind him, he crossed the room, placing 2 pots of pasta down on his desk along with 2 smoothies, then he sat down.

“I thought you were going out for lunch?”

“Tae, stop pushing me away. You have a problem with me meeting Jisun, don’t you?”

“I don’t have a problem.”

“So you didn’t have a problem at Joon’s meal? And when I met him for coffee the other night? Tae, I will never give you a reason not to trust me.”

“I do trust you, Kookie.” Taehyung ran his hand through his hair.

Jungkook leaned forwards and kissed him “Tae, the only problem I have right now is that I am falling for someone who won’t talk to me.”

Taehyung looked up sharply... “You are?”

“Talk to me, please. Do you want to ask me about my friendship with Jisun?”

“What night did he want to relive?” Taehyung felt stupid for asking but needed to ask.

“Genuinely, I have no idea. We had a few night’s out but none of them stand out. There was always a few of us, so maybe something happened that I didn’t know about. Look, there has never, ever been anything between us, not even an accidental kiss or anything, as far as I am concerned. He’s a nice guy, Tae. Maybe we should double date with him and Chad... would that be better?”

“He’s got a boyfriend?”

“Yes, Tae and he’s probably sick and tired of hearing me talk about you!”

Taehyung felt so many emotions... stupidity, mainly but also relief... huge relief. Oh and annoyance that Namjoon and Yoongi were right when they’d said to talk to Jungkook.

“I’m sorry. I thought I was doing better than in the past by deciding not to react to how I was feeling but I see that I was still reacting by not saying anything.”

“Tae, I’m not ever going to lie to you. The other night, I meant it when I said I would have come over. It was only coffee and a chat. I just hope you learn to trust me.”

Taehyung looked at Jungkook. He could see the sincerity and wondered how he’d been so lucky to have found him. He also knew he had a whole lot to learn because he wasn’t even handling things the right way when he was doing the opposite to the way he would normally have reacted.

“I do trust you, Kookie.” Taehyung stood, pulling Jungkook to his feet, cupping each side of his face with his big hands, he pressed their lips together “fancy skipping work?”

“What will my boss say?”

“Your boss is happy for you to skip work on these grounds.”

“And what grounds would they be?”

“The one’s where you take him to bed and fuck him.”

Jungkook’s face could not hide the surprise at Taehyung’s words and his cock instantly tingled at the thought. “Let’s go then.”


Jimin and Yoongi had fallen asleep on the sofa and woke, bleary eyed. Jimin checked his phone to see 50 missed calls and nearly as many texts from Sungwoon.

“I think this is where we say we need to talk.” Yoongi said in his morning husky tone.

Jimin still had his head resting on Yoongi’s chest “I don’t think it matters what we say, nothing can change what happened, Yoongi.”

“No, but it’s not just about us is it? We are both going to have to face our partners at some point.”

Jimin closed his eyes, part of him wanted to be exactly where he was, cuddled up to Yoongi and the other part of him wanted last night to have never happened.

“I shouldn’t have come here last night.”

“Probably not, but you did. Chim, Sungwoon is good for you. I don’t want last night to be the reason you lose that.”

“And you are more or less settled with Hobi.”

“We’ve had our chance. I don’t see anything positive coming out of Hobi and Sungwoon finding out about last night, do you?”

“Right now, I agree but what if they find out?”

“How would they? If we agree, this stays with us then that’s where it stays.”

Both agreed to keep the secret. Jimin looked up at Yoongi, his face blotchy from all the tears the night before. “You’ll always be the one that got away, you know?” as he climbed off the sofa he kissed Yoongi one last time.


Taehyung and Jungkook had left a trail of clothes on the floor as they’d kissed their way to the bedroom, their lips already swollen and pink as they continued to nip and suck each other’s lips. Jungkook had Taehyung beneath him on the bed and wanted to cover every inch of his body in kisses. He wanted to taste his skin, inhale his scent and show him how much he wanted him.

Jungkook sensed this was a big deal, even when he had taken charge, dragging Taehyung to the limo and riding him, things had always been on Taehyung’s terms, which he was well aware of. He felt that this was how he was being shown that he was trusted and he would certainly make the most of it as he had wanted to fuck Taehyung since the moment he’d met him.

Taehyung moved his head so his boyfriend could access his long neck, exhaling loudly as he felt warm, wet lips under his ear. His mind was clouded already, lost in Jungkook’s touch, feeling completely vulnerable for the first time since Minho. Now, he could feel the difference, he could feel the desire and adoration seeping through every kiss, Jungkook left on his skin. He couldn’t forget Jungkook’s words in his office about how he was falling for him, here was someone who honestly wanted to love Taehyung. Jungkook didn’t want to hurt him, use him or cheat on him... he wanted to share his life with him, share intimate moments exclusively with him, be honest and genuine with him and he wanted Taehyung to trust him.

Jungkook licked and bit his collarbone, down his chest, swirling his tongue around his nipples, feeling the little buds harden as he did. Taehyung twisted Jungkooks soft mahogany hair in his fingers, unsure what else to do with his hands as with every kiss, he felt like his skin was on fire. Jungkook smirked when he kissed along the side of his soft tummy and he jolted, repeating the action on the other side.

When he reached the swollen head of his cock, Jungkook flicked his tongue across the slit a couple of times, causing a moan to come from Taehyung and his cock twitched. He kissed down his thighs and back up the other side, parting his legs so he could graze his teeth alongside the inside of his thighs. Taehyung let out a throaty grunt as Jungkook took his balls into his mouth, sucking gently, his finger running down the cleft of his ass, teasing his hole.

Jungkook squeezed some lube on to his fingers and circled his entrance while licking up his shaft. Taehyung was panting as Jungkook pushed a finger inside him, slowly, to the second knuckle, holding still so he could adjust to the feeling. Listening and watching Taehyung he pushed the finger right the way in, dragging it out and back in slowly until there wasn’t any resistance.

“More, Kookie, more.”

Jungkook entered a second finger, curling them around to find Taehyung’s prostate, just brushing it with the tips, enough to spark a reaction in Taehyung’s core. With 2 fingers moving freely, he added a third then a 4th, twisting and moving them around, watching as his boyfriend’s eyes closed, his mouth parted and obscene noises escaped his throat.

Jungkook was hard, his cock was leaking, just at the sight of Taehyung looking completely fucked. He could see pre-cum oozing out of Taehyung’s member onto his stomach and wanted to taste him again, licking it up off his tanned, soft skin then taking him into his mouth. Taehyung was writhing around, a fine layer of sweat covering his body as he was at the mercy of Jungkook’s mouth and fingers.

He couldn’t wait any longer, he was desperate to be inside Taehyung, to feel him clench around him, to watch him unravel further. Jungkook covered his erection in lube and pushed in slowly, he gasped as he bottomed, feeling Taehyung for the first time was too much. He wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to move, the feeling was overwhelming as he tried everything not to cum there and then.

Taehyung’s mind was spinning, he hadn’t realised how thick Jungkook was, the girth filling him completely. He opened his eyes and looked at the stunning man on his knees between his legs, face completely flushed, lips puffy, hair messy, concentration etched on his face. Taehyung reached both hands out in front of him towards his boyfriend who entwined their fingers together.

Jungkook started to move his hips, picking up the pace, finding a rhythm that had Taehyung squeezing his hands. As Jungkook started hitting the magic spot, Taehyung let go of his hands and gripped the bedding, clenching his hands into fists, lifting his legs higher so Jungkook could fuck him deeper.

“I’m close… so close.” Taehyung breathlessly managed.

Jungkook snapped his hips faster, gripping Taehyung’s waist for support, his eyes widening in disbelief as he watched Taehyung cum untouched, spilling thick white lines onto his stomach, a low growl coming from his mouth. Jungkook slowed his pace, not wanting to orgasm just yet, he bent down, capturing Taehyung’s mouth in a sensual kiss. It was such an intimate moment, their tongues dancing to a ballad that no one could hear, Jungkook supporting himself with his arms either side of Taehyung’s head while his pelvis rolled and rocked gently, feeling every part of his boyfriend’s walls. Taehyung’s fingers caressed his back, nails digging in when his prostate was hit, eliciting a moan from Jungkook.

“Tae, can I cum?” Jungkook asked in a whisper.

“Oh my God, yes. I want you to fill me, baby.”

Jungkook whimpered as he released into Taehyung, his body trembling, continuing to roll his hips through his orgasm, he buried his face in the crook of his boyfriend’s neck, the salty taste of sweat on his lips, driving him on.


They cleaned themselves up and climbed into bed, Taehyung putting his arm around Jungkook as he cuddled in to him.

“Thank you for giving me your trust, Tae.”

“Are you really falling for me?”

Jungkook looked up at Taehyung, his heart fluttering at the beautiful little moles on his nose and lip, leaning up to plant a kiss on his cheek “I think past tense is more appropriate. I’ve fallen in love with you, Tae.”

“I will do my best not to let you down. I’m going to fuck up but bear with me.”

“I’m not going anywhere, Tae.”

Chapter Text

Jimin and Sungwoon were in the car, on the way to the hotel for their weekend away. It had been a difficult and emotional couple of days after Jimin had left Yoongi that morning. He’d phoned in sick and gone straight home, showering, changing and reading through the texts Sungwoon had left him.

Jiminie, please come back, we need to talk.

I know I handled that badly. If you come back I will make it right.

I really didn’t mean to hurt you. I panicked.

Please, Jiminie, I don’t want to lose you.

Jimin sighed a big, deep sigh. He thought about the conversation he’d had with Sungwoon that had led to him ending up at Yoongi’s. He still felt hurt by it and couldn’t understand why Sungwoon wouldn’t have wanted to invite him. It hurt that he was left out and wasn’t good enough to meet his friends but he couldn’t just leave things as they were.

Are you at work? I’m at home.

I’m at home. I couldn’t go in to work. Can I come over?


Sungwoon arrived and the atmosphere was most definitely awkward. Jimin made coffee and they sat on the sofa.

“I’m so sorry.” Sungwoon said.

“Why didn’t you want me there?”

“Please Min, I don’t want to lose you, don’t ask me that.”

“I need to understand what I did.”

“We can get through anything? Right?”

“I hope so, Woonie, please tell me.”

“Yugs was the reason I didn’t invite you but because I knew he would tell you… I knew he’d do it to hurt you and I couldn’t have that.”

“Tell me what?”

“Min, I’m a really bad person and I haven’t been entirely honest. Yugs and I had a casual thing once. Neither of us ever said we were definitely in an official relationship but if we were both honest than we were because we didn’t see anyone else. He moved away then I moved and we didn’t see a lot of each other. It was different when we were at uni because we shared a dorm and were together most of the time. Just after I met you, he visited and we fell back into old habits and I vowed it wouldn’t happen again… but then that school trip I was on this week… his school was there… we had a really good day and he was so different… less intense… we had lunch together and we kissed… I knew instantly it was a bad idea and was kicking myself for habit taking over. I told him all about you and that I couldn’t ever see him again if he couldn’t leave me alone and accept I’d moved on. When the night out was arranged, he wasn’t coming and decided to at the last minute and I panicked. He would tell you out of spite and he would give you details and I just kept seeing your face, hurt, and I never want to see that, but now I'm doing that anyway.”

Jimin sat and listened, he knew deep down that there was no way on this earth that he could tear strips off of Sungwoon when he had done exactly the same thing with Yoongi. Jimin also knew that if they were to move forward, he would have to confess about Yoongi so the slate was clean.

“I see.”

Sungwoon frowned “I see? That’s it?”

Jimin took Sungwoon’s hand “I can’t say anything, Woonie. I need to tell you something but you can’t tell anyone. It must stay between us. I have no right to ask that of you but I need you to know so we can move forward, if you still want to.”

“You’re worrying me now. I’ll promise whatever you want.”

“Last night, I was upset, I was genuinely hurt because I thought you were embarrassed to be seen with me. Those were my insecurities and I did the one thing that I shouldn’t have… I went to Yoongi’s. Nothing would have happened if I hadn’t have instigated it and I did. Being with Yoongi was so familiar and I allowed myself to slip back into old times. I should have looked to you for comfort but I didn't. I've never been able to deal with my feelings for Yoongi and it is inexcusable what I did. We decided to keep it between us as it will never happen again but I couldn’t not tell you after you have been so honest with me. And I want to move forward. What I have with you isn’t worth ruining for anything and I was stupid… I will spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you, if you’ll have me?”

Sungwoon looked at how their hands fit perfectly with one another, he looked at the beautiful face shadowed by the tears shed last night, he understood the hold that someone could have over someone else because he was that person to Yugeom.

“Jiminie, things have moved so fast for us and I think we’ve both behaved stupidly. But we both fell back in with people who meant something at some stage and one day we will be that person to each other. I’m sorry. I meant it when I said I loved you, I want the chance to show you.”

Jimin’s eyes filled with tears “I meant it too. I put us at risk and for that I am sorry. I don’t know if Hobi will ever find out and there will be trouble if he does. I was so stupid and I wasn’t thinking. The next time Yugs is here and you have a night out… we should go… together.”

They had done nothing but talk, they’d cuddled up in bed and kissed and started over, they’d both decided to move forward, together from that day. The next day they had both phoned in sick and talked more, sharing their fears and flaws, choosing to kiss only until the time felt right.

Jimin had never spoken to anyone about Yoongi, he had told Taehyung little pieces of information and he probably knew more than anyone but he’d never opened up. It was refreshing to tell someone about his feelings for Yoongi and he realised that keeping them pent up, all this time had probably led to his act of stupidity. Jimin would always hold a candle for Yoongi but whilst talking to Sungwoon he had an epiphany… Yoongi was the forbidden fruit, he’d spent so long lusting after him that he’d built up this relationship in his head instead of the reality which is basically the fact that his feelings for were unrequited and imaginary. He had the chance to be happy, really happy, he adored Sungwoon and he would never allow himself to ruin that.


The hotel room was luxurious, a 4 poster bed and fabric draped over the top so it was like they were in a tent. They had decided to drop their stuff and head out to the zoo nearby since all they’d done recently was talk and stay indoors. Today was the first day of new beginnings for them and last night they had even made it official, having the chat about being boyfriend’s, that previously they hadn’t had.

Sungwoon and Jimin were like a couple of kids wandering around the zoo, pointing and laughing as they went from area to area. They had lunch and sat watching the monkey’s for ages, hands clasped together, giggling when 2 of the apes tumbled off of a ledge onto the hay below.

“Things feel different, you know?” Sungwoon said, leaning his head on Jimin’s shoulder.

“I feel it to. It feels fresh and lighter.”

“Mmmhmm. I know we’ve probably got stuff to face in the future and things to work out but there isn’t anyone else I want to be with Minnie.”

“I think we can only get stronger now Woonie.”

After dinner in the hotel restaurant they decided to go for a swim in the pool. They had made a note about returning to the hotel with the other’s for a pampering weekend because the hotel offered everything in its spa. Sungwoon dived in off the side and Jimin was really impressed, then remembered how he used to be part of the diving team at school. The pool area was silent, apart from the couple’s antics in the water, light sploshing noises as they chased each other around the pool, the water was warm and every now and again a sprinkler would come on at one end.

Jimin was screaming excitedly but also nervously as Sungwoon dived under the water and swam towards him, grabbing his legs. As he broke the surface of the water, Jimin held him by his waist, Sungwoon wiped the excess water from his face and everything stilled as they looked into each other’s eyes. The water rippled around them as very slowly, almost cautiously, they moved towards one another until their lips connected. Jimin’s stomach fluttered as their tongues found each other, twisting around gently, he felt the heat rise from his feet as Sungwoons hands stroked his back and they pressed their bodies together.

Sungwoon cupped the soft flesh of Jimin’s ass and he instinctively wrapped his legs around his waist, the buoyancy making it easier than usual. They tilted their heads, the kiss intensifying as Jimin’s erection pressed into Sungwoon’s stomach, both aroused after several days of no sex. They pressed their foreheads together, their gazes locked, the past few months and the future flitting through both their minds. Jimin saw it, in that moment in Sungwoons eyes, he felt the emotion, he couldn’t remember a time when anyone had looked at him that way, this is where he belonged, this is what he wanted and in that moment, he decided that nothing was worth risking it for, ever again.

“Will you make love to me?” Jimin asked, hesitantly. He wanted to give himself to Sungwoon and show him that he was his.

Sungwoon looked into Jimin’s eyes, he saw the love and apprehension, he hoped Jimin could see the love returned and he wanted nothing more than to make love to him. He appreciated the sentiment, he usually bottomed and always had but he understood that Jimin’s submission was his way of giving himself to him. He moved to the side of the pool so Jimin’s back was against the wall, taking his mouth in his own, he didn’t need to say anything as he inched down Jimin’s swim shorts, running his fingers along the cleft of his ass.

The blonde haired man gripped Sungwoon’s waist with his legs, feeling his entrance being teased with the tip of his finger. He kissed along his jawline, taking Sungwoon’s earlobe between his teeth, sensually flicking it with his tongue. Jimin moaned as he was opened up by 3 fingers, his magic spot being grazed as Sungwoon curled his fingers and stroked his walls.

There was no space between their bodies, Jimin’s hands gripping his boyfriend’s shoulders, groaning into eachothers mouths. Sungwoon removed his fingers, guiding his erection into Jimin, fingers holding his man tight as he closed his eyes, relishing the feeling of being inside him. They crushed their mouths together in an intense kiss, the urge to taste eachother taking over as Jimin started to move gently, ripples of water turning into little waves around them. Chests heaving, swallowing the lewd noises each of them was making as Sungwoon thrust his pelvis forwards, pressing Jimin against the pool wall.

“Oh god, oh God, oh God…” Jimin panted, lips pressed against Sungwoons neck.

“I’m not gonna last, Min… I’m. So. Close.”

“I want you to come, Woonie. Come for me. Fill me.” Jimin’s words went straight to Sungwoon’s cock and a few thrusts later he was shooting his load into him.


They sneaked through the hotel like a couple of naughty, horny teenagers, falling straight into bed once they got into their room. Sungwoon handing Jimin some lube “I want you inside me, Min.” Jimin complied, wanting to possess his boyfriend’s body as he had possessed his, in the pool. Both men understanding that this was an important part of moving forward, both being vulnerable with one another and showing trust. Both hopeful for the future and what it held for them.


Namjoon and Jin had arrived at their super posh hotel, and unpacked, it’s a good job the suite was so luxurious because Jin actually had no plans to leave the suite at all. In the bathroom there was a huge bath, which Jin started filling, telling Namjoon to go and relax with a drink.

“I could get used to this.” Namjoon said, kissing Jin and leaving him to it.

There was a knock at the door and Jin rushed to answer it, taking the tray from the man and handing him a tip. He took the tray into the bathroom, a bottle of champagne and strawberries. The bath was taking a while to fill so Jin created a playlist of their favourite songs and made sure the bathrobes and towels were on the radiator. The bath had a jacuzzi function which Jin had not expected, being careful not to overdo the bubble bath because once the whirlpool started, he didn’t want to flood the bathroom in bubbles.

Once the bath was filled he went into the bedroom lounge area where Namjoon was laying on the bed, remote control in his hand flicking through the tv channels. Jin’s heart skipped a beat, he was such a romantic and he wanted to spoil his fiancé rotten tonight.

Jin laid with his back against the bath while Namjoon sat between his legs, the warm water just up to his chest and bubbles all around them. The bathroom was lit only by candles, there was music playing softly and Jin was feeding his fiance strawberries inbetween sips of champagne.

“I actually don’t remember the last time I was this relaxed, Jinnie.”

Jin smiled, leaning forwards to kiss Namjoon on the shoulder “Ready for more bubbles?” he said as he pressed a button and the whirlpool function started, millions of tiny bubbles fizzing away underneath them.

Namjoon took a deep, slow breath, placed his glass on the edge of the bath and laid back, resting his head on Jins shoulder. Jin placed his glass next to Namjoon’s and placed his hands on his chest, smoothing the bubbles into his skin, his palms feeling every ridge and paying special attention to his nipples. Namjoon closed his eyes, exhaling, enjoying the warmth of the water, the feeling of the jacuzzi jets and the elder’s hands caressing his torso.

Jin captured his man’s mouth in a gentle kiss as Namjoon turned his head, their lips moulded together in perfect synchronisation and their tongues entwined. Jins hands stroked Namjoon’s semi hard cock, sending shivers up his spine. They kissed lazily as Namjoon’s cock hardened under Jin’s touch.

“I bought some toys for you, Joonie.” Jin reached under the towel folded on the corner of the bath and showed Namjoon the bright pink anal vibrator.

“Mmmmmmmm” Namjoon twisted around so he was straddling Jin, wrapping his arms around his neck he pulled him in for a kiss, more intense than the last.

Jin gently inserted the vibrator, moving gently so Namjoon could adjust to the width each time. Namjoon didn’t bottom very often so when he did, he loved the feeling of being stretched, this occasion was even better because of the combination of the warmth of the water and the jets of water adding to the sensations on his body. He began to pant as the vibrator was inserted fully and Jin pressed the little button on the end, sending weak vibrations straight to his prostate. Namjoon wasn’t sure if it was the heat from the water or the vibrations inside him that were causing him to sweat as droplets dripped off his face.

The kissing became sloppy as Jin pressed the button again, increasing the intensity of the vibrations, moving the vibrator in and out. Namjoon sank his teeth into Jin’s shoulder, his hands gripping his biceps and his cock beginning to leak. Namjoon’s eyes were rolling and his breathing was erratic as Jin fucked him faster, turning up the intensity level even more.

When Jin slowed right down, Namjoon slowly released his grip on his biceps, the waves of pleasure easing “Jinnie. I. Was. So. Close.”

Jin connected their lips, sucking on Namjoon’s tongue then pulling back “I know” he smirked. It was such a rare occasion to see Namjoon looking like this, hair wet, face sweating, cheeks red and his eyes almost drowsy. Jin loved to be dominated by his fiance because Namjoon had an aura that commanded power and even his walk projected authority but at times like this, Namjoon was putty in his hands and he loved that to.

Namjoon inhaled sharply when he felt the vibrator buzz to life, straight onto the highest setting, his fingers pressing into Jin’s upper arms, lewd noises leaving his mouth, unable to control any part of himself. Jin nibbled along his jawline, licking across his parted lips, angling the vibrator so it was pressing against Namjoon’s sweet spot.

Namjoon needed to come and desperately, his whole groin ached and his swollen, throbbing cock was leaking between them. He could feel the orgasm building in his stomach and knew he was at Jin’s mercy as he unravelled further. Just as his legs started to tremble and his moans became louder, Jin pulled the vibrator out completely. Namjoon looked up at his lover, desperate for release “Jinnie, please, please let me come.”

Jin was now painfully erect and wanted to be inside his man, he shifted slightly, moving Namjoon over his cock. He gasped as he sank down, the girth of Jin’s cock more than the vibrator offered but the stretch was delicious. Namjoon sat up, wrapping his arms around Jin’s neck, their chests flush together as he began rolling his hips. They moaned into eachothers mouths, arms tangled around eachother’s bodies as little sparks of electricity flowed through them both.

Namjoon’s cock rubbed against Jin’s chest, providing welcome friction as he circled his hips, throwing his head back when his bruised prostate was stroked. He started bouncing, the water forming waves, some bubbles escaping over the edge of the bath “Ugh... I’m gonna come... let me come, Jinnie.”

“I’m close too, Joonie.” Jin said, gripping Namjoon’s waist as he filled him with his seed, grunting as Namjoon continued bouncing until he spilled into the small gap between them.

After finally prising away from each other, they had rinsed themselves off with the shower attachment, slipped into the warm towelling robes and climbed into bed. They’d spent so long in the bath that their hands and feet were wrinkly “That was amazing, Jinnie.” Namjoon said, kissing the elder on the forehead.

“Well, this is us for the night because dinner is being brought up by room service.”

“Wow! You’ve thought of everything” Namjoon said as he rolled over, pinning Jin’s hands above his head, grinding on his lap, licking into his mouth in a passionate, deep kiss, “Where’s the lube? I want you squirming on your knees.”

Jin gulped and smiled, handing Namjoon the small tube.

Chapter Text

Tuesday in the office had been quiet for Taehyung, he’d waved Jungkook off yesterday, after a weekend where they had literally fucked each other in every room, on most surfaces of his apartment. The whole apartment had smelt of sex and he’d had the windows open slightly to let some fresh air in.

Jimin was coming over for dinner to tell Taehyung all about his romantic weekend but Taehyung knew that it was to check up on him because he’d been in and out of his office since Jungkook had gone. This was an endearing quality that Jimin possessed, he was very caring, which is largely what got him into trouble.

Taehyung was pleased that when he got home, his apartment smelt more of the citrus air freshener than it did of sweaty bodies and sex. He had tidied up, showered and whilst sitting on his bed staring at the selfie of him and Jungkook beside his bed, he’d jumped when his phone beeped.

How’s my gorgeous man?

If I see him, I’ll let you know 😉

Stick to web design, we’ve been through this.

Wounded. Comedy was my next career move.

It’s because I love you that I’m saying this... stick to web design.


Apart from being heartbroken, are you alright?

Yes, Kookie, I’m fine. How are your parents?

I’m having dinner with them both tonight. I was at my brothers yesterday.

Chim is coming over soon. Wish me luck.

I’m laughing here. Are you ready for the details? Do let me know the girth of Woonie’s cock, won’t you?

You aren’t right!

Yeah but you love me. Have a good evening with Chim. I miss you, Tae.

I’d miss me too. I’ll not spare you any gory details. Good luck with your parents.


Taehyung smiled to himself. He’d briefly spoken to Jungkook when he’d arrived last night and there had been a few texts that morning, it was strange without him. Taehyung hadn’t really considered the impact Jungkook had, had on his life until he was without him. Work wasn’t the same, his apartment wasn’t the same, his life wasn’t the same, everything felt bare.

Taehyung had just changed into some sweats and a t-shirt when Jimin arrived, bringing a take away with him. They piled their plates high with the food then sat down at the table “You haven’t died of lonliness yet then?”

“Chim, he’s been gone 24 hours.”

“Well, it happens.”

“Of course it does. How are things with Sungwoon? Was your weekend good?”

“Y-yeah, it was really nice. Did you have a good weekend?”

Taehyung frowned “What happened?”

“Nothing. Why?”

“Chim, I’ve known you for ages. Since when do you not shout about your sex life from the rooftops? Did you have a fight?”

“No, we didn’t. It was a nice weekend.”

“Nice? You do know, I’m going to keep bullying you because I know something isn’t right? Besides I happen to have a friend who’s the most annoying person in the world so I’ve had a good teacher!”

Jimin shoved some food into his mouth and looked down at his plate, wondering how he was going to get out of this... he should’ve known better than to think he could avoid Taehyung.

“We just had some things to sort through, but we sorted it all out and we are good.”

Taehyung eyed him suspiciously “What things? Do I have to beat him up?”

Jimin shook his head.

“Park Jimin!! What has Sungwoon done? Why are you being so bloody stupid?”

“It’s me... it was my fault, not Woonie.”

“Okay... what have you done?”

“It doesn’t matter now, TaeTae.”

“It must be bad if you won’t tell me. I’ll just guess then shall I?”

Jimin looked at Tae “Why do you want to know?”

“Oh my God! It really is bad, isn’t it? Did you kiss Yoongi?”

Jimin choked “What? Why would you ask me that?”

“You did, didn’t you? Tell me this has absolutely nothing to do with Yoongi!”

Jimin took a deep breath “I can’t.”

“For fuck sake!! You have got to be joking, right? What happened and when? Stop fucking about!”

“Stop shouting.”

“Okay, I’m sorry but I am so pissed off... spill it, Chim.”

“Last week, Sungwoon and I had a big fight and I was hurt. I didn’t know where else to go so I went to Yoongi’s.”


“I kissed him. I made the first move. I instigated the whole thing.”

“Well, unless you are telling me that you raped him, I am going to presume he kissed you back?” Taehyung glared at Jimin.

“Yes he did but I still started it.”

“A kiss... more? Come on Chim, just tell me!”

“We fucked okay? I fucked him and we woke up together on the sofa the next morning.”

Taehyung rubbed his face with his hands and took a deep breath “I really don’t know who I am more angry at, to be honest! I had only spoken to Yoongi last week and told him not to lead you on!”

“So, you warned Yoongi off me! And why would you do that?”

“Because you are a total knob, Chim! You have loved Yoongi forever! You might be too dumb to admit it but I can see it! Everyone can see it! I was waiting for something like this to happen and I needed to say something. I was hoping that Yoongi was settled with Hobi but he just can’t keep it in his fucking trousers!”

“You didn’t trust me?”

“Oh Chim, come on! It’s not about trust! It’s about you being led by your feelings. You’ve got a huge heart and people can take advantage of that. I love Yoongi but I know what he’s like.”

“God, I feel stupid!”

“So you should! Sungwoon is a really good guy, Chim and he fucking loves you! Why would you risk it all? And let’s not forget Hobi!”

“Hobi won’t find out! No one was meant to find out!”

“Oh well, that’s okay then. You should’ve said!”

“It was a moment of madness and it won’t happen again. Woonie and I sorted everything out this weekend and we have drawn a line under it. Please Tae, I hate fighting with you.”

“He’s a better man than me because I couldn’t forgive that. You had just better hope that Hobi never finds out because he does not deserve this!”

Jimin put his head down “I know,” he said in a small voice.


The next day, Taehyung was still angry with Jimin and Yoongi, even after a relatively smooth day at the office and a shower, he was still angry. He couldn’t believe that 2 of his best friends had been so damn selfish and he didn’t have any plans for the evening until 9pm when he had a video chat date with Jungkook, so he decided to go to Yoongi’s.

Taehyung knocked on the door but there was no answer so he used the key they’d given him last year when they went away. As he opened the door he could hear music playing and was not prepared when he saw Yoongi, butt naked, fucking an unknown girl on the sofa. The girl was laying on her back, legs in the air, high pitched noises barely audible over the music.

Taehyung slammed the door and both looked up, Yoongi’s eyes full of horror as he saw Taehyung standing near the door. Yoongi jumped up, grabbing his trousers and put them on, throwing a dress in the direction of the girl who scrambled to her feet. Taehyung held the door open while she picked up her things and rushed out the door.

“I could literally murder you right now!” Taehyung clenched his fists, his face contorted in anger.

“You could’ve knocked.”

“You have GOT to be kidding!!! Let’s ignore the girl for a minute! I spoke to you about Jimin and then I find out you ignored what I said and fucked him anyway!”

“Technically, he fucked me”

“Yoongi, stop being a wanker!! I thought you’d grown out of being a fuck boy but obviously not!”

“You’ve come into my home, please don’t start. What happened with Chim, won’t happen again, and what else I do is down to me.”

Taehyung crossed the room and pointed in Yoongi’s face “YOU tell Hobi, or I will! He deserves better than you and a STI!” then he turned around and left, slamming the door behind him.


21:15 – Taehyung was sat in bed with his laptop on his lap, waiting for Jungkook to video call him. They had a date at 9pm and he was running late… the time ticked on and Taehyung thought perhaps he had been held up or maybe dinner had overrun.

23:05 – Taehyung’s eyes were winning the battle, his laptop had gone to sleep and none of his texts had been answered, which just summed up his evening really.

02:10 – Taehyung’s phone was ringing, continually. He was in a daze after crashing out, his laptop still beside him, he searched blindly for his phone, blinding himself when the the screen lit up. He frowned at it, trying to focus, it stopped ringing then immediately started again…

“Yeah?” he said in a sleepy, deep, husky voice.

“Tae?” Jungkook’s voice was broken and shaky.

“Kookie? What’s wrong?” Taehyung knew instantly by the sound of his voice that something wasn’t right.

“Tae, I… I… I don’t …know… what to do…” Jungkook said through tears, struggling to catch his breath.

“What’s happened, Kookie? Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Taehyung was frantically pulling sweatpants and a t-shirt on, throwing items into a bag.

“My parents… my parents… hate me.”

“Where are you? I’m coming to you. If you are safe, stay where you are.” Taehyung ran out the door and down the fire escape stairs, not wanting to wait for the lift.

Jungkook had pleaded with him not to drive as it was several hours away and he knew Taehyung must be tired. He had to give in though when he heard Taehyung start his engine and he gave him the address of the hotel he was in. Jungkook had sobbed through the first hour of the drive, connected to the handsfree system so they could chat on the journey.

Jungkook had gone for dinner with his parents and other family members that evening. Talk had of course turned to his brothers upcoming wedding and everyone was really excited about it. His Auntie had asked him if he had anyone special in his life and he had answered honestly, that he had. Jungkook hadn’t planned on answering any more questions because it wasn’t the time or place but he had questions fired at him…

Who was she?
How old was she?
Have you met her family?
How long have you been together?
Would she be coming to the wedding?

Jungkook came over nauseas because everyone had automatically assumed he was with a girl… of course they did. Once the nausea had settled he felt angry and fed up of their small minded attitudes. They were never going to change if he didn’t stand up for himself and if they couldn’t accept him for who he was then they didn’t love him as much as they claimed to.

He’d taken a deep breath and told them that his boyfriend’s name was Taehyung, he was 25, he hadn’t met his family, they’d been together a few months and yes he would be going to the wedding.

His family had stared at him and his parents had immediately changed the subject with the rest of the meal spent with an awkward atmosphere. The real trouble had started when he had got back to his parents house, the front door had closed and his parents had started on about how he was an embarrassment and they’d hoped he would have grown out of boys by now.

Jungkook had shouted at them, shouting that he had the best boyfriend ever and he was happy, genuinely happy for the first time ever. He’d shown them a photo of the 2 of them together and said he had hoped they would simply want him to be happy. His Dad had said he was disgusted and ashamed which had been a punch in the gut for Jungkook who had always looked up to his father. He had pleaded with them to give him the chance to introduce them to Taehyung and they would see what a wonderful person is was but his Mum said she couldn’t bear the thought of seeing her Son being affectionate with another man.

The final straw had been when they had given Jungkook the ultimatum... marry Jisoo or should he continue to be in the sinful relationship then they would ensure his inheritance would never go to him. Jungkook had told them that he would rather be penniless and with Taehyung than rich and living a lie, running upstairs to his room to pack some of his things, walking passed his parents as he left.

Taehyung parked in the hotel car park, took his bag out of the back and went to reception where they had a key card waiting for him. He had never walked so fast, his heart thumping in his chest as he found room 3012. Taehyung didn’t want to frighten Jungkook by just opening the door so knocked softly first but there was no reply so he used the key card and went in. The room was in darkness, apart from a very small bedside light, he could see Jungkook curled up in the foetal position on the bed, exhaustion had taken over as he was sleeping.

Taehyung placed his bag down and removed his sweatpants, climbing into bed behind Jungkook, placing his arm around his waist, pulling him close. He sighed, a huge sigh of relief as he pressed his lips to the back of Jungkooks neck, inhaling the scent that he’d missed so much, without realising it.

Jungkook stirred slightly, pushing himself back into Taehyung’s body, mummering something in his sleepy state that wasn’t clear “Sssshhhh, I’m here, baby, you’re safe.” Taehyung whispered in his ear, in his soothing voice.

Chapter Text

Yoongi sat on the arm of the sofa and put his head in his hands, what a mess! He didn’t know what he was going to do. Taehyung was mad at him, understandably, but he didn’t think he would carry through with his threat and tell Hobi, no matter what he thought of him, he wouldn’t hurt Hobi.

He was sure his secret with Jimin was safe, even if it came out, he would keep Jimin nameless to minimise the damage. However, the fact still remained that whilst his boyfriend had been away, promoting his career, he had cheated on him 3 times… he couldn’t even remember the name of the 1st girl… actually, he couldn’t remember the name of the girl who had left his apartment not so long ago, either.

Yoongi had been caught, this would not just go away and he didn’t know what to do about it. He’d never been faithful to anyone, he knew he felt more for Hobi than he’d ever felt for anyone, but why would he risk that for a quick fuck? He would go and speak to Namjoon at work tomorrow, he had been close to cheating on Taehyung with Jin so he should be able to give him some advice. For now, Yoongi decided to shower and go to bed, he couldn’t face anything else right now.


Jungkook rubbed his sore eyes and blinked, feeling completely confused as to where he was, forgetting briefly what had happened.

“Go back to sleep, baby, it’s still really early” Taehyung spoke softly behind him, kissing his neck.

Jungkook was surprised Taehyung was awake and turned to face him “What time did you get here?”

“A couple of hours ago. I didn’t want to disturb you.” Taehyung moved the hair from Jungkook’s face, stroking his cheek, his heart clenching when he saw the sadness in his face.

“You shouldn’t have come, Tae. You are going to be so tired.”

“Hey, there wasn’t anything that was going to stop me from getting here.”

Jungkook had really missed Taehyung and his heart swelled, looking into his beautiful big brown eyes “I love you, Tae” he said quietly.

“Ssshhhh, you should sleep Kookie” Taehyung played with Jungkook’s earlobe absentmindedly.

“I’d rather you kissed me, I’ve missed you.”

Taehyung had been dying to kiss him since he arrived but hadn’t thought that was appropriate but who was he to deny his gorgeous boyfriend, a kiss? He closed the small gap between them, his bottom lip fitting perfectly between Jungkook’s lips. Taehyung’s hand still rested on the side of his face, his thumb stroking his cheek as he pulled back.

Jungkook was the one to move forward this time, tracing Taehyung’s bottom lip with his tongue, making his intentions perfectly clear. He was hurting, he’d cried so much he wasn’t sure there were any tears left, his face was sore and he felt intoxicated, he was ‘that’ tired… but right now, what he needed more than anything was Taehyung… he wanted to taste him and feel him, in every way possible… he wanted his boyfriend to fuck the hurt away.

Taehyung didn’t question him, he could sense the need and wanted to make him feel good, he had missed him too and wanted to take his pain away. He pressed their bodies closer, his hand stroking the well defined grooves of his boyfriend’s back. Jungkook exhaled and searched for Taehyung’s tongue with his own, their lips moist against each other’s. He reached down, feeling Taehyung’s cock harden instantly as he touched him over his boxers.

Taehyung pushed Jungkook onto his back, covering his body with his own, the kiss becoming more intense as Jungkook became compliant under his touch.

“Lube, in my bag” Jungkook said with a heavy breath between each word. Taehyung got off the bed and rummaged through the bag, finding a small tube. He removed his t-shirt and boxers while Jungkook removed his own clothes, their eyes never leaving eachothers gaze.

Jungkook’s breath caught in his throat as he watched his gorgeous boyfriend, now completely nude, climb onto the bed. He knew it was probably dangerous to feel so much love for a person, everything about Taehyung made his body ache, if Jungkook was a padlock then Taehyung was the key… finally the key that fit and unlocked his life.

Taehyung kissed along the sharp jawline, Jungkook moving his head to the side to give him access to his neck. He couldn’t help but see the anguish in Jungkook’s eyes, wishing he could do more for him, he wanted to take his pain away. He also saw the love in his gaze and Taehyung hadn’t ever felt so loved and adored, it was quite overwhelming at times and a complete contrast to the relationships he’d had since Namjoon.

Jungkook hummed as Taehyung’s lips moved over his adams apple, covering the column of his throat in wet kisses. He parted his legs as Taehyung’s fingers ran down the cleft of his ass, his fingernails digging into his shoulders. Jungkook was panting, raising his knees as Taehyung fucked him with his fingers, all the tension in his body being replaced with waves of pleasure.

Taehyung smirked against Jungkook’s collarbone as he moaned loudly “Yes. Tae. Don’t stop” he knew he was brushing against his prostate as he added a third finger. Jungkook fisted in Taehyung’s hair, not quite sure what to do with his hands as his body convulsed in ecstasy.

His cock was throbbing, laying against his body, pre-cum leaking onto his stomach, he felt his orgasm uncoiling and he was powerless to stop it as Taehyung fucked him faster with his slender fingers, teeth grazing his neck. He had never cum untouched just through someone using their fingers before and he would probably have been surprised had it not been for the fact that he couldn’t even see straight as he spilled his load onto his stomach, eyes rolling back, mumbling incoherently.

Seeing his boyfriend completely fucked out, coming just through the use of his fingers, feeling the tugging on his scalp ignited a hunger in Taehyung. He practically growled in Jungkook’s ear “You are so beautiful, baby.”

Taehyung kissed Jungkook, who was still lost in his orgasm, his lips working their way down his chest, he licked all the cum off his stomach, his own cock leaking, desperate to be inside Jungkook. He looked up at his boyfriend who was now looking down at him, propped up on his elbows, biting his bottom lip at the sinful sight before him.

Taehyung squeezed some lube into his hand and coated his erection, lining himself up he pushed inside Jungkook, who was still staring lustfully at him. He paused once fully inside, taking deep breaths so he didn’t come immediately. Jungkook mouthed ‘okay’ and he slid his cock out before pushing back in. Jungkook laid back and reached his hands out for Taehyung who entwined their fingers together, allowing Jungkook to pull him down towards him.

Taehyung moved his hips in the most delicious way, firm, deep, slow movements, his hands clasping Jungkooks either side of his head on the bed, their chests together. In that moment, their mouths moving together perfectly, Jungkook felt the emotion coming from Taehyung. He might not have said the words yet, but here he was making love to him and it suddenly didn’t matter how long it took him to be able to say it, he expressed it far better than anyone ever had to Jungkook.

“Can you come again, baby?”

Jungkook nodded, he could already feel his second orgasm taking hold, making his toes curl as Taehyung’s cock rubbed against his sweet spot. That and the friction of Taehyung’s body moving on top of him, stroking his erection between them. Jungkook clenched around his man’s length as he came for a second time, groaning and squeezing his hands as the ripples spread throughout his body.

Taehyung let go too and filled Jungkook with his seed, throaty moans escaping his mouth, hips slowing before stopping completely, burying his face in the crook of Jungkook’s neck.

After staying like that for a while, they showered together, washing each other, enjoying such gentle intimacy. Taehyung had suggested lunch but Jungkook wasn’t hungry and was tasked with needing to go back to his parents house to collect the rest of his things.

“They should both be at work now. I’ll be okay, Tae.”

“Like fuck, are you going on your own. I’m coming too, Kookie.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. I’m not leaving you to do it alone. With both of us, it’ll take less time.”

“What if they come home?”

“Then I’ll be able to put faces to the names of the people I am so upset with right now. They don’t worry me, Kookie. YOU are my concern, come on.” Taehyung took Jungkook’s hand and they headed to his car.


Taehyung parked outside the big house with it’s sweeping drive lined with flowers. He hated that Jungkook looked so nervous, how could his parents cause this in their Son? If he ever had kids he always vowed to love them, no matter what and he’d rather have his child in his life than not at all. When Jungkook was ready, they got out the car and walked up the drive to the front door where Jungkook let them in. He shouted out but no one was home so they went straight to his room to get the rest of his things. Jungkook wanted to make sure he had everything as he had no plans to ever return if his parents couldn’t accept him for who he was.

There had been some messages from his brother that morning, the first one telling him how upset their parents were and the following messages asking how he was and letting him know that his sexuality wasn’t a problem for him. Jungkook had replied saying he would be in touch and visit once he had got himself together.

Taehyung was emptying Jungkook’s wardrobe when they heard the front door close and his Mum’s voice shout out. Jungkook looked immediately at Taehyung and froze as he heard his Mum coming up the stairs towards his room.

“I’m here, just getting my things.” He shouted out before she appeared in the doorway, her eyes wide when she saw Taehyung.

Taehyung bowed out of respect, he wasn’t sure he’d ever see her again and right now he didn’t particularly like the woman but she was still Jungkook’s Mum and this was still her first impression of him.

“What are you doing? And who is this, Jungkook?”

“I’m collecting my things and this is Taehyung.”

Pretty soon, Mrs Jeon was joined by Mr Jeon and they both stood in the entrance to Jungkook’s room while both guys put things in bags.

“Is this… erm…?” Mrs Jeon asked.

Jungkook looked directly at his Mum “Boyfriend? Is that the word you were looking for? If so, then, yes, Taehyung is my boyfriend.”

Taehyung hid the smirk on his face, he was so proud of Jungkook.

“I didn’t say he could be in my house!” Mr Jeon said.

Taehyung turned to face the doorway, he bowed “Apologies, but I am here to help Jungkook and we will be gone as soon as we have everything.”

“This isn’t a sinners house, so the sooner you go, the better.”

“You do realise, that is your Son to whom you are referring?” Taehyung could feel that knot in his stomach as he shoved clothes into a bag.

“I am perfectly aware of who and what he is, thank you!”

Taehyung was angry now “Actually, I don’t think you are aware! He is one of the most hardworking, dedicated people I have ever had the fortune of knowing. He is selfless, loyal, understanding, funny and has the biggest heart. THAT is who he is!!”

Jungkook looked up at Taehyung, a warmth spreading inside, hearing him talk that way “Tae, it’s okay. Don’t worry.”

Mr and Mrs Jeon were focused on Taehyung, not even acknowledging their Son’s presence “We don’t need you to tell us about our Son, thank you!” Mrs Jeon added.

“Well I think you do! His sexuality shouldn’t matter! Who he loves, shouldn’t matter!”

“Who do you think you are, standing in our house, speaking to us like that?”

Jungkook started zipping up the bags, scouring the room for anything else he’d left behind as he didn’t intend on ever coming back.

“I’m the man your Son loves!”

“PAH!” Jungkook’s parents said in a mocking tone “he’ll grow out of it!”

“Am I going to grow out of it too? Because I’m in love with your Son and all the while my heart is beating, I will never let him down!”

Jungkook swallowed down the huge lump in his throat, looking at Taehyung and the sincerity in his face. Taehyung didn’t just love him… he was ‘in love’ with him.

“Come on, Tae.” He said, holding the bags.

Jungkook’s parents didn’t say anything as they left the house, walking down the stairs carrying the last of his belongings in their hands. Jungkook’s parents didn’t chase after him or shout for him to stop as the front door closed and they got in the car.

Chapter Text

Namjoon was sat at his desk when Yoongi knocked on his office door the next day at work.

“You look like shit, Yoongi.”

“Thanks. Have you got time for a chat?”

Namjoon checked his watch and nodded “Nothing until 1pm when I’m meeting Jinnie at the restaurant.”

Yoongi helped himself to coffee and sat down “I’ve fucked up, Joon.” He said with a big sigh.

“Are we talking here or personally?”

“Personally. I’ve cheated.”

Namjoon took a deep breath “When?”

“3 times, 3 different people. It’s going to destroy Hobi and he deserves better.”

“Yoongi, I mean this in the nicest possible way, but, if this is the way you are going to treat Hobi then of course he deserves better. No one deserves to have their trust destroyed and I’m assuming that you guys aren’t in a polyamorous relationship situation?”

Yoongi shook his head “No. Ironically, I don’t think I could do that.”

“Your options are simple, if you love him, you need to come clean and give him the chance to walk away or work things out. If you don’t love him then you need to walk away. You also need to work out why on earth you feel the need to betray someone the way you have. It isn’t okay Yoongi. I would be devastated if I found out that Jin had been with someone else.”

“I know. I do love him, Joon. I’ve missed him. But there’s this little self destruct button and I do stupid things like this. I’m going to hurt him so badly and that tears me apart.”

“You hurt him, the minute you went through with being intimate with someone else but he has the right to know so he can decide what to do. I nearly cheated once, I mean, not really, nearly, but I was tempted, it crossed my mind, in the moment. But I knew that once I’d crossed that line, the foundation of my relationship with Jin would have been shaky.”

“If Hobi wants to work things out, I don’t know how I prevent it from happening again. He will need to go away in the future but he won’t want to once he knows, unless we get things sorted.”

“Maybe couple counselling?”

“Urgh! I knew you were going to suggest something like that.”

“Yoongi, you aren’t going to be able to convince Hobi you want to save your relationship without showing him that you mean it!”

“I know! I know! You are right.”

“Have you spoken to Tae?”

“Not since he went mental at me and left my apartment, why?”

“Hang on… when was that and why did he go mental?”

“He didn’t tell you?”

“No. I was asking if you’d spoken to him because he left in a hurry and I wondered if you’d heard anything.”

“Oh. Well I didn’t even know he’d gone. Where is he? And he was angry because he caught me cheating.”

“Fuck sake, Yoongi! So you are also going to have to tell Hobi that Tae knows and me. You can’t let him think we don’t know.”

Yoongi ran his hands down his face “Okay, okay. So, where’s Tae?”

“Literally dropped everything early hours of yesterday morning and drove to Kook. Tae text me in a panic because he hadn’t heard Kook so upset. I’ve got to pop into his office later and just make sure everything is okay. Jimin is sorting it, so I want to make sure he’s not stressed.”

“What was wrong with Jungkook?”

“Family stuff, I think. I’ll contact Tae later. I think he wants to stay there for a couple of days and drive back when Kook comes back.”

Yoongi thanked Namjoon for his time and went back to his own office to do some research on therapists… as well as removal companies in case Hobi walked away. This was going to be a huge test and Yoongi had no idea what way it would go but he really did want to be with Hobi.


Jungkook hadn’t had a lot of sleep and had spent most of the night watching Taehyung sleeping. The car ride back to the hotel after the showdown at his parents had been quiet, Taehyung had driven back with a hand soothingly on his thigh. Jungkook’s mind was a chaotic mess… his parents… he knew he’d have to see his brother… then there was Taehyung’s admission of being in love with him. He didn’t know whether to bring it up or just leave it in case it had been something he’d just said in the heat of the moment and that would upset him.

When Jungkook came out of the bathroom after showering, Taehyung was sat up in bed on his phone. Jungkook’s heart skipped a beat when Taehyung smiled at him “Morning” he said “showering without me?”

Jungkook smiled back “Morning. We can shower together later.”

“How long have you been awake?”

“A while. My brother has invited us over today. You don’t have to come.”

Taehyung sat up in bed and sighed “Kookie, we are a team, right?” Jungkook nodded “The only way I wouldn’t be there is if you didn’t want me there, ok?”

Jungkook smiled “I really do want you there, Tae.”


The drive over to his brother’s wasn’t a long one and Taehyung was enjoying being in the passenger seat for once. Jungkook had made a joke about Taehyung being unable to cope with allowing him to take charge which had just made Taehyung threaten to show him who was boss later… much to Jungkook’s amusement. The light hearted chat between them was welcomed and Jungkook couldn’t have been more thankful to have him with him.

Taehyung was worried about an awkwardness when they arrived at Junghyun’s apartment but he needn’t have worried because Jungkook’s brother and fiancée had welcomed them both with open arms. They had sat had enjoyed the lunch prepared by Junghyun’s wife to be and laughed about how long it had taken Taehyung to ask Jungkook out. They’d spoken about everything and Junghyun was keen to know more about the business and Jin’s new restaurant, wanting to send business their way.

“I want you both to know that we would very much like you both to be at our wedding. JK, you’re my brother and best man. I understand that you might not want to see Mama and Papa but I still want you there, by my side. Taehyung, as my brother’s partner, you have every right to be there alongside him and that is okay with us.”

Jungkook threw his arms around his brother “Thank you, thank you. We will be there, right, Tae?” Taehyung nodded and said “Definitely, wouldn’t miss it.”


That evening at the hotel restaurant, the atmosphere was relaxed and Jungkook felt drained but free at the same time. The afternoon at his brother’s had been exactly what he needed and really important that finally, someone in his family had accepted him for who he was and accepted Taehyung too! He had noticed that Taehyung had seemed a little distant since lunch “Tae, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, Kookie, honest.”

“Did you like my brother?”

“He’s so nice and so is Jennie. I’m looking forward to the wedding. We should get a hotel and make a long weekend of it. What do you think?”

Jungkook smiled “I’d really like that. You’ve been quiet, that’s all. That’s why I asked.”

“It’s a lot to take in and I’ve been worried about you. I should be the one asking if you are okay.”

“I’m good, Tae. I can’t change my parents but I don’t have to let them treat me badly, so that’s it for now.”

Taehyung reached across the table and took Jungkook’s hand in his “Do you want to go home tomorrow?”

Jungkook nodded “Yeah. I’ve had enough of here for now and I miss your bed.”

“So, you’ve invited yourself into my bed now?” Taehyung beamed the biggest boxy smile.

“Yeah, I have. What are you going to do about it huh?”

Taehyung leant forward, beckoning Jungkook forward with his finger “I’m going to fuck you into my mattress, that’s what I’m going to do about it.” He said in a low voice that sent shockwaves straight to Jungkooks cock.


Hobi was excited, he had managed to fool Yoongi into thinking he’d be back in a few days but had got an early flight and as the cab pulled up outside their apartment, he couldn’t wait to surprise him. His hand shook as he opened their front door, he felt sick, it felt like ages since he’d seen Yoongi and couldn’t wait to hold him.

Yoongi was sat on the sofa with his laptop, continuing his research from earlier on in the day when Hobi walked into the lounge. His mouth fell open and he jumped up, knocking the laptop onto the floor. Hobi rushed over and swept Yoongi up into his arms, pressing their lips together, the nausea disappearing as he was back where he belonged.

Hobi felt a rush of desire, picking Yoongi up and carrying him to the sofa, he eagerly pulled at his clothes, desperately wanting them both naked as fast as possible.

“Hobi.... wait...” Yoongi was cut short when Hobi dragged off his cotton trousers and swallowed his erection, coating his fingers in lube at the same time.

Hobi felt like a child in a sweet shop, he’d missed Yoongi so much and now he had him, naked, underneath him and he wanted to devour every part of him at once. He’d missed how the tips of Yoongi’s ears went pink when he was aroused, how his stomach jolted when he was touched in a certain way, the taste and scent of his body... Hobi had missed it all.

It wasn’t long before Hobi was fucking into Yoongi, he knew it would be really quick as it had been a while but he snapped his hips at a fast pace anyway, watching as Yoongi stroked his own cock and came onto his stomach. A couple of thrusts later and Hobi was filling Yoongi, collapsing on top of him, kissing his neck while he fought to control his breathing.

“I’ve missed you, Yoongi.”

“So, it would seem.”

Yoongi felt rotten, how could he tell him right now? Urgh! How did he keep getting into these situations? Enough with the self pity... the longer he left it, the worse it would be and he can’t take back what they’d just done.

Yoongi got up from the sofa, used his t-shirt to clean himself up and handed it to Hobi while putting his trousers back on. He picked up his laptop, placed it on the table and sat down, facing Hobi, who was putting his clothes on.

“Are you okay?”

Yoongi took a deep breath “I need to tell you something and I’m sorry that I’ve got to tell you after what we just did as it makes it all so much worse...”

Hobi’s face was full of concern, no longer smiling, he faced Yoongi “Oh... go on.”

“...Please, whatever happens and whatever you feel, please just let me finish because I’m no good at this stuff and I’m going to mess it all up, I know it...”

Hobi nodded.

“... I... I... I cheated on you. When I first met you I was fucking around with everyone and anyone because that was easy. I had my needs met and didn’t have to think about emotions. I could stay in my little box, I suppose. I had spent years drinking too much so just replaced that with fucking about as it was healthier....”

Hobi couldn’t unhear the words ‘I cheated on you’ but stayed quiet and let Yoongi continue.

“... When I met you, that all changed and I know I never tell you the stuff you want or need to hear and I want to work on that, I do. It’s like this self destruct thing where I have to ruin the good things because I don’t deserve it. What you don’t deserve though, is me and I’m going to go away for a few days to give you space. I am sorry. This has been a huge wake up call for me and I am sorry I hurt you, really I am.”

Hobi inhaled deeply, his eyes watering “Who with and when?”

“3 different people, I can’t remember dates.”

“3? I...” Hobi ran to the bathroom and threw up.

When he returned to the sofa, tears were streaming uncontrollably down his face as he asked “Who else knows?”

“Tae and Joon.”

“It doesn’t matter really. I just wanted to know. Where did you meet these people?”

“A bar.”

“Yoongi, I won’t say that my heart isn’t broken, because it is. I literally feel like everything has come crashing down around me and right at this moment, I’m not sure I can be with you, anymore.”

Yoongi’s eyes filled now and tears fell down his face, this was the biggest fuck up of his life “I’m sorry, Hobi, really, I am.”

Hobi stood and picked up his bags “Once, maybe, I get, but 3 times? That’s more than a mistake and you need to sort yourself out, for you. I’ll be at mine, if you need me.”

“I will sort myself out and be the man you deserve, I swear.”

“It’s too late, Yoongi. You were always the man I deserved but you never saw it.”

Hobi walked towards the front door, Yoongi walking behind, his heart felt heavy as he opened the door, turning one last time to face the man stood behind him, tears staining both their faces.

“Hobi... wait... I love you.”

“Bye, Yoongi.”

The door closed and Yoongi fell to his knees... so this is what heartbreak felt like... this is what it felt like when the one person you loved more than yourself, walked out of your life... time for change.

Chapter Text

Jin had cooked dinner for Namjoon, he’d been spending so much time at the restaurant and with the grand opening only a few weeks away, he would be spending even more time there.

Namjoon had changed into pyjama’s after a busy couple of days, which included his chat with Yoongi, yesterday, then he’d spent the afternoon sorting out the sound system at Jin’s restaurant. They hadn’t spent a lot of quality time together so when Jin had said he was cooking dinner, Namjoon made sure he was back in time.

“How lucky do I feel? A gorgeous chef in my kitchen.” Namjoon said, reaching up to get 2 glasses out of the cupboard.

Jin smiled “Well… you are lucky.”

“Handsome and modest.”

“That’s me, Joonie.” Jin winked at Namjoon.

Jin dished up dinner and they sat at the table to eat, it really did feel like ages since they’d had the time to sit and eat without one of them rushing off afterwards or being so tired they practically fell asleep in their food.

“Tae is back, I thought we could drop in on them at some point.”

“How is he? Is Kook okay? We need to see Hobi too, Joon. He’s really not in a good place.”

“Tae and Kookie are good from what I could make out earlier. Some heavy stuff went down with Kookie’s parents. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Tae like this, and yes we must get around to seeing Hobi. Have you spoken to him?”

“I phoned him today. He isn’t eating, he’s not been at work but I had interrupted his workout, I could hear him, out of breath. He’s going to run himself into the ground. Have you heard from Yoongi?”

Namjoon sighed “Briefly, at work today. He’s in bad shape too. I actually believe him when he says he loves Hobi. Jimin was at the studio today with the group and and there’s something he’s not telling us. The way he asked about Yoongi, it was odd”

“Maybe he’s just worried about them both?”

“Maybe. But have you noticed how Yoongi hasn’t said a word about who he slept with and Tae happened to just turn up at Yoongi’s and go mental?”

“Yoongi said Tae caught him cheating though?”

“Yeah he did but I’ve got the feeling that there’s more to it. It’s probably for the best that Jimin has nothing to do with it though, that would finish Hobi off. It’s difficult enough supporting both sides, without complicating it further.”

“Since we are doing the rounds this weekend, we should go and see Jimin and Sungwoon too. We’ve not seen them since your birthday meal.”

“I’ll text Jimin, lunch tomorrow perhaps? Maybe breakfast with Tae and Kookie? Then, see Hobi?”

“Since I can’t do anything at the restaurant until the deliveries on Monday, can we spend Sunday in bed?”

“Jinnie, are you trying to get me into bed?”

“Yes, I am. I want you to tie me up, blindfold me and make me beg for your cock.”

Namjoon giggled “Since you put it like that, how could I resist?”


“I’ve just had a text from Joon asking if we want to do lunch with them tomorrow?”

Jimin and Sungwoon had just got out of the cinema and were on their date night. Since their weekend away, they had spent more time talking than having sex, they’d taken it in turns to cook dinner every evening and attempted time apart but spent that time on the phone with each other so decided they may as well be together.

“That sounds good. We’ve got dinner at Jungkook’s tomorrow.”

“Yeah, a whole day of no cooking for us!”

Jimin had spoken to Taehyung briefly when he was away, both concerned for the other. Taehyung had agreed not to speak of Jimin sleeping with Yoongi to protect the group but had made it quite clear that he wasn’t impressed with Jimin. There had been several texts after that too and they had deduced that no one could move forward if they didn’t put it behind them, so that is what they did.

Sungwoon and Jimin walked along the street, hand in hand, the night was mild and they felt closer than ever. Sungwoon looked at Jimin and gulped a little “Min?”


“I had a text from the guys earlier, they are meeting for dinner Monday and invited me. Will you come?”

Jimin stopped walking, sitting on a nearby wall “You mean Yugs?”

“Yeah, I think so.” Sungwoon could feel his heart beating.

“If you really want me there, I will be there. If it’s going to cause you upset and you’d rather go alone then okay, we just need to talk, right?”

Sungwoon held Jimins hands, turning his body to face him as much as he could “Yes I want you there. We are a couple and we go together, right?”

Jimin leaned forward and kissed Sungwoon so tenderly “Right.”


Taehyung and Jungkook had driven back, one followed the other, connected by handsfree, chatting on the journey back. Even with a few stops, they had made good time and were both relieved to be home.

Taehyung had just put his bags on the floor when he was practically thrown against the wall, pressed against it by Jungkook, a thigh between his legs, pressing on his crotch. Jungkook crushed their mouths together, palms against the wall either side of Taehyung’s head. Against his thigh, Jungkook could feel the bulge firming in his boyfriend’s trousers as their tongues danced around eachother.

They broke apart, both chests heaving, lips tingling from the intensity of the kiss “Wow!” Taehyung looked into Jungkook’s eyes, hands holding his waist “Tell me what you want, baby.”

Jungkook’s eyes were dark, breathing heavily he replied “I want to fuck you...” he leaned in and took Taehyung’s bottom lip between his teeth, “...God, I want to fuck you so badly.”

Taehyung had been expecting something like this since that first morning in the hotel. Jungkook had felt vulnerable and weak, he’d needed Taehyung and now he needed to regain his strength. He was happy for Taehyung to be the dominant in their relationship but every now and again he needed to show his strength and this was one of those times.

“Whatever you want, baby, I’m yours.”

That was all he needed, pressing his lips to Taehyung’s throat, his hands undoing his shirt, dragging his fingers over his boyfriend’s torso. There was an urgency in every breath, every touch, like Taehyung would disappear if he didn’t hurry.

Jungkook took him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom, like a caveman with his hunt, pushing Taehyung onto the bed, removing his trousers and underwear, throwing them to one side. Taehyung felt like a naughty boy about to be punished as he watched Jungkook strip off and take a bottle of lube out of the bedside drawer. His face was intense with desire and need as he flipped Taehyung over onto his front, kneeling beside him, teeth sinking into his man’s fleshy ass. Taehyung let out a groan, a shiver rolling up his body as Jungkook left wet kisses up his spine, sucking marks into his shoulders and neck, while his hole was penetrated by a finger.

“More, baby, I can handle it.” Taehyung sensed the urgency and was desperate to feel Jungkook’s girth stretching him open once again.

Taehyung was moaning, panting heavily as Jungkook thrust 3 fingers into him, raising himself up onto his knees, head and chest resting on the bed, moving backwards onto the fingers fucking him. A deep grumble sounded in Jungkook’s throat as he removed his fingers and lined himself up behind Taehyung, his hands trembling on his waist as he pushed in, in one motion.

Jungkook didn’t pause, he didn’t wait, he immediately pulled out and thrust back in, moaning out loud as he picked up his pace. Taehyung was pushing back to meet Jungkooks thrusts, grunting and groaning as their bodies crashed together. They were turning each other on more, the sounds echoing around the room, driving them both closer to their release.

“Tae, I’m gonna cum.”

Taehyung reached for his cock and a few pumps of his wrist, he was spilling onto the bed just as Jungkook filled him with his load. Jungkook bent over, kissing Taehyung’s back as his hips slowed, his cock being constricted by Taehyung’s walls while they both rode their high.

Cleaned up, fresh bedding and tucked in under the covers, Jungkook’s head rested on Taehyung’s chest. Taehyung frowned, panicking when he thought he felt wetness trickle onto his skin.

“Hey, Kookie, what’s the matter?”

Jungkook refused to lift his head but tightened his grip on Taehyung “I just... I … I love you, Tae.”

Taehyung kissed the top of his head and stroked his back “I’d rather you didn’t scare the shit out of me though.”

Jungkook sniffed and wiped his face with the back of his hand “Sorry.”

Taehyung moved his hand, placing his fingers under Jungkook’s chin, but he didn’t budge, pressing his cheek to Taehyung’s chest.

Taehyung kissed the top of his head again “Look at me, please.”

Jungkook held on tight “I’m comfy, Tae.”

“Please, Kookie, look at me.”

Jungkook sighed and reluctantly moved his head so it rested on the pillow beside Taehyung, who shifted his body onto his side so they were facing each other. Taehyung brushed the hair out of his eyes, so he could see his face properly, his eyes slightly red and watery which was a sight he didn’t like to see, even if they had been happy tears.

“What did you apologise for?” Taehyung’s voice was low and so soothing.

“Because I scared you. That hadn’t been my intention, Tae. I just felt suddenly so overwhelmed.”

Taehyung took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a few seconds and when he opened them, Jungkook was sure they were glassy.

“I’m scared, always, since you came into my life.”


“I’m scared of losing you and waking up to find this is all a dream.”

“It isn’t a dream and you aren’t going to lose me, Tae.”

Taehyung stroked Jungkook’s cheek with his finger, leaning forward to place the most gentle kiss on his lips, he took another deep breath.

“Kookie, I love you, I love you so much it scares me. Move in with me. Use the money you are spending on rent to go towards your school fees for the dance academy.”

Jungkook realised as he went to say something that he was holding his breath “Sorry? What?”

Taehyung smiled, “I said, I love you, in fact I am in love with you and I would like you to move in with me.”

“Are you serious?”

“About which part?” Taehyung giggled, staring at his boyfriend who couldn’t hide the surprise on his face.

“Well, I mean, all of it, but especially the bit about me moving in because, well, that’s a huge step and you hadn’t even told me you loved me until the same sentence that you asked me to move in so I... erm...”

Taehyung stopped him from talking by pressing their mouths together and when he pulled back, he stroked his face again “I know and I’m sorry. I did tell you I would fuck up. I have wanted to tell you so many times. I was thinking about our living arrangements while we were away, when you asked me why I had been quiet at the hotel, I wanted to say it all but I couldn’t get the words out.”

“You haven’t fucked up, Tae.”

“Think about it though... please?”

“Yes... yes I will move in with you. God, I love you so much. You are all I want and will ever want.”

Taehyung smiled, a huge smile, rolling them over so he was laying on top of Jungkook, their faces close “I love you too. I hope you aren’t too tired, I did say I was going to fuck you into my mattress.”

Jungkook giggled “OUR mattress, Tae.”

Chapter Text

Hobi was sitting on the box windowsill in his apartment, his empty, cold apartment. No lights were on and he couldn’t help but think about what he’d usually be doing on a Saturday morning. His head rested on his knees, his arms cuddled his legs, he’d not slept, again, even after doing a workout yesterday in the vain hope of tiring himself out, he’d still not slept.

How do you describe to someone, how it feels to have your whole world crash around you, everything you’ve lived, is a lie, the present is a hellish nightmare and the future you thought you had is now null and void. Hobi had thrown up so many times, so many times that the muscles in his stomach ached now, he sipped water because he knew he’d die if he didn’t and that was the only reason he could think of for drinking. He’d picked up his phone to call Yoongi so many times and deleted thousands of texts that he’d written but couldn’t send.

Sitting in the window, he almost wished he would sleep and wake up to find it had all been a terrible nightmare. He accepted that it wasn’t anything that he had done, that had driven Yoongi into bed with 3 other people, but it didn’t change anything. He rushed to the bathroom again, just the thought of Yoongi with someone else had him gagging with his head down the toilet, of course there was nothing to come up so he just had to wait for it to pass, again.

This was his life, right now.


There was no surprise when Namjoon and Jin walked into the café to find Taehyung and Jungkook stealing sneaky kisses in a booth at the back. They were completely oblivious, sat beside each other, Taehyung leaning forward to kiss Jungkook when they thought no one was looking.

“God! Isn’t the honeymoon stage over yet?” Jin said as they sat opposite them.

“Says you! So, did the vibrator do the trick guys?” Jungkook laughed at Taehyung’s question.

“Fuck off, Tae!” Namjoon said.

They ordered their breakfast and caught up on everything that had happened with Jungkook’s family, both Namjoon and Jin showing their support and offering to attend the wedding with them if they felt they needed the support.

“Have you heard from Hobi or Yoongi, Tae?”

“I’m too angry with Yoongi and I did send Hobi a text but he hasn’t replied. Have you?”

“We are going to see Hobi after we’ve had lunch with Chim and Sungwoon. Jin spoke to Hobi, yesterday and he’s not in a good way.”

“Give him our love, won’t you?” Jungkook added.

“Yeah, Joon, please tell him that we will pop in and see him. I can’t believe that Yoongi did it.”

“I’m not excusing Yoongi but he needs to get himself sorted, he knows that now. He’s a good guy, Tae. He needs our support too.”

“Sorry Joon but right now, I’m too fucked off with him. I want him to get help and sort himself out but he’s brought it on himself.”

“They are both going to need us, guys. They are both our friends.”

“We know, Jin. It’s just hard to support Yoongi when he’s done something like this. We aren’t going to abandon him though, right, Tae?”

Taehyung looked at Jungkook and nodded… once.

“We did want to ask you both something, actually.” Taehyung looked at Namjoon and Jin who suddenly looked a bit nervous.

Namjoon raised his eyebrows “Is this going to cost us money?”

“What? No! That’s hilarious considering you had your birthday and engagement in one night!”

“Can’t argue with that. What do you need?”

Taehyung squeezed Jungkook’s hand under the table “We wondered if you would help Kookie move out of his place?”

“Is that all? Yeah of course! Right, Jin?”

Jin agreed, hoping that Jungkook would be moving once the restaurant had opened and he had some free time “Where are you moving to?” he asked.

“I’m moving in with Tae.”

“Seriously? That is the best news, guys. Tae, I am SO happy for you. Anything you need.” Namjoon was feeling quite emotional! He’d loved Taehyung dearly at one stage in their lives, been through a break up with him and found happiness but always had to watch the good times slip through Taehyung’s fingers. He’d spent the last 6 years worrying about him and couldn’t be more grateful for the person Jungkook was.

“Why don’t we make the opening of the restaurant, your moving in party too?” Jin suggested.

“No, Jin, that is your special night. No way are we hijacking it.” Jungkook was flattered but he knew how hard Jin had worked to get it up and running.

“You wouldn’t be hijacking it. Tae has been great helping out so the least I can do is make it a double celebration. Let me set you guys up a table and it’s yours for the night?”

Jungkook looked at Taehyung “What do you think?”

“I agree with you but...” Taehyung turned to look at Jin “...if you’re sure? I think it would be really lovely.”

“That’s settled then, one special table coming up.”

“And it saves us wrecking your place, Tae” Namjoon added.

“OUR place, Joon” Taehyung winked.


After meeting Jimin and Sungwoon for lunch, Namjoon and Jin headed to Hobi’s and were hoping he was up to visitors. They knocked on the door but there was no answer and only when Jin yelled through the letterbox did they hear movement inside.

Eventually the door opened and both men were shocked at what stood before them. Hobi was in loose pyjama bottoms and an oversized hoodie that they both recognised as being one of Yoongi’s. His face was pale, so pale, his hair was messy and his eyes were sunken, he looked barely alive in contrast to the bright, bundle of excitement that they were accustomed to. Namjoon felt Jin tense up behind him so reached out and clasped their hands together, a show of support and to let him know he was there.

They went inside and Jin immediately went to make Hobi a drink and put the soup in the fridge, they had brought with them. Namjoon looked around and asked him if there was anything he could do while Jin sorted out the kitchen. Hobi’s apartment was bare because they had been in the middle of trying to sell it, so no one had lived in it for quite some time.

“Hobi, you look awful, man.” Namjoon didn’t see the point in sugar coating it at this stage.

“It would be worse if I looked great, though, right?”

Namjoon couldn’t disagree with that “No, you’re right but I’d rather you didn’t look like you do.”

“Have you seen him?” Hobi sat on a chair, knees pulled up to his chin, his arms hugging himself as Jin handed him a hot drink, which he accepted, reluctantly.

“No we haven’t seen him. I spoke to him this morning but that’s it.”

“Did he ask after me?”

“Does it matter?” Jin said as he sat down next to Namjoon.

“Yes, it matters.”

Namjoon sighed “Yes he asked after you, Hobi.”

“How is he?”

“He’s not great but he has his first therapist appointment on Monday.”

“That’s good. I’m pleased he’s getting help.”

“Hobi, you need to eat. You need your strength.” Jin looked worried.

“I don’t feel like eating. I barely feel like I’m living. I miss him so much.” Hobi’s eyes filled with tears.

“We know, Hobi but you must take better care of yourself.” Jin’s eyes were kind and full of concern.

“In Japan, I missed him every day. I even had a photo of us in my wallet. But I could pick up the phone and see or speak to him when it got bad. I have lost everything. I knew he wasn’t big on showing emotion but I thought he loved me. I thought he wanted to spend forever with me. Yoongi is everywhere, he’s part of my work, he’s here, he’s in my wardrobe, he’s on my skin, he’s there every time I close my eyes.” A small sob left him as he rested his cheek on his knees.

Namjoon and Jin didn’t know what to say, they didn’t have any advice for the broken man before them. They told Hobi they would check in on him again on Monday and Jin told him to eat some of the soup, even the smallest amount would be a start. When they left, they text Taehyung and Jimin so they knew how bad Hobi was and they could take it in turns to check up on him.


Jungkook was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches to dinner while Taehyung was being generally unhelpful, standing behind him chewing on his ear.

“Tae, is there not something you can do that will help?” Jungkook said through giggles.

“I am helping. This is helping to turn us both on.”

“Right now, how is that helpful?”

“Let me show you.”

Taehyung dropped to his knees, pulling Jungkooks trousers and underwear with him, Jungkook gasped as he felt teeth on his ass cheeks and fingers around his cock.

“Tae... oh. My. God... Tae...”

Taehyung licked the cleft of his ass, his tongue probing, finding his boyfriends entrance he flicked it with his tongue, one hand pumping his cock and the other on his ass cheek, helping to spread him for access.

“Mmmmmm” Taehyung’s noises vibrated through Jungkook who pushed backwards, supporting himself on the work top.

“Tae... they could be here any minute...ugh”

“Best be quick then huh?” Taehyung said as he squirted some lube onto his fingers, standing now, his hand still working Jungkook’s cock as his fingers opened him up quickly but thoroughly.

Jungkook was panting, he couldn’t believe he was about to cum, stood against the worktop in his kitchen, when their friends would be arriving for dinner, any minute. The pleasure coursing through his body was just too much, it felt so dirty and rushed and he loved it.

“I’m gonna cum, Tae.”

Taehyung sped up his wrist movements “Cum for me, baby” and as Jungkook released into his hand, Taehyung pushed his cock into him which wasn’t easy with Jungkook’s walls clenching through his orgasm.

Jungkook was biting down on his forearm as Taehyung snapped his hips, pounding into him. Taehyung was gripping his waist, the orgasm that had been creeping up on him since he’d started rimming Jungkook, spread through his body like wildfire, his motions slowing as he spilled into him.

Taehyung grabbed a towel and wiped his boyfriends ass and thighs as he pulled out, eyes widening and the biggest smile spreading across his beautiful face as the door buzzed.

“Oh my God!” Jungkook quickly pulled up his underwear and trousers, face flushing as he turned around to see Taehyung trying not to laugh.

Taehyung pulled him to him, kissing him gently “You are the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen but you might want to fix your hair. I’ll get the door.”

Jungkook smacked him on the arm and went off to the bathroom, poking his tongue out as he went.


“You took your time!”

“Hey Chim, Hey Sungwoon.”

“Where’s Kook?”

“In the bathroom, you guys want a drink?”

“Yeah sure, thanks. Hey, did you get that text about Hobi?”

“Yeah, I did. I think we will probably go and see him tomorrow. I get that it’s probably awkward for you, but we need to support Hobi, Chim.”

“How can I? He will hardly want to see me!”

Taehyung frowned “Hobi doesn’t know about you, Chim. Neither do Joon or Jin. Besides, I think finding out that it was 3 times, was enough, don’t you?”

Jimin’s mouth fell open... “Pardon?”

Sungwoon looked at Jimin, his eyes filling up, Taehyung looked at them both and rushed over waving his hands “Woah! Hang on! Sungwoon, I didn’t mean 3 times, like that! Shit! I’m sorry!”

“No, No, Woonie... everything I told you was true. It was that time and only that time!” Jimin pulled his boyfriend in for a cuddle, stroking his hair and wiping away the single tear that rolled down his cheek.

“I don’t understand.” Sungwoon managed to say, looking questionly at Jimin and Taehyung.

“Hey guys.” Jungkook walked out of the bathroom but stopped when he saw the scene in his lounge.

“Okay, sorry, I thought you two knew everything, obviously not. Let me explain.” Taehyung sat down and the others sat, also.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m just explaining about Yoongi and Hobi and I put my foot in it.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll go finish dinner. Okay?” Jungkook gave his man a kiss and smiled at Jimin and Sungwoon.

“Right, so, Yoongi fessed up to Hobi about the 3 people he slept with behind his back, while he was away. I walked in on one of those so I’m twice as angry as anyone else, except Hobi, of course.”

Jimin was struggling to process the information, God he was stupid! He knew he was wrong for sleeping with Yoongi but he’d fallen into it because of his feelings for him. It wasn’t an excuse, it didn’t make it right and he knew how lucky he was that he had a boyfriend who forgave him, but he’d been driven by the fact that somewhere deep down he loved Yoongi. To hear that he’d been one of 3 for Yoongi, meant he wasn’t special, at all. Not that it mattered, really, because even if Yoongi had slept with him because he meant something to him, he would still regret betraying Sungwoon. But just being a convenience, just a fuck, to someone he genuinely cares for, isn’t an easy thing to process.

Taehyung watched Jimin intently, he’d known him long enough to know he was on the verge of tears, he could see the hurt flashing in his eyes and he understood. There wasn’t anything he could offer to make it better, this was something Jimin would have to deal with.

“3 separate people?” Sungwoon asked.

Taehyung nodded “Yeah. He’s got therapy starting on Monday so hopefully he can sort himself out. He’s got a lot to work through and maybe once he’s in a suitable place in his recovery, he can try and win back Hobi.”

“Do you think Hobi would have him back?”

“I don’t know, Sungwoon. I would say ‘probably’ because of how long they’ve been together and where they were at in their relationship. It won’t be easy though and he’s got to deal with his past, first.”

“Sungwoon... would you give me a hand? I know what a fussy shit you can be so you can come dish your own dinner up.” Jungkook said, poking his head into the lounge.

Taehyung loved his boyfriend, he knew that timing was not accidental, so as soon as Sungwoon had disappeared from the lounge he sat next to Jimin and put his arm around him.

“Chim, I can hear those cogs clunking in your brain. You need to let this go. Concentrate on the man who really loves you. Yoongi was never right for you and he isn’t right for Hobi until he sorts his shit out.”

Jimin leaned his head on Taehyung and whispered “I know. It was just hard to hear.”

“I know it was and I can see. We just need to be there for Hobi, ok?”

Jimin took a deep breath and rubbed his face, sitting up, taking another deep breath, he looked at Taehyung “Let’s go give them a hand in the kitchen, yeah?”