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Boys Love Drabble Collection

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Sometimes Noh looked at Phun and all he could think was, "I want you."

It was a fierce, hungry thing, this want, and it gripped him at the most inopportune times. Not that there was ever a good moment, considering the fact that Noh wasn't supposed to want Phun at all. Unfortunately his unruly heart had long ago chosen to ignore this, and these days it felt as if Noh had loved Phun forever. As if he hadn't thought only a few months ago that he just hadn't met the right girl yet.

Now he looked at Phun and burned with the need to reach out, but knew that he couldn't. The knowledge that Phun would actually welcome his touch made it so much worse. Noh had never been known for his restraint, but now he lived with the constant ache of holding back.

It wasn't surprising then that sometimes, he just snapped. Only, instead of caressing Phun's face or tracing the line of his biceps, he'd growl and push him away - and Phun let him, the look in his eyes heavy with understanding. It helped, in a way, knowing that they were in this together. Wanting and never having.