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Boys Love Drabble Collection

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Standing on the beach, shivering in her wet clothes, Carrie stared at the two boys who'd caused her so much pain, but who'd hurt each other even more. Letting all the anger and frustration she'd suppressed well up in her, she clenched her fists and yelled into the wind, "Best friends? Best friends don't fuck one another because they're scared to lose each other!"

"But I... I'm in love with you!" Shane stuttered, flinching.

Suddenly Carrie's anger evaporated, and she began to laugh slightly hysterically. The boys exchanged a worried glance, and she recovered enough to say, "Maybe. But you love him, too - and that's okay. Just admit it, before you lose him."

"Shane?" Cautious hope transformed Jonathan's face, reminding Carrie why she'd become his friend in the first place. And when Shane nodded and took a hesitant step towards his best friend, she smiled, no longer feeling the cold.


Jonathan had been angry with Carrie for a long time.

It took Carrie, and the disastrous night in Taipei, for Jonathan to admit to himself that he loved Shane in ways that went beyond friendship. It also took Carrie for him to realize that Shane would never want him the same way, not deep down, even if he could still remember the warm weight of Shane's body pressing him into the mattress. And it took Carrie to stop him from walking away for good.

Giving her a tremulous smile, Jonathan instead walked forward and took Shane's shaking hand in his.


Kissing Jonathan on the beach was different from kissing Carrie. It was even different from kissing Jonathan the other night, when Shane had been scared out of his wits because he could feel the one constant in his life slip away from him. All he'd known then was that he couldn't let that happen - and yet, Jonathan might have walked away anyway, if it hadn't been for Carrie's intervention.

Now, Jonathan tasted like the sea, like peace and coming home, and their embrace was free of that night's edge of desperation. Shane smiled and held out a hand to Carrie.


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Ootani was never quite sure what made Tachibana notice him in the beginning.

Ootani wasn't outgoing, didn't have an easy smile or friendly word for everyone - in fact, in almost every way, he was the opposite to the other boy, withdrawn to the point of sullenness, as every single female relative of his liked to point out. Yet somehow, over the course of a school year, they had become inseparable. Maybe it was exactly that Ootani was so different, a calm anchor around which Tachibana could revolve. And Ootani had finally found someone with whom he could laugh and be playful, someone who never seemed intimidated even by his blackest moods. Someone whose company he never got tired of, and who never told him to get lost.

Maybe it wasn't all that surprising that Ootani fell in love with him. He'd never been in love before, but there was no room for doubt in his mind that that was what he felt, this intense emotion, taking root so deeply he was afraid of being overwhelmed sometimes. How could one person mean so much?

But then Tachibana smiled at him, eyes crinkling, making all of Ootani's fears melt away under his warm regard. And when, during one seemingly random break, Tachibana kissed him, tasting of their shared cigarette, Ootani responded without hesitation.

He was never quite sure what made Tachibana do this either, but he'd take it. He'd take anything he could get, for as long as Tachibana would let him.

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Logically, Wang Zhen Wen knew that Wang Zhen Wu had said he needed time. Yet somehow, with that hug on the rooftop, his face buried against Zhen Wu's shoulder, all of Zhen Wen's previous insecurities and fears melted away.

He was once again the boy who'd just survived a kidnapping and found his step-brother's arms the one place in the world where he was safe. And just as he had back then, Zhen Wu seemed content to embrace him for however long he wanted him to.

Zhen Wen couldn't see his face, but he could feel the curve of his smile against his neck. It was this more than the fact that they were standing pressed together that made Zhen Wen's body react rather predictably. However, where before he would have jumped away in a panic, he now simply hid his hot face in Zhen Wu's shirt. "Sorry."

"It's fine," Zhen Wu answered fondly. If anything, his embrace got even tighter, and Zhen Wen's embarrassment lessened considerably when he felt something harden against his thigh. To his disappointment, Zhen Wu turned his hip away. "But maybe now's not the time."

He was probably right, and Zhen Wen tried his best not to frown when Zhen Wu stepped back. The warmth in his step-brother's face went a long way to make up for the separation, however, and without thinking Zhen Wen raised himself to his toes and pressed a kiss to Zhen Wu's lips. They parted in surprise, yet before Zhen Wen had the chance to regret his impulsiveness, Zhen Wu kissed him back.

When they finally left the roof, fingers tangled until they reached the bottom of the stairs, they hadn't talked more about their situation - but needless to say, Zhen Wen was feeling pretty confident about the eventual outcome.

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They managed to walk companionably side-by-side all the way to the entrance of the school before Seryou was waylaid.

Looking back, Shino should have expected it long before that, maybe even in the train station like the previous days, but he had been... distracted, one might say, and now he felt blind-sided and once again more than a little dense.

He couldn't even blame the girl for asking Seryou out in this manner. After all, it was Monday, and the entire student body knew what Mondays meant for Seryou. Well, no more, not if Shino could help it!

However, before he could open his mouth to shoot the nervous junior student down, Seryou was already bowing slightly, hands pressed together in apology. "I am very sorry, Yuki-chan, but I am already spoken for." With a sideways glance at Shino from under his long lashes, he added quietly but firmly, "Please, do spread the word that I will no longer be accepting confessions on Mondays - or any other days. Arigatou gozaimasu."

Warmth flooding him, Shino started to smile helplessly. They didn't speak as they entered the school, but Shino let the back of his left hand brush slightly against Seryou's right.

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It didn't even occur to Ae that there was something unusual about the way he treated Pete, not until Pond accused him of turning gay.

Ridiculous. Ae only knew that he wanted to protect Pete from harm. There was something fragile and precious about him, despite his height, and when he smiled at Ae, gentle and pleased, Ae found himself wanting to reach out and touch those creamy cheeks.

It was no different from wanting to comfort his niece, and Ae was damned if he'd let Pond and his dirty mind keep him from following his instincts. Pete needed to be reassured that there was nothing wrong with him, that Ae would be there to take care of him from now on, and Ae needed to be the one who made him smile and blush with a brush of his fingers against that soft, soft skin.

Nothing unusual at all.

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"You don't mind, do you, Ai'Pete?" Ae's worried voice disturbs Pete in the process of drifting off, and he frowns up at his boyfriend in confusion. Ae reluctantly elaborates, "When I get possessive and talk about punishing you, making you moan so everyone knows you're mine."

The tips of his ears are red but his words are blunt as always, and a shiver races over Pete's skin. If he hadn't come already - twice - Ae's voice and the memory of the way he'd basically pounced Pete earlier probably would have been enough to get him hard again.

Embarrassed, he's tempted to hide his face against Ae's neck. However, he knows his boyfriend needs to be reassured out loud, no matter how difficult Pete finds it to put his thoughts into words. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he presses a kiss to Ae's heart.

"No, Ai'Ae, I don't mind at all."

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Ae wasn't quite sure how his hand ended up in Pete's hair.

Somehow it just happened, just like their first and every subsequent encounter had just happened. Ae didn't usually latch onto people this quickly, and he wasn't sure why Pete was the exception. One thing he was sure of, however, was that this rich kid with his shy smile and gentle eyes needed looking after, and that Ae wanted to be the one to do it.

Feeling the silky strands of Pete's hair between his fingers, Ae figured this was all he needed to be sure of for now.

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Ae had never really been interested in sex.

Pond rarely missed an opportunity to point out how strange that was, calling him weirdo or monk. Luckily Ae rarely cared what other people thought, and eventually his roommate realized that Ae was honestly not into porn, wanking, or ogling girls - or boys.

Then he met Pete, and while he wasn't sure why, there was something about the other boy, something vulnerable and gentle, that made him want to look out for him. And somehow, once it became obvious that Pete was genuinely one of the nicest people Ae had ever met, this translated into the urge to touch. When Pete smiled at him shyly, as if secretly pleased, Ae melted inside, and he found himself thinking how everything about Pete looked soft - his lips included.

Still, when his body reacted after waking up next to Pete in that hotel room, Ae was taken completely aback. Suddenly, all he could think of was getting closer, undress Pete and do... what exactly he wasn't sure, but it made his fingers twitch with the need to touch himself.

Groaning, Ae hid in the bathroom. Pond would never let him hear the end of this.

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Type had rarely seen his best friend this drunk, and for a moment he was very tempted to just leave Techno lying on the floor as he demanded. Then, with a sigh, he bent down and heaved the semi-conscious No up.

Somehow, they made it up the stairs, although Type was groaning under Techno's dead weight by the time they reached his room. Shouldering the door open, he blindly shoved No in the direction of his bed, where he collapsed with a moan. Type chuckled, thinking of the hangover waiting for his friend, only to jump at a surprised squawk originating from a lump under the blanket.

"What the..." Type rolled No onto his back, frowning when he realized it wasn't Nic who'd gotten an elbow to the gut, the only person who might have any reason to be in No's room. He grabbed the boy by the shoulder and forced him non-too-gently to sit up. "You're Nic's friend, right? Kla? What are you doing sleeping here?"

"Um.. I..." Kla stammered, eyes darting around in a way that made Type deeply uncomfortable. "I was just..."

"Just being a creep?" Type growled, his every protective instinct roused. "Leave before I make you - and stay away from No if you know what's good for you!"

The boy practically fled, tail between his legs, only confirming Type's suspicions. Once he was gone, Type shut the door firmly behind him before returning to the bed, where Techno was still passed out. Covering him gently with the blanket, Type lay down as well.

Immediately, Techno rolled over, mumbling something under his breath, and hugged Type like the world's largest teddy bear. Fondness washing through him, Type held his friend against his chest and pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Don't worry, I'll look after you."

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Hasegawa's lips were soft.

Soft but not yielding. They appeared to know exactly how to coax and tease, until Haruta's entire body hummed with anticipation. Anticipation of what Haruta didn't quite dare to consider, even as he curled his hands in Hasegawa's collar and let himself be kissed. And kissed. And kissed some more, leaving him lightheaded and not caring in the least that they were standing right out in the open, where anyone could see.

All he cared about was Hasegawa - his lips, his tongue, his embrace. Soft but strong. Melting, Haruta sighed into Hasegawa's mouth and held on.

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Per won the third round. However, after crowing triumphantly he was uncharacteristically quiet when walking home with Win, until the younger boy nudged him. "Everything alright?"

"Hm?" Per seemed to return from far away. "Yes, I'm fine. Just... I think I lied to you."

"Lied?" Win stopped in his tracks, confused. Per stepped closer, stopping Win from moving backwards with a hand around his wrist.

"I didn't mean to," he said contemplatively. Hesitating, he bit his lower lip nervously. Win's eyes were helplessly drawn to the gesture. Noticing, Per seemed to come to a decision. He leaned in, until his breath brushed Win's face. Win's heart beat so loudly, he almost couldn't hear Per's low explanation: "I think I lied when I said that... I can't feel like that for you."

"Like what?" Win squeaked, still not daring to hope.

Smiling, Per closed the remaining distance between them. "Like this."

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The decision to study in the US wasn't one Pun made lightly. He had many reasons to stay, after all, not the least of which was Mon. However, in the end Mon was his main reason for leaving Thailand.

Their families had been friends for years, but with the five years between them, their paths hadn't crossed too often. That was, until their moms decided that Pun should tutor Mon, who had just turned 16. It was a number that Pun reminded himself of with increasing frequency as they spent more time together and he realised that Mon was no longer an annoying kid. Not only was he steadily growing and filling out, he was also smart and funny and making Pun's stomach do the most inconvenient flip-flops when he smiled at him guilelessly.

Pun had never before reacted like this to another guy, but no matter how often he told himself how inappropriate his feelings were, they wouldn't disappear. So when Mon tried to kiss him, blushing but determined, after another tutoring session had turned into them just hanging out, talking, it took everything Pun had to walk away.

The next day he signed up for the exchange program.

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They had been drunk the first time Korn fucked Knock. They were completely sober the first time Knock fucked Korn.

Although Knock had joked about being the "husband" for a change almost since their relationship started, ultimately it was Korn who pressed the condom into his hand one night. After a moment's stunned hesitation, Knock almost ripped the packet in two in his haste to open it.

Spread out on his back like a sinful centerfold, Korn smirked up at him. "I hope you'll be gentler with me."

In the end, Knock wasn't exactly gentle. But Korn had no complaints.

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Rationally, Ae knew that jealousy was stupid. Pete loved him, and he loved Pete, and they'd been through too much to be easily broken.

Still, sometimes it reared its ugly head, because Pete was really bad at saying no people, in addition to being too damn pretty for his own good. Ae usually managed to stop himself from making a complete ass of himself, at least as long as they were in public. In private, Pete didn't mind Ae being a bit more possessive, his kisses more biting, his grip tighter, until Pete had forgotten all about his normal reticence, reduced to a moaning, quivering mess under Ae's ministrations.

Sometimes Ae caught Pete glancing at him from beneath his lashes, a pleased smile playing in the corners of his soft lips even as he nodded politely in reaction to some guy's attempt at flirtation.

Sometimes jealousy felt strangely like foreplay.

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Foxes were mischievous by nature, beautiful troublemakers unconcerned with love. It was a foreign concept, part of a world Su Lang no longer belonged to.

Still, he had been human once, and it kindled something inside him to see the agony his mortal sister and her lover endured because of this strange emotion. Zi Gu was beautiful in his despair, and what Su Lang felt was wild, untamed. Being a fox, he had no qualms to grasp for it greedily.

He hadn't expected the tenderness with which Zi Gu looked at him when Su Lang took Ah Xiu's form, the gentleness in his touch, the sweetness of his kiss. Most of all, the way he trusted him even after the deception was revealed. When Ah Xiu, tears in her eyes, said that Zi Gu loved him, Su Lang believed her, even before hearing the anguish in Zi Gu's voice.

We're two men. One mortal, one demon. It's unnatural.

It was supposed to be a game, a play at this thing called love. Foxes didn't sacrifice, didn't deny themselves - and they most certainly didn't cry over an undrunk drink, a returned fan and the memory of lips on tear-stained cheeks.

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"I thought you'd ask me to do something."

Was that flirtation in Mork's eyes? So far all the flirting had been coming from Tee, and now his heart raced at the tiniest possibility of Mork finally relenting and giving up his weird pretense of being nothing but a straight guy. It didn't exactly help with his current predicament of course, his cock all too happy at the prospect of any sort of attention from Mork.

Ears hot, Tee adjusted himself, fighting the urge to just give in and tug, audience be damned. Mork was still watching him - no, he'd actually come closer and was now trying to peer over Tee's shoulder. His first instinct was to flinch away, but he stopped himself and instead met Mork's gaze. "Wanna give me a hand?"

He expected Mork to back away immediately, as he always had so far. It was his turn to gasp in surprise, though, when instead Mork stepped even closer, bracketing him from behind. Tee stiffened when Mork's hands slid around his waist, chin coming to rest comfortably on Tee's shoulder.

"Why not..." Mork's voice rumbled through his chest, and Tee's cock twitched in his grasp, even before Mork's fingers wrapped around it. Tee's shaky inhale turned into a groan when Mork's hardening dick nestled against his butt. He rocked back involuntarily, and Mork whispered roughly, "Fuck, Tee."

A part of Tee was all still aware that they were in a public bathroom, but most of him was entirely focused on the sensation of Mork jacking him off. No one else had ever touched him like this, but he'd dreamed of exactly those hands, that body, for several years. Having it for real was almost too much, and Tee would have been embarrassed by how soon he was coming, if Mork hadn't jerked against him, too, holding Tee in a tight embrace as they both came down from their high.

Finally, Mork released him and stepped to the sink, voice forcedly non-chalant: "Better now? Let's go, we'll miss the movie."

Shaking off his stupor, Tee nodded and started to smile.

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Bai was terrified of kissing. That was a simple fact, the main reason he was seeing a therapist, after all. Not even with his best friend did he manage to jump over his shadow, everything inside him knotting up with tension.

Yet somehow he couldn't stop kissing Tien.

Let's stop pretending, the younger man had said and pushed his way into Bai's flat. Into his heart. They made love, kissing all the time.

So when Bai woke the next morning and wanted nothing more than to kiss Tien's happy smile again, he did the only thing he could: he ran.

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It was no secret that Tul got hard sometimes. They both did.

It was an inevitable result of all that kissing, touching and grinding once they had gotten used to practically living in each other's pockets. At first it had been embarrassing. By now Tul simply crossed his legs for a bit or hid behind a pillow until the problem had subsided. Max usually rolled onto his stomach or pulled Tul into his lap, and Tul had learned to keep very still when that happened, or they'd be there forever.

Of course other people teased them, but they both shrugged it off easily, joking along until everyone stopped whispering and decided that it really was just a natural reaction to physical proximity. Which was true enough and how Tul and Max liked it.

After all, what they did once they were alone in their hotel room was nobody else's business.

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Thun's heart, already fluttering in happy excitement after P'Mes's miraculous return, skipped a beat when his previously so reticent boyfriend smirked, looked him up and down, bit his lip and quite literally stalked him.

Laughing, they chased each other playfully over the cemetery, until collapsing breathlessly on top of P'Mes's newly decorated grave hill. The next moment, Thun barely managed to suppress a surprised squeak when he was pushed backwards, P'Mes straddling him, the same hunger from before making his handsome face shine almost dangerously.

It seemed that touching had become easier, because the ghost was a solid weight pinning Thun to the ground. Not that Thun really wanted to get away, his gaze fixed on P'Mes's slightly parted lips, which came ever closer as his boyfriend leaned down slowly, inexorably. Licking his own lips was reflex by this point, eliciting a dark chuckle from P'Mes that made Thun squirm in anticipation.

He suddenly remembered all the times the ghost had teased him, realising that this side of P'Mes had just been lying dormant, waiting to be unleashed. Well, Thun most definitely wasn't complaining.

Grinning he stretched upwards to meet his boyfriend in a kiss that tasted like a beginning.

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Pete wished often he could do as Ae asked and stop being so shy. After all, there was nothing about him that Ae hadn't seen, nothing he didn't know. Still, whenever Ae complimented him or just mentioned sex, Pete's cheeks would unfailingly heat up and he'd have to fight the urge to hide.

There was only one exception: when he was spread out under Ae, his boyfriend's hands and lips all over him, making his skin tingle, his heart race, his dick achingly hard. Clinging greedily to Ae's strong, sturdy body, Pete pulled him into kiss after kiss, shyness forgotten.

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"Ugh, I fucking hatehatehate being a virgin!" Wayo's head hit the table, almost knocking over his fruity cocktail in the process.

"Aww, little Yo's cursing - you must be smashed!" Laughing, Ming petted his best friend's hair condescendingly. "And here I thought you were saving yourself for Dr. Pha..."

Wayo's glare was at best half-hearted and quickly turned into a pout as he sighed heavily. "I was, kind of. But it's been two fucking years and he doesn't even know I exist. And even if he did, why should he go for someone who has no idea what he's doing?"

"So, find someone to have sex with. You're not exactly replu... repu... I mean disgusting to look at." It occurred to Ming that he was also quite drunk, which might explain why the next words left his mouth before he could stop them: "Hell, I'll help you out, if you don't want it to be some stranger."

"Fuck you," Wayo mumbled, taking another drink.

Ming smirked. "I thought the idea was that I'd fuck you, or are you secretly a top?"

"Top, bottom - who cares, asshole." Wayo mustered up some righteous anger, but he deflated before Ming could gather his wits enough to apologise. "And I don't want your pity."

Now Ming felt bad, and he slung an arm around his friend's shoulder. Wayo was stiff at first, but after a moment he relented and slumped against him. Holding Wayo like this, Ming could see the soft lines of his face, his pink mouth, his long lashes fanning across rosy cheeks, flushed from alcohol and embarrassment.

"Hey, no." Impulsively he lifted Wayo's chin with the fingers of his free hand, bringing their faces close together. "It's not pity. You're so pretty, Yo - if we weren't best friends, I'd totally flirt with you for real."

"Yeah?" Wayo's face lit up, soaking up the compliment like a flower in the sun, and the last of Ming's scruples melted away.

Nodding decisively, he leaned even closer. "Sure. And if you don't want me to kiss you now, you better say so."

Wayo swallowed hard, but he didn't say a word, keeping completely still when Ming pressed a kiss to those pretty lips. Not giving up, Ming teased him, swiping his tongue along the bow of his mouth, and with a sigh Wayo began to respond. It wasn't the best kiss of Ming's life, there were no fireworks, the ground didn't shift under their feet. But it was warm and lovely, and when they broke apart, Wayo was beaming up at him.

Some hair had fallen into Wayo's eyes, and Ming pushed it back with a smile. "So. Feel like getting rid of that pesky virginity?"

"You're not, like, going to fall in love with me, will you?" Wayo asked with the earnestness of the very tipsy.

"No, stupid, that's the whole point." Ming gently tweaked his nose before offering him his pinky. "Best friends, okay?"

Nodding firmly, Wayo hooked their fingers together. "Best friends."

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Two liked to think he had his life in order. He was good at photography, good with his friends, good with girls. Scratch that, he was excellent at all these things. So how did he end up standing alone in a muddy pond, trying very hard not to cry as his Valentine for Lin floated away?

He forgot all about crying, however, when he was suddenly grabbed by two strong arms, a desperate voice pleading with him not to kill himself. Shock was replaced by outrage was replaced by wary gratitude when P'Un, once he was convinced that Two was not actually suicidal, helped him gather up the tattered remnants of his heart. Which sounded rather melodramatic even to Two as he sat staring down into Lin's smiling face.

Once again his thoughts were interrupted by P'Un, who Two had never taken to be the compassionate type. Yet here he was, offering his advice, sitting so close Two could feel the heat of his body. It felt quite nice, actually, since Two was beginning to shiver in his wet clothes.

Meeting P'Un's warm gaze, he leaned a little closer and smiled. Maybe things weren't quite as bad as he'd thought.

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They'd been lying in Wayo's bed, lazily making out, when Pha suddenly stopped and looked up from where he was nestled between Yo's legs.

"Wait. How come Ming knew about your sensitive spot here?" He returned to nuzzling said spot in emphasis, making it rather difficult for Wayo to form words.

At least he didn't seem particularly jealous, and finally Yo managed to reply, albeit haltingly, "Umm. Well. A while back, before I started university and saw you again, we kind of got drunk..." Stopping his ministrations Phana nodded encouragingly for Wayo to continue, which he did in a rushed mumble: "And I was complaining how I would die a virgin, so he, ah, he kinda offered to sleep with me?"

His voice went up in a squeak at the end. Wayo hid his flaming face with his hands, only for Pha to pry them away gently and tilt his chin, forcing him to meet his eyes. They were surprisingly calm, as was his voice: "I assume you took him up on that offer."

Yo nodded mutely. Logically he knew he had nothing to be ashamed of, yet he couldn't help but remember Pha saying that he was irrationally possessive of him. He opened his mouth to apologise, but his words were swallowed by Phana's lips, which covered his in a kiss that left him panting and clinging to his boyfriend's shoulders.

When they parted, the look on Pha's face was one of pure mischief, and Wayo's heart did a somersault. Still, nothing could have prepared him for Pha suggesting lightly, "So, if I told you that we could invite Ming to join us, would that stop you from checking your phone constantly because you're worried he'll do something stupid over Kit?"

He sounded so casual, it had to be an act. Yo's brain scrambled for a reply, which finally came out rather shakily: "You... you don't mean join us for a meal, do you?"

"No, little Yo," Pha replied with a tender smile, back to being the boyfriend Wayo knew and loved, even as he suggested they have a fucking threesome with Yo's best friend. "Only if you want to, of course."

Incapable of forming words, Wayo's answer came in the form of a passionate kiss. Laughing, Pha pulled him closer, and it was a good while before they mentioned Ming again. Yo really had the best boyfriend ever.

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Admittedly, Two was not the most introspective of people. At first he tried to reason that he was only looking out for Khai, wanting his friends to be happy together instead of miserable apart. However, even he couldn't forever ignore the painful twist in his gut, which plagued him whenever he saw P'Un courting Third.

At the party, when Two caught himself staring at the way P'Un's half-open shirt gave a tantalising glimpse of his muscular chest, he blamed the alcohol. But then everyone agreed that P'Un liked Third - and P'Un didn't deny it. Heart sinking, Two averted his eyes and slipped into the pool.

The cool water did nothing to dispel the torrent of emotion running through him, though. Every moment he'd spent with P'Un, enjoying the push-and-pull between them, but also every time he'd had to swallow bitter jealousy seeing P'Un with Third. In his head he heard a chorus: "Nonono, it can't be. You're straight, you like Lyn!"

However, there also was a much quieter voice: "You can like both, you know. And it's been a long time since highschool."

Emerging from the water, Two looked at Lyn, beautiful as always, and resolutely shut down that whisper.

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Yu Hao had known his boyfriend was a control freak even before Zi Xuan refused to kiss him in the gym at first, only relenting when he was the one to haul Yu Hao in by his tie. Not that Yu Hao minded.

On the contrary, once Zi Xuan had made up his mind and set about doing something - be it volleyball, school or kissing - he gave it his all, ravishing Yu Hao with a single-mindedness that left him breathless and more turned on than he could ever remember being. It wasn't that he was passive, kissing Zi Xuan back with equal fervour, but if the older boy wanted to be the one taking charge when it came to this new, physical side of their relationship... well, Yu Hao was more than happy to follow his lead.

After all, the way his now-boyfriend had ordered him to sit down during their tutoring session had sparked more than one daydream that ended with Yu Hao guiltily jerking off. However, no fantasy could possibly hold a candle to actually being allowed to kiss, to touch, and to feel that Zi Xuan wanted him as much as he did.

Yu Hao had always imagined Zi Xuan to be reserved when it came to relationships, but having gotten over his initial misgivings, he was more than happy to discover that under his boyfriend's prim and proper exterior the same passion he'd seen in the videos of him playing volleyball burned. Having it directed at him was a heady, addictive experience, and Yu Hao found himself being pushed against more than one door, Zi Xuan's lips hot and insistent against his own, hands roaming greedily.

All Yu Hao could do was hold on and go along for the ride. And what a ride it was!

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Win only needed to take one look at Dean's face when they got out of the pool to know that this was the person who'd changed his best friend's entire demeanour so profoundly.

Dean's face, usually so impassive, betrayed a soul-deep longing, as if his heart couldn't contain the emotions Team's little friend woke in him. Then Pharm's eyes helplessly roamed Dean's naked chest before catching and being held by the older boy's dark eyes, and Win could barely contain a snort at the much more carnal desire that made the air between the two crackle.

He'd always known Dean to be straightforward, and he was also one of the few people who got to experience his well-hidden playful side. Still, Win had to hand it to him - he hadn't expected Dean's bluntness to extend to tiny freshmen who liked to cook, yet here he was, accepting a treat from Pharm in a borderline pornographic manner while half the university watched. Win felt almost proud of his taciturn friend. It really was true; still waters ran deep.

Eyes trailing over Pharm's giggling friends, Win smirked to himself. Maybe he should follow Dean's example and do something about his own freshman.

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Looking at Faii, beautiful and ladylike in her pink dress, high heels and flawless make-up, Ten swallowed hard and couldn't quite suppress the uncomfortable feeling that he'd just shot himself in the foot.

He wasn't an actual teacher, but making a bet with one of his players still bordered on unprofessional. Even if his relationship with Faii had always felt different. Not only was she the sole girl on the team, being with her was always... fun. Easy. Sure, he went out for drinks with Korn and the others, but he didn't place bets about their love lives with anyone but Faii. He certainly didn't let anyone else jump on him after a goal, eyes sparkling with laughter, legs wrapping around him. Fitting perfectly into his arms.

Oh. Ten blinked, startled at the path his thoughts had taken. Maybe it wasn't the clothes at all. Maybe it was just Faii.

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Not even when he was still a hormonal teenager had Dean masturbated this much.

Ever since the incident in the kitchen he'd been careful to keep himself in check around Pharm, not to overstep again, but it led to many a quick wank in the shower, his body always eager to react to the slightest touch or kiss from his boyfriend. It didn't help that recently his dreams had included some of Korn and In's more... intimate moments, showing him feelings and sensations he'd never experienced personally.

Mostly it was Pharm, though. The way his smaller frame fit into Dean's arms, the taste of his lips, which were somehow even softer and sweeter than they looked, his fingers digging into Dean's shoulders, surprisingly strong, the small sighs that escaped him when they made out for hours. Everything about him made Dean's body hum with arousal, blood rushing south until his cock pressed against his zipper and he had to shift his hips so Pharm wouldn't notice and become shy again.

Because as much as he wanted him, Dean wanted Pharm to be comfortable more. Everything else would follow in its own time. And until then, Dean's right hand would do.

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"I'm only teasing you, Tor," Fighter says, you know, like a liar. A lying liar who lies, because who the fuck does he think he's fooling. Not himself, not anymore, and certainly not Tutor either. And yet, every time Tutor asks, Fighter can't help himself. Can't make himself say the words that have been stuck at the back of his throat for months now. I like you, Tutor.

Because he does, so much that it makes it hard to breathe sometimes. He's never liked anyone this much. Has certainly never wanted anyone this much. Looking back, he's pretty sure he's wanted Tutor since the first time he saw him, back at freshman orientation. He's certainly always been aware of him, unable to stay away, pushing and pulling until he got a reaction. Any reaction.

The fact that he now knows what Tutor's lips taste like, how his body feels pressed against his, his hands on him... Groaning, Fighter gives up and slides a hand down his chest, following the path Tutor took earlier until he reaches his groin. Pushing down his boxers, he grips his cock. A few tugs and he's completely hard, his mind replaying those moments on the couch in exquisite, mind-blowing detail.

When he comes, it's with Tutor's name on his lips.

It's not the first time, and it certainly won't be the last. Rolling over to grab some tissues from the nightstand, Fighter cursorily cleans himself up before falling back onto his pillow, his mind calmer in the aftermath of his orgasm, at least for the time being. Maybe next time he won't lie when Tutor asks. Maybe next time he'll take Tutor's hand in his and never let go again. Maybe next time Tutor will let him.

Sleep beckoning, Fighter is almost certain he will.

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Telling Bohn to leave him alone didn't feel as good as Duen would have expected. Realising Bohn was actually obeying... somehow felt even worse.

It wasn't that Duen wanted Bohn to pursue him, because he most definitely didn't. It was just that somewhere along the way he'd gotten used to the senior's attentions. Also, he didn't like not being able to fulfill his promise with the flowers. That was it. And the gift of the handkerchief with the card was not cute at all. Neither was the soft look on Bohn's face at seeing the rose and food Duen decided to drop off - on a complete whim, not for any particular reason - nor the genuine warmth in his voice when he stated simply, "Have I told you that I like you?"

No, Bohn wasn't cute at all. Now, if only Duen could get his heart to stop beating so quickly.

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"I only see him as a little brother." Champ heard himself say the words, but even as he spoke, he knew them to be false. Not false in the sense that he was lying to Japan, but as if they weren't his own. As if someone else had written his dialogue for him.

But that was crazy, right? He was probably just tired. And maybe a bit jealous that his nong was smiling at Dew now, when before he'd always looked to Champ. Really, it was good that Blue had transferred his crush to someone who wanted him back, even if it had happened from one day to the next. Because Champ's feelings were entirely platonic, so he should be happy, for both his friends.

"I don't think Dew's feelings are as brotherly as yours." Japan's amused words broke him out of his reverie.

No. Champ shook his head in hopes of clearing it, staring at Blue and Dew out on the football pitch. It didn't help. The thoughts still felt wrong. Artificial. A script he didn't want to follow. Squaring his jaw, Champ took a deep breath and jumped off the page:

"Hey, nong - come, help me clear up!"

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If you'd asked him before this day, Blue would have told you that Dew was an inconsiderate jerk who seemed to take great pleasure in torturing him. He almost fell over in shock when Dew approached him on the field and was actually nice.

Blue certainly hadn't expected to have fun kicking the ball around with him. It felt strange, this change, as if it should set off alarm bells in the back of his mind, yet he couldn't seem to stop smiling at the senior, who smiled right back at him. Maybe it was true, what his friends had been saying after reading Zol's latest web novel, that there was something between them.

Which was funny, in a funny-weird way, considering that he'd been hoping she'd pair up his character not with Dew but with Champ. Interesting how she'd apparently seen a potential he himself had been blind to. Thinking about the team captain now felt... strange. As if his earlier emotions, his crush, belonged to a different person.

Blinking away this flight of fancy, Blue refocused on Dew, who was grinning at him widely. "Wanna take a rest?"

Blue was about to agree, when a familiar voice roused his attention: "Hey, nong - come help me clean up!"

It was Champ, who Blue had almost forgotten had been standing at the field's edge with Japan and was now approaching him. There was something unsure in his usually so confident expression, something that caught and held Blue's attention. Turning away from Dew, he bent down to retrieve the ball at his feet, looking back up just as the team captain reached him. Champ loomed over him, broad and strong, exuding an air of calm and safety that settled on Blue's shoulders like a well-worn cloak.

Not looking away from the senior's warm gaze, Blue called out, "Sorry, P'Dew. You go ahead, rest without me."

A smile bloomed on Champ's face, crinkling his eyes. Suddenly, Blue remembered all the reasons why he'd been crushing on the senior since pretty much the day they met. Smiling back, he handed over the ball and allowed Champ to lead him away, arm slung over his shoulder. Somehow he got the feeling they were about to write their own story.

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Sometimes Noh looked at Phun and all he could think was, "I want you."

It was a fierce, hungry thing, this want, and it gripped him at the most inopportune times. Not that there was ever a good moment, considering the fact that Noh wasn't supposed to want Phun at all. Unfortunately his unruly heart had long ago chosen to ignore this, and these days it felt as if Noh had loved Phun forever. As if he hadn't thought only a few months ago that he just hadn't met the right girl yet.

Now he looked at Phun and burned with the need to reach out, but knew that he couldn't. The knowledge that Phun would actually welcome his touch made it so much worse. Noh had never been known for his restraint, but now he lived with the constant ache of holding back.

It wasn't surprising then that sometimes, he just snapped. Only, instead of caressing Phun's face or tracing the line of his biceps, he'd growl and push him away - and Phun let him, the look in his eyes heavy with understanding. It helped, in a way, knowing that they were in this together. Wanting and never having.